L'appartement des filles (1963) - full transcript

A charming gold smuggler tries to recruit equally charming air hostesses to transport gold bars to Bombay.

Paul Greatz presents

Myl?ne Demongeot,

Sylva Koscina,

Renate Ewert

and Sami Frey


with Jean-Fran?ois Calv?
and Daniel Ceccaldi.

Based on the novel
by Jacques Robert.

Nina Companeez and Michel Deville.

Nina Companeez.

Director of Photography:
Claude Lecompte.

Production Design:
Henri Schmitt.

Jean Dalve.

Andr? Herv?.

Robert Zoucard.

Nina Companeez.

Jacky Boubin.

Dossia Mage.

Script Supervisor:
H?l?ne Sebilliote.

Alain Darbond.

Executive Producer:
Julien Rivi?re.

Michel Deville.

- Should I call you a taxi?
- No, I'd take one farther up.

Keep this for me until tomorrow.


Please don't get upset. I'm doing an
article on stewardesses for Paris Match.

A few questions, a little patience,
that's all.

- I'm listening.
- Are you married?

My God no, single.

- Do you prefer blonde or brown hair?
- Brown hair.

- Blue eyes or black eyes?
- Black eyes.

- Sports cars or family cars?
- Sports cars.

Here's the car, here's the man,
here are the eyes.

Let me drive you where you're

You had me. I'm so tired, goodnight.

But this is out of kindness,
the taxis are on strike.


And if you don't trust me, drive.

- What are you doing?
- I'm looking at you.

- No, in life.
- I want to look at you my whole life.

- Are you a journalist?
- No, a businessman.

Why did you approach me?

I'm a horrible shopgirl. I have
a big weakness for uniforms.

Now I'm ashamed.
I need to make a confession:

I'm disgusting.

The taxi strike is bullshit, it's been
six months, this is an old newspaper.

That's an old thing too.

- Ah, you know it?
- Yes.

Alright, you naughty little thing.

- It's tremendous to drive that.
- That's your first smile. Thank you.

Thank you.

- I love things that cost very much.
- Really?

Yes. And very rich men.

I'm terribly snobbish
and terribly sophisticated.

But I find that makes me
terribly charming, no?


The bit with the interview,
the bit with the strike.

And now? How will you invite
yourself up to my place?

I can look at you with dazed eyes
and say:

"Dear beautiful stranger, I'm hungry.
I haven't eaten for eight days."

I'm heartless, for me you might
as well stay below.

Or, alright: "I'm crazy for
your dark beauty.

"If you leave me alone,
I'll kill myself."

Hold on, I'll look at you
by the window. That'll distract me.

Or then: "Understand me little one,
I'm a rather exceptional man.

"If you see what I mean.

"Women follow me, tire me, and tonight,
no, it's nothing new. Goodnight, then."

Then I cry: "Stay, stay! Come up.
Take. Decide."

The three of us stay here.

- Three what?
- Airline stewardesses.

- Ah? Good. - I'm going to
my room to change clothes.

Go ahead. Can I?

Oh, a musician too.

How can you resist?

And here's my room.

And now, curtain.

- Your name?
- H?l?na.



I'm dead. I got up in Bangkok
this morning...

Take what you want for me.
A cigarette.

- There.
- Not like that, lit.

I'm doing with it. Very sexy.
A disc, there.

Oh I'm sorry to be like
that, I'm stunned.

- But this is sexy enough, no?
- It's irresistible.

Here, like that it's very good.

Everyone is sexy.

I'm sad, I think I'll cry.

I fell a bit in love in Calcutta,
a two-day stopover.

I think I have a broken heart.

You please me.

Lend me your kind breast.

- Do you want to kiss me?
- I'm here for that.

Then that, please.

Let's take a little walk now,
let's not talk anymore.

When we lie down I'm tired, tired.

But on the other hand I don't like
to be alone. It's complicated.

- Who is this?
- Who?

- The black hair, the bright eyes.
- Lolotte. Do you like her?

Very very cute.

Come here this instant.

Not another lover and already

Well, I'll tell you all about Lolotte.

She likes smoked salmon,
very tight white pants,

Russian novels and gangster movies.

She loves gangsters, Lolotte.

You seem dead.

No, look, I'm moving.

And where is she, Lolotte?

There it is, he's hung up on Lolotte.

Fine, go to hell.

- Are you chasing me?
- Lolotte will be here tomorrow.

Try your luck.

Now, I'm sleeping.


- It's 7:00, are you crazy?
- I wanted to be sure I could find you.

- Then, did you contact a girl?
- Yeah, one, even two, maybe even three.

The girls and I had some laughs.
I went to bed at 4:00am.

And if you don't let me sleep,
you can tell Monsieur Krieg...

that his little Casanova under
contract tells him...

Don't get upset Tib?re.

Don't yell, it's not so bad,
you need to see that.

I don't have marked eyes.

You would do well to
pamper me.

Listen Tib?re, I'm not

Don't forget that it's
a seriously pressing matter.

Pressing or not, I'll sleep
all day long. Go to hell.

Tib?re? Hello Tib?re?

Going to do good work
with a head like that...

Go to sleep, my little treasure.

Tib?re? Tib?re?

- He's still there.
- Maybe he's not happy.

In the morning, anyway,
it's greater.

- Milk or lemon?
- Lemon. And three sugars.

- Say then, you'll get a sunstroke.
- Don't worry yourself turnip.

The boss spoils Tib?re too much,
he pampers him.

Althogether he acts on whims.

The boss likes guys who grumble,
that gives him confidence.

- He can't see the doormats.
- It must be said he works well, Tib?re.

Hello H?l?na, it's me again.

Hello. Are you Lolotte?

- H?l?na isn't there?
- Ah no, I'm not Lolotte.

And no, H?l?na isn't here.

She received an urgent call this
morning for a little flight.

- But we'll look for her later in Orly.
- Can I wait for her?

Come in.

- Do you play poker?
- Yes.

Bravo. Lolotte, here's
some fresh money.

Hold on, have a seat.

Oh it's you, Mr. Whatshisface
from last night with H?l?na?

Yes, that's me. Whatshisface
or Tib?re, whatever you like.

- Then you like me, H?l?na told me.
- I said "very very cute", it's true.

You don't have your glasses.

Ah, no. No, I don't have
my glasses.

It's a pity, H?l?na told me he
was much sexier with glasses.

I can put them on if you want.

- I like you better without.
- He's sexier without, huh Lolotte?

Neither with nor without. He's not very
sexy, I don't like him too much.

You know, when you travel the world
twice a week it becomes difficult.

Good, I'll play more.


- Poor old friend, he's cooked.
- No.

Lolotte never turns on her
first decision.

- Then are we playing or aren't we?
- We're not playing.

- Why are you called Tib?re?
- Julien Tib?re, called Tib?re, Madame.

Anyway, let's still play. H?l?na's
coming, we need to get to Orly.

Are you coming then?

- Why are you upset?
- I'm disappointed.

H?l?na told me this, and that,
and everything...

And I told myself, great,

And then you're ugly.
He's ugly.

No but I'm very intelligent.

Not me, I don't give a damn.

How worrisome. Go on,
give me a smile.

Can I drive, please? Can I?

- Of course.
- Thanks Tib?re.

I always let ladies drive.

It puts them in a completely charming
mood, it's almost miraculous.

See you later Christophe.

See you later.

"Oh my Christophe."

It's not me, it's H?l?na.

"Oh my Christophe."

- She's mean, H?l?na.
- Terribly.

She's tremendous, and him too.

They argue all the time
but they love that.

That's enough now.
Listen to me calmly.

Enough with the flirting and the
low stockings, if you see what I mean.

You'll help me.

- Take a right.
- But it's not the way.

Do what I tell you.

- Where are we going?
- Let's roll.

Are you... a gangster?

- Yes. Do you like that?
- No, not at all,

- it makes no difference to me.
- Stop.

- What did I say?
- Nothing, stop the car.

Here's a nice smile.

Then, am I always so ugly?


Get undressed.

Ah, I see what you need:
sweet talk.

Come on.

Not bad, no?

- Yes Monsieur.
- Good.

Good, now that we're buddies, you
won't refuse me a little service?

- No. - A little something that you'll
need to pack me in your suitcase.

- What is it?
- 20 kilo of gold.

But why do you ask that of me?

Because I know you won't denounce
me, that you love gangsters.

- H?l?na told me.
- Yes, in the movies.

And you'll see that in life they're
not much worse.

So then, my gold, it has to go
before the weekend, otherwise...

- But how do we do that?
- There are different methods.

- And how much are you paying?
- Two million for you.

I can't, I don't have the right.

- It's in the regulations, I assure you.
- But I'm naive about that.

Take this gold to Bombay for me,
that's all.

- I can't. - Caution, the little
black object will get upset.

I'm a beginner, I only stay within

And your world tour twice a week?

What a job.

Come on, take a u-turn.

- Are we going to Orly?
- Yeah yeah.

We'll have a lot of fun anyway, the two
of us. Admit you believed me.

Oh, were you making fun of me?

- It wasn't even loaded!
- No...

- Where is my suitcase?
- There, where you left it.

- What?
- I'm not carrying your luggage.

My red dress, brand new.

And I had gifts for everyone!
Even you.

Monster, drunkard!

Tib?re, punch him in the face please.

- And give me your gun.
- I don't have it.

Alright, I don't care anyway.

Since I'm obliged to make
a new wardrobe.

I'll need a lot of money,

I'll work for Tib?re.
Isn't that right Tib?re?

- But it was a joke.
- I'll do gold trafficking for Tib?re.

You'll make me an outlaw.

Wake up Lolotte, we're
in the middle of a drama.

What's this story about
gold trafficking?

It's not a story at all.
Now get out, Christophe.

And when there's a price on my head,
it'll fall on you.

I knew that you had no personality.

Here's your salary, servant.

And here's the change, boss.



It's M?lanie.

- They all made me gifts.
- We didn't know what time you arrived.

They were so kind.

This is Tib?re. We don't know
if he's a gangster or not.

- He's nice.
- Hello Monsieur.

And this is M?lanie.

It was her last flight,
she's getting married.

I'm so depressed.

Hello Fran?ois, did I wake you?

I'm here. Yes, I'm coming right away.

Don't cry M?lanie.

Smile for us M?lanie.

He's nice.

- Is he a gangster?
- Would it bother you?

He's funny. How do I respond?

That you don't give a shit.

He's amusing. He doesn't please you?

- He's better than Christophe.
- And he plays the piano well.

And Christophe was very mean to me.

Christophe, you were so mean to me.

I'll forgive tomorrow,
would you like me to?

Now all three of us will stay.
Until tomorrow.

- I'll get changed.
- Until tomorrow.

- Are you coming Tib?re?
- No.

It's 3:25.

He's not tired, Tib?re?


- Hold on, goodnight.
- Goodnight.




My little Japanese.

Hold on, look, I brought you
this back from Bombay.

Come on, come on, we'll
put it on me.

Goodnight. Tib?re is all yours.

- And you?
- I'm not bothering you, am I?

I'm in love.

- That's new!
- With a Spaniard. Just yesterday.

He's a little guy. And he talks
so quickly that I understand nothing.


- I wanted to talk to you, Tib?re.
- Yes?

Y'know, when you steal you should be
calm enough that you can laugh,

cry, go a little crazy.
You aren't like that at all.

Are you a man of the world?

Completely, completely, completely.

Then come with me to my room.

On the balcony.

By the rooms won't do.

Lolotte is there.

Don't look.

Fran?ois and M?lanie are there.

They're getting married.

And me and you are here.

H?l?na and the gangster.

Are you a real gangster?

No, don't say anything.

It's funnier not to know.

Come back tomorrow.
Now I'll go to sleep.

But good grief H?l?na, why do you
always pass out before I've left?

Big brute.

You're a birdbrain. Why don't
you disconnect your telephone?

- You'll wake up at dawn. - Professional
conscience, dirtbag.

Monsieur Krieg is impatient,
you give nothing new.

- If I had something I'd give it.
- The boss is in a hurry.

And not me. I don't give a shit,
like Lolotte said.

Go on Tib?re, you love money anyway.

There's a nice payoff for
you in the end.

Jonathan wants to talk to you.

And we're in a hurry.
It's a bit funny to be slack off.

I have a beard here,
it's not comfortable.

And what's more, it's raining today.

It's sad. And in Paris what time is it?

Good, good, alright. Go to sleep.

Are you finished taking the whole cover?

- Am I taking the whole cover?
- Exactly.

Maybe it's the fact that I have a cold.


Ah, M?lanie. Hello.

No, no, no.
I took a sunbath on my terrace.

Excuse me, I have a frog in my throat.

Ah, but with pleasure, yes.
Wait, I'm writing it down.

Then three... three kilos of oranges.

Six slices of ham.

No, eight! No, ten!

Two baguettes.

Three baguettes.

- Hello Tib?re, thank you.
- Hello Lolotte.

We don't want to go out.

It's nice outside.

For us, today is a most exceptional day,
extraordinary, unique!

- Hello M?lanie.
- Hello Tib?re.

Yes, today is a party.

Because all three are here,
that doesn't happen often.

And now that I'm getting married,
that'll happen even less.

- Then good party.
- H?l?na is busy getting ready.

H?l?na, Tib?re is here.

You'll see, she'll be hot
as a little bun.

You'll burn your hands.

Not at all.

What a ravishing spectacle.

Thank you, thank you, thank you
ladies for being so beautiful.

It's nothing, nothing, nothing,

She has a soft voice,
your friend M?lanie.

And a pretty neck.

And everything, everything,

Leave M?lanie alone. M?lanie is wise.

M?lanie is the only one who's wise.

- That's why she found a husband.
- And why we're old maids.


Have a seat.

- Tib?re, tell us.
- Well sure.

- Yes?
- Yes.

- Then do you do gold traffic, really?
- Really.


- Why?
- That's a stupid answer.

That's true. Let's see,

- I do gold traffic because...
- You're lazy?

Yes, and also because...

- You love money?
- Yes. And also because...

- It's fun?
- Yes. And also because...

- Fun?
- Being a gangster, yes.

- I understand that very well.
- H?l?na, cut the bullshit.

Then your work is to find airline
stewardesses to transport gold?

Among others, yes.

- And why airline stewardesses?
- Think.

They know the customs officers and
they travel free.

- They're ideal.
- She thinks a lot, little M?lanie.

- She's cute. - Then do all
the countries buy French gold?

No. Swiss and especially Indian.

Ah, that's why you attacked me

You saw that I returned from Calcutta.

That's why. But I didn't know at what
point the useful and the nice could...

Tib?re, you're just a heartless

Don't say the contrary, that's
why I love you.

H?l?na my dear, let's talk seriously.

The adventure: 2 million,
fabulous India.

- You say nothing? - And Indian
prisons, all dirty, all burning.

- You say nothing, H?l?na dear?
- And the small prisons, so very small.

You can't stand.
Or lie in bed.

- With snakes.
- Guards who whip you.

You return sick and old.

And all small, all twisted.

- Then leave H?l?na alone, dirty
gangster. - But leave him.

He's doing his job,
the dirty gangster.

You did well not caring about me. Dirty
hood, you don't care if I go to prison.

Dirty gangster.

If you address me as a gangster,
you should first pass a radio.

And they told me bravo, it's you
we need, you have no heart.

And were you always a gangster,
a big cunning guy?

No, at the beginning of my life
I was a very moral baby.

- That astonishes me.
- But he's deceitful, deceitful.

Now a little silence, please, ladies,
let me work.

H?l?na, my beauty, don't fight.

I know you have a terrible
thirst for adventure.

It's true, I have a terrible thirst
for adventure.

Is it not enough adventure for you to
get up in Paris and go to bed in Bombay?

No, at first yes because I was afraid.

But not anymore.

I'm leaving, Tib?re.
I'm leaving, I'm leaving.

Life and death are associated.
Like it's exciting.

- Will I have a gun too?
- I have to make a phone call.

Come to the phone, Tib?re.

- You must do something.
- H?l?na, don't leave, don't leave.

I have an idea, come on.

- Hello it's Tib?re, I found what you
need. - Hello, it's me.

- She's set to fly to Calcutta...
- Tomorrow night.

Wait, I'll speak to him.

Hello Monsieur.
Are you doing well?

I'm H?l?na. I'm crazy with joy,
this is so exciting.

Wait, I'm passing it to you again,
Tib?re. Talk to you soon.

She's just a little annoyed.

You can be confident.
Goodbye, all my best.

Adventure, adventure.

And yes, adventure.

- You take it where you can find it,
eh, H?l?na? - Yes, yes, now I'll tan.

Let's talk seriously.

First, she's thoughtless, you
can't count on her.

Secondly, her parents are very rich,
she has no need for money.

Thirdly, I need money.

Fourthly, I have a head on my

And fifthly, as an ex-stewardess,
I have the right to a free trip.

Does that interest you?

- Do you want to leave?
- Whenever you want.

Tell H?l?na the departure is in 15 days
and I'm leaving before.

I'll take a friend, but for two million
it's worth it, no?

God, you astonish me.

I thinik you should prepare yourself.

I can go to Geneva.

You don't need to send gold to
Paris. Then there are fewer risks.

I'm very interesting,
my good Monsieur.

Very. And to say that
you seemed so honest.

- Do you regret? - Yes.
H?l?na is a little... crazier.

She's easier to forgive.

But it's evident that with you the
organization makes better business.

Ah, another detail.

In other not to worry the others
I'm telling everyone I'm going with you.

- Which is to say? - I'm saying
I don't want to leave at all

but I don't want H?l?na to go crazy and
to arrive in Geneva, I'll let you go.

Evidently it's false. I'll go to Bombay.

Naturally, not a word to H?l?na.

On the outside, it's always
she who leaves.

- That's alright.
- Do I have your word?

- If I have yours.
- You have it.

Then you have it.

- This is better, no?
- A question of taste.

- When am I leaving? - You take
a plane in two days for Geneva.

- Am I leaving alone?
- No, with me.


He's going. He's going, I had him.
He's leaving H?l?na alone.

What he'll make in Geneva:
"And no, I won't go farther."



- Yes?
- I want nothing.

Just you.

You're dressed.

Look at me:

this is white and this isn't.

This is pretty.

Or this.

This and this.

You still haven't told me enough
to make me understand anything here.

I made him think I'm leaving. And H?l?na
thinks it's her. And he'll be chocolate.

- Then he'll scold H?l?na. - But who?
What? Why am I scolding H?l?na?

- Explain it to him, Lolotte, he's
annoying me. - M?lanie is going...

Fran?ois. Come on, I need to
talk to you.

- And then H?l?na, are you going?
- Why, since she's not leaving?

But if she really left and you heard
about it you would scold her.

Then act like it, otherwise she'll go.
Go on, call her. "H?l?na," go on.

- H?l?na.
- Here.

- "What am I hearing about?"
- What am I hearing about?

- "Then we're trafficking?"
- Then we're trafficking?

- "Little whore!" - Do you think so?
- Yes. - Alright.

- Little whore.
- "You won't leave, do you hear?"

- You won't leave, do you hear? - You're
annoying me, I'll do what I want.

- Isn't that Tib?re?
- Little guy!

Good, it's on, it's launched,
we can leave him, come on.

What's going on?

What's going on?

Christophe must scold H?l?na.

- She has doubts that it's not her who's
leaving. - Where?

To Bombay, with gold for Tib?re.
He's trafficking.

- It's me who's leaving.
- You?

This is what he believes.
What a naif.

I made one of these numbers for him: the
girl really lasts, is very interested.

"I need money Tib?re, give me
the preference."

- Did he tell you how much?
- Two million.

- That's a beautiful sum.
- Yes.

A lot of money and
not a big risk at that.

You don't call that a big risk?
Prisons, snakes, whips...

That's in novels, my little girl.

- You know anyone on planes who
traffics? - No.

Well anyway, there are some.
But who knows.

They force themselves not
to crack under pressure.

But it's normal, imagine girls like you:
they risk nothing.

And as long as they know
the customs officers...

But of course.

Anyway, it's stupid to let all this
money go.

Yes of course.

What do you think, my little kitty?

You think I should leave for real?

You do what you want, my little dear.

You're basically right, two million
is a beautiful sum.

And then why two million?
It could be four, eight, ten...

with a little trip from time to time.

Evidently, that's what they
call the beautiful life.


is it settled?

I'll do what you want my dear.

I must see Lolotte now.

It's sad.

It's sad, life.

- He really wants me to go there.
- Tib?re?

Fran?ois. Fran?ois.

He doesn't know yet but for me
it's over, he no longer exists.

- That's awful! Wait a little.
- No, no.

That'll make a scene again. H?l?na will
know all, it'll have been for nothing.

And then afterwards he'll be able
to denounce Tib?re again.

Poor Tib?re.

If no one leaves who knows what kind
of position he'll be in.

That's life.

Come on, we'll be very kind
to him while we wait.

We'll try to have fun and that
will make it less sad.

Come on, let's find H?l?na.

- What's going on with him?
- He fell on his ass.

What a funny idea.

You want ice to put on your tushy?

No, thanks, it's already much better.

H?l?na come on, M?lanie has an idea.

- You have an idea?
- Yes.

- It's to please Tib?re.
- That's nice.

Come on, we'll go in your room.

Not to look. Let's go
in the living room.

You need to tell Fran?ois to go
in the living room too.

- He's there to the side.
- Why don't you go there yourself?

- I never want to see him again
in my whole life. - Why?

Because he wants me to be a

He's crazy! WIll you marry someone
like that? Wait.

Are you crazy? If you love brunettes you
need to have a brunette, not a blonde!

No, shut up you tyrant,
and get in the living room!

I'm surprised but I'll obey.

In honor of our new friend Monsieur...

Quiet the music down.
Monsieur Tib?re and our old friends,

this is the time to say it. Monsieur
Fran?ois, you'll sit down over there.

And Monsieur Christophe, we'll present
you with a spectacle entitled...



- Little...
- Stewardesses...

of the air. Thank you.

In... In Rome... some years ago...

was born a charming little girl.


- But not that, it's the second picture.
- Ah yes yes.

Here's Madame, here.

The photo of your little angel
will be ready right away.

Cuckoo. Oh the pretty baby.

20 years later.

A model, she was in quickly enough.

It was a list remarkably made by...

The National Office of Professional
Orientation, 15 Street...


Whatever, a list of female
jobs in alphabetical order.

She fell in H and become a Hostess
of the air.

And she endorses the glorious uniform
of Trans-Continental Airways.

In Munich, Lotte, later rechristened
Lolotte, had a passion:

her spiritual food, the cinema.

It was a film on airline stewardesses.

And Lolotte also endorses the glorious
uniform of Trans-Continental Airways.

- As for M?lanie...
- She's always known,

since the cradle, that her destiny
was secured

to that of Trans-Continental Airways.

It's the only company that offers you
copious breakfasts and various...

Second episode:

the daily life of airline stewardesses,

modest heroines of the air.

3:00 in the morning,

and his sleep was so sweet.

But in spite of everything,
the plane takes off at 6:00.

What are you doing Lolotte,
it's too early.

Go make them wait.

Lolotte, go away, do something,
it doesn't matter what.


But the little stewardess, for her
it's the same to get up early.

She's happy because soon she'll
be flying high in the sky.

- Do you have a cigar, please,
Monsieur? - Yes.

Thank you.

And at dawn, the crew takes
possession of its domain,

the beautiful animal of steel:
the airplane.

Lolotte, open the door.

It's prettier to smile

when the stewardess welcomes

who'll be like her dear children
during the trip.


Are we leaving now or later?
I'm in a big hurry.

You're very pretty, do you want
to go out in Tokyo tomorrow night?

- Mademoiselle!
- Excuse me, Monsieur. Yes, Madame?

- This plane is good, it never had
trouble? - Never Madame.

If you'd like to buckle your seatbelts.

- Be so kind as to put out your cigar.
- But why can't I smoke? I love smoking.

After the take-off, Monsieur.

What nice candies.

Here's my card, call me.

A candy, Madame?

There are no pineapples in there?

No Madame, I'm sorry.

What strange company.

- What's that noise?
- The reactors Madame.

- Is it normal?
- Yes Madame.

What a strange plane.

H?l?na. A little candy for
the viewing public, please, Madame.

But this is forbidden Mademoiselle.

What do I say now?

It doesn't matter. Rouspette, you need
to let the stewardesses trot.

- Mademoiselle!
- Yes Madame?

It's terribly hot here,
can't you open the windows?

Mademoiselle, is it over here or
over here?

- It's over here Monsieur.
- How horrible.

- Do you want me to come with you?
- No thank you.

That will come by itself, I hope.

Can a girl wash her hands on this
plane at least?

Yes Madame, over there.

Then, is the fire out?

No, two reactors are always burning.

- And the third?
- Broken.

- How are your passengers doing?
- They have no doubts.

I'll put some music on for them.

But no, it's not over,
it's not over.

- He thinks it's over?
- You were magnificent.

We wanted to explain how we
came to live with H?l?na.

We put up the doors because
it was just a big room before.

And well here, now it's done.

What pretty doors, you're tremendous.

And me?

- Then, you still have that?
- Yes.

- Alright, then I'll take my bath.
- Oh yes, me too, I'll take my bath.

Me too, maybe, I'll take a bath.

Maybe I could help you with
all these baths.

- M?lanie, my little M?lanie.
- I'll take a bath.

And I'm going to leave, I need to.

But let's see each other tomorrrow,

Christophe, did you like the play?

- H?l?na?
- Yes my dear?

- Do you want to kiss me?
- Yes.

- Why are you drinking like that?
- I haven't drank much.

I can't bear that at all.

You're right to prefer Tib?re,
he's a lot sturdier.

But he's less big.

That's why I drank.

He's stupid. Tib?re is something else.

He's a bad guy,
he's having fun.

But you, you're my Christophe.

Come in.

Hold on...

It was the kitchen before.
Come in, come in.

But are you sure I'm not disturbing

Say, I've seen plenty of well-dressed

But why are you crying, M?lanie?

Because Fran?ois is the
worst man on Earth.

- Shut your mouth.
- His life is ruined.

She can marry him.

Do you want me to punch him in
the face? What did he do to you?

Lots of things.

In this case I find you're perfectly
reasonable not to want to marry him.

I'm personally completely satisfied.

Let's go, get ready.

Stop doing your schtick Tib?re, and
pour a little hot water, there.

She cooled herself. Pour or go away.

Alright, alright, I'm pouring.

But not on me. There,
in the little hole, gently.

I think the stewardesses didn't
have any glasses.

They're not real glasses but they're

It's pleasant. Stop that burning
and pull me in the rays.

- Pardon?
- Do you understand nothing?

In the rays of the sun, pull me.

Move it, then me too.

Then, are we always leaving together?

Why, do you want more of me?

Yes yes, more, more.

It's funny, when I look at you
I get all soft.

It's because I'm crying.

Someone rub my back.

But with the greatest verve.

You'll see I can never be
surpassed as a masseuse.



- Bravo.
- Lolotte. Do you have no shame?

- Sorry.
- You're welcome.

Lolotte is like that, she
has no modesty at all.

- It's not really so bad...
- Ah no! It's not bad at all.

You know Tib?re, tomorrow I'll
see big bulls.

Yes, that's interesting!

Yes, tonight I'm going to Madrid,
Ol?! H?l?na!

Can I take the bath now?

Yes, H?l?na would like to take
her bath now please.

You're totally nude in the water,

But you can't see anything.
And that pricks.

Allow me, the bathroom, the real one,
the loo, with the faucets.

You know, those little things
you turn like that.

- No one ever goes there?
- Yes, but she's ugly.

- She's ugly!
- She's too white.

We go there after work
when we're tired.

- The poor little ones.
- Now for my bath.

- Towel please.
- Everyone's going except...

except Christophe.

But you can stay M?lanie.

It's not for that.

But it's a real fountain.

Lolotte will be in Madrid tonight.

H?l?na will be at the Ceylan
the day after tomorrow.

- And I'll be all alone. - But now
you'll go back to your normal life.


I don't know what I'll do.

I'll go with all of you to Orly.

Tib?re will take M?lanie.

She is sad,

he'll make a move on her.

I think she likes him a lot,
and he does too.

Why did you stop crying?

Because I'm having fun.
I really like to drive.

- Alright, then stop.
- Why?

- I like when you cry.
- Meanie.

Nope. I really like when
you cry because...

because my heart melts. I become
as tender as a little lamb.

It's a very pleasant sensation.

- To see women cry?
- No, only you.

You don't find that it's wonderfully

M?lanie, you don't need to leave

- And cry the whole time?
- Nope.

At least not the whole time the whole
time if you see what I mean.

You're nice.

And I'm the saddest of all.

- I'd like to leave tomorrow for Geneva.
- No, to Nice.

- To Nice?
- Yes, to Nice.

- Why?
- I don't know.

To be my subordinate.
Not to ask questions.

To obey my orders, Madame.

No, now listen to me.

If you take the plane for Nice
tomorrow you'll arrive too early.

But if I take you by car,

slowly, romantically, and with

you'll arrive just in time.

- Are you jumping over shadows?
- Yes.

But you drive too quickly, I'm
obliged to count them two by two.

And like that, is it going better?

Tremendous, in an armchair.

- Your ears are all rosy.
- And yes, didn't you know?

I'm the horrible gold trafficker
with pink ears.

It's because of the sun that sets

And do you think to the shadows
they wouldn't be pink anymore?

I don't know, we'll look later.

But you, even to a shadow you're
pink from head to toe.

- That's because I'm a girl.
- Ah really?

Exactly what I said... I was jealous!

It's funny, you and Fran?ois
are just the opposite.

He seems honest and good from the
outside and deep inside he's rotten.

Whereas I, outside I seem all rotten
but deep inside...

It's almost that.

Now if I may, I'll turn right.
I have a little errand to run.

This is why the hens don't come to
throw themselves under the wheels.

Here it is.

- Did you prepare the vest?
- Yeah yeah.

Come on, we'll jump in the car,
it's done, guys.

This is where I come when I want
to forget that I'm a bad guy.

No one has this address and I've
never brought anybody.

Here I'm pure and honest.

Shhh, keep it to yourself.

Ah yes? Well, I don't like to be all
alone in the country, in any case.

Usually girls are distressed when
I tell them all that.

- The ones you bring here?
- Exactly.

How did you guess?

Admire the green grass,
freshly mowed.

And in two months it'll be all yellow.

And then it'll be all red,
and then nothing at all.

Why are you acting like an idiot

I want to be an idiot,
I'm being an idiot.

But you're also doing what you
wanted to do.

Do you want to kiss me on the neck?

But do it good grief!

And can't I go there?

- Then it's there that... hop!
- Yep.

I assure you Elisabeth, it's as
long as it is wide,

try yourself. Is this the sliding rug?

Yes yes.

But then how are you doing?
Are you there all frisky and then?

And then I chat, I chat,

I drop something and don't
pick it up...

There it is. There it is,
I have a heart of marmelade.

M?lanie, what's going on there?

I'm here to laugh and my life is ruined.

I'm an old maid and what's more,
I hang out with a gold trafficker.

And yes, I know, your life is a drama.

Do you want to take a shower?

No thanks, I'm all clean.

You do that like it feels good.

I hate blondes, they're idiots.

Thank you.

And if you didn't cry the whole time, I
wouldn't have wanted to kiss you at all.

Do you want to kiss me?

Terribly or just a little?

Or would you rather talk?



- That's nice.
- You took the words out of my mouth.

What would you say, dear M?lanie...

if I lowered an epaulette?

Two epaulettes?

If I undressed you very gently?

Please. My little painter.

You're right, one must live.

One tries to forget, always.

But I prefer to undress all alone.

And close the curtains.

And don't look.

That's it.

I love you more with the dress.

How do I take that with me?

I'm very bashful, that's stupid, no?

No, complicated.

Where does that begin?


It's already looking clearer.

- Hold on, I see the end of a thigh.
- Where?


But otherwise strictly nothing
is visible.

It's easy for you to mock me,
you're all dressed.

That's not yours.

I'm not bashful at all.


That doesn't work at all.

I feel ridiculous. One is ridiculous
undressed here.

- Do you prefer that we take a walk?
- Oh yes.

Thank you Tib?re, you're kind,
you know.

Don't think I don't appreciate it.

For someone so bashful, there's
a lot of light here.

Now that makes no difference to me.

- There's a car behind the whole time.
- They're men from the organization.

- Are they passing by or following
us? - They're following us.

- To see if we're smart?
- Yes.

And also to help us in case of a glitch.

And in Nice there will be
others, from Nice.

- Good, I'll say hello to them.
- That's it.

They said hello to me too.

And they also told me to kiss
you on their behalf.

You like me a lot, huh?

You want us to take two rooms
or one at the hotel?

I'd be ashamed of one.

Yes, come on.

I need to tell you something,
right away.

Are you dressed again? But do you want
to take that off so quickly?

Wait. I need to tell you something
about the gold.

We don't need to start work tomorrow.

But it's important.


Let's go.

- Are the men at the hotel? - I know
nothing and I'm making a fool of myself.

- You seem angry.
- Did you want to say something?

- Now I don't want to.
- Bravo.


- Turn around.
- Even now?

Yes. I'm like that.


Then, where's the other person?

I think someone likes himself a lot.

Oh sorry.

Here's the package.



- Hey.
- Hey.

Someone brought me everything,
you're leaving this afternoon.

- I have bad news for you.
- Ah yes?

Like that.

It was a joke.

I don't want to go to Bombay at all.

It was for H?l?na not to go there.

Ah really?

Are you furious?

- No, embarrassed.
- What will you do?

First, give you a thrashing.

What a situation, my little beetle.

The gold must leave today, otherwise
our clowns will get very mean.

- What can they do?
- Plenty of things.

You don't seem angry at me.

I'm not... I don't especially want
you to go to Bombay.

You love me then!

I can't leave, I'm too well known.

You never want to answer me
when I say you love me.

And you, would you like me with a
broken nose or a leg at least?

- Why do you say that?
- Because I'm very optimistic by nature.

Would you prefer me to ask you: "Will
you bring me flowers at the cemetery?"

- Will it go as badly as that?
- They have orders.

- But it's not your fault,
it's my fault. - No.

I had to distrust myself,
better to choose.

But I'd wanted too much to do this trip
with M?lanie.

It doesn't matter, we'll see.

- Come on. - But this isn't the time,
we need to think.

But no. You need to leave and don't
want to. I won't force you.

- Come on, let's go.
- He's crazy.

He's crazy, he's thoughtless.

You don't realize, they'll kill
you, disfigure you and you'll...


Yes, all is well. Yes, I know, yes.

Alright, now I'll let you hang up
and leave me alone.

- Was it them?
- Yes.

- What did they want?
- They always call.

For someone to know they're here.

What can be done?

Well, there's only one solution:
I'll leave.

You're free.

- Basically this isn't very difficult,
huh? - Yeah.

Well, I leave on just one condition.

It's for after you make the drop.

And the gold, the girls, the clowns, all
that is over, over. Promise.

Listen M?lanie I ask nothing of you.
You leave or you don't.

And me, I do what I want,
in one case or the other.

Why do you talk to me like that?

Come here, you.

I don't particularly want you to leave.

Understand? Little blonde idiot.

Fortunately there's nothing you want.

Now tell me what I should do.

One minute.

Hold on.

- What is this thing?
- Put that down.

Ouch. Ouch, you... you're pinching me!

You know, that will be heavy.

- Then is this the bar of gold?
- No, metal.

And that will go badly for you,
I warn you.

That's going to cut your shoulders
there, I'll give you...

some pills for the pain.

That's getting heavy.

How much is there?

Stilll... six and that will make
20 kilos.

Get up and make yourself
walk normally.

Don't make a face like a martyr,
try to smile.

But it's heavy!

It's worth a lot.

I'm a fragile girl.

- It's heavy. - Are you as impermeable
as I told you to be?

- Yes.
- Put it down.

It's in the cabinet.

Be careful, you'll be dragged behind.
Rest on your arms.

It's very good, you can't
see anything.

I'm all fat!

Listen, if you want to leave, say it,
otherwise stop whining.

If I want to leave.

But you can at least be nice now that
you've gotten what you wanted.

Exactly, this is more pain
I have to endure.

If I was sure that with you staying
nothing would happen, I'd let you stay.

Since it's like that, it's like that.

Now tell me what I have to do.

- Do you have a good memory?
- Yes.

- In high school I was always first in
recitation. - Then listen to me.

Do you think your clowns
are following us here?

Surely, I don't know them.

- We have time, let's climb up to the
terrace. - Climb up? Stairs?

This is training.

Then like that, from time to time, you
say goodbye to a girl who's leaving.

From time to time.

- Do... do you want a repeat of
last time? - Yes, I'd like that.

In Bombay you'll descend from the
plane with this scarf in hand.

After the passport check there's
a big Hindu guy who'll be there.

- He recognizes you by your scarf.
- He doesn't tell me anything.

- Afterwards, you'll go to customs.
- Yeah, I pray to God...

that they don't make me undress.

They're terrible over there,
I know them well.

There's one more reason for them
to leave you alone.

- Afterwards you go to your hotel.
- Hotel Taj Mahal.

Once you get in the room,
take off your vest.

Yes and I wait for the fat Hindu.

Once he's there, don't give him
anything until he asks you...

"Are the horses ready?"

And I reply:
"Yes, the horses are white."

Then you give him the gold.

And he gives me the money.
And I pass through customs again.

In three days, I'll wait for you here.


Alright, maybe I'll need to go there.

You still have five minutes.


- Come on, we're leaving.
- Where?

- You're leaving, come on.
- Are you crazy?

- But they'll kill us!
- I don't have time to talk, let's go.

Departures bound for Rome, Beyrouth,

Delhi, Bombay, Flight Air France 1216...

I must leave but you don't realize.

I won't let you do something stupid.

I'll save you despite yourself.

But why do you want me not to leave?

Don't ask so many questions.

But we're out of luck.
They'll find us.

We can be seen easily.

For the moment it seems calm.

I don't understand.

Here they are.

A 404, alright.
Their car was hit.

But we can't drive our whole lives.

They won't stop trying to find us.

You're crazy.

- But stop! - How is that
that they don't pull us over?

But what is he doing to the other up
there? Is he making a speech?

They're behind.
They're behind.

I'm hot.

And H?l?na, you would have
let her leave?

Later, alright?

There it is, here they are.

- Take off your dress.
- Huh?

- They set off again. Do we discharge?
- Yes yes.

Oh, what it can do, this truck.

Are we in the clear here?

No no, wait for them to
start up again.

Ah really?

Oh and then I'll remove it,
this will be more convenient.

- But what are they playing at?
- What's that?

It's alright...

They're following.
Should I start throwing?

Yes, we need to get a
head start, I have an idea.

I just barely see them.

They're far off there.

We'll make it explode.

They'll think that we're dead
so they'll leave us alone.

Yes but... what a pity.

But no but no, these things
aren't important.

Come on, quickly.

Damn it.

The meter is at zero. There's more gas!

- Should we run on foot?
- Let's run.

We'll hide in the mountain.

It's not smart to leave like that,
it makes no sense.

You could have found something else.

It's the first time this kind of thing
has happened to me, I'm improvising.

I'm grumbling because I'm tired.

I'm happy that you didn't want
to let me leave.

- Do you think he'll want to go? - He
seems nice. Do you know how to ride?

- No.
- Me neither.

- Put one foot over the other. - Yes,
and tap him on the butt. - Yes.

- Pay attention, Achille, here we are.
- Will I do it with my dress like this?

I'll help you.

Wait, the other will be better,
I'll be able to hold on.

Get going.

Push. Push! But push me!

- But could he lower that one a little
bit? - Do you hear, Achille?

- Let's go. - Let's go.
- Oh, quickly!

So useless that they can't run,
the clowns.

- Let's go.
- Push.

Wait, I'll pass my leg.

Climb first, then you'll pull me.

Let's go...

- Let's go, we need to get there.
- Yeah.

- Let's go, hold on.
- Let's go, Achille, don't look.

One, two... no, I can't.

Don't wait like that.
Put your hand there, wait.

- Wait, Achille, don't move.
- I'm scared.

I'm scared.

There, wait.

One, two, three, hop.

Climb up, grab hold of me.

Let's go, Achille, let's trot,
my friend.

- Let's go. - Maybe he
doesn't understand French.

- We're close to Italy,
maybe he's Italian. - Maybe.

[Italian] Achille, forward!
But soon, because...

- Oh no. - Oh no, hey, you're rather
big my friend, let's go.

There it is, here they are. Achille!

We still have time, they're not quick.
Let's go Achille, just a gallop please.

Even a trop, even a step, but
please do something.

Let's go, forward!

What can we do? Sacred Achille.

It's fucked up.


Do what you want, in any case
she won't leave.

- And I'm telling you...
- But no, but no.

Exactly, all cancelled. They have...

They cornered our guy in Bombay.
We've stopped everything for the moment.

We were afraid that she'd leave
anyway after your affair.

We'll give you a sign as soon as
business starts up again.

Ah no, thank you. I'm quitting now,
I'm changing work.

Oh yes, I think we are too.

Let's go... quit.

- Where are you going? - Going back.
We'll look for the car, no?

No, now we have Achille.

Return the car to Monsieur Krieg
with all my thanks.

Then are you going to continue?

- Will you become honest?
- I think so.

You understand, to do a very
interesting job like I did,

you must have a free mind,
a free heart, etc., etc.

And you don't have a free
heart anymore?

But we're a real little point
of interrogation.

- But what will you do then?
- Something I love.

- I love nature. And you?
- Me too.

Well, we'll grow a little garden.

Let's go, come on Achille.