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I greet you, friends, and good
Morning, Sydney! Now 5:45 am!

You listen to the radio station "AC / DC"
and with you Jess!

Australia, Sydney. 5:: 45 am.

today in Sydney is expected to
beautiful sunny day ...

... and somewhere around 36-ty
degrees Celsius.


France, Le Bourget Airport, 19:: 45.

I still have hope
read in the newspapers ,...

that this pitiful paddling pool
his plane crashed on!

Stephen Brikman and Jacques-Alain Marty::
Financial Warriors XXI century.

Yes? When? Ok.

Steve, he was on the air
on French television.


Jacques-Alain Marty, you are most successful
Managing companies throughout France.

For the 5 years you lead
"Vladis Enterprises ",...

and now have decided to take up
U.S. media giant Skaynort.

What is it? Delusions of grandeur? Courage?
Full folly?

You know, to manage the largest
the world's factory of dreams --

This realization of my childhood dreams.

In this "deadly battle"
for the right of ownership "Skaynort "...

The business rivalry.

... do not forget about your
opponent from Australia ,...

... Stephen Brikmana
from Brikman inkorporeyted ",...

undisputed leader in the market
emerging technologies.

And in this competition,
Monsieur Marty ,...

... many commentators believe you
no more than a challenger.

So, you want to say

that novice potesnit
veteran of the ring?

Okay, let me
consider an applicant.

Well done.

You're very self-confident ,...

But the purchase of "Skaynort" more
increase the debt of your company.

In English, there is a
saying "go and die ",...

that the French
can be translated as

expanding their businesses or
get out of bizb ... "

Nis business ... business ... bases ... bore
business ... nose bases ... Business ...

- Damn, again!
- General plan!

You were fucking right, Andrew!

Formula expands
or die "applies to all.

It looks like it with every minute
from bad to worse.

My informant
will keep us posted.

It is part of a close circle of people that
paddling pool. Very close.

Cobra is always able to select
Time to attack the victim.

"Expand or die" Monsieur Marty?
Ok. Die.

All I have going.

- What you have now, Andre?
- ToS tire "Bepelin.

- What is the TOS?
- General Assembly, Andrew.

I will have said 20 times.
I am speaking about the AKP.


AKP - a plan of social reconstruction.
Simple as.

Only for the same stock egghead,
like you, Andre.

I just created for this work.

As the poet said,
Work conquers all.

Okay, close behind me.

Not held today
we braise.


- Do not forget your sandwich, Andre.
- Ah, yes. What this time?

- KTC.
- What?

KTC - pork pate with gherkins.
Simple as. Umnik, me too.

Professor, you have received
rezaza ... Reza ... zuty ...


Rezazzly ... Reza ...
Damn poderi results!

Yes, received, Jacques-Alain.

In terms of Neurology,
You are healthy. All normal.

That is how formal?
Norfalno? That's impossible.

Absolutely normal.

- You can believe me.
- Everything is ready, Professor.

My dear Jacques-Alain, I need to go.
Patients are waiting.

- Mrut? Who mret?
- Go to the doctor Mornei.

It is the most famous
psychiatrist in Paris.

Psychopath? Psihoteatr? Wait.

Can you tell me thanks.

Actually, he is busy, but for the sake of you
he was willing to take at 10 am.

But I can not. At 10 am
I salute directors.

So with ... advice! Hell!

In connection with its performance,
You understand

What iridescent future
We all expect?

You know what I think?

Managing millions of other people's cool
?????????? your nerves.

It can be said?

On an international scale disasters ,...

... it is - the collapse of "Titanic"
Plus Apollo-13 "plus 11 th September.

Do you want breast show?

Plus Asian disaster
1999, and it's not all.

- Sorry, what do you say, Elizabeth?
- Nothing. Where Jacques-Alain?

I salute Director ...

- We have already made.
- I now come.

Excuse me, I am back.

First, I would like to congratulate
Division of innovative technology ...

with the development of modern winter
rubber for trucks.

It is simply wonderful.

Thank you very much.

Secondly, and this time less
nice comment ,...

I've read that the losses
Chemical Division

will be much higher than expected.

Do not know what you are.

I am standing on the rumors about the AKP:
Planned reconstruction ...

Microphone! Include
microphone! Microphone!

Moreno! Moreno! Moreno! Moreno!

Calm down, it is
Technical problem!

Please calm down!

- What is the sickener?
- Andre Moreno. Minor accountant.

It is at every meeting so ourselves leads.
Robin feels Gudom.

Ordinary shareholders love it.

In English, there are
Such a saying "go and die ",...

that the French
can be translated as

expanding their businesses or
get out of bizb ... "

This is worse than I thought.
You look like moron.

Thank you for pordezhku ... uderzhku ...
support ... in this difficult time.

Nadine, if this becomes known,
I blatantly ... I pipe ... Well here, again.

For God's sake, will benefit
deodorant and change of shirt.

From you stinks.

Oh, my God! Damn, I was late!
I'm fucking late!

Good morning, Monsieur.

Beware of nitro ... netra ...
Damn, do not touch my shirt!

- He gets on my nerves.
- I.

Before scheduled for 8:45

the opening of world markets
trend ...

This will be interesting.

My little hungry piranhas!

Jean-Bernard, podvinsya
R?gis and let eat!

Come on, Josette, fight for their food!

What? Quiet!

Since the opening of the market

shares of the company "Vladis Enterprises
rose by 2,5%.

This can not please shareholders

for 2 days before the general
meeting in Paris.

- Hello, Let me help you.
- You do not need, do not touch.

Poltfel. Shpasibo.

- Good morning, Monsieur.
- Good.

Good morning.

Amusing light.

- Eloise?
- Good morning, Mr. President!


Mr. President,
9:30 to Monsieur Lebroshe.

Oh, no, no, no, no!

- Oh, yes, Mr. President.
- No. Otymen ... otymen ...

- On behalf of whom, Monsieur?
- No. Damn! Mozhimen ...

You want ice cream?

Yes there is! Otymen ... Abolition of the meeting.

Well, Monsieur.

Otymen ... Abolition of ...
Cancel all for today.

Australia, Sydney. 20:: 05.

Steve, just call our people

in the consortium of banks,
Monsieur Lebroshe ...

about his meeting with Monsieur Marty.

French cancel it.

- He is the suspect?
- In an hour or two will be known.

Ok. Meanwhile, Cobra zamret,
like a stone.

Above all, the whole world knows that we
interested in "Skaynorte.

Press does not specifically mention
television interview.

They say only that you
looked nervous.

I would even say "tense."

Here stuffily. Turn the air conditioner.

Brikman confirmed their interest
in Skaynort. I am afraid that ...

This is the first good attack ...

but ... Well ... to ... manure ...
news for today.

good news? If this
jackal raise your bid at the auction ...

and if you know that we have
lack of working capital,

he was alive we sozhret.

nonsense. At this time, we ...
about ... about ... on ...

- Trick?
- No!

- Obdurim?
- No!

- Marked? Marked around the finger!
- Yes circle.

Should the code name for our
Opera ... Oper ... Oper ... operation!

hand over heating as well?
I am hungry ... wifeless ...

He was cold.
Turn the heat.

Operation? Let's give her the name of the fish
which is difficult to catch!

- Operation "Marlene"? Good sounds!
- No.

Sprut? Operation Sprut?

- Maybe, "swordfish"?
- Swordfish!

- I just said it!
- I've heard.

We'll call it
"Operation Eshkin cat "...

"Lazhekot" ... "Porridge in his mouth" ...

- Sperm whale?
- Sperm whale! Exactly! And why?

Because it is huge.

Wait, but the sperm whale - do not fish,
they come from a family of whales.


- And they live in water?
- Yes.

- Yes.
- Yes.

- And they are huge?
- Yes.

- Yes.
- Yes.

- Do not shivering on me!
- Excuse me?

- Does not irritate me.
- Precisely.

- Sometimes you have me to undress.
- Yes, irritating!

Like yesterday, passed the BS?

Not BS, and HS!
General Assembly! HS!

So how does it go?

Oh, good!

There were all the cream car
"Bepelin, and I did not give them down!

You see, Andrew, a tire?
Fob! Down! See?

Andre, I know that the tire
belly and turn!

I'm not a complete fool!

Yes, indeed, about the cream!
How about a souffl? on the evening?

Not at all! After 2 days I have
first ToS company Vladis!

I do not have!

Another TOS?

Excellent, Andrey! You are not my most
bad pupil!

They resemble the albatross.
No, the cormorants.

This is a gull, but it does not matter.
You see, you can normally talk to.

Focus on an object,
describe him as much detail as possible.

- Yes, it's cormorants.
- Cormorants slightly larger.

A few cormorants very tiny.
I know about birds all.

This gull. This little trick

will help you some
time to speak properly.

There are still some symptoms?

Constant and extensive selection of sweat.

- Ah, here it is that!
- What?

Nothing. You recall any
situation, causing you injury?

introduction of property tax.
This was ...

- I am thinking of your childhood.
- No.

- Ill-treatment? Beatings?
- What?

- Replied Monsieur Marty.
- I have already answered. Cormorants.

This gulls.
Nevertheless, it seems ,...

You are prone to anxiety attacks,
related to child trauma.

Starting concern? And all?

Deep injury, expressed

so unpleasant
symptoms, as copious perspiration.

Where too bad!

They stopped as soon as you
find your antifobichesky object.

- Your what?
- Your antidote, if you want.

My antidote?

They can be anything:
The object, the smell ...

- Yes, thank you.
- Even a living being.

What you have been denied
at an early age,

but remember that your "I"
in your subconscious.

- short ...
- Not waving hands.

When I find its antidote,
I am cured?

But hurry, but not the
You become worse

and require special treatment.

What does "special"?

I - Jacques-Alain Marty, doctor.

I've been working
380 thousand employees!

I am responsible for them in front of
Union ... fireworks ...

Board difektorov! Detectors!

- Calm down.
- Directors of ...

Calm down, Monsieur.
What I have on hand?

Dear watch. From the collection of
IE double-yu si.

From samozavodom.
Cost about 200 thousand euros.

And you are a connoisseur! You eyes are not tears?

This is awful.
You simply can not imagine.

And when I was in the car
even glass steam.

Sorry, but it is already 10:40, and I
meeting of the board of directors.

Oh, the board of directors.

Board of Directors.

Sorry, I know that it is terrible.

I have a bunch of shirts ruined.
This is just awful.

- I note the you a sedative.
- Yes?

If the attack happens, drink
quarter tablets. Not anymore.

They can, and the elephant down.

- Thank you, doctor. Thank you.
- Males! Healthy male!

Good morning, Aziz!
Good morning, Johnny!

What is not so, Monsieur Muassel?

- A-a, Andre! My dear Andre!
- What happened?

What happened? Banks have refused us
support, that's what happened.


Almost an hour late.
This is unthinkable!

And the morning canceled our meeting.

For this to be
very good reasons.

Excuse me, gentlemen,
I OPA ... OPA ... late.

This clock with samozavodom.

A small arrow at 10,
large - to 8-and.

Today 10:40. I was late by 40 minutes.
I apologize.

You are all wet. There, that it's raining?

No, I just escaped from the hospital.

My wife broke his leg during the
visit an orphanage.

5 fractures. A - open. Awful.

- I am very sorry. Sorry.
- No, no. That you forgive me.

No problem.
It recover. It is strong, as I have.

So, to acquire "Skaynort" we
Brikman resists.

We will have to confront it.

Wait, and you
going to do?

Mr Lebroshe,
Are people asked ...

the organizers' Bokus "secret
shokettov of sea urchin roe?

No! Operation "Blind Dog" --
5 billion profit!

Operation Stainless Pinocchio "--
11 billion profit!

Maybe you regret that invested
their MIS ... MIS ... Wed ... means?

This old-fashioned window with the European
lock on the inner frame.

And it is - a window into the future.

This allows me to be strong
in a secret operation ,...

... which would be most profitable
for all time.

I am totally serious
about the dividends.

Each member of the Board of Directors receives
substantial shareholding.

I am the same as usual, require your
full confidence.

Jacques-Alain, as chairman
Board of Directors

I extend to you our full confidence.


But in case of breakdown of the deal ...

Your future at the head of "Vladis
Enterprises will be in jeopardy.

Mind ... Reason ... mind ... Of course.

Can you recall:
We had chickens, a cat, a dog ...

Slowly. I write. What else?

Some mice, even the two goose.

You hated sheep brains.
And you do not suffer from allergies.

You were happy and
gifted child.

You do not how to suffer
fear of violence.

that can stop ... tram ...
tram ... tramvir ... Injuries ... Injuries ...

- What are you talking about?
- Wait a second.

This radiophone with chrome
buttons from 0 to 9-,...

... with the "grid" and "asterisk."

Hurt, yes!

The case, which could
hurt me.

Jacques-Alain, and why would you
do not call your brother?

Guillaume? This asocial
ultra-liberals? No way!

You will have a chance to reconcile.
I would very pleased.

No way! It is almost that tramp!

I take it. And it is. Yes it is,
Perhaps, and drug pripryatana.

You only see
There are moldy.

What kind of stink! This dust unbearable.

Gerard, Take it.

A-Yes, here it is!

This is mine. And this, too.
And it might be useful.

- And this is mine.
- What are you doing?

Withdrew their photo albums.

Recollections of childhood.
For his biography.

You broken the door to pull off
my blanks?

I picked up something that belongs to me.

And you could buy a brush
and paint, and others.

You do not know in the art.

In the pictures you are interested in
only the price of resale.

Crazy! Gerard, help me!
Attacking him! Attack! It is - crazy!

Nothing. Try this. Nothing.
What's the flavor? What's the flavor? Max.

But is it? Lily of the valley. Daisy.

Stop it! Enough! Enough! Enough!
So what are you?

What is it? Dog wrote
on our bed!

So what? I'm looking for a
antelope ... anti ...

You wanted to say "antidote"?

I get up early tomorrow!

Tomorrow, the opening of the shelter, and I
not going to sleep in this menageries!

No, no! I lied
fireworks defektorov ...

Board detector ... Union
dektor ... defektor ...

This wool suit
consisting of a jacket,

skirts and jackets the color of ham.

You are about my costume?

Yes. This is a trick that
helps me to talk normally.

Directors! See?

Trick? To say that my costume
by Chanel - the color of ham?

And this doctor said to you?

Well, I was late for meeting

and I could not say
that was a psychotherapist.

I said that was in the hospital,

because you broke
leg at the opening of the shelter.


Nothing clever, I do not think he could.

Honey, a couple of days on crutches --
still not the end of the world.

Mom, I am a huge animal had tried to

It is not too great.

Honey, this is just a goose.

It is used to
make "foie gras".

Remember, we eat it from grandma?

Stop it! What scares me are you?

How feeling?

As the saying goes, never zhaluysya
and never paid off.

Normally all.

I know Jacques-Alain
never justified.

But these rumors about your
health concern to us.

Look, Pierre,
I spent all my life,

to be the worst ...
juicy ... obese.

- This pack of 20-light cigarettes.
- Yes.

"Virginia Blend." Smoking causes
lung cancer.

According to recent studies ,...

48,7% smokers
die before the time

because of nicotine addiction.

I have spent all their
life to be the best.

And I'm not going to SDA ... give up!

It's time.

Currently, the company
"Vladis Enterprises "...

looking for opportunities for dynamic
Growth in the international media market.

We are confident that under the leadership of
our president ...

we can achieve great success.

We have you believe. Thank you.

Hello. My name is Andre Moreno.
I - an accountant.

Thank you very much. I have a question
to Monsieur Marty.

I will try to answer it for you.

Good. I believe that the amount of debt
of investment capital ...

at 13 million euros higher
than had been predicted.

- Where did you have this data?
- I was curious ...

- The time has come?
- It is not the time.

For Jacques-Alain Marty always time.


Thank you.

Thank you very much. Owners
"Vladis Enterprises - is you.

Monsieur, if I understood you ,...

You ask how "Vladis"

able to change data
on some investment?

- That's right.
- Monsieur, read again the report.

Page 541: Our subsidiary company,
involved in publishing ,...

has 4 billion euros
without taxes.

Page 438: Our subsidiary company,
involved in cellular communication ,...

brings 2.6 billion euros
without taxes.

But, indeed, on page 495 -

we have 6 billion reduction
added value, ...

and on page 603 --
4 billion deficit

are in fact
calculated losses.

Now, count, and you will understand

why shares Vladis Enterprises
per year has doubled in price.

I had a dream. I dreamed about the future
our company.

I say "our" because
I just lead a company,

you trusted me.

I dreamed that
"Vladis Enterprises

will be there, among the stars.

And this future is
feasible due to

that you have made me complete confidence.

We are now nothing will stop.

Nothing comes on the way
to our success. Nothing.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

It was a good starting
with the phrase "I had a dream."

Jacques-Alain, you have struck me.

Even Elizabeth began to cry.

You bet! Zham killer is still alive!

35 minus 22 is 13.
All right, 13.

And what is the added value?

Unique Articles --
this is great, but ...

You can not stay, Monsieur.
We are adjourned.

Yes, of course. Sorry,
but you do not tell,

I go to the street
Charles De Gaulle?

Get out of the room through the door F
over there. All clear?

Go into the corridor ZH4,
at the end of the left

stairs B12
down at the 2 nd floor.

A little walk along the corridor,

then turn right
left and continue straight. All clear?

- He that is not quite corpse?
- It seems that returning to life.

We need to be alert
and act quickly.

Brikmana warned.

I will try to convince the Bank
The consortium does not support it.

Quietly, he goes.

- We need a person like you.
- How do your family, Monsieur Marty?

- Thank you. Normally.
- You really like us.

- France needs such people.
- Thank you, ma'am.

I continue to try to
carry out their work

Also efefe ... efefa ... effectively.

Monsieur Marty late for the plane.
No questions. Sorry. Sorry.

What did he say? Left, right ...

Well, where is it? As I tired!

Oh, no, toilets.

None. The left. Not here.
On the right. Oh, my God!

I was better. Do not lower the ...
lower ... do not understand.

Jacques-Alain, Jacques-Alain, relax.

You waiting for the driver.
And we now return.

You do not need to give way
for unnecessary rumors.

Yes, we go.

- Are you okay?
- Yes, all excellent.

Oh, God, himself Monsieur Marty?
If I knew ...

Remember me? I asked a question on
some figures in the investment and the ...

A-Yes, yes, yes. I remember.
You know, I am very tired.

"Parking", please.

I am waiting for the family, and I unduly
strongly late.

Unduly strong late.

Unduly affected.
Unduly strong late.

You are late, I understand.

Yes. You clicked?

Oh, sorry. I forgot to press
"parking". You P1 or P2?

- P2. A2.
- Okay, P2.

I'm afraid you do not understand my question.

I spoke about 13
million in investments.

Yes, yes. Esteblishment, speculation

and regulation
macroeconomic markets.

unconstitutional teylorizatsiya,

bank loans and
monetary aggregates ...

I just wanted to know,

if whether you have any
financial difficulties.

Oh, no, no. Predeterminirovannoe

acculturation processes
interaction. Tell me, Monsieur ...

Moreno. Andre Moreno.

Monsieur Moreno. We do not know?
We have never met?

No, I do not think so.

strange. I will never forget
person or the names. I believe ...

Well, maybe in the toilet?

None. Somewhere ...

I do not know.

But you still have not answered
my question on the investment.

And you've already tested the testing of waste
to our affiliates?

- No, but ...
- Make sure there.

Well, check.

Monsieur Morne? This is Jacques-Alain Marty.

Wait a sec.

There is something incredible.

I have just met
stranger in the elevator.

I can talk normally and not poteyu.
This is normal?

And how he looked?

Usually. Nothing special.

Like all confused!

This stranger must be such as
associated with your childhood trauma.


I do not know. That you must find out.

I? So you have the same doctor!

And you are patient.
The only way to know

why is it so in effect you --

so stay close to him until he
will not lead you to your antidote.

Day and night? Is this a joke?

Why you did not select

tempting a woman with large
chest and elastic Popko?

And I had a choice?

I'm kidding, Monsieur Marty.

Humor - the best cure for nerves.
I'm kidding, Monsieur Marty kidding.

Yes. Very funny.

- I found!
- Yes?

Yes. Page 302.

Very good. Yes, I have to you
2 offers, Monsieur Moreno.

Since you believe that I could not
to answer your questions ,...

and feel that I could not cope
with its work ,...

I suggest you take a seat
president Vladis Enterprises.

- And the second?
- I invite you to dinner.

I need to think about it.

Since I have to change your
as president of the company ,...

I need to move
some meetings.

Yes, I understand you well.
Let us then begin with dinner.

- Okay.
- That's fine.

Gerard, you're that asleep?

Sorry, I had better go to his
scooter, or if you drop me?

- What?
- At the scooter.

But not too early for dinner?

As they say, Monsieur Moreno, who
early to rise, that God gives.

The sooner lozhishsya sleep, the earlier

For, as I always win,
You will have to live as the winner.

So it means that you - Accountant?

Yes, the toy factory.

Oh my Louise loves it.

- Your wife?
- No, daughter. My wife's name is Nadine.

She adores accounting?

No toys.

Your wife loves toys?

My daughter.

A-Yes, clearly. Sorry,
I do not quite understand

and who in your family loves

In our family, no one likes
accounting! It is now clear?

Yes, clearly. All clear.

Good evening, Monsieur.

Good. Do not.
I will probably leave it.

- I care for him.
- Okay.

Wait here.

Mother-in-law! Test Yourself! What a surprise! Nadine me
nothing about it said!

Mom and dad came to help me
to cope with my troubles.

What kind of trouble, dear?

Double broken tibia, you forgot?

Ah, yes. The terrible trouble for
the one who so loves to frolic.

Yes, such a bore.

I have not introduced you.

This shareholder "Vladis Enterprises,

provided us with honor,
agreeing to have dinner with us.

What a great idea!

We worked so much today!

- Go here. Join.
- Another plate.

Jacques-Alain, try
fresh coconut curry.

yummy, here you will see!
And it is very helpful! I am sure that Monsieur ...

- Moreno.
- Moreno de ...


Edward De Salanshe Foy

Nice to meet you,
Monsieur De Moreno suburb.

- Join us.
- Well, I would like to ...

- Good work. Expromt.
- During the impromptu!

You know what I really think?

It was capitalism destroyed
French aristocracy.

Thank you. So I hate

And my brother-in-law too
shares my views.

Of course, Dad.

I do not like capitalism.
Actually, I am a communist.

All, enough of this. Guillaume, brother
my husband, also a communist.

As he says:
To nuisance Jacques-Alain.

No it is not a communist.

Guillaume - ultra-liberal.
There are currently no communists. It is unfashionable.

Well, then sorry, Monsieur Marty.

Do you think it is important for us,

any political
opinions do you have?

My husband is thinking that it is important for us,
how a person is Andre Moreno.


How does he live? What he likes?
His interests?

Russian literature? Music of the Baroque?
Flemish painting?

On this market, and rods.

- Excuse me?
- Oh, no, that you forgive.

I say
"Exchange and rods, but this is for fun.

I have two passions:
Market - buy, sell, there ...

Well, Do you understand me. And fishing.

When I say "Exchange and fishing" --
No one smiles.

And when I say "Exchange and rods --
as soon as it becomes more fun.


Well, Francoise, we leave.

I am glad to see was, father. See you.

Thank you, honey.
Dinner was divine.

Transmitted Kvay Chang, his coconut
Carry a charm!

This is a Thai cook to my daughter.

So, all good, mate!

Supervision for my son-in-law.

Thank you, comrade.

- Do not get up, honey. Call you.
- I will bring you.

Thank you, but we have not yet quite old,

Of course not.

Already the first 20 minutes. You can withdraw
scooter from the garage? I have far to go.

No way! Today you sleeps here!

- Here?
- Here?

Where do we place
our guests, dear?

In the red room, of course.
Just for the communists.

Please, enter.
This is the red room.

- I ask here. Here is a toilet and bathroom.
- Very nice.

- You're comfortable with?
- Of course. But Crane is not here?

They are automatic. Just Hold
hands, then water flows.

- See?
- Yes.

It must be the same, just like in a restaurant.

Yes, something like that. Tea or coffee morning?

- Here that, as in a hotel?
- Yes, only here it's free.

Well, good night, Monsieur.

Better stop,
they can break.

Yes, yes. Monsieur Marty!
Morning I drank coffee.

- Okay.
- No sugar.

- Well, no sugar.
- Thank you.

Not only that I am all in plaster from the
"fractured tibia ",...

so even I have to bow down

and lyubeznichat this

What's next? Picnic families?
I think this is the Baron's wife?

Not the Baron, and Morena.
I have no idea.


Nadine, since I met him,

I stopped sweating,
OK, I say, and I had better.

It is like medicine for me.

Now everything is clear.
Monsieur Moreno - pill.

Huge walking a pill.

Pill that can not swallow.
All, I am fed!

- It is all marble.
- Milo, but looks awful.

- You worry me.
- You scared me.

In 3 hours it went
Engine room of Monsieur.

No motor, and Morena. Call him Andre.

I was not in his room,
I just checked, whether he sleeps.

Warned me in advance if you
want to legitimize your relationship.

Nadine, listen to me. This is the most
terrible moment in my life.

And I need your support to replace
dirty speculation and hints.

Sorry. You could not quiet,
but I can not sleep.

Yes, of course.
Excuse us, please.

Thank you very much.

Yes, we too have lozhimsya,
Pravda, Nadine?

- Thank you. Good night.
- Good night. Until tomorrow.

Where is Mesa Futren?

Where is Mesa Futren? Let's think.

No, Musa Concrete.

Who is it? Baltic composer?
No! Slavic couturier?

No, no, no. Where is Monsieur Futren?

Show. So. The foot of lamb.

I have prepared for you.
With love? You ate it alone?

Where is Monsieur Futren?
Where is Monsieur ...

A-Yes, I understand! You forgot
their walking pill!

It seems that he is in the bathroom!
Chat with aspirinkami!

- Very funny. Very.
- If you are looking for a guest it in a sauna.


I thought you left.

You and the truth is better? I thought
You have me laughing.

You bet! Masseuse said,
you are here.

A-Yes, Leila? She is very sweet.

I gave her a few
Board of Investment.

We quickly Polad.


- And you saw the price?
- No.

- It is very disturbing.
- Here's how?

I think you need to sell Telecom.
Its shares dropped sharply.

- Is it all bad?
- Beware.

- Yes, yes. I am cautious.
- Here. See for yourself.

- Yes. So, look.
- Look more carefully.

It is impossible to read.
Well, leave it.

- You do not see?
- Anyway, it all namokla.

Do you know what I want to tell you
Andre? To me you are well.

And you are married, Monsieur Moreno?

- No. I live alone.
- Yes?

- Yes. But once I was married.
- Really?

Yes. 16. Her name was Odette.
But once she left. From Simon.

C Simon? It must be
it was a shock for you.

And do not talk. Especially considering that
Simon - it was true love.

Simon was the only one to whom I
allowed to sleep in our room.

Yes, I thought you
just the right person.

Who would have thought!

The most awful, that Odette and Simone
have a Bernard.


Husband Andrew. In two "e".
My neighbor.

Ah, yes. So many new names!

Yes. But since my wife
wanted to keep the trout,

Bernard has had to adopt her.

And she left. This is the worst.

Trout? What kind of trout?

Simon. Simon was the most
excellent trout,

that I ever caught.

Her eyes, her scale ...

She was the only fish
I could not eat.

Simon. At home, I even built for her
a nice aquarium.

A-Yes, it is understandable understandable understandable.

Fate. In general, it was Simon.


But Bernard and Andrew - is also a fish?

No. Simon was a fish.

Yes, of course. Simon was a fish.


Yes, and Bernard and Andrew - are people.
The same ...

same as ...

- As we are with you.
- As we are with you.

Yes, the same, only they
do not like fish.

Nadine, honey, that Monsieur Moreno
good influence on me.

I see. And yet you still
have a problem with sweating.

I was in a sauna with him.

- The clothes?
- Yes. We had a great time there.

Oh, sorry, I can not
to find his room.

Jacques-Alain, if you want to talk

about their intimate problems
I am always ready to listen.

Where's my room?

Ah, yes.

Monsieur Moreno? Monsieur Moreno?
With everything?

- Do you have a lot of shares?
- 40 pieces for 100 euros.

Then do not sell.

Thank you, Monsieur Moreno.

- It you're concerned?
- No.

You know, Monsieur Moreno seems to have
Do you really need me.

I do not know how you explain.

Not worth it. I think I understand.

As you have guessed?

Easy. Enough
was to look at you.

all the time on one's nerves, wet palms,
pale face, vspotevshy forehead ...

You struck me.

This is normal. We all
The same in life.

Every morning before starting the bidding
We all - a solid bundle of nerves.

grow whether shares
Does fall in the price of ...

Well, Do you understand me.
This is our fate.

Even with my rather
average level of knowledge

sometimes have to give advice.

Will the problem, call us.

All so, Monsieur Moreno, only you
I need 24 hours a day.

Yes? 24 hours a day? I do not think
that it is possible.

I have a roommate, I
need to feed their fish,

and the work I already have.

We will arrange all this.

Thank you.

And it is low growth.

But the big cone.

And he is interested in toys?

No, he is interested in me.

Thank you, Monsieur Marty.
You saved our team from dying.

Do not thank me. This is not a gift.

These investments made
"Vladis Enterprises.

Of course. I would like to convey

teddy bear
as a gift to your daughter.

How sweet.

So what is the
my new post?

And you will be the Assistant to the President
on particular issues.

I wish that you were
next day and night.

Give me your mobile number.

I do not have a mobile.

And what we now do with this
toy factory?

Give her our Polish subsidiary.

Let do what they want
with this barn.


Yes. We all dismissed
building demolished and the land left.

I need only to their accountant.

Wait a second.

Included in the contract items
Privacy Policy

and continuous availability.

He should be with me 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week.

He that will sleep in your legs?

Jacques-Alain, who is he?
Lucky mascot?

Giant rabbit foot?
Walking shoe?

- What he is doing here?
- Can I?

Listen, Pierre, do as I say.
I know what to do, okay?

Jacques-Alain? Jacques-Alain? Jacques-Alain?

I need a better stylist.

Take them. Perfume,
hair, shoes,

suit, tie, jacket --
In general, everything.

Very good, Monsieur Marty.
I make it look like you.

No, make it look like it.

- Monsieur Moreno!
- Yes?

- Tel.
- Let.

Gently, he is a new and expensive.

Monsieur Moreno is madmuazel Katsuko,
our best stylist.


Hello, madam Katsuko.

Yes, Richard, yes.

Let the treatment of American
pension funds, he will need me.

Hello? Gerard?

Good evening! As the weather in Berlin?

Press lie, to me, all excellent!

Lord, that only
or write these newspapers!

Hello? Yes, that's me.
How many of us cash?

Monsieur Marty! Monsieur Marty!
I have small sleeves!

Now everyone will pick up!

How to help you, Monsieur Lebroshe?

Sorry, I left
you have your cell phone.

One minute.

I have to go. While.

- Dear friend, what a match!
- Jacques-Alain? You ...

In perfect shape! As always!

- This is your phone?
- Yes, my.

Maybe lunch anyhow?

With pleasure.


Excellent. Excellent look.

So, Monsieur Moreno signed a contract.
So that we can begin to work.

Plan of attack - Operation sperm whale. "

As for the operation "sperm whale"?

This is the code name.
We are trying to catch the big fry.

If I may note, sperm whale --
not fish, they come from a family of whales.

- It is clear to you?
- Are you sure?

Yes. I read ...

It does not matter. We are lured
Brikmana "Skaynortom"

and he behaved as expected.

You ?????? bait,
and he zaglotnul bait.

"That's it. Bravo, Monsieur Moreno!

It is time to move to the second stage.

Make a proposal
to purchase group Brikmana.

The proposal to buy?

- What means?
- Reserve funds. Sorry.

- Not at all, Monsieur Moreno.
- Excuse me.

Brikman owns just 6%
shares of their group.

We are attacking with the help of
American pension funds

and European investors.

Brikmana Stocks will rise in price,
He knows who his opponent ,...

and try to buy all the shares,

just not to lose
control over the company.

Its own shares
He buys three times more expensive.

And it will allow us to
buy "Skaynort.

He will not go to this.

That is why we
will act in secret,

through our Polish subsidiary.
He kupitsya it.

No. I do not think so.
Well, I do not agree.


I do not agree with the operation of "sperm whale".

First, I think it is
extremely risky.

This is a Polish company
barely legal.

And, frankly, financial affairs
"Vladis Enterprises

currently not in order.

I am always willing to hear criticism
of its employees.

Monsieur Moreno rights by denying us.
Do you know why?

- Why?
- Why?

Because before
catch big fish

need to persuade the main player.

Monsieur Lebroshe.

Tell me, and in all business transactions
bear the names of fish?

- Yes. So passed.
- Yes? Sunny.

This Noyenvill.

Steve "Killer" declare war on us.
He begins the "sperm whale".


Emma, call the "Star"
Daily EU "and" Financial World ".

I want them to change
editorials on it.

Financial difficulties
Company Vladis "

- Immediately.
- Okay.

Call Lebroshe, our man
in the consortium of banks.


- Your phone.
- This is yours. My pocket.

No, it's your phone ringing.

Yes, just me.

- Well, to answer.
- Yes. The call is dropped.

- What is it?
- Give here.

You have one new message.

Who is it?

This Brikman. I have an information
on the "sperm whale".

"Killer" wants to make a proposal
to purchase "Brikman inkorporeyted.

Avoid him in

I put it to its knees.
This time for sure.

"Pike" and "Cobra" in the same boat.
This is not your phone.

You accidentally took the phone Lebroshe.

I do not want.

This is not your fault. Not wishing to
You sosluzhili us excellent service.

You go with me to dinner

Consortium of banks.

I was stuck, Monsieur!

What are you doing?
Use the card.

No, not so. The other side.
Attach it.

- A-Yes, it is understandable.
- Yes.

You go with me
to meet with Lebroshe.

What do we need to meet with him?

To collect all the treasure,
which he has accumulated in the world of sharks.

Simply put, we must climb
the financial summit.

- Are you ready?
- Yes, of course.

Sit here, behind Lebroshe, but
so that I can see you clearly.

Give me your phone.

I disconnected the call and
put it on vibrate.

I will put it here. Once you see
inscription "Zham, remove the tube.

- Zham. Zham.
- Yes, Zham.

You know what to say.

I now repeat to you:
We go fishing, Monsieur Moreno.

Yes? Where?

Oh, sorry. I understand.
But I did not see the inscription "Zham.

The inscription appears
when I call you.

Modern Phones
work that way.


Listen, madmuazel, all numbers
in memory erased.

I warn you waiting for trouble.

Excuse me, Monsieur Lebroshe,
Enjoy Monsieur Marty.

Sorry, madmuazel?

Do not bring me a fork?

- I need a lot of money.
- A lot - so how much?

Somewhere 5-6 billion.

- This is a lot.
- A lot.

"Vladis Enterprises
have a lot invested.

The company is deeply mired in debt.

And what if the Securities Commission
and Exchange ...

will be investigating your
financial performance personally?

Is it detects the ...

an amusing account

Cayman Islands
or in Luxembourg, ...

open to you, say, Brikmane?

You're crazy?

It seems that the rumors about your
illness had not been exaggerated.

Well, now you want proof
right here ,...

Take my phone and dial
its own number. I ask.

Dessert, Monsieur?

The doctor always said to me:
"Be careful with desserts, Andre."

He died last year.


What we have here?

Please note
that your phone is not ringing.

This proves nothing.

No thanks. Perhaps
glass of apple juice.

Hello? Who is it?

Hello, this is Monsieur Trout.

- I do not know any trout.
- But you know the trout.

Where did you have my phone?

This arrogant theft, Monsieur Trout.
Keep in mind, I condemned you.

Hear the message
from Mr Brikmana.

Not worth it. It seems
I now understand.

Well, Monsieur.

Thank you. Lunch for my account
Monsieur Lebroshe.

Just remember: I need
6 billion euros.

- You said, "5".
- 6.

6? But he said "5".
6 ... 5 ...

Monsieur trout that is found on you?

You always use the name of the fish,
So I opted for the trout.

Listen, for lunch I had time

If you know Brikman
on the operation of "sperm whale"

then, someone told him.

And this is the one who knew

Moreno Monsieur, you do not stop me
surprise. I also think so.

And ready to argue: This is the time
Lebroshe calls his accomplice.

- So it is.
- Yes-yes-yes.

It is not like it.

- Yes.
- It is very accurate.

Financial difficulties
Company Vladis "

He knows everything. If it turns

with the Securities
and Exchange, I stopped.

And you better heal on the bottom,
otherwise the sink at all.

Monsieur Noyenvill let-quality phone.

Lebroshe? We
do not directly spilling water.

This is Jacques-Alain Marty.

I have news for you:
Monsieur De Noyenvill

just left
our company forever.

dialed your number more
No, not ...

Well, Monsieur.

That was something!

It's even better.

Yes, Monsieur Moreno,
You still live with me.


And yet, you will lead
Division De Noyenvillya.


Yes? Would you like to say something,

Yes. Clearly the work of a Brikmana.

Publish a rebuttal?

Refutation only confirms rumors
you know.

I need to urgently address
on television.

- Evening show?
- No. Most family.

- Dryukov?
- Dryukov! Exactly! Dryukov!

Philip Dryukov! Excellent!

- No.
- Bernard Dryukov!


- Michelle?
- Michelle.

- Michelle Dryukov?
- Michelle Dryukov.

- Well, Michelle Dryukov.
- Yes, Michelle Dryukov.

- Its that name is Michelle?
- Yes, Michelle Dryukov.

I need to do something. I'm short.

Gerard, took out a scooter Monsieur Morena
of luggage.

Yes, a scooter!

And I will be able to meet
with Michel Dryukov?



First, you.

I have here a little uncleared,

Not considered for boasting,

but I think the decor
quite original.

See, I have a surprise for you.

Well, as you are?

Oh, yes. It is quite nice.

Maritime theme.

Precisely. A-Yes, this is Andrew,
my roommate.

Make yourself at home.
I briefly.


- Andrew, hello!
- Hello!

- Is, I replaced the job!
- Yes, Mr.?

- I - assistant special cases.
- Whose Assistant?

- Jacques-Alain Marty?
- Quiet. It is here.

I even spent the night at his home. There, as
in a luxury hotel. Even the cranes there.

And how do they wash?

- They automatically.
- Who is automatic?

- Cranes, Andrew.
- You just said that they do not exist.

Yes, but they are like those that
in restaurants: If - and the water flowing!

Or both at the service station:

Stretch out their hands --
and - Ooops! - Water flows!

Damn! That's his picture.

Okay, Andrew, are you ever had
at the service station?

There is such cranes. God ...

And in hospitals, there are
Such valves, which are ...

We are not going the whole evening
talk about the cranes?

As part of your duties?

I give him advice.
But, look, this is between us.

Leaking information to us to anything.

What happened?

They bite!

Do not move! Beware!

They are teasing! Let, Gaby!
Gaby, let!

They have names?

And how else can I
order them to go?

- Hey, move it away from me!
- Hey, Gabi! Gaby, let!

- Gaby, Leave!
- You make it hurt!

I make it hurt? That he me
does hurt! He bites me!

- Monsieur, stop!
- Leave, Gaby! Let go! Gaby!

Gaby, never more so than do!
Vedi yourself!

Bad boy! Why are you so bitten
honorable Monsieur?

These little monsters
not otgryzli my hand!

It's my fault! I will not feed!

And that Gabi is still hungry?

By the way, Andre, I am prepared
for dinner potroshki.

Oh, my favorite dish!

- Maybe, invite your wife?
- It is hardly worth it.

- Let's invite your wife.
- Why?

- It would have dinner with us.
- Yes!

I have a better idea.

Drove us to dine there.
Yes, and I'm sorry ...

- With regard to what?
- Regarding potroshkov.

No problem, I'll take them with him
in a special dish.

Exactly! Excellent idea!
Take them in a special dish!

And this is fodder for Gaby.
Gabi, Gabi, yum-yum!

And, look, do not
Remember, Monsieur Moreno,

When we arrive, behave yourself
like you - husband Andrew.

But I am not her husband. She had a husband,
but he left with Odette ...

And Simon. You have said.
But this is not the case.

How do I shaking!

- Let me help you, ma'am.
- How sweet.

Keep yourself as her husband.

My wife is a principle
in such matters, do not forget.

Here I am!


What is that smell? As someone
stepped in dog kakashki?

Kakashki? I do not feel.

- And you, Andrew?
- Also nothing.

- Gerard?
- What is the aroma.

Scent? Yes it is a real stink!

No, there's nothing.

Well. Gerard,
Rather vezi us home!

And ventilate the car!

- How cute! And what is it?
- Potroshki.

A-Yes, potroshki! I understand

Your home florist now
did not work, right? How cute!

Jacques-Alain, you see,
I am on crutches.

Take it and carry to the kitchen.

Only caution. 20 minutes
low heat, but the jelly does not melt.

- Wonderful.
- Jelly?

Yes, it is salt foods.

Thank you, Monsieur.

- And you unless do not eat?
- I never eat at night.

But it looks very ?????????.

I understand, they do not like potroshki.
You do not like potroshki?

- No, you! Love.
- What are you talking about? Quite the contrary.

I just ate them yesterday and the day before,
but today I have discharge day.

And I have. I do not detach
from potroshkov.

Andre! Maybe you have not noticed

but I feel you in the future
creator of a whole empire!


You exaggerate, Andrew.

No, the truth, Andre.

If I somebody
said before,

I will sleep on the red
silk sheets ...

And all this thanks to you.

Newlyweds deserve it
for their honeymoon.

Come on, you have me confused.

Just not very red.
And then you are not distinguishable from the decor.

Decor. Red.
Red room, red dress.


What luck, we will double!
Without these potroshkov.

Lord, I no longer put
this family potroshkov!

As soon as I make
agreement with the "Skaynort"

I find its antidote
and free from Morena.

Until then, it will remain with us.

- We have eggs left?
- Yes, I will give you a sandwich.

Yes, thanks.

And finally, on the whole of France is expected to
Beautiful sunny weather.

I now turn to the prices of shares
on the Paris stock market.

Word of Jean-Pierre.

Thanks, Mark. The general
a growth stock prices

surprised the company Vladis ",...

whose shares have fallen in price on 5,4%,
compared with the beginning of the trading ...

Monsieur Marty, you have heard
said on the radio?

No, but what is?

Nightmare! Stocks Vladis "
fell by 5.4%!

- This is wonderful.
- That is how great?

Whew. U.S.
hedge funds

using leverage
to participate in the auction.

Do not understand? See.

We want to buy "Skaynort"
as Brikman.

Shareholders' Skaynort "want to sell
their shares for a better price.

At the stock exchange bid
shares Skaynort "growing up in price.

The value of shares Skaynort "is growing,
and shares Vladis - falls.

At this point we are attacking
at Brikmana.

Shares Brikmana grow that are not happy
Brikmana. It buys its shares.

We earn a lot of money and buy
to them "Skaynort. Understand?

- I want coffee.
- Yes, the good cheer.

We - the company. We earn more
laundering of funds for the Americans.

No, you do not understand.

Do not move, I'm not finished.

I want the toilet. I drank
too much coffee.

Monsieur Moreno, we are late.
Dryukov waiting for us.

I need the toilet.

In the studio go.
There is a toilet. Come on.

Our men ???????? life.

- Can you drive?
- Rights of the words, but I have not vodila.

Now it is time to start.

I ask to be removed
with the best hand.

- I forbid.
- I am banned.

That I lead a public relations department.

I have banned to ask any questions
associated with the operation of "sperm whale".

Very good. Since this
villainous De Noyenvill left,

Elizabeth works for the two.

You are much, Monsieur Moreno?

Could I have a toilet?

- After 2 minutes we live!
- Okay, thank you!

But not now.
You will have to try.

But I can no longer tolerate.


Good evening! Welcome!

We are pleased to welcome to our show

presidential leadership
national company ...

and, perhaps, the main industrial

giant in our country --
Jacques-Alain Marty!

Thank you, Monsieur President,
that came to us.

Thank you, Michelle.

By the way, you will first head of the company,
who came to us in the show.

This is a great honor for me. Thank you.

You have 5 years of lead
"Vladis Enterprises.

How are things?

I would say, very positively.
In all respects.

Without superfluous modesty notice ,...

that goal, we have in my team
set a ,...

... have been achieved and maintained.

We have even surpassed them,
and now a leader

in the audiovisual sector ...

Hello, Mom.

What happened, Nadine?

- You do not have TV?
- We have their entire 14 pieces.

I just thought
that would be wonderful

if we are together
see Jacques-Alain.

We need to talk.
It is very important.

This is Andre, Andre's wife, who
works on Jacques-Alain.

My husband - the shareholder and the Assistant ...

- Quiet, please. I see.
- Excuse me.

Well, I bring greetings to your mom,
constantly watching us.

- It can be proud of you.
- Yes, thank you.

It was he about you. You know
Michel Dryukov?

And it looks good
on the screen, right?

Well, it's his job.

I am not about Monsieur Dryukov,
I have about my son.

A-Yes, yes, very good.
It is similar to you.

Thank you. Very nice. Sit down.

Yes, thanks.

I had a wonderful childhood and
great parents.

I am sure that everyone who is watching us,

would like to know what
Life is like the head of the company.

It looks like the day, Jacques-Alain Marty?
For friends - just Zhama.

Yes, sometimes the so called me
my close friends.

working day of the head of the company is
similar to the day thousands of other people ,...

on the brush ... to flattery ...

to ... to ...
brush-flattery-revenge-tin ...

Stop. This is a dark blue jacket of 100%
in a thin strip of wool.

I think we should not forget
about people with poor eyesight,

watching this program.

And I think that we should describe them,

that seems to be
in this beautiful room.

What is it strange!

I now put to music, which
You have brought us.

Orchestra Rozhkov hunting!
Here's a surprise!

Do you like wind instruments?

Excuse me, Monsieur.
And we have not ...

- Yes?
- Do not tell, where are the restrooms?

It's easy. By the end of the corridor,
then left

2 times to the right, left,
right, 3rd door right.

That is, to me at first right?

Hall, left,
right, right, right,

on the right, left, 3rd right door.

Where Marton? Where Motor de ...

What do you say?

Where mortar? Where is he?

- Moreno!
- We need to find Morena!

- Moreno!
- Yes!

- Where Marton? Where is he? Mortar ...
- Yes. Yes.

On the right.

- You nalishi it?
- I do not know where to go, Monsieur.

Watch This!

Minute to the ether!

- Nothing you?
- Nothing.

It seems that here. Excuse me, ma'am.

30 seconds!

- What idiot thought that?
- Found ... frighten ... send ...

Find it!

And here?

Moreno, quick! Moreno!

- What the hell poderi you doing? Come on!
- Where?

This is your chance to get acquainted with Dryukov!

I need the toilet!

Too late! Come after me!
Keep these napkins!

And, it appears they are eating potroshki
every day. I do so I can not.

I ask you, find out why this
people become antidotes Jacques-Alain ,...

that we finally end this.

See, Andre
show on TV!

Come on!

Andre Moreno, tell
us in a nutshell

Your friend, Jacques-Alain Marty.

In a nutshell? In a nutshell --
Exchange and rods!

- Excuse me?
- I will explain.

Market - this is clear:
Buying, selling. All clear.

- A rods?
- Rods - which means fishing.

Well, unless ... Excuse me.

Is the purchase of shares --
this is not the same fishing?

Financial Peace --
this ocean is filled with

amazing creatures
and the terrible sharks.

Well said.

You are familiar with fishing, Monsieur Dryukov?

A little bit. Quite a bit.

There are very simple.

If you want to catch
small fish ,...

... You nasazhivaete little worm
on a small hook.

And to catch a fish bigger ,...

You nasazhivaete at high
hook a small fish,

which was caught using worms.

Well, and so on.

So, as you can see, in all the fishing
depends on the size of bait.

Just as
and financial affairs.

Now everything is clear.

Now the world of finance has become
for us an open book.

- Nothing complicated.
- Thank you, Monsieur Moreno.

That's a headache!

- Would you like a cup of tea, dear?
- Yes.

This guy is something we wanted to say.

You can catch a big fish
to a small worm.

This guy - a pro.

How interesting!
I want to know about it all.

Do not worry, Steve, I'll get it.

whole team happy.

The director liked it all that
said Monsieur Moreno. This was ...

Metaphorical. I know. And you think that
about it, Pierre?

Yes, Monsieur Moreno was sincere,
open and straightforward.

I think the viewers like it
"humanity" financier.

To some such like.

Yes, yes. Sure. Moreno! Moreno!
Everything about you just say!

We celebrate it at home, okay?

- Where did he again did he go?
- He was in the toilet, I think.


- This wine is very good.
- Yes. Marvelous.

What are they doing? Nadine
not suited to the phone.

Mom said they left
by car an hour ago.

By the way, my mom
You're very pleased.

That's good, because ...


Excuse me, Monsieur Marty, but it seems
that an end to it.

- You killed my wife!
- No, the car broke.

Yes hell with this car!
What happened to you?

There was a wall.

And my wife? What happened to my wife?

Sorry. It seems to be only
broke his leg.

Broken leg?

- Then she was not accustomed.
- For the second time.

- You okay, honey?
- What are you? For the second time.

Do you hurt, dear?

- Can you for a second?
- Yes, of course.

Now I come back, dear.

Monsieur, just one question

to clarify the curious
situation to my colleagues.

Would you and your wife always
a plaster on the healthy leg

or only in the critical days?

If it were not for presentation in the show ,...

That day could be
regarded as hopelessly damaged.

And as your wife? Podruga? She is sleeping?

Yes. She very much regrets the incident.

Maybe a little drink
for the fact that all cost?

No. My head is split.

Stay here.

- I will bring you an aspirin.
- Very kind of you.

The second floor has a small
the era of Louis XV commode.

So there, in the upper chest.

- Okay. Louis XV? Already running.
- Yes, Louis XV. Figured legs.

Louis XV, Louis XV ...

He has even figured a leg.

Oh, my God! They were here the whole 3.
And nothing is written.

What he is saying? Figured legs?
Should be, it is he.


- Here, Monsieur Marty.
- A-Yes, thank you.

You could not leave me?
I would like to stay alone.

- Of course. Good night.
- Good night.

- Monsieur Marty!
- Yes?

Sweet dreams!

Yes, sweet dreams.

This morning the stock market again
was reported to break china,

that shares Vladis Enterprises ",

in the evening yesterday
day fallen to 5 %,...

today immediately after the opening
fell another 7%.

Poderi Damn!

Meanwhile shares
American company Skaynort "

increased in price by 20%.

experts believe that Monsieur Marty

have to
reserve company, ...

already indebted ...

Oh, sorry.

- He is not here?
- No, it is not here.

Monsieur Marty! Monsieur Marty!
Monsieur Marty,

just do not talk,
that and now everything is good, ...

because I no longer do you believe it!

He sleeps. Monsieur Marty!

Monsieur Marty! Monsieur Marty!
Oh, shit! You died?

Killer! He killed my husband!

No, no, no!
Wait, Madame Marty!

He killed my husband! Killer! Killer!

- Hello?
- Jacques-Alain, it is Pierre. Urgent business.

Yes? Hello, Monsieur Vernet.
This is not Jacques-Alain, it is Andre.

Jacques-Alain asleep.
I can not wake him.

Listen, Monsieur Marty!
Monsieur Marty! That's impossible!

Andre, we are two steps away from disaster!

I heard the news on the radio.

Now is the time to formulate a strategy.


- Come early to the meeting.
- Even food.

We are waiting for you.

The murderer of my husband!

Bravo, Monsieur. Now is the time.
If I may miss.

Yes you are all crazy!
I did not kill anyone!

I cut his hand when Bril!

A Monsieur Marty just sleeping!
Fast asleep!

Listen! He snore!

- Indeed.
- Well here, again.

- Oh, he murlychet.
- I did not kill him.

Professor! My husband
can not wake up.

- What have you been, dear?
- Nothing.

- Front to me as something more comfortable.
- I ask you, to me it would be nice.

- Are you sure?
- You deserve to sit here.

So, what strategy Zhama?

A-Yes, the strategy ... Well ... Oh, sorry.

Shares fell by 15%

Securities Commission
and Exchange hunt for us.

Minority shareholders and journalists
dream to get our head.

The name of the God of charge, say,
What is our strategy?

Well ... Our strategy ...
We will not buy "Skaynort".


I say that we will not
buy "Skaynort.

Their price is too high.

So decided to himself, Jacques-Alain?

Pierre, you have to go. I have a meeting,
and journalists will not be long in coming.

You must speak
to reporters.


- You have a good look at the screen.
- Really? Oh, thanks.

- Speak little.
- Smaller.

- Calm down them. Be evasive.
- Evasive.

- And most importantly - speak clearer.
- Naturally.

- Naturally.
- Naturally.

- It is!
- Excuse me?

Well, do not cry, baby, smile.

With all the good papule,
He just lay bainki.

Enough talk with me
as a moron!

Louise, so you can not talk

Go to your room, dear.
Babulya now come.

It seems that Jacques-Alain adopted

strong sedative.

He can sleep all day.

Louise is babulya.

This is a fatso like
to kill the Pope, I'm sure.

Do not talk nonsense. And what are you
made with the bear?

This one-eyed Bubi.

Bubi? Gimme, I see. His eyes
I do not believe! And where are you taking it?

He gave me fatso.
It is ugly, and like him.

Do you take any
emergency measures?

Sometimes better to be bleak,
than a barracuda.

So much easier to escape from nets.

Does this mean that you are going

improve account Vladis
Enterprises for its actions?

Perhaps. It is time
clean the aquarium.

It is time to get rid of dead fish
poisoning our seas and rivers.

This is the beginning of operation "bleak."

Moreno? What is he doing?
Why are you here?

- Jacques-Alain ...
- Yes?

- Honey, you woke up.
- Mom?

Look, dear, it Bubi.

Sweet dreams!

Bubi - that Moreno! Bubi!

Yes, Bubi - this is your antidote.

When you were young,
you have been the same bear.

He lost, and you
cried a few months.

His muzzle was
made in the face Morena.

Exactly! Here it is that!

This mortar ... john ...
Marquis ... bartez ... not working!

Calm down. Calm down.
Please relax.

I can not norfalno
burn ... speak.

Calm down. Of course not.

We need to find your Bubi.

Bubi this?

Meanwhile, Jacques-Alain, it will help you.

That's all. Thank you. It is! Thank you.
It is!

This is what we have in Mr. Morena.

He's an accountant at the factory
Vintage Toy Toy Muasselya.

- Factory has recently bought the Poles.
- The Poles?

Poles just put
proposal to auction ...

buying "Brikman inkorporeyted"

Ok. Now I understand
thought that the "murderer."

What is now in New York?

2 hours of the day.

And we have exactly 2 hours,
to buy "Skaynort.

Buy "Skaynort?
What money, Steve?

Cash is no longer left.

Do as I say!
Sell all that you can!

My plane, my yacht,
My castle in Scotland!

Even my wife, if it helps!

- Stocks Vladis "rose by 3%.
- Yes.

- Good start, yes?
- Yes.

- Yes, we did not expect.
- Yes.

- Cigars?
- Well, just a little.

- I'm just big.
- Thank you.

A-Yes, Jacques-Alain!

- This is my chair!
- Okay.

Someone explain to me
what kind of operation is "bleak"?

We used your strategy.

We refused to buy "Skaynort"
and shares rose by 3%.


Here, we have just
you want to call.

I have that, and dismiss you, I dismissed
De Noyenvillya?

Jacques-Alain, I think,
you cross the lines.

- Jacques-Alain, I do not understand ...
- Won!

- But ...
- Won! Vaughn out of my room! Won!

But you stay!

What, Moreno, chose to take
my place, yes?

Do not you, Monsieur Marty.

Place of minority shareholders,
you are going to go bankrupt.

I bought your old
toy factory, you've forgotten?

Without me you would be on the street, Moreno.

Yes, I know, Monsieur Marty.

But because of you every day, tens of
small businesses are closed.

But this is capitalism,
and I have no idea.

Ocean full of treasures
and protect them sharks.

I understand, Monsieur Marty.

But some people are created with the

to remain on shore,
and I - one of them.

Well, stay. Can you give me more
not needed, Monsieur Moreno.

I found another solution.
You are dismissed.

Okay. Goodbye.

- Monsieur President!
- What?

Just call
Chairman of the Board of Directors.

He convened an emergency meeting.

- When?
- 30 minutes.

Moreno, stay still!

But I was fired.

You are late for 15 minutes, Jacques-Alain.

For all the time, you never
not come in time.

Let me explain.

Operation "sperm whale" failed
the fault of Monsieur Morena.

Most worked
thanks to Monsieur Moreno.

We need some explanation.

- Explanations?
- Yes, Jacques-Alain, please.

We know that you are an excellent strategist,
but you have encircled us round.

Brikman made a counteroffer
to purchase "Skaynort ",...

... and we have earned 6 billion euros.

Shopping "Skaynort"
he himself destroyed.

Congratulations, Jacques-Alain!

But as you know
that "Skaynort" caught ...

for falsification of accounts after
2 hours after closing the auction?

This scent! Scent!

When members of the Board
Directors are not against ,...

I then made some
Figures Toys

to restore
products of previous years.

Here, look. Please.

What is it, Moreno?

This Bubi. My Bubi.

Sorry, Jacques-Alain?

My Bubi.

Okay, Moreno, go for me.

- Wait for me here, I am fast.
- Yes, but you ...



What, really rehnulsya?

Do you want to kill his brother?

Looking for a bear?

What? Medved? What bear?

My mother explained to me!

Yes, I stole from you bear,
and thereby saved his life!

This is the bear father gave you
at Christmas, but you muchil it!

You even sell it!

Even then you knew his calling!

I will give you anything!
Name your price!

I do not want your dirty money!

Burying his childhood, you're sick!
You become a monster!

You might think
that better be a murderer?

What are you doing, Guillaume? Do not do
sudden movements, I ask you.

Bubi - my bear. My.

If you do not return it to me,
I - the corpse, Guillaume. Corpse!

I - scoundrel.

- Yes, you - scoundrel!
- No, say: I - scoundrel.

A-Yes, yes. I - scoundrel.

- Louder.
- I - scoundrel.

- Louder!
- I - wretch!

Lost you lost
with the bears!

Bubi. My Bubi.

Monsieur Marty! Monsieur Marty!

- What happened to him?
- I have no idea!

What? Healthy? Means,
I can kick his wife?

I have to go, the whole.

- Here I am!
- It looks great on you.

And not too pink?

It is not pink. It is "the color of ham."
It is very you.

Oh, thank you. Speaking of ham.
I bought sausages for dinner.

How cute! Skushaete their
with her husband for dinner.

You do not love dogs?

On the contrary, love, Andrew,
but to you it's time to home.


Good-bye, Andrew!
And bon voyage!

What relief!



Go to my office,
there is everything you see.

It is my great.

We fly on a vacation on your own
plane by the company.

What do you think?
We will always be together.

- Are you talking to whom?
- Nadine? You're not asleep?

- You talk to a bear?
- I? My Bear! You thought.

You look so sexually
this peignoir.

- It is that new?
- Oh, yes.

And what is this doing?

- What?
- Bear!

I said throw it!

Louise, no smey well with me
talking, obnoxious girl!

This is so you do not smey
talk to me!

Well, madmuazel. I have thrown
this bear! Enough?

- Gerard!
- Yes, Zhozi?

- Emissions of this bear!
- Where?

In the trash bin!

Ok. How can you say.

Some of these children are spoiled.

I have all of their family
put in the trash bin.

Dear ...

Do you sleep well?

Well, if it can be called
sleeping, then yes.

- Do you want to go back to bed?
- And this idea.

- What you Andre?
- My Andre!

He will return to its norfalnoy ...

Forman ... norfaln ... Forman ...
norfaln ... forfal ...

Copper ... Where copper? Medlet ...
deved ... Where deved, Zozi?

- What? Bear?
- Yes!

- His thrown.
- What?

What does it mean to draw ... vynikuli ...

Where the ICC ... ICC ...
Where garbage bins?


Vert! Come back!
Hold! Bubi! Hold!

Vert! Come back!
Hold! Bubi! Hold!

Hold! Vert!
Come back! Bubi! Hold!

Vert! Hold!
Come back! Bubi! Hold!

Behold, the roller in the bait balls.
And make the balls smaller.

Okay, now do it.

- They are splits.
- Yes, this should be so.

You are poplyuyte.

This view is better.
I will continue zakinu.

Andrew, boil potroshki longer!

- I will prikarmlivat fish.
- Well, thank you.

- We have been here since morning.
- Well, yes.

- And who is it?
- This is for carp.

- How is found carp?
- Of course.

- The need to pierce, Nadine.
- Who pierce?

Sausages. To done.

- What are you doing?
- Pierce, Andrew, pierce.

Yes not a sausage.

It has now collapsed, but should
be as slipshiesya offal.

Stop, I'm going.

- Come here.
- Maybe I am the bread porezhu? This I know.

Yes, try.

What is he doing?

Throws little
round things in the water.

Stand on the spot, you
raspugaete all the fish!

Okay, okay.

So, Andre, I have for you
excellent suggestion.

You go Andrew, Monica, Gabi,
Simon - all his menagerie --

... and moved to our house.
What would you say to that?

And why not?

In this case, I would like to live
in the green room at the end of the corridor.

Ok. You can even blue room
take the red or if you want.

Well, if so, then I think over
that your proposal.

Ok. Let us, I still prikormlyu.

And when we look at the factory
wooden toys?

Tomorrow. We start the project,
when I find investors.

Do not worry.

All is well, dear?
Do you like it here?

Here is paradise, Jacques-Alain! This paradise!


- Exactly!
- Stop!

- With Simon?
- She left with her, Simon.

Monsieur, I am far to go.

No way! You will sleep here!
How to ... How to ...

Like who?

And how can I do?
As a cat, or what?

- Engine!
- Here ????????.

Yes, it ????????.

This tea.

- Where's the coffee?
- Where's the coffee?

Jose, where the coffee? Rose, where the coffee?
Bring the coffee! Where is the coffee?


huge fish!

- Basic ... Forgot.
- Stop!

Which vigorously rararabotayut ...

And you'll never fool around?


Rather! Rather! ?????? us home!

I am going at full speed, Monsieur.

Now just any smell.

Well, as you iron?
You may want obmoknut a bread?

Sweet dreams!

Silence! Shoots!

Here I am!

- Fuck me poderi!
- Damn it poderi!

Yes, the devil poderi!

- A-a, Jacques-Alain!
- This is my chair!

Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop, I tell you!

Stop! Stop!

Amazing! Stop!

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