L'amour aux trousses (2005) - full transcript

Franck and Paul are working as team buddies in their Paris police unit. They are sent on a mission in Toulon to solve a drug traffic mystery, but things get out of hand when Paul learns that Franck has an affair with Valeria, his wife, who also happens to work in the police forces...


You can swap over legs if you want.

Have you got the jitters?

It's the coffee.
Patrick made it far too strong.

- It wasn't any stronger than usual.
- Who asked you?

There's no shame in being scared.
It's part of...

- It's the caffeine!
- OK, OK.

Next time
I'll make you herbal tea.

You're a right pair of morons!

OK, we have to go.


Well then, are you scared or what?

Wait, wait, wait.


- Are you OK? Can you walk?
- Yes, just a slight sprain.

No, it's a bad one.

He can stay there.

Any problems, call for back-up.

What back-up? I'm here, aren't l?


Give me your gun.


Get out of here, Patrick!

Shitty neighbourhood!

Fuck's sake!

You've fucked up all my coke.

Shut up!

I said shut up!

Did you do that?

How many of you are there?

Don't shoot, don't shoot!

Don't shoot, Carlos!

Things aren't getting any better
in the French police. Move!

You're a big guy, aren't you?
Makes no difference.


Go right at the lights.

A bit faster, goddamn it!

What's your name?


- Can I ask you a personal question?
- Yes.

Does a cop get laid? Does it scare
women away or is it an attraction?

Depends on the cop.

Does it, my arse! They're turned on
by hoodlums like me.

Oh, there's my train.

- Goodbye, Franck.
- Stop messing around!

You trashed my coke!


You're lucky!

9 months later


- Room 21.
- Thanks.

- Did I scare you?
- No.

I've missed you.

- It's only been two days.
- Two days too many.

Aren't you going to quit smoking?

I've tried.
I'm smoking "lights" now.

That shit damages everything,
you know.

No kidding?

Can't you read?

- It damages the brain.
- Yes.

- The eyes.
- Yes.

The nose.

The mouth.

The throat. The heart.

The lungs.

The stomach.

- And that...
- That as well. OK.

Especially that.

One packet a day.

In ten years, he's dead.

This is what we'll do. When you lose
your accent, I'll quit smoking.


I'll quit
when we're together properly.

- OK?
- OK.

- And what if I called him?
- Now?

- Yes.
- And say what?

The truth.

That I'm leaving him
and running off with you.

We've waited too long.
Pass me my mobile.

Wait, it's too soon.
You can't do that.

— It's been six months, Franck.
- I know.

We need to know
how strong our relationship is.

- What?!
— It is strong. Of course it is.


Call him. Call him.
Go ahead, call him. OK.

- I think about you all the time.
- Me too.

I want us to be together.

- Franck...
- ..isn't available right now...


Where... Where's Franck?

- He'll be here soon.
- Can you stop that, please?

You have an unexpected chance to
avenge the death of your colleague.

It won't bring him back,
but it will help make amends.

But if you screw it up,
I'm not covering for anybody.

I'll tear you to pieces.

- We won't screw up.
- I know you're both good cops.

But since that incident with Carlos,
I'm the only one who thinks so.

We've had some rotten luck.
But the wheels are turning for us.

Yeah. I hope you don't turn
with them.


Where is he?

- Can I carry on now?
- Yeah, yeah.

No, just a few more seconds!

Hello? I left four messages.
Where the hell were you?

- I was busy.
- We know what keeps you busy!

Dump the slut and pack your bag!
We're going to Toulon.


I haven't got time to explain.
I've got to call my wife.

Switch on your mobile.
Paul's about to call you.

I'm sick of this.

Me too.
I can't lie to him any longer.

PoOF 9W-

Have you killed somebody
who didn't do anything?

At last!

Well then?

Carlos. He's in Toulon.

- Carlos? Our Carlos?
- Yes. Not the singer.

- Good news, huh?
- Of course.

Let's go.

A pimp claims to know where Carlos
is and wants to grass him up.

But he doesn't trust the cops,
so they called us.

Wait. We're not cops any more?

Yes, but...

It turns out you know the pimp.
He's sort of your uncle.

He only wants to speak to you.
Jacques Pellegrin, is he your uncle?

Uncle Jacques, a pimp?

What is all this bullshit?
He has a toy shop.

- We're taking the car?
- No choice.

- Air traffic controllers' strike.
- The train then?

The railways are also on strike.

- What's the country coming to?
- It's in the shit, Franck.

If the roads are clear,
we'll be in Toulon before midnight.

- Where are your things?
- I didn't have time to go home.

- You weren't screwing at home?
- Huh?

- You were screwing a girl?
- Yes.

- At her place? In a hotel?
- In a hotel, that's right.

- You take them to hotels now?
- Sometimes, yes.

Who is it? A married woman?

She's married?

The life you lead, eh?
You must have a great time.

- We need to get going.
- Come on, tell me all about it.

Nothing much is happening in
my life. I need to dream a little.

Do I know her? Huh?

I'm going to give her a baby.

Huh? Who?

- Valeria. Stop acting dumb.
- Yeah, of course.

I think it's the right time.
Especially for her.

For some time now I've found her
a bit distant, cold.

Strange. A kid will get us going
on the right path again.


- Hello!
- Yeah, maybe. Definitely, yes.

- You don't seem pleased about it.
- Yes, I am!

- Have you seen your face?
- You want me to start dancing?

I'm going to be a dad.
That's important.

Maybe, yeah.

I know what it is.

You're afraid that if I become
a dad, we won't see each other.

- Yeah.
- You're such a fool.

It won't change a thing.
Friendship is sacred.

You'll be godfather.


I'm really touched.

Are you kidding? It's only natural.

How can I put it, Paul?

I've had an affair with Valeria.

Yes, Valeria, your wife.

You can imagine
how disgusted I am with myself.

You didn't know?

Valeria didn't tell you?

Nothing at all.

Sit down, Paul.
I've something to tell you.

Yes, it's serious.
Of course, it's serious.

No, no, it's not that serious.
It's not extremely serious.

It's just... It's about Valeria.

No, she's fine, she's not ill, no.

There's another guy.

I know, I know.
It's disgusting. Obviously.

I'd be like you. Of course.
The guy...

Yes, that's quite interesting.
It turns out that the guy...

As it happens, the guy...

It's me.

It's me. Fucking hell!

Hi, Paul, all right? Fine.

It's good to see you. I've something
to tell you. Believe it or not...

I slept with your wife.

Yes, Paul, with your wife, Valeria.
I wore her out.

It's crazy.
Doesn't that make you laugh?

That's good.
You see, we can talk as mates.

We don't take offence
at such a trivial...

You were saying you had slept with
my wife. Carry on. I need a laugh.

ls my presence stopping you
from carrying on? Should I leave?

|‘m sorry.

Not as sorry as I am.

Shit, shit...

Listen, I know how you're feeling.
You prefer I hide the truth?

Honestly, it's not my style,
I swear.


Say something.
Go on, say something to me.

Have a go at me. I'd prefer that.

OK, I've been a right shit. But it's
not easy for me, living with that...

Wait. Those aren't the best...

- When did it happen?
- When you were in Niort.

While I was having my operation?
You call that friendship?

- Have you done it often?
- No, not often.

Once, ten times, a hundred times?

Once at the hotel. It only lasted
five minutes. Nothing special.

How could you do that?!

It's OK. He's the police.

So am I.

Wait. Cool it.

What are you doing?

Are you going to stand there
watching the cars for long or...

For as long as I need to.

And... And our mission?

What about it?

Do you want us to go our own way
or to carry on?

You want me
off the investigation as well?

No, I'm looking for a solution.
You're not in the right state...

I'm perfectly all right!

Patrick was a friend.

A real friend.
If I carry on, it's for his sake.

So this will be
our final mission together.

Afterwards, I don't ever want to see
your shitty little face again.

I'm a pro.
I don't mix work with anything else.

Do you think I'd throw this all away
because of a dirty little affair?

- With Valeria, it was just sex?
- Yeah, just sex.

- Has it been over a long time?
- Yes, it was just a fling.

It was nothing. It was...nothing.

You weren't with Valeria
at the hotel?

- What do you take me for?
- Do you want me to tell you?!

- Franck...
- Yes, Paul?

Can you give me my gun back?

Of course.


Her husband arrived.

He made a right song and dance.

Wait, Mamadou.

Wait, wait,
is there a problem or what?

Paris to Toulon
in less than ten hours.

We made good time, didn't we?

Shut up!

Christ, I don't believe it!

Hey, Franck!

- Hey, Francky!
- Oh, Christ, it's Pistachio.


- How are you doing?
- How are you, big shot?

- You're not in Roissy any more?
- I got a transfer. I was homesick.

It's paradise here,
if I'm not slaving away for Morizot.

We've got a meeting with him.
ls he an arsehole?

Yeah! So how's it going?

Great. This is Paul.
I've worked with him for five years.

Oh, I'm sorry.
So, Paul, how are you?

He seems friendly.

I'll put him at ease.

Paul, Franck‘s friends...

- Do I have to spell it out?
- No.

You know, when Pistachio says
something, you can depend on it.

Did you see that gorgeous babe?
Shall I introduce you?

No, no, no.

That's right.
We know the kind of animal he is.

He's randy as hell, your partner.

- He's quite a guy, isn't he?
- Yeah, I know all about it.

He's got a dick instead of a brain.

Do you know what we called him at
training college? "The machine gun!"

- We called him...
- Pistachio!

Shut up.

What did I say? Something stupid?

- No, it's not aimed at you.
- What then?

It's... He's got a raging toothache.
It's agony for him.

That's terrible. It's like
when they took my molar out...

I couldn't care less.

Chill out. Take a bath...

The crack team from Paris.

Let me admire you. It's not every
day we get to meet police big shots.

Isn't that right, Millon?

Starsky and Hutch on the Riviera!

- Get ready for a long, hot summer.
- Tell me...

Which one of you two managed
to impale himself?

That was me.

If someone hadn't got killed,
we'd have laughed too.

I guess you must be
Jacques Pe||egrin‘s nephew.

Yes. We don't choose our family,
Mr Morizot.

- Superintendent Morizot.
- Superintendent Morizot.

ls there a problem, Pistachio?

No, no, no.

- When do we see my uncle?
- 9am tomorrow at Draguignan Prison.

OK, be good.

Piss off.

Rooms 111 and 113. Adjoining rooms.


You don't want to listen to me,
but it's just to talk shop.

I'll pick you up
at eight in the morning.

- I hope you have a...
- Shut up.

Good night.

- How did he take it?
- What do you think?

- Badly? Very badly?
- Yes, very badly. Very badly.

Oh, the poor man. Did he cry?

- No, he just tried to shoot me.
- Oh, Christ!

I would have done the same.
I've been a real shit.

No, you were brave.

I can't imagine you doing that.

I felt so dirty.

I'm proud of you.

I think I just behaved like
a responsible adult. That's all.

He'll get over it.
Just give him some time.

The main thing is
we can be together now at last.

There is still something...

I... I didn't tell him everything.
I told him without telling him.

What does that mean?

I said we just had a fling. We slept
together once and it's over now.

But why?
You'd done the hardest thing!

You can't tell him everything
at once.

I saved you the effort. He's your
bloke. Take some responsibility.

Could you hang up, please?
I'd like to speak to my wife.

- ls Paul there?
- Yes, he's here.

- Hand me the phone.
- He wants to talk to you.

Right now? Franck! Franck!


- Hi, Paul.
- Are you OK?

- Yes...
- You bitch!

- ls Paul doing OK?
- Don't start, Luc!

I thought it was over.

It is. It was just a fling. I just
called her to tell her you know.

- So you don't need this any more?
- Actually, I do...

- Franck...
- ..is not available...


- Where are you going?
- Huh?

Let me guess. You're going
to reception to call Valeria.

Not at all.
I'm just going to get a sandwich.

- Why not order it from your room?
- Because you broke all the phones!

Stay there.

I'll go get you one.


There he is.

- But he's a monster.
- He is rather, yes.

What a shitty job this is!

Wait. He's coming towards us.

Fantastic! Well done!

Something wrong?

I feel sick.
Probably the salmon quiche.

I just need to sit down
for five minutes and I'll be fine.

- Shall I call an ambulance?
- No, I'll be fine.

- I'd like one.
- Shut your face!

Tell me

Tell me

That she left me for someone else

But not because of me

Tell me that...

- Why didn't you change stations?
- Huh?

Change back. I want to listen
to the end of the song.

..for someone else

But not because of me

Tell me that

Tell me that...

I'll wait for you outside.

What's all this madness?
You're a pimp now?

Oh, Franck, don't be so crude.

I just fell in love
with an American bar hostess.

- I take care of some of her bills.
- I see.

And...that's all.

Yes, I could have asked her
to stop, but...

What's she going to do
when she's 49, huh?

- Have you seen how the economy is?
- And the toy shop?

I sold it. The economy again.


No, I swear to you.
I'm whiter than white.

That bastard Morizot took advantage
of the situation to nick me.

He's using Marilyn.

- Her name is Marilyn?
- Yes. So?

And she's beautiful.

You can't imagine...

She's like a red-haired
Anne Sinclair.

Oh, yeah.

I'd like to have a baby with her.

You have to help me.
She can't cope without me.

If you help us nab Carlos, maybe.
It's the only guarantee we can give.

Something wrong?

What's up with him?

It's... Toothache.

Oh, well... That's...

- That's awful.
- Awful.

- All right?
- Yeah, all right.

- Are you still feeling sick?
- No, I'm feeling better,

It's just... I'm wondering if
I'm about to do something foolish.

- You mean Paul?
- Three years together.

You can't just wipe that
from your memory.

- Do you think I'm a bitch?
- Of course not.

I'd do the same. Between Franck
and Paul, it's no contest.

Why do you say that?
Paul's a great guy.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

He's kind, funny
and he's a fantastic cook.

It doesn't matter.
Franck can take you to a restaurant.

What I mean is you deserve better
than Paul.

How could you say such a thing?

He can make a lasagne, but
his conversation is a bit limited.

And you're such an intellectual?

OK, stay with him and don't be
such a pain in the arse.


I'm sorry. I'm done in.

I'm sorry too.
He's a nice guy, Paul.

The problem is
you don't love him any more.

- Somethings vibrating.
- What?

It's Paul.


Can we talk?
Do you have five minutes?

Yes, that's him. I'm sure of it.

You have his photo on you
the whole time?


Tell me everything.
Where did you meet him?

Two days ago,
I was having lunch with my fiancee.

- The Viking came to see me.
- The Viking?

Yes, he's French
just like you and me,

but as he looks like a Viking,
everyone calls him the Viking.

He's a bit of a rogue
who I know well because...

He often hung about in the toy shop.

He wanted to introduce me to
two guys who had something to sell.

The two guys were waiting for me
in the car park.

It was your Carlos
and the other one...

He was a Brazilian
with a big scar on his face.

- How do you know he was Brazilian?
- I heard him talking to Carlos.

- What was he selling?
- 50 kilos of coke.

Something I don't understand. Why
did he contact you, a toy seller?

Well, that's...

a total mystery!

What did you say to them?

I said: "No, I can't afford it."

No, I don't touch things like that.

- I'm an honest man.
- Of course.

- Where can we find your Viking?
- Hotel de France in Toulon.

- Description?
- It's a bit of a dive...

No, the Viking!

He looks like a Viking.

- Have you never seen one before?
- No.

- I'll draw a picture of him.
- That would be better.

- Are you OK?
- Yeah, fantastic.

I spoke to Valeria.
I've decided to forgive everything.


Not you, you jerk. I hate you.

You're just a shit.
A scumbag. A dickhead.

Valeria, that's different.
She's my reason for living.

So there you are.

If I don't want to lose her,
I've got no choice.

ls that it?

Shooting over. Make your weapons
safe and take off your headphones.

Nine out of ten.
What's the matter? Are you tired?

- The night was short.
- Luc told me.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

He told me about you feeling sick.

Take a few days' holiday
and use it to take stock.

Take stock? What do you mean?

I'm just concerned about you.

- Don't worry, everything's fine.
- And is Paul OK?

- Yes. Why?
- Just asking.

There are rumours
flying around the building.

What rumours?

I'm not completely innocent either.

In Niort, I had an affair
with the physio at the hospital.

- You cheated on Valeria?
- You're not going moralistic on me?

No, but...

So there we are. One-all.
Let's kick off again.

The counter goes back to zero and
we start again from a solid basis.

This reaction does you credit, Paul.

Apart from that,
what did Valeria say?

Oh, well...

She was hopping mad on account
of the physio, but she got over it.

And she confirmed to me that with
you it was just a passing fling.

A mistake, she even said.

A mistake.

A bad memory, a stain.

A nasty stain.

- Did you grass me up to Michelet?
- No. What are you talking about?

Who then?

Could have been anyone.
Everyone suspects something.

- What?
- The whole squad, except Paul.

So, if I understand it right,
you're staying together?

- Of course we're staying together.
- Yeah, yeah.

I'd be really pissed off
if I'd screwed your relationship up.

It's best if we say no more
about it, OK?

We'll say no more. That's it.

Where are we going?

You still interested
in the investigation?

Of course I'm still interested!
I'm listening.

What's that?
Are we looking for Obelix now?

No. The Viking.

OK, I'm going in.

You stay here and cover me
in case anything goes wrong.

OK. But stop showing off.

- I'm not showing off.
- You're playing at being the boss.

I've put up with it without protest
for years, but I've had enough.

Could you wait for me
in the car, please, Paul?

- OK? ls that better?
- A lot better.

No problem, Franck. I'll cover you.

Even if I'd be glad
if you got a bullet in the arse!

I'm borrowing your case, Paul, OK?

If he pinched my boxers,
I'll kill him.

Good morning.

Good morning!

What do you want?

A friendly welcome as well!
Do you have a room for the night?

Your colleague already came by
last week.

- What colleague?
- You're a cop.

- No, I'm a sales rep.
- And I'm Britney Spears!

There's never been a paedophile
in this hotel. Now beat it!

Yes, I'm a cop
and I have a question to ask.

- You have a warrant?
- Of course. Will that do you?

- What do you want?
- The Viking. Mean anything?

I don't know him, no.

Yes, it's coming back to me now.
He looks like a Viking?

- Stop pissing me about! Which room?
- He's left. I swear!

- Where can I find him?
- The harbour.

A cafe called "Le So|ei|".

There we go. Jerk!

May w

- Valeria...
- ..is not available right now.

Leave a message after the tone.

Yes, it's me, Franck.
The mistake, the nasty stain.

I hear that you're staying
with Paul.

I was a bit surprised, but you
and me, there's no point, huh?

All I regret is you made me think I
was more than just a passing fling!

I'm taking it well, aren't l?

I hope you have a nice life
that's full of love and...

And I just want to say...


- Do you think that's funny, do you?
- No.

OK, we'll not say any more
about it. We'll be professional.

I don't mix work with anything else.

- We have to stay focused.
- I'm always focused!

- You seem a bit fragile.
- Shit!

- Who is it?
- It's the Viking.

- Don't you trust me?
- No.

- Police.
- Do you recognise him?

You'll be glad to hear
I think I've found a buyer.

I'll be glad
when I'm on the Copacabana.

Who is this guy? If you give me
another clown, I'll be pissed off!

It's serious stuff.
Toto Nesta mean anything to you?


He's the biggest dealer
on the Riviera.

Open the door. Hurry up.
My husband leaves work at five.

Kiss me.

Hurry LIP-

if he's the biggest,
why not introduce him before?

I didn't know him. It took about 200
phone calls to get through to him.

I got his right-hand man,
Michel Pardo.

- Does he accept the price?
- Nesta says that's too much.

- He proposes 800,000 euros.
- He can fuck right off!

- Have you got what I asked you for?
- The hot stuff?

I'm so on edge,
I could eat a cow's arse!

- "Prestige Agency. Escort girls."
- It's top of the range.


- What's up?
- Was it a hotel like this?

- Huh?
- You did it in a hotel like this?

- Stop this bullshit.
- I want to know!

- Stop it.
- How many stars did it have?

I don't know!

OK, it had five stars. There was
an enormous jacuzzi and champagne.

- Happy now?
- Go on. Go on.

- Go on?
- Go on!

Do you want to know
if I made her come? ls that it?

Yeah, I think she was satisfied.
Do you know what it sounds like?

ls that what you want to hear?
Stop messing. Put it down.

No. No...

- Fuck's sake, I don't believe it!
- Who is it?

- Two bastard cops.
- Cops?

I should have finished him off.

Did you grass me up?

- Keep calm...
- Was it you that grassed me up?

No. Stop messing around!
I didn't grass you up!

Florian! Quick, hide!

Did you see his accomplice?

The Brazilian? No. I didn't even
have time to see Carlos.

"Prestige Agency.
Escort girls. Cannes."

They've really sorted us out now!

A phone call.
All it needed was a phone call!

Why didn't you call?
And where's your partner?

In the toilet.
He's got holiday tummy.

Holiday tummy? In the Var?

You sure it's not malaria?!
Who are these morons?

They're incompetent
and therefore dangerous.

Now we know Carlos is in town,
we don't need them any more.

You're right.
Thanks for your help, guys.

You can go back to Paris. We'll take
care of everything. Come on, Millon.

Thanks. Bye!

Oh, nasty!
I'll give you some cream for that.

At last,
you've switched your phone on again!

What was that pathetic message
you left?

- It was you that told him...
- Told him what?

I had no choice, Franck.

When Paul called me this morning,
he was crying like a baby.

He said if I left him,
he'd hang himself.

- Really? That's what he said?
- Yes. What would you have done?

The same, obviously. You can't break
the news over the phone.

Why did you have to tell him that
we had only slept together once?

It's a hell of a lot harder for me
to break it to him now.

You'd rather I said
we did it 600 times?


OK, I was a coward,
but I'll give it another go.

I'll call him tonight.

- Tonight?
- We can't keep putting it off.

- Or we just call it a day.
- That's not what I want.

- It's just I can't do it...
- Yes, you can!

He said he wanted
to have a baby with you.

- A baby?!
- Franck, are you in there?

Don't go in.
It's horrific in there.

We're going back to Paris.
We've been fired.

- What do you mean, "fired"?
- Fired.

He hung up on me.

That's not my problem.
What do you want?

A pregnancy test.

It was just our luck again!

If the maid hadn't appeared,
we'd have nabbed Carlos.

You messed it up.
Learn to control yourself! Shit!


Did you and Valeria
control yourselves?

- You're like that, aren't you?
- Yes, I was like that too!

- We said we wouldn't talk about it!
- Don't worry.

The investigation is over.
I'm going back to Paris.

- Goodbye.
- Fine. Great.

I'll stay here and make
the most of being by the sea.

Michelet will rip you apart.

I don't give a shit
about Michelet. Or Morizot.

I want Carlos. If you've forgotten
about Patrick, you go back to Paris.

But I thought he was a friend.
A real friend.


You haven't left yet?

No, we're reserving our flights
on the internet.

- It's cheaper.
- Yeah.

- Ugly face!
- Christ!

Hey, are you interested
in Toto Nesta?

- Do you know him?
- Yeah, quite well.

- Shall I introduce him to you?
- How do you know Nesta?

A black BMW. It must be them.

Well? What do you think?

I think it's too expensive.

- I'll not go any lower.
- I need to speak to Mr Nesta first.

- He doesn't know?
- Of course he does.

But he wants a sample
to test the quality.

- This isn't the Samaritans!
- What did you expect?

That we'd hand over the cash like
that without examining the stuff?

Will that do?

Yes, that should do.

I'll call you in 24 hours.

You smell it?

What I smell above all is your dog's
breath. Do you brush your teeth?

It's your fault.

You asked me to stay in the car
to look after your coke.

Yes, and...?

I haven't had the time either
and my breath's fine.

OK, we need to find a hotel room.

It's too dangerous.
We'll find somewhere else.

And go and brush your teeth! Shit!

That's him.

Toto Nesta.

He has a head like a grapefruit!

He's got chicks, fancy machines, but
it's the smack that keeps him fat.

You know, last summer,
we spent all day and night

trying to get him nicked.

Yeah, and...?

We couldn't find anything.
We had to let him go.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. He's got visitors.

That's Pardo, his henchman.

Here. A small-time crook who helped
Nesta set himself up on the Riviera.

Now he trusts him completely.

If Carlos wanted to sell to Nesta,
he'd do it through Pardo?

Yes, Nesta delegates everything
to Pardo.

Otherwise, Nesta just stays
on the boat, sits on his arse

and collects the cash. Kerching!

House calls only!

Oh, fuck! Shit, shit!

- What?
- I completely forgot.

I promised to take my wife out
for dinner.

- When you promise a woman...
- Especially the wife of a cop!

With these shitty hours,
we never have enough time for them.

- Huh?
- Some of us find the time.

Francky, honestly,

he has to go by the dentist.

To the dentist.

What's the matter with you two?

Poor man.

So, nothing new?

We'll just have to wait.

It's the only lead we've got.

- Does it remind you of anything?
- The stakeout at the Gare du Nord?


The first time we worked together.

You thought you were
God's gift even then.

- I did?
- Yeah, with the look you had then.

- What?
- The beard and the hat.

Serpico from Rosny!

You had that soft perm
like Julien Clerc.

- I had a soft perm?
- Yes, you had a soft perm.

Shit, you're right.




You're really out of your mind.

You think I'll just accept that
without saying anything?

You're taking...

This means war then, yeah!

You really disgust me!

Yes. Franck?

Of course he's here with me.


Oh, fuck, it's you, Pernot!
How are you?

Yeah, I'm fine. How about you?
And the family? The kids?

Great. No, don't worry. It's OK.

No, it's nothing.
Call back when you want.

Ciao. A hug from me, Pernot.

- A hug?
- What?

He shoved us in the basement,
that idiot!

- There are worse things than that.
- Like what? Can you think of one?

We said we wouldn't talk
about it any more.

I'm going for a sleep.
Wake me in four hours.

"A hug from me, Pernot"?!

The train for Toulon will leave
from Platform G.

- Can I help you with your case?
- No, I'm fine. Thanks.

- No, allow me. I insist.
- Thank you.

Can I buy a drink
in the restaurant-car?

Don't waste your time.
There's no room.

What do you mean, there's no room?

I'm married
and I've already got a lover.

Does that make it clearer?

Thanks for the case.

Get up! It's seven o'clock.
It's your turn.

- Already? Are you sure?
- You should buy a watch.

I had a watch.
It was my mobile phone.


I'm pregnant, Franck.


ls it mine?

Of course it's yours.

I came here to break the news
to Paul.

We can't put it off any longer.

- This isn't the right time.
- Why not?


I warn you.
I'm going to tell him everything.

- No, no, no.
- Yeah, yeah.

- No, no, no.
- Yeah, yeah. Yes!

What are you... How did you find...

Toulon police station.
Someone told me you'd be here.

- I really had to see you, Paul.
- Why didn't you just phone me?

I had things to say
that you can't say over the phone.

OK, I'll leave you to it.
I've got things to do.

- What things?
- For the investigation.

I have to go to Prestige. Sometimes
Carlos picks up a hooker there.

- You called them last night.
- I prefer to go there in person.

You never know.
Direct contact can be more...


Keep calm, Franck. Keep calm.

Keep calm.

Well, go ahead. I'm listening.

- Paul...
- ls it serious?


Well, no, but it's important.

- You're expecting a baby?
- How did you guess?

Paternal instinct.

Wait. I haven't finished yet.
There's something else.

Don't say a word. Valeria,
it's the best day of my life.

I don't ever want us to be apart.
I want to have a family.

I want four. Four little cops.
A whole squad!

Oh, Valeria!

Hello. I've got an appointment
with Prestige.

- Did you tell the bastard?
- No, of course not.

Good. I'll be the first
to break the news to him.

Yes, but all the same,
there's no rush.

ls that a problem for you?

No, not at all. It's just that...

- I'm afraid he'll take it badly.
- I thought it was just a fling?

For me, not for him.

Franck took the affair seriously.

So I preferred to end it.

The bastard!

That's not what he told me.

You know all about male pride,
don't you?

What a loser!

He's had a hard time then?

Where are you going, sir?


' Sir!
. Yes?


What the hell are you doing here?

They let me go this morning.
My company paid the bail.



So it's true? You are a pimp?
You run an agency of hookers.

You've got it all wrong.
These are escort girls.

- Really?
- Yes, really.

You spend the evening with them,

but they don't do
anything inappropriate.

Just a little bit of conversation,
you know.

- All right?
- Yeah.

Any sexual relations are forbidden.

Do you want to read the rules?

No, no, it's OK.


What brings you to Prestige?

Are you looking for a...
some conversation?

No, but...

That's it.
I'm ready for the photo shoot, boss!

This is Carole.
She's got a masters degree.

I'll be with you
in a few minutes, dear.

- She's got great listening skills.
- So I see. Uncle...

- Uncle!
- Huh? Sorry.

I'm here about Carlos.

He's bound to call you
to order a hooker.

- Escort.
- Yeah, an escort.

He won't say who he is.
He'll call on behalf of the Viking.

- OK? If he ever...
- Yes, I understand.

If a guy ever calls on behalf of
the Viking, I'll give you the nod.


I preferred the toy shop.

Me too.

- What the hell are you doing?
- I'm enjoying the sun.

I see. And where's Paul?

He's enjoying the sea.

There's no point in freaking out.
I just couldn't tell him.

I see. You didn't manage to...

Why didn't you manage it?
Have you changed your mind?

No, but it's not that simple.

You've still got feelings for him?


Well, yes. You can't just forget
someone like that.

OK, I get it.

What do you get?

You didn't tell him.
That says it all.

Maybe you will get it.

You ran off back then.

But at least I tried.

You're right.
I'm going to stay with Paul.

I felt good with him.
He didn't drive me nuts.

Since I met you, life's been hell!

Fine, stay with him.
That's OK with me. Perfect.

There he is.

- You should go in. It's great.
- I had things to do.

ls this the annual police holiday?

We're just trying to appear
like other holidaymakers.

Are you part of the investigation?

- I know how the job works.
- Franck!

Come here.

Does it bug you
that she came to see me?

- Not at all.
- Try talking to her nicely. OK?

OK, I'm sorry, boss. Sorry.

Did you find out anything
at Prestige?

If Carlos orders a hooker,
we'll be the first to know.

Sugar-coated peanuts!

What's up with him?
Did you say something to him?

No, nothing. He's always loved
sugar-coated peanuts.

Sugar-coated peanuts?

Do you really want to stay with him?

- No.
- OK, here's the deal.

As soon as we've nabbed Carlos,
we'll tell him everything.

- Or we'll call it a day.
- OK.

OK, madam? Not too tight?

- Yes, it is.
- And you, sir? Are you thirsty?

You gave me something to drink
an hour ago.

You have to drink a lot when
it's hot. At least two litres a day.

I'm going to play football
on the beach.

Are you mad? You're staying here.

Calm down. I'm not needed here.

OK, buy something to eat.
Get some fruit.

Shift your arse!

Fruit's good for you.
It's full of vitamins.

Pineapples are my favourite.
Do you like pineapples?

OK, Grandad.

I told you I wasn't thirsty!

Even if you're not thirsty,
you have to drink.

If not, you'll become dehydrated.
And after that, it's the graveyard.

Come on.

I've got the feeling it's too late.
The deal's already been done.

There are three billion girls
on this goddamn planet.

Why mine?

I thought we weren't talking
about it any more.

- I just want to understand.
- Women decide. That's all.

So it was Valeria who decided to
sleep with you. You didn't want to?

- Yes, but...
- Yes, but what?

- You didn't consent? She raped you?
- No, I resisted, then she...

- She what? She pestered you?
- Yes, she pestered me. That's it.

Go ahead, make a formal complaint.
I must be seeing things!

When I look at you, I understand.

You're a really irresistible guy!

Hey, miss! Miss!

No, stop it. No!

Excuse me. I have a quick question.

When you see that hunk over there...

..do your nipples become erect?

Hey! What are you saying
to my wife?!

Get the towel, babe. Quickly.

Hey, you listen to me!

- Oh, fucking hell...
- There's just one solution.

Shall I give you a slap?

|‘m sorry.

- It's OK. He said sorry.
- Do you want me to give you a slap?

Chill out. No one's died.

- Aren't you going to say thank you?
- Fuck off!

- What?
- Fuck off!

I don't need you to defend me.

You're really starting
to piss me off.

A woman who goes looking elsewhere
isn't satisfied.

Think about it.

Say that again.


A woman who goes looking elsewhere
isn't sat...is...fied.

- I'm gonna smash your face in.
- Go ahead.

- Stop! Stop!
- You want to smash my face in?

You want to smash my face in?
OK, on you go!

- On you go!
- Stop it!

- If you let me go, you're dead.
- Stop it!

Stop it! Goddamn it!

Yeah, yeah...

- Ugly face, huh?
- Bloody hell.

Another game of backgammon.

When's he going to do the deal?

It'll happen. Just be patient.

- He may be ugly, but he's good.
- He's showing off like a Brazilian.

But it doesn't mean
it's that effective.

A Brazilian with a scar on his face.
There can't be many on the Riviera.

You're thinking
of Car|os‘s accomplice?

- Carlos works with a Brazilian?
- Yeah.

Would he risk playing football here?

It would be too good to be true.
He may not even be Brazilian.

When I questioned the little boy
at the hotel, he said

they played football
in the car park.

How do we find out
if he's Brazilian?

By talking to him.
I can do it if you want.

You speak Brazilian?

I love you, but you're a disaster.

What does that mean?

Have you got the time, please?

I didn't know you spoke Brazilian.
Where did you learn it?

I went out with a Brazilian guy for
a year. A beach volleyball champion.

Almost ten years ago.
I didn't even know you then.

He's leaving.
I'll go and talk to him.

- And say what?
- I'll ask him the time.

- That's the tattoos of a convict.
- Yeah.

- He's Brazilian.
- I'll follow him.

You stay here
and keep an eye on the yacht.

Where did the mixed race guy go?
The guy with the ball?

He ordered a sandwich
and he ran off in that direction.

Grandma? Grandma?

- Grandma!
- No.


Grandma... Grandma, glug-glug!

- Did you forget the fruit?
- I didn't have time.

- How do I feed the old folk?
- I was followed.

- A cop?
- I don't know. Maybe a poof.

Don't worry. He didn't see me
come in here. I shook him off.

I hope so.

Pardo is coming here this evening.

With the dosh.

You can go back
to your shitty country.

No, I'm getting out
of your shitty country.

Shut up! Shut up!

You'll tire them out.
Carnival, carnival!

He's a pain in the arse!

It was him.

- How do you know?
- He spotted me, then I lost him.

- No!
- I don't know the area.

That's just our bad luck again!

What do we do now? I'm sick
of waiting. Nothing's happening.

I don't know.

When your luck's out,
it's really out.

Let's head back to Paris.


Wait. Go ahead. I'm listening.
Go ahead.

Residence des Pins, yes.

Flat... 410.

Great. I love you, Uncle. Bye!

That was the Prestige.
Carlos has ordered a hooker.

We'll get it sealed off.

- What are you doing, darling?
- I'm coming too.

No, no, no.

- No.
. Why not?

- Because you...
- It's not possible, is it?

Because I'm a woman?
ls that the problem?

- No...
- You're disgusting chauvinists!

- No, wait.
- Valeria...

Say something!

When Italian women get an idea
into their heads...

I've always told you...


What did you say there?

Nothing. It's OK.

It's OK, yeah.

- When does the hooker get here?
- 7 o'clock.

- What are you doing?
- I'll take her place.


- No.
- It's too risky.

- It's out of the question.
- Do you have another solution?


That must be her.


She's black.

- OK, forget it.
- Out of the question. Let's go.


- Do you work for Prestige?
- Yes. What have I done?

Don't worry. You'll be free to go
in an hour. Come on.

- What's your name?
- Claudia.


You two can leave, please. Go on!

- We're working.
- Wait...


Well, will that d0?

Are you sure about all this?

A man who wants to make love
is very vulnerable.

Phone me, Paul.

That way, you'll hear everything
that happens.

And don't speak too loudly
otherwise Carlos will hear you.

Now say "shit".


- Pardo.
- No, that's my chocolate cake.

Don't move.

- Who are you?
- Claudia. From the Prestige Agency.

- I asked for a black girl.
- What's your problem?

- You don't like white girls?
- No.

- Can I ask why?
- Because they're cold.

If it's a temperature problem,
we can fix that.

I'm burning hot.

Oh, yeah? They all say that.

I'll do things to you you've never
experienced in your life before.

You'll be hooked on white girls
for the rest of your life.

Well then...

- Are you going to let me in?
- No.

I asked for a black girl.
I'm calling the agency.

Pity. I would have given you
a good price.


- How much?
- 2,000 euros.

2,000 euros for an hour?
ls that your price?

Usually I charge 3,000.

- She's crazy.
- You're expensive!

- I know.
- Why's that?

Why do you think?

Come on in.

Come on.

Can I see what's in your bag?

- Why?
- I'm just curious by nature.

Her gun. He'll find her gun.


Come with me.

Where's her gun?

Are you giving me a little present?

Don't worry. He's not staying.

Be good, Ronaldinho.
Go and play football for an hour.

Come on.

The Brazilian's coming.

The money's good.

- Where do you want to do it?
- My bedroom.

Oh, shit.

OK, my darling,
what do you like to do?

At that price, don't ask questions.
Make them weep for joy!

What did he say?

On all fours.

Just wait a moment, my darling.
There's no rush.

- Yes, there is.
- Give me time to get undressed.

I want to get undressed slowly.
Just for you.

Shall I fondle myself?

Do I excite you?

Enough chit-chat. Take off
your panties and turn round.

I'm gonna make you squeal.

One move
and you'll be the one squealing.

- Are you a cop?
- Hands on your head.

- Are you a cop?
- Put your hands on your head!

I've got him.
Come on! I'll let you in.

Walk slowly. Slowly!

I wasn't finished.
You can give me back my dough.

Shut up and open the door.

I always finish what I've started.

What the hell is she doing?
Why won't she open up?

- Can you hear anything?
- No.

Look who it is.

My two favourite arseholes.

ls it an obsession?
Will you never leave me in peace?

I'm sorry. I screwed it up.

She's with you? I thought you only
had fat girls in the police!

Let her go.

Which one of you is screwing her?

ls it you, Franck?

Or is it the mountaineer?

Maybe you're both screwing her.
Sandwiched between two cops.

- Lay a hand on her and you're dead.
- Shut up! Put down your guns.

Or I'll blow her brains out.

You know me, Franck.
I'll count to three.


- OK.

Come inside.

Come on.

Come on!

Over there.

There! The family are all together.

OK, darling, are you coming with me
or staying with these two clowns?

You're coming with me. I told you,
Franck. Women prefer hoodlums.

Don't forget to water the old folk.

At least two litres a day.

Come on.

It's reinforced.

Are you still here?
You really are a moron.

Come on.


There's a spare set of keys
in the drawer.

- Release me.
- How? By cutting off your hands?

- No.
- Then shut up. You bring bad luck.

So long, jerk!
See you at the carnival!

- Are you OK?
- Go on, go on!

I've got one small thing to do.

Then I'll blow you away.

Pull over beside them.

Who's she?

What's that bitch doing?

My sun. My gun!

- Are you OK?
- Yeah.

And Paul?

He's done his leg in.

Call an ambulance. And don't move.


Be careful.

Hey, mister...

Hey, mister, mister...

It's the police.


Carlos is in the car park.


You're hard to shake off.

Drop your gun.

It's not gonna jam this time.

I think this is finally it.



The ambulance is on its way.

- Where's Valeria?
- She's fine. She's fine.

- I got him.
- Huh?

- I got him.
- Yes, you got him!

So you're Italian?

I love Italy.
I can speak a little Italian.

Are you cold?
Wrap the blanket round you...

Well done, Franck, my boy! Hats off!
Sorry about your partner.

Nasty injury. Well,
the main thing is we got Carlos.

Of course. Really, that was great.

Efficient, competent,
really professional.

Tell that idiot
to stop licking my arse.

Millon, piss off.


I wanted to say to you...

We need people like you
in our squad.

If you fancy coming to work
in the south...

Why not?
Working in the sun sounds good.

But not with you.

No, I don't want to... No.

Sexual equality, eh?

We need pretty women especially.

- Are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Have you got nothing else to do?
- Yes...

Remember that deal we made
on the beach?

Yeah, of course. Yeah.

What do we do then?
Call it a day or stay together?

I don't want to leave you.

Nor do I.

OK, you know
what we have to do then.

Yes... Yes, but at the same time,
he has just saved my life.

No, OK. We'll tell him. Let's go.

- Shall we go?
- Yeah, OK.

Yeah, yeah.

How shall we do this?
You start and I join in...?

OK. No, no. OK.

Paul, are you OK?

It's hell.

- I don't think I'll walk again.
- Of course you will. Be positive.

Yes, I need to be positive.
Especially as I'm going to be a dad.

It's OK. He would have found out
eventually. Franck...

You have to accept it. It wasn't
just a passing fling for you, but...

Valeria and me is for ever.

Now I must ask you to leave
our little family in peace.

We have to go now, sir.
We have to go.

Oh, shit, six months in Niort!

Don't take advantage
and do anything foolish, you two!

The same goes for you.
No more physios!


It wasn't the right time.

I don't understand.
Whose child is it?

It's yours.

I'm 99.9% sure of it.

I thought you weren't screwing him
any more?

It's your fault too.

You didn't want me to tell him.
I had no choice.

It can't go on like this.

I couldn't agree more.

We've been cowards. As soon as he's
out of hospital, we'll tell him.

We'll tell him everything.

6 months later

- Stop shaking your leg.
- Huh?

Stop shaking your leg!

There he is.

You know what we have to do.

- What, now?
- We said when he left hospital.

- But he hasn't quite left yet.
- OK, we'll tell him this evening.

Not this evening.
I've got a residents' meeting.

OK, we'll tell him now.

- I could maybe cancel the meeting.
- Franck, now or never!

OK, now. I'll tell him now.
I'll do it now.


All right?

- So...
- All right?

Yes. I have to tell you something.

Yes, but just give me a few seconds
while I kiss the baby.

He kicked. Listen!
Come here, come here.

It's your uncle!

That's great.
What was it you wanted to say?

It's... It's a boy.

- I knew that.
- He didn't.

- Oh, you told him?
- Yeah.

That's great, huh?

A little boy.

- Shall we go for a drink?
- Yeah.

Come on. I'm paying.

- We need to choose a name.
- I was thinking of Leo.

- That's nice.
- Do you like it?

I prefer Theo.
It has a better ring to it.

- Theo?
- Theo.

When you have a kid,
you can call it Theo.

- Do you like Leo?
- Yes. It's a nice name.

I'll tell you something.
You see over there?

Yesterday I ran for two metres
without stopping. That's great...

OK, after the baby's born,
I'll tell him everything.

Or after the christening.

Yes, we'll see.