L'amore non ha confini (1998) - full transcript

love has no borders


I'd like to look for something
for me to do outside...

...and walk with no pride and
give myself to a heartbreaker!

But I can sell myself naked
like Judas!

I know the way to lure you
into the wood!

You'd change your underwear today.

The gossip on the street into
my ears is not that exciting.

In this winter coloured...

Pass me a ground ball.

Give it to me.

C'mon, pass the ball!

Beato! You want a coffee?
- No, no coffee for me.

I had one in my car.

I will make you a punch then, ok?


You all right?

Yesterday Fatima made one big eel
4 meters long, called Aristide,...

...which wasn't a big eel,
but actually a warrior.

And then peppers filled with
ricotta, provola, eggplants,...

...seafood, ham and small

And for dessert?

Yesterday morning, Fatima,
against her will,...

...was forced by me to get on
the plane for Palermo at 6 am.

She came back home with a cassata by
Don Carmelo Macaluso in the afternoon.

No need to say more.

Is this the meeting spot?
It is.

Very pleased to meet you.
I'm Trepiedi Beato.

Shut your pie hole.
My name's Churchy Boom Boom.

If you want to be safe
with Mahatma, don't forget...

...to be petty but not obvious,
staid but cheerful,...

...sometimes dazzling, thoughtful
but mild.

You'll be in trouble wandering
off into strong or gloomy things.

What's these gloomy things?

Why are you dressed like that?
Worse than scum.

Haven't you got a nice
jacket like mine?

I don't know what Mahatma
wants from you.

It's a mystery to all of us.

He hasn't seen anyone for years,
the last one was Regan.

Hi Beato.
I'm Nello Brat.

Really? The stylist from
the neighborhoods?

Untouched. But please don't be
on first name terms with me.

You're selling a lot of these
sleeveless fur coats, aren't you?

Yes, a lot. You know, it's just
pret-a-porter for the common people...

...I love, for masses.

Now I'll introduce to you Ettore
Majorana, nuclear physicist.

This is Gino Warmth.
- Known as Topaz the Wizard.

And she's Eva Primadonna.

Eva Primadonna.

Come sweet, white skin,
sexy ephebe.

Your warmth, my dismay,
sexy ephebe. White horses...

How handsome this Mahatma is.
He had six plastic surgeries on his face.

A light sleeper, my torment,...

...a smirk gives rise to a
suspicion that...

...you're a thousand-year old man,
an ancient god disguised as an ephebe.

You look gloomy.

You've pissed me off! No worries,
Churchy, I'm doing well.

Let me just focus on it.

I see that you're a little bit
gloomy, my dear.

Once I was like you too, Beato.

I was twenty years old.
Now I stay still.

But I exceed.
That's what power is.

Being able to stay still and
exceed at the same time.

Topazio, I'm so hungry.
Why don't you do your usual magic?

Making a Neapolitan rice timbale
materialize in front of us.

Are you really talking,

Didn't I tell you to talk
on the odd days only?

How is my blood pressure?

11 as minimum, 400 as maximum.

My blood pressure is a mystery.
- It must have been the meatloaf.


It preys on my mind but I've to
say that here, after twenty years...

...of harmonious cooperation,
it seems that I've been...


Betrayed by one of the fantastic

This isn't about my wife,
I'm telling you right now.

This is about one of these three,

One whom I peeled up off a
stinky shit!

And I made him progress!

The progress: this long and hard
way which leads to me.

Hey, do you know what has told that
nasty shit whose name I can't say?

Do you know how he betrayed me?

This filthy guy has dared to say that
I, the Mahatma, have recently got a bit...


- Here, on my shoulders!

Can you believe this?
- Who's that asshole?

If I catch him, I'll make a rice ball
materialize and throw in his face.

But...it's an accusation
deprived of...

Very true!

My life has been an orgy of

Now you, a killer who has got
the balls, must guess who was.

And you must kill him shamelessly
in front of me right now.

May I have a bit of this cheese?

I told you were an exquisite

Come here, my dear.
Light me this cigar, c'mon.

do you remember me?

Evari', what's going on?

I'm going away for life today.

I wrote a poem for you.

The last one.
- Read it to me.

My love, masturbate me with the
globe, I want to come over Morocco,...

...I'm generous, I want to do
some volunteer work.

I will solve Sahara's desert

My love, beware how much you push,...

...as I could flood the Nile.
It might be a massacre.

I destroyed all the fields of

It's really true.
Love has no borders.

Beato, my love.

What's in your hands?

translated by quidtum April 2018