L'amore molesto (1995) - full transcript

When her elderly mother dies - apparently happy but in curious circumstances - her daughter travels home to Naples for the funeral. Staying on, she tries to piece together her mother's ...

One for you...

...and one for me.

Come on, it's very good.
One for you...

...and one for me.

Good morning.
Would you like some fresh figs?

- No, thanks, I don't need any.
- Rosaria!

Mum wants you to come up.

Rosaria, come here.

Delia, can you adjust the sheets for me?

Mum, look, I've finished everything.

Well done. Take it to the kitchen.

This kid has such a good appetite.
She eats everything.

Listen, Teresa.
Where are you at with Mrs. Maria's skirt?

I've finished.
Now I've taken the model of Mrs. Filomena.

Be careful with her,
because she's a bit of a busybody.

I know, that's the way she is.

What can we do about it?

In May, when the cherries are ripe...

... that's when people enjoy most...

... making love.

Gosh, what's going on here?

Oh, my God...

In May...

... when the cherries are ripe...

... that's when people enjoy most...

... making love.

She climbs up the ladder...

... while I hold it still...

- Delia, your coffee.
- Yes, mum. Leave it there.

I've refitted for you a linen jacket
I found in the basket.

- Where do you keep summer clothes?
- Don't worry, I'll put it away later.

In that case, I'll go and buy you
some food before I leave.

- What do you want for lunch?
- Whatever you prefer.

Fine. I'll go then.

- Bye, darling.
- Bye.

23 May, Delia's birthday

- Hello?
- Delia?

What's happened?
Are you still in Naples?

- I have been waiting for you all day.
- I have left.

There is a man here so I can't speak.

What are you talking about, mum?

What man?


We will continue to vote for her
because we want change.

- We are young and we want change
- We want...

Dux! Dux! Dux!

I think she'd make a good mayor
here in Naples

What would you expect from her
if she became mayor?

I don't know.
Some changes... I don't know

Giovanna? It's Delia.

I am sorry to call you at this time
but I have a favour to ask you.

Does your father still work
at the police headquarters?

Yes, I'll explain. My mother was going
to come to Bologna for my birthday.

She was supposed to arrive today
and not only is she not here yet...

...but three hours ago
I received a strange phone call.


- Delia.
- Where are you?

I'm going to take it in my mouth!

What are you talking about?

Mum, who is there with you?

There's a man here who wants
to take me away in a carpet!


- Mum, stop it!
- Delia...

Mum, I'm begging you,
tell me where you are!

Say I didn't tell you anything,
or he will end up hurting you too!

Go to bed. I'm going for a swim.


Have some water.

Is it necessary to do an autopsy?

Here is what she was wearing.

She was wearing a blue suit...

shoes, and had a suitcase with her.

We haven't found anything.

- May I interrupt you?
- Excuse me.

- What's wrong, Delia?
- Nothing.

- You look pale.
- It's only because I am on my period.

- We'll meet at the intersection, okay?
- OK, bye. - Bye, Amalia.

What a shame.
She was such a nice woman.

I'll give you the keys to the flat later.

Scoundrel! Watch out!
Come here and I'll break your neck!

Have you no shame?
Damn you!

If your dad were here
he would have killed him!

Who was he referring to?

Dad didn't even send a bunch of flowers.

- Why are you surprised?
- Maybe he hasn't been informed yet.

Perhaps we should have told him.

- You haven't been here in a long time.
- Three years, I think.

It's true, but Delia often had mum
over at hers in Bologna.

Isn't that true, Delia?

- Sure you don't want me to stay?
- Don't worry.

The kids are with their dad
this weekend.

Don't worry. I'll only be here
for a couple of days.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

- A slice of pizza, please.
- With ricotta, Miss?

- How much is it?
- 1,500 lire.


- Cocksucker! You're still alive?
- Fuck you and your mother!

- This padlock is open.
- Amalia was quite absentminded lately.

Nonetheless, she seemed happy.

Look better, it's the longest one.

- Do you want to come in?
- No, thank you

Why was she happy?

Because she received visits
from a tall and very polite man

- That was her brother
- Her brother?

Was he not?

Do you mind?

- Goodbye
- Goodbye

Delia, mommy's baby,
have you turned the taps off?

- What are we doing here?
- I never told you this,

but when I was younger and
I was unwell, I used to come up here

and sit in the dark
until I was feeling better.

How silly to sit in a lift of all places!

- Let's go down
- Mum

Have you ever had a man
in all these years?

Delia, what are you saying?

Have you been with anyone
since you left dad?

You have a lover

Give me your hand and touch here!

Get out...


Delia, what's the matter?
Why are you crying?

You see? It's your dad.

- Hello?
- Amalia.

This is not Amalia. Who's calling?

"I'm not Amalia".
Look, bring down the laundry bag.

You'll see that I left your suitcase.

Amalia is dead.

- Who is this?
- This is Caserta.

This is Delia

- Where do I have to leave this bag?
- At the gate, near the lift.

- What do you have that's hers?
- Me? Nothing. You have some of my stuff.

Why don't you come up, so we can talk
and you can take what you want?


- Hi, uncle.
- Hey!

Shouldn't you be at school?

- It starts on Monday.
- On Monday, I see.

- Good morning, Filippo
- Is he around?

- He's out, will be back soon.
- I'm in a hurry.

These are the photos,
I need the portraits for tonight.

Holy Mother!
These American women are so beautiful

- I don't know if he can do it for tonight.
- Amalia, this means money.

Caserta wants it. The ship is leaving
tonight and the sailors with it.

Fine. I'll tell him when he gets here.

- Good, Amalia. See you later.
- Goodbye.

What is this, a gypsy?

- I like this one.
- That's mum.

Come here.

That woman is not your mum.
Don't say that again, you understand?


What's going on?

You've been restless all night.

I am sorry if I've disturbed you.

I already have troubles sleeping and
with you opening and closing doors...

You are right but I really can't sleep.

The first night is always like this.

I dreamt that the man you told me about
was standing here on the landing.

- What man?
- The man who used to visit my mother.

He wasn't her brother.

- Who was it then?
- I don't know.

He seemed like a nice person.

Amalia was happy when he was around.

He used to bring her flowers and sweets.

They used to laugh and talk.

Most of the time
she was the one laughing.

You could hear her laughing
from the landing.

Laughing is a good thing.

- What did they use to talk about?
- I mind my own business.

My mother must have told you something.

Only once. She said she had
known him for almost 50 years.

Almost a relative.

Don't you know him?
He is tall with white hair.

- Do you know his name?
- No, she never told me.

Amalia liked to do things her own way.

One day she would tell me about her life
and the next she wouldn't even say hi.

One thing I must tell you though
is that I couldn't rely on your mother.

- Meaning?
- She didn't behave as she should have.

Once, when I met that man,

he half bowed, but she turned
around and said a bad word.

- Good morning
- Bitch!

- Maybe you misunderstood.
- I understood very well!

Amalia had a habit of saying bad words.

She'd even say them when she was
on her own, and then she'd laugh.

Strange, my mother was never rude.

She was...

When you get to a certain age,
you should have some restraint.

So true!

Anyway, it's too late to go back to bed.

Instead I'll try and get some sleep.

Just like Amalia.

You are a ghost.

I don't look like you.

You look good.

You're the one who's taken most
after your mother.

I have fresh bread, do you want some?

You'll dip it in milk.

- You prefer biscuits?
- No, bread is better.

- You're not bad either.
- I've always been full of energy.

No money? No money.

No arm? No arm.
No women? No women.

What counts are your mouth
and your legs...

to say what you like
and go wherever you want.

- Am I right?
- You're right.

Your mother was the same.
People like us never get disheartened.

When Amalia injured herself
with the sewing machine,

and the needle went through her nail,
what did she do?

She bandaged her finger,
and carried on as if nothing had happened!

What a great woman she was!

I never saw her sad once.
She was always in good spirit.

I used to go see her all the time.

Sometimes we argued.

Do you want some jam? It's good.

If you remove the mould on the surface,
what's underneath is delicious. Eat it!

She was very stubborn.

When she made up her mind,
that was it.

She'd spend the day
according to the morning mood.

Amalia didn't think of the consequences.
One morning she got up,

she took the three of you and left.
You got it?

She left!
She abandoned the family home,

and left your poor father
alone like an asshole!

- Why did it have to end like this?
- Caserta called last night.

Caserta? He called Amalia's house?

I should have killed him
when I had the chance!

- What did he want?
- Nothing.

He asked for mum and then he hung up.

- Is he crazy? He was at the funeral.
- Caserta is a dishonest man.

Always after your mum.
He bothered every woman in sight!

He's the one who should have drowned,
not your mother!

But she always listened to him.

She never told him to go fuck off.
I told her to dump him, but nothing!

She even accepted his gifts,
fruit, dedicated books,

even sweets!
What the fuck!

She drove your father mad!

Look, uncle, I don't want to
hear these things anymore.

How many times did you see my father
kicking her and punching her?

Not only did you do nothing to help her
but you keep saying he was right!

She had to help herself! She should
have never laid eye on Caserta!

You have always hated him
and you know why?

Because you were jealous
that he kept all of you!

- He supported all of you after the war
- What do you know?

Who used to go and sell
dad's paintings? Was it you?

- Look, Amalia...
- Delia.

Delia, do you remember when your
father did that painting of a gipsy?

I remember it very well

It was then that Caserta and Amalia did
wrong. Nothing to do with the war.

What do you mean?

That gypsy painting was seen by
a woman who ran a peddling business.

Her name was... What was it?

Migliaro! Her name was Migliaro.

She said we could make money selling
the painting to doctors, pharmacists...

And they made a lot of money,
plenty of money!

Much more than what
Caserta was giving us.

- But Amalia stepped in and said no.
- She did the right thing.

She didn't want to see
that gypsy on the market.

It's not like that, Delia.

Your mother didn't want Caserta
to abandon your father.

You understand?

Your father was a jealous man,

and that time he really thrashed her.
And he did well!

She shouldn't have interfered!

But Amalia wouldn't think
of the consequences!

Is this your shirt?

No, I've never had a shirt like this one.

- Why?
- Nothing..

- What do you mean by nothing?
- I found it in the laundry basket at home.

You see what she was like?
Now whose shirt is this?

It's like with that new dress,
do you remember?

The dress arrived and nobody knew
whose it was, but your mum wore it.

You don't remember, do you?
Nobody remembers anything.

Tell me something,
what happened to Caserta in the end?

Caserta had everything he deserved.

When you said that thing to your father...

your father and I wanted to kill him.

If he'd lifted a finger to defend himself
we'd have killed him for real.

Why? What did I say?

You don't remember, do you?

Never mind

Caserta left town.
He sold the bar and left with his son.

Then I found out that he was
trafficking in stolen medicines.

And things were going well for him,
so he opened up a print shop.

I then heard that the shop got burnt down

and he's been living off the indemnity.

- After that, I didn't hear anything.
- Do you remember the name?

There are too many Caserta
in the directory.

- Don't you dare looking for him.
- I am looking for Antonio, his son.

- We used to play together as kids.
- No, you're looking for Caserta.

- Never mind, I'll ask my father.
- You're doing this on purpose.

It was Nicola

His name was Nicola

You won't find him in the directory
because Caserta is a nickname.

His surname... I can't remember it

Why? What do you want to do?

Delia, go back to Bologna. Leave it.

If you speak to your father,
don't tell him about this shirt.

He could probably kill your mother
to this day for something like that.

He can't do anything to her anymore

Some coffee?

Why are you going up there?

- I need to buy something from Vossi.
- The lingerie shop?

Did you have to go to that one?

Of course, that's an old shop
and sells quality things.

- Bye, uncle.
- Take care.

Okay, I'll come too.
There's a seat over there, come.

- I prefer to stand.
- Come here and sit down.


Let this lady through.
Excuse me.

Excuse me, excuse me

- Young man, get up!
- What the hell do you want?

- Can't you see he's an old man?
- Fine, sit down.

Move, you idiot!

Have some manners!
There are no manners these days!

What a nice little girl

Everything has changed here!

I wonder what happened
to the painting dad liked.

The one that was in the shop window?
It was his work.

Don't be silly.
He only said it was his to show off.

- Do you mind waiting here?
- No, you go.

I'll wait at the corner. But hurry up.

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

- Is this the shop of the Vossi sisters?
- Yes, how can I help you?

- Is it possible to speak to one of them?
- They are no longer around.

- They passed away?
- I don't think, they must be retired.

- So they sold the shop?
- Yes, they were old.

Now it's under new management.

- Are you an old customer?
- Not me, my mother.

I think she bought these here.

They are ours

My mother is in her sixties,
these are not hers.

They were... presents for me.

But the dress is a bit too small,

and so are the briefs,
so I was wondering if I can...

You need a receipt to exchange them.
Do you have it?

No, but... I am sure
they were bought here.

- You don't remember my mother?
- I see so many people - Of course


my mother is an old lady
with an old-fashioned hair style

I think she came here with a tall man
with white hair... a nice couple

- They bought all this stuff...
- We have a lot of customers.

Try them on, they look the right size.

- Could I speak to that man?
- No, come with me.

If you're not sure about the briefs,
you can get other ones.

We will give you a discount.

Marcello, stop it.

You see? It's too tight
and it's also too low-necked.

No, Madam. I think it suits you.

It fits you perfectly.
It's not tight, that's its style.

I know it's the style but my mother
chose this dress and I don't...

I think she chose well.
If you straighten up a little... you see?


She has no receipt.

- Can I ask you something?
- Sure.

Do you know this woman?

- Ma'am, we can't waste time.
- But I only...

- Goods can't be exchanged
- I only asked...

What do you want? You wanna have fun?

- Take this card and tell who sent you...
- Don't touch me!

- My clothes!
- Is that clear?

Tell whoever sent you
that this is my card,

with my name, address
and telephone number.

Now go!

- What? Do I look bad in it?
- No.

- Then what?
- We only buried your mother yesterday.

I was feeling low
and wanted to treat myself.

Women get depressed too easily.
Let me take this.

Let's go, it's about to rain.
What lovely weather!

- Come on, hurry up!
- Wait!

They're going to close it!
Damn it!

Damn funicular!

They kept it closed for so long for works,
and to steal our money, these thiefs!

You're right,
for such people it takes the gallows!


Damn you in hell!

Get out of the way, let me through!

Move, let me through

I gotta catch you!

Stop! Sonofabitch!
I said stop!

Come here, let me dry you.


What have you done?

I've been looking for you for over
ten days! Your brain is rotten!

So you're Delia?

Do you know who I am?

I'm Antonio, Antonio Polledro.

I am Caserta's son.

I'm Antonio...

Look at this one's boobs.

Look, before, in the shop...
we've a lot of problems...

Look at you. Come with me.

You've seen him, he's old but so full of
energy. How can I keep up with him?

When he steals my money,
he spends months out of town.

I've had to fire cashiers
because he corrupted them.

- Did he bother you also?
- No.

I gotta go to a reception
given for election campaign.

I gotta talk to a friend of mine.

We can also eat, there.

I'm betting everything on that shop.

Do you believe me if I tell you
that I've not a moment's peace?

My father doesn't understand how much
I have invested in this business.

Until a couple of years ago things were OK,
but now the economy has stopped.

He keeps asking me for money,

he blackmails me, he harasses our clients,
I'm so fucking mad!

Should I kill him?

My father's been well
only in the last year.

Amalia was so kind to him.

I never thought
she could be so understanding.

My father stole a lot of money from me,

so he could buy nice clothes

and make a good impression on your mother.
But I don't care about that money.

Anyway Delia, what a terrible thing!

She didn't deserve to
end up the way she did.

Drowned, of all things.

What a shame.

I'm sorry I wasn't at the funeral,
and I didn't even offer my condolences.

She was an amazing woman.

Did you know that she and my father
were going out together?

Yes, I did


... L ...

... T ...

... D ...

... N ...

... O ...

She needs glasses, madam.

- Does she need to wear them always?
- Yes, otherwise it will get worse.

What a shame!
She was so pretty.

I haven't seen my three sons in a year.

I really made a wrong marriage!

You have no idea what I went through!

How about you? Are you married?
Do you have any children?

- No, I live on my own.
- Well done!

Free and independent.

Lucky you!

Come, come.

Antonio, be careful.

- Is there anyone around?
- My grandfather is.

Hello, Delia.

- Who, Caserta?
- Yeah.

- What did you do?
- He pushed me into a corner.

- He wanted to kiss me.
- With his tongue? - Like this.

- Is Moffa here yet?
- He's here since a long time.

What shall I do now?

Sit down, eat, and when you've
finished you go up to him.

- Can you seat us at the same table?
- Are you kidding?

At his table there are MPs, professors and
other people, and all with their wives.

How can I let you sit at his table?

Delia, go and get ready,
while I try to get a table.

- I'd like to speak to Mr Moffa.
- Who are you?

- My name is Antonio Polledro.
- Hold on.

Mr Moffa, Antonio Polledro
would like to speak to you.

This is not the time.

Please, take a seat.

may I have your attention, please?

Thank you.

Good morning,
and thank you all for coming.

I wanted to meet with you
in the wonderful Gulf of Pozzuoli...

because, out of all the programmes...

Delia, you fell asleep?
Will you go and break the pasta?

Mum, where are you going?

I'm going to get some embroidery.

Hurry up!

- You hurry up, dad will be home soon.
- But my fingers hurt!

I'll be right back!

When you come back, I'll kill you.

Happy birthday, Delia.

Your mum.

Making Naples a free port would mean
a fresh cash injection...

There's only one thing

that can encourage the renewal and
development of these areas:


It is not acceptable
for Coroglio, Nisida, Bagnoli

to be industrial areas

That's why I believe
that all high-risk industries

need to be delocalised...


We'd better go,
I won't manage to speak to him.

Do you see that swimming pool?

Why don't we have a sauna
to calm down?

- And the swimsuits?
- I've friends there, we'll borrow them.

You gotta return everything: dress,
underwear, dressing gown, everything!

But my mother bought this stuff for me.

It's not yours.
That's stuff my father took from the shop.

Did he choose it?

And who else?

In that case I'm only keeping the dress,
you can take the rest.

Not only don't they pay me,

but they also want the money they lent me.

You remember the shop at Gianturco?

It's reduced to a dump, a rathole.

My father set up a folding bed

and sleeps down there.
What a bum head!

Do you know what he did then?
He met Moffa

and told him a story about
a business he had in Germany.

And Moffa gave him money.

He spent it all and now
he's asking me to pay him back.

But I don't have that money.

And in the end they might take the shop.

Antonio, I'm not your wife.
Don't tell me all about your problems.

Why did you come to the shop?

I didn't even know who you were.

Then why did you make such a scene
about the dress and the underwear?

I wasn't looking for you.
I was looking for your father.

I need to know what happened
to my mother before she died.

You're obsessed.

Answer me!

What do they do in the shop? What?

They get on the bed, then they kiss,

and he says:
"Come here and take it in your mouth"

- Are you sure he said exactly that?
- Yes

You wretch!
What have you done?

What about this?
Who sent you this?


In front of the child!
Filthy cow!

The kid told me everything.

- What kid?
- My daughter.

- You...
- Sonofabitch!

Come here, I am going to kill you!

You piece of shit! You gotta die!

He didn't do anything.

I don't want to see you again
around here!

- You gotta go away! - Dad!
- Get him off of me!

Come here! What do you want?

I'm going to throw him down,
how about that? Is that what you want?

I'm going to throw him down!

Good morning, Delia

Good morning, Mrs De Riso.

- Can I offer you some cherries?
- Be my guest. - No, you come over.

After the first night,
ghosts only do as they're told.

- Hello?
- Come in.

Look how nice they are.

It's good.

- You took off your glasses?
- I broke them.

It's OK, I can still see quite well.

You look good, and I like the dress too.

I told Amalia it would have suited you.

- So you've seen this dress before?
- Of course, Amalia loved it.

She had laid out the lingerie on the table.

Then she'd pick this dress up and say:
"I bet it would suit Delia".

And she was happy because
it was even a bargain.

- Why was it a bargain?
- That friend of hers, that elegant man,

had offered her an exchange.

Her old lingerie in exchange for new one.

He said that he was working
on a new collection

that was inspired by past trends.

I told her to be careful,

because polite or not,
rich or poor, young or old,

you never know with men!

But she was so happy.

Perhaps her friend just wanted to do her a favour, it wasn't an exchange.

It could be...


it was your father who made me suspicious.

What's my father got to do with this?

He came to me very worried, poor man.

He wanted to know
if Amalia was up to anything.

He was so... kind, and so distressed.

Be honest, he went back and hit her?

It was on the next morning
that he threatened her.

"I'll kill you!", he told her.

And then he told her
some really terrible things.

- When did this happen?
- About ten days ago.

Had Amalia already received
the dress and the new lingerie?


- Was she happy?
- Yes, I told you.

- What happened after his threats?
- Nothing.

She soon forgot about it.
Your father, though,

was pale as a fish in the flour.

She, nothing.
She said:

"That's his character.
Not even old age changed him."

Honestly, I didn't like this attitude.

So when I walked her to the train
I told her to be careful.

But she seemed calm.

But then, in the compartment,

she started laughing,
fanning herself with her skirt.

- What's wrong with that?
- You shouldn't do that!

How do I look?

- Good
- I know.

- No, no...
- Come on, stand still!

There you go. Let me see.


You look so cute!

It was you, wasn't it?

It was you who said everything
to my dad, isn't that right?

What? What are you talking about?

- I'd never do that!
- You told on her, admit it. - No.

You did it to hear him scream and slam
the doors, as you liked. - That's not true!

How could you get such ideas?!



Stay a little longer.
Have some more cherries.

Are you angry with me?

That dress... The dress you're wearing...

How come you've got it?
Where did you take it?

It was in the suitcase that got lost.
Who gave it to you? That's dirty stuff.

- Who is it?
- Oh, you're in.

Ah, it's you. I just arrived
and wanted to get to bed.

You've my clothes?

Yes, they're here.
By the way, I bumped into Caserta.

We had a chat, nothing much,
without arguing, amicably. Anyway...

now Amalia is dead, we grew old,
time has passed... - What did he tell you?

A lot of things. He said that...

his son has thrown him out
and stole all the money,

that Amalia was the one who
treated him better than anyone else,

and that now he lives like a bum.

Certain things that not even someone
like Caserta deserves when he gets old.

- So even Caserta became a good man,
eh, Uncle? - Yes, he's a good man!

Delia, when you get to a certain age,
you have to make peace with your neighbor.

And even Caserta is part of the neighbor.

- Even if he's a stinker.
- Of course.



- I'm here.
- Tell me something.

But between Amalia and Caserta
nothing ever happened?

- Maybe...
- Then why did you say those things?

- And why did you believe me?
- You were only seven years old!


Delia, go away. Leave him alone.

- I've got a cough...
- Get treated.

What about the clothes?

Go fuck yourself!



Who is it?

It's Delia

- You've become old.
- I'll only stay a minute.

- I just want to know about my mother.
- She's dead.

- She died before me.
- She killed herself.

She went for a swim in the middle
of the night, like a young girl.

- Why didn't you come to the funeral?
- When one is dead, he's dead.

You should have come

Will you come to mine?


You won't come...

Because you'll die before me.
You're a bitch like your mother!

You left me here alone, like a dog!

You tormented her until the last day.
Why did you go to her house? Why?

I had followed her for a week.

Caserta would pick her up
and take her out every night.

She'd dress up with her few rags,
prettied up like a lady,

then would start the poses
she made any time she saw a man.

Her voice like this,
her hand like that, her head like that...

moving her hips like this...

You humiliated her, as usual.

- I told her I didn't want to live alone.
- You wanted her to come live with you.

I have a lot of savings.

I've told her, really a lot.

I did a dirty job.

I got poisoned in here, so that you
wouldn't lead a life like mine as a boy.

Now I've this money.
And what should I do with it?

- How did you get it?
- What do you want? It's mine.

Only Caserta could have given you this.

Tell the truth. He came here, brought you
this as a present and you took it.

Sure, even Caserta is your neighbour
now that he's old.

And here I was thinking it was Mrs De Riso.

Delia, what do you want?

He told you himself that
he was seeing mum again, did he?

And how you liked the news.

Once again to spy, to threaten her.

- You and him over mum!
- You wretch!

It's right you who talks?

Who, as a child, you made up that
she had an affair with Caserta?

- Do you remember what you told me?
- No! Yes!

I told a lie...

But what did it take you to believe a child?

You thrashed her for just
greeting someone in the street!

You made me think she was a bitch.

If she wasn't a bitch, then why
she never returned Caserta's presents?

Instead, she'd take the flowers
and put them in a vase.

She'd wear the dress and go out,
and let herself be thrashed to death!

I couldn't trust her.
I didn't know what to think.

- You can't resist his presents either.
- It's not a present.

- I made it! It's mine!
- No, you'd have never been able to make it.

I painted it when I was young.

I sold it to the Vossi sisters
when I wasn't even 20.

- I am going to go now.
- Wait. - No. - Wait!

I won't bother you.
We could live happily together.

What job do you do?

- I write comic strips.
- Does it pay well?

I don't need much to live.

I got a lot of money.

Bye, dad.

You too are old!
And take off that dress, cause you suck!

Excuse me, do you have any matches?

- Keep it.
- Thanks.

You do wrong to walk these streets.

There are too many bad people.

Is there anybody?

"From Naples to Bologna"

"Two single rooms"

"I TRE ARCHI Restaurant"
[Two meals]

Take it in your mouth,
take it in your mouth...

Mum, it's not true I saw you in here!


Oh my God, what are you doing here?

Are you crazy?

Delia, there's a man here who wants to
put me in a carpet and take me away.



This guy looks so silly.

He laughs so much.

Speak for yourself.

The Chinese Ming has spoken.

- You keep laughing.
- Who cut your hair?

Have you looked at him?

Leave him alone,
he is the lieutenant's son.

You've got big ears and I don't,
so shut up.

You aren't shaved, and you'll get two...

Two days of confinement!

- He keeps saying the same old thing.
- Back and forth.

- That's for sure!
- Or I'll end up washing dishes.

Has your document expired?

What's your name?


Amalia, would you like some beer?


We're still at Formia!
I can't take anymore!

English subs revised by edam17@KG
January 2015