L'amore a domicilio (2019) - full transcript

At 12 they gave me
a bicycle to go to school...

That bicycle was the thing
I wanted most in my life.

Inside school I feared that
someone outside would steal it.

An endless anxiety.

If I could I would have taken it
into the classroom with me.

One fine day I went outside
and the bicycle was gone.

What a relief!


This is the scheme I mentioned...

In short, this is an integrated
pension plan.

For a tranquil retirement,
you need an integrated policy.

Listen, I only started my first job
two months ago, I'm 26...

It's a bit early.

When do you want to start?
When you're old?

You must do now.

I'm not really that interested.

I'll have a decent pension.

Maybe today, but tomorrow
with your purchasing power reduced

you'll find it hard even to pay your bills.

My wife will get a good pension,

the two of us should be okay.

What if you split up?

We've only been married
two months.

Even more reason!

It's statistically very likely
that you'll separate, you know.

I have a policy like yours.
When it expires next year,

I will put the money towards
my wedding, the house.

You convinced me, ok!


Forgotten your anniversary?

You love her, she doesn't love you?



I had some lovely words for that.

Listen to this.
"I the roses, you the thorns".

An accountant wrote it,
he was in love

with a beautiful woman,
an air hostess.

He came here every night
and sent her flowers.

This was his last message.

What have you done?

She wants me to show more enthusiasm.

"Give me another chance"?
This one's good.

Stalkers use it a lot.

Are you a stalker?

Are you crazy? Of course not!

Pity! Stalkers make
excellent customers.

One of them,
before he got arrested,

spent 3,000 euros in two months.

Imagine that!

Take my advice
"I miss you" works every time.

"I miss you"?

I miss you.

Here we are.

Delivery tomorrow morning
before lunch.


Listen, how did the accountant
and air hostess story end?


He couldn't sleep, he went crazy.

You can't date an air hostess,
you never know where she is.

He fell in love
with the wrong woman!


When you marry,
are you doing the division?

Separating our assets?
Of course.

When we get married, we'll do that.

I'm just saying,

you buy a house,
pay towards it, so it's only right.

It's early days...

As we say: Better safe...

...than sorry.

Aren't you going out
with Simona tonight?

No. We have changed
our programs...

- How was the chicken with peppers?
- Excellent. Well done!

I bought some dried codfish today.
I'll leave it to soak for two days.

Yes, I can smell it...

You can smell it?

Excuse me, know where
I can I find a taxi?


Excuse me!

Excuse me!

Hi, do you know
where the taxi stand is?


They told me to look near the station.
Where is the station?

Near Castro Pretorio, do you know it?

It's in this direction

go straight down this road,

then ask, it's not far away.

Can we walk together?

No, here I'm. Sorry!

But if you walk in that direction...

- Okay, thanks.
- Then you can ask, okay?

Listen, if you want, I'll take you.

Wait, it's still locked.
Try now.


I've just sat an exam at uni.



Renato, you're not going
towards San Giovanni, are you?

No, I'm going
in the opposite direction.

You're not very bright, are you?


I mean, a girl asks you
for a lift, right? You know...

No! What's that got to do with it?

I've some appointments booked,
so I can't...

Can't what?

No, considering you said
you were going in the opposite direction...

Come on, Renato, I'm teasing!
I'm teasing, I was only joking.

I knew you were...

I've put the coffee on,
it won't take a minute.

You shouldn't have troubled yourself.

It's nice here.

You study here then?

What exam did you sit?

Italian philology, I got a 28.

Almost top marks? See?

But you're a mature student, right?

- Are you saying I'm old?
- No, I wouldn't say that.

But, I was looking at this...

Is this your mum?

You look like her,
she seems nice.

- She's dead.
- I'm sorry.

But she wasn't a nice person.

- I'm sorry she's dead.
- You don't give a damn.

- What do you mean?
- Come on, you don't give a damn.

You don't give a fucking damn.

Don't you feel like it?

No, it's just I thought
you'd done all this for...

for a lift home, that's all.

I told you you're not very bright.

Sorry, I dopped my bag.

Hold me...

Hold me... Hold me tight!

Hold me tight!


Do you want a coffee?

Yes, love.

Sorry, I didn't hear what you said.

What are you doing?

I can't.

- The coffee's almost ready.
- No, it's not that.

It's not for me...

And if something's not for you,
you'd better forget about it.

Excuse me?

I would not live in peace anymore,

I would end like the accountant
who no longer slept

a bicycle that would be stolen
from me right away.

What the fuck are you saying...


I'll give you my number...

No, better not.

Goodbye then.

Who is it?

Routine check.

I'm here! Okay?

- Who's this gentleman?
- A friend.

- Show me your ID.
- I can have visitors.

Don't waste my time,
my colleague's waiting downstairs.

- You've no police record, right?
- Of course not, why?

Just when I had a visitor
for once...

- Good morning.
- Good morning. Hi, sweetie!

What are you doing here?

A water pipe burst
and I can't work.

So I did some shopping
and came home.

- I'll be seeing you.
- I hope not.

But isn't that she...

I don't understand
why you get angry with the police.

They're the only visitors you get.

- What does she mean?
- Haven't you told him?


- I'm under house arrest.
- But I met you on the street.

I had permission to sit an exam.

She didn't pass the exam,
but she found herself a boyfriend.


Not bad for the first time
she's left the house.

One outing, one boyfriend.

But it can't have been that difficult.

Your mum is rather unpleasant.
You were right!

She's got the expression of...

I thought she was dead?

But you should have told me!

What crime did you commit?


Robbery? Great.

Armed robbery,
aggravated and continuous.

That too! Great!

And I was worried! Do I look
the type to hang out with criminals?

You're right, sweetie!

What about me? I had to take her in.

Ma'am, it's not really
the same thing.

You're her mother,
I met her this morning on the street.

And you admit it too!

Okay, I'll be off then.

Really unpleasant!

How many years are you serving?

Another two.

Did something happen?



No. No Problems.

Everything fine with Simona?

Simona? Yes, everything is fine.

Tell me the truth:
she did something to you?



Simona? I don't understand
why do you think such things

Because you are weird

It is because I ‘m tired,
I think I'm going to bed.



So I don't have to work
the Sunday shift any more, okay?

- That's good.
- Of course.

We'll have more time
to spend together.

And you?

What have I done?

- It's just you and me here...
- That's right.

The usual things.

Appointments, appointments...

I've missed you.

Me too. I wrote it in the note.


I'm sorry about the other day,
I was too hasty. Thanks.

You were right, because...

you made me think, well... about us

- So you still want to get married?
- No.

- Did I say no?
- You said no.

I meant yes. Yes, of course!

But anyway, look...
I've really missed you... lots and lots...

Are you sure you want to be with me?

You've asked me so many times
I'm starting to have... Doubts.

What do you mean?

I mean, I'm starting
to doubt that maybe I...

I said yes...

but maybe no.

Is this a nightmare?

What? I don't understand
what are you up to?

You send me roses,

You say yes, no, yes, no...

Why did you ask me to come here?

Because I am wasting my time!
Tell me beforehand!

Do you want to ruin my life?
If you do, admit it!

Could I ever ruin your life?

- You're an asshole.
- No...


Go fuck yourself, Renato!

...I'm under house arrest

for two more years

Tell me everything.

As I said over the phone,

it's not for me,

it's for someone I know...


Who's been in jail
for several years for...

armed robbery.

She's under house arrest right now,

she has two more years left to serve.

Yes, but I told you,
I don't do criminal law.

But tell me all about it,
just ask if you need my help.

I wanted to know how
this house arrest business works.

Well, you know, the person
cannot leave the house.

Even if it's only for a coffee,
it's still jailbreaking.

But apart from that,

there's no chance
they will let her out before time?

You know, in Italy...

You mean no one serves time?

- Yes.
- You're right.

Look, this is a final sentence,

so apart from a reduction
for good behaviour,

which everyone uses,

there are no other reductions.

So it's really, really difficult...

Yes, very difficult.
Almost impossibile.

The law provides only a few exceptions

I'm sorry...

- When will she be back?
- Who?

Your mother.

She's at work,
she's a hairdresser.

A tube burst
and she couldn't work yesterday.

- Where?
- What the fuck do you mean?

- No, it was a big pipline...
- Oh shut up!

What do you do during the day?


My lawyer told me
to sit a few exams

then I might impress the judge,

but I'm fucking thick!

The rest of the day,

I watch this crappy TV...

and I try to stay out
of my mother's way.

I hadn't seen her
since I ran away from home

in Catania, when I was 17.

Then she moved to Rome,
into this house that her aunt left her.

You ran away from home
when you were 17?


I was a famous case too.

- Two episodes of "Missing Persons".
- Really?

My mother even cried on live TV.

What did you do
when you ran away?

Nothing much...

I lived in Marseilles for years...

though I travelled around a lot...

with Franco

my ex... he was French.

What do you do?

No, don't tell me.
You might be married, with kids.

So, in short...

you get really bored.

It isn't too bad during the day.

But the evening... fuck!

The evening drags.

I miss everything!

Like a pizza, movies,

chatting in the car until late.


But the things I miss most

are those I've never done.

Like a sport.

I've never done any

but now I'd like to do
some kind of sport.

No, Dad, I won't be back for dinner.

I cooked cod fish

I'll take it to work tomorrow.

Yes, bring it to work tomorrow.

Ma'am, would you like
some pizza or a beer?

No, thanks, I'm eating out.

- How do I look?
- Fine.

- You look like a whore.
- Have a nice evening.

I've made you spaghetti
with tomato and basil sauce.

...look that tv...what beautiful images

Hi, Dad.


How was the cod?
Did it keep until lunch-time?

The cod? Yes, it was perfect.
Very delicate, in fact... very.

Because it was rather hot today.

It wasn't delicate at all.

I bet you wolfed it down.
I soaked it for two days.


Darling, you always say
you can't see the TV.

It's a great picture.

Listen, what does your mum do
in the evening?

Mind your own business.

Do you like it?

I'll be off then.

Call if you need anything.

Call me, though. You never call.

Okay, bye.

Yesterday the company asked
confirmation of your results.

I reckon they'll put you forward
as branch director.

- Really?
- You can sell insurance to the dead!


- See you at lunch with the others?
- No, I've got a business lunch.

"What are you doing?"

I'm here.

No, wait.

I have to serve you with this.

"What are you doing?"

I have to go, I've got an appointment.

It's only three weeks to my exam

and I know even less
than last time.

Let me know the exact date
so that I...

I'll make arrangements to take you.

Yes, but it doesn't matter
if you can't.

No, I'd like to.

Are you scared
I'll ask for another lift?

Here they are.

- Shall I make him a coffee?
- I'll kill you.

Look what...


What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

What do you mean?

I've come to see you.

How come you're out?

How come?

I was granted a day's permit,
from morning till evening.

Except it expired last night.

- Can you do that?
- No, this asshole has escaped.

Who's this guy?

None of your business.

This is your boyfriend!

Yes, and you can't stay here.

Why not?

You have to go,
you can't stay here.

The cops call by every day,
at all hours, they can come inside.

Don't worry, I'm going

I'm going back to France.

There's no future in Italy,


I don't want to be in the way.

Where's the bathroom?

Right in front as you go out.

- I have to go.
- Yes, go ahead

Can they really come in here
and search the place?

- I have to go.
- Go on.

I can't breathe in here
with that cigar smoke!

Tell him to keep quiet and stay put.

Here I am!


- You don't inhale a cigar.
- He doesn't smoke.

- Gently!
- He's not coming round!

Of course not! He's dead!

He's not, don't exaggerate!

- He could be, he's a bit of a weakling.
- Be quiet you!

It's all your fault!

I want you out of this house!

- Not right now...
- Yes, sweetie! He ruined you!

You could have been a model.

Worked for the TV.

Been a film actress!

Yes, a film actress!
Everyone is these days!

- Even those who are hopeless!
- I know.

But what happened?
You never made me proud!

That's enough!

Can you get that, please?
It's probably for me.

- Does your head hurt?
- Yes.

But it hurts more here.
My cheek's stinging.

I really appreciate what you did

Don't mind me walking.

We get yard time in jail at this hour.
I miss it if I don't walk.

Go ahead.

Sweetie, I've thought it over carefully.

I'm really sorry, but I...

I don't want anything to do with this,
I have to think of myself.

Why's she leaving?

I got a phone call.

The person who organised
my escape

has had a slight hitch,
he ended up in hospital.

I nearly ended up in hospital too.

I can't move
until he's feeling better.


I was thinking...

Unless you give me a hand.

You can drive me around

I'll meet who I have to meet, you know...

forged ID, and everything else.

I'll be gone in a couple of days.

I can't.

I really can't, I'm sorry.

- I'll help you.
- Thanks.

- Careful, not all at once, or...
- Careful.

Where's my jacket and bag?

If they find him here,
I'll have my house arrest revoked.

I'll go straight back to jail.

If they catch me with this fugitive,
where do you think I'll go?

Come on!

Listen it's better to end it up here, it is better
we don't see each other anymore, believe me.

Ok, ciao, you better go!

Pity, I thought
we were happy together.

Oh, I hadn't noticed!

I thought I was the only one.

Just think how bright you are!

That's right!
I'm so bright, I'm going!

- Get out!
- I'm going!

- What are you waiting for?
- Nothing. I'm going.

- Get out! Go on!
- Okay, calm down, I'm going.

- Go on!
- I'm going.

Go on!

Why the fuck did I call?

Why the fuck did I call?

Who the fuck asked me to?

Who the fuck asked me to?

I'm an idiot..why did I have to call...

I'm not going to sleep...

Who the fuck asked me to?
Darn it!


Sorry, I didn't hear the phone.

Am I disturbing you?

We were playing a game.

How come?

It's the choreography game,

It's the surround system,
it makes everything vibrate!

Franco set it up.

It wasn't that hard after all.


if I help him get away...

is he the last?

No one else

- Hello, good morning.
- Good morning.

Listen, I would like a valuation
on this bracelet.

If you want, I can weigh it,

but we're talking
about 600, 650 euros here.

But I wouldn't sell it.


Good-looking woman, eh?

She gave me this bracelet.

I've been in here three days
and I've only had an X-ray done!

They think I've got time to waste!

I'm on the waiting list for a CT scan.

Waiting list!

Everyone's more urgent
than I am in here!

They're all dying.

Piss off!

I got this stabbing pain right here...
It didn't wear off!

- Here?
- Yes, here.

It's not a kidney stone?

Are you a doctor?


If they don't do my CT scan
before tomorrow morning,

I'll tell them to fuck off!

Tell Franco
Sergetto won't abandon him.

Who's Sergetto?

- I'm Sergetto.
- Oh, sorry.

Okay, give me those things.


He's a legend!

Fucks like a rabbit.

It will all be ready by tomorrow,
I only needed the photos.

- I'll come back tomorrow then.
- Where are you going?



- Top or bottom...
- Top.

At the back.

You found it.

Be careful, it's loaded.

Where's the exit...

I don't believe it!

Excuse me!

A&E's at the end of the corridor.

I don't believe it!

I'll be off then.

Just so I know,
where are you staying?

At my sister's!

Not with your boyfriend?

I don't have a boyfriend.

How come?

Who did you go out with every night?

Not any more.

He's run off already?

No! I didn't know how to explain

that I was staying with my sister
because we have a crook at home.

He's a respectable person

and I preferred to end it
rather than tell him a lie.

You could have told him
any old bullshit.

It's not a virtue
to tell the truth all the time.

Then when they find you out,

he'll think I'm a liar
and a criminal like you!

Oh, well done, you've said it!

I'm a criminal!

Sweetie, why are you
being like this?

What are you doing, lovey?


Leave me alone!

- I'm not talking to you!
- Why not?

Do you need to ask?

- Is that so?
- Yes.

Is that any way to behave?

You made me carry a gun!


I have to meet Dori.

You know, from
the "Cash for Gold" shop.

It'll be the first time
we meet outside prison.

Where can I take her?

To a hotel.

- With what ID?
- How do I know!

I was thinking of your place.

No, come on!
You are joking, aren't you?

Know how long it is since I did it?

I know, but my father's at home.

Think if I went to Anna's tonight,
she'd refuse me?

Of course she would!


When we get back,

I can give it a try.

Listen, Dad, I...

Is anything wrong?

No, nothing's wrong.

It's just, I...

Go ahead, don't worry.

It's not easy if you keep interrupting.

I'm meeting someone, a woman...

she isn't Simona.

I've arranged to meet her here...

You're right to.

You're right to, I mean..

To do what you please.

It'll toughen you up...

I never did it with your mother,
and look what happened.



- Is this your shopping trolley?
- Yes.

Do you use it?

It helps when I'm shopping.

Aren't they for old folks?


Right, when Dad comes out...

Here he is.

...you go inside.



Right, perfect...

Guys, no!



Not in my car!
Do it my bedroom, at least!

- Madam!
- Just a sec.



Sorry, I didn't hear the intercom
with my earphones in.

Don't worry.

Where's Franco?

In there.


No reason.

How did it go?

Well... sort of.

He's totally crazy!

He wanted to go downtown

He renewed his wardrobe
with my credit card

Even an expensive watch


he'll have his ID tomorrow...

and he can leave.

What are you reading?
"The Divine Comedy"?

I don't understand a word!

"Large hail, discolor'd water,
sleety flaw

Through the dun midnight air
stream'd down amain

Stank all the land whereon
that tempest fell.

Cerberus, cruel monster..."


It's pronounced Cerburus.

What is it?

There's a footnote.

- These little ones?
- Yes.

You have to read them?

"Fiendish monster".

You're good.

Not really!

I've got a diploma

I got good marks, but...

No, you're good.

Not like me, I'm hopeless.

Bye, Dante.

Come here!



What for?

You don't have to thank me.

Yes, I do.

Listen, take my house keys.

You never know, I might be
in the shower, wearing earphones...

You don't have to...

I don't use them.

Shall we screw?


Your ID's inside
and a mobile with a fake SIM card.

And the key to open the lock
on the scooter outside Anna's house.

What scooter?

I'm being discharged today,
tell Franco it's off.

What do you mean?

I have to be readmitted
in two weeks' time.

I need an op.

Crikey! I'm sorry.

Tell Franco I can't take part in it.

In what?

The games are over, okay?

We have to become respectable.


I know, I'm sorry.

- Shall we get some fresh air?
- Okay.


My grandma had loads of ops
for kidney stones,

and now for one kidney stone...

he's made a vow to...

St. Rocco.

St. Rocco?

Anyway, what is it
you were going to do?

A robbery! What else?

A robbery?

The heist of my life!
I've been preparing it for a year!

Or why would I bother
to escape from jail?

I'd forget about the robbery.

The heist of my life...

Let's hear it then,
what is this crap idea of yours?

To rob Dori's husband's
"Cash for Gold" shop.

And that's your heist of the century?

Doesn't sound like
a good idea to me.

It's not what you think.

The shop is part of a chain
of cash-for-gold shops...

used for recycling the money
of big crime.

Money and jewels are piled up there
by the organisations.

But the stuff

doesn't go in the safe

there's a hiding-place
round the back.

But tomorrow, after lunch

they'll be moving it.

Dori told me today.

A truly amazing... robbery!

And no one can go to the police!

The only way

to get into the office
is to pretend to be a customer.

But I can't do it
because her husband knows me.

That's why I needed that jerk!

Once inside,
he was to open the doors.

Dori was turn the CCTV cameras off,


she wants to leave
her asshole husband.

How come her husband knows you?

Wasn't Dori a crazy woman
who wrote to you in jail?

I'm telling you he knows me.

All right then...

He caught her with something
I had sent her.

But this is not the only thing...

There's that other problem,
you know, right?

- What?
- He stammers.

- You stutter?
- Only during robberies!

Oh, only during robberies?
So what?

You're an armed robber, Franco!

So? That's why I need someone
to speak for me.

If I do it, I want 100,000 euros.

- I'm in.
- Anna, please!

We have to be out by 9:30 am tomorrow.
The scooter's outside.

- Fine.
- Please... You are joking?

Will you look at me a second?

- You are joking?
- I never joke about robberies.

Yes, no messing about at work!
Work is sacred!

I need the money, my mum
is in deep debt with the banks.

No, you don't know
what you're doing.

If they come when you're out,
they'll revoke your house arrest.

Anna, I risk going to jail for you!

Just trust me.

I'll go, do this thing
and come back.

I'll go and make a work call.

I'll come with you after the robbery.

Move along, this is a police operation.

No, I know why you're here!

She didn't come back tonight either.

Has she gone away? Where is she?

I really don't know.
I just know she's not at home.

I feel awful...

I don't feel like working.
I booked some holidays today because...

What I've done to her?

I really don't know.

Anna doesn't tell me
anything about her mother.

But maybe...

She would talk to you, you know.

Are you making fun of me?


Tomorrow... 9:00, 9:30.

...You'll talk to her.

I should go and talk to her?

You talking to me?

You talking to me?

You talking to me?

You talking to me?

You talking to me?

Excuse me. May I...

disturb you a second?

Because you'll be leaving.

So, I've made a note here

of all the money I've spent
over the last few days.

Then maybe you can give
my share to Anna.

It adds up to 4,419.50 euros...

Let's call it 4,400...

It's all written down in detail...

I expected more.

Okay, but I don't want you
to round it down.

No, I told you I would
pay it all back.

You keep it, then at least...

- I'll keep it?
- Can we go now?

Let's go.

Without the gun though...

Tell him to put the gun away.

He doesn't need it, right?

...Who is this?

I don't believe it!

That's why he came upstairs!

I didn't realise.

Fuck, she even does it with cops!

But I don't know where she is.
And I wouldn't tell you anyway.

Can you go now?
I'm in a hurry, I've a lot to do.

I don't understand.
Why did she phone and end it all?

What can I say?
Perhaps she's got someone else.

Knowing her, it's very likely,
believe me.

So go out now and celebrate!

You're better off without her.

I know you don't have
a very good relationship...

No, we don't have
a relationship at all!


I wanted to tell you...

that when they evict you,

I'd like Silvana
to come and live with me.

- When they evict you?
- I told you she was deep in debt.

- Because she paid your lawyers.
- That's her bad luck!

I'd have settled
for a court-appointed lawyer.

When are you being evicted?

In two days' time
the house will go to auction.

I delivered the notification
two days ago.

I'm really worried about Silvana.
I know her...

Oh, you know her?

Yes! She's rather fragile
and she's not had an easy life.

What if you're evicted?

He knows her.
She's not had an easy life.

What will you do?

He knows her!
What do you think I'll do?

- Yes, I know her.
- Will you go back to jail?

Bad luck happens.

And she went looking for it,
time after time.

So you know every man who called by
would screw her, then off he'd go!

- You know her!
- All right...

That's how I came to be born!

- She was young.
- Yeah, young!

Come on, Anna...

She's got the brain of an 8-year-old!
She's retarded!

They were all married assholes,
you could tell at a glance!

Except she never could

She'd fall for them,
then come crying to me.

- Your mother is a wonderful person.
- Wonderful!

- Yes.
- Wonderful...

What the fuck are you talking about?

- And she loves you too.
- She loves me?

So why, when I was a kid,
did she tell me I was the problem?

That no one would have her
because of me?

She never helped me!
I never had a mother!


The only thing she said was,
"Find a guy with money".

Because all she found were losers.
And she still is!

- Then why don't you move out?
- That's right, why?

Because I'm a poor wretch.

Who's there?



They mustn't find me here!

- Good morning, Miss Anna Ferrante?
- Yes.

- We have to search your apartment.
- Why?

Routine check.

This gentleman is...

- He's my boyfriend.
- Her boyfriend.

- Can I see some ID?
- Yes.

Just a sec.

- Found anything?
- No.

What's in here?

It's my mother's bedroom.


What's up?

There's someone behind here.

I'm a colleague.


Good morning.
I'd like some information about...

I've managed to delay them,
but hurry up.

Perfect, let's get a move on.

Or they'll have moved it all.

Come on, it's late!

I've changed my mind,
I'm not coming.

You've changed your mind?

I'm not doing it.

- You can't abandon me now.
- My mind's made up.

You'll be evinte
and you'll go back to jail!

Is that what you want?


She's always been like this,
you can't trust her.

I escaped from jail
to live like a poor wretch!

It was such an easy plan!

And I can't even find an asshole
willing to help me!

What was this plan?

"Asshole" was just an expression...

Yeah, yeah.

It's so perfect even an ass...

I'll go in Anna's place, okay?

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Can you check these things for me?

I'll serve this gentleman.

Thank you.

How can I help?


I came to...

for a valuation of...

of something.

Just a second, it's...

Look at the bottom of your pocket,
because sometimes...

That's where they hide.

I'd forgotten that I hadn't...

I hadn't take it off.

Good, I'll take a look.

Let's look at the hallmark.

Yes, let's look at it.

- Excuse me a second.
- Go ahead.

I know!

- This is mine!
- No!

Aren't you giving it back?

It's mine, give it back!

Help! Help!

Ha... Ha... Hannnn... Hanndd...

Hands up!

We'd worked that out!

- This is a robbery!
- We'd worked that out, too!

What the fuck!

He'll shoot you both!

Drop those guns, both of you!

How's it going?

Not good!

Just think, a friend of mine took
an Ipodium when he was working.

And even now he's given up robberies
and leads a normal life,

he still takes one if he has
to go to the bank to withdraw money.

Otherwise he shits his pants when
he goes through the metal detector.

If it's an occupational hazard,
tell him to claim for it!

You can't wait for me to go, eh?

Admit it!

Just a little.

Then you can go back
to being the lord of the castle.

Well done.

Two cockerels in
a hen coop are too many.

Don't worry, I'm leaving.

Look, if it were for me, I...

I wouldn't mind, Franco.

I'll admit it,

I was a little biased against you,
that's true, but...

Now I even like you.



What's he done?

What's he done?

That's not right! Darn it!


Damn it!

I printed off the email. See?

They couldn't let a guy like you go.
Think if you're made a director!

The course starts next week, in Milan.


- Can you cash this policy in for me?
- Aren't you happy?

Yeah, yeah...
Will you do me this favour?

- Of course. I need the details.
- It's mine.

You're surrendering your policy?


Bye, Renato!

Right, I've got some good news.

The bank has agreed to our proposal.

From 129, they'll reduce
the debt to 80,000 euros.

To write the debt off,

they want the 46,000 we promised
them as a banker's draft.


And you will pay the rest, madam,
with the mortgage they granted you.

Of course!

Did you really do it?

No, don't laugh!

- It's really risky.
- No, no!

It all went smoothly.

But you carried out the robbery.

It was your money.

Why should you pay our debts?

For me it was
like finding it in the street...

It was a lot of money.

It could have changed your life.

You were about to get evicted.

Yes, and I'm pleased for my mother

because for me...

I can't stay here anymore...

I even thought of going back to jail.

If you did it for me...

there was no need.

No more bullshitting.

I want no more of it.

The only thing I want now
is to take this exam.

I've even made myself
a corner to study in!

But you told me
you were happy with me.



- But?
- There's no but.

No, there is a but.

But who am I after all?

I'm just the idiot who found you
on the street that day...

- No, it's not that!
- No?

I mean, you come here, we screw,

we watch a film,
eat a pizza, but...

I don't even know who you are
at the end of the day.

You don't?

I'll tell you who I am.

It's simple.

I'm an asshole!

- A first-class asshole!
- I don't need this right now...

"I don't need..."

Well, who cares?

What I want right now
is to sit this exam, okay?

Can I finish something in life,
seeing I've finished fuck all?

It's in a few days...

You won't pass! And not because
of the time, you'll never pass it!

I want to try!

Take my advice,
next time pick the lecturer up!

It'll be quicker.

I'm going.

Will you help me?

What did you say?

If you help me...

If you help me, I might just succeed.
You're clever.

- Are you joking?
- No, I'm in the shit.

Are we starting again?

I don't want to,

and even if I did,
I couldn't. Know why?

Because I've a business trip
in two days' time.

Because I work, I don't steal!

Oh, come on! That was
a "one-off", it doesn't count!

Where are my keys?

You can't read!

You're crazy, six-year-old kids
read better than you do!

You have to learn to read
before you can study, Anna!

That's how you study!

Or take an exam on armed robbery!
You know all about that!

Where the fuck
have I put my keys?

I've got them.

Oh, fuck off!

- How many days have you got?
- Five.

- Eh?
- Five.

- Five days?
- Yes.

- Have you got a schedule?
- No.

- An organizer?
- No.

What do you mean, organizer?

A chart with all the days
with everything you have to...

A timetable.

- What's your table of contents?
- Here.

This is the book of...

Date and place of composition of...

"Hell", "Purgatory" and "Paradise".

Right, come on, "Hell"?

More coffee!

I mean, I...

- But if you don't repeat it...
- What time is it?

You won't remember it
and know what to say at the exam.

- I can't rememb er a thing!
- You're doing just great!


I read there's one important thing
they always ask...

..he actually admits
he has eaten his children.

- It's an amazing splatter tale!
- "The Divine Comedy"?


"The spirts"?
Isn't there an "i" missing?

No, it's ancient Italian.

- You say it, then I'll repeat it.
- The Vulgate!

- The Vulgate!
- No shit!


Yes! Yes, speaking.

Yes, first of all, thank you,
thanks a lot...

I'm really pleased, but unfortunately
I've got this situation...

Unexpected, yes.

I can't move away from Rome.

Maybe next year.

Come on, let's go over it quickly.

Who is, let's say,
the theoretician of the Vulgate.

We know that exists an older text..
Was it like this?


...The twenty-third?

No... no

It was the most popular text
in the years following the author's death.

Preserved in private and public
libraries all over the world.

Quick! No looking!

Lucca, Casentino, Ravenna...

Where is the signed copy
of "The Divine Comedy" kept?

- This is a trick question.
- Because there is none!

Right, "Hell", 1306-1314.

Well done!

The twenty-third?

He too would die that way...

- Of the Gluttonous...
- Great!

In Canto V of "Hell",

we have two very important

Paolo and Francesca...

who were these two lunatics

who made out
while they were studying.

Tell that to your tutor!

- You'll get top marks!
- Oh well.

What if I don't go?

- What do you mean?
- I'm too scared.

- It's quite normal.
- No, I swear, I'm terrified.

Trust me, it's quite normal.
It's an exam!

Aren't you wearing
your gold chain anymore?

It snapped.

Let me see, I'm an expert.

Yeah, a specialist!

Who snatched them from
people's necks, then repaired them.


This was my mother's.

She died some time ago,
it's all I've got left of her.


You're here.

Why didn't you answer me?

Dad, I needed it, so I cashed it in.

What did you need it for?

I've met this girl.

And I used it to help her.

Have you gone crazy?


But it's done now.

You're just like your mother.

You're the exact copy
of your mother.

That's what you are.


Mum didn't love you.

That's why she left.

It happens.

But you can't spend your life
brooding about it.


- You're still young...
- Oh, please!


It means that what we are reading
isn't exactly the original text

but an older text

I'm saying it's possible...

to trace and reconstruct...

the one that was more widespread
in the years after the author's death.

Miss, you didn't answer
all of the questions.

You did better with some,
but you weren't very convincing.

I get the impression you didn't make
the things you studied your own.

It won't do.

No, please, ask me
one last question.

"Love which pardons
no one loved from loving."

Everyone knows this line,
but what does it mean?

Yes, that's right...

"Love which pardons
no one loved from loving"

is verse 103 from Canto V of "Hell".

Like you said, it is one
of the most famous lines

from "The Divine Comedy".

This terza rima is composed
with an anaphoric reference...

All right, you've studied that.

But can you tell me
what it means?

In your own words?

My words?

Okay then...

In this verse, right...


is telling Dante

how she fell in love with Paolo.

This verse...

means that...

It means...

It means that when someone

loves you...

really loves you...

you can feel it.

And when you feel
this thing, it's like...

like a bomb,
it changes everything.


If someone has decided
to really love you...

it's a good thing.

It's a good thing because...

even if at the beginning
it seemed rather risky...

and without meaning...

love then awakens you...

It makes you do things
you never thought you would.

And that is to love.


Well done, sweetie.

I'm really happy for you!

- Hi.
- Hi.

How are you feeling?


- Did you do this?
- No!

Do your wheels fall off too?

- Yes, they do.
- Yes, that's right.

- I've modified mine.
- Modified?


Modified! it's not difficult...
Now it works well...




- Come in.
- Anna?

- Are you happy then?
- About what?

Haven't you heard?
She's been released!

- Where is she?
- Isn't she here?

She'll have popped out a second.

She didn't tell you
because she wanted to surprise you.

I can come whenever
I want from now on.

Darn it!
She's left her phone here!

We're celebrating!
We'll have dinner together.

This is wonderful!
I don't believe it!

Sweetie, bring your father
tonight too.

We're celebrating.

We'll go to the restaurant, my treat.

No, no!

- My treat!
- I've left something in the car.

She's my daughter, it's my treat.

- Yes, but I'm a gentleman.
- No, you're a rogue!

As you wish.

You're shameless!


- Hi.
- I've been released.

I'm free!

- Your mum told me.
- Have you nothing to say?

- I'm pleased. Well done.
- Is that all?

- What else can I say...
- Where are you going?

I've got an appointment
with a client.

- I'll come with you.
- No, I prefer to go alone.

What can I say? Good luck!

See you this evening.

Okay, I'd like that.

I'm glad.

Actually, I was thinking...

I've got a whole week...

of meetings, appointments, so...

I don't actually know
when I can...

come and see you.

You're not going anywhere,
are you?

Why are you acting so weird?

How come they let you go?

I got a reduction of my sentence
for passing the exam.

Well, just imagine! Look...

It's really absurd.

But I'm the fool,
for still being surprised, because...

- With all these criminals...
- That's enough

- ...at large...
- Stop it!

But you sat an exam...
No, it's just me...

So you preferred me
under house arrest?


I'd have been released
sooner or later anyway.

I'm happy for you though...

I have to run or I'll be late.

You're happy for me?

You're not going anywhere!
You're coming home with me!

Well, I'm going to pass.

Will you threaten me?
Shoot me if...

Why are you treating me like this?

I'll go if... you don't stab me.

I can't...

even walk away!

I'm ruined!

Shall we go home?

Shall we go for a walk?

A walk?

- Yes.
- Come on.

I might cheer up, or get used to it,
I don't know.

Anyway, I nipped out
to get your gold chain repaired.