L'amore (1948) - full transcript

In part one, The Human Voice, a woman alone speaks on the telephone to her lover, who has broken off the affair to marry someone else. He calls her several times in one night: he lies, she apologizes, she takes the blame, she weeps, she pleads, she asks a favor. Her pain and desperation drive the simple story. In part two, The Miracle, a homeless woman believes that a man she encounters on a hillside is Saint Joseph; he takes advantage of her. When she discovers she is pregnant, she knows it's a miracle. Other villagers mock her, and she has the baby alone, near a locked church, in the straw of a goat shed.

The digital restoration
of L 'amore was based

on the original image
and soundtrack negatives

and a vintage fine-grain print
preserved at CSC - Cineteca Nazionale.

The restoration work was carried out
by Cineteca di Bologna

and CSC - Cineteca Nazionale at
L'lmmagine Ritrovata laboratory in 2013.


Quiet, Mincia.

Here you go.

No, Mincia, no.

Hello? Is that you?

Is that you?

I can't hear anything.
I can't hear anything. Hello?

You sound very far away.

I can hardly hear you.

Go on.

What's that?

No, it wasn't me.

I've just got back.

Did you call?

No, I was out with Marta.

It must be...
It's half past eleven.

Aren't you at home?

Well, look at the clock
on your mantelpiece.

Ten o'clock?

Ten o'clock...
My clock must be fast.

That's strange.

Last night...
I went to bed very early.

I couldn't sleep so I took a pill.

No, just one, at nine.

I had a nasty headache, so...

I'd been out with Marta all day.

Then I packed your bags.

I'm very strong.

I'm very brave.

Marta came and picked me up.

Yes, I've just got back from hers.

She's been very sweet.

Really kind.
Just what I needed.

Yes, I did think that.

But she's not selfish.
You were right as usual.


My black satin dress.

Yes, I've still got it on.

No, I haven't been smoking.
Just three cigarettes.

That's all, I promise.

You're very sweet.


Haven't you been out?

You stayed at home all day?

What business?

Oh, right.



Hello? I can't hear anything.

Can you hear me?

I'm here.

Yes, I'm here.

Yes, I've packed the bags.
I told you.

I put in your letters, and mine too.

You can get them picked up
whenever you want.

It's very upsetting.
I understand.

Don't apologise, darling.
I'm the one who...

I'm the one who's not...

who's not loved.

Oh, my love...

No, I didn't think
I'd be this strong either.

Don't admire me too much.

I don't even know what I'm doing.

I get dressed, I go out, I come home.
I'm like a robot.

I may not be so strong tomorrow.
I'm pretty sure I won't.

You, a monster?

No, darling, no.

No, I'm not blaming you for anything.

Yes, of course.

It's only natural.

No, my sweetheart.
What am I supposed to say?

We always agreed we'd be honest with
each other, didn't we?

It would have been terrible if you'd
kept it all from me until the last minute.

The shock would have been unbearable.

But this way, you know,

I've had time to get used to it
and understand your reasons.

What do you mean, acting?

Why, do you want me
to put on an act?

Nothing at all.

I'm really calm.

I mean it.
You'd understand that.

I said you'd understand that.

Do you think
I sound like I'm hiding something?

No. I've decided to be brave
and I will be.


But that was the other day.

It's good to be strong
and prepared, you know.

But when the time comes
it's always a big shock.

No, that's going too far.

As I said, I've had time
to get used to everything.

And you've always
had this ability

to calm me down
and make me feel looked after.

It's frightening.

There were too many obstacles
in our way.

We either had to sacrifice
five years of happiness

or accept the risks.

I took the risk.

And today I'm paying dearly
for all the happiness I've had.



I'm paying for it
but I don't regret anything.

Not a single thing.

No, darling...

You're wrong.
You're wrong, my love.

I've got what I deserved
because I wanted too much happiness.

It was like an obsession.

My love...

Don't apologise.
Don't apologise.

It's all my fault, anyway.

Don't you remember
that Sunday in Versailles?

I wanted to come.
I wouldn't let you speak.

I told you I was prepared
to accept everything.

No, let me finish.

I was the one who called you. I came
looking for you. Don't you remember?

No, sweetheart, it was a Tuesday.

Yes, Tuesday 27th.

Your telegram had arrived on Monday
26th. Don't you remember?

Those dates are fixed in my mind.


I don't know
but I think I'll stay here.


You're leaving tomorrow?

I didn't realise it was so soon.


Hold on a minute, sorry.

Tomorrow morning I'll leave the bags
downstairs with the porter.

Send Giuseppe to pick them up.

Oh, I...
No, it doesn't matter.

I'll stay here or maybe go and spend
a few days in the country with Marta.


Mincia's like a lost soul.

She looks at me,
pricks up her ears and listens.

She's waiting for you.

It feels like she's blaming me, as if
it's my fault you've stopped coming here.

I think it would be best
if you took her back, darling.

She'd be unhappy here.

No, don't worry.

She's not a woman's dog.
I wouldn't know how to deal with her.

She'd never go out
if she was with me.

It's best if she stays with you.

She'll soon forget about me,
don't worry.

All right, darling, we'll sort it out.

Look, it's not that complicated.

Don't worry about that,
you can always say she's a friend's dog.

Mincia's very fond of Giuseppe.
Get him to pick her up.

Look, please...

All right, darling.
All right.

Your gloves?

Oh, those gloves...
Those gloves.

I don't know.
I don't think I've seen them.

I don't know if I put them in the
suitcase. But don't worry about it.

I'll look for them and if I find them
I'll give them to the porter. Don't worry.

What is it, my love?

The letters?

My ones?

Burn them.

Listen, darling,
I want to ask you something.

This may sound really silly.

Look, I just wanted to say
that if you burn them

I'd like you...

I'd like you to keep the ashes

in that tortoiseshell case.

You know, the one I gave you
to put your cigarettes in


No, no...

I'm so stupid, I'm sorry.

Please forgive me, my love.


I was being so strong and then...


Hello? What is it?
Why aren't you saying anything?

Yes, I've calmed down.

I've calmed down now.
I'm not crying any more.

I was saying that I'd like you
to keep those ashes. All right?

Thank you, my love.

No, it's not too late for me.
It doesn't matter.

Oh, of course.
You've got to work.

You'd better go to bed now
if you've got to get up early tomorrow.



Yes, I can hear
a lot of interference too.

But your voice is clear.

It's as if you were here
in the bedroom with me.


What's that?
I can't hear you. What did you say?

That's strange.
Your telephone's making strange noises.

It doesn't sound like you're calling
from your own telephone.

Oh, of course.

My love...

My love, I can see you.

You're wearing your scarf,
the red one,

and your sleeves are rolled up
to your elbows.

You've got the receiver
in your left hand

and a pencil in your right
and you're drawing on the blotting paper.

Hearts, stars...

You're laughing?

I've got eyes instead of ears.

No, don't look at me, please.
If you only knew...

I'm not telling you what I did
when I looked at myself in the mirror.

Oh, my God.
My God.

Oh, my darling, my love,
you're so sweet

but you really can't say
that I've got a pretty face.

You know, I actually preferred it

when you used to call me ugly.

My ugly one...

My ugly mug...













I got cut off
when I was speaking to Mr...

He's not at home?

Oh, I'm such an idiot.

I knew he wasn't going home tonight.
He must have called from the restaurant.

I'm so stupid.

Thank you so much, Giuseppe.
Sorry. Good night.


Is that you, darling?

We got cut off.

No, I was waiting.

Of course, I understand.

Are you sleepy?

You're very sweet.

It was very kind of you
to call me back.

Yes, I'm still here.
Go on.


Nothing, don't worry.

No, you're wrong, I'm not upset.

No, no.
What do you mean, my voice?

It's the same as it was earlier.

No, it's just that I keep on talking

and forget that it's all got to end

and I'll be thrown back
into darkness and silence.

Listen, darling,
I've never lied to you, have I?

Yes, I know,
but I lied to you just now.

I lied to you earlier on the telephone.

Everything I told you was a lie.

I know I've got no hope
and it's pointless,

but lying brings bad luck

and I don't like doing it,

even if it's for your sake.

No, don't worry,
it's nothing serious.

I lied to you
when I told you what I was wearing

and that I'd had dinner with Marta.

I didn't have dinner with her.

I'm not wearing my black satin dress.

I'm here in the bed, freezing cold.

All this waiting has frozen me,
you see.

All this getting up,
sitting down, going to bed,

pacing up and down
like a caged animal,

staring at a telephone
that never rang.

All this waiting, waiting, waiting.

I don't even know what for.

Yes, go on.

Go on, tell me.
I'll be calm.

I'll answer all your questions.
Go on.

I'll tell you the truth, I promise.


No, I haven't eaten anything.

I couldn't.
I've been in a very bad way.

Last night or maybe the night before,
I can't remember when,

I wanted to take a pill
to make me sleep.

And then I thought that if I took more
I'd sleep better.

And if I took them all
I'd sleep without any dreams

and would never wake up.

I'd be dead.

I took 12.

But I did have a dream.
I dreamt about the two of us.

But when I realised that I was alone

and my head wasn't on your shoulder
and my legs weren't next to yours,

I felt that I couldn't go on living.

I was completely frozen,
my heart had stopped beating

but death just wouldn't come.

I was so distressed.
After about an hour I called Marta.

I didn't have the courage
to die alone, my love.

It was four in the morning. Marta came
with the doctor who lives in her building.

My temperature was over40.

They say poisoning yourself is hard
because most people mistake the dose.

No, Marta stayed with me till this

I made her leave because you'd
promised to call me one last time.

I was afraid
that she wouldn't let me talk to you.

I'd promised myself
that I wouldn't bother you,

I'd let you go without making a scene
and say goodbye

as if we were going
to see each other the next day, but...

Darling, talk to me.

Talk about whatever you like,
so long as you talk to me.

I've suffered so much,

but just the sound of your voice
makes me feel better.

I close my eyes...

Sometimes when I had my head on your
shoulder and my ear on your chest

and you spoke to me,

I'd hear your voice just like
I hear it tonight over the telephone.

No, my love, I was so happy.

I saw her photo
in a magazine at the milliner's studio.

I didn't tell you because I didn't want
to spoil our last weeks together.

I can hear music.

I said I can hear music.

Oh, the neighbours.

You should bang on the wall and get
them to turn their gramophone down.

They've got into bad habits

because they know
that you never used to sleep at home.

No, darling, no.

Please don't. If you didn't call back
I'd go out of my mind.

Sorry, darling.
Sorry, darling.

I know this scene I'm making is
unbearable, but try to understand.

Try to understand, my love.
I'm suffering.

I'm suffering for love.
I'm suffering.

And this telephone line is
the only thing that still ties me to you.

The other night, or maybe last night,
I slept with the telephone in the bed.

Yes, I know I'm ridiculous,
but it's the only bond between us now.

I fell asleep waiting for you to call.

You don't know how many dreams I've
had, how many nightmares,

but they were all so vivid.

It's terrible.

For five years I lived for you.
You were the only air I breathed.

I spent my life waiting for you,

thinking you were dead
if you were late,

dying and then coming back to life
when you appeared,

dying of fear whenever you left.

I'm only breathing now
because you're talking to me.

If you hang up now,
I'll die just like that.

Yes, darling, I'll try,
but even if I do fall asleep

there are the dreams,
and then there's waking up again,

and then having to get up,
eat, wash and go out, but go where?

Where should I go?

My love, I didn't have anything else
to do except be with you.

Only you.

Something to distract me?

After that fateful Sunday evening,

the only time I've had something
to distract me and haven't thought of you

was at the dentist's,
when he touched one of my nerves,

but it was only for a brief moment.


My Mincia...




Mincia hasn't left her corner for two
days. She won't eat, she won't...

I've tried to call her and stroke her.

She doesn't want to be touched.
I'm pretty sure she'd bite me.

Yes, me.

Believe me, she's a different dog.
She frightens me.

I don't know,
maybe she thinks I've hurt you.

There's no point in that dog staying here
and becoming sick and bad-tempered.

She won't bite anybody at your house.

She'll love the people you love,
I'm sure.

No, I meant she'll grow fond
of the people you live with.

Listen, a few days ago I met that person
whose name begins with S.

Yes, BS, that's right.

She asked me if you had a brother

and if he was the one
whose wedding has been announced.

It felt like
she was commiserating with me.

Yes, whatever.
I couldn't care less.

They can say what they want.

To be honest,
people can't understand our relationship.

Look, most people either love each
other or hate each other.

If something's over, it's over. There are
some things you could never explain.

But it's best to do what I do
and not give a damn.

I'm so stupid.

I'm such an idiot.

I keep on talking, I think
I'm talking to you like I've always done,

but all of a sudden
the truth dawns on me.

Don't worry,
you can't kill yourself twice.

No, I won't take it.
Well, maybe just so I can sleep.

No, I haven't got one.
I'd never be able to buy a gun.

Can you really see me buying a gun?

I can't even tell a lie.

Sometimes lying is necessary or helpful.

If you lied to make our separation...

No, darling,
I'm not saying you're lying.

I'm saying if you lied...

If I knew that...

If you told me you were at home
when you weren't...

No, darling,
just listen to me for a minute.

I didn't mean to say I don't believe you.

Why are you getting all angry now?

Your voice sounds cruel now.

It was just an example.
Listen to me.

I was just saying that
if you lied to me out of kindness

and I realised,

my feelings for you wouldn't change.

Do you understand?

Can't you talk from there?

Will you call me back?

You're near here?

You're here...
When you will call me back?

No. Listen.
Listen, my love.

My love, I've hurt you so much.

Darling, listen.

Oh, God.

Dear God, let him call back.

Dear God, let him call back.

Dear God, let him call back.

Dear God, let him call back.

Dear God, let him call back.

Dear God, let him call back.
Dear God, let him call back.

Dear God, let him call back.
Dear God...

Dear God, let it be him.

Dear God, let it be him.

Dear God, let it be him.

Dear God, let it be him.

Dear God, let it be him.

Dear God, let it be him.

Oh, God.

Dear God, let it be him.

Dear God, let it be him.

My love.

My love.
My love...

My love, my love, my love...

My love.
My love...

Yes, I know, it's frightening.

I'll never have the courage, my love.
I'll never have the courage.

Listen, darling, the day after tomorrow
you two will be in Marseilles.

My love,
please promise me one thing,

that you won't stay in the hotel
where we used to go.

Thank you, darling.

Thank you, my love.

No, I don't want to see you again.

We'll never see each other again.

Forgive me, darling.
Forgive me.

My darling love.

Yes, I know, I'll be strong.

Hang up now.

Quickly. Quick...


I love you, darling!

I love you!

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.
I love you...



This film is a tribute
to the art of ANNA MAGNANI

Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

I knew you would come.

My God, you're so handsome.

Why are you going?
Don't go away.

Can I speak to you?
Can I?

My God, this is such a comfort.

My beautiful saint.
So much happiness, so much joy!

I knew you would come.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

My beautiful saint.

I'd always hear your voice.

If I closed my eyes I'd see you,

surrounded by bright light
and smiling at me.

My God, so much laughter,
so much comfort.

My Saint Joseph,
my saint, my beautiful saint.

I worship you, my saint. You're the most
handsome of all the saints.

My Saint Joseph.

Don't go away.
Don't go just like that.

Now you've come
you mustn't leave just like that.

You need to give me your grace.
You need to take me away with you.

It's not hard for you.
You just let me die and it's all done.

And you take me up to heaven with you

to contemplate the Lord.

You're so beautiful.

Such happiness, such joy.

My Saint Joseph.

You're the kindest saint I know.

If you weren't,

the Lord wouldn't have entrusted
the Madonna and her child to you.

So give me your grace.
You've done it so many times for me.

You've given me everything.

Such kindness.

You'd answer my prayers. If I asked
for something, you'd give it to.

This is the dress
the nuns gave me.

The one I asked you for,

Now they even give me hot soup
and a place to sleep.

I never ask for anything
from the other saints, but you...

Don't laugh at me.
I know how it works.

All of a sudden you disappear
and I'm left here by myself.

My Saint Joseph,
my beautiful Saint Joseph,

you need to take me up there with you,
to the other land.

So much happiness!

Nobody here will notice anyway
if I die.

Even the goats know how
to get back to the village by themselves.

Beautiful Saint Joseph.
My beautiful saint. Where's your lily?

You're so handsome.
So beautiful.

There's no point in me staying here.

When I told them you'd spoken to me,
you wouldn't believe what they did.

They drove me insane.

They blew a trumpet in my ear
and said,

"This is the trumpet
of the Archangel Gabriel."

They were so mean.

But they don't understand.
They're not worthy.

You're here, though.
Saint Joseph is up here.

He came here to me.
Just to me.

You went through the village
and no one saw you.

They're not worthy.

They're not worthy, but I am.

You're so beautiful.

You know what they keep telling me?
"Mad people can't go to heaven."

For me?

But that's not true, is it?

You know what temptation is?

At one point I kept hearing this voice.

A sweet voice,
just like your voice would sound,

that said, "Throw yourself off, you idiot!
Throw yourself off!"

I'd always get this far,
right here,

but I wasn't brave enough.

Then I'd regret it and say,

"Tomorrow, when the bells ring,

"if Saint Joseph asks again
I'll throw myself off."

But then I understood.
I understood because it wasn't you.

You know who it was?
It was the devil.

He wanted me to kill myself so I'd be
damned and wouldn't go to heaven.

But I was clever.

You know what I'm going to do with you
now? I'm going to do something else.

You stay still in the air up there.

Up there.
And call me.

I'll come towards you.

And if I get scared and fall,
you'll take my hand and pull me up.

Little by little I'll learn how to do it.
Of course I will.

And then we'll go up there.
Look, up there.

The sanctuary of Saint Michael
is up there.

Why am I telling you?
You know everything.

We'll climb up the bell tower.

You can see all the mountains,
all the houses, the sea.

You'll take me by the hand.
Saint Michael can help me too, can't he?

The three of us will leave the tower
and soar over the Furore Valley.

We'll glide over the sea, drop down to
touch the water with our toes

and then fly back up.


My beautiful Saint Joseph,
let me die, let me...

If Jesus...


If Jesus came back to earth
I'd like to stay here,

but he's not coming back.

You're an important saint
but you're not Jesus.

He cured the sick
and banished the devil,

but the devil's everywhere
and everybody is sick.

If he came back... Or if he made
the world come to an end...

These are divine plans, aren't they?
I know.

You can't do that, can you?
Can you?

It's easy.

It's nice.

It's like heaven.

Just like heaven.

I'm covered in sweat.

Right here.

I'm covered in sweat.
My legs too.

Thank you.

I can hardly see you anymore.

There's a glow around you.

Can you see how you are?

I know there's more and more light
and then you disappear.

Why do you want to go?
I don't want to stay here.

You know, when I was younger,

Casimiro the village idiot
wanted to marry me.

He was such a fool.

If I had children
I wouldn't be able to come with you.

Take me away,
don't leave me here.

Don't leave me here.
It's like heaven.

Just like heaven.

Give me some drink.
I don't feel well.

Give me some drink.
I don't feel well.

My Saint Joseph.

My Saint Joseph.

He took the bread and broke it

and an angel of the Lord
appeared to him in a dream and said,

"Joseph, son of David,
be not afraid to take Mary as your wife

"because that which is conceived in

My Saint Joseph.

Throw away my body
and take my soul.

Throw it away without any clothes on.

Saint Joseph...

Saint Joseph, please help me.

It's like heaven.

Heaven on earth.

The madwoman has received your


I feel ill.

I'm sick.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

Brother Raffaele!

- Good day, Brother Raffaele.
- Good day.

Tell me, saints can appear to us,
can't they?

- Yes, I always see them.
- Where?

I always see the Madonna..
She appears whenever she wishes.

- Can we see them with our eyes?
- Of course.

- Who have you seen?
- The Madonna.

- Do you see her all the time?
- All day long.

- Jesus! Is she pretty?
- She's beautiful.

You know what? I've seen Saint Joseph.
Just now, on Capo d'Orso.

And I spoke to him.
A lot.

He was so handsome, Brother Raffaele.
I want to see him again.

Maybe he'll come back the same way.

- You think so?
- When the Lord wishes...

- What is it?
- How can I put it?

- There's been a miracle.
- What do you mean, a miracle?

You've never had visions?

I've been here for 20 years
and I've never seen a miracle.

- What do you say, Brother Raffaele?
- He's crazy.

Haven't you ever had a vision?

Take the apple.

Take the apple.

Give it to me.

Give it to me.

I want the apple.
Give it to me.

Will you give it to me?

- What?
- The apple.

Come on.
Wait. Wait.

Hey, Nanni.

Lovely babies. Lovely babies.
Down you go.

- Hey, Nanni.
- Nanni?

She's pregnant.

Nanni, you're pregnant.
Did you know?

Don't touch me.

Don't touch me.

- The grace of the Lord.
- The grace of the Lord, my foot!

Hold on a minute.

- Have you been to confession?
- No.

You should go to confession.
You need to be at peace with the Lord.

Why? I am at peace with the Lord.
He loves me.

The Lord loves us all, but it's always
good to listen to a confessor's advice.

You're in sin.

Mother, I'm in the grace of the Lord.

You don't know what you're saying.

Listen to me. You need to listen to a
confessor's advice.

What does he know?
I'm at peace with the Lord. He loves me.

He's given me his grace.

- Listen.
- I know, it's my conscience.

My conscience...

My conscience is clear.

My conscience...

Get out! Get out!
Get out of here!

- Get out!
- What are you doing?

Leave my spot alone.

Leave my spot alone.

- You gave it to me. Leave it alone.
- Go away!

You gave it to me.
You're the devil!

The devil's in your body.

She's crazy.

Give it to me.

He won't give it back.

You're the devil.
Leave me alone.

That's enough.
That really is enough.

Get out!
Go away!

He's telling me to get out.

- That was my spot.
- Get out!

You gave it to me.
Now you want it back.

I even said a prayer for you.

- Get out.
- You're the devil! You're the devil!

You're the devil!
You're the devil!

Get out!
Go away!

I even said a prayer for you.

Hey, Nanni.
Come here.


We're not going to bite you, Nanni.
Don't be afraid.

- Me?
- Yes. Come here a minute.

Hold this for me.

Of course.

Felice's gone to Minori.
He's not back yet.

When he goes out
he gets lost in the streets.

When we've finished
you can fetch me some water.

- I can't tire myself out.
- I'll pay you.

- I know, but I can't.
- Come on, it's only a jug of water.

- Will you help me out tomorrow?
- Thank you, but I can't work.

- Why not?
- Well...

That's nonsense.

I stopped working two hours
before giving birth, and I had twins.

- Yes, I know, but...
- You need to sort yourself out.

You're going to have a baby.
You need to put some money aside.

He doesn't need anything.

I can't tire myself out.

If won't even matter if I die of hunger,
but I need to respect him.

Hey, Nanni.
Come here.

Come here.

I'm coming.

- Excuse me.
- Off you go.

- Me?
- Hey, Nanni.

- I'm sorry.
- Don't worry.

Nanni, you've deigned to mingle
with us poor mortals. What an honour.

- Me?
- Yes, you.

You disappeared.
You turned your nose up at us.

It's Nanni.

- No, don't...
- Why don't you speak to me?

Leave me alone.
What's going on?

- Why is she crying?
- It's the emotion.

The Lord has touched you.

- Come with us.
- No...

- You know who she thinks she is?
- You shouldn't tease her.

- She's become even more stupid.
- Poor woman. Leave her alone.

Poor woman, my foot!

Come on!


I've always been
outside the Lord's house.

Always outside the Lord's house

because I was afraid
to be amongst you.

I was afraid you'd think I was mad,
but actually...

- What's this?
- You need to wear it like this.

Nanni, they're doing you a great honour,
can't you see?

You're going to throw me out,
aren't you?

This is the Lord's will.
I was meant to come to you.

- Nanni!
- Yes?

Here you go, Nanni.



- Is this for me?
- Yes, it's for you.

- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.

- Come with us.
- Thank you.

- Nanni, it suits you.
- No...

What are you doing?

My God, forgive them,
they don't know what they're doing.


That's enough!


That's enough!

They're wicked.

My blessed son,
don't worry, I'll protect you.

My God...

Holy son, holy son.

Beautiful son.

Holy son, holy son.

I'm not worthy, I'm too lowly.

My God, help me.

May your will be done.

Oh, God.



Oh, God.

God, God, God, God, God.


God, help me.
God, help me.

God, help me.
God, help me.

My God...


God, God, God, God, God.




My God, my God...

My God.

My child.

My baby.

You're my blood.

Mine, mine, mine.

My child, my child.

My child.

My child.

My child.