Lake Fear 3 (2018) - full transcript

- For
generations, people have been

searching for the
answer to the afterlife.

Now, one man alone,
with all the know-how

takes on this struggle.

No longer is he trying
to study the paranormal.

Now, he battles it.

Sometimes, ghosts need
to be taught a lesson.

- Oh hi, my name is Vincent,

I'm your favorite TV
host, AKA Ghost Angler.

I'll be here, investigating.

- They're coming.

I've been doing this
for quite some time.

It all started when I got
sucked into their world.

I got tired of
fighting, made a deal.

I'm out.

Now they're following me.

- Ah, hell.

You kids ready to see a hero?

- That was meant for you.

- Excuse me, sir?

Sir, excuse me.

Sir can you listen
to me for a second?

Are you, sir are
you ignoring me?

Sir will you just take a
look at these real fast?

But sir, it's just one stack.

- It's just one stack you
bring around here every month.

Do you know how many of
those I burn every month?

- You burn these?

Sir, I'm trying
to find my sister

whose been lost for two years.

And you got the balls to
just go and burn my flyers?

- They're put to better use than

them there shorts you got on.

Pockets go below the bottom.

- Who gives a shit
about my clothes?

I'm talking about a lost
person, a human life.

- She lost around here, well.

She dead.

- He bleeds compassion.

♪ Right off the bat we knew
that things were off track ♪

♪ There was proof I had heart,
I almost had an attack ♪

♪ She had eyes like an
angel but a wit like mine ♪

♪ And even out of the light
she found a way to shine ♪

♪ I created the conversation
across the nation ♪

♪ Just to get her
to know me better ♪

♪ Duty called us hell and
the wall between us fell ♪

♪ Took all the claim to
cane before I got a name ♪

♪ Don't distress, don't
create a disaster ♪

♪ You're not the
only one alone ♪

♪ But I know you can
fight this pain away ♪

♪ We all fall, it
doesn't matter ♪

♪ It's all part of your game ♪

♪ And you can think I'm insane ♪

♪ We were born again,
the high was gone ♪

♪ Our pain was back and
all my kings are a pawn ♪

♪ And every checker on this
board that I've bene laid upon ♪

♪ Made me figure out
it was created wrong ♪

♪ And why else would I see
her in all of these dreams ♪

♪ Or else wouldn't I be
sick, alright Queen ♪

♪ She had more to say,
I had more to learn ♪

♪ And I'm getting kind of
tired of this constant burn ♪

♪ Don't distress, don't
create a disaster ♪

♪ You're not the
only one alone ♪

♪ I know you can
fight this pain away ♪

♪ We all fall, it
doesn't matter ♪

♪ It's all part of the game,
you can think I'm insane ♪

♪ Oh think I'm insane ♪

♪ Don't distress, don't
create a disaster ♪

♪ You're not the
only one alone ♪

♪ But I know you can
fight this pain ♪

♪ We all fall and
it doesn't matter ♪

♪ It's all a part of the game ♪

♪ So you can think ♪

- John.

You told me this
is a convention.

No, no.

This is rock bottom.

Make the best of this?

This is my career being flushed
down the fucking toilet.

There are three people here
with combined four good teeth!

Does this sound like they have
five dollars for a headshot?

They can barely afford
their toothpaste.

We are at a very drastic
crossroad right now.

Either I'm throwing in the
towel and quitting the business,

or I'm finding a new agent.

Fix this John!

Fix this or I will.

You can hang up the
phone right now.

Sir, would you like a headshot
from a television host?

- Yeah, when does
the show start?

- Start?

Now, here, it's
happening right now.

- Really?

This is your headshot?

- Oh my God yeah.

- Oh.

Oh, really?

Sorry, I got another
show to get to, sorry.

- Who are these people?

Where am I?

What is this place?

- Who do you think has final
say in putting in a fountain?

Is there really even
a use for a fountain?

- I don't care.

- Do you have to get
like this every time?

First, that lasts for a day.

And then, in comes the moping.

This has become like,
a routine for you.

It's, it's every month.

Rinse and repeat.

- Isn't this all getting to you?

Doing the same thing
over and over again?

- Yes.

And you're just feeling it now?

Of course this is getting to me.

But unlike you, I'm not gonna go

flaunting it to the
whole entire town.

Is that what you want?

- No, not good enough.

You can't do sad face.

- Well I'll get
your snot bubbles,

and your ugly crying,
and your puffy eyes, and.

- Hey look, Ghost Angler.

- Okay, so you
want his autograph?

I mean, you didn't really
bring anything for him to sign.

I guess you could do cleavage,
but personal experience

two showers in it washes
right off your skin.

Did that rhyme?

- Yeah, you're gonna
have to stop that,

or we can't be friends.

- It's nice to know
that our friendship

stands on the delicate
balance of sentence structure.

- You need
to know your place.

- Mmhm.

- But no, I don't need
him to sign my body.

On the show he was a medium.

- Okay, and I'm supposed
to know what that is?

- He feels things.

- Uh huh.

Well I feel things too.

Let's go get an autograph.

- Oh my God, not again.

Not again.

Some spirits need to
be taught a lesson.

Well, I'm teaching you one.

Ghost Angler, what is that?

What does that even mean?

What did you get me?

Two dollars?

What am I gonna
do, go buy tacos?

I don't need this.

I'm gonna go and I'm
gonna go find John.

- Excuse me?

- Hi!

- Are you from the
show Ghost Angler?

- Yes, I am.

Do you watch the show?

- Yeah, religiously.

- Oh good, good.

- No, no.

My sister did, I
watched it with her.

- Well that's okay.

Would you like a headshot?

It's always nice to meet a fan,

even if it's just a half of one.

- May I ask you a question?

- As long as you don't
hold up the line, you can.

Sorry, that was a
poor attempt at humor.

Go ahead, ask away.

- Is your show real,
or is it a scam?

- I assure you it's real.

Maybe it's embellished a
little bit through editing,

but the places and
experiences are all real.

- Are you really a medium?

- Child of the paranormal,
dictator of the undead,

the unfollower of dark arts.

- Yeah, right.

Do you think you can
maybe read the past

and point someone in
the right direction?

- I've been able to do amazing
things, since my youth.

It all happened when I lived
in a pinewood tree house.

My parents, a traveling
band of gypsies.

- Yeah, okay can you like
use your super powers to help

us find her sister who's
been missing for two years?


When were you going to ask?

- Well, I haven't done that
sort of thing for quite a while.

You see I'm at a very big, big
convention center right now,

that's gonna start any time now.

So I can't just up and leave.

- Thank you for your time.

- You're welcome.

- Sorry to bother you.

- Listen buddy.

I can pay you, okay.

It's been two years.

That girl is the only
one who's been searching

for her sister since
she's disappeared.

Okay, she needs closure.

Just make something
up for all I care.

She needs this.

- You can pay?

Thank you very much.

- If you need anything
else, just let me know.

- I sure will.


- Dude.

- What?

- Where's my drink?

- Sorry.

Do you miss her?

- Yeah.

The funny thing is, we weren't
even really that close.

We never had anything in common.

- Then what keeps you going?

- The want to actually
have a sister.

To gossip, to bicker, to fight.

You never know how
much these things mean

until you don't
have them anymore.

- So how did she go missing?

- Isn't that your job?

- Okay, I don't like you.

- I don't like you either.

- All she told my dad was that

she was going on a trip
with a few friends.

She said something
on social media

about going to a
cabin, and a lake.

- Wait, do you guys live
in this neighborhood?

- No.

- Then why are you
here searching for her?

- Well this is where the car was

found that her friends took.

Wasn't about a mile
away from here.

- Okay.

- So, are you gonna
like, I don't know

start helping us at all?

- Okay.

So since we are here in this
fine barren establishment.

I will do what I do best.

I will talk to the past, or
the future, or the spirits.

And I will get some information
about your sister, okay.

Give me a moment.

- You haven't asked her name.

- I know her name.

The spirits have
already told me.

Okay, I see darkness
and a dirt road.

I see loneliness.

Has somebody been lost?

And then nothing.

Oh, she's dead!

I'm so sorry.
- Dude.

- Oh, this Cosmo is so good.

- Are you serious?
- What?

- We could have done
that at the theater.

- Quite.

- Okay, what's her name then?

- Um.

- Take one more
step and I'll blast you back

to the hell where you came from.

- Lady, I don't want no trouble.

- Folks around here
have been talkin' about

a man whose been comin'
around here at night.

Looks like the devil,
he brings nothing

but death behind him.

- I'm just looking
for something to eat.

- You'll just be
looking elsewhere.

- Lady, I'll be quick.

- Quick to be leaving.

- Revel.

Revel stop.

- Excuse me, can you
please put down the gun?

- It's my right to
refuse service to anyone,

especially hell spawn.

- That's it.

Take me back.

Good God woman,
put your gun down!

- I'm sorry!
- Get that thing off of me.

You're just insane.

- You don't know what the
fuck you're doing right now.

No, no.

What happened to old
people getting old

and crazy the cute
way, packaging cats

and shit and sending
them to their neighbors?

Why do these backwoods
inbreds have guns?

- I'm sorry I was just.

- You're just insane.

- We need to get inside.

- Over my dead body.

- Revel, Revel just put
pressure on it, okay.

I'm gonna call the police.

- I can't.

- What do you mean you can't?

- Does it look alright?

- The worst time to call, John.

Yes, yes I am taking a shit.

Oh my God, no, don't call me.

Don't call me, shut up.

I'll call you back.

Don't call.

My phone, my phone.

I left it inside.

Shh, where's your phone?

Where's your phone?



They're coming back.

Where's your phone?

- I don't have it!

- Oh my God.

- Stop!
- Where's your phone?

- Get!
- Oh my God.

- Go away.

- Shhh.

- Here we go.

The first step is to die.

The first step is to die.

To die, to die.

The next, smiles.

Nothing but smiles.



Next, smiles.

Nothing but smiles.


Nothing but smiles.

Smiles smiles.

The next, is smiles.

Nothing but smiles.

- Ah, no way!

Oh my God!

Ah, no way.

- Get it off of me!

- Oh my God, what the hell?!

- Get it off!
- Ahh, no way!

- Get if off of me!

- Hurry, get your
ass out of here.

Help me, get her out!

Come on, hurry!

- Hey, don't swallow.

- Yo, whatever your name is,

what the hell was all of that?

I'm still here!

- It's hell.

- Yeah, I saw it.

Did you see what it did
to my thing down here?

What was it though?

Who the hell was that?

- You do this for a living.

You should know.

- Oh my God.

Why are you even talking?

Did you see what your girlfriend
did to you back there?

Oh that helps.

- They've been released.

I didn't want this to happen.

I just wanted it to stop.

- You wanted what to stop?

- All I know is, I
went on vacation,

with my mother and her goldfish.

To a cabin, on a lake.

Everything went
just fine for the

first few hours
of getting there.

Then I was woken
by a strange noise.

I noticed the fish
bowl was empty,

and there was a large
puddle of water that went

down the hall towards
my mothers room.

I followed it.

Then, she beat my
ass and jumped out

the window into the lake.

After that, TV came
on, calling to me.

Begging me to come closer.

So, of course I didn't touch it.

Then I was sucked into a
hell, I couldn't escape.

- So, you touched the TV?

- Didn't you just hear me say

I was sucked into a
hell I couldn't escape?

- Okay then how
are you here now?

- Well he obviously got out.

- Your friends dead,
do you think I escaped?

- Okay, that's uncalled for.

- Like you are one to talk.

You're just a fraud.

- Oh my God, that's
called being an actor.

- Okay, yeah.

Well if you would have told
me and my friend that you were

just an actor, we'd be
hundreds of miles away by now.

But no, you needed your $50.

- Hey, John booked
this damn thing for me.

Anybody you wanna
point fingers at?

John is the guy.

- No, no it's this
guys damn fault.

He's the one that let it loose.

- Hey, you shouldn't go
pointing fingers around here.

- Works for me.

Drop me off at the
next town, okay.

I'm gonna get my own ride.

I'm sorry about your friend.

And I'm sorry you didn't
get your cowboy burger,

whatever you're
getting down there.

My conscience is clear now,
and I'm ready to go home.

Good evening.

- We're not going home.

- You're not, I am.

You can keep her.

- I'm not letting
this thing go free.

We're taking it
back to its home.

- You just said that
we're not going home.

- We're not going to our homes.

We're taking it back to
it's home, the cabin.

- You don't need
all of us for that.

- You two are the
only people I've

seen survive this besides me.

I can't be sure it
won't follow you.

- Oh my God.

- It might take
all of us to bring it back.

- Okay.
- Alright.

- Okay.

Okay, how do we
stop these things?

- We imprison it,
with a special spell.

Blood, and a symbol.

- Oh my gosh, so
highly descriptive.

Let's go!

- Are you gonna at least
show us how to before we go?

You don't know.

- Great.
- Okay, alright.

- So, here we are to learn
about a super secret symbol.

- So, where's the cabin?

- It's on the other side.

We'll have to cross.

- Wait, we have to
swim across the lake?

At night?

Didn't you say there was a
fish creature living in there?

- Yeah, my mom's
in there somewhere.

- Your ugly monster of a mom?

- Can we please learn something
before we go to the cabin?

- She didn't like
the water much.

She might not even
still be here.

- Wow, that's reassuring.

- Am I the only one
that cares about

learning how to
stop these things?

- We'll get to that in a second.

- We're just gonna go up to
the water and ask for your mom?

- Well, that was the plan
until you just insulted it.

- Again, can we please learn
something before we go?

- Okay, gather around.

- These damn bugs are all here.

- This is a protection
symbol I found

on a bathroom stall
in their world.

- Can you, please rephrase that?

- This is a protection symbol
I found in an ancient book.

- Okay.

- Sorry, mom.

- I don't know any of your names

but I hate every one of you.

Is that the cabin?

Hey guy, the other
known male here.

Is that the cabin you
were talking about?

- Yep.

- Maybe we should look around
before we go do magic here.

- Okay, okay.

What about the symbol?

- Well, this place has changed.

- Dude, ugh.

- So the grand plan
is we sit and wait?

- Yeah, that's the plan.

- Remember, we have to use
blood to bind them to objects.

- The coast is clear.

Hey, do you know
who the fuck I am?

I'm the star of a
failing TV show.

I have five fans that I know of,

and I'm currently
looking for an agent.

And you mister, or misses,
you are gonna get fucked up.

You want some too?

Oh no, cheating bitch.

- Just let us in, let us in.

How much hell have you seen?

Why do you continue,

you know we aren't
trying to kill you.

Not trying to kill you, yet.

Yet, yet, yet.

Right, right, right.

Accept us into your heart.

Let us into your heart.

Heart, just let
us in, let us in.

There is no winning or losing.

There is no winning, no winning,
or losing, losing, losing.

Or losing, no losing.

- Two tears in a bucket.

Ugh, I should've gone into porn.

- There, I've won!

Are you happy?!

Now you're stuck!

- What do we do now?

- We fight.

- Hi, um, this is John.

Vincent's agent.

See, Vincent had a little
memo, and he's been missing.

And he said that if he
ever went missing for

a longer period of time,
to contact you guys.

He said you guys have together
fought monsters or something.

So, I'm reaching out.

- I tried.

- You know I think you
actually popped this out.

- It's a grandma hit and run,

this is a freaking
grandma hit and run.

Oh, my tail lights messed up.

Stop, stop, stop.

Shawn, stop it.


- Where do we put this?

- We need the tire, on the car.

Tire, on the car.

Grab the tire.

- Okay, which way do you
actually put this on?

- Put down the tire.

Put down the tire, please.

Put it down.

Don't throw the tire!

- I think you're taking
this way too seriously.

That thing is rolling.


Okay, alright, what about this.

- What do we do?
- Look.

- What do we do?
- We'll get a car.

- We need to find Vincent.
- And we'll kick some ass.

- Yeah!

♪ Wasted breath,
nothing left to feel ♪

♪ So cut me down, lay me out ♪

♪ Hate yourself, hate the
sacrifice never made ♪

♪ What's inside takes
me to the edge ♪

♪ You shut out, burn me down ♪

♪ I'm just like you ♪

♪ But you'll never know ♪

♪ Two separate roads ♪

♪ Far away from the
one that leads ♪

♪ Away from the one,
far away from here ♪

♪ So far away ♪

♪ I'll scream so loud but
you've got nowhere to find me ♪

♪ Nowhere to hide
from the past ♪

♪ And you can't take it back ♪

♪ Wasted breath,
nothing left to feel ♪

♪ So cute me down, lay me out ♪

♪ Hate yourself, hate the
sacrifice never made ♪

♪ What's inside takes
me to the edge ♪

♪ You shut me out,
bring me down ♪

♪ I'm just like you ♪

♪ But you'll never know ♪