Lakadbaggha (2023) - full transcript

An animal loving vigilante Arjun Bakshi, unearths the fact that an underground illegal animal trade cell functions from Kolkata port. On investigating he chances upon a rare species of the Indian Striped Hyena (Lakadbaggha). - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(Radio announcer)
'The city is again under attack
by the masked vigilante.'

(Radio announcer)
'This time four criminals have been
attacked at the Khidirpur Dock.'

(Radio announcer) 'This is the fifth
attack by this Hoodie-boy, in which,'

(Radio announcer)
'opposition MLA, Bablu Singh's brother,
Bappa is injured.'

(Radio announcer) The Crime Branch
has been asked to work on this case.

(Song)"Alas! Would you forget about
the old days?"

(Song) "Could anybody forget about
these meetings or those intimate talks?

(Song) "Come back once more, my friend.
Come and be a part of my life"

(Song) “We will talk of smiles and tears.
And will feel very good about it”

(Arjun whistles)





Good girl...

Good girl...

Come here...

(Excited Puppies Squealing)


Watch how you drive!
She could have gotten hurt.

You okay, buddy?

You’re alright... Baby!

What did you just say?

I said, watch how you drive,
she could have been injured.

What did you just say?

I said, there was a baby on
the road...

So watch how you drive...

Firstly, it’s not a baby,
it’s a puppy.

And puppies are meant
to be killed on the road.

Hey, I am talking to you...


I don’t want to fight.

(Mocks him)...

You don't want any trouble
but we want to trouble you.

You have messed with
the wrong person, kiddo.

Now, you will die,
and so will this puppy!



Wait you...

Check here.



Did you notice a boy running
with a dog?


Oh, man...

Check in there...

You check there,
and you all with me.

(Goons panting)

Nobody is here...

Guys, forget it.
We have lost him.

Let's go.

What a waste! Let's go and play
a game of cards.

(Puppy whines)

Shutter down.

Do it now!

He is here.

Switch on the light.

Don't be scared, Kishmish.

You made us run a lot!

I don't want to fight, please.

This puppy...

I have told you before,

and I'm saying it again...

I don't want to fight.


(Arjun whistles)

(Arjun whistles)

(Arjun whistles)

What's going on?
Will you take the entire day for this?

Who's in?

Quick... take him quick.

Quick, take him to the hospital.

And what is this one saying?


He is saying
there was just one person.

The description and other details
are matching with the other case.

There was just one boy, right?

Tell madam.

Riyaaz... Manik... Peter... and...


Not your nickname,
tell me your full name.


Actually madam,
initially, I thought it was some gang war.

Because looking at them,

it doesn't seem like one human being
could do this.

It was just one guy, madam.

In a hoodie.

For one puppy,
he beat us so much.

Just shut up!
Did I ask you to talk?

Talking nonsense!

It’s him.

I’ll handle this.

Madam, look.

We had orders from the high command
that next time something similar happens,

to involve the crime branch.

And so we did.

Or else a simple case like this,
we manage daily.

We will handle it, ma'am.
You don't need to stress over it.

We’ll handle it together, Mukherjee.

Now, call a sketch artist.

Yes, madam.

Hey, why is he still sitting?
Pick him up and throw him in the jeep.


Sir, I think it’s the same vigilante,
who was at Khidirpur Dock.

But I am still on it.

Yeah, see you, sir.


Here is the sketch.

What is this?

Sketch, madam.

Mukherjee, this is too general.

If you take this outside and look,

half of Kolkata's youth
will come under your radar.

We need something more specific.


Madam, please listen to me.

It’s possible they could be lying,

or they could be intoxicated.

I mean think of it, madam.

One boy versus so many of them?

Have you seen the size of these goons?

Do you remember the size
of the goons at Khidirpur Dock?

Their state was worse than this, right?

I know it's the same guy.

Madam, at Khidirpur Dock, those goons,

were supplying drugs
inside the body of dead animals.

Now, whoever it may be,
is making our jobs easier.


Mukherjee, when you joined the Police
Force and I, the Crime Branch,

did we take this job so that

any random person
wearing a jacket, could do our work?

Take the law in his hands?

The other day he beat up
the smugglers at the dockyard.

And now he has beaten
the biker gang to a pulp...

I mean, no one values law and order!

You and I don't have any value!

I'm sorry, madam.


Any updates? Any link? Any progress?

Sir, we are on it.

Akshara, we need results.

You know why I have
assigned you on this case!


This is no ordinary case.
Vigilante in our city...!

Hollywood films are influencing
and spoiling our kids in Kolkata.

They are thinking of
themselves as superheroes.

Bloody nonsense!

Sir, I know exactly...

I know exactly why Crime Branch has
been involved in this case.

So, let’s not sugarcoat this!

Ohh c'mon, Akshara!

No, I am serious sir.

At Khidirpur Dock, if the vigilante
hadn't broken the bones,

of the local politician's
younger brother,

this case would be sitting
at some local police station.

It wouldn't have ever come
to the Crime Branch.

Can we please first concentrate
on solving the crime?

Yes. That is what I want to do!

And the only reason
I have accepted this case,

is because nobody is above
law and order for me.

And now this case has become a joke...

There are fan pages of him
on Facebook.

Yes Sir. In fact, a few days ago,
two of his fan clubs

had terrible problems between them.

Sir, there is news that the superstar
Jeet is also making a film about him.

The title is also quite interesting,

Adventures of Hoodibaba!

Shut up, Mukherjee.

Sorry sir.

We need results Akshara.

This is the 5th time
he has attacked.

Before he does anything more serious,
or kills someone,

we need to stop him!


Whoever this is, he’s not a killer.

Just notice the pattern
of his victims.

Everyone’s right jaw has a fracture.
His left hook is very strong.

He knows the human body like
a surgeon.

He has no intention to kill anyone,
he is just...

He is just trying to make us
notice something, that’s all he wants,

and he cannot hide from
me for a long time.

May I come in?

Hey, how did you come inside?
What do you want?

Courier boy.
Legal documents for Akshara D'souza.

- Madam...
- Yeah, that’s me!

Legal paper sent by Mr. Amrit.

Who sends a consolation
prize with divorce papers?

Please wait.

Yeah, sure.

I am so sorry, madam.

Why sorry?

No I mean, you are getting
a divorce, so...

Getting a divorce is not
a bad thing...

To live in a marriage that suffocates
you for a lifetime,

is more tragic. You should be
sorry for that instead.

People suffer from heart attacks,

you should be sorry for that instead.

This is not something to
be sorry about.

Can we get back on the case?

Excuse me,
can you please take this back?

Can you please deliver this back to
the same address you brought it from?

Usually, we don't deliver back.

But, if it's urgent then...

It's urgent.

Thank you.

It will be rupees two hundred and...

Park Street.

Rs. 238.

- Rs. 238.
- Keep the change.


Five hundred minus
two thirty-eight means...

Two forty-two.

No, two sixty-two,
I have two fifty at the moment...

I will return twelve rupees later.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Shut down these Hoodie-boy fan pages!

Yes, madam.

Come on...

All in a queue.





Good, now kick with right!












Hands will come down straight.
Left kick, left hand. Okay?

And 6...



Four times...

Right kick, left kick.

Punch, punch.

I will come later and check again.


Good boy.

Don't be mischievous, okay?



Take care of the house, Colonel. Okay?

Good morning, Dutta Kaku.

Good morning, son.

Yes, tell me, Mr. Govind.

Wow! Dutta Babu...

Using ten rupees note as a bookmark?
Very rich!

Isn't it better to use 10 rupee note
as a bookmark,

than buying
a bookmark worth 10 rupees?

So whenever I need,
I can use it like 10 rupee currency.

You are a clever man.

Say, what are you sending today?

Mughal's pride - biryani masala,
for my brother-in-law in Canada.

Gobind Babu.

The problem with you guys is that
you do not do your research.

Where did biryani come
into India from?

Mughal rulers brought it, right?

Gobind Babu, this is the problem;

the history you have read
is all messed up!

Sugar, halwa, biryani,
if these are Mughal inventions

so did they attack India
to set up a sweet shop here?

Big brother,
you please focus on my courier!


It will be Rs.1338.

Hey, courier it. Handle it.

Dutta uncle...

If you will keep giving history
lessons to every customer like this...

They will then know their history
in a few hundred years.

Also, biryani? What is there in biryani?
It's just an overrated item.

Why do people eat it?

Uncle, good morning.

Oh yes.

Your morning quota.

But you are a vegetarian, right?

Vegan, uncle.

Nonsense, how can a Bengali be vegan?

Uncle, where is Shonku?

His food has been lying out
here since last night. Seen him?

Watch out,
maybe he has been used in the biryani.

- Hey, stop talking rubbish.
- Why? Does it not happen?

He is talking nonsense.

It happens...

But all that is only during the festivals.

It's demand and supply.

When they run out of mutton,

they cheat with dog meat.

Uncle, I will go look for Shonku.
- Yes, go.




Batul, let's not wander around now.

Where is Shonku?

Now no more roaming around, Batul.
No more roaming around.



'Lotis Blue'

The world's rarest butterfly.

They only live for 10 days.

Which means the day...

She evolved
into a butterfly from a caterpillar...

On that day at the dockyard,

our men were attacked.

Money lost...

that's fine.

The loss suffered due to the goods captured...

I can forget all of that.

I can re-earn all that.

But commitment and reputation.

We have to meet our
delivery commitment.


Commitment should not be missed.

So what are we doing next?

We will make the delivery, Sir.

You heard the man.

Delivery will happen
on the committed day itself.

Quickly put the packets
into the bodies of the animals...

and put the shipment on its way.

(Phone buzzing)

Yes, Mr. Gandhi.

Good, and you?

Of course, Mr. Gandhi.

Any moment now, any moment.

It's arriving from Corbett to Kolkata,

and from Kolkata,
straight to your Dubai mansion.

Patience, Mr. Gandhi,
it's a beautiful male.

It will be worth your wait.

I just hope
you remember your committment.

Khidirpur Dock's license, yes.

Sure, you too, Mr. Gandhi.

Naughty dog.

Look how much
you hurt yourself!

Nothing comes out of a fight, Batul.

Good boy.

Now, go and play.

And listen, if you see Shonku,
then tell him,

Arjun won't be angry
and to come back soon.



Say what?

I need to send a courier
to Yale University.

Have you even heard the name?

Yale University,

was constructed using the dirty money
from the Indian slave trade.

Nothing to boast about.

Listen, mister...

I don't want history lessons.
I will courier from somewhere else.

As you wish.
Go on.

Uncle, this way
we will lose all our customers.

It's better not to have such customers.

What did you say?

Forget it.
Hey, you didn't find Shonku till now?

No uncle, it's been two days.
Haven't found him yet!

I am going to look for him again
at Haritaki Bagan with my friends.

Where did this dog Shonku disappear?






You look there.


Come quick.






What's the delay, Mukherjee?

- Yes madam.
- Where is the informer?



Pick up the phone.



This is that courier boy?

Yes, madam.

Hey, courier boy!

- Hi.
- Hi.

What happened?
Looking for someone?



Dog friend.

Hold on.

Here, your 10 rupees from that day,
here 10 rupees and...


And 2 rupees,
12 rupees balance.

Thanks and...

Ahhh Shonku,
as in Professor Shonku.

Which breed is Shonku?


Indian breed,

but very rare now.

Do you mean stray?

What do you mean by stray?
Dogs are dogs.

In fact, so many Indian breeds
have become rare now.

Like Rajapalayam, Mudhol hound,
Junangi is very very rare.

Mr. Wikipedia of dogs.



My name is Arjun.

Of course.




No, that day I brought the courier,
so I remember it from the envelope.


Listen, if you don't find your dog,

then please lodge
a complaint with the police.

If this breed is so rare, then
we will try to help you find it.

Are you seriously going
to register a report for my friend?

Of course.

You were right ma'am.
Absolutely right.

Check it out, the van used
at the Khidirpur Dock attack,

I mean the one in which,

they were carrying drug
packets stuffed inside dogs.

That van actually is from Taltala.
Which means...

Our vigilante is operating
between China Town and Khidirpur Dock.

He knows that area very well.

Exactly, madam.

And it can be anyone who knows
the area that well.

Like newspaper boy, courier guy,

May I come in?

Hey, Arjun.

I got your message.

Tell me. How can we help you?

You had mentioned that if
I can't find Shonku then,

I can come to the police station.

Please register my missing report.
Shonku is missing.


- Arjun’s pet dog.
- Friend!


You know?

Dog friend!


Here we are going through
another level of stress,

and you are worried about your dog!

people have too much free time!

There's no free time,
we need to prioritise.

If there's someone important to you,
you prioritise them.

You take time out for them.


we need to take time out, we have to!

Shonku is important to me.
Please register a missing report.

Mukherjee, please take his report.

Hey Goshal.

Register his missing dog report.

Your dog...
I mean your Shonku is of what breed?



Indian breed, very rare.

I don't think you know about them, but...

Arjun, actually
we are working on a big case.

We will make time for Shonku,
I promise.

Thank you.

Yes, of course,
we will have to make time!

Stop it!

Birthday gift, courier.

Mishti, a gift has come.

Be careful.

Hey, courier boy.

Come up.


What is this?

It's not my mistake.

This is a packing error,
because of which the fish has died.

This goldfish...

I know it's a goldfish,
why is this fish dead?


this goldfish died in the packet.

So should we keep a funeral for it?


It's a fish, it died.
There is no insurance for it.

Throw it, and get out of here.

But she died because
of your careless packaging,


- Are there more dogs in there?
- Why? Do you want to buy?


These dogs need air conditioning,
they get stressed in the heat.

Hey, Mother Teresa's father,
get out of here.

Brother, one out of these
is a winter breed.

You can't keep him like this.
It's wrong!

- Hey! Where are you going?
- They are getting stressed.

- The heat is troubling these dogs.
- Shomo!

What if I keep you like this?

- Brother listen to me...
- What's your problem?

These dogs should not be in the heat.
It's bad for them.

- Listen to me.
- Get out of here.

- But please listen...
- Get out... out!

Get lost!

What's going on, Arjun?

Pick him up.

How dare you push me!

Listen, Mr. Bakshi.

I know that this poor kid
teased Arjun a little bit.


Look at this.

This is too violent.
Is this a boxing ring or what?

We think Arjun needs some help.

I am very sorry but you
are going to

- have to...
- No sister, I am very sorry.

I don’t want Arjun
to study in a school

where the principal justifies
the act of bullying,

and questions the person
standing up against it.

I have made my decision.

But I never said anything about
rusticating your child.

Mr. Tarun.

Mr. Tarun.


Always remember two things.

They laugh at you because
you are different.

But while laughing at you they forget
that they all are the same.

So who's special now?

The different one
or the ones who are the same?

The one who's different from all.


And secondly...

Fight for what you feel is right.

Otherwise, it gives more
courage to the oppressor.

One more Mishti Doi (sweet curd).

After training.

Stance is the most important
thing in Martial Arts.

It will give you
the balance and the stability.

Watch my feet.

1. Shoulder width apart.

2. Foot back...

and... Lock.

Can you feel centred,
you feel stable?

Never attack first,
no matter what happens.

Leave the dog!

What did you say?

Give your attacker one chance,
at least one warning.

So that he waits and realises
that he is doing wrong.

I don't want to fight.

But if he still doesn’t understand...

Then with strength in your feet,

and force in your hands...


Take position.

Force in your feet.

Strength in your hands. Attack!



Always fight for what’s right, Arjun.

Especially for those
who don't have their own voice.

He didn't even hear you.


Let's go brother.

Bikki brother, c'mon,
let's have a drink together.

Since the lockdown has ended,

the demand for
these dogs have increased.

If the demand for the dogs has increased,
when will my demand increase, brother?

Hey Shomo, forget about the demand.

You know what it is today.
We have to load the big shipment.

It’s such a headache to smuggle
these type of animals.

Who keeps such a dangerous pet?


before putting him into the van you gave
him the tranquilizer properly right?

I did give it, buddy. A little bit
here and there may have happened.

Must be asleep!

Okay. You guys deliver him to
the dockyard,

I am heading to the dog storage.
The lift is not working there.

Let’s go.

- We should ask Bikki to join us.
- Yes, call him.

C'mon Bikki Brother
at least have a drink together, come!

Bikki brother, at least have one drink.
Bikki brother.

At least these people should understand
the value of such books.

So what’s new, Arjun dear?

Why does your mood seem off?

Uncle, I have trained Shonku and
registered him for a dog show.

But he is missing.

Dog show?

Stupid, Indian dog breeds are not
allowed in Indian dog shows.

During British Rule, they used
to write 'Indians and dogs not allowed'.

And now 'Indian dogs'
are not allowed.

But this is wrong uncle,
that NGO's has a slogan...

'Adopt, Don’t Shop'

And they run huge campaigns
on this slogan.

I have seen their hoardings.

And the funds for that campaign
come from this show only, think.

This is so wrong, uncle, so wrong!

By the way, looking at you,

I don't think you will sit easy
until you go to that dog show.

I am going to try at least once, uncle.

If I don't try,
how will such wrong rules ever change?

Okay, that is also true.

If you don’t fight for the right, then
how will you change the wrong rules?

Do one thing...

I still feel you should
take Colonel for the dog show.

He is a bag of energy.

What say Batul, should we
take Colonel for the dog show?

Sir, we were going to take
the Hyena to the port but,

a boy in a hoodie came
and created a ruckus.

The hyena ran away.



Sorry Sir!

You know what I hate
the most in this world?


And of course inefficient employees.

But my blood boils when an
inefficient employee says 'Sorry'!

Moral of the story-
I want my striped hyena back.

I want my striped hyena back.

I want my striped hyena back.

We will find it, sir.

You will find it?


We will look for it, sir.




I had installed a tracker on his neck.

Look for it, find it and bring it to me.

Or else...

Aryan Sir...

This striped hyena is...

The Corbett National Park
consignment, correct?


No, actually...

These striped hyenas are
actually smarter than monkeys.

They can count!

Aslam, the notes of currency
you receive are also worth counting.

By that logic, even you are a hyena.

Aryan Sir...

For the hyena's consignment,

you will be charged extra.

They are an endangered species!

Mr. Aslam, do you know what’s an

even more endangered species in India?

People with professional ethics!

Look, you are expanding
your business, right?

I have to look out for
my own expansion too.

The thing is, Aslam Bhai,

the responsibility of taking care of
the street dogs of Kolkata,

is the responsibility of your muncipality.

But it is done by my men!

And you get your money for that
without any tax deductions.

Aryan Sir, due to this social service
of yours,

I am not able to take
my family out for dinner.

No one can be sure of the ingredients
in the biryani, which one eats these days!

Forget about the biryani, Aslam.

Take your wives to my restaurant
in Chinatown instead!

Everything's safe there.

Thank you, thank You.

Colonel, this...

This is Shonku's bow tie.

We will wear this
and go to the dog show...

And win! Okay?

No, it is not possible.

- But.
- Go please!

But the show is Indian.

So what?

This dog cannot participate.

Indian breeds are not allowed.
Can't you see the rules?

Go from here!


Next please.

- Hi guys.
- Hello ma'am.

- How's it going? Please sit.
- It’s going great, ma'am.

- Oh, not bad.
- Yes. The registration is almost full.





Is that Shonku?

No, no. This is my dog Colonel.

Instead of Shonku,
I trained him and brought him here,

to participate in the dog show.


But he wasn't allowed to participate.

But he doesn't care, he is chilling.

That's true.

He won't-

By the way,
why was he denied an entry?

They say, Indian dog
breeds are not allowed.

Rules are rules.

But this is an Indian dog show.

How can they not allow Indian breeds
in an Indian dog shows?

I said the same thing.

I'll have to fight with the
organizers over this.

Oh no, let it go. These organizers
are just like that. Hypocrites!

I completely agree with you,
but I have to do this.

Just wait. I'll be back...

- Ma'am, let it be. Please.
- I'll be back, wait!


You were saying something
about the organizers, tell me.

He is the organizer.

Ok, I was saying that if
the Cricket World Cup is in India...

and Indian cricketers are not allowed
to participate, would that be fair?

Frankly, my dear, I don't
give a damn about cricket.

But I love football.

Okay, what if Brazil was not allowed to
participate in the football world cup?

- Would that be fair?
- No, never.

Then how can you disqualify Indian
breeds from an Indian dog show?

This is wrong.

Your NGO's motto is 'Adopt, Don’t shop'.

And then you aren't allowing
Indian dogs to participate.

Indian breeds should be allowed!


What's your name?



Life is not always fair, my friend.

Also, there's a difference between
human sports and animal sports.

Look at this creature,
he doesn't even care.

Because he doesn't care
about winning or losing.

Maybe because he doesn't have soul.

Excuse me?

The Bible says,
God breathed soul only into Adam.

Then, by that logic,

women also do not have
a soul either,

since Bible does not say that
God breathed the soul into Eve.


Interesting thought!

- Excuse me.
- What do you do for a living, Arjun?

I train kids in martial arts,

and my day job is courier service.


Then we are definitely connected.

I love martial arts.
It’s one of my biggest passions.

In fact, Akshara and I,

are trained in different
forms of martial arts since childhood.

So, can we talk about Colonel's
participation in your dog show?

I am sorry guys,
I will have to take your leave.

But, to be continued.

Why don’t you come over
for dinner one day, Arjun?

We will peacefully discuss
about dogs,

their souls
and everything.

And I will make
you some amazing meat balls.

I am a vegan.

Some cheese balls?

I am a vegan!

Oh, he is one of those pure kinds.

So some plant-based food.

Over dinner, can we discuss about
Colonel's participation in your dog show?

Aryan, stop messing with him.

Arjun, that's Aryan.

He is the organiser of this dog show,
as well as my brother.

Actually, this dog show is
our parent's NGO initiative.

That’s why Akshara took
a break from her duty.

I always do.

But we are meeting for dinner, okay?

By the way, is everyone
in your family like your brother or...?

Excuse me!


I am nothing like him.

Aryan has been very different since
childhood. He has always been a loner.

He likes everything
and anything oriental.

He is crazy about Korean films,
Korean food.

- (Colonel peeing) Sorry.
- Thats okay.

I am actually surprised...

that just after meeting you once,
he has invited you over for dinner.

Its very unlike him.

Very odd.

Odd, but interesting.

If for nothing else...

At least for the sake of participation
of Indian dogs in his Indian show,

I would like
to have dinner with him.

Okay, you would like to have
dinner with 'him' but what about 'me'?

The person who is responsible
for introducing you to him?

If you are feeling left out,

before dining with him, I can
dine with you as a thank you gesture.

- No, I was just joking.
- I wasn't joking.

I would love to have dinner...

With you.

Just dinner.

Just dinner!

Okay. Pick me up from my gym
tomorrow at 8 pm.

And don’t be late!
I don’t like latecomers.

Okay. 8 o’ clock! Tomorrow.

I shall message you the address.


Tell me something...

If boss had a tracker installed,

he could've mentioned
it before scolding us.

Hey, hey, hey, take a right here.
That's where the signal is coming from.

It's our area.

The hyena has returned back
to our area on its own?

I can't see anything.

The hyena took off the belt?

Shit. If boss gets to know about this,
he will get us killed.

Let's rush.
And keep looking!

Suit delivery for brother Arjun.



It is Tarun's suit, woah.
Is it a special day today?

Tarun, your father.

He was a perfect gentleman.

He was a lot like you,
but unlike you,

he used to respect me.

Oh really?


I've been telling you for
a long time to get health insurance.

You are young now...

Just think about what would've happened
if Tarun did not have Insurance.

Uncle, father's insurance money
would've been finished a long time ago,

if you hadn't further invested
it correctly.

That's why I insist, just
sometimes, listen to me as well.

I will Dutta uncle, I will soon.

I am getting late, and she doesn’t
like boys who make her wait.


What did you say?


The boy has grown up, is it?

These days you seem to
be forgetting things, son.



One for she!

Thank you, uncle.

'Life is colourful if you want
it to be'.

Hey, Inspector Lahiri.

What's on the agenda today?

Which service?

Courier or mobile recharge?

Or lottery ticket?

No, no, Dutta.

Dutta Babu, a dangerous man
has been lurking around this area.


There is pressure from Crime Branch.

That’s why Senior Inspector Mukherjee
has sent me to investigate.

Ohh, ok.

I have heard that,

a boy...

Beat up lots of goons all by himself.


Inspector Mukherjee has a gut that
it can be anyone with local knowledge.

So what you are insinuating is that,

at this age
I have such good fitness,

that I can do action
and beat goons up?

Oh no, no. Not you sir!

I was talking about Tarun Bakshi's son.

Courier boy. Working here.




Yes, you said 8pm sharp!

I love edamame.

- Hmm.
- I like it a lot.

Arjun Bakshi, 27, loves edamame,
trains kids in martial arts...

works as a delivery
boy at Dutta library.

And you have your headphones
on all the time.


So much research.

Well, it's my job.

If I don't do homework, who will?

But tell me...

What do you keep listening to,
on your headphones all the time?

I want to know.

Usually its the same song.

But sometimes...

Even when I'm not listening
to anything, I still keep them on.



I don’t like talking to people.

Now see...

No matter how much homework I did,
this I could have never found out!

Thank you.

You didn't do any homework?

If I chose to do homework
on you, ma'am,

- I would have had to go to the police station...
- Woah, wait hold on, ma'am?

If you call me ma'am,
I will call you Sir!

- Then what should I call you?
- I have a perfectly good name!




Thank you.

Tell me one such thing
about yourself,

which no matter how much homework I did,
I could never find out.

I mean...

What's your headphone?


And why do you wear that headphone?

I mean...

We all wear headphones
to escape from something.

To forget something.

What are you trying to forget?

If you don't mind me asking?

No, I will tell you.

my father was a forest officer.

Just like you he really loved animals.

My mom was a documentary filmmaker.

They both met at Kaziranga.

One lapse of judgement...

From my dad's side at his work...

And he lost his job.

He lost his reputation, and...

As a result, he lost his life.

I'm sorry.


Mom couldn't handle that.

She passed away soon after.

Aryan became a loner post that.

I remember I used to
love playing cop and thief as a child.

Aryan and I played, and I
always wanted to be the police inspector.

I think I wanted to emulate my dad.
I wanted to be like him.

But today...

I'm searching for that respect
which my father lost.

I don't know,
I think I have spoken too much.

I'm so sorry.

Thank you.


You know, Arjun, I have to say this...

Thank you.

You're welcome.

No, seriously,
thank you.

I think, post my divorce...

This must be the first time
when I am actually smiling on a date.

Are you okay?


Is this a date?

You have never been on a date before?

To tell you the truth, no.

Raise a toast to yourself.


Mr. Arjun Bakshi, you are on a date!

By the way, there was no need
for splitting the bill on the date.

Ohh, no.

What happened?

We had Arjun with us. But I think
he is still stuck at the billing counter.

Should we like get him back?

Okay, jokes apart, let's do this.

Next time you treat me
to a cup of coffee.

Then our account will be settled.

I do not drink coffee from outside.

I only trust the coffee that I make.

Okay, so then you treat me to some
of your trusted homemade coffee.

- Okay.
- Okay.

(Phone rings)
One Second.

It’s Mukherjee.

I'll have to rush to work.


I'm going to give you
a surprise visit at your home,

and you will treat me to some
surprisingly good home made coffee.

- Okay.
- I have to go.


- Bye.
- Thank you.

Bye, Akshara.



How sweet.


Hey Shomo, where did boss find
that Thai assasin? She is hot.

Not hot, she is dangerous.

You have no idea
what she did to Abdul Sattar.

Then what happened to Abdul Sattar?

Abdul Sattar's torn pieces of clothing
were found in the jungle 3 years later.

Body is still missing.

Was he turned into biryani as well?

That's why I never eat biryani.

Let's take this.

Hold it tight. Let's move.

Eat, eat. All of you enjoy.

Listen mister, isn’t this mutton meat
tasting a little weird?

(Aslam throwing up)

Hey, get up everyone.

We aren't going to eat this rubbish.

Get up everyone, now!

Get up!

Am I a moron?

Let's go.

Sir, your bill?

Shut the fuck up.

Arsehole is asking for payment.

Ask Aryan, to pay the bill!

Selling dog meat instead
of mutton and asking for a bill?

College Street,
Dutta Uncle's Order No.12567.

Chicken Chilly Manchurian, fast.

(Dramatic music plays)

Dog meat must be used
in different dishes, right?

This one is barking a lot.

He is pissing a lot too.

- Keep them down.
- The municipal officer had called.

We need to pick up puppies from
Park Street area tomorrow.


This is that
hyena thief.

First, we will break his bones,

then we will take information about
the whereabouts of the hyena.

That day when I was drunk,
he took advantage. Thinks he is a hero!

Let's take out all his machismo tonight.

Where are you taking these puppies?

Tell me who are you working for?

Where is my Shonku?

Who is that hyena for?

Where is Shonku?

Where were you last night?

At least say something.

What happened, uncle?

Why are you feigning innocence?

What happened to that order?
It was my special delivery.

For my brother-in-law
who wanted chicken from Chinatown.

Uncle, that restaurant is
selling dog meat instead of mutton.

So what?

That’s none of your business, Arjun.

What is this?

I am so sorry, Arjun.

Listen Arjun, what's with the police?

The other day inspector Mukherjee
had sent sub-inspector Lahiri!

and today someone named Akshara
came from the Crime Branch.

She took your address a while back.

Oh my god!

What happened?

It's paining a lot dude. Please ask
how long will it take?

Are you the only one in pain?

See this, whole nose is broken.

I have informed boss.
He is sending a solution.

Hey look.

Boss was supposed to send a solution.
Why has he sent this chick instead?

- Hi!
- Hi.

Your door is not locked?

- Yes.
- I knocked.

But why no lock?

Either you are careless
or overtly confident.

Even if there was a lock, who
can stop the Crime Branch from entering?

Sarcasm! I like it.

I hope your coffee is
as strong as your sarcasm.

Colonel, good boy.

- This is Colonel, Colonel come on.
- You know I have met...

good boy. Good boy!

He is actually the security in charge of
my house and therefore I don't lock it.

- I am sure.
- Coffee?

Yes, coffee.

You like it this way? Being alone?
Don't you think it's weird?

Don't you feel lonely?

Thank you.

Loneliness is
a kind of negative term.

I prefer to call it solitude because
loneliness is

forced whereas solitude is out
of choice.

Wow! Mr. Philosopher.

- That's interesting but...
- Nice coffee, no?

Very nice coffee!

You know what this reminds me of, my dad.
He used to drink this type of coffee.

You know what?

You will actually
get along with Aryan.

He was asking for dinner.

This weekend good for you?


- Colonel.
- Can you please ask him to.

- Can he not?
- Sit down.

What is he?

You know it's not easy. Generally...

Can he not be here?
Can you ask him to go there please?

No, but Colonel usually
doesn’t like anyone

except me so he never even enters
anyone’s space.

But I think he likes you.

It’s very rare.

- Colonel.
- No! Please, Arjun... Please.

Please, no... Arjun! I am really scared.
Please, Colonel, please.

- Colonel is retired, he doesn’t bite.
I am scared.

You know that he doesn't bite.

I may or may not know that. But
Colonel surely doesn't know that. Please.

- He knows. Don't worry!
- Please call him on other side.

No, Arjun,
Please call him that side.

- Colonel back.
- Please!

Colonel stay, stay!

- Stay! Good boy.
- Yes, please stay colonel.

- Good boy, colonel.
- please...

- Good boy!
- I'm sorry.


I'm very surprised
that you are afraid of dogs.

No, on duty I am not scared because...

- they are always on leash.
- Yeah!

But, like, personally I can't handle
them without leash.


Actually, there was
an incident in my childhood.

Aryan had a pet dog, Rocky!

He bit me very badly.

Since then I have been
a little nervous around dogs.

Which breed was it that bit you?

I don't remember.
I think it was a...

- A Pitbull.
- Yes, they can get a bit aggressive.

I forgot, I got this for you.

Thank you!

One second.

Yes, Mukherjee?


Time of death?


Sorry Arjun, I’m in a bit of a rush.

I will see you again soon.
Thank you for the coffee.

Thank you! Bye.

By coming here, you are not going
to achieve anything.

You are just adding
to the confusion. I...

would like to request you all.

Please let the Crime Branch get
to the root of this matter.

If you keep showing random news on your
channel, it's not going to help anyone.

We will give you the information
that you need and you can share it.

But till then, please cooperate with us.

Sorry, excuse me!

Where is Mukherjee?
He should be handling these people.


Is this the Hoodie-man?

- Sir.
- Akshara, you were on top of this right?

Then how did this happen?

We need to make some arrests.

Catch anyone.

We need to show the people

that crime branch is doing its job. Okay?

Good job, Vik.

We need more blood.

Any details of the people who died?

Yes. Bikki and Shomo.

Both are Taltola goons. Small
criminal records, nothing major as such.

But madam, two things seems very odd.

Firstly, what were they doing in this
area so early in the morning?

And secondly, those tyre marks?

It's a super bike, madam.

he has never used a bike before.


It's not him. There is a missing link
which we are not able to find.

We have to find it.

I know we like blood.

I know the joy you get out
of a killing.

But for now,
no more killing!

We need the hyena.

Dogs only bark when
the hyena isn't around.

You send him a message,
to go for the dog.


This way.


Thank you!

Welcome home, Momo.

Oh my god, that's a lot of food.

don't tell me you made all of this?

No, I won't tell you.

For vegan Arjun, a brinjal dish,

and for us...

One, Two, Three.

Honestly, after what I have seen
in the last few days...

I think, I will also prefer vegetarian.

Look according to me, there is no such
thing as vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Either you are a meat eater
or a non-meat eater.

Or you are Arjun!

I don't drink, thank you!

So keep this aside.

- Momo.
- Yeah?

So, Your Hoodie-boy vigilante,
I must say he is kicking some real ass.

Can you please pass me that?

What did you just say?

I just said you police officers,
your hands are tied by law.

And these criminals
take advantage of that.

This guy is polishing them off,
with some style.

I am impressed.

You know,
he is like Kolkata's Punisher.

Aryan, you know.

What do you think, Arjun?

According to me, any person
is a vigilante

as long as he works within
the parameters of the law.

Killing someone makes him
a murderer, right?


Vigilante or murderer,
they are both criminals.

Seriously, did you just say that?

I mean, how can you put a murderer
and a vigilantee

in the same bracket just because
someone breaks one of your stupid laws?

Because of these laws, so many lives
get ruined and so many families

get destroyed,
who knows that better than me?

Well, if there is no
law, there will be an anarchy,

and who knows that better than us,

To be honest, a successful
anarchist is a vigilante,

and a failed vigilante is an anarchist.

Do you always converse
in such quotable quotes?

This is very good. Thank you.

If it's okay...

Can we talk about the participation
of Indian breeds in the dog show?

Yes, please do,
that's really important to him.

Give me one strong reason
why should I entertain your dogs?


If we talk about strength, stamina,
agility, and obedience,

then Indian breeds are at par,
if not better than

all your foreign breeds.

My Colonel, for six years, he is my...

He is my pet.

On a given day, he can beat
any of your dogs. Comfortably.

He is amazing.

If he gets that platform.

And he deserves that platform.

All dogs deserve that platform.

After all, dogs are dogs, right?

Fair point. No, I buy that point.

But unfortunately Arjun it's
not a fair world.

You see this man behind me?

He is wearing a suit...

breathing the same air, probably
more talented than all of us together.

Do you think he belongs here?

You know, he is blind, but
he is not deaf. He can hear you.

Do you like butterflies?

Aryan is a Lepidoptrist.

Lepidopterist, means
I collect butterflies.


I have a collection from all over
the world,

including the rarest of them all,
my latest - Lotis Blue.

How is my collection?

To be honest.

I don't see a collection here.

All I can see is a graveyard of dead
butterflies. It's quite sad!

Sentimental, huh?

Cute. Why do you have to
be so sentimental about death?

It’s just course of nature.

It’s course of nature when its natural.

it’s course of nature when its natural.

The thing is that, Arjun,
for a butterfly,

to become a butterfly,

caterpillar has to die.
What do we call a caterpillar in Hindi?



To reach our true potential,
we have to kill our weaker selves.

If nature started saving
every life form

then evolution would
have never happened.

Neither you would have existed, nor me.

The neanderthals would have
still been ruling.


No, I don't smoke.

Of course, you don't smoke.


Mom and Dad.

Kaziranga, I think 1989.

It's my Dad.

25 years of spotless career.

One tiny mistake,

and they took everything from him.

They snatched his life, his career,

reputation, family, every damn thing.

For what?

One dead fucking rhino.

- Ah! Mukherjee!
- 'Can you give me a minute?

You are a dog lover, right?

My sister isn't.
In fact she is scared of the dogs.

Yes, she told me.

What did she tell you?

That you had a pet Pitbull...


Not Balboa!

So after that incident, Momo thinks

we sent Rocky back
to the kennel or whatever.

But I will tell you
what really happened.

I took my dad's service revolver and
shot all the bullets right on his face.

After all animals lack soul.
My sister doesn't.

You guys are here.

So what did I miss?

Nothing much, It's time.
Let’s go.

Yeah, Let’s go.

Basha, will you drop me to the gym?

Gym after dinner?

it’s been a while since we had dinner.

And honestly, it relaxes me.

This vigilante case is getting too much.

I just need to workout.

You want to come?


Can I sit here?

So, Mr. Martial Arts Trainer...

What do you have to say?

Should I be honest?


Honestly, pivot is missing.
Because of which

you are lacking balance and there is
is no force in your left kick.

There are high chances
of injuries too.

And if i was at your place...

Where is the balance now?

Look, I don't want to fight.

We are not fighting, it's just
a friendly sparring session.

Come on!


A failed vigilante
is an anarchist?

Explain. 5 marks.

When brave Shivaji held his head
high and stood in front of Aurangzeb,

was he a hero or an anarchist?


Datta uncle giving you history lessons?

But according to Aurangzeb's document,
he was an anarchist. Right?

Those were Aurangzeb's documents.

Just like now, as per the law set by the
rulers, the Hoodie-boy is a vigilante.

But if he or she is not a killer,

history will remember him as a hero,

So what you are saying
is that in this vigilante's story,

we police officers are the villain?

Until the lion doesn’t tell his story,

everyone will think
the hunter is the real hero.

So in our story, who is
the lion and who is the hunter?

I don't know, but I guessß

all will be revealed in good time.


You are bleeding.

I'm so sorry.

I have to tell you a secret.


If you don't like
anything that I say, ever,

then you can tell me
without breaking my nose.

Oh, really?

Where else did you get hurt?

I have lost count. I was
just thinking about that - Jaw, ribs.

God, I am so sorry. Let me see.


Let me see where.

Yeah, just...

I will never criticise
your kicks ever again.

Balance is also perfect.

Good, don't.

I understand.

No, of course.

Mr. Gandhi, you know how I operate.

No, I never fail to meet a
single commitment.

Sure, You will get your hyena back,
this week itself.

Also, I just wanted to remind
you about my dock license. Mr. Gandhi?










Arjun, I told you- criminal or vigilante,
it's all about the law for me.

Akshara, I can explain everything.

- You have to come to the police station.
- We don't have much time.

- You have to come to the police station.
- A lot has already gone wrong.

A lot of lives have been lost.

I will not let any more animals die.

You are not above the law.

Akshara, they have Colonel.

We will get Colonel for you.

You said same thing about Shonku.

File a report.
We will find him.

- Yes.
- Found him?

You are not above the law.

If your law was good enough, people would
not have to become vigilantes.

Your law can't protect everyone.

Don't do this.

I have lost Shonku.

I will not lose Colonel!

Arjun, just come to the police station.

Akshara, your law
is not bigger than lives.

Especially for the beings
who don't have a voice of their own.


Arjun, please.


You must be tired, my boy.

You should get some rest,
feel at home.

You have something that belongs to me.

And I have a small part of
something that belongs to you.


Where is Colonel?

This is what I like about him,
you know.

No small talk, comes straight
to the point. You are just like me!

Here is your Colonel's
first instalment.

Quite a ballsy dog, I must say.

I manually castrated him.

He is at ease now.

Whether you return my hyena
to me or not, I will. In instalments.

If you want the rest
of your dog Colonel in one piece,

it will be best if you return
me my hyena.


The dog can fight, huh?

Give him a fight.

Look's like my hyena has survived.

But you won't.

What a pity, Arjun.


Would you like a biscuit?

Get up puppy. I don't have all day!

Hey, Arjun.

I really liked you, man.

Thought we could
have been best of friends.

What are you doing, bro?

What are you doing?

You know, talking about
your favourite word, fairness...

Everything is fair in love
and war, Arjun.

You know how much
I love you!

Now, moving towards today's
breaking news.

Kolkata's "Claws and Fangs pet shop"
chain owner,

Aryan D'Souza pet shop stores
get raided by the Crime Branch cell.

All kinds of rare and exotic animals and birds
have been recovered from his stores.

It is being said that the stores were
used as a facade for drug smuggling,

and for illegal animal meat supply
business by him.

Rumour has it that Aryan D'Souza case

is being overlooked
by Akshara D'Souza,

who happens to
be Aryan D'Souza sister.