L'agression (1975) - full transcript

An ordinary man is driven to violence in the name of revenge in this drama. Paul Varlin (Jean-Louis Trintignant) is a businessman who decides to take his wife and daughter on a vacation. ...

You know, we could have bought
an old farmhouse to restore.

You regret buying the place at
La Grande-Motte? (a popular seaside resort)

No, it's very nice, our duplex,

I was just saying we could have
got something cheaper.

Look at these two idiots!

You can't get past them, eh?

- Don't get mad.
- I'm just winding them up.

Fascist! Nazi!

And besides, they're Swiss!

- You know what the "CH" means?
- What do you mean?

The country indication "CH".

- No.
- It means "Cheese".

- Swiss?
- No, "Cheese".

"Cheese"? Ah!

- This thing handles like a shed.
- Yes.

We'll be overtaken by those 2CVs.

- I'm hungry.
- I am too.

Fill it up, please.

- I'll have a steak.
- Rare, medium or well-done?

No, rare, very rare.

And lastly, what would you like
to drink with that?

- A water.
- Water?

- Perfect for the breathalyser! - Waiter!
- Just a second; I'm not Fangio!

One rare - very rare - steak,
one salad and one mineral water.

It's disgusting, and yet we eat it
without saying anything.

I don't want any more, it's horrible.

Can you pay me now, please?

Can I pay by card?

Yes, of course.

- How much is it?
- Three times too much.

Meaning what?

How much is three times too much?

I dunno,
why are you asking me?!

I'll sort the back out,
so she can have a sleep.

Wait for me!
I'm here, all aboard!

See you soon.
See you soon, Dad.

Let's go.


Nice legs!

- Come on. Hup!
- You too, get in.

We'll escort him home, quietly!

If it wasn't for the damn speed limit,
we'd be there already.

What is it?

What are they doing?

Nothing, they just want to pass.

- What are they doing?
- They're just having a laugh.

They think it's funny...

Keep your belts on.

- As if we're going to remove them!
- It's nothing, honey.

I told you we had too much luggage!

You're crazy.

Too bad.

I taught them a lesson,
those shit-heads.

Don't be vulgar.


I know, I saw them.


Slow down, Dad!


Keep the lights on and beep the horn.


You fucker, it's me you're hitting!


Oh, Jesus!

Son of a bitch!






Patty baby...

Patty baby...

Patty baby...

Patty baby!

Hello, I'm listening, go ahead.

Hold the line, please.

Speak up, I can't hear you.

Yes, we'll come right away.

Hello, sir?
Stay close to the phone, please.

You had an accident?
Are you hurt?

Take a picture, quickly.

- Shall I take the stone?
- Go ahead, go ahead.

The skid marks?

OK, measure them.

No, she's dead.

She's dead.

- How many of them were there?
- Three.

- Three cars?
- No, three motorcycles.

Do you think you could identify them?

Do you think you could identify them?


- Are you in pain?
- He asks if I'm in pain!

- Returning to you...
- It's not important.

It is. They attacked you
and left traces.

- What is this stuff?
- Mint.

- Leave him in peace, please.
- You can talk now.

Now, when you came to,

you also did things.
We must separate your traces from theirs.

For example, the blankets.

It wasn't me who covered
their bodies up.

OK, OK, take it easy now.

I'm sorry.

That's okay.

What kind of bikes?
The make is often on the gastank.

I dunno.

And not the registration numbers, either?

And decorations?
Paintings, decals, other stuff?

You're the only eyewitness.

You'll forget even more by tomorrow,
that's why we're bothering you now.

- You're not bothering me at all.
- How many were there?

- Three.
- Helmets?

- Yes.
- Goggles?

Uh... visors, you know...
their faces were covered.

- Beards?
- I dunno.

Long hair?

- I dunno.
- Young?

I suppose so, yes.

- Dressed how?
- Leathers...

or canvas.
Anyway, they were all in black.

They were dressed like typical bikers.

Had you ever seen these guys before?

- Yes, I...
- I mean, before the restaurant?

Oh no, in that case, no.

- You're sure?
- Yes.

How can you be so sure?

Well... I don't know any bikers,

and I'm 600 km away from my home.

- Where were you going?
- I already told you...

- No.
- Yes, I did!

I was going to La Grande-Motte,
where I own a duplex.

Now these bikers,
you said that they were young?

- I said that?
- Yes.

No, I said, "l suppose".

And they attacked you just for fun?

That's what I think.

We'll take a sample of the blood
under your fingernails,

and you'll have to see
the examining magistrate.

- We'll let you sleep first.
- No, I don't want to sleep.

Under the circumstances,
your testimony is vitally important.

There are no traces,
no fingerprints, nothing,

apart from your testimony, to indicate
the presence of three young men on motorcycles.

- But, you know...
- I know, but the crime itself...

is no proof of those three bikers.

- What do you want me to tell you?
- The blood on your hand,

where did it come from?

No, no, I don't remember.

The blood of one of your assailants,

- injured in the struggle?
- Of course, who else's could it have been?

Is it impossible that you could have
inflicted the injuries yourself?

I have to consider all possibilities -

that is precisely the function
of an examining magistrate.

- You could be the killer.
- Indeed!

The blood was of the same group
as that of your wife.

- But this is...
- It's a very common blood group, I know.

This is crazy!

I have to consider all the possibilities.

When I've formed my conclusions,
that will be the end of my part in the investigation.

- Your testimony seems credible.
- Ah well, thank you!

I'm very pleased to hear it!

Calm down.

- Thank you...
- Calm down!

This is completely ridiculous!

Do you remember Mr. Varlin?

Yes, he paid with a card.

You were here with a lady
and a boy...

No, a little girl.

At what time did they leave?

I was just finishing my shift,
so around 8pm.

At that time, did you see
or hear any motorcycles?

At 8 o'clock?
Are you kidding?

Between crashing crockery,
customers yelling...

- With a microphone, maybe!
- Alright...

Aren't you curious why
I'm asking you all this?

If you wanted to tell me
you would have done so,

but I'm not going to ask questions.

I can see that you got into trouble.
I hope it isn't serious.

- That's all I can say.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

We found the same kind at the scene.

It's what they used to throw
the oil at you.

Good. We'll take you back to town.

Thank you.

You'll still be staying in La Grande-Motte?

- Yes.
- You understand, I need to know.

Oh, for the funeral, thank you.

- Forget it.
- I really appreciate it,

because really, it was nice of you.
Nice people,

and it wasn't expensive...
I was very pleased. Thank you.

Oh, shit!

Did you get them?

Yeah, and a nice close-up.
Who's the broad?

- It's Varlin's sister-in-law.
- Nice Ass!

You got the coffins?
And one of the kid's?

So-so, what with all those
trees in the way.

Cypresses are okay,
they're skinny, but the willows...

- Those aren't willows.
- So what are they?

I don't know,
but they're not willows!

Mr. Varlin,

Miss, I present my condolences.

I'm sorry to bother you at such a time.

I'm Raoul Dumouriez,

a journalist for La Liberté du Sud-Est
and a radio newscaster.

You are Mr. Varlin?

Not now, please.

No pictures.

People would like to know what happened.

- Ask Captain Escudero.
- He won't tell us anything.

He has his reasons.

- No pictures !
- He won't tell us what his reasons are.

Perhaps you could explain that.
lf you really don't want to say anything,

tell me your reasons why.
I'll answer: "Good, OK."

- Leave us in peace.
- I wasn't asking you, bitch!

Stop it!

He wanted to provoke you into this!

Sticking up for the interests of
your brother-in-law, eh!

Or perhaps he's a bit
more than that to you?!

Please stop!

This is ridiculous!
Come on!

I said, no pictures!

- You're crazy !
- Faggot! Cuckold! Towel head!

Dirty Jew!

- An aperitif, sir?
- Sarah?

- A whiskey,
- Any preference?

I don't mind. A double.

Anyways, we should eat dinner...
I don't know why, though...

I wonder why we don't have wakes,
like the Irish have.

Everyone gets drunk,
there's singing, dancing, eating...

The Jews also have them, I think...
In fact, all minorities do:

the Moys of Indochina...

- You know what "Moy" means?
- Moy? No...

It means "savage".


- Why aren't you eating?
- I'm not hungry anymore.

I mean, I'm not so hungry.

How long has it been
since I last saw you?

At least six years, right?

Yes, pretty much.

I don't know why I phoned you.

It was just that there was
nobody else to notify.

- So, how are you?
- You mean now?

I mean your life in Edinburgh,
how have you been?

- Good?
- Things are going well.

And how is...

Peter's his name, right, your husband?
How is Peter?

Yes, Peter's fine.
Peter's doing well...

I would have preferred him to have died,
rather than my sister.

That's a pretty terrible thing to say.

I'd like some more to drink.

Drink, Sarah?


Go ahead, drink something.

- No thanks.
- You'll feel better if you're drunk.

I'll teach you a game to get drunk.

It's called Cardinal Bam.

So, I drink to the health
of Cardinal Bam,

one time.

I drink to the health of Cardinal Bam,

Bam. Two times.

- And you start all over again.
ls that it? - That's it. - Then I understand.

I'll carry on.
Because if you're mistaken,

you have to drink everything
and start from the beginning.

- One time...
- The bottle is empty...

I drink to the health of Cardinal Bam.
Four times. Oh, no...

- You have to do it again.
- Yes, I was mistaken.

Uh... four times.

I'll walk with you.

Watch out... It's HERE!

Oh wait, it's not here...
My apartment's over there!

It's here. Stop!

- Are you OK?
- I'm fine... Fresh air!

I'll put your suitcase right here.

- I'm sorry! I left you to carry...
- Don't worry about it, it's fine.

You should go to bed now - it's 6am.

- I need to get my watch repaired.
- Do it tomorrow.

Then I need to rent a car...

I can't take you back to your hotel.
My car's a wreck...

I'm really sorry.

But it really doesn't matter.

I'm sorry...

There's plenty of coffee...

Oh yes, I'd love one.

- What?
- A coffee.


Please. That'd be really nice.
It's just what I need.

Not too strong, okay?

- What?
- The coffee, not too strong.

Oh, that's enough, that's enough!

- Shit!
- Watch out, the faucet splashes.

Here, I haven't sweetened it.

- I don't want any.
- What?

I don't want any coffee.
I have another idea...

Much better.

I want to bang you.

- Come on, take your coffee.
- I'd prefer to bang you.

Come on, Paul, sit down,
drink your coffee.

I want to bang you.

I don't find that funny.
I don't find that funny at all.

This is ridiculous, Paul.
We can't keep going around.

It's ridiculous!
It's not funny, I mean it!


I'm gonna shag you.

Let me go!

I'm gonna shag you.

Let me go!

No, Paul! Paul!

You want to do exactly what
they did to Héléne!

You slob!

Oh la la!

No! That's enough, Paul!

Let me go!

I'll hurt you!

- Sarah...
- You let me go, Paul!

But I'm desperate!

Sarah, goddamit!


No! Paul!

You've been drinking, not me,
and I'm stronger than you!

Poor slob!
What a pathetic character!

Go, Sarah...

- Go, or I'll fuck you.
- Well, come on, then.

OK. Hurry up.

Come on.
You're scared now, huh?

Come on.


Get out, or I swear I'll fuck you.

Go ahead. Come on.

I'm waiting, come on.

- Sarah...
- Yes?

Cover up.

- Huh?
- Cover up.

Oh, so you want me to be decent now?

- Sarah?
- What?

- I'm sorry...
- I'm not, not at all.

You weren't much good,
that's for sure.

And when you're in such
a state - look at me -

there's no point in jumping on people.

Don't rub it in.
I'm all regrets now.

So you realize now how disgustingly
you behaved, right?

The truth is, every girl wants
the guy their big sister has,

and I'd thought I was over it.

It was just a matter of circumstances.

- You sound cynical.
- Not at all.

In fact, I'm speaking fondly,

- well, as much as I ever do.
- Well then, don't say anything more, OK?

- Are they all suspects?
- Don't you worry about that.

Could you turn the lights up a bit?

We'll try it like this first.

Get them all out.

Bring in the other batch.

Give me some light.

Don't bother -
this guy's one of us.

- Ouch!
- Sorry, buddy.

Come on, everybody out.

You thought you recognised that first one?

I can't be sure.

It was the bandage that made
you react, right?

But it's more than that.

You've analyzed the blood I had
under my nails?

It's a very common group.
Try to come up with something else.

His voice.
I want to hear his voice.

- You fucker, it's me you're hitting.
- Speak louder. Yell.

You fucker, it's me you're hitting!

I'm not sure if he said "fucker" or "cunt".

That's not important, huh?

- Do it in the right tone of voice.
- What tone?


- That tone!
- You fucker, it's me you're hitting!

It's him.

You're 100% sure?

If I say yes, what then?

Well, the same as if you say no.

Okay then, well...
I'm not completely sure.

OK, I'll enlighten you:

that creep:
breaking and entering, car theft...

In brief, the usual story.
And two inseparable friends.

Why weren't they arrested?

They're in custody.

I had also noticed the bandage...

Can I see his two friends?

You've already seen them.

And I didn't spot them?




Weren't you expecting me? Paul!

That's not nice.

You should go back to Edinburgh.

- I frighten you so much?
- Oh, no.

Hold your skirt down,
the cops are watching!

I came to ask what you've found out.

I don't think I believe you.

OK, I came to throw myself at your feet!

- I don't believe that, either.
- You're right.

- Want to have dinner with me?
- Yes, I'll follow you.

I know an amazing place.
You'll see.

- Come over here. Have a look!
- What?

We filled the car up there.

We parked over there,
and ate together at this restaurant.

The three guys were over there,

but they attacked us further away,
on the highway.

Next, I'll show you where they knocked me
unconscious and raped Hélene and Patty.

Stop it!

I didn't force you to come.

Excuse me.

It's my fault, I apologize.

Hot steak!

HOt butt!

This jerk really has some nerve...

Your steak doesn't look too great.

You said it!

It's tough.

Is it because you've not returned to France
for such a long time that you want to stay?

No. It's not because of that.

It's because I want to fuck you.


- Yes, it's because I want to fuck you.
- You're crazy, Sarah!

I'm crazy!?

I've decided I'm fed up...

Fed up with being sensible,
fed up of having to maintain my "allure".

"Be decent, my dear!"
For years, I've heard that.

Fed up! I've had enough!

You'll see if I'm crazy...
Waiter! Waitress!

- Is anybody here...? Waiter!
- One Moment...

"One moment..."?
This piece of meat is awful!

- What's wrong?
- This piece of meat is awful. Overcooked, tough...

- It's shit!
- No, it's flank. - No, it's shit!

Excuse me, I'm the one who...

- What's wrong with you? Why are you making a scene?
- What? Because I say what I think?

That's enough, eat.
Come on, eat.

Stop playing with your food - brat!

Here you go.
If you'd just asked...

- Good luck.
- That's better!

I'll stay in the motel here
during the investigation.

I don't mind about the steaks.
I don't give a shit.

- Good for you!
- Goodbye.

Come in.

I feel lonely.

You took the next room over?

I didn't choose.
It's just a coincidence.

- I assume I can't stop you?
- No.

Big coward!


Paul, I'm cold.


I feel very cold.
Can I borrow your pajamas?

Please, Paul.

I'm cold and afraid. Please, Paul.

Your pajamas...

Can I borrow them, please?

- Your stockings are torn.
- If only that was all...

Hey... I don't understand...

Mr Varlin, would you mind not smoking?

- You stand by your statement?
- Yes.

- Which one?
- That one.

You think we'd have beat up this guy
just to bang some old bag?

You're cracked, buddy!

Hey, he's freaking out!

Mr, Varlin!

Call the guards!

Stop! Stop immediately!

Don't touch me!

Get everyone out except Mr Varlin.


I should lodge a complaint!

Now sit down and be quiet.

I will overlook your outburst this time,

but I strongly advise you
not to repeat it.

I'm sorry to insist,

but the office is stuffy enough.
Please don't smoke.

I want to discuss the case, but I'm not
sure if you're calm enough to listen.

Go ahead, try me.

I have here the report on the conditions
under which you identified that boy yesterday.

You seemed unable to say it with certainty.

But yes, I am positive.

Even if you do say so now,

it's clear it's just his voice
you think you recognize.

Please don't interrupt me.

Those three boys are able to prove...

they were not on the highway
on the night of the 18th.

Is that so?
And where do they claim they were?

They do not claim,
they have an alibi, if you would prefer.

- I will therefore have to release them.
- No!

- But yes, Mr Varlin.
- No! No, no, no!

I'm not asking for anything
out of the ordinary,

I just want the name of this bastard,

because I say he lied -
I know he lied!

To protect those three...


Watch out, bitch!

That was his fault, the fool.
You drive very well.

So my staying here serves some good,
after all.

If things were normal,
I could be nice to you,

or fall in love with you,

or I could even sleep with you.

If things were normal.
Unfortunately, things are not normal.

We'll take care of that.

This isn't the right way.

The judge won't say anything,
the police won't either...

We might get what we need from
that reporter we saw the other day.

Come in.

Excuse the mess -

I was just getting ready to eat
when you called me.

I'm having difficulty chewing;

you almost broke my jaw the other day.

- Well, you asked for it.
- Let's not talk about that now.

What are we going to talk about?

- Do you have a cigarette?
- Certainly.

Local or imported?

Thank you very much.

- Need a light?
- Yes, please.

Here you are.

- Thank you.
- My pleasure.

- He's getting mad now!
- That's enough of your nonsense.

What's he talking about, Mrs...?
Or is it Miss?

We're going.

That's stupid;
you haven't asked me anything yet.

Take a chance.

Paul thought he recognized those three guys,
but they have an alibi.

Sauguet, Jean-Charles. Garage owner.
124 rue Jean-Jaures.

Hey, if you break his neck,
give me a call, OK?

- This is it, this spark plug here.
- It could be the points, or the starter.

Huh? Nah, here's the problem,
down here.

Mr, Sauget, please?
I'd like to speak to Mr Sauget.

Could you call him, please?

Your name?

- Varlin.
- Who?


"Varlin", huh?


Why are you lying?

That's what I saw!
I don't have to talk to you.

I don't know why,

- but I know you're lying...
- I'm not lying!

Stop insulting me!

I'm tired of being insulted.

- It's OK, we're all upset...
- I'm not upset!

Do you know what they did?

It wasn't them, I assure you.

That's just your opinion.

They were here from 6pm to midnight,

tinkering with their motorcycles.

So they didn't eat?
And what about you?

I ate a little bite here in my garage,
but they didn't.

When they work on their machines,
they think of nothing else.


Listen, I know them,
they're not murderers.

I've known them for a long time.
I'm telling you the truth.

It's strange though...
That mechanic,

I'm not convinced he's telling the truth.

They're crazy!

- Get out.
- Excuse me?

I'll let you out here.
Take the first taxi you can find.


I guess we'll have to push now.
We'll need to put something under the wheels.

We'll find some flat rocks.

Look at this mess!

Those bikers made a fool out of you.

I don't know if you noticed,
when they took off...

This one's too heavy,
I'll leave it for you.

They waited for you, led you on,
then took off again.

When they decided to take off,
they didn't bother asking your opinion!

I'm sure that garage owner lied.

Me too.

I don't think those guys
went back to town;

they're right at home in the mountains.

- At the front?
- In front of the back wheel.

In front of the back wheel...

You were saying...?

I said, they're perfectly at home
in the mountains.

They're city kids, I think.

They're not kids, they're killers.

- Do we need more rocks?
- That should be enough.

- Want a cigarette?
- Yes.

It's tough for a little woman!

You should return to Scotland,

forget this mess and
resume a normal life.

My life isn't "normal" there.

I was taking pills to get through the day,
and sleeping pills at night.

You came along and upset
the pattern of my life.

I'll drive, you push?

Yes, go ahead.

I never intended to upset your life.

That's alright.

One thing I don't understand, though...

- What?
- We didn't even...

You didn't get in my knickers?
That's true,

but you've blasted my routine all to hell.

It really was unintentional.

It turned out to be just what I needed.

Shouldn't we go back?

No, let's see what this road leads to.

Don't move, stay there.
Wait for me.



And another one here!

Looks like burglars.

Let go of me, this is ridiculous!

So it speaks!

Excuse us; we didn't know
anyone lived here.

You're disappointed?

- No.
- So you're pleased, then?

No, I just couldn't care less.

You break into people's houses,
and you don't care?

Hey, wouldn't you care?

It depends whol break into!

Right, that's the question!

Believe me, I'm usually quite fond
of a good break-in!

Stop wriggling!

- I'm visiting old ruins...
- "Old ruins"?!

- I suppose that...
- What?

Isuppose you were looking for
a quiet little nook to screw this little lady in.

You two little shits!

Just a minute! Dirty words are silly,
especially when people can't count.

- Captain Escudero knows we're here.
- Why were you insulting my friends?

They've been very patient.

Their ideas aren't silly,
they were talking about chicks.

They understand women.
A woman is pure, fragile...

A woman is magic.

And she loves cock!
Those are the bare facts, buddy.

Now shut up!

Are you gonna behave,
or do we have to get rough?

The next time you do that,
you'll be spitting your teeth out.

No one's hurt you yet,

but don't push your luck,
just 'cause we're easy-going.

Aren't we gentle?

Tell him how sweet we are...

and tell him to cut out
the big hero act!

That's enough!

Kick their heads in!

Listen to her - she's a tough one.

Beat it!

You'd better let us go.

- You make me so scared!
- You should be afraid;

I can scratch eyes out,
and kick balls in, too.

She's too much!

She's too much! Let him go.

Come on, let's get outta here.
But be careful:

the next time, she might not be there
to protect you.

Oh shit, I've lost my shoes.

I was afraid. You okay?

- I was afraid for you.
- So was I.

That band's sound is really poor.
They did it in a studio...

You looking at my shotgun?
I can see why, after the other night.

Me and Maurice, we decided to
be ready the next time.

Honest, decent people must
protect themselves,

isn't that right?

All this will lead to armed militias,
and that mightn't be a bad thing.

Tell me, what is democracy?

It must be armed.

The supreme power is the judges,
and what are they going to give them,

those bastards of yours?

They'll get a few years in juvey.
I find it disgusting.

They can kill you,
but you can't kill them.

You wanna kill me, I'm gonna kill you.
No debate.

That's democracy.

You're not someone
who's gonna disagree, right?

Well, I have work to do.

He who doesn't work, doesn't eat,
isn't that right?

Sex and violence.

When you look at today's society,
what else is there?

Sex and violence.

Sex and violence, sex and violence...

- Paul...
- Leave me alone.

- If it's because we're back here...
- No.

Remember what I told you, Sarah.

Do you want me to leave?

Yes, because I'm embarrassed.

She might be a little easy,
but she's not a whore.

She's a bitch,

but you guys,
it makes you happy.

You're pleased,
because you can act like pimps!

What are you talking about?
What are you going on about?

I'm talking about you,
and those other creeps!

It's not just guys who can be creepy,

so get off your high horse!


They make a good pair.

They're lucky;

I'll never have lovers' quarrels again.

Especially not with you.

I'll ask politely, Sarah:


- Don't look so sad.
- Leave me alone.

Have a drink with us.

I'm not one to refuse!

There's plenty of work to do,
but I'd like some fresh air.

We must work hard,
but if you get a chance to relax...


I'll let you hear something;
you'll like it.

It's that young couple
who were behind you.

I slipped my thing under the table -

when I say my thing,
it's just a manner of speech.

I just knew they were going to
have a fight. Listen...

You record people?

I love sounds,
I find them fascinating.

For some guys, it's cars,
nice women, photos...

With me, it's sounds. Listen.

You're pleased,
because you can act like pimps!

What are you talking about?
What are you going on about?

I'm talking about you,
and those other creeps!

It's not just guys who can be creepy,

so get off your high horse!

- What's wrong with you?!
- Pig!

What did I do to her?

I don't think she likes you.

I'm vulgar.

What did you say?

That people who want to have fun
don't come here.

No, before that.
What did you say?

You mean,
about the joint where bikers go?

Where is it?

Can we talk about it tomorrow?
I'm feeling the worse for wear right now.

There's no reason to get excited.
Leave it.

You've got the wrong car, pal.

- I think not.
- I'm getting outta here.

- You stay here.
- No!

- I said, you stay here, Josy!
- No!

What are you doing?!

- Who do you think you are?!
- Cut it out, I'm thinking.

You're in my car!
This isn't the place for a meditate!

- I'll throw you out...
- Wait a second.

Now I know where you were that night.

Listen, I must get home,
so please get out now.

Mr. Sauget, you have
a very nice wedding ring.

You were with that Josy
on the night of the 18th?

- No! That's a lie.
- It's no lie.

I couldn't understand why you
were so determined...

to lie to protect those bikers.

Now I know.

You provided them with an alibi,
and they did the same for you.


Mr. Sauget,
a good family man and husband,

worked late on the evening of
the 18th in his garage.

In reality you were parked up here,
having fun with a tart.

- I don't remember now...
- Sure you do.

Maybe I confused the date...
Yes, I confused the date.

But I won't say anything else.

You may not even have to say that.

What do you mean?
I don't understand.

You're not my problem, Mr. Sauget.
I mean you no harm.

Get out of the car.

I must admit,
I'm not following you, Captain.

So you've become reasonable now?

I just wanted to meet this gentleman,
and we were having a little chat.

Out there in the parking lot?

We went and sat in the car...

because there was
a lot of noise in this place.

They play that music just for us;

when we arrive, they stop hitting
each other and start on us.

- You're not trying to pull the same trick?
- We weren't fighting.

We were just talking quietly...

It's okay. Go home.

- Go home.
- Okay. Good evening, then.

Good evening.

So what do you want?

My wife and my daughter
can't be brought back.

- I've suffered moral damages.
- For sure.


I think I'm entitled to compensation.

- No?
- How much?

- You're after money?
- Are you kidding?

Yes, I'm joking.
- It wasn't them...

I wouldn't have covered up for them otherwise.
And damn the consequences.

Believe me, I'm an honest man.

I figure maybe they can give me a lead.

- So you just want to talk to them?
- Yes, that's all.

You could arrange that, couldn't you?

Yes, just tell me where and when.
Tell me what suits you.

Yeah, I'll tell you what suits me.

There you are, you're here.
I was looking for you everywhere.

Your sister-in-law's on the rampage.
Have you seen her?

What are you looking for?

One of those gun magazines.

Are you interested in shooting?
Which magazine?

- It doesn't matter.
- You won't find any here.

A pity; at home I have stacks of them.

The Gun Club,
Member of the Bureau...

You seem surprised.

I didn't know you were
interested in shooting.

- I'll bring some tomorrow.
- How about today?

What's the rush?

It's not possible; I have to work.

I live 10 minutes away from here
by motorway.

- Can I suggest something?
- Go ahead.

You could have let me know!
What happened?

I called Peter.

- Which Peter?
- My husband.

I wanted to tell him I was going back...

- but I ended up telling him the opposite.
- Too bad.

It's not because of you -
I couldn't care less about you!

Me neither.


- Ducatel invited us to dinner tonight.
- I'm not going to that guy's place.

You hear me, Paul? Paul?


There you go: 10 minutes flat.
I told you it was nearby.

And now the driver will
change into a master chef!

I could eat a bit more sauerkraut.

- That must be a compliment.
- It's very good.

- There you go.
- Pass me the mustard.

Take your time;
you can appreciate it more.

I mean, don't be bashful.
Eat up!

We know what we're eating,
not like with canned food.

With canned food, it could be anything.

It's done by workers who don't give a damn.
Sometimes they piss in it,

to give it more taste!

Excuse my language.

I wanted to tell you...

I really like the way you have
your place done up.

- Oh, really?
- But yes.

- It's all just odds and ends.
- I'm sorry?

It was mostly my mother's furniture.

- It's nice.
- Except the buffet... and the bookcase,

- that was an addition of mine.
- It's a nice piece.

- I like the paper the best.
- "The paper"?

All those flowers... it's bright.
It's romantic.

That's it.
You're romantic, right?

For you, it's springtime all year round,
Mr, Ducatel.

- It's true, I find it charming.
- Call me André, please.


Come on, eat up!

This sauerkraut is delicious.

- You made everything yourself?
- Yes, all but the ham.

And yet with all these qualities,
you never married?

Yes, yes. Oh lé lé...

I was married, but we broke up.

She was a prude...
An lndochinese...

but a total prude.

- You know what I mean?
- Oh yes.

- And so... I had to get rid of her.
- I understand.

Those people,
they need to know their place.

If they take themselves too seriously,
they get snobbier than anyone else.

You've identified the problem exactly.

"Bye bye, Bertha."
Her name wasn't actually Bertha!

Although, I'm told...

I'm not a man, so I wouldn't know...

I'm told that in sexual matters,
women of color...

are more sensual than European women.

Do you support that theory, André?

Come again?

Well, I mean, is it true that Orientals...

and arabs and black girls
are really more...


You know what I mean?

- A little more beer?
- Yes, please, a little.

- White wine?
- No, the beer's fine.

The beer's fine by me.

You fart, but who cares!

- Take care with the sight.
- Yes.

Here, look at this...

Pump, eject, load.
Pump, eject, load.

Amazing, huh?

And then this one...

It takes buckshot or slugs,
or both at once.

Obviously, it's not like at the fair.

You may think that a good clay pipe shooter
will also be a good hunter.

You'd be wrong.
When it comes to blasting a partridge...

he'd miss by a mile.

The reason is obvious.
Hunting's not like shooting...

at a fixed point.

With this, you need to aim ahead...

and estimate the bird's speed,
so it flies into your sights.

Not the other way around.

If it's bigger than birds,
you use bullets?

It depends.
I prefer buckshot,

because the game shouldn't be
just to wound,

but to kill quickly.
But, humanely, of course.

Those idiots have banned buckshot,
and so...

They say it's dangerous.

Well, I guarantee you...

at five or six metres,
you're no less dangerous with birdshot.

It'll make a hole...

- the size of a dinner plate.
- That's pretty good.

Are you exploring my little museum?

Excuse me,
I was just looking at the stuff on the wall...

The naked women?
Well, I live all alone, you know.

Besides, that isn't what's most interesting
in my little museum...

Not more tapes like the one
the other night?

Don't bother, please.

Not at all, not at all...

- What is it ?
- That's different, huh?

- This is something else.
- But what is it?

Animal calls in the mating season.

I recorded everything myself,

I added some romantic music...

It makes it more... harmonious.
Listen, wait till you hear this...

The sound a boar makes,

at the instant of copulation.


I became interested in this
about 10 years ago,

when the chink dumped me...
Er, when I threw her out, I mean.

I called her "Ia niac",
but she didn't like it.

I can't really blame her!

Initially, I was interested in records,

but then I got interested in making
my own tapes. It's more... personal.

I have correspondents all over...

We exchange tapes.
Each of us has a specialty.

And your specialty is the sound of
wild beasts rutting.


You getting your strength back
after a hard night?

Why would I be tired?
You're not giving me many...

"hard nights".

I meant yesterday at Ducatel's.


Get that phallic symbol away from me!

You could be done for misleading advertising!

Eat your eggs;
I laid them this morning.

They're nice and fresh.

Excuse me, there's a call for you.

Thank you.

They'll get cold.

- Hello, Mr. Varlin?
- Yes, Sauget, it's me.

- I spoke to the boys.
- And?

- They agree. - Good.
- They want to meet with you.

- Good.
- At 5 o'clock.

- Tonight?
- Yes.

- Very good.
- But there is one condition...

- Which is?
- The young woman who was with you,

- she must come too.
- Why?

You must understand, they're suspicious.
With her there, they'd feel happier.

If you started anything,
she might end up getting hurt, too.

If you agree,
tell me where they should meet you.

Wherever you want.

Mr. Varlin? Hello? Hello?

Tell them that I agree.

I'll call you back to tell you
where we'll meet.

Can I help you?

How's this one?

If you like it, then it's guaranteed
for five years.

I'd also like some buckshot.

I can't sell you that.

- It's illegal?
- In theory.

- "In theory"?
- In reality, too.

Then I'll have to make do with birdshot.
The largest size.

- Yes, but still...
- Come on,

I want a repeater rifle,
something large-caliber, pump action...

something heavy gauge.

I'll see what I can do for you.

I'll need a case, too.

You let me down again.
I hardly had time to change and...

I'm very angry with you.

So you'd better watch out!

What is it?
It's for me?

It's my way of apologising.

I was only joking.

No, I mean for what
I've put you through...

and what's still to come.

You put it on, and off we go.

It's beautiful.

What are we celebrating?

The end of this whole dirty business.
Tonight it'll all be over.

What are you saying?

I'll explain later.

- OK?
- But I...


- You're very beautiful, Sarah.
- So, are we having sex or what?


You're crazy.

- It's sensational.
- You're the sensational one.

It's bright, it sparkles, it's beautiful
and I love it!

- I was wondering...
- Don't spoil it with serious talk.

- And tonight?
- Ah, tonight...

Damn! I'm so clumsy!

There should be another lipstick...

- I'm sorry.
- No, no...

Here it is!

- Sorry. I'm clumsy, too.
- No, its my fault.

- Shall we go?
- Yes.

No, stop!

You said that everything
would be over tonight;

you're leaving it to the police?

- It's their job, isn't it?
- You said they had it wrong.

Too bad.

- You want their hides.
- It doesn't matter now.

- But yes, as long as...
- I know it's them.

No, you don't.

- I'm telling you, I know.
- But no, you can't be sure of it.

- You don't know...
- They were raped by those...

I'm not talking about that...

I'm saying that there's a doubt,
and there'll always be a doubt.

Okay, so there's a doubt.

I saw the gun under the seat.

A pity; it's a beautiful dress.

I wanted to use you as bait.

I'm getting out.

If you don't come with me,

I'll call Captain Escudero.

Paul! Paul!



- What's this?
- That's my tape, it's my stuff!

- I don't want you to touch it!
- No need to freak out.

- Mind your own business!
- It is my business!

Could you possibly lend me the keys to...

It's carnival time?

I need your car;
would you lend me it?

No, it's a matter of principle:
I never lend my car.

If it weren't a matter of principle...

Then again... Mind you, I...

I'm finished now; I could take you.

We don't need all that-
I'm in a hurry!

What do you need all that for?

You can catch him?

Yeah, easy.
Better hang on tight now.

- And the chick?
- She's sick.

Bastard! Murderer!




- No!
- Don't scream, OK?!

Please, don't shout for help.

I won't hurt you...

You're wrong to think that I...

Calm down.

It was an accident, I tell you!
I didn't mean to to it.

You're crazy, stop it!

No, I'm not crazy. Oh, No...

- Don't come near me.
- Let me explain...

I know what you're thinking.
Well, it's completely absurd.

Firstly, I didn't come by here,
that night. No...

This is my usual route, yes,

but that night I had to make a detour.

I needed... candied fruit.
It's good, candied fruit.

I just love candied fruit...
you understand?

You're my friend, right?

Yes, André.

You're lying;
you were trying to trap me!

Perfectly! Well, it won't work,
because I can prove it!

I have proof!



Wait, wait...


What are you doing?

It's a microphone?
Did you understand what I said?

My husband was attacked.

He's hurt...
What do you want?

"l beg your pardon?"

I beg your pardon?

Will you help us, huh?

What are you doing?

Stop! Stop...


He's crazy! Let's get outta here!

Not both the same way, stupid!

It's not my fault...

It's not my fault...

It's not my fault!

This is crazy! Look at this.

It's not my fault!

You understand?
It's not my fault!

It's not my fault...
Don't you understand what I'm saying?

It was just circumstances...

Listen, let me go!
I saw her in my headlights...

She looked like a whore,
with her tits hanging out.

It's like there's someone else
inside of me.

I saw her in my headlights...
Let me go! Let me go!

Let me go! You're all crazy!


Listen to that... Listen.

Mom! Mom!

- Paul Varlin?
- Yes.

Now relax.
Give me your gun.

Listen to me carefully, Mr, Varlin.

Those young men didn't attack your family.

It was someone else.

It was someone else,
and we've arrested him.

We'd have got him eventually.

We were checking everyone who could've
been there, besides the bikers.

You should've realised it much sooner.

Ducatel passed by there
every night after work.

And that night, he finished work as
the Varlins finished their meal.

As the police report confirms.

But it's much easier to suspect bikers...

and long-haired youths,
who society considers dangerous.

This case might change that a little,
which would be something.

This wasn't the Captain's finest hour;
without any evidence, they focused on the bikers.

And you, you wounded a boy of 19.

For this, you will be held accountable.

But, given the circumstances,
you might get lucky.

Hopefully. I haven't exactly
had too much luck of late.


I'm returning to Scotland,

to say goodbye to my husband.

He's like you in a way...
I mean, the way you were before.

He doesn't have a violent side,
so he'll always be the same.

But I've changed,
and I need to take a long vacation.

I won't come back for you,

but I'll tell you where to find me.
Try to come.

A place where there are no murders.

There isn't any such place.