Lady Emanuelle (1989) - full transcript

Unhappily married rich lady Emanuelle is fed up with her sleazy, disgusting and overbearing lout husband Michael and other men insensitively treating her like a piece of meat. So Emanuelle dumps Michael and gets involved in a torrid lesbian affair with enticing novelist Leona.

It was on a train that the story began.

I'd come to Italy to write
Lady Chatterley's biography...

Her granddaughter, Emanuelle, never
disclosed her passionate nature.

I owe my book's success
to this revelation.

Pardon me!

I see you've got the latest edition.

You've managed to find it.

I found it, yes.

Excuse me, are you free?

I've told you, enough is enough!

You're obsessed! We
can't go on like this...

We don't even talk anymore.

You read that diary of your
grandmother's day and night...

It's grown into a fixation!

We don't even have sex anymore...

You're so beautiful...
Your breasts are so firm...

Pretty far.

-Are you a foreigner?
- I guess you could say that.

- Is this your first time in Italy?
- Yes.

From what I've seen so far, I love it.

It's all so different from
where I live. So much snow!

Poor Mikail... He'll never
understand what it means to love.

It's just a physical
act to him... An urge...

If only for a moment, I'd like
to experience passion, pleasure...

...the same sensations
my grandmother felt...

Men today have lost all
sense of the romantic...

Here's my grandmother's diary.

It was in a drawer, at
the bottom. I found it.

I wanted to have it published.

But she wouldn't have given her

I'd like to get to the bottom of
her character once and for all.

That's why I've decided to
help you with your biography.

Well, she was certainly
full of contradictions.

Some people consider her a
passionate, sensual woman...

...a slave to her instincts.
Others think she was a woman...

...who was capable of deep
feelings and true love.

There's no doubt that she's a
mysterious, fascinating character.

I've heard you've come here to
write a book about Lady Chatterley.

Imagine it... my wife
is fixated on that woman.

Mikail thinks I'm obsessed
with Lady Chatterley...

Enough about work. Want to
come dancing with us tonight?

With pleasure! A wonderful idea!

Your novelist is very
beautiful and seductive...

What do you mean?

Nothing. Just that she's pretty.

She's also good at what she does.
Back home she's very well-known.

I wonder how a woman who's lived
in the Far East makes love...

They tell me women there know
a lot of exciting tricks...

I've heard that myself.

- Oh, yeah?
- But it takes the right man...

- What do you mean?
- Leave me alone! You're hurting me!

No, let's have it out now!

Ever since you started reading
that damned diary, you've changed!

What's got into you?

That diary taught me a lot of things.

There has to be imagination in
a relationship between the sexes.

- Passion, love!
- That's all bullshit! They're just words...

You'll see! Today's
going to be different!

Leave me alone!

I'll teach you what love is!

No! You have no feelings, no passion!

You like her, eh?

Sure, I'd do her in a second...

- She really gets me hot.
- I know.

If she really interests you,
I'll keep your wife busy...


Come on, let's go.

- We're tired. We're going to
sit. - You light-weights!

You're full of surprises.

- Let's make a toast.
- You'll get me drunk...

What are you doing? Have you gone

You're so beautiful... I
can't help myself tonight...

I want you... Right now, here,
in the middle of the crowd.

Come on, you like it too...

Cut it out. I'm not into
that kind of thing...

- Let me go!
- Let's do it here on the sofa!

What are you doing?

I'll tell my husband!

Your husband's doing the
same thing with your friend!

Hold still... You'll
like it, you'll see...

I've always wanted you.
What great tits you've got...

You're all excited, I can feel it...

You bastard! You're disgusting!

Let me feel all of you...

- You're like all the others...
- You're so hot...

Look how he behaved. An
animal. I'm bruised all over.

I'm really tired of being treated
like a thing... A sex object.

- It's humiliating.
- It's also cruel... unbelievable...


It's the opposite of
what we women want...

But it's often not all their fault.
They've been brought up badly.

I understood men early on.
They think of nothing but sex.

How I'd like to meet
one who understands me!

Try to find yourself first. Even
if you have to break the rules...

Where have you been all this time?

Mikail! What's the matter with you?

You knew I had to leave, and what
do you do? You're not even home!

Out again with that writer?

What's wrong with that? You know
we're working on the biography...

Sure, but I don't like that woman!

Feel like telling me the
reason? Come on, spit it out.

I'm not sure exactly. There's
something weird about her.

And I also think she's filling
your head with odd notions.

Anyway, I don't like
her and that's that.

You're saying that because
you couldn't score with her.

Don't make me laugh.
Want to know the truth?

I was the one who turned her down...

But we can talk about it
when I get back from New York.

I know so little about you. Tell
me about yourself, your country...

Well, it's not so simple. The East is
like a maze that hides its secrets...

It's like a labyrinth you
can lose yourself in...

I'd like you to lead me into that
maze. I want to discover its secrets.

It's not easy to understand
that mysterious world.

It appears to be static, but there
are passions stirring inside...

Sometimes, what looks to us like vice... to them an expression
of the purest love.

A deep, true love that
goes beyond sexual desire.

It's an uninhibited
and free kind of love.

It lets one's soul communicate
with a person like yourself.

Someone like you, someone
you trust blindly...

Someone with whom you're not afraid.

It's like letting
yourself go in an ocean...

A calm, warm sea where your
senses are re-awakened...

...without the violence
of the act of sex...

...and where your body
can unite with your spirit.

I'd like to be there, next to you...
To caress you slowly and softly.

I'd like to feel your warm skin
trembling under my fingers...

Even if circumstances keep us apart,
our hearts tremble with love...

I want you... I've wanted
you from the moment I saw you.

I feel you coming inside
me like no one ever has...

I feel our love, your
running to me, free at last...

I'm just a stupid writer
wrapped up in her dreams...

She'll never come.

- The newspaper, ma'am.
- Thank you.

writing a biography.
Have you seen what a beautiful day
it is? It's all wrong to be indoors

Have you seen what a beautiful day
it is? It's all wrong to be indoors

Thank you for the marvellous and
unexpected gift you've given me.

I'd like you to be as happy as I am.

But your face is sad...

What's wrong? Come
on, smile... Please...

I'm so happy ---

Let's take a walk on the beach.

- We want some of that too!
- Not a chance!

I'm out of breath!

I feel safe with you...

Thanks, darling...

Tonight I'd like to go somewhere
where no one will bother us.

- I'll take you.

This isn't the right place. It's
too fake. There's no mystery.

Let's go. I'll show you
another part of the club.

Come on. I want to be alone with you...

Darling... What are you doing?

- Can't you tell? I'm leaving.
- You're leaving? Why?

- What have I done to you?
- Nothing! You haven't done anything.

- That's just why I'm leaving.
- Oh, yeah?

Is there someone else?

No, it's just that I feel
all alone! All alone...

Every time you come back from a
trip I feel you're further away...

But I've finally understood.
I've found someone who loves me...

...and who won't leave me.
I don't want to lose that.

You might at least let
me know who he is...

I'll bet it's that pig, Mark. It's him!

You're wrong. It's
not Mark. It's a woman.

A woman? You, with a woman?

I thought it was
something more serious...

I'll make you change your mind!

I'll give you what no
woman could ever give you!

Let me go, Mikail! There's
nothing she doesn't give me.

You're dead sure, eh?

You're sure you're not
leaving out some little detail?

How does your girlfriend
manage to give you this?

Finished? Great, so I can
go now. You turn my stomach!

I'm waiting for you, Emanuelle.
You won't regret coming to me.

I'll make you happy, protect
you as if I were your husband...

More than your husband... My
love for you is deeper, truer...

So on Sunday we all went out...

So on Sunday we all went out...

Good evening, ladies.
What can I get you?

- Do you feel like some sparkling wine?
- Yes.

Coming right up.

- You've changed my whole life.
- Careful of that guy. He's listening.

That's his tough luck.

I'm so happy I'd like to
shout it out to the world!

Oh, I was forgetting... Look.

Do you like it?

- It's very beautiful.
- It's for you.

- For me?
- For all the happiness you've given me.

And for the happiness
you'll keep on giving me.

- If you only knew how happy I am.
- Me too.

To our love.

- I hate you! I hate you!
- What's the matter with you?

- Stop it.
- I hate you!

Why are you acting like this? I
can't stand seeing you like this.

Go away! Leave!

I'll never be able to give you
what your husband gave you! Go away!

Listen, Leona. You've changed my life.

You've shown me another
side of my sexuality.

Not just aimed at having
orgasms, but something deeper...

...something that shakes
both my body and soul.

With men, those are
just selfish sex acts.

I'll never be able to
possess you like a man does!

Look, I have an idea.
Remember my husband's friend?

- Who, Mark?

- The guy who tried to rape me at
the disco.

I'll show you how much more
your love is to me than a man's.

Remember? He was such a playboy!

Now he'll do anything at all to have me.

- Is this your friend?
- Sit down.

We were expecting you.

Remember what you promised
me? No limits... no shame...

I always keep my promises...

Especially if I've made them
to a woman as beautiful as you.

Now take off your shirt.

I'd do anything you ask
as long as I can have you.

-All in good time.
- I'll wait.

- Here.
- What's this? I should put it on?

The necklace, okay, but
let's not go overboard...

Come on... It's not such a big
thing. Come on... Close your eyes...

Remember the promise you made.

I'm all yours. Take me.

What are you doing to me?

Please, that's enough...

What the hell am I doing?
Enough of these games!

The necklace, the bra!
What do you take me for?

I came here for something
else. I'm leaving.

Look how humiliated he was...
All just to get us into bed...

That was what I wanted
to make you understand.

Tell me you're convinced now.

No man could ever take your place.

- Hello. How much is this?
- Thirty eight thousand lire.

- Should we take it?
- No. No thanks.

What nice things.

- I'm really tempted.
- I've decided to give you a present.

Choose what you like
the most in this window.

Let's see... It's really
hard... It's all so nice.

I'll take that kimono. It
makes me feel closer to you.

I can already imagine it on
your body. It'll be beautiful.

- I love you.
- You're such a sweetheart.

How can I ever repay you
for what you've done for me?

It's enough to see you happy. But
you have to give me a present, too.

-All you have to do is ask.
- You mean that?

Whatever you want.

Tell me all you want... I'll give it
to you. I'll do anything you ask me to.

Okay, clear. I'll take you at your
word. You won't change your mind?

I might ask you for something
strange... Very strange...

- I accept. - Unconditionally?
- Unconditionally!

In order to make me happy,
Emanuelle kept her promise.

She gave herself to men.
I watch her, in secret.

I get great pleasure out of seeing
men take complete possession of her.

I imagine it's me on top of her,
doing to her what I could never do...

I jot down my sensations, still trembling,
as if under the effects of a drug...

...out of fear of not being able
to express what I truly feel...

One thing confuses me...
Emanuelle doesn't feel the joy...

...and the passion for
life from Lady Chatterley...

She's totally different. Love
merely touches her on the surface...

...leaving on her face a sort
of melancholy, a sadness...

I'm the one who's by you,
Emanuelle... I caress you, kiss you...

I possess you... as
completely as any man...

So it goes on like this for a while...

You did it for money! You sold me!

I can't believe you
could do such a thing!

I'm so ashamed! I left
everything for you! I left home!

I left my husband... I
didn't deserve any of this...

How could you bring yourself to
do it? I didn't deserve this...

You betrayed my trust. I really
loved you. I don't know if i can now.

I have to think about it.

Maybe I've lost you,
Emanuelle. I know I did wrong.

But I did it because I loved you.

I also know you're seeing Pierre,
and that makes me even sadder...

...more hopeless.

What's going to happen to me?

He's spying on me
constantly. Life's hell.

You deserve it...

You know he doesn't leave
me alone for a second?

He wants me to think only of my

If I'm gone for a second, he
has me followed by bodyguards...

If he saw me with a woman,
who knows what he'd do?

I get it. A lot of
parents are like that.

Just think, everyone's
jealous of me in Paris.

- But he does it for your own good.
- I know. It’ 5 late, I have to go.

The car's just up there.

- I've forgiven you, Leona.
- I knew you would. I love you.

Show me. Do something for me.

Anything you want, just ask.

- Unconditionally?
- Unconditionally!

In that case I'm asking you to do the
same thing you asked me to do...

- To be taken by a man...
- Never!

It's impossible!

You're showering me with gifts. Why?

I get joy out of giving
presents to the person I love...

Emanuelle, this is the first
time I've loved someone so much.

I thought of a gift for you,
too... I hope you like it.

But... it's beautiful!

It was my mother's.

- Want to come to my place?
- Sure.

This house is really nice.
You've been to the Far East?

No. It belongs to the
woman who lives with me.

You live with a woman? It
must be really special...

But where is she right now?

Off somewhere. She always gets
home at dawn, totally drunk.

Don't be so stiff. Let yourself go...

Do you like pretending to
sleep while I stroke you?

You're so young and innocent...

I'm going to make you feel
things you've never felt before...

The same feelings I have with Leona...

What are you doing? I like it...

- You'll pay for this!
- Don't worry...

You shouldn't have brought
someone else into that bed.

That was our bed. I'll
never forgive you for it.

- Was that Leona?
- Yes.

I wasn't able to talk about it
with Leona. I've hardly seen her.

She sleeps away from home, I told you.

She goes to clubs, gets drunk... I
go out in the daytime to avoid her.

But it must be hard to
live together like that.

Yes. But now you're here...
The rest doesn't matter.

I don't want my father
to see us. Stop here.

Is this okay?

See you later.

- It was you, damn you!
- No! I know nothing!

- I'll never tell you.
- You'll tell me, don't worry.

- No, never!
- No? We'll see about that...

Where is he? Tell me! Spit it out!

- Your darling boyfriend's a transvestite!
- No! It's not true!

He's a young, innocent boy!
You're jealous of Pierre!

Pierre? Know what he calls
himself on the street? Lisette!

Get it? Lisette! This is the
guy you call young and innocent!

You're the one who's innocent! Why
does he stall you about his life?

Ask him to introduce you to
the guy he calls his father!

You know who he is? His pimp!

Let's go. This is no place for you.

Let's make something clear.
Pierre's not leaving. He stays here.

Have I made myself clear?

- Pierre's free to do what he wants!
- That's what you think!

Good! I see you're a brave woman...

If you want him, you'll have to
fight. Pierre's worth a lot to me.

He brings home a lot of
money. We'll gamble for him.

Winner takes him. I give you my word.

Those are the rules around here. Okay?

Pierre's as good as mine!

What's all this, an act?

I'm offering my life to you.

It's too late. It's all over.

- So it's not an act! Why'd you do it?
- For you.

How can you think I don't love
you anymore? I'll always love you.

Thanks. Without you, I have no future...

Life had no purpose at all.

Take me to the beach,
where we've been happiest.

Despite my faked suicide, she left me...

Now I'm alone in this big
room with only the tapping...

...of the typewriter keys
echoing off the walls.

My pale, stiff fingers
run over the keyboard.

My long eyelashes hide my eyes,
like the sadness I keep inside me...

...and the sudden,
horrible loneliness I feel.

A calm, warm morning light
comes through the blinds...

I get up to open the
window onto a new day.

When, all of a sudden, a piercing
noise rips through the silence...

...reminding me of the clay
Emanuelle abandoned me... run off with Pierre.

I'm only certain that the plane
is carrying off my greatest love...

...and my most beautiful dream.