La vie des bêtes (2015) - full transcript

Interesting tattoo.

Is Christian with
the Wolf Protection Clan?

- Yes.
- Fascists.

- Not bothered?
- Left, Right, who cares?

But they're fascists.

And? You're far-left.

That's not the point.

He saves animals. That's what counts.

Left or Right, we don't care, Max.

- Get changed.
- "Don't care"?

Hurry up.



I'm on my way.

Don't know.
They were in black.

They were everywhere.

Like an army.
Six, eight, 15 of them. Who knows?

- Who's he?
- The security guard.

Furious he was trussed up.

The other guy?


They're independent
rather than an organised group.

Any idiot can free
his granny's canary

and blame
the AEF humaine society.

They meet for targeted operations,
then go back to daily life.

Do you watch them?

Not really.

Neo-Nazis, Islamists, anarchists...

We have other priorities.

You'll see the director:
funny bugger.

My secretary will give you
all the hate mail

and death threats
we've had in three years.

There are several thousand.

We'll examine them.

As well as ones sent directly
to my own email address.

Have you had
any major disputes recently?

Nothing to justify
this type of thing.

You know,

animal testing is a reality,

but so is illness,

the suffering of a man
who desperately waits for a drug

to cure him.

AEF (animal humaine society)


Oh, nothing could be better
for my son!

That's not the issue.

How can you say that?!

You got custody
because he's little, not...

That's a fucking lie!

Hang on, I...

For fuck's sake!

- What'll you have?
- A white ale, please.

Diarrhoea. And he looks odd.

He's not nice. He eats, sleeps.
You can't stroke him.

I've never heard him purr.

I treat animals,
I don't kill them!

Don't lecture me.

Hold him for a minute.


- I must get rid of it!
- Shit!

Do you put kids down
during a divorce?

You bastard!

You won't get away with this!

You'll be hearing from me! Come!

Some place this is!

I can refer you to a behaviourist.

A shrink for cats?


A random bit of glass.

He may not have felt it
but he left his DNA.

- Any matches?
- Nothing.

Same for the tyre marks
and shoeprints.

As for the spray paint,
even if it was bought locally,

it's a standard brand.
- Great.

See that?!

Do not eat these animals' flesh!

Human meat? Nice and fresh!

It's undignified!

Not enough to go around!

10 euros for milk-fed human baby!

Millions of animals suffer
for us to eat meat!

Do not eat
these tortured animals' flesh!

Special offer:
2 feet for the price of 1!

If any of you have dogs or cats,
you know

that animals feel
fear and joy just like us.

Lovely human meat!

Imagine your pet

being tortured to death.

- Murdered!
- Hung alive

on a meat hook
and cut up while still alive.

You like pig? Here, try some
"foot and hand". You'll love it!

- Don't poke fun.
- That human's been reared to eat!

It's reared to be eaten.
Try it. It's lovely!

The word "human" upsets you?

Don't waste it.
It's been reared for eating.

Don't get angry, sir.

Get them out.

Let him go!



- Come on!
- Out!

Can I have a word?

- Well?
- Well...

They're agitators.

Not even that. Just agitated!

OK... See you in a bit.

Our friends, the animal lovers...

It's been a while.

I contacted the gendarmes
who worked on that farm fire.

It's chaos!

Who's meant to do what?

Intelligence, the gendarmes...

A colleague in Lille nicked
two gendarmes in civvies at a rally.

Right. Keep me updated, eh?

Evening. A white ale.

A message for Nathan.

Hi, Nathan, it's Daddy.
I wanted to say "good night".

Big kiss.

You OK? They weren't too mean?

You hate cops?

No. I've a few prejudices
but not that one.

What's your problem with meat?

I don't have one.

I've a problem with
the animals' living conditions.

They're no worse
than a lot of humans'.

I agree.

They may be linked.

What do you mean?

The violence among humans

may be linked to the violence
they inflict on animals.

You want to wipe out hatred, war,


"Wipe out"?

No, no!

But possibly improve relations
between humans a little

by improving their relations
with animals.

Are you Intelligence?

I don't know
what it's called nowadays.


Thank you.

Hi. Alright?

- Yes
- Yeah? Good.

Was that your first operation?

- Yes.
- And?

- A bit violent for me.
- Oh yes?

Less than what
animals go through, eh?


- Good night.
- Yes, you too.

Mind out...

Still at loggerheads?

He's an evil bastard.

He's no poet,
but he's an alright bloke.

Hitting animals turns him on.

- He fell out with Guillaume.
- That arsehole.

Not you as well!

Bloody vet does nothing!

You've seen him do his inspection.

He never goes in the buildings!

These animals are meat on legs.

Ours had names.
They were almost part of the family.

Not everywhere's like that.

Our place was like that.

Who's that girl with Fournier?

Élodie. She started today.


A bit shy, but nice.

It'll be your word against his
and it'll go with seniority.

Come on! Come out!

Come on!

Come out of there!

- Come on!
- Can't you see she can't?

- Butt out!
- Turns you on?

Get going!

Enjoy doing that, do you?

Stop fucking pestering me!
Go and see Fournier

and tell him
you don't like how I work.

Come on!

Order N°...


- Hello.
- Hello.

- This is Christophe.
- Hi.

He's replacing Rachel.


- Shall we look around?
- Yes.

Order N° 843235 ready for pick up.

I was meant to contact you.

I want to stop.

Stop what?

The job. I can't bear to watch
how they treat the animals.

I told you it would take a while.

You know everything

about the place,
the guards, security.

I don't need to stay.

How'll the cops view an employee

leaving just before an operation?

If you quit, we cancel it.

Ghislain, it'll be very soon.

Just a few details to finalise.

What "details"?

- The less you know, the better.
- What?!

You've been
stringing me along for weeks.

- I swear...
- End of next week.


In 10 days?

Will that be OK?

Yeah, OK.

You alright?

- Hi.
- This is Jessica.

We met at a rally.

Jessica was at Brunoy.

- At the hunt?
- Yes.

They attacked
people chained to the gate.

They spat in my face,
called me a whore.

They tried to remove my trousers.

My friend was caught by nutters

who managed to pull her jacket off.

They tore off her jumper.

They ended up tearing off her bra.

- Hunt staff?
- Huntsmen too.

Men, women too.

It became totally hysterical,
it was awful.

"We should skin alive the slags
wearing fur and leave them to die.

"They'd think about
the tortured animals."

"I don't want to die without seeing
those degenerate bullfighting fans

"hung from meat hooks."

I like this one too.
It's about a hunter

killed on a drive:
"Hunters regulate the wild.

"Let's rejoice:
they regulate each other too."

How does this concern me?

Maybe because you're
the association president

and the website owner.

- Is that a crime?
- Your association

called for a rally
at a supermarket meat counter

on 24 February.

Operation "human meat"
led to breach of the peace

with summary convictions.

I'm not responsible for the behaviour

of non-members who join

an operation to raise awareness.

"Raise awareness"?

You defended a man who "raised
the awareness" of a fur saleswoman

a bit too violently.

Laid up eight days.

An article also appeared on your site

concerning the ransacking
of the Protis laboratory.

You must remember this:

"Without approving of violence,

"we understand militants' impatience
given the indifference

"towards the slaughter of innocents."

- Didn't you write this?
- Yes.

What would you do if I told you
that your members took part in that


If that were the case,
they would be reported

to the authorities.


- Tails revealed nothing?
- Taps neither.

Apart from those birds, nothing.

- Sure he's off tomorrow?
- I checked. Two tickets to Turin.


His ex has come
to get her clothes.

It's getting lively.

Ah, there he is.

I'm sure she grassed him up.

Vegetarians are good fucks

So they say.

Shall we go in?


Team three, follow the girl

and question her discreetly.

And him?

- We go in.
- Team two,

you still there?
Go in. Watch the back door.

vandalism by an organised gang...

Not bad already.

If I add that you pointed
the gun at the guard,

you'll do a lot more time.

However, I could tell the judge

that you were involved
but didn't hold the gun,

you're non-violent,

Gandhi's your mate,
that kind of thing.

But you must help us.

Help us, we help you.

- I don't know why I'm here.
- Don't believe you.

Your ex told us lots of stuff.

How many of you?

How did you disable the alarm?

I have some bad news.

It's your DNA
that we found at Protis.

Only you can help yourself.

I want to see a lawyer.


Yes, I'm coming.

Take him back to the cells.

- Hi, Captain.
- Is there no one at Drug Squad?

Talk to your case officer.

He's the problem.
He don't listen to me.

You know me.
You know I'm straight.

It's too dangerous.

The guys bringing in the dope
are maniacs.

We had a deal,

but I'd rather go back to jail
than work with nutters.

Did you tell Mangin?

He doesn't give a shit.

I want to quit. I really do.

Seen your kids?

The little lad
once a month with the social worker.

The big lad won't see me.

OK. I'll talk...

to your lieutenant,

but don't hold your breath.

It's his investigation.

After that,
you'll never hear from me again.

The lab report on the tyres.

It seems to be a long-wheelbase van,

10-12 cubic metres.

They've put "Boxer, J5".
If they added

Vito and Trafic,
that'd mean every van out there.

It left traces that show
it has been on a farm.

Straw, animal manure... That's it.

- Shall we send it to the gendarmes?
- Yes.

This is the nursery. So...

Take the trolley, take a piglet...

First, grind the teeth.

When you pick it up, it screeches.

So, take this
and put it in his mouth.

Start at the bottom.
Go really gently on the top teeth,

otherwise it hurts them.

Only grind the tips.

Hup. Next, you cut the tail.

See? That turns red.

Put his tail between these two bits

and cut it with a sudden click.

It's cauterised too. No pain.


Finally, you vaccinate him.

So, just here
between the ear and neck.

Do the injection.

Mark him,
so we can see he's been done.

What happens to him?

He'll never grow big enough

to be profitable, so...

- So what do you do?
- We kill them.

It's sad, but that's how it is.
Let's carry on.

Are you OK?

It's too hard.

I know.

I need this job,
but I don't think I'll last.

What are you doing here?


You don't want to?

Come on!

Want this?

Want it?


Here. Come on!

Come on, come on.

That's it.

Show me what's wrong.

What's this? Wait, wait.


Did you tie her up with wire?

No. I found her like that.

She hid in the garden.

I tried to remove it
but it's embedded.

Will it be expensive?

Well, yes. The operation
and two days of observation.

And the antibiotics. It'll cost...

300-350 euros, roughly.


If you remove that,
maybe I can do the rest myself?

- What's her name?
- Don't know.

You'll have to give her a name!


If you want to eat me,
you'll have to kill me

Excuse me. Come through.

She's woken up.

It went well.
I can't tell you much more.

I'll write you a prescription.
I'll have to see her in 10 days.


About payment...

Don't worry. You owe me nothing.

You could've got rid of her,
but you didn't, so...

It's fine. Let's call it
my contribution to her rescue.

Thank you.


Do you campaign
against factory farming?

Yes. Why?

No reason. I saw
the poster in the waiting room.

I work at Sodépo.

It's hard.

I can believe that.

I worked on a factory farm
as part of my training...

Are you in an association?

No, I... Not really.

I don't like some activists' methods.

I understand.

- OK. Do you have a car?
- Yes.

Where are the other two?

A mate took one.
The other's in Saône-et-Loire.

That's perfect. Eh?

Isn't it nice here?

I heard that
one of our guys was arrested.

Shouldn't we lie low for a while?

Cancel it?

Postpone it?

There'll always be risks.
But we accept them, don't we?

Eh? What do you think, doggy?


If we stick to the instructions,
we'll be back here by midnight.

When the fires are lit,
we must be out of the car park.

We can't free all the animals,
but what about a few piglets?

There aren't enough of us.
Our objective is the vehicles.

What's that?

Our friend's videos.
Foot-and-mouth disease in Korea.

They're not burying them alive?!

We found our gunman.

Give me a hand?

It won't hurt, don't worry.

- Scared of injections?
- No.

Excuse me for a second.




OK. Can you hold him for a second?

Yes. Where is it exactly?


Hello, ma'am.

I've come about a dog.

Please wait for a moment.

- You can go in.
- Thanks.

- Are you well?
- Yes.

I saw you were registered,
so I thought of you.

Want to come up?

It's here.

We could've shot him
but we isolated him instead.

We love animals too.


Call me when it's done.


You're right not to trust us.
It's only a tranquillizer, silly boy.

Did it go OK?


What happens now?

I have 48 hours
to decide how dangerous he is.

Generally, these dogs...

get put down.

What'll you do?

What do you think?

Don't know. Want to adopt him?

Excuse me.




Hey... Do you remember Francis?

- The junkie?
- Yes. Strange call.

I think I know where he is.
Get his number traced. Call me.

I'm here.

Send backup.
Call Drug Squad. Ask for Mangin.


Drop the weapon!

Lie the fuck down!

Drop your weapon!

Let go of me! Fuck!

Calm down!

OK, it's fine!

You OK?

What's going on?

Are you unwell?

What are you doing here?

Don't you feel well?

Are you hurt?

Look at me!

What's going on?

What's going on? Answer me!

What's wrong?

Careful. Watch out!

Can you answer me?

What should I do?

Good morning.



Yes, please.

I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry.

Something bad?


I need to get going.
Do you want to stay...

Get some rest?

No, it's OK. I can't.

No, it's over there in the box.

What you said to me the other day
about violence among men

and violence towards animals...
- Yes?

You believe that?


Can we discuss it again?


I can drop you off.

No thanks. It's OK. I'll get a taxi.

Is it OK?

In five minutes,
all evidence will be gone.

Your log-ins
to animal rights' sites, our chats...

Anything of interest to the cops.

Got an alibi tomorrow?


Act shocked when you go in.


Any questions you want to ask?

Listen, Ghislain,
this isn't about us.

It's to stop humans
murdering animals.

Yes, I know.

Let's continue to act

- Going for a rest?
- No, it's OK.

Well? Anything new?

They've admitted
to raiding the lab.

"Everyone who respects life...",

blah blah,
"...thanks to us,

"Five dogs and 12 rabbits
are no longer being tortured."

All that for five dogs
and 12 rabbits!

They're nutters!

Any way of tracing the source?


We've always had dogs in the house.

But it's a hassle,
and when they die, it's upsetting.

Gently, sweetie,
it's not a doll.

It's OK.


No thanks.

I like the fact
that you care about animals.

Girls usually do that.
Guys aren't insensitive

but they must be scared
of looking like wimps.

You OK? You've gone all pale.

No, I'm fine. I'm fine.


- You OK?
- Yeah, yeah.

You haven't got food poisoning?

No, I must be coming down
with something.

It must be a hell of a fire.

We'll see it tomorrow on TV, eh?

Sleep well.


What happened?

- What happened?
- A van exploded.


Show me.

It wasn't planned.

Fuck! Shit!

We wanted to cause damage!

You idiot! He nearly got killed!
The guard too!

What's your problem?
Didn't you want action?

We don't attack people!

Wars always have casualties.

It's OK, it's nothing.

You people are mad!

Dangerous nutters!

Burn everything.

Even the van.

Worried about the guard?


He chose sides.

I'm worried about the others.

We need to find a bolthole.
Nothing should link us to them.


The guard?

The doctor wanted to
keep him in the coma...

We can question him tomorrow.

I spoke to the judge.

We're keeping the case, but they're
sending an antiterrorist officer.

Could it be commercial rivalry?

The director's never had threats.

The gendarmes
will interview the staff.


I'm coming.

- What's AEF?
- Don't ask me.

Do you know AEF?

No one's saying anything.

- Let us go in, at least?
- We have to go to work.

- Must've been a short circuit.
- No it wasn't.

Things don't just explode!

We don't know.
Some say it was an attack.

Well, we don't know.

Any news about the guard?

He wasn't burned, he was hit.

We have to do something!

What are we doing?

We'll keep you informed.
Go in the back door and do your jobs.

- Is that it?
- No more news than that?

Right. Let's go and do some work.



Can you come?

It's your section's turn.

Next three.

We're closing down.

What nonsense!

Paul told me.

- Rubbish.
- No. Nadine told him.

Even before,
they weren't making enough money.

This gives them
a reason to close down.

Initial results

put the explosion down
to fertiliser left in a van.

When parts of the cab melted,

it caused a reaction
with the nitrates.

The explosion wasn't deliberate?

We're waiting to see.

We've stepped up our surveillance,

we're bugging
the extreme activists. No joy.

Nothing establishing a link
to the lab attack?

No. Not for the moment.

Gendarmes are still interviewing.

Apparently, one employee
expressed doubts about a colleague.

Over animal suffering.

But the staff manager says
that's not unusual.

It's a demanding job
and workers crack up sometimes.

You speak to the guard?

After the explosion, one of the guys
pulled him out of the fire.

Whilst being dragged,
he saw the guy's sleeve catch fire.

He heard screams
and then he passed out.

One's injured.

Shall I check hospitals, A&E?

No, put two colleagues on it.


See you later.

News from forensics.

The tyre marks match
those at the lab, the traces too.

Come. Come.

There we go.

Yes. She's brave.
That's it, you can let her go.

All good. Off you go!

A new life, thanks to you.

Well done. You did a good deed.

I saw there was a fire at Sodépo.

Any news about your colleague?

- The guard?
- Yes.

He's has burns.

I'm dumbfounded, really.

If animal activists did that...


The work of thousands of activists
is discredited

because of stupidity!


A small minority...



You after Caro?

- Élodie, the new girl.
- Gone.


They dismissed all the new staff.

One's still alive.

One of them is still alive!

Don't speak to me like that!

Fucking take it out!

Happy now?!

Ghislain, stop! What are you doing?!

Let me go! Let me go!

- Let go!
- Stop!

The gendarmes gave us your file:
Ghislain Vacelet.

Born on 26 May 1987
in Bourg-en-Bresse.

8 route de Macieux, Civrieux, Rhône.

You've worked for Sodépo
since 5 October 2011.

Why did you choose this job?

- It's my trade.
- What?

I'm a livestock worker,
that's my trade.

- Farmers, your parents?
- They stopped.

"Stopped" or went bankrupt?

Look at me.

We know a lot about you.

I said all I had to say
to your colleagues.

I hit a man.

- I take responsibility.
- Impressive.

Rare are the criminals
who take responsibility:

we'll feel guilty asking questions.

Do you know how long
I can keep you here?

Six days.

Do you know why?

We can hold you for six days
for offences

linked to terrorist acts.

Does anything I've said seem strange?

I don't understand.

You understand perfectly.

But let me help you.

You'll get six months
for losing your rag.

But you'll get

20 years for the guard and fire.

Six months is a long time
but 20 years

is a very, very long time.

Unless you tell us
a couple things we don't know.

I know nothing. I've nothing to say.

She's OK!

- Where's the dog from?
- She's mine.

Tie it up outside.

What'll you do with her?

I'd worry about yourself.
Your dog'll go to the pound.

I won't keep telling you.
I've told you everything.

I was at my friends' house.

We're not asking you that!

I know nothing about the fire.

I won't lie just to please you.

- The farm videos?
- Not convincing but could be used.

He's been loitering around everywhere

on the farm,
especially in the car park.

- His alibi?
- Verified. Dinner at a mate's.

- Who?
- A couple.


Were they questioned at home?


Right. Get them up here
tomorrow first thing.


Anything else?

Yes, we found a vet prescription
in his clothes.

We looked it up.

It's a vet we talked to
after the supermarket rally.


I'll take a look.


You seemed stressed on the phone.

I need to know if you have any links

to the guys who set fire to
the pig farm last weekend.

- You came to talk about that?
- Answer me, please.

Are you on duty?

I am in charge of
a counter-terrorist investigation.

I'm here alone
making sure you're not involved.

You may not realise it,
but I'm taking a real personal risk.

Do you have any links
to the arsonists?


D'you know this man?

- Never seen him before.
- Sure?

And him?

I'm bound by
patient confidentiality, you know.

Which can be lifted
in an investigation.

So you are on duty!

I know him, he's a customer.

He came about his dog.


That was all!

When did you last see him?

Two days ago. I went to his house
to remove the dog's staples.

Talk about much?

Nothing... everything, about his dog!

What did you do
on the night of 21 April?

Answer me, please!

I was at home. I went to bed early.

Want to know why?

I slept badly the night before:
a drunk was on my sofa.

So, you were alone.

Any calls, received or made?

You piss me off.

You piss me off, you do!

I'm off.

Something wrong?

No, no, it's OK.

A work problem?

No, it's OK. It'll be fine.

- Tell me about it tomorrow?
- Don't worry, it's nothing serious.

fire ravages industrial pig farm

Mr Vacelet, Ghislain

I don't believe your reasons
for walking around the farm so much.

It looks like you were
casing the site before a hit.

So, let's start again
right from the beginning.

Hey, get a grip!

Nothing in the clinics or hospitals.

We'll keep checking doctors.

The kid's computer?

We're on it, but we think
someone's wiped it clean.

A professional, do you mean?

Or a geek.

The kid, the tyre marks...

We don't have much.

What did the vet say?

She's not been interviewed yet.

You're joking, right?

It didn't seem a priority.

What are your priorities?!

Think we've too much hard evidence?
Go get her!

Get a move on!

That'll give him
some temporary relief.

- You must put him on a diet.
- Yes.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Estelle Garnier,
born 12 October 1979?

Yes, yes.

No need to do that. I'll come along.

It's a bit...
Can I take my jacket?

- We'll do it.
- Sorry.

- Sorry.
- What's going on?!

- Shut it or I'll nick you!
- Don't worry.

No need to do that! I'm coming.

Do you know this man?


How did you meet him?

He came to the clinic:
his dog had a neck injury.

What day?

I don't know exactly.

Tuesday or Wednesday,
about two weeks ago.

I removed the staples at his house
the day before yesterday.

Very good.

And this man?


- "No"?
- No.

I don't think
you understand the situation.

Hiding a crime from the authorities
is punishable

by three years' imprisonment.

If that crime is a terrorist act,
that becomes five years.

A bit clearer now, is it?

This group's come from nowhere.

Isn't it your job to report
new threats before the event?

Animal activists
aren't priority targets for us.

- Well, that's changed!
- Hold on:

a fire went wrong, OK?!

This time, yes.
But what about next time, eh?

If we don't act
quickly and forcefully,

people will get attacked.
We'll see what your bosses say.

Look, I don't care who fucked up.
I want results.

I want heightened surveillance
on the supermarket protesters.

Each morning, I want a report
of their every move. OK?

You shake up that kid
and his vet bird!

Open your mouth, please.

It's not you?

Tell me it wasn't you.

Come with me, please.

If it was you, I pity you.
I really do.

Using your friends as an alibi
isn't nice.

Mind you, if we prosecuted
every traitor and snitch...



I know you're
a sincere, neutral bloke.

You look after your animals
because you love them.

What I think happened is...

You met some animal rights crackpots

who couldn't bear
to look after animals like you do.

And you knew nothing
about their cowardly plan.

I want to believe it.

But you have to give me something
to help me believe it.

What do you think about this, eh?!

Skin grafts,

80% disability,
months of rehabilitation. Eh?!

A man's life wrecked
for some fucking pigs?!

Oh, fuck...

Oh, well...

I have absolutely nothing
to do with any of this.

- I'm a peaceful activist.
- Let's go back to 21 April.

- I've nothing to say!
- OK, enough!


Think about it in the cells.

You've got nothing.

Do you want to know why?

You know nothing
about the people you're after.

Not evidence-wise,
but what goes on in their heads.

- Know what it is?
- You're going to tell me.

See those packs of human flesh
they had?

To you, that was a joke.

But for them, it's a nightmare,
a real nightmare.

You know what?

Imagine you're doing your shopping
in a supermarket

and, suddenly, you see shelves

packed with human flesh. What horror!

And you see other customers
walking around quite happily,

not at all horrified,
and they're buying up this meat

to cook and eat it!

It's a nightmare and you wake up.

But for those guys,
that nightmare is real.

For them, human flesh
and animal flesh are the same.

And for some, in fact...
For some,

an animal's life is worth
the same as a human's life. There!

Exactly the same!

No more, no less.

- Can he stay in custody?
- Yes.

I'll come and see him in a few hours.

You wanted to talk?

I won't talk about the others.

I want my dog looked after.

- Laure?
- Yes?

Come with me, please.

Before Christophe,

only Rachel and you
had access to that software.

Sorry, but I have to launch
an internal investigation.

While we await the results,
I want you take a few days off.


I've an idea for the wallpaper.
Come and pick me up.

See you soon.

She's coming out.

Copy that.

Let's go right now, far away.

Police! Come with us.

She's an IT engineer.

They're both
serious animal rights activists,

they've never
been involved in crimes.

- A team's bringing them in.
- The kid?

He told us all about his role,
but wouldn't grass on anyone.

We're transferring him
to Paris today.

To see the judge.

And the vet?

She tended his dog.

That confirms what she said
and what we found.

You don't look happy,
yet you've done a good job.

Oh no, I am, I am.

Excuse me.

Excuse me. Is that the way out?

It's that way.

Will you look after my dog?

You promise?

The dog?

Did we tell the pound
about his dog?

"His dog"? No.

Come on, then.

Subtitles: Eclair Media