La vie de château (2017) - full transcript

An agile and colorful comedy about the lives of African immigrants in Paris. Charles is the most skilled and elegant among the sellers used by hairdressers in the populated district of Château d'Eau. His mission is to fill the beauty salon with the clients captured in the street. But when the competition is intense and everyone wants to be the number one, the dirty game is on the agenda. Soon Charles will find himself in a dangerous spiral in which his dreams, reputation and even his wardrobe will be affected.


Where else in Paris
can you get a shave like this?


What you recited was beautiful.

Did you write it?

What is it about?

Can't you translate, this once?

What did your griot daddy teach you?

You don't translate poetry.

I don't think
he gave it much thought.

It's the voice. The music.
The soul.

Why translate the soul?

Sort of like the threads.

"The threads"?

Threads. Clothes.

It's your personality.

It's your voice.
Your ideas...

Your music, too.

It doesn't translate.


Have you considered my offer?


I won't go any lower.

You know the place
needs renovation.

So now,
you don't like my salon anymore?

We'll talk it about it later.


My poem...

It's about exile.

Have a good day, Mourat.


Hello, ma'am.
Hello, ma'am.

Go, go, go!


Hey there, miss. What's up?
How about a hair cut?

A nice new hairdo for the summer.

That's better...

What is it?

Hey, guys! Guys!

You were supposed to beat it
10 minutes ago.

I respect you.

But don't wear a watch
if you can't read time.

How can we work

if you're working
from inside the station?

Is that how you respect me?

They saw the time.
They started working.

They know their job.
They can read time.

They've been at it for ages
down there.

At 4:30 pm, they ran down
like jackals!

A "jackal"?
Who are you calling a "jackal"?

Try to understand.

Now they're being harassed
by guys dressed like hobos.

You think you dress so fine?

Anyway, listen.
It's not even 5 pm.

Check your watch.

I bought it yesterday.
It's not a minute late.

It's 5:20 pm.

Mine says 5 o'clock.

- What about yours?
- 5 pm.

- 5 pm.
- 5 pm.

4:55 pm.

- That's from Barbès.
- Of course!

The first to get
a girl in a salon

wins the right to stay
30 minutes longer. OK?

Half an hour?

Yeah, half an hour.

Hey, miss.
Where have you been all day?

And you?

Right here.
I've been waiting for you.

I know a salon.

I can get you a good price.

They're looking for a model.

- So?
- I have a friend.

She'll surely be interested.

- What's her name?
- Beyoncé.

But she has a schedule!

She's going!
Looking good!

Looking good!


- This is Sylvie.
- Hello.

She's a real artist.
You'll see.

No, it's fine.
You need it.

No, I insist.

Just to see Baby's face,
it was worth it.

Round or square?

A man won't ever leave his wife
for you.

You think I don't know that look?

Barging in with new shoes,
asking for money!

You and your silly Congolese Sapeurs!

Charles, please!

It's the one thing I bought
in a year.

It's for work.

I walk around all day
to get you customers.

You don't work for me,
but for yourself.

Ben Benito gets it.
He has his own business.

But when you die,
you'll be buried

in front of the metro
with a star plaque.

If death comes for me out there

it'll find me ready, looking sharp.

Get out of here!

Over there.

40, tops.

What's up?
Everything good?

Why not get a haircut with that?

- No. Thanks.
- Too bad.

You have great hair.

if you ever do need a haircut,

call me.
I'll get you a good price.

My card.
My name is Charles.

Like the prince.


What's up? Everything good?

And what if it isn't?

- What's Houdia's price?
- 16.

At that price,
the Ritas are more interesting.

- We make a greater margin.
- Yeah?

It's not looking great.

We're making less than last year.

Girls know what they want.

Know what I mean?

Why am I the manager
if I can't decide? Andy!

Skin-whitening products are illegal.

For the rest, you get to decide.

- "I get to decide"?
- Yes.

OK. From now on,
we're working with Baby.


You know why Houdia sells Rihannas
at 16 euros?

More customers.

I've seen Baby's guys.
They know their stuff.

You can't fire Charles.

- Do you want to it?
- He's great.

So I don't get to decide,

but you still come complaining
about the numbers.


Notice anything?

My scarf!

Come on!
A fashion expert such as yourself!

Go ahead, touch it. Louis Vuitton.
100% cashmere.

So you came to sell it?


Joke aside...

if I were to sell it,

how much should I sell it for?
40? 50?

Let's say 50.

And what's 50 times 50?

- 2,500. Get it?
- No, I don't get it.

I'm on to something big
with Fela, the Nigerian.

Hold your horses, Moussa.

I'm not investing
in your scams.

- I have my eye on something.
- What?

Any of your business?

When I came by this restaurant,

I stopped just for you.

This is a good deal.
What have you got to lose?

50 euros.

What's a 50 for "Charles
like the prince"? Monaco!

I'll give you 10 euros.

But as long as you pay me back 20
next week.


OK. It's a deal.

But it's your loss!

Didn't you say you
were in a rush?

- Yet you're often around.
- I work here.

You keep catching me
during my breaks.

Then you're often on break.

Put all those breaks together
and come by the salon tomorrow.

I know some girls who can
fix your nails.

Hey, you!

Yes, you.

- Are you Moussa?
- What "Moussa"?

Who says he works with Fela.

- And who are you?
- Me?

Actually, I'm Fela.

Why do you use my name?

I'm warning you,
the bullshit stops now.

You'll bring bad luck!

You deal with your own scams.

Don't get me mixed up in it.

We have to reorganize
the neighborhood.

And organization calls for
people with brains.

It's a mess here.
We need to reorganize.

Maybe you can work for me.

- Wally! Wally!
- Hold on.

- What's up?
- How are you?

Great. Say,
can you give this to Djena?

I'll stop by Wednesday.

Tell her Wednesday or Thursday.

Have a good day.

- I can walk you home.
- I have something to do.

See you tonight. Bye.

Dan, I'll call you.

No way.

Hey! Hey, Sonia!

- I can wait up.
- I'm fine, honey.


How was she?

Let me show you the future salon.

Look how beautiful it is.

- Look.
- The street is noisy.

There's not a soul around,
it's not noisy. Look.

Look, no renovations to be done.
The interior is perfect.

So Sonia said she was well,
but how well?

Like usual, I told you.

Chats with people,
gets dolled up at Djenaba's.

She chats with who?

- People.
- Be more precise.

- You want me take a picture?
- Why not.

Try to understand.

I have to know
if I have a rival.

She's fine, I tell you.
There's no one else.

- Trust me.
- You're not listening.

I know my Sonia.
She's hiding something.

- Just talk to her.
- She'll get angry.

You know how she is
when she's angry.

I won't let her out of my sight.

- Can we talk about my thing?
- What about it?

He's pretending he's not selling.

But he has to.
He has no customers left.

You and I,
if we work hand and hand on this,

we'll make a hit.

Even Obama will come
get his hair cut there.

Obama doesn't get his nails fixed.

Obama sticks around the salon
for hours with his buddies.

Men's salons are a bad idea.

Hey guys, what are you talking about?

Look at the time.
Get to work.

Let's get on it, now.

Hey, Charles!

- Hey.
- What about my offer?

With Baby's guys,

we're losing time arguing.

We need new rules.

- You're scared of Baby?
- That's not it.

They wear sports jerseys at work?

Are they serious?

We need simpler rules, then.

I have something important to do.
We'll talk later.

Hey! Your own reputation is at stake!

Oh, fuck!


I just called them.

It's a unique piece.
I assure you.

It's insane.
Is it really the same?

Did you have a good look?
Did you get up close?

The humiliation!
Charles like the prince

dresses like a bissap seller!

Charles, this vest,

how long have you had it?
6 months?

No, a year.
It's the 2016 collection.

2016, you don't say.

Now I know, Charles.
It's the Chinese.

What "Chinese"?

We aim for creativity
and strive for the moon,

we set the new standards

and they just copy it.

That's why you can never
rest on your laurels.

You can't allow yourself

to wear a 2016 vest,
or you'll be left behind.

Follow me.

No, not you.

Look, Charles.

This beauty.

There's Armani, Cavalli...

And there's Mitani.

Just a little alteration
and it'll suit you perfectly.

No, I'm on a break, Sergio.

Is it about money?

I'll give you a discount.

That's not it.

I can't buy anything new

until I reach my goal.

It's like a sacrifice.

I've resisted for months.

I can't fold now.

It's not like you don't have
anything to wear.

Is there something I need to know?

You can tell me anything.

Hey. What do you mean,
when you say "sacrifice"?


Hey, Baby!

Where have you been?

Right here.
What is it?

- What do we do about the Vuitton?
- How much do you want?

A lot.

That's not my Vuitton!

Listen up.

Business is about
seizing opportunities,

like in soccer.

You go in during overtime,

fresh as a cucumber.
Get it?

You get your foot on the ball,

dribble around one guy.

Dribble around another guy.

Ready to pass the ball?

No! You're aiming for the goal!


You score!

You score!

These products are your goal.

Do supporters
wave whitening creams?

Hey, come on...

Looking good. Not bad, huh?
Real nice.

Blue looks good on you.
A real man.

How about an e-cigarette?

I don't smoke.

It's for non smokers.

It's also a lighter.

Fela is selling.

"Fela"? From the call shop?

Since when do you work with him?

What's so funny?

- They raped his car.
- Raped it?

The black Mercedes.

Some guys got in,
cut through the seats with knives.

One even took a shit
on the dashboard.

Take these back.

- How did they do it?
- Moussa!

Listen, there was a huge stock.

- What do I do?
- Nothing.

Stay here and keep watch.

It's her, in the blue blouse.

Stay here
and keep your eyes on her.

Later, you'll say:
"Nothing happened.

"she went home."
- I'll say it now.

Charles, she went home.
Why waste time?

- Moussa, do me a favor.
- Who is she?

What's your problem?
Enough questions.

It's just suspicious, that you'd give
me money to do nothing.

- I'm counting on you.
- Well said.

- See you.
- OK.

- This idea is going to be a hit.
- Absolutely.

But you know how it works.

- What about Djena?
- She decides.

But watch out, she's in a bad mood.

Good luck.

Great salon.

I hope so.
That's why people come here.

Djenaba, listen to me.


I have ambitions, you know.

- I know.
- I have ideas.

If you and I could work together,

hairdressing would reach a new level.

Why not turn your salon
into the first Hair-light shop.


A product I'm launching.

You'll be the first to know.

I really want us to work together
on it.

I have to ask Dan first.

- I'm not the owner.
- He must know something is up.

Everything has to be planned.
You know how conservative he is.

It's not working,
but he won't change a thing.

I'd need to know more
about your project.

Of course, I have the money.
I'm leaving the bank right now!

I'll be there before you know it.

Hold on. Wait a second.

Julius! Hey, Julius!

Wait for me. Julius!

Hello? Hello?


Is that your new album?


The thing is, no one knows you!

- You need to stand out.
- How?

Add a pretty girl.

I mentioned you to my friend Ben.

Drop by the studio
to show what you've got.

- Beno said that?
- Yes, he did.

Right, so...
I have an urgent favor to ask.

- I don't have any money.
- That's not it!

- What is it then?
- OK.

I'm on to something big,
but no one can know.

But I know I can trust you.

I'm watching a girl,
a pretty girl,

but I have to leave.

Can you take over for a while?

- Now?
- Yes, now. It's urgent.

Come on.

Come on. Now!

Hurry up.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- No work?
- I'm waiting for a friend.

I listen to your music.

- Do you like it?
- Yes.

When I listen to it,
I dance with my shirt off.

I'm glad my music inspires you.

I liked it a lot.

- Want to go smoke?
- Yes.

- Do you have some?
- Yes.

You're sure it's the girl
I asked you to watch?

They laughed
and started walking.

They walked on the sidewalk,

They seemed to know each other well.

Next to the town hall,
they turned left,

after the red cafe.

They stopped, he gave her
a big envelope.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

The guy got into
a black Mercedes,

with a chauffeur.

It was registered in Germany.
They were Nigerian.

- A kiss on the cheek?
- Yes.

The girl went to look for a taxi,

then she left.
What? Why are you laughing?

Look Moussa,

either you're drunk
or you're lying.

Who's drunk? Let's go.

- Chief.
- Here.

- Keep the change.
- I know what I saw.

I can't lie, you're my man.

It's like your hiding something.

Hide something from you?
You think you're so important?

Why are you following that girl?

See, you're hiding something.

I'm disappointed in you.

I asked you for a favor

and you're making a fuss now.

Sonia is a friend's girlfriend.
He's suspicious.

There's your big secret.
Happy now?

"Sonia"? That's her name?

I need another favor.
Take this and stick it in your mouth.

Forget about the whole story.

If it lets out,
there'll be trouble,

including for me.

- There.
- Keep your mouth shut.

Now you're talking.

They light up in your hair.

- And the other products?
- Why?

Where can I find some?
I'm interested.

Only if we have a deal.

I'd sell better than all
these gadgets.

And glow-in-the-dark nail-polish?
A big hit.

Girls watch videos.

I talked with some bands.

I payed for a signing.
I own them.

Serge Beynaud's dancers
are wearing these.

Conquer Paris
and you've conquered Africa.

I just need help to convince
the musicians.

Rachel will help with the braids.

This isn't Rachel's salon.

I like having my say.

Who says you don't?

You give the go-ahead.

I get the extensions,
Rachel helps with the braids.

You decide.

Hello, ladies.

Hey. Excuse me.
Come on!

It's a good price.


Follow me.

I'm glad I found you.

I won't beat around the bush.


I have the money.


Give this to Awat.
He'll be here tomorrow.

Who's Awat?

And where will you be?

I'll be away.

At least take the money.

I have things to do.

- You sure you're OK?
- Yes.

Hey, Mourat...

Thank you so much.

You can't go off like this.

Where do you go?

What's it to you?

I worry about you...

You just made the right decision.
You won't regret it.

Here's Liu. She's an artist.

She'll take care of you.
15 euros.

- A customer. It's been a while.
- Come on!

It's fine. Keep it up.

What are you and Charles
up to all the time?

Don't mention Charles, please.

Something wrong?

He's changed, lost his energy.

He's deaf to things.

A true leader
must sometimes turn a deaf ear.

- A proverb.
- Deaf and dumb. He's never around.

Some scam with Moussa.

Soon, we'll be stone broke.

Great souls have will,
weak souls only have wishes.

Let's tell him.

Settle down.
What is it?

- It's here.
- What's up?

I was almost there.

Hold on, she's calling.
Hold on.

- Use the antenna!
- You pick up with your fingers!

- Hello? Hello?
- Guys, we need to talk.

Jo, what is it?
You're distracting us.

Go away.
Go on.

Let's make peace.
We have to think.

The stuff between Charles and Baby,
this rift

can't be good for us.
It's hurting us.

- For us little hustlers...
- Fuck!

Charles and Baby are the same.

- Gently.
- I have an idea.

- A vision.
- There.

Why not share out the neighborhood
into zones?

You get the stairs,
we get the escalator.

Hold on. Here it is. I feel it.
I swear.

It's working. I think Mourat
is going to sell me the salon.

You think I want to hustle
all my life?

I'm seeing him tomorrow
to arrange some details.

He wants to do business with me,
and no one else.

- Yeah?
- We have a special connection.

Well, he's a special guy.

He sees me, opens his arms wide,

hugs me, and the next day,
doesn't even know me.

He always says he wants to leave.

- Does he drink?
- No.

He recites Kurdish poems
that he writes.

- He recites them to you?
- Yeah.

Chinese people and hipsters

are running this town.

I rounded up the money
for the takeover.

but there are renovations to be done.

You don't listen.

I'm telling you business is down
in the neighborhood.

Why sell you his salon?

Your special connection?

Dan, this deal is golden.

It's going to be a hit.
I'm sure of it.

So sure that I sold my clothes
for the deposit.

I have one vest left.

I know you can't take
too many chances,

but let's do this right.

Keep this to yourself.

I'm thinking of investing
in the suburbs: Bobigny.

Away from the Chinese
and the hipsters.

We can set up shop.

You think I came to France
dreaming of Bobigny?

I'm from Paris.

I won't leave for anything other
than Versailles.

We'll see when the time comes.

Fine. In the meantime,
how are things with Sonia?

Why does something have
to be wrong?

I'm busy.

Just give me 5 minutes!

- I don't have money to lend you.
- So? Did I ask for any?

It's just for advice.
You know, Sonia...

I don't have time for this.

Lei and Djenaba are out.

You mean Sonia from yesterday?

Of course I know her.

She's on to something big,

something fancy.

With extensions.
There's money there.

I saw her pay
with a 100-dollar bill,

just like that.
A 100 dollar bill!

A hundred?
You sure it wasn't a fake?

Liu, what are you doing?

The customer's fingers
are falling off.

Your job is to bring customers,
not mess with the staff.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

Heard about the Nigerians
and Fela's car?

They got in and took a shit
on the dashboard.

- People are gross.
- Come on!

- Tear down that wall!
- And your thing with Charles?

- What thing?
- Come on.

With Sonia, Dan's girl.

I don't know what you do all day,

but we're getting
our asses kicked here.

When Baby gets rid of Charles,
things are going to change.

Didn't I tell you to move it?

You did it on purpose.

I only had the castle left!

You want to see an empire fall?

Look around you!

Enough riddles!
A coin.

It's a revolution.

Heads will roll.
Watch out for yours.

He hates me.

I don't know how you can stay
cooped up in here.

The sweat, plus the smell
from all those yapping mouths,

it's like a locker room.
- Is that why we're here?

Did you mention our business
to anyone?

What business?

The girl.

The one who got into
the Nigerians' Mercedes.

Who did you speak to?

Ali threatened me.

Someone told him.
It's got to be.

He pretended it was something else,
but I got it.

That thing! What Mercedes?
I never said that.

Then who did?

Things have got to be smooth
between us.

You must have told someone.

I'm not the one
who talks all the time.

Hold on...

Charles offered me money
to stop following her.

Now, Ali threatens me.

You have things
mixed up in your head.

- It's a coincidence.
- What coincidence?

Stop with the cryptic sentences.

This has nothing to do with my mind.
I know what I know.

You know, Moussa,
it's all my fault.

When you asked me
to watch her,

I lost track of her

and made up the whole story.

I thought: "Here's what Moussa
wants to hear."

Julius, I know you're afraid.

If you want out, I understand.

Fear is a human feeling,
but fear,

once you own it,
can guide you to the top.

- Are you listening?
- It's like your music.

You're afraid of success.
Why does Beno hate you?

Because of the fear in your eyes.


This is serious business.

Sonia hangs around Djenaba's.

All you have to do is watch her.

Trust me. OK?

We had an agreement.

We take the escalator,
they take the stairs.

Now it's out of service.

Who do they think we are?

Why would you make that deal?

Have you lost your mind?

I have to deal with business
while you're fouling around.

Our guys
are getting nervous.

Some are thinking about working
for Baby. Even the loyal ones.

I practice the art of fighting
without fighting, like Bruce Lee.


Bruce Lee.
You don't know him?

- The kung-fu guy.
- Oh yeah, Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee, yeah.

Yes, fucking Bruce Lee.

Sorry. I thought you meant
a Sapeur.

So you just let Baby win?

We all know he wants you out.

Come back down to earth.

Hey man, are you listening?

We'll talk later.
I'm on to something.

- Charles. Thank God.
- Sonia...


There's this guy following me.

Who? Should I go check?

It's fine. Don't get in any trouble
because of me.

Where are you going?

I'm carrying money.
I'm nervous.

Can you come with me?
Just to be safe.

- It won't take long.
- OK.

I'm not keeping you from work, am I?

Let's just say
this is part of work too.

I had the feeling I was
being followed, and that guy...

Show me the price.

Where did you find her?

I promised her a discount.

Come on,
or we're stuck here all night.

African girls.

What about them?

What's this?

They're ripping you off.

You have poor taste.

Indian hair is the best.

You can't find anything better.

All are extensions are 100% natural.

We don't mix them
with Chinese hair.

I know.
Or else I wouldn't be here.

How about
10 kilos of 16-inches?


Go for the 10 kilos.
With 20% off.

That's much better.

I'll need the same amount
each month.

Provided my project works.
And believe me, it will.

- "Each month"?
- At first.

I just need some samples.

How much?

Just one kilo,

but I'll take two this time.

As long as it's this price here.

She can't be serious.

Look at her shoes.

She can pay.

I must have been paranoid, earlier.

I'm indebted to you.

You just have to be careful.

You're a Bété, then?

No, a Baoulé.

But I grew up in Gagnoa.

I didn't have much choice.
I had to adapt.

I have to go.

- This way.
- OK.

- See you at the concert?
- Huh?

Serge Beynaud is singing
at the Alizée.

It'd be nice to see you there.

You'll see why I wasted your time.

No, tonight I have to...

Come on. It's my way
of thanking you.

See you tonight.

- We'll see.
- Bye.


- Go on.
- There's no one here!

Hairdressers will start cutting
their own hair, if this keeps up.

I'm all out.

Those whitening creams sell fast.

- They're in high demand.
- Exactly.

It'd be different
if I was working for you.

But I can't rob Peter
to give to Charles.

I'm not the one making
the decisions.

I only deliver to salons
that work with me.

It's up to you.
You want to be in the game?

- Djenaba...
- Later.

- What's this?
- Leave it.

It's not mine.

Don't worry about it.
I just want to test it,

see the results.

OK, enough now.

You've been hiding this from me!

Show me the rest.
This is great!


I don't think the other
decision-makers here

want to know
what's in the boxes.

You see, this is the beginning
of something historical.

- It was Charles?
- Positive.

"His friend's girlfriend"?
Come on, Monaco.

20 boxes?

There must be more.

20-25 boxes.

So now it's 25.

You can fit more than 25
in there.

40 or 50, minimum.

He wouldn't come all this way
for so little.

Can you imagine
what it means?

Even if it was 100 boxes...

100 boxes...
Do you realize what 100 boxes means?

Since we've met,

has my instinct ever failed you?

We have to get the boxes.

I won't get mixed up in this.

Julius, our ticket for Chicago
is in that truck.

We need those extensions.
Or I'll ask someone else.

Listen, Moussa...

no one is stupid enough
to follow you into this.

I hope you're not wasting my time.

Who told I had time to waste?

The boxes are inside.

Don't even worry about it.

- There's no alarm.
- That's weird.

It means they have something
to hide.

It's not to attract wolves.

What wolves?
Watch out!

Weren't you talking about
goals and opportunities?

Look ahead.

You're facing the goal
and there's no goalkeeper.

Let's go, there are people around.

Bartender! Champagne!

I told you.

Charly! Where have you been?

How are you?

It's been a while.

I thought you'd been deported.

You jokester.
I didn't recognize you.

I recognized your jacket.

Haven't I seen it before?

Are you kidding?
It's the new model.

I just love this brand.

It's not new, Charles.

Junior... Excuse him.

He's only joking. He's a child.


Set us a couple aside.

Keep the change.

Put it down for Charles,
like the prince.

Right. I'll leave you
in this fine company.

I'm expected.

Make some noise!

- You know how it is.
- Your darling.

He's not my darling,
it's my savior. Charles.

- Hey.
- What's up?

- This is Zoka.
- Nice to meet you, Charles.

Nice to meet you.

- And Fallone.
- Nice to meet you.

OK. We're up next.

Have a seat.

- My friends, here is...
- Have a drink.

... you already know him.
The star is in the place.

Please welcome
the king of coupé-décalé

from Côte d'Ivoire.

Give a big round of applause

for Serge Beynaud!

Serge Beynaud!

There's a second surprise tonight...


You're not afraid
of drawing attention!

I like your sense of humor.

What's he doing here?
Wait for me.

Why are you following me?
What's this?

Is it my extensions you want?

Let me put on some music.

See that? It's a new style
inspired by Nigerian grooves.

Listen up.

You like that?
I'm his manager.

The States will love him!

They don't know afrotrap.

Yeah. Not bad.

But it's like Nigerian music.

But it is!
It's Nigerian, originally.

- It's obvious.
- What do you know?

I've been to Nigeria.

My friend Fela from Nigeria
heard it.

And he showed respect!

It's Saturday.

It's jammed everywhere.
- Keep on driving.

- There's no rush.
- No.

We've got time.

I'm just driving a stolen car.

Who's going to know?

What's with you?

It's that guy, Julius.

He ruined my evening.

- Now I'm ruining yours.
- No.

There'll be others.

It's still a big night.

Think of their faces
when they saw the braids!

It's going to be a smash.

I'd rather smash Moussa.

- Who?
- Moussa.

He's the one
who's been watching me.

- Do you know him?
- No.

Don't worry.

He's probably just an admirer.

You must have plenty others.

I'm not worried.
Just wondering.

Let it go.

Focus on your project.

I'll let you in on something.

I have a project too.

Mine is also a secret.

Are you sure you want to tell me?

No, you're right.
It's probably a bad idea.

I leave nearby.
Want to walk me home?

That's probably a very bad idea.

As long as you're good-hearted.

Is anyone there?

- Hello.
- Hello.

- You're Awat?
- Yes.

I'm Charles.

Did he tell you?

He gave me this for you.

Charles like the prince?


He liked you.

Murat and I had a special connection.

- Pardon?
- Do you understand Kurdish?



Please, come in.

Thank you.

What is it?


It's what's written here.

He left you his poems.

He left me his poems?

His death was rather sudden.

You saw for yourself
he was sort of special.

Like every poet.

Him... more.

A little more.

Thank you.

Who's Julius?
And who's Moussa?

Moussa who?

She called me in a fit.

I was glad I wasn't there in person.

And guess what?

She thinks Djena
is watching her.

Why would she?

I didn't even ask!

You messed up.
It's plain as day.

OK. Listen, I think I know
who this Moussa is.

Stop following her.

She can't ever find out it was us.

I'm worried about you.

About me?

Come on, man,
think for a second.

Baby's taking your place.

If Sonia gets mixed up in it...

- "Baby"?
- Yes.

Didn't I tell you?
I told you.

I've stuck up for you so far.

But if he gets accused because
of you...

Sonia is determined
to go all the way.

- I'm going to kill you.
- Don't!

What happened to you? Huh?

Isn't it obvious?

I slipped in my jacuzzi.

So someone got to you
before I did.

I was shocked too.

What is it?

What's going on?

Julius got me in trouble.

Who's that?

Enough, Moussa,
stop your bullshit.

Now's not the time.

Who did this to you?

No one.


- It's Baby.
- What?


Moussa, don't tell me you got mixed
up with that goon?

I messed up, I know.

He's going to pay for it.

He thinks
he's taking the van?

- No way!
- What van?

When I get the money,
I'll pay the Nigerians

and they're going to beat him up...
- Moussa...

What van?


Do you speak French?
What van?

A van...
Hey, Monaco.

I may have some bad news.

- Hey, you.
- I don't need anything.

- They all say that.
- I'm busy.

OK, fine, never mind.

I'm always around.

You'll find me.
Everyone knows my name.

It's Moussa.

You're Moussa?

Kind of late to be starting
your day.

- We need to talk.
- Go ahead.

Not with everyone around.
In private.

You know, my father
was a griot back home.

- This is bullshit.
- Baby...

He was a poet, an augur,
an entertainer.

He could decipher
people's dreams.

And sometimes, his own dreams
came true.

I've inherited this gift.

You're an entertainer too.

I have prophetic dreams.
I dreamt of you this morning.

You'd gone missing
in the neighborhood.

Everyone was looking for you.
You'd just vanished.

Your dad taught you this?
To confuse dreams and reality?

You know why you have
prophetic dreams?

Because you live in the past.
I am the future.

- What are you doing?
- Settle down. Who are you?

Who am I?

Give me my braids.

Get in line like everybody else.

"Your" braids?
Excuse me?

Tell everyone how you got them

or you've got it coming.

- What does it matter?
- Confess!

You're no man.
They call you "Baby."

Where'd you get
such a big mouth?

Think you're the boss
because you sell creams?

Hey, settle down.

You're playing with fire.

Just watch me!

Fess up!

They're my extensions!
You spied on me to steal them!

- I spied on you?
- Yes.

- You and your friends.
- Who?

You know what I'm talking about.
Fess up.

You're a thief.

- Take that back!
- Or what? Come on, speak!

You won't fess up?
You want me to go on speaking?

And say what?
You think I'm scared?

Settle down.
I have a reputation here.

Don't threaten a lady.

Don't get mixed up in this.
She's talking bullshit.

When the Nigerians find out
who took a shit in their car,

we'll see who's lying.

- I never did that!
- Really?

OK... And the Indians?

Who stole their van?

Take this!

You're not a king.
You're a nobody.

We have rules.
Respect them.

You bastard.

Stealing other people's ideas.

Look at that...

Let me help you.

I have everything in the car.

Back off!

Everybody back to work.

Bring them this.

Sonia, let me explain.

OK, I'm listening.

OK. Sonia is with Djenaba.

- Swear you didn't mention me.
- No.

I put it all on that crook.

Didn't you go overboard
with the Nigerians' car?

I didn't hear everything,

but he didn't look happy.

If Fela doesn't kill him first,

he's going to need some time
to get over it.

Everyone is going
to rip him to shreds.

Never could dress!

I can't say I'm jealous.

Thing is, he could come after me.

Baby, I mean.
About the van.

I can find you a job in Bobigny.

Maybe you could stay there
for a while.

What will I do with a job?


And you?
Is it true?

- You're done?
- Says who?

You know, I had a friend,
a poet.

He told me stories
I didn't understand at first

but now I'm starting to get it.

Focus on what matters.

A poet doesn't become a barber.

I don't get it.

Stop with the riddles!

- What do we do?
- That's your problem.

- You're mad about the van.
- No.

I've told you again and again,
it's not mine.

And I'm not doing business
with Sonia.

She's a friend's girlfriend.

There's nothing there, Moussa.

That's a lot of time
to be spending

with his girlfriend.

Hey, Moussa...


Was he right?
Is she cheating?

Where have you been?

We need to talk.

I'll see you later!


Are you lost?

My name is Charles.
Like the prince.

"Like the prince"? Really?

Why not the king?

Ma'am, Paris no longer has kings.

Only queens.

You smiled!

Come on, you smiled, I saw you!

Subtitles: ECLAIR