La rose de sang (2018) - full transcript

The Blood Rose

You, who are you?

You followed me?


What d'you want from me?

Where are you from?

You lost?

Did you take a pleasant walk, Master?

Yes I did. Thank you my dear Tobiec.

There was a ball at the village.

And you went there...

Could you resist?

Yet, you know it hurts you.

It's true,

but this is stronger than me.

It seems like a force is pushing me
towards the crowd.

But, I stay away from it.

I observe them.

They look so happy.

I am bored, Tobiec.

Did you make any progress
in your research Master?

As you can see it,

I have almost finished the whole
of these volumes.

It's thrilling, all those discoveries,

the history of the world…

But, unfortunately,
I didn't find anything yet.

It will happen, Master.
Don't be discouraged.


Did you…

eat tonight?

It's you, Joseph.

What are you doing here?

Did you finish taking care
of the animals?

Yes everything is done.

But I wanted to talk with you a little,

So I came.

Well, I am listening.
What do you want to tell me?

Hum… Nothing.

I wanted us to be together, that's all.

We don't see each other anymore.

I'm bored without you.

But, Joseph,

we see each other all the time,
we live under the same roof!

I have to help aunt Adele.

She's tired.

She needs us.

Yes, I know, mum needs our assistance,
but you work all the time.

We don't even go to the Pond anymore.

Do you remember, when we were children,
we used to go almost every day.

Joseph, we are not children anymore!

You are a grown man now.

But, I promise you, we will go to the
pond on Sunday. Would that make you happy?

Yes it would, thanks!

Lucyllia! Joseph! Come back home now!

We are coming, aunt Adele.

Come, my children,

sit down close to me.

What is wrong?

A young girl was found dead again.


Near the clearing.

She's one of gipsy who are currently
installed in the forest.

I don't want you to go near this place,
do you hear me?

We didn't go there, my aunt,
since you forbade us..

But the danger can come from anywhere.

No, my daughter. No...

Danger comes from this dreadful castle.

It's his owner, I'm sure of it,
who caused all these stranger deaths.

So, you saw him closely?

Did you approach him?

Tell me more, my aunt!

He has black eyes,
who make your blood runs cold,

his face is scaring pale.

He is like Death walking!

He can be seen sometimes,
during the evening at the village.

He stays away, observing us.
Always looking for something.

His next victims, without a doubt!
All young girls, just like you.

That's why you need to never
come close to him, do you hear me my child?

Yes, my aunt, I hear you.
Don't worry, I will obey.

As for you, son,

you have to watch Lucyllia.

The two of you are all the
family that I have.

I promised your mother that I will watch
over you, and I will be anxious to do so.

Even if I have to fight against
The Devil himself!

Don't worry, aunt.

The Devil never will be strong enough
against you!

My dear Lord.

A little coin.

Or something to eat.

I'm angry!

Me too.

What's happening, Master?
Did you call me?

No, Tobiec, I didn't call you.

Leave me alone.

Is it the same nightmare again?

The nightmare where you
kill this poor wretch.

What can I do to help you, Master?

Nothing Tobiec.

Nothing at all, unfortunately!

Come on, help me.

It's time, I'm angry!

-Come on,

stop arguing! Step back, I'm angry!

Good evening.

Good evening.

You seem quite lonely tonight !

What a pity, a beautiful man like you.

Would you better be with
a pleasant company?


Most certainly.

Stay calm, pretty boy, not here!

D'you have enough money to pay me?

With this, old chap,
we can do it wherever you want!

See, Tobiec,

during all these years,
I could beat my fears.

I'm not afraid of torchlight anymore

and I even sleep in a bed.

But this.

This! I can't!

I can't live differently,

I'm a monster!

You are not a monster, Master.

You will find the way to stop it.

You will succeed, I'm sure of it.

I can't live differently!

I need blood!

I can't stop myself.

Even if I choose pariahs,


ladies of night,

people who are useless for human society.

I would like to feel remorse

but I don't.

On the contrary,

it is such a delight!

A incomparable sensual pleasure,

something irreplaceable!

And, when I come back to myself,

my conscience comes back,

I suffer.

I disgust myself.

So many victims because of me.

I'm like an animal, Tobiec.

-I would like to die.
-But I'm here.

I'm with you.
I will never abandon you!

Leave me alone, Tobiec. I can't love.

-I can't feel. I'm not feeling anything!



Master. I think I know what you need.

Yes, I think so.

You need one of yours.

What are you saying?


-You need a wife like you.
-It's impossible for me, Tobiec.

I promised.

It's been almost two hundred years

since my dear and affectionate Apollina
made me promise it.

She was so beautiful.

She never accepted her condition.

All her life she looked for
a way to survive

without attacking humans.

She searched desperately, but in vain.

When she understood that no exit
was possible,

she let them capture her.

At the time

humans hunted us non-stop,
we were stalked days and nights.

They wanted to exterminate us
until the last one

they almost succeeded.

When Apollina was thrown into a cell,
she did not struggle.

Apollina, come, stay with me.
Follow me, I'll help you getting out.

No, Wlad, it is better like that.

I can't keep on living like that.

I do not want to be a monster any more.

I can't stand being hunted
like a creature of the devil.

I love you. I need you.
Don't leave me, I beg you.

I love you too, my dear love.

But if you really love me,

let me go.

Maybe, we'll meet later, who knows?

And promise me:

swear me to do the less harm possible

and especially, not to transform
other humans ones never again.

You will have to remain alone,
the last of our kind.

I promise, my Love.

I will survive in memory of us.

I will never forget you.

Not a moment will pass
without me thinking of you.

No! Not yet! Stay with me!

It's over, my dear love.

I am leaving the darkness
to join the light.



I understand, Master. I understand.

That's why I have to become human again.

I can't stand this loneliness anymore.

I would like to find my emotions
and my feelings back

marry a woman, have a child with her.

An heir.

I am tired of this life!

If only I knew how to get rid of
immortality cell.

I keep looking but…
I can't find anything.


I heard about a crazy old man
who lives in the heights.

He tried, during all his life, to unravel
the great mysteries of the universe.

Perhaps will he be able to help you?

Perhaps he knows the formula
which will allow you to become again human!

Who is this man, Tobiec?
Lead me to him.

Enter, stranger.

And sit down.

And tell me what you came here for?

Answers to my questions, old man.

You are not the only one!

But if my knowledge and my experience
can be useful to you,

I will place them at your disposal.

I would like to know who I am.
And to become someone else.

An interesting enigma.

But are you sure that
I can really help you?

Isn't the answer that you seek in you?

I don't know.

What do you think about it?

So, there are still some of them living.

It's perfect!

Believe me, my friend,

you are just one of the innumerable
mysteries of nature.

But I thought...

that the creatures of your species
had all disappeared?

It is so.

Your people destroyed mine…

All of my people.

I am the last one,

the only survivor.

Well, if I can say.

I see.

Let me guess:

you are tired of living like this

and you would like to become mortal again,
is that it?

That's it.

I read somewhere,


In one of my old grimoires.

One of your kind wanted
to become human again.

But he failed in his quest.

Failed? What do you mean?
What should be done?

Ah! Here you are.

It was in 1574. His name was Anatole.

Like you, he wanted to become a man again

and like you…

He looked for a long time
for a remedy to his state


-Well? Speak, old man!

"Only the sincere and true love
of a human woman can make you mortal."

What does it mean?

If I succeed in making a woman love me,
can I be saved?

Saved, that's a big word.
Condemned, you mean?!

Wait, it's not all,
and it's not that simple.

Listen the rest:

"Your love for this woman will have
to be reciprocal,

and it will only be when love
has been consumed

that you will lose your immortality."

But it's impossible!

In these moments,
I totally lose control of myself

and my thirst for blood takes over!

I will never be able
to stop myself from killing her.

You need to!
It is specified

that you will recover your humanity

only if the woman is still alive
at the end of the act.

This is where Anatole failed.

The mixing bloods inhibit the process

of your transformation.

If that's the only way,
I'll never succeed.

This dark force is uncontrollable.
It is more powerful than my mind!

Apollina was right:
we are creatures doomed to evil.

-That's why she preferred to disappear.

Know that in our world nothing is stronger
than true and complete love.

Do not lose hope.

You seem different from the others
I've met so far.

If it's not your heart,

something still seems
to be beating in your chest.

Maybe it's hope? Or madness.

I could not define it.

Thank you for your advice.
You are a good man, old man.

Where are you? Damn it!

Yes Master.

Tell me.

Haven't you been visited
by a young lady today?

Indeed, Master.
She is a villager.

She was looking for work
so she could help her old aunt a bit.

She came to offer her services
but I told her we did not need anyone.


You sent her home?

Poor idiot! Don't you see that
Providence sent her to me?

But... I didn't know...

-I was afraid…

-Well I…
-Shut up, fool!

Tomorrow you will go to the village.
You will try to find her.

You will tell her that I have changed my
mind and that I am willing to hire her.

that she has a room at her disposal
and that she will have to settle here.

Do you understand?

She will be able to return to see her
family whenever she wish.

-You must find her! Is that clear?
-Yes Master.

Very well.

As you want.

Well, what is it?
Why do you stay frozen like this?

I never saw you like that, Master.
So furious.

Forgive me if I did something wrong.

Forgive me, Tobiec, if I got carried away.

For now, you don't understand, it's normal

but you will understand soon.

Find me this girl, Tobiec. Please...

Alright, Master. I'll go get her for you.

-But you're not going to hurt her, are you?
-Hurt her?

Oh! my brave man, don't worry.

Everything will change, here, now,
you'll see!

I'm not pleased, my daughter.

You disobeyed me.

While I forbade you to go into the forest,
you even went to the castle.

Yes, my aunt, but do not be angry
it's for a good reason.

Every week I will bring you my salary back
and with it

you will be able to buy everything
you need for you and for Joseph.

I will not need anything anymore and
I will not be in your charge anymore.

It is better that way.
Believe me.

Yes, if you come back.
But if this awful man hurts you,

if he tries to shut you up, or worse...

I'm so scared for you!

He won't, aunt, I'll come back.
I promise you.

His servant looks very hospitable
and I'm sure he'll welcome me properly.

And if I feel any danger,
I promise to come back soon, okay?

As for you, Joseph,

my brother,

take good care of your mother.
This time, I entrusts her to you.

I'm counting on you,
you're the man of the house, now!

No, Lucyllia, don't leave!

We will miss you too much!

What are we going to become without you?

Come on Joseph, don't be childish.
Get up.

I will come to see you every Sunday.

Besides, you too will be able
to make short visits to the castle.

Come on Joseph!
Joseph, let's go.

Come in, miss, don't be afraid.

My name is Tobiec.

I cooked a good meal for you
but before that, I'll show you your room.

Thank you Sir.

When will I meet Lord Wladislas?

It is not certain that you will meet
the Master this evening.

Neither another evening, by the way.

You will see if he deigns one day
to honor you with his presence.

He's a very discreet man, you know.

-How should I call you?

Here is your bedroom. I hope it suits you.

My God, it's beautiful!

But I can't.

This is not a room for a maid.
Are you sure?

The Master insisted that
you be installed here.

He has always treated his staff
with great consideration.

And to be honest, it's been a long
time since there was a lady in the castle.

He wants you to feel comfortable.

Please thank him for me.
I am very grateful to him.

I already feel much better.
I am not used to being treated that way.

I will work hard, you will see.
You will not regret it!

I'm sure of it, miss.

I will see you later! You must be tired.

I will come and bring you your meal.

I wish you a good installation, miss.

Hello Madam.

I have to spend a few days in your village,
but there is no more room at the hostel.

Do you have room to rent?

Must see. You have enough to pay?

I want to clarify that I don't
provide meals, I am too old.

Rest assured, I'll manage.

Do you live alone here?

No sir. I have two grown children.

At this time,
they take care of the animals.

-Work isn't missing around here.
-I understand.

I will not bother you.

I am looking for someone..

Maybe you could help me?

It's quite possible.
I know everyone in the village.

Come in!

Sorry Sir, I didn't hear you come in.

Please excuse my intrusion.

I didn't want to scare you. I...

-I came to see if…
-Aren't you satisfied with my services, Sir?

No I am miss. Very satisfied.

You have been living in the castle
for two weeks now and..

-Are you happy here?
-Oh yes Sir.

My room is beautiful

and with all that needs to be done,
I never get bored!

Very good. Very good.

-If you feel that there are too many tasks, I…
-Oh no, sir, you misunderstand me!

There is a lot to do to
serve you, it's true

but I still have enough time for myself.

I can rest or walk in the garden

and, every Sunday, I go down to the village
to visit my family.

My aunt is already feeling much better

I am so grateful for everything
you have done for us…

Well, all the better, miss

I am delighted.

I hope you are feeling good here?

I'd be sorry you're not comfortable…

Thank you Sir.
I feel very good here.

Are you interested in astrology, Miss?

I beg your pardon Sir.
I should not have touched your books.

I skimmed through this one mechanically.

I admired the cover and illustrations...

It does not matter.
Which chapter did you read?

Uh... I...

I can't read, Sir.

You can't read?

I did not know that there were some humans
who had not learned to read!

What an awful emptiness in your existence!

This is strange.

How do you improve your knowledge?

To develop yourself?

Oh! you know, Sir

in my village there has never been
a single book.

I have never even been able
to go to school.

But until today,
I did not really miss it...

And... When I see your library,

I am thinking that there must be
among all these works

an incalculable number of things of which
I do not even know the existence.

-I would have loved to discover the world.
-It's never too late, Miss.

If you wish... I can teach you to read.

That way, you will have access
to everything that is in the books.

What do you think?

That's true Sir?

Would you teach me how to read and write?

Yes, miss, I promise you.

I'll teach you a lesson every night,
after dark.

You have progressed a lot
in a short time, Lucyllia.

I am very satisfied with your efforts.

It does not require much effort Sir.

Since I have an excellent teacher!

You are so patient with me.

It would be a pleasure for any teacher
to have a student as talented as you, Lucyllia.

Round your "D", Lucyllia.

Its curves must be ample and generous...



Where are you going?
What is it?

Did I do something wrong?

Lucyllia, it's you?

Oh! As I missed you!

Yes my little brother. I am here again.
I missed you too.

I am not your little brother!


if we really missed you,
you would come see us more often!

-It's been weeks, we were worried!
-Forgive me, Joseph.

You are right.
I missed all my duties.

But it's because something extraordinary
happens to me:

Lord Wladislas is teaching me to read!

To read?!


So when you'll come back to live with us,
you'll can tell me a lot of new stories.

Yes, I promise you Joseph.

But you must be patient.

I still have to make a lot of money
to protect the three of us.

All right.

But you'll be back soon?

Mom and I,
we think you forget us sometimes

and that you prefer your new life
in the castle...

No, not at all!

How do you want me to forget you?
You are my family!

But it is true that life in the castle
is pleasant

and that the Lord
is very full of kindness for me...

You see! You like to stay with him,
admit it!

He will take advantage of you and then
he will abandon you!

-And here, no one will trust you!
-Stop talking, Joseph, please!

Stop repeating these sentences
that your mother taught you!

You don't know what you're talking about.

It might be time for you to grow a little!

Tell your mother that I will come back soon
but here I have to leave.

I'm late.

I'm going back to the castle.

Well, young man!

Are you giving up following your beauty?

It doesn't concern you, Sir.

I follow her if I want.

The castle scares you
and you give up continuing?

It's not very brave!

What if your baby sister was in danger?

What are you mingling with?

Lucyllia is not in danger.
Otherwise she would have told me she was!

Calm down, young man.

Maybe she doesn't know.

What do you know about the Count?

Have you ever seen him?
Do you know where he comes from?

No Sir.

Nobody knows anything about him,
except he has a servant named Tobiec.

He is sometimes seen in the village
on market days.

Nobody knows him except Lucyllia!

She says that the Lord is very kind to her
and that he will even teach her to read.

-So you see, she seems not in danger!


She does not seem to be in danger,
at least

not as I imagined!

No matter.

It will be a beautiful wedding,
will not it?

What do you want to say?

Lucyllia will marry no one!

Nobody except me!

She's mine!


I'm begging your pardon!

I didn't know it was promised to you!

It's obvious that she will not be able
to prefer anyone else...

She will undoubtedly prefer to return
to the village to settle with you.

You, at least, she knows you.

And gives you all her confidence.

She tells you everything, doesn't she?

She tells you absolutely everything
about her life at the castle.

Yes, I think...

Well, almost everything...

I don't know, me!
Maybe she's hiding something from me.

-But how do you want me to know?
-If you love her, you should follow her.

I can't do that to her!

And anyway, this castle…
I'll never be able to enter!

All right, young man, it's up to you.

I thought for a moment that
you care about her.

I wish you good evening!


Well, now you're ready, Lucyllia.

You will read to me.

Start by reading this book.

And when you come to the last story,

you will be an accomplished reader!

With pleasure sir!

But I don't know if I will have the
strength to read everything today ...

Who is asking you?

When you will not have the
strength to read,

stop and we will resume tomorrow.

"A soldier was walking on the highway...

… one, two, one two…"

I'm exhausted, sir,
my eyes no longer support me.

Can I stop?

Of course my dear.

you have deliciously succeeded.

your reading was very pleasant for me.

Ah! Tobiec, my good friend.

I have never felt so good!

-I think I could even face the sun's rays!
-You see me delighted, Master!

But, although I suspect it a little,

I would like to know the reasons
for such enthusiasm?

These reasons hold in one word, Tobiec.


I feel revived by her.

She gives off such a force,
such a pleasure!

And then...

she is full of charm,
of grace... of life!

Last night, I stayed two hours at her side

without even needing to control me!

Do you realize?

I am happy for you, Master.

This young lady is indeed very pretty

and is very kind.

But don't you tell me you fell in love?

Why should I tell you?

Everything in her
reminds me of my dear Apollina.

but there is in addition to her a candor,

mixed with a wild sensuality

which leaves me without rest.

My poor Master,
have you forgotten who you are?

You can't love her,
you do not have the right!

What are you telling me?

Why can't I love her?
What right do you speak to me?

I am the Master her!
Please don't forget it!

You are the Master, it's true,
and I can't forget it.

But you made me a promise.

What promise do you tell to me?

The one you told me to do no harm
to the girl.

Do you remember?

It was under this condition
that I agreed to bring her here.

But I will not hurt her! You must trust me.

I will know how to control myself!

I trust you, Master, you know it.


you told me so many times

that you lost control and
you didn't find it until too late...

How many times
did you ask me to confine you?

Have you forget it?

Would you like to take such a risk
with Miss Lucyllia?

Don't you think that for his sake
it would be better to get away from her?

You're right, Tobiec, I know it.

But don't you think I can do it?

If I could, I would be saved.

I would find my humanity!

I don't know, Master,
but it seems complicated...

and especially very dangerous,
as much for her as for you!

If you lose control once more,
can you ever forgive you?

Are you sure you want to take such a risk?


the only thing I'm sure,
I want her joy.

I will move away from it a little bit.


for the moment,
nothing proves that she shares my feelings.

Perhaps I am for her
only the lord of the castle,

the one who makes her live
and who teaches her to read...

She can only be deeply grateful to you.

and that's good enough.

But for the rest,

let time do its work.

I had forgotten that I had a heart, Tobiec

and it's bleeding.

Believe me,

It's bleeding.

Well, my daughter,

how are things going on at the castle?
Are you satisfied?

Yes, my aunt, I am fully happy.

Tobiec fills me with attention
and kindness.

He is very friendly with me.

I trust him,

he has become for me a kind of confidant.

You know, at his age,
he knows a lot of things…

For sure. But the castellan,
how is he behaving with you?

Ah! If you knew my aunt
how good and generous he is with me!

I am so grateful to him for hiring me
and for teaching me to read.

It's true that he is a bit mysterious,
but he is not mean. He's just a little lonely.

I must admit that in the beginning,
your installation at the castle grieved me.

I had heard so much about this man...

But it's almost a year since
you worked for him and

it's true that it helps us a lot.
And then, you look so fulfilled.

Yes, my aunt. I feel confident and
completely safe with him.

The way he looks at me,
if you could see that…

When his eyes are on me,

I really feel like I exist!

I had never known this sensation before.

Would the Count fall in love with miss?

That would surprise me.
I am only a servant.

Yet we understand each other so well!
Everything pleases me in him.

his beautiful deep voice,
his deep and intense look

-His spirit.
-Here, calm down, a little serious!

That he fall in love with you is one thing.
You are young, fresh.

But let yourself go, oh no,
no, it's another.

you must not fall under his spell,
otherwise, believe me, you will suffer!

But why should I have to suffer?

-If he feels the same with me.
-But my poor little one, you're really too naive!

Do you really think that the Counts
marry with simple maids?

It can happen that they have a real crush
for one of them.

but never never never
come to nuptials!

They don't defile their blood.

Lucyllia, look at me,
you know that I am right.

You will probably manage to sleep in bed
but he will never marry you.

And if you came to get pregnant?

You would be a lost girl deeply unhappy!

My child, you are wise and intelligent.

Think carefully about what you do.

I know you'll know how
to make the right decision.


Yes, my aunt, I know you're right.

Until now, I let my heart speak.

I thought for a moment that one day
I would be happy with him.

But I have to recover my spirits.

It's my work and my family
that counts above all else.

That's good.

You're reasonable.

You can work a few more months
at the castle.

Then you will come back to settle here,

-And we will find you a good match
in the village…

No, I'm sorry my aunt.

I can't betray my heart.

I love Lord Wladislas
and I can't lie about my feelings.

Good evening Miss.

Have you had a good trip?


Thank you Sir.


Is your family still well?

Very well.

Fine, It's perfect!

I came to warn you
that we will see each other less.

my business calls me.
I have neglected them too much.

If you need anything, contact Tobiec.

If not, thank you for continuing
to do your service as it should.

-Goodbye, Miss!

-Goodbye, Sir.

Well, Master,
what are you thinking about?

I suffer, my friend, I suffer.


It's because of the girl, isn't it?

I can't stand his presence anymore!

I'm too scared to hurt her.

Do you want me to dismiss her, Master?

We could offer her
substantial compensation

-And I…
-No Tobiec! You don't understand.

I love Lucyllia, she drives me crazy!

I would like her to leave. But I will
never be able to live without her!

These are the nights I do
not sleep anymore.

I dream of her,

of her body,

of her eyes,

of her hair,

of her hands...

In my dreams,
I let myself go to my desire,

and then, suddenly,

everything darkens,

everything becomes blurry,

and I find myself covered with blood,

her blood which is so precious
and so dear to me. Ah! Tobiec!!


you must let her go again, I assure you,

-Her life is at stake!
-Trust me my friend.

I think I have found a solution.

There is no doubt another way
to become human again.

But what are you talking about,

I decided not
to feed myself anymore, Tobiec.

If I stop drinking blood,
my nature will eventually fade.

And I can become human again.

It's a very bad idea, Master!

You will wither and become aggressive.

Nothing can restore your humanity,
you know it!

I've made my decision.
I'll lock myself in this room

and give you the key.

You will not come to liberate me
until I become human again


I order you never to open the door,
for any reason whatsoever.

-Swear to me, Tobiec!
-No Master, please.

Do not ask me such a thing!

I'm just an old man,
you'll leave me alone.

You will not be alone.

Lucyllia will help you
and will keep you company.

but do not tell her anything,
you hear me,

she must never know that I am a monster.

You are not a monster, Master.

Many humans are a thousand times
more monstrous than you.

And yet they don't drink
the blood of their peers!

And most of them are not capable
of a love as powerful and sincere

as the one you show for Miss Lucyllia.

Thank you

my faithful companion.

I count on you.

Excuse me, Tobiec,
may I speak to you for a moment?

Yes of course! What can I do for you?

It has been several days since
I have seen Lord Wladislas.

I need to talk to him
for a personal matter.

Do you know when he will come back?

The Master doesn't want to receive anyone,
not even me.

-Where is he?
-He is at the castle?

-He retired to his room.
-He's here, do you say?

But why not inform me earlier?

Why does he stay locked in his room?

Something is wrong? Tobiec!
Tell me the truth!

I'm sorry, Miss Lucyllia, it's impossible,
you can't see him.

The Master is resting, he is seriously ill.

I take good care of him, it'll be fine.

I will let him know of your desire
to see him,

he will respond as soon as possible.


It's me, Lucyllia!

Can I talk to you?


I told you that I didn't want
to be bothered in any way!

Tobiec is not with me, Sir.

I would only like to talk to you
for a moment.

-I hope you feel better?
-No, I'm not better!

I want to be left alone!

-But maybe I can help you?
-You can't help me!

Nobody can! Go away!

Sir, I beg you, let me in.
I need to see you...

Get out! Leave me!


I didn't ask you anything, it seems to me?
Leave me alone, it's clear?!

Well, my daughter, what's going on?
You look upset.

I don't understand, my aunt.

Lord Wladislas has become distant.

He totally changed his behavior
and he refuses to see me.

Ah! I see...

He has already tired of your presence!

I warned you, my daughter,
these people are not reliable.

They use you and then they reject you.

-Did he disrespect you?
-No. He's cold, that's all.

He acts as if he barely knows me.

But I don't know…
It seems that he hides something from me.

Tobiec tells me he is suffering
but perhaps it's more serious than it seems?

Otherwise, I don't see why he would
resent me, I didn't do anything wrong!


So you have to come back here
as soon as possible.

My God!

If it was the Black Death?

During the last epidemic,
you were still a baby,

your lord Wladislas,
he was not touched!

Ah yes!

I am sure that he brought it,
he brings misfortune to the village!

What are you talking about, Aunt Adele?

It's this man, you know,
the one who rents my room

he works for the police,
I think he investigates about the Count.

-They will stop him soon, you will see!
-How is it possible?

You host in our house a man
who seeks to harm Lord Wladislas?

To the one who gave us everything,
to a man who respects me and that I love!

How can you betray me to this point?!

Lucyllia, Lucyllia, calm down.
I only want your happiness!

Joseph and me are very worried…

This man told us terrible things
about the Count.

-It seems he is not even human!
-Not human?

What are you telling? It's an absurdity!

And yet, it is the strict truth, my pretty.

Your Master is a demon,
a creature of the devil.

-who feeds on human blood!
-It's a monster Lucyllia!

-Run away from this castle, or he
will hurts you! -It's impossible.

But Aunt Adele,
you don't believe it either, do you?

These creatures disappeared
for almost two centuries!

That's what we thought, indeed.
But that one escaped us.

He remained hidden at the castle
during the whole purge.

He is the only survivor,
the last of his kind.

We had lost his trace but

with the succession of corpses
found recently in the region

the Prefect asked me
to resume the investigation.

His trail took me here.

Your aunt is right, miss,
you are in danger.

If I had been in danger, I would be
died a long time ago, don't you think?

If he's a demon, as you say

-why didn't he attack me?
-I don't know yet, Miss.

Have you ever seen him go out in daylight?

Have you ever served a meal?

A meal?

No, we don't eat together.

And he's a man who doesn't go out often!
So what? Is it a crime?

-It's the Devil!
-Shut up, Joseph!

I love him as he is, do you understand?

I forbid you to attempt anything
against him, do you hear me?

There is surely a logical explanation
for all this I will discover the truth.

Trust me!

Lucyllia wait!

No Lucyllia don't leave please!

Let her go, young man.

You see that nothing and nobody
can stop her.


Sir, it's me, Lucyllia!

Everything is fine?

Go away! I curse you, I hate you!

But, why do you tell it?
Have I do something wrong?

Answer me, I implore you, Sir

Do you run off, Insane?

Go or you will regret bitterly,
you can trust me!


I won't go anywhere, I want to know!
I want to see you, I want to understand!

There is nothing to understand!
I become insane!

Go! Or your life will be in danger!


Tobiec!! Old madman!
Where are you? Come to take her!

What's happening?

Miss, what are you doing here?

-I told you to stay away from here!
-Take her Tobiec!

Take her fare from here! Go!
I don't want to see you anymore!

Come, Miss, come,
you shouldn't stay here.

Master are not feeling well,
he has to rest.

No! I'm not moving from here,
I want to know what's happen in this room!


Come please! Follow me
and I promise you to tell everything

but please, let's go, go, let's go!

Come, I entreat you, go, come!

Lord Wladislas isn't a man
like any other, Miss.

He's dangerous.

to me as he is to you.

Understand me,
he doesn't live like us.

I know, you think I'm insane,

but, The Master is not human.

He is one of these creatures
who were exterminated during the purge.


I am sorry Miss.

But, how did you?... How can you?

My ancestors were slaughtered
during this hunting.

The Hunters plundered everything
on their way.

They raped the women
and burned entire villages.

On the pretext that they hid some of them.

My great-grandfather
helped lord Wladislas to hide.

They killed without ceremony,
without trial,

without impartiality.

When my parents died
because of the Black Plague,

I was just a child.

The Master took me in the castle.
I didn't have anyone.

He fed me, put me up, while the plague
was ravaging the village.

I never left his side since.

So this is true?

I am in love with a monster?

How can that be?
How could it happen to me?

The Master has survived for centuries,

trying to do the less harm he could
around him.

But he still is a bloodthirsty beast.

-He needs to feed on human blood.
-My God!

But he is tired about his existence
and would like to become human again.

Is it possible?

There is indeed a way,

-but it's very unlikely that it will succeed.
-Which possibility? How? Tell me.

First, you need to know, Lucyllia that...

the Master is deeply enamored of you.

He had never felt anything like this
since the death of his beloved wife, Apollina.

From what he says, you look like her.
You have the same eyes, the same smile.

But, this is impossible!

He doesn't want to see me anymore!
He dismiss me every time I come close to him.

-How can he loves me?
-He does so only to save you.

He will be able to become human again
if you love him too.


If you give yourself to him.

But the Master is extremely weak and…

I am not sure that he would be able
to control himself

if you come close to him.


I love him too.
I never loved anyone but him.

But what will happen now?

Nothing is going to happen.

The Master has locked himself up
in his bedroom.

I think he decided to let himself die.

He doesn't go outside anymore,
he doesn't eat either.

I don't know how much time
it will take.

I don't even know if he can die this way.

But anyway,

I advise you to stay away from him
particularly now

because he hasn't eaten for days.

But I can't, Tobiec!
Don't you understand?

I love him!

I have to tell him!
I can't live without him anymore.

I have to try.

If there's a chance to save him,
to bring him back among us,

I have to take it!
Never mind if I have to die.

But if we succeed,
we will be so happy!

I'm sure that love is stronger
than death!

Let's hope so, Miss.

Let's hope so!

Lord Wladislas, let me come in!

Tobiec told me everything,
I know it all.

Here you are, your key.
That's up to you.

I love you.

I want to live with you
and stay with you forever.

Or I would rather die!

Open to me, I beg you!

You do know everything, really?

You know what I am?


And I'm not afraid.

I love you and…

I want you.

Open the door.

You do love me?

Yes I do, Wladislas.

I love you.