La petite bande (2022) - full transcript

The adventures of a group of passionate and fearless young children. One girl and four boys. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

You can die laughing,

die of fear...

But I'm dying of loneliness.

I've always been alone.

I thought it was
cos of my curly hair.

Curly is tough at my age.

I often think

it'll be nice to be old,
cos I'll be bald.

Guys, please! Help me!

They won't come.

This water is toxic.

And they don't actually like me.

They just needed me.


I was the fifth one.

I was the odd number.

It began with a dumb talk.

Chambon is a huge local polluter.

Every day,

it pours toxins into the river.

Why isn't it shut down?

Too many jobs.
Even the mayor works there.

They have good lawyers.

The CEO says he protects the environment

and funds nature protection groups.

In 2015, downstream,

all aquatic fauna vanished.

And, in 2016,
a flock of sheep was decimated.

Even the shepherd vanished.

He's behind you.

Antoine, be quiet!

Informing people isn't important?

We already know what you said.

Talk leads to change.

To change?

Can we swim?

One day.

No one cares about the river.

The mayor plans a pool instead.

All you do is trash others.

Got a better idea?

No, your talk was great.

Cat's right.

Get the word out.

Well, we act.


Sorry, it's a secret.

Ok, right.

Too easy.

See you.

Really want to know?

Yes, I do.

Keep a secret?

Yes, I can.

C'mon, tell me.

We'll burn down Chambon.

Are you serious?

You bet I am.

Only that'll change things.

I'm in.

You're mad.

Are you dumb?
What is that shit?

You're no nature lover.

You and your dad
fish with bleach.

It's so you could talk to her.

Talk, not blow up a factory,

Let's do it.

Please, Fouad, do it with me.

It's just so she'll notice you.

They'll never agree to it.

We agree.


Yes, seriously.


I'm pleased.

Rather than strength,

rather than superpowers,

rather than straight hair even,

what I've always wanted
is to be in a gang.

Knowing a hand will pat my shoulder
when I arrive at school.




Classy Vans.

They're neat.

I hope they fit me.

They stole your shoes?


Bring these back tomorrow.


Cat and Fouad are in love.
But only they don't realize.

They just say they feel down
when they're apart.

Sami's a bit of a scaredy-cat.

He'd like to be brave and rebellious,
but his dad keeps slapping him,

so Sami has decided to stay chicken

until he turns 18.

If you're unhappy, you have two options:

either you seem nerdy, like me,

or mysterious like Antoine.

Before, they didn't know
or even like each other.

But then they had a secret.

And so they became a gang.

A gang that would do something wild.


See anything?

It's all white.

Let me.

You're in night mode.

Your dad's?

Yeah, from the police station.

How'll you get in there?

I'll climb to the roof,

straighten up,

crawl across...

How'll you get down again?

With a rope.

- Tied to what?
- Your ass.

I'll find a way.

At night, they shut the windows
to keep birds out.

Fouad, please...

- Go on.
- What?

Go on.

We use the waste pipe

just below.

- It's off Saturday.
- How d'you know?

My dad runs the maintenance team.

We fish just above,

then I help him unblock the pipes.

Remove branches and so on.

He has a key to the gate.

We'll get it copied.

That's good, right?

Yeah, it's good...

For sure.

How'll you start the fire?

With petrol.

With 15 to 20 litres.

15 litres? You're nuts.

The place isn't a barbecue.
It won't just catch fire.

You need 200,


We could also photocopy your talk,
which is really great,

to hand out at the supermarket.

Flyers can inform people.

- How'll we move 200 litres of fuel?
- We'll find a way.

No more phones from today on.


You bet I am.

My dad'll murder me if we get caught.
He's a maniac.

So, does she look at me?


Cat, of course!
Did she look at me?

I'll check from now on.

If she looks at me or it seems good,

go like this.

Like this?

No, like this.

To make her look at you,

drop the flyer crap.

Show you want to do it.

Show you agree, stop being scared.

Gotta go. I'm late!

Take part!

- Be positive!
- Positive, ok!


Mum, can you move, please?


Thanks, son.

Sorry, I partied too much.

- Wanna sleep a bit more?
- Yes.

Gimme 5 minutes.

You're getting better by the day!

Shut the hell up!


Dinner! Seen the time?

Hurry, your dad'll be livid!

He's already livid.

No screens till Sunday.
Get up there.

You eat in your room tonight.

To burn a factory, we need a name.

What do you suggest?

I know: the Green Ninjas.


The Green Avengers.

That sucks.

The Green Vigilantes!

Drop "green".

At least I'm trying.

Hey, Sami! The Greengrocers!

I won't say another word.

The Green Cards!

The Greenflies.

The Greenhouses!

The Green Beans.

- Think you're funny?
- The Village Greens!

The Greenwashers!

- Hi, Jacky.
- Hi.

We need a key copied.

- Can we inflate our kayak?
- Yes.

Your mum ok?


Your dad?

He's good.

Know the PIN?

Which fuel?

Diesel. It's cheaper.

It's more polluting.

So? It's for burning, not driving!

What's this key?


What does it open?

The safe.

Your mum has a safe?


What's in it?

Gold bars.

That's a big kayak.

Hurry it up!

Shit, it's too heavy.

You should've got unleaded!

Is it ok?

Ok, Sami?

I'm fine, just great.

Need a push?

No, I'm fine, go ahead.

Positive, shit, positive...

Downhill now, it's easier!

Fouad, need a push?
A helping hand?


The Green Hornets!

Slow down!


Slow down! Brake!

Guys! Help!


Shit, guys!


Guys, the kayak's overtaking me!

Guys, the kayak's overtaking me!



Did you see that?

Positive, shit!



Where is he?

Answer us!

Guys, I'm down here.

Are you ok?

Fine. Just fine.

I was really scared.

I thought you'd die.

Am I hurting you?

Not a bit.

There's a bit left.

Leave it, never mind.

May I?

Shit, my cap!

Hold on, stop!

Ok, Cat?

The river!
Nearly there, let's go!

I got champagne to baptize it.
For luck.

- Good stuff?
- Never had any.

- We smash it?
- It's old.

From 2008, past its sell-by date.




Sami, are you ok?

Are you ok?

I'm really sorry. Did I hurt you?

Not at all, I'm fine.

I didn't hurt you?

Not at all. No worries.

Come on, let's go!

Let's launch it!

A bottle hit you. Sure?

Yeah, come on!

Hurry it up!


four, three, two,


Here we go!

We did it!

Stay here.

Cheer up.

Never mind, we can do what I said.

We can copy your talk

and hand out flyers to shoppers.

Are you serious?

Let's be positive.

For the flyers,

I had a great idea.

We could do them

on recycled paper!

You're serious.

Know what we were due to do?

Sneak out in secret,

and use a kayak full of fuel

to blow up a factory, got that?

You think I want to go

to hand out flyers at a supermarket

on recycled paper?

Are you stupid?

Poor Sami stayed there like a jerk,
in Madame Tussauds mode,

until 2 AM.

When he got home,
his dad gave him a beating.

But, for the first time,
Sami felt nothing.

He was now ready to be a rebel.

But the gang was over and done with,

sunk with the kayak.

Cat was so disgusted
she didn't speak for three days.

Antoine was the same.

Fouad was relieved,
but kept quiet about it.

And Sami was in such pain,
he looked terrible.

As if an invisible zombie

kept crushing his nuts.

Antoine, stay here!


Sorry I spoke to you that way.

It's cos I was really upset.

You know,

I loved having that to do.

Life was different for once.

There was something new and risky.

It gave me the shivers.

I'd tremble in bed at night.

Tremble with fear.

And with joy too.

I wasn't sad anymore.


We got bumped and scratched,

but it never hurt.

Does it hurt now?

Yes, it hurts now.

When we rescue someone
from the sea,

we have to carry out

life-saving gestures right away.

Why are your vests all the same?

Rescuers and victims
wear the same vests.

They're very reactive

and inflate rapidly.

Their size, as you can see...

Then, like Scooby-Doo,

Sami had a brainwave.

I know what to do about the cayak

Are you sure?

No, but we can try

We go back!





- Party this Saturday!
- Why?

Dad got Uncle Asim hired at the factory

and Mum's really happy.

Where the hell is he?

It's ok, he'll be here.


For me?

- Can I keep it?
- Yeah.




Where were you?

It's not easy robbing the cops!

There was a guard,

cameras and everything!


It's worse than the treasury!

Know it?

- No?
- I do.

Got your diving gear?

Fishing, for me.

I have my skiing gear.

Are you serious?

From ski camp. It's waterproof.

One more!

The last.

Throw me the line!


two, one,


I'm a genius!

They say love gives you wings.

With Sami,

it gave him neurons.

You really are a genius, Sami!

Antoine, got your ski-pass?

It's risky here.
Even the fish turn back.

It stinks!

The factory's bad breath.

I don't think this is its mouth.

Seen the pipe's shape?

Antoine, that's gross!

Antoine, get out.

Come on, push.

One, two, three...

The knife.

Pass it.

One, two, three...

Come on, nearly there.
One, two, three!

Fetch a trolley.

Can you unzip me?


Fouad, what're you doing?
Move it.

- Is this it?
- We're nearly there.

Lamps off.

It's leaking.

It's leaking fuel.

Push, Antoine!

You do the honours.

Shit, someone's here!

Someone's here!





Get out!

He'll die.

Fouad, the fuse!

Is someone there?

Welcome to the Chambon works.

With a scrupulous production cycle,

the environment
becomes our second nature.

What is this?

What're you doing here?

Answer me.
What're you doing here?

Nothing, sir.


What's that?

What's that smell?

It's petrol!
You were gonna blow yourself up?

No, I swear, I wasn't going to.

It was just to...

burn the factory!

Burn the factory?

For fuck's sake...

You maniac!
This could blow the region sky high!


I'll kill you, bastard!

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you.

Shit, he isn't moving.


He's breathing.

Call an ambulance.

- No, he's just knocked out.
- What?

Take him out,
then start the fire.

- You're nuts!
- Then the ambulance.

You're nuts!

No names, Sami!

Antoine, you just said his!

Cat, for God's sake!


Come on, help me.





- Right.
- Second turn.



Quick, we go back.

No, it's gonna blow sky high!

You heard him.

Pierce the kayak so it won't explode.

We pierce it and start the fire!

Fouad, we do it.

After, it'll be too late!

He saw me.

- What?
- Inside, he saw me.

No way. He didn't.

- Sure?
- He said my name.

Don't say that.

It's not possible...

I'm sorry.

- What do we do?
- Shit...

I'm sorry.

Someone's coming!

Hide behind the car!



The maintenance crew.
It's my dad.

What's that?

It's him!

Get him in the car!

C'mon, push!

What's this key?

- Can you drive?
- Not this big.

- Just drive!
- Start it up!

What's this gear stick?

What's "D"?

- "D" is drive!
- Drive!

- A pedal's missing.
- It's an automatic, stupid!

Drive faster!

I don't get the pedal.

Where am I?

Where am I?

You're at home.
It's just a bad dream.

Fouad, your dad's looking at us!

Sure he can't see us?

It's ok, he has minister's windows.

Get the hell out of here.

What have we done?

What have we done?

Cut it out!

Where the hell are we going?

No idea. The supermarket.


Why did we do it?

- Why?
- For the river.

Yes, for the river.

We're kidnappers!

Don't say that word!


A donkey!

Let's split.

Leave him here!

- Get back in!
- Let's go!

Shit, he saw Fouad!

Get it? He saw Fouad!

My ears!

So what do we do now?
Kill him?

I only said it.
I didn't mean it.

Go straight on, to the ruins.


Get the toughest bags.

Four or five.



Cut, dammit!

- Where are the bags from?
- You'll see.

Please... My leg...
It hurts.

Set him down, guys.

I'll check his leg.


Let go of her, sir! Stop!

Shit, I really whacked him!

One, two, three!

Let's go.

Holy cow...

All right...

Your hut's wild.


Hurry it up!

We can't leave him tied up like that.

- We'll come back.
- But...


He needs pyjamas or something.

He'll be fine.

Seen the hut?

If I was kidnapped, I'd love being here.

- Don't say that word!
- Kidnapped.

Don't say it!


Oh, shit...

Another tie? No way.

What the hell do we do?

Let him go. We can't keep him.

It's too late.

No, it isn't!

If we free him now,
it's like we borrowed him.

Are you serious?

We grab a guy, tie him up,
beat him up

and free him?

That's it.


You can't half-kidnap a guy...

Shit, Cat, he saw me!

If we free him, you're dead.

- I'll apologize.
- He won't care.

He saw me, I decide.

Exactly. Exactly.

We were all there.

You're in the group. We voted.
You can't change the rules!

We vote again.

Why bother? It's always a tie.

Let's try.
Who wants to free him?

And keep him?

Just like I said.


We need a fifth guy.

A fifth guy.

We need a fifth guy!

Smart idea.

Who then?

Not a friend of any of us,
to be fair.

Someone who won't rat on us.

A guy with no friends.

That no one likes.

And that's how I joined the gang.

I'm really glad you chose me.

Even if I don't understand why.

In fact, maybe now

you can tell me why.

Why don't you talk?

Don't worry.

Why say that?


Not to worry.

To calm you.

Why d'you want to calm me?

Why're you crying?

Cos I'm scared.

It's weird picking me for your gang.

You never spoke to me before.

Will you beat me up?

- Or abandon me?
- Why?

- Aimé, calm down.
- Stop saying that.

And stop speaking so softly.

My uncle does that with his pigs
before killing them!

Not the best choice.

I hear you whispering!

They're gonna kill me.


Someone help me!


He's lighter than the fat guy.

It feels like
we're getting bad habits here.

This is all shit.

We wanted to save the river,

now have a half-dead hostage
and Aimé with his face smashed in.

The swelling will go down.

He's used to it.


What do you want?

We need you.

Yeah? Why me?

We like you, Aimé.


That's hard to believe.

It's true.

And we wanted to ask if you...

Ecology, what's your view?

Pollution, rivers, fish...

All that.

Like them?

- Do I like fish?
- Yeah... Trout.


I don't get what you're asking.

- What's that?
- Nothing.

- A donkey.
- No, it isn't.

So, what do you think?

- About trout?
- No, ecology.

I think I'm for it.

For it...
But ready to go far to save nature?

The river, say?

How do you mean, go far?

To fight or do stuff.

Illegal stuff, like.


And ewes...

D'you like ewes?

Would you fight for a ewe?

Or even a goat?

Can you keep a secret?


I knew it wasn't a donkey.

Get this thing off me!

Fucking hell!

What's going on?

I've made friends.

Real ones?

Not like those
who set your hair on fire?

Or those who debagged you
in the canteen?

No, not like them.

Don't worry.

Wonderful, son.

Yes, they need me.


What for?

To think, to make decisions, see.
All that.

- Your vote?
- Free him or keep him?


I decided yesterday.
But I was scared you'd dump me.

So I made the most of being in a gang
for a night at least.

Aimé, you know our secret now.

We have to keep you anyway.


Or kill you.


This will end badly.

I'm warning you!

Really badly!


Everyone knows me here!

You tried to burn his plant,

then you hit him,

injured him,

kidnapped him,

and you think he won't denounce Fouad?

Of course he will.

He'll sue him, send him to jail

and while he's there,
he'll pay guys to beat him up

every day

and do weird sex things to him.

So, if we free him,

Fouad goes to prison
to get beaten up, etc.

The plant stays open
and it's like we did nothing.

If we keep him,
we can demand something in return.

Before giving him back.

Life was sweet now.

I had company,
friends who liked me

and listened to me.

Ok, Aimé.

They gave me a bird mask.

I was so happy,

I felt like flying.

I'd have liked to kiss them all.
Even the factory boss too.

After all, it was partly thanks to him.

I'll kill you all!

Answer me or I'll have you gutted!

I'll send you to boarding school!

A Catholic one, you'll see!

It's not easy.

Hey, guys!

A letter flew off.

Answer me!


Jeez, this is tough.

It's sticky.

Kids, I can pay you.

30 euros each for you
to free me.


What is it?

Mum's sleeping pills.

That'll buy lots of candy!

That's alcohol.

My mum always adds a drop.
It works really well.

50, ok?


50 euros!


It's tea time.

We have a drop of Coke.

We got Diet.

It's healthier.

It's good.

Yes, glug, glug, glug.

I'll let you rest now.

Have a good day!

I'll kill you all!

I doubt it.

Why talk to him like that?

An English accent
disguises my voice.

You're a genius, Aimé.

We post the letter tomorrow.

No one can see us do it.

What if they don't answer?

- What?
- If the cops ignore it.

- We cut off a finger.
- Gross!

- We burn his toes.
- Stop!

- We cut out his tongue.
- To shut him up.

Or make him eat canteen food.

Too cruel.

Hold on, guys, I know!

We make him drink the river water.

The water he polluted.

You're a genius.


Where're you going?

To get DNA so
the cops believe us.

An evil genius.


I need to borrow a bit of DNA.


If the Chambon plant isn't burnd,

write away,

the CEO will be held hostaj.

Reply by Thursday

or he'll be subjeckted
to fisical violence

including torture and also

poisining with river water.

Signed the Dead River Green Ninjas."

It's a keeper.

I told you we'd get
some green radicals one day.

Who sent it?

Given the spelling, I'd say Maillard.

Let's get back to work.

The report on the Cotolone fly-tip?

Ready in 20, Captain.


Mrs Chambon.

Mrs Chambon?

Have a seat.

Thank you, Colonel.

I'm at a loss.

It's about my husband.

Your husband?

He vanished 3 days ago.

He's missing?

Missing for 3 days?

He hasn't been home in 3 days.

He wasn't at work these last 3 days?

I presume you tried calling him?


A missing person.

My husband.

We'll take Mrs Chambon's statement.

Take her statement.

Tell me.

Does "Green Ninjas" ring a bell?

I'm sorry?

No, nothing.

The deadline's passed,
they'll never start the fire.

Sure, they'll do it, don't worry.

No, it's dead.
Let's try action now.

We keep acting. I'm sick of it.

Screw this.
I want to try inaction!

No, we do as we said.

He drinks river water
and we post it on YouTube.

What? We did this so I'd hook a girl.

Now you'll poison a guy
and post it?


You talk nothing but shit.
I'm outta here.

It's cos of your dad
and you know it!

I didn't want to poison anyone!

I just wanted to talk to a girl!

"Now that the children had left...


Now that the children...

that the children had left,


seemed to me...

it seemed to me



We remind prisoners' families

that prison visiting hours

end at 6 PM.

Please leave no personal items

in the family life units.

"It seemed..."

Who left?

In the dictation. Who left?

The children?

What's the auxiliary?

The auxiliary?

Forgive me.

- It's ok.
- Sorry.

You need to pay

attention to simple mistakes.

You need to concentrate.

Concentration opens every door.

Concentration is as important
as relaxation.

Really relaxing, in both your body

and your mind too.

We inform you

that the last prison shuttle

leaves at 6:15 PM.

Can we go now, Mum?

Are you crazy?
We have another two hours.

Let's have our cakes.
I got you a meringue.

I'm sick of being here.

I slept badly. I want to go.

He's right. Go.

Honey, next time is in 3 months.

Go, ok.

We decide that at least.


You hid the car?

In the cave near the old quarry,
under branches.

Don't get too close.

He tried to hit Fouad.

I gave him extra pills.

While he was asleep,

for handcuffs, we used plastic ties

from the DIY store.

They mark his skin but work well.

They don't hurt?

I'm so glad he found nice,
well-balanced friends.

Cuffs have to hurt

or you get free.

Look at those angels.

And then, we tied him to the oak
like he was hugging it.

Totally ecological.

Fennel, to relax you.

What's in the water?
I keep sleeping.

It's just tiring being a hostage.

Why don't you ever speak, boy?

Is that a girl or a boy?

Don't be stupid.

Who'd do this with a girl?

Beddy-byes now.

Kids, this is a bad thing, really bad.

- I bet he recognized me.
- Don't worry.

He did. We've screwed up.

Don't say that, it's ok.

I dragged you into this.

No, you didn't.

I'm sorry.

Mr Karchaoui,
do you get on with Mr Chambon?

Very well.

Do you have the key

to the sewer gate?

Yes, I have it to do the cleaning.

Does anyone have a copy?

No one but me has the key.

I'll dictate something.

Can you write it down?

"If the Chambon plant

is not burned...


If the Chambon plant..."

- You swear, sir?
- I swear, Fouad.

I won't tell your father.

I'll tell the police I escaped alone.
Come on.

Cut it. Cut it.

Now! Cut it!

Cut it, dammit.

Get these cuffs off.

Come on.

Come on. Yes, that's it.



Are you there?

Already here?

I had nothing to do, so I came.


Your dad wanted a car.

I'll buy him one, I swear!

I have a fever.

My foot hurts. It burns!


You know,

we can't decide things alone anymore.

We're a group.

Maybe, but only I know
what happens after.

It means you're the bravest.

I don't care.

When I think of my mum...

All this will kill her.

And my dad

will lose his job.

My uncle too.

I feel I'm betraying everyone.

You love too many people.

That's your problem.

Are we doing something good here?

Some will say it's great,

others that it's absurd.

But it'll be a paradise again.

The river...

We'll swim there like before.

It's wild to think we'll do that.

I had a friend and I'd cheered him up.

With only words.

Up in our tree,

above our hut,

it was my best day ever.

My foot... It hurts!

My foot's burning!

Shit, no.


He's pale. He looks feverish.

- What's that?
- It stinks.

What is it?

What's that?

Ok, sir?

Shut up.

He's in bad shape.

He just has a bruised shin!

What's that?

Take his temperature.

A talking donkey?

Do something!

He's delirious!

The tree's talking. Cut it down!

It's talking!

Guys, we have a problem.

- A problem.
- Shut up!

He's faking it!

Seen his shoe?

God, it's blood!

My English accent sucks.

French Canadian...

I saw a comedian do it.

I think I've got it.

He spoke like this.



It's infected, he needs the hospital!

Think so?

Don't you realize?
That's why he raves.

Maybe it's a ploy to get free.

He can fake it.

Fake it? Seriously?
His foot fakes being green?

It's rotting!

He's gonna die from his foot up!

Let's take him to the ER.


I know, guys.

My uncle was in Brazil

and a snake bit him.

His foot was like a football.

And this witchdoctor guy

told him to hit

the wound hard

with hazelwood.

What is this crap?

Wait a second, Sami.
Are you sure?

I swear, then you piss on it.

You're mad. The guy's mad!

- Piss on it?
- The wound. It works perfect.

Now my uncle plays soccer and all.

Hazelwood? Bullshit!
It doesn't exist in Brazil!

- How d'you know?
- My mum's a pharmacist!

I'll piss on his foot.

We need alcohol!
Got any here?

No, we haven't.

As greens, we save him naturally.

Alcohol is natural.

Medicine only enriches labs

and pharmacies!


I heard vaccines give you polio.

That's not natural!

Like your bullshit!

Shut up!

Are you crazy? Stop, Sami!

We have no alcohol!

So we try.

Try? You're crazy! You're crazy!

Why say everything twice?

It's when he's angry or scared.

Not true, not true. I'm not scared.

You are!

You never decide anything!
You're fear on feet!

You guys are sick.

- Get to your room!
- What now?

He stole rescue airbags
to clown around at the beach.

- Never.
- Says who?

Who else steals police gear?

Like we'd wear vests marked "Police"!

I'd rather die!

- Get out!
- Stop!

Not got a psycho to find?

Only your airbags matter?

Stop that! Stop it!

- Give me my binoculars.
- What?

He'll wreck us!

Arrest the guys
or we'll all go mad here!

What'll you do to me?

Why drink so much?

So I can piss.


Why has he got a stick?

Distract him, like for a jab,

or he'll keep squirming.

Let's recite a poem.

Shit, a real evil genius, Aimé.

"The Flowers".


"The Daisy's Lament.

Loves me, loves me not

Is not to my liking

Vows of love annoy me

The daisy moaned"

Very pretty.

"Such is my misfortune

For when love rears its head

I lose my petals."

Sorry. Don't panic.
It's to help you.

"Blunders and inanities

Flowers say many too

But no one dies of them

And that cheers my mind"

Georges Brassens.

What've you got?

Nothing, you fat bastards.

Diet time!




Sami, we're in deep shit.
Chambon's dying.

He's hardly breathing!

Aimé's bullshit didn't work.

- What's up?
- Chambon's dying.

He needs the hospital.

Yes, dump him at the ER.

We have no other choice.


There may be a thing to do.

Follow me.

Where's Aimé?

He isn't here yet.

- Why're you here?
- No gym class.

We have to do a talk on infections
this Wednesday.

We thought
maybe you could help us out.

For instance,

what cures a rotting foot?


Like in a war.

You need antibiotics.

Have you got an empty box
to show in class?

Bring it back.

It'd be great to show
how to bandage a rotting foot.


D'you wash it? With special stuff?

Honey, get Betadine and a dressing.

And you, sit here
and take your shoe off.


Be the "rotting" foot guinea pig.

And I'll explain

how antibiotics block micro-organisms.

What now?

Wait for the antibiotics to block
the micro-organisms.

Thanks, Sami.

What'd we do without you?

He did good, huh?

He nearly made us kill him!

Ignore his bullshit.

We keep him, hit him, piss on him...

It's all his fault

with his witchdoctor shit.

He made us piss on his foot

and hit it.

We have to ignore him.

He did nothing.
He didn't kidnap Chambon.

If we're caught, he's ok.

He's right.

We picked the guy to vote and decide.

But now,

we do as he says.

Dump him.
Keeping him is too risky.

Who's for?

We can't dump him now.

He already knows too much.

We pretend to listen

and pretend to be five,

but we'll be four,

like at first.

For a second,

I imagined killing them.

With a pitchfork, an axe or a laser.

Or tearing their heads off

with my electromagnetic power.

But then I had a better idea.

A really nasty idea.

"The shits hid Chambon

at the old army camp.

Signed the dissident Green Ninja."


They're coming! Run!


The cops!

I saw them on my way here.

I took a shortcut. Run!

Where were you?

I was at home.
The Torre brothers beat me up.

Run. The cops know our hide!

- Was my dad there?
- What's he like?

Tall and mean.

They all are.

He's with them. Let's go!

Shit, I knew it!

There's loads of them!

With dogs

and big, sick guns.

We've left traces.

- DNA.
- Burn everything.

Take what you can!


- What about him?
- The hunters' hut!


Will it work?

It'll slow them down.

Why did we do it?

Hurry it up!

Aimé, help us out!

- I'll finish.
- What?

- Meet up in the clearing.
- Come.

We stay together.

The boss'll slow you down.

The matches!

Go on, leave!

Get going!

The thing no one got

was that all along Antoine

wanted to get arrested.

Even if his dad belted him,

he adored him.

And all he dreamed of

was joining him in jail.

You're completely surrounded.

Release the hostage
and come out slowly.

Suddenly, Antoine

felt really sick.

Had he eaten too much candy?

But, bit by bit,

he finally realized
he loved some people more than his mum.

And maybe even more than his dad.

Free the hostage
and come out one by one.

You have 30 seconds.








Back away!

Look out!
A firebomb just went off!

Move in, guys.

No one must get through.

Perimeter sealed.
I repeat, perimeter sealed.

Set him down!

Shit, what do we do now?

Wait for Antoine to cross.


Aimé, didn't you forget something?

Thank you!

Let's go!

Hold on a second.

Smoke in sight. Ready to dump water.

We have to cross now!

- Faster!
- I can't go on.

Just 30 more metres.

Another chopper!

Turn back, it's too late.
Turn back!

- Where now?
- That pile of wood.

What do we do?

Quick, grab the branches!

I can't hear him!

Just obey!

One branch each.

Watch me. Raise them up.
All together.

All together.

Be brave, Aimé.

Set him down.

- Good job you came, Aimé.
- You said it.

Thanks, Aimé. You saved us.

What is it?

You didn't say that yesterday!


You wanted to dump me from the gang!

You were there?

You bet!

I heard your crap!

We were scared.

We didn't mean it.

I wanted to help and find things.

I wanted to save you.

What a bastard!

Cut it out!

Can't you see?

How did the cops find us?

You didn't, Aimé?

You didn't?

Antoine, stop it!

Sami, no!

You're dead!

Stop it!

Finish him off!

You broke his nose!

For God's sake, Cat!

He ran off!

Chambon ran off!

Cut it out!

Can't you see he's gone?

- He ran off!
- Find him!

You piss me off!

Head down, we'll head up!

Masks on!

I've got him!

I've got him, guys!

Over here!



Come back!

Help me!

Shit, guys!


He can't swim!


Stop, sir!

It's your fault. It's all your fault!



Get out, it's polluted!

Resist, Aimé!

Get out!

What do we do?

It burns the skin.

You die if you swallow it.


Help me.

You can die laughing,

die of fear...

But I think now

I'm dying of loneliness...






Are you ok?


You scared me.

We've had it now. We're dead.

How could you betray the cause
and the river?

And us too?

I don't care about the cause.

Can't you see?

Nor about the river.

I was just sick of being alone.

I came cos I've never had friends.

No idea why.

Maybe I haven't had any for so long,

others are wary.
They don't approach.

Or maybe,

it's my curly hair.

In any case,

I don't know, but I've had enough.

Enough of being alone.

It's super tiring!

Don't cry, Aimé.

I'm crying

cos I lied and betrayed you.

I hate myself.

That's nothing.

I did much worse.

The reason I dragged you into this

was to get arrested.

What d'you mean?

We see my dad every 3 months

in jail.

He's in jail?

For 2 years now.

He's ashamed of being there,
of not being with us,

of not helping us.
And every visit

goes badly. He screws up.

It makes me so sad.

So I'd like to be with him.

I thought

maybe if I got arrested,

they'd put us together in jail.

The 2 of us.

I dragged you into this shit for me,

to be with my dad.

Shit, I'm so ashamed.

I'm a bit ashamed too.

I only agreed cos I hate that bastard.

- Who?
- Chambon.

You know him?

My stepdad.

Mum and I moved in 2 years ago.

They married last April.

She met him as a temp at the plant.

One day, he invited a guy home for lunch
to talk business.

Mum had forgotten.

She was still in her nightgown.

The other guy left...

And he gave her a really powerful slap.

I want to...

I want to kill him.

He nags her.

About food, her clothes, her hair...

He lies all the time.

That's why I agreed to kidnap him.

I thought our eco action

would give my mum a little break.

I'm sorry.

I'm so ashamed.

Don't be.

I didn't come along only for the river.


I came because...



Say nothing, Sami, it's ok.

Who cares why we came.

But we stayed.

You're so right.

I have to go.

Tomorrow will be too late.

He'll call the cops.

They'll be at my place in no time.

There's a ferry to Elba
where my cousin lives.

I'll come too.

He'll lay into your mum if you do.

You've no idea how I love this river.

One day,

I tried to figure out why.

It's cos I don't know
where the water's from.

It keeps on running.

It never stops.

Seeing such beauty

and not understanding it

makes me understand the rest.

It makes me love my life.

Here, this is my lucky bracelet.

Don't go.

How'll I manage without you?

I don't want you to go.

I don't want you to.

It's ok.

We're here.

I always will be anyhow.

Cut it out!


I have to go.

Fouad, I don't want you to go!

The cops will be at my place.

It's not fair!

I finally find a best friend
and he splits to Italy!

They're staying.

And we did it all for nothing!

The plant is still there!

The river isn't so polluted.

Says who?

30 minutes in it

and nothing's wrong!

I drank 2 litres.

It was all no use.

What's that?

Oh, shit...

What is this?


My hair!


My hair!

- My hair.
- You're going bald!

Shit, guys, my hair!

Our maths teacher!

You didn't want curly hair.

It's half curly.

What the hell is this?

- You hated it.
- But I want...

to keep it.


Oh, shit...

Antoine, you're red all over!

Jeez, Antoine!

That was close.

Shit, my shoes.

Sorry, Sami.

It's ok.

I'm lucky, it's not a lot.

Shit, Aimé, I'm gonna kill you.

Run. Run far away.

Sorry, Sami.


What is it?

I dunno.

It itches.

I guess he liked us,

cos the boss came back on his own,

without being asked.


Call the police.

And an ambulance.

Where am I?

Is this an ambulance?
The police?

It's us!

I'll kill you!

I'll have you locked up

in jail!

You think what? You'll be forgiven

cos you're kids?

Think I like opening on Sunday?

We told you often enough.

The river is polluted.
Even animals keep away.

God, just look at you...

It was hot.

So shower like others.

Cream and antibiotics.

And take plenty of fluids.

It's over 40°C.

You could pass out like that.

It's the factory!

Is it an accident?

No way, it's a scam.

For the insurance.

With the boss missing,
it was going bust.

Don't you get it?

They agreed to the demands.

On the bridge,
watching the factory burn,

we were proud and sad

cos we knew it was all over.

And Fouad knew his problems
were just beginning.

I didn't want to free the boss.

I voted against it.

I even said I'd go to the hut every day

to take him food, to walk him.

But they didn't listen.

Can't we keep him a bit?
3 or 4 days?

We can't, Aimé.

We can still make him drink
the river water.

I filled a bottle just for him.

We puked for hours,

I lost my hair
and we have spots cos of that bastard.

Revenge is no use.

He's just an idiot.

I'm thirsty!

Give me water, you bastards!

I'll have you locked up!

You're finished, all of you!

It was great.

No regrets?


Me neither. It was awesome.

Will we be together in jail?

Mixed prisons don't exist.

What is this shit?