La distancia más larga (2013) - full transcript

Two sides of the same country: a chaotic and violent city contrasting against a natural paradise where the oldest mountains on the planet can be found. Two main characters that find each other at a crucial moment. Two fearless journeys, one that begins as a childlike adventure and ends up on the other side of the country and a one-way journey, free and determined. The same destiny will inevitably bond a woman with her grandson. Without knowing it they are part of an unbreakable family circle that deeply unites them. Second opportunities will arise while individual freedom of choice will become imposing. Everything comes together to tell us: there is only one destiny, the one you choose for yourself.


-Is it from Spain?


-Sara Ruiz?
-Yes, that's me.

-I'll definitely win with these!

Thank you.

-Do they fit OK?
-They're great, mum.

Careful with the laces, love.

Lucas, finish your breakfast!


How do they feel?

What's that, can I see it?

No, I haven't even seen it yet.

We'll look at it later.

Help me with this
or we're going to be late.

Let me do it.

Put the lid on it.

-Do you like it?

How do I look?

Very good.

Look, dad!

Just in time.

Granny's been sending useful
presents lately.

You don't need them to win, champ.

Guess who.


They got here just in time.

Yeah, he loves them.

They're great, thanks!

They fit perfectly.

I'll wait outside. And the keys?


Let's go Lucas!

-Let me turn it on, please!-Come on.

No, no.

They don't know a thing.


Julio wouldn't understand.

And Lucas would want
to come with me.

I don't have many from back then.

There wasn't much to photograph.

Yes, mum, sorry.

A fresh start, like you said.

What's the address?


I can't believe we'll be there again
in a month.

Did you go to the doctor?

I've got to go.

People don't change,
make no mistake.

I think it's good you're making up
with her.

That's because you don't know her.

Get in that lane.
Over there...

Hey, asshole!
You think you own this city or what?

Come here and say it to my face!

-He's shitting himself.
-Fucking asshole.

Watch out, Lucas!
What are you doing?

Will you pick me up at six?

Of course, like I always do.

What's up with you?

Come on, champ, we'll be late.

I love you, honey. Good luck.

Are you nervous?

To be honest, I think
I'm getting used to doing interviews.

This job's got your name on it.
You'll see.

How do you know?

Because you deserve it.

You really want me to get that job,
don't you?

-Just as much as you should.
-But for different reasons.

Julio, the rules are clear.
I'm not going to argue about them.

When your finances are better,
we go our separate ways and that's that.

Those are your rules
and I don't agree with them.

Good luck, Julio.

Hello, Sara. What's wrong?

No, don't worry.
He's expecting him.

The company's having a tough time.

Luckily Eduardo has power
and he promised he'd help him out.

So don't worry about anything.

There he is.

Thank you so much, Teresa.
I really appreciate it.

As you know,
this is a secret.

Don't worry.
Look towards the future.

That's right.

Stop the car!

We're going to give you some loving'.

Come on!

Stop the car!

We're going to give you some loving!

-Where you want to go for dinner?

The bikers!

They're following you?
Where are you?

I don't know!

Sara! Where are you?

-Look what we found.
-She's hot!

Get out and give me the keys!

Why don't you tell your chicken
shit husband to protect you, eh?

Damn, she's hot too.
Why don't you come with us, baby?

-Don't touch her!
-Open up!

Open this shit up!

Watch it, man.
There's a car coming!


I spoke to your coach this morning.

And he says you don't want to train.

And the high school tournaments
are next week.

I'm not gonna take part.

Your mum was really excited.

She's not going to watch me anyway.

Grandma could come.
She's on her own and so are we.

Aren't I taking care of you?

-I'm going to call her.-Don't call her.

-Don't call her, damn it!

She's not answering.
Is she working at the hospital?

Good night.


I'm calling for my grandmother.
Her name is Martina Delgado.



Was she coming to Venezuela?

Who could tell me?

-Grandma!-Hello, my love.

Taxi to Caracas, madam?

No, thank you.

Excuse me, where is the connecting
flight to Puerto Ordaz?

Why don't you call?
They would tell you.

If she didn't come to your mum's
funeral, she wont come now.

She didn't because she couldn't get
a flight!


We'll be just fine on our own.

You'll see.

Sorry for the delay, you know
what Caracas is like without a car...

You have to sort this out, Julio.

Rodrigo isn't going to be
as tolerant as me.

Why? What's wrong?

The old guard has been sent off.
Today is my last working day.

I told Rodrigo to give
the contractor's presentation to you.

It's a good chance for you
to stand out

...and show them how good you are.

Thanks a lot, Eduardo.

I'm sorry to hear you're leaving...

-Answer it.
-Thank you.


Yes, it's me.

Yes, that was my wife's car.

I can't right now...

When I leave work, I'll pick it up.

What about the bikers?

No, of course not.

Why did I even bother asking.

Good morning.

It's good to see you.
Are you working again?

Yes. Thank God.

Is your wife better then?

If only.
She has to have another operation.

Martina Delgado, right?

Pleased to meet you, I'm Nasak,
the Ruta Salvaje tour guide.

We can go whenever you're ready.

We have an eight hour trip
ahead of us.

I'll take these.

Thanks for giving me another chance.
I'll be waiting for you there.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Could you take me to the
Roraima entrance tomorrow?

Of course.
I can be your guide too.

I wish to go alone.
But thanks.

Will you pick me up at seven?


See you tomorrow at seven.

-I've got pizza. Let's go inside.
-The car!

Why did you tell me
it couldn't be fixed?

Come here.

Mum didn't crash, did she?

What happened to her?

You remember those bikers
on the motorway?

I'm really sorry.

Get your hand inside.
and hide the phone!

Put your hands inside
and close the window!

Fuck you!

Do you want us to get killed too?

What the hell is wrong with you!

Come back here!
Grab him! Grab him!

What's with you?

What is wrong with you!

Don't ever get out of the car again!


How about I get off work early
and we have dinner together?

A bottle of water, please.

Ten bolivars.

-You're welcome.

Water! Come get your water!

Which buses go to Puerto Ordaz?

The blue one over there, son.

OK, thanks.

What's up, kid?

Easy. Give me the bag
and nothing will happen.

Give it to me, now!

-Why don't you rob me?
-Calm down, man. It's all good.

Keep moving then!

What are you doing around here, kid?

I'm getting the bus to Puerto Ordaz.

They tricked you. Someone like
you shouldn't be 'round these scumbags.

Why are you going to Puerto Ordaz?

Hey! I'm talking to you.

I'm going to take a bus
to Santa Elena de Uairén.

You're going all by yourself?

No. My grandmother's waiting
for me in Puerto Ordaz.

Where are you headed to?
OK. Come aboard.

-Is he traveling with you?
-Yes, he's my brother.

But I'm paying my fare.

OK. Come aboard.


You have to sign the form first.

Then give it to the ranger
along the way.

They won't let you go up
on your own.

When are you coming down?

Next Wednesday.

You have to sign here.

When you come down
you have to come and sign again.

Thank you.

Good morning.

Don't be angry with me, madam.

Put yourself in my position.

If I sign that form,
I'm responsible for you.

Not if you have a good explanation.

We start off together.

And when we're out of sight,
we each go our own way.

The next morning, you radio in
and say I wasn't in the tent.

That will leave you guilt free.

Don't do it if you don't want to.

I'll find someone else
who wants to make easy money.

Could you pay me a bit more?

Enough to cover my wife's operation?

Whatever you want.

But you have to decide quickly.

I want to go up tomorrow.

They're made of jasper,
a typical stone in the Gran Sabana.

They protect against fear.
I'm selling them cheap.

One for sixty and two for ninety.

Who wants one?

-Here, man.
-Over there.

Which one do you like?

Don't know how my old man takes it.

-Do you make them?
-Of course.

Do they really work?

What do you think?

Can I have one?

For's free.

You're my little brother now, right?

Which one do you want?

This one.

What's wrong? Are you scared?


How come you're allowed to travel
on your own?

My parents are working
and they couldn't bring me.

Sure. And they signed an authorization
that you left at home, right?

Why did you run away?

Tell me or I'll tell the driver
to call the police.

Good Morning.


Can I have some of that tobacco
you're smoking, please?

Sure. No problem.

Sixty bolivars.

Are you on holiday?

Do they treat people here now?

Yes, it was set up two years ago.

Something temporary,

but they realized doctors
were needed here.

San Francisco is a long way away,
mark my words.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.




Very good!
You've been very brave!


I'm glad to see you haven't changed.

I'm so happy you're here.

Thanks for looking
after the house all these years.

I knew you'd come back one day.

It seems like it was only yesterday
when we arrived here.

We thought we were going
to conquer the world.

But the world conquered us.

Well... me at least.

Good afternoon.

Don't say anything to them please.

ID card.

-Where are you going?
-To El Dorado to see my brother.

I'll help you out
but you follow my lead, OK?

-And you?
-To the Gran Sabana.

-To see our granny.
-This is my brother.

Curso, bring the dog over.

-Come on, come on.
-Here you go, boss. For good luck.

I didn't come here to stay.

I asked Sara to meet me here.

I wanted to apologize to her...

-And say goodbye to her.
-What do you mean say goodbye?

I don't understand, Martina.


-How are you?

Before you ask, your wife is resting.

You take better care of her
than I do.

I have some good news for you.

-I found the money for her operation.
-That's wonderful!

You deserve it for all the hard times
you've been through.

Have you got everything?

We can go whenever you like.

-Do you know each other?
-He's my guide.

-We're going up Roraima tomorrow.

-But you've just got here?
-Why should I wait?

I'll help you. Allow me.

Let's have dinner tonight?
Then you can see Tomás.

He won't believe it
when I tell him you're back.

Come on.

Just like old times.

When have you ever refused
a dinner invitation from friends?


Here we are!

You look lovely.

You're gorgeous.

You sweet talker.
You haven't changed a bit.

Life goes by so quickly
I don't have time to change.


The key ingredient.

And look what I've got here.

If only that pipe could talk...

-I've made cachapas.
-No way.

-You still remember how to make them?
-Why doubt it? Check out the expert.

Try this.

Let's see.


Lola told me you're going up
Roraima tomorrow.

It'd be the first thing I'd do,
if I'd hadn't been up in years.

Remember when Leo would count
the steps as if we were soldiers?

Yes! You'd be singing behind him.

One, two, three, four, five, six!

When we'd get to the top,
we felt like pushing them off the edge.

-Not a bad idea.

I'd love to...

...jump off from up there.

Me too.

-I'll get them for you, madam.

Thank you.

-They're in the fridge.

In the coolbox.
I put them on ice a while ago.


He reminds me so much of Leo
that sometimes I think it's him.

If I'd gone up,
all four of us would be here now.

It wasn't your fault at all.

If only Sara had felt the same way.

Martina, what's wrong?


don't say anything to Tomás.

-Where can I get a taxi?
-Over there, buddy.

-Which buses go to Santa Elena?
-Now? There's no chance, kid.

You'll have to wait till tomorrow.
Call your grandma.

-Can I go with you?

-But there are no...
-I said no!

What do you want?

Is that the kind of welcome I get?

You ought to beg forgiveness
for being such a coward.

That plan was a mess
and you know it.

He was with his daughters.
You wanted me to kidnap all three?

That's your problem.

I'm out.

I'm getting out and I'm going
to pay you everything I owe.


-Selling necklaces.
-That is my problem.

You've got one week,

if you don't pay,
I'll take something in return.

Your old man didn't get who I was,

or what I wanted either.

But I could go back...

...and explain it to him calmly.

Keep away from my old man.

Your choice.

Get out of there you motherfucker!

Get the fuck out!

What are you doing here?

Answer it!

I'm so glad you answered.

Give me the phone!

Lucas! Lucas, thank God!
Where are you?

In the Gran Sabana,
but what are you talking about?

What makes you think
your grandmother's going to do there?

How do you want me to be?

Who are you with?

He wants to talk to you.

Are you nuts?
I'm outta here. Get out!

Please, please.

What do you want?

Three hours to Puerto Ordaz,
I'm leaving now.

Please. You can't just leave him
in the middle of nowhere.


Where are you headed?

Can't you take him?

I can be there early tomorrow morning.

I'll pay you.
How much do you want?

Give me whatever
and I'll take him wherever you want.

I'll put him on.

Please son,
call me as soon as you get there,

don't turn your phone off,
I'll be calling you.

Careful with that guy.
I'm heading out there now.

Why don't you take
the first flight to Puerto Ordaz?

That way you'll have time
for you meeting with Rodrigo.

Who cares about Rodrigo?

He's looking
for the slightest excuse to fire us.

-Don't forget what Eduardo told you.
-He didn't seem that worried.

What is wrong?

What the hell's going on?

Rodrigo knows I was
Eduardo's right hand...

and that I got you the job.

Sara just wanted the best for you.

The first thing we did was to make
the windows

so we could see Roraima.

All Leo worried about was the roof.

The roof obsession.
You put the roof on.

The first rain came
and it flooded the whole house.

Yes, yes...

And Lola's favorite spot,
the porch.

Those were some sunsets
on that porch.

Great times.

Well, girls,

this old man's going to head off
and leave you two chatting

about things.


It was lovely to see you.
Thanks for everything.

Why thanks?

For everything you've done for me.

Don't talk like that.

As if we were never going
to see each other again.

When you get back
you're coming over for dinner, OK?

-OK, you're cooking.
-I'll cook.


Sara thought I might be ill

but she didn't know what it was.

I had an operation

just a few days
before she was killed.

The doctors wouldn't let me go
to the funeral.

Two dead people I couldn't bury!
What do you think of that?

I can't stop thinking about
the conversation of this morning.

-I hope I'm wrong.
-You're not wrong.

Please don't judge me.

Do you think
Sara would have understood?

It doesn't make sense me coming back
thirteen years later saying:

I'm dying and I want you
to look after me.

It was her decision.

Just like you decided to look
after your mother.

My mother asked me to,
that's different.

I'd rather die
when I can still decide

where and how to do it,
without screwing up anyone's life.

And your grandson?
Have you thought about him?

He doesn't know me.
It won't matter to him.

I made a will and everything
I have will go to him.

What you're planning is brutal.


Is it brutal to die where I want to?

Why don't you get treatment?
I can help you.

What's the difference
between dying in your bed

or on that fucking mountain.

-You know better than anyone.
-Leo isn't there!

I know!
I'm not an idiot!

I'd hoped Sara would understand.

I'm begging you to understand.

Good morning.

Do you want some?


What a crappy copilot I got!
Sleeping the whole way.

Have you ever killed anyone?

Why are you asking me that?

Well, you've got that gun.

What's weird about that?

Everyone has a gun in this country.

My mum was shot and she died.

And I dreamt that you did it.

I don't kill anyone's mum.

My old lady died
a few years ago too.

Was she killed too?


But it would have been better
that way.

Well, it's too early
for so much drama.

What are you doing?

This is freedom.

We're in the Gran Sabana!


-Scream or I'll shoot!

Come on, you wuss!

What's on the top?

Huge black stones,

insects you can't find anywhere else
in the world, carnivorous plants...

Cool! I wanna go up!

You can't go up without a guide.
But if you're good, I'll take you.

Do you owe the Puerto Ordaz guy
a lot of money?

That's none of your business!

Anyway, I already know how
I'm gonna sort it out.

And people say
that fate doesn't exist.

What's up, man?
Aren't you going to say hi?

Your dad said you were coming,
but I didn't know it'd be so soon.

-How are you?
-Not as well as you.

I see you have a client.

Are you taking her to Roraima?

Yes, and I'm in a bit of a rush.


Hey, do you know where Ramón is?
I need to talk to him.

Ramón had some legal issues

and he went to Brazil.

What did you want him for?

I needed to borrow some money
from him.

Kayemó, it's going to be hard
for you to find a job.

And even harder to find someone
who'll lend you money.

Tomorrow I'll drop by.

Weren't you going to Roraima?

Sure. I've got so much on my mind,
I don't even know what I'm saying.

There on the left.

There it is!

Kayemó, come here!

-What's up?
-Look what I found.


-Here. Tell your dad.
-What are you doing with my phone?

Just call him!

Don't touch anything,
it's grandma's.



Yes, dad.

Yes, she's here.

Well, she's not here,
but her suitcase is.

I'm still with Kayemó.

it's good to see you here.

-How's your wife?
-Struggling. You know how it is.

I didn't know
you were working here.

I got transferred a few days ago.

-I'll be right with you.
-Yes, thanks.

What are you doing?

I'm sorry but I can't do it.

-This is yours.
-I said I can't do it.

-It's my grandma's!
-Come get it then.

Why don't you just go?

Your dad's waiting for you.

No way, little bro.

You owe me a favor
for bringing you here.

Tell your grandma to give me a job.

If you give it back to me.

I'm not messing around.

Look, here comes your friend!

How come you didn't realize
that was your grandmother?

-What are you doing here?
-Your grandson wanted to see you.

I brought him to you safe and sound.


Hello? Son?


Hi, I'm glad you're there.

Is Lucas OK?

If you'd acted
like a normal grandmother

he wouldn't have run off to see you.

Look, I'm sorry to bother
you but I need a favor.

We'll tidy it up a bit
and it'll be much better.

I'm going to put the shopping away.

If you need anything,
I'll be just out there.

If you prefer,
you can sleep in the lounge.

Why didn't you tell us
you were coming to Venezuela?

Because I was worried
I'd be sadder than I already am.

I'm your grandson.
You should have called me.

I found the photos you sent mum.

Why did you come if you knew
she wouldn't be able to?

Because I wanted to be here.

Are you angry that I came?

No, of course not.

Shall we go inside?

Dinner is ready.
You must be starving.

A bit.

-Aren't you going to eat?
-I ate something light earlier.

But... have to grow strong,
so this is for you.

What is it?

Your mum's was probably
much tastier.

Come on. Try it.


Grandma, are you OK?

I'm fine.

-It must be something I ate.
-But you didn't eat anything.

I'll be right out.
Start your breakfast.

-Good morning!
-Good morning.

Did you sleep well?

-You're white, what's wrong?
-That's my normal color.

Wipe your mouth.
I've made sandwiches.

One for Kayemó and one for you.

-They're a bit big.
-And two bananas.


Here he is.

-What about breakfast?

Eh... later.

Tell him to wait.
I need a lift to the market.

Ah, OK.


I knew you wouldn't go.

Lucas came to see me,
he ran away and came here.

Well, that's a blessing,
what can I say?

Come on Lola.

His dad will come and get him
and everything will be the same.

You've got these, right?

Why don't you want him to know?
For his sake or yours?

Because I don't want to worry him.

I don't mean anything to him,
and I need it to stay that way.

Life puts him in your path and
you refuse to spend time with him.

Lola, please, you know me.

Do you think I don't want to?

I can't. And that's different!

Dad, I've got a new life now.
I told you.

It's the same one
you had before you chucked it away.

And now I'm getting it back.
Or can't I do that?

What's wrong?

Aren't you pleased I'm here?

You can go.
Lola will take me home later.

Good morning.

Thank you for trusting my son.
He's a good guide.

Excuse me.



-Take the backpack.
-Always the same problem.

Let's go?

-We'll come by later to see you.
-OK, bye!

Vitamin B12 will do you good.

Don't go overboard
with the morphine.

Come on,
time to go home and rest.


...I told Lucas we'd go over
and see him.

You go on excursions with him
but don't want him to know you're ill.

You sure like contradictions.

I want him to meet you.

When it's all over, I'd like you
to explain everything to him.

It'll be less cruel
if you tell him than the rangers.

That was the original plan,
wasn't it?

Why are you worried about him now?

You care about that kid more
than you think, Martina.

When you decide not to,
you really don't understand a thing.

Shall we go?

I know you're dying to drive.

First you run.
When you get to the edge,

jump high
so you don't hit the rocks.


Look who's here!

Hi grandma!

Careful it's very high!

-Well, it is high, isn't it?

You can't look like a wuss
in front of the visitors.

I'll wait for you down there!

It's amazing! Jump!

I know plenty of brave kids about.

Tomorrow I'll jump.
You'll see.

If I take you.

Kayemó and I have an idea.

You two scare me.

That you ask dad to let me stay
a few more days.

I'm not going to miss many classes.

I can take him to Caracas,
so his dad doesn't have to miss work.

He won't let you, Lucas.

We can all convince him.

But you have to lend Kayemó
some money.

He owes money to someone.

Why don't you try?

If you're big enough to run away,
you're big enough to ask permission.

-What if he's still angry with me?
-Your phone's inside.

Lucas can't stay.

I'd appreciate you not
encouraging him.

-I thought it would do him good.
-Well, it won't.

I can give you the money you need
if you'll be my guide.

But there are several conditions.
First, Lucas musn't know.

Can't you sleep?

Do you want to come sit with me?

What were you dreaming about?

Do you think Kayemó is a bad guy?

Why do you ask?

He's got a gun.

He might have done bad things,
but he can still make them right.

He's got his whole life
ahead of him.

I'm not going out with him again.
He's a traitor.

Do you want me to take you?


I can ask Lola to lend us the car.

I'm not as strong as Kayemó,
but we can still do some hiking.

-How about these?
-OK. And this?

-I like these.
-What about this shirt?

-Try it on!

I'm ready.

Two people can feel close together
even if they're far apart.

I feel much closer to
your grandfather here, for example.

Sometimes the opposite happens.

We think we're close to somebody,
but in fact we're far away.

What's wrong?

That's what happened
with mum and dad.

And that's what's happening
with you and your dad now, isn't it?

Well, that has to be sorted
out and fast.

He's the only dad you've got
so you have to enjoy him.

Don't you think?

You can't blame him for that.

He wasn't to know
the bikers would follow her.

Why didn't he tell me the truth
instead of inventing the accident?

Because he wanted to protect you.

You're too young
to understand certain things.

Like what?
I understand more than you think.

Come over here.

The night before your grandfather
disappeared we had an argument.

It was something silly,

but the next day
I was still angry and I told him

that I wouldn't go up Roraima
with him.

We always went together.
But that day I didn't go.

Days went by
and he didn't come back.

We spent days looking for him
around the mountain,

but there was no sign of him.

We never found him.

Your mum was a little younger
than you.

She told me
that if I'd gone up with him,

her dad would never
have gotten lost.

I felt guilty
so I couldn't defend myself.

Julio probably feels the same way

and you make him feel worse
by complaining.


...didn't know how to tell
your mum this.

I wanted to see her...
to say sorry,

but sometimes death just arrives.
Sometimes before...

it's a person's turn to die,
and sometimes afterwards.

If I was her I'd forgive you.

Come swimming with me.

It's not cold.

What are you doing here?
Where's the kid?

I got promoted. I'm gonna take
the Spanish lady up Roraima.

That's good.
Looks like you're serious this time.

Very serious.

When I get back from Roraima,

I'll get a proper job
at Ivan's camp.

You'll see.


Good morning to you.

Look what I brought you.


Weren't you supposed to be hiking?

The kid couldn't go.

A toast for my son
who is a real guide now.

Oh, yeah?

-At a camp?

It's best not to say things
till they're official.

And the Spanish woman?

He's taking her up to Roraima.
The camp job is afterwards.


If he knew, he wouldn't forgive you.

If you think it's so bad,
why were you going to do it?

But I didn't!
That's what matters!

Because you don't need money
as much as I do.

That woman wants to die.
All I'm gonna do is help her.

She should fight for her life,
like my wife does,

like your mum did.

And what good did that do?

She would've saved herself those
last shitty months if she could.

Have you asked your wife
if she wants to die?

-That's none of your business!
-And what I do is none of yours!

You fight for your wife's life,
and I fight for my dad's.

So stay out of it.

What are you doing awake?

Good morning.

How long have you been here?

A while.
You take ages in the bathroom.

-Did you sleep well?

The biscuits are for you.

You like sweet things for breakfast,
like mum.

Thank you.
The table looks lovely.

If I move here I can make you
breakfast every morning.

I know I can't...

...but I'll always come
and visit you.

This is your home.

What are we going to do today?

Can I choose?





Your grandad said counting helps
you keep going, but I'm exhausted.

-Will you help me?

I never get tired
in these new boots.

Lucky you.
Can you give me a bit of water?


Every time I put these boots on,
I'll remember you.

So when they wear out
will you forget me?

No, because I've got the trainers
you gave me too.

-And when they wear out?
-You can just buy me more.

It's better to have something
that never wears out.

Something you always do.
For example,

I remember your grandad
when I walk in the jungle, like now.

Would running work?

Of course.

-Are you OK?
-Of course.

Shall we have a race?









Where are you?

-Where is Lucas?
-Outside with Kayemó.

What did you tell him?

Stop thinking about Lucas
and listen to me.

You're very weak.

You'll never get to the top.

What are you going to do
if you regret it halfway up?

I'm not going to regret it, Lola.

And even less so now.

If the rangers knew what's wrong
with you they'd never let you up.

You wouldn't do that to me.

Imagine what Lucas and I would go
through in the coming months,

him increasingly worried
and me gradually getting worse,

and you know it.

I don't want that for either of us.

We're really close now,

I'd rather leave him
with that memory.

I've got no doubts about this, Lola.

I'm just scared.

How is she?

Don't worry.

What happened to her
is perfectly normal.

It was the lack of food
and physical exercise,

but she'll get better.



But she has to rest.

No hiking, OK?


Go see her.

I read her medical report.
It's serious, isn't it?

Don't worry about Roraima,

I won't say anything.

I don't know
if I'm doing the right thing.

She's dead set on going
and that's all that matters.

I don't want her to suffer.
You have to help me.

Well, aren't I lucky to have such
a handsome helper.

When you think of me,

don't remember me ill like this, OK?

On one condition,

that you come with us to Caracas,
at least till you're better.

I'm fine Lucas,
Lola told you so, didn't she?

You know what?

Out of all the places
I've ever been to,

this is where I've been happiest.

First with your mum
and your grandad,

and now with you.

I want to stay here.


I hope you respect my decision...

...and the decisions
I make from now on.

Why are you telling me that?

Grandma, what's wrong?


I don't like seeing you sad.

Come here.

It's pretty, isn't it?

The sky in Caracas is all black.

Dad is probably still at work.

I wonder how the presentation went.

Why don't you ask him?

I'll call him.


How are you?

Yes, yes. I'm still at the office.

Yes, son, it all went fine.

I'm heading down there now.



Come in.


-How was the trip?

Sit down.

I've made some coffee.

Where's Lucas?

I don't know where he is.
He was here a minute ago.


What are you wearing?

Come here!

We made you a surprise breakfast.

Oh, yes?

You have to see mum's room
and the waterfalls.

Kayemó said you can come with us.

We can't go. We're leaving soon.

But it's my last day.

Why did you make plans with Kayemó
if I told you I was coming?

Why don't you stay the night, Julio?

I don't mind. That way you can rest.


-Aren't you coming?

Go and let him rest.

Can I go without eating breakfast?

Always the same.


Thanks dad.

This is the best place
in the Gran Sabana, at least for me.

-I wanted you to see it.

When you're on top of Roraima

you feel like the happiest person
in the world.

It's like being in heaven
but more fun.

Why are you telling me that?

So you know.

Do you think people go to heaven
when they die?

It's a bit far, isn't it?

I think they stay here with us.

Your mum's here with you,
and mine's here with me.

The four of us
and our mums are buddies,

-just like you and me.

They can be close to us even
if they're far away.

Where the hell
did you get that from?

Well, little bro,
we have a challenge waiting for us.

You should have told me before.

-He knows you now and loves you.
-What would you have done?

Do you think he's not going to ask?
I don't want to lie to him.

I can't tell him the truth.

What you're planning to do is even
difficult for me to understand.

What shall we do?

-I don't want him to feel guilty.
-About what?

About leaving you here,

or blaming me for not taking you
back with us.

You can't just go off
leaving him full of bitterness,

and all that shit you
and I know so much about.

We have to make him understand

that you don't want him to stay here
and he has to go back with me.

He already knows that.

You have to make him see
that there was no way he could

have stopped you going up.

A proper guide isn't scared
of anything!

Come on, philosopher! Jump!

Where's the wuss?

He drowned to death like you!

-But I'm safe and sound.
-Just as well.

Do you know how to assemble it?

Of course.
I was also a scout once.

We can take it home and practice
in the garden if you want.

We should take your grandma.

She's a great cook.
That smells really good.

I told her but she wants
to stay here and I understand.

You're the one
who has to go to Caracas.

I know that too.

-To win the race.
-That's for sure.

This is your home.
You can come whenever you want.

Stand next to grandma
so I can take a photo of you both.


If she can't get to the top

tell her to take
the sleeping pills first then this.

She'll fall asleep in minutes
and she won't suffer.

Martina is a nurse.
She knows her stuff.

Do you want to give it to her?

I wouldn't be able to.

Look after her

as much as she lets you.


When he can understand it,
I'd like him to know the truth.

Will you give it to him?

That's what Sara would have done,
isn't it?

Don't let him stray from you again.

You and Sara deserved to see...

...each other again.

I'm ready.

Give me that.

I'll wait for you in the jeep.

I'm glad to know we can change.

I'll be with you when you're running.
You know that, don't you?

Will you look after yourself?

I loved meeting you.

I loved it more.

Take this, in case you get scared.

I don't need it.

Run along.
Don't make your dad wait any longer.

Bye grandma!

Sign here.


Good morning.

Go ahead.

Shall we scream, dad?


Are you sure you don't want me
to come any further?

I'm sure.

Remember what Lola said.

She'd be very happy
if you listened to her just this once.

Don't worry about my little brother.
He'll understand.



And thank you.


One hundred and two.

One hundred and three.

One hundred and four.

One hundred and five.

One hundred and six.

One hundred and seven.

Two hundred and twenty.

Two hundred and twenty...

Two hundred...

Come on,

if you stop counting,
you lose your strength.

Two hundred and eighty three.

Two hundred and eighty four.

Two hundred and eighty five.

Two hundred and eighty six.

Two hundred and eighty seven.

Two hundred and eighty eight.

Two hundred and eighty nine...

Two hundred and ninety.

Two hundred and ninety two.

Two hundred and ninety four.