La cueva (2014) - full transcript

Five friends go unannounced on a vacation. Soon they discover a cave entrance, which they decide to explore.

Celia, my girl,
I know you're on holiday

and you need time,
but please call me.

Okay? Big kiss.

Iván, where are you?

Work's piling up
and not a word from you.

I've been trying to get you for days.

Call me when you can, okay?

Carlos, it's Nati.

Call me. Mom and Dad
are on my back, okay?

Big kiss. Ciao.

Bego, I've left tons of messages.

Call me. You've been gone a week
and not a word.

Call back. We have to talk.

Jaco, you bastard!

They tell me you're on holiday
with Bego.

If you don't score there,
I don't know when you will.

You dog. Big hug.


Carlos, you're gonna fall.


Where are you guys?

- There.
- I can see you!

You bastard.

Give me a hug, you dog.

- I'm Iván.
- I'm Bego. Nice to meet you.

Go for it, go, go!

Go on! Do it!

Fucking go for it!

Fuck you to hell and back.

I fucked myself up, man.

- Where is he?
- Taking a shit.

- Where?
- In the middle.

Fuck off! You can't even
let me shit in peace!


Fuck off!

My fucking magazine!

You shouldn't care
if I've gone or not.

We broke up and that's it.

Tell him you're going with Carlos.

We don't need to talk.

I'm going away so that
I don't think about you.

Say you're gonna have a ball.

Never mind who with,
I'm going and that's that.

Fuck him.

- To us.
- To us!

To gettin' laid.

To big tits and little butts!

You two are a pain.

Check out the roomies!

Carlos, man...

How are you doing, Bego?

Don't record her now.

A smile for my blog?

C'mon, Bego, cheer up!


- Stop it, alright?
- Fine.

Are those rice paddies?


Fucking great.

There she is.

I'm here.

You two are the last.

- Where's my tent?
- I've got it.

Get on board.


Hey, a beer for the cameraman.

Who's up for skinny-dipping?

- I'm into it.
- We can see that.

We're on vacation in Formentera.
What else do you want?

- I'm not skinny-dipping.
- No? How come?

I don't fucking feel like it.

What can I expect?
It's a holiday, I want some fun,

not like you,
filming all day like a moron.

It's true, he's at it all day.

That looks great.
We're gonna pig out.

- It's beautiful.
- You feel free here.

A race to the water.
Get that pecker moving.

C'mon, Jaco!

You chicken with your pants on!
Go, go, go!


It's cold!

It's fucking freezing!

The water is great!

I want some peace and quiet.

I want to enjoy the sea,
nature and seclusion.

Yeah, fine, that's boring.
What about you, Bego?

The same as her.

You could treat yourself to...

It wouldn't do you any harm.

Shut up.

Yeah, Bego,
you need to get on all fours.

Come on.

It's fucking freezing here.

It's nice.

- It's fucking great, man!
- Beautiful... You can't see a thing.

No one will fuck with us here.

Careful, Jaco.

Hey, cross your legs,
your junk's on show.

Here I go.

You're gonna burn yourself!

Watch it! You're crazy!

- He's burnt his ass!
- Your ass is all black!

- It's a coffee grinder.
- I'm cranking it up.

You sure are.


Show us.

Are you laughing at my flashlight?

The flashlight and its owner.

What's wrong with you?
It works great.

It charges batteries, cell phones,
and it's ecological.

Go on, turn it on.

Turn it off!
You're gonna blind us!

Not in my eyes!

Fuck you all.

With your permission,
I'm going for a piss.

Yeah, go take a piss.

One, two, three!

You fucking bastard!

- I'm gonna fuck you up!
- Get outta here!


He's coming out.

You fuck!

- Gimme that camera!
- Take it easy!

- Erase it!
- No way in hell!

Okay, stop, stop.
Hold it, hold it....

Hold it.

- Erase it.
- I will, but don't...

Damn it!

Erase it!

- I can't erase it.
- How come?

It's great, you have to see it.


Alright, show me.

I will.

Now this is a sunrise,
not like in Madrid.

And here we have Celia.

Always alone.

I like being by myself.

- Can I sit here?
- Sure.

Iván, Jaco's been after Bego
for a year,

and on the first night
you get down and dirty.

Aren't you stabbing your
friend in the back?

- No, not at all.
- No way.

We've both been after her,
but he's not up to it.

She's too much filly for Jaco.

- You got that right.
- I can hear you, you fuck!

You, asshole!

Hey, watch the camera.

Son of a bitch.

I don't know...

I don't know if I'm recording.

- Are you recording or not?
- Yeah. Speed it up.

Dickhead, I mean, Charly,
while you're crapping,

we're gonna do one of
those Scorsese shots you like,

to get even more assholes
onto your blog.

Didn't you want to
check out my butthole?

Get a load of this!

It's a colonoscopy!

Cut it out, he'll kill himself
jerking off to your butthole.

Wasn't there a tougher trail?

Isn't there a beach on the island?
We have to go over the rocks?

Come on, it's not so bad.

Careful here, it's slippery.

Where the hell are we going?

- Jaco, what's wrong?
- I'm sick of this girl.

Why's that?

She's a sourpuss,
she brings everyone down.

She's always whining.

I'm not a sourpuss, you idiot!

Fucking jump!
I'm here for you!


Jump, you wimp!

You fag! Jump!

- Under!
- One, two, three!

Record it!
She's gonna do a flip!

- I can't.
- Lie down.

Got a light, Iván?

I've got a cold.

I pissed myself.

I pissed myself.

- You pissed yourself?
- Yeah!

That's gross, girl.

That's gross,
don't spit it this way.

- Gimme some weed.
- Why do you want a light?


You're such a pig.

You're gonna hurl.

It won't come out, fuck it.

Yeah, sure.

- You're so boring, girl.
- I want to see tongues.

There you go.


You're disgusting.

Rock and roll!


Look, Iván, all your saliva.

Iván, help me out here.

Maybe it'll kill her this time.

At least she shut up.

She's real bad.
Let's get her to a hospital.

- Do we take her?
- Yes.

- Bego!
- Are you dickheads?

We're gonna drag her up a cliff
just because she's tanked?

What are you on about?

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

Dope doesn't agree with her.

Then why the fuck
does she smoke it?

Why the fuck are you
smoking dope, Begoñita?

- Cut it out!
- Fuck you.

Okay, okay, okay.

- Jaco...
- Fuck you people.

Take a walk, Jaco.

Fuck you all.

Is there any more water?

Yeah, in the bottle, in my tent.

- Where?
- In my tent.

- Carlos!
- What do you want?

I found this amazing cave.
Let's go take a look.

- Now?
- Yeah, now.

- But we're going for a swim.
- We can swim later.

Go to my tent,
there's a light in my pack.

Bring yours too!
Let's go!

It looks huge,

but I couldn't get in
because you can't see a thing.


Is it a video or a photo?

It's everything.
Come on, it's set to go.

Come here!

Fuck, we're in
the middle of nowhere.

This would be perfect for a movie.

Five people go in some place
and no one comes out alive.

Don't say the black guy
is the first to die,

'cause my name means "black."

If someone has to snuff it,
let it not be me.

Don't joke about it,
I'm already creeped out.

With this hangover,
the last thing I need is a cave.

Then stay outside, girl.

Yeah, stay outside
and get eaten alive.

If you've got claustrophobia,
then fuck you.

Isn't this nice,
it's dripping everywhere.

This is really narrow,
I can't fit here.

You can do it, fat-ass.

Nice technique, Bego.

Charly, record this.

Look at the ceiling,
the drips are shining.

It's huge, man.

Fucking great flashlight.

You brought spare batteries, right?

Yeah, I've got some.

I don't need any.

We already know you love to
crank your little lever.

Shut up, you dick.

This won't cave in, will it?

Concrete buildings collapse.

This is thousands of years old.
Why would it cave in now?

It has to cave in some day.

Great, very encouraging.

The cave will stay like this
the whole time, right?

That's nasty.

Watch the puddle, girls.

I can't see with
that light in my face.

Look, you can see the way out.

Do I go further in, or what?

Yeah, do it, this is cool.

Let's go.

Fuck it's hot in here.

Sure is, I'm burning up.

Let's see if we can
make it to the end.

- You haven't got the balls.
- Oh, no? What do you bet?

Yeah, you'll see
where we end up.

Hey! You do know the way out, right?

She's keen to get back at it.

I mean it, you idiot.

We should head back, right?

If you want to go back, fine,
but we're going on.

We don't know if
we can make it back.

I know our position.

What a buzz-kill.

Watch your big head, eh?

- Fuck! I hurt myself.
- I told you.

I cracked my head. Shit!

- Fuck, Carlos!
- Fuck!

That's what you get for...

Guys, we're going too far in.

We're going to get lost, really.

It's gonna get real messy in here.

- You're not filming my butt, are you?
- I'm filming what you show me.

I'm not wearing my good panties.

Fuck! Be careful!

Fuck, I'm caught.

Look, Charly, there are
roundabouts and everything.

It's cool.

Come on, this way.

This will build your muscles.

Sure thing.


Mine are as hard as rock.

Turn your lights off.
Let's try something.

Turn it off!

Shut up.

What's that sound?

Amazing, eh?

You fucking bastard!

You can't see a thing, Carlos.

Look through the viewer,
not at the screen.


You can see perfectly.
It's awesome.

Cool, huh?


Let's make our way out.

Shit, what's wrong?

Turn it on.

- What's wrong?
- My light went out.

- You said you had batteries.
- Yes, they're new.

- Do I go past or what?
- Go ahead.


Which way is it?

I can't see them.

Move it!


Say something.

What's wrong?

What's wrong?




Stop. Hold it.
Turn off the light.

Turn it on.

- Aim it there.
- Where?

- At the hole.
- There?

Inside there.

Dickheads! Idiots!

Shit, it was a joke.

You're an asshole.

- It was a joke.
- It's a joke, girl.

It's alright. Come here.

Were you freaked out?

Aren't we gonna head back?

We already are.
Don't you get it?

That way.

- Which way?
- That way.

But there's nothing there.

When we came in,
this column was on the left,

so we keep it to the right.

That's the way out.

Shit, it's true.

Of course it's true.

Go ahead.

What an asshole.

Can you take the water, Iván?

Are you alright?

Yes. I hit myself.

Celia, wait for me.

We're going to get lost.

We should've marked a trail
so we could get out.

There's no need to mark anything.

- Are we getting out?
- Yeah. Almost there.

Come on, they're coming.
Keep going.

Which way now?

You're kidding, right?

I'm getting stressed out.

I'm not kidding, no.

I think it's that way.
Let's go.

Fuck. Again?
I want to get out of here!

I think it's this way.

I think we came in the other way.

Goddamn it.

Lucky you knew our position, Jaco.

Stop kidding around,
I'm not sure about all this.

Charly, you were recording.
We can check it out.

I only took brief shots,
but we can try it.

You were filming the whole time.
You're shittin' me!

There are so many shots,
I'm more lost than before.

I think it's this way.

Then let's vote,
because I think it's that way.

I think it's where Iván says.

I'm with Jaco.

It's a tie, Begoña.
You decide.

I don't know, fuck you all.

This is serious shit. We're lost.

Anyone got a lighter?

We can see which way
the flame goes.

I've got one.

You wouldn't have a joint?

Piss off, moron.


- Bego, any signal?
- Not even for emergencies.

Fuck, it's not moving at all.

Gimme that, you've got no idea.

- Alright...
- Shut up, keep quiet.

Wait, I want to film it.

Are you having fun?

Leave me alone.
Am I getting in your face?

The air's coming from there.

No, there's no way
we came by here.

We have to search somewhere.
We're bound to find an exit.

The cave can't be that big.

The air's going this way.

C'mon, we have to go in.


Let me see if I can get in.

Go on.

Go on, push.

Push, push.

- I can't get past.
- Yes, you can.

If your head goes in,
your body will too.

- Motherfucker!
- Push a bit more, Jaco.

Go, Jaco.

- I can't get past.
- Fuck.

Be careful.

Fucking hell!

- He can't get past.
- Fuck this shit.

You try, Celia.

We'll help you.

Gimme that.

Breathe all the way out.

No way I'm going to fit.

Yes, you will.

I couldn't get my stomach through.

- I won't fit.
- Put your right leg in.

Go to your side,
stick your butt in.

Go up a bit.

Grab the left.

Get your butt in.

Get your butt in.

- There, that's it.
- Fucking great.

- Are you okay?
- I scratched myself.


- Are you hurt?
- I'm fine.

Give her the lighter.

Here, and the light.

- Careful.
- The light.



Shit, a phone.
Begoña, give her yours.

Your phone.


Listen, Celia...

Go in the opposite direction
to where the flame's blowing.

That's the way out because
the air's coming from that way.

- Okay.
- Cool.

Find someone who
knows this fucking cave.

- And food and water.
- Okay.

Go, Celia.

Light her way.


Guys, we have to save batteries.

Celia, did you find it?


- Is she coming?
- She's coming.

Did you find it?


Did you find anything?


The gas ran out
and I didn't see a thing.

Get back in.

Are you sure you looked properly?

Will you help me?!

Help her.

What do you think?

Help me, please!

Be fucking careful!

- Hold on. Little by little.
- Wait, wait.

You made us come in here!

What's wrong with you?

You came in here because
you wanted to, like everybody,

so shut your fucking mouth!

- Help!
- Bego! Bego!

Is there anybody there?

We're lost!

Bego, stop it. We're alone.

No, maybe there's
some hippie around here!

She's off her fucking head.

It's okay, Bego.

Put the fucking camera away!

Okay, okay. Sorry.

We can't sleep here.

There's nowhere else.

Let's share what's left of this.


Don't finish it off,
we all have to drink.

Give it here, I want some.


Can I get your recharger?

- Yeah, here.
- How does it work?

You put them in here...

and do this for a while.

Okay, give it here.

Do you do it for a long time?

If you want them to last,
you have to crank it a lot.

Fucking brilliant.

- Does it work?
- Yeah.

We got carried away and went
deeper and deeper into the cave,

and now we can't find
the way out.

We've been here for 8 hours
and we're in big trouble.

Though I don't think it'll be long
before we find the exit

and it'll all end up as
just an anecdote.

Plus, I'll have an awesome video
for the blog.

Well, tomorrow's another day.

There's no water.


No signal.

Nothing... and nothing.

I have one battery for the camera
and some rechargeable batteries.

I know that in a maze
when you only turn right

or you only turn left,
you make it out.

I don't know if that works here.

Well, we can try.


- Shall we try it?
- Go on then.

Jaco, take this.

What's the problem?

You can't always turn right.
The holes are hard to make out.

- We're going through holes.
- This is fucking shit.

Use your head. Think first.

We're wasting time here.
Let's keep going.

Which way?

Keep to the right,
that's all we can do.

We keep going right
when we can and that's that.

We've been saying that
for a while now.

Let's go this way.

Fuck it!
We're at the rotunda again!

That's impossible.

We're at the rotunda again!

We're going round in circles!

Jaco... Listen...

We came through here before, right?

Here you said it wasn't
this way, it was that way,

and we came in through this hole,
so let's go this way.

We have to go some way.

Let's move it. Go, go.


What's wrong?

What's wrong?

What wrong, Bego? What?

- What's wrong?
- I got stuck without any light.

You've got light now, okay?

I can't breathe! Please!

Yes, you can.
Look at me. You've got light.

I'll go with you, slowly.

- I can't do it!
- Yes, you can.

Take my hand and hold tight.

Listen to me.
Look at me. That's it.

Breathe in, let it out, and we'll go.

- I can't!
- You can! Breathe out!

- I can't!
- Good! Take my hand.

That's it, come here.

Great, like that, a bit more.

That's it, just like that.

Almost there. Come on.

Good. Be careful.

Almost there.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Breathe. That's it.

A bit more, Bego.

Don't stay there. That's it.

We made it. That's it.

We're here, that's it.

We have to find
a comfortable place to rest.

We can't go on like this,
we're tiring ourselves out

and Bego is really worn out.

Come on then.

- Fuck!
- Iván, what's wrong?


- What's wrong?
- Something bit me.

- I didn't see it.
- Fuck...

Fuck, that's some bite.

- Here. I've got it.
- Where?

Shine a light.



Fucking rat.

Fucking rat!

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

It jumped at my face and ran off.

You could've caught it.

- Shall I get it?
- No, it's okay.

Jaco, the light.

Turn off the phone,
we have to save the batteries.

Fucking hell!

Son of a bitch!

Is it salty?

It's salty.

- Jaco... What?
- Nothing.

- How are you, Bego?
- Bad. It really hurts.

We have to find
the way out somehow,

or we'll die of dehydration.

You have to hold on, Bego.
They'll come find us soon.

Wake up.
No one's looking for us.

Why not? Our families must've
called the Guardia Civil or someone.

And say what?

As far as I know,
no one said where we were going.

At best, they'll find the tents.

Sure, they'll find the tents
and search for us.

They'll know we're here, for sure.

Even if they find the camp,

it's in the fucking sticks.

How do they know we're here?
Get that into your head.

The best we can do is rest
and wait till they find us.

No, no, we can't rest,
we have to keep looking

until we find the way out
or we'll die here of dehydration.

Will you stop saying we're going to die?
We're not going to die.

- We are going to die!
- No, we're not!

Hunger strikers last for weeks,
yes or no?

Because they drink water.
You got that?

You can go weeks without food,
but without water, it's 3 days.

With the heat here,
we're losing 5 or 6 litres a day.

We won't last 2 days!

Bego even less than that.

Come on, Bego, hold on.


That's it.

That's it.

A bit more.
A bit more, Bego.




He's here! Hurry! Help me!

What is it?

Get out.

What's going on?

Are you crazy, you asshole?

You'll really get thirsty now.

I was so thirsty,
I couldn't take it anymore.

You've really screwed up now.

Carlos, that's enough.

She won't shut up.

Please shut up.

Jaco, let her go!

- What are you doing?
- Shut up!

Fucking let go of her!
You'll suffocate her!

- Get off me!
- What are you doing?

Calm down.
You're going to kill her!

She's driving me crazy!

- You almost killed her!
- Get her to shut the fuck up!

Can't you see
you almost killed her?

Whining all fucking day...

- Calm down!
- Get off me!

You've got no respect!

If she bugs you so much,
get out of here.

Fucking shit!

You've lost your mind.

Celia, honey, don't cry.
Take it easy.

I don't want to die.

You're not going to die.
Nobody's going to die.

Jaco, this is getting real ugly.

Ivan can't move now.

Come on, let's find the way out.

- What's the matter?
- A cramp.

Then we'll stop for a while.

Now! It's calm! Jump!

See anything?

Shine it here!

Do you see anything there?

Watch the current!

Pass me the flashlight.

Okay, but come closer.

Wait till it calms down!

Come over here!

Jaco! Jaco!

Fuck, man.

- Hold on.
- God! Okay!

Take the camera.

Be careful, Jaco!

God, no!

God, no! Fuck!

- Did you find anything?
- No. There's no way out.

Get dressed,
you have to get warm.

Shit, man, you're shaking.

Get dressed and we'll go
back to the camp, okay?

Iván, what's the matter?

Iván, what are you doing?

You're scaring me.

What the fuck are you doing there?

What are you doing?

Fuck! Out of the way!


It's getting away!

Leave the fucking rat alone!
You hear me? Cut it out!

We're dying.

You hear me? We're dying.

We have to think of something else,

We have to think of something else.


Turn off the camera.

Yes. She's asleep.

We have to decide what to do
with Bego's body.

She's not even dead yet.

Yeah, but she hasn't long
and you know it.

What do you mean "with her body?"

Her flesh and blood
can help keep us alive.

But we can't kill her and eat her.

That's not euthanasia, it's murder.

I don't give a fuck about euthanasia.

And I'm warning you,

if she doesn't die soon,
I'll kill her myself.

She's a lost cause anyway.

- You're nuts.
- I'm not fucking nuts.

You keep saying we're fucked.

We eat or we die.

What if we draw lots?

If we all agree to sacrifice someone,
it's not murder.

It'd be more acceptable, ethically.

Why the hell draw lots

if she's gonna die anyway?

Are you listening to yourselves?

This is an outrage.

an outrage is if the five of us die

when one can serve as food
for the other four.

Look, we've taken everything
a human body can take

and I can't take any more.

Don't you see?

We can gain some time

to keep looking
or to wait to be found.

I want to do it.

- What's that, Bego?
- Draw lots,

I want to.

If you agree to draw lots,
raise your hand.

Yes, yes.

Celia, you have to vote.

It doesn't matter what I say,
it's four against one.

Today is Tuesday April 14,
9 o'clock at night.

We've been lost in this cave
for over four days.

Our only chance is if someone

is sacrificed for food
so that the rest of us

can get our strength back
and keep looking for a way out.

We want it to be known that
we all agree to this pact.

The person will be chosen at random.

Everyone takes a piece of string,
and the one with the shortest...

will have to die
so the others can live.

Whoever draws the short string, have
the balls to let yourself be killed,

and make it easy.

Celia, get away from there.

Celia, get away!

- Celia, get off!
- This is savagery! Don't do it!

Get away from there! Fucking hell!

- You, hold her down!
- I don't want to die!

- I don't want to die! Please!
- Shut up, Celia!

- Leave her alone!
- You're my friends!

Don't kill her!

- Let her go!
- Don't kill me!

Let her go, you fuckers!

- Don't fuck with me!
- Bastards! Motherfuckers!

Did we draw lots or not?

You agreed to this too,
so shut your fucking mouth!

Please, Jaco!

Please, I'm begging you!
I don't want to die!

Bastards! Motherfuckers!


- Shine a light here! I can't see!
- Please don't kill me!

Aren't you going to do anything?

Hey, the light!


Don't move or it'll be worse,
I'll hurt you more!

I'm begging you! Please!

Jaco, do something!

It broke. It broke, man.

Do something!

She's suffering!

What the hell do you want me to do?

Don't film it!

Don't film it!

- Don't film this.
- I'm not.

You think I'm a dickhead?

Turn the camera off
or I'll smash it to bits.

This bitch won't need them anymore.

We have to keep looking.

Have you got the strength?

- Yeah.
- Then let's go.

Celia. Celia.

We're looking for the way out.
Are you coming?

Shit, not orange juice. Please!

Not orange juice. I'm begging you.

A bet is a bet.

- Well, okay.
- You have to promise.

Jeez, you're so...

Go on: I promise...

I promise to make Celia

breakfast every morning
for 8 months.

- Yes.

8 months. That'll be orange juice...

and buttered toast.

- And strawberry jam.
- and strawberry jam.

- And white coffee.
- Shit, that's a lot of stuff!.

Okay, white coffee.

- But if you promise me...
- What?

You're going to listen to me.

We have to hang on somehow.

She's not Bego now, she's meat
that can help you stay alive.

Why do you think I'm filming all this?

Because if we make it out
of this fucking cave alive,

I want people to know what happened

and understand that we did
what we had to.

You want me to eat
so you don't feel like shit,

but I'd rather die
than eat my friend Bego.

Leave her be.

If she won't help search,
she can starve to death.

The air current here is colder.

The way out must be close.

Son of a bitch! Where are you?

Fucking hell! Fuck!

No, Jaco. Come on, get up.

Come on, up you get.

We've got to keep going,


Get up, okay?

You're next, you hear me?

- You're next.
- Cut it out, Jaco.

My light!

Who's got my light? Who took it?

- Iván!
- What is it?

My light, it's not here!

Neither is mine! Fuck!

- I tied it to my hand!
- Carlos!


- Carlos!
- What?

- The flashlight, turn it on.
- I can't. I can't find the camera.

Fucking hell! Celia! It was Celia!

- It was Celia! Just now!
- Fuck, I can't see a thing.

- It was just now!
- Gimme the fucking camera, Celia!

- Celia! Celia!
- Fuck!

- Fuck you! I swear...
- What are you doing?

Gimme the fucking light
or I'll rip your throat out, bitch!

- What the hell are you doing, Celia?
- Celia!

You bitch!

- Come here!
- Fuck, you bitch! You bitch!

Fucking bitch!

- Celia!
- Fucking hell!

I'll beat the shit out of you, bitch!

Celia, you bitch!

The light, she's dropped it!

You bitch, I've got you!

I'm gonna get you, bitch!

Fucking bitch!

I can see you!

You fucking bitch!

Come on, work, work! You bitch!

Is she here?

She's here!

Jaco, come here! I heard her!

I can't, I've got no light!

No! Where is it?

Not the charger!

Celia! Celia!

Celia! I'm going to kill you!

Can you hear me?

I'm going to kill you,
you fucking bitch!

I've got you, you bitch! I've got you!

You fucking bitch!

Come here!

Come here, you fucking bitch!



Celia, I'm gonna kill you, bitch!

You hear me?
I'm gonna fucking kill you!

Fucking bitch!




Celia, help me!


I'm trapped, you hear me?

Fucking bitch! Help me!

Celia, help me! Fuck!

Come here!

Celia! Help me!


Celia, help me! Fuck!


Help me, please.

Please, Celia.

Celia, come here.

I forgive you, you hear me?
I forgive you.


Celia, help me!

I'm trapped!