La cripta, el último secreto (2020) - full transcript

En la actualidad, Leonor, una joven maestra, huye a un pequeño pueblo de las montañas para intentar recuperarse de la muerte de su marido y la pérdida del bebé que esperaba. Se refugia en ...

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They were the Guardians
of Humanity's Greatest Secret,

capable of changing the world.

Because of that they were eliminated.
Nevertheless, they are still amongst us.

Everything is about to Happen.

This story is inspired by true events
that have happened over seven centuries.

And they are still happening.

On Friday, 13 October 1307,
the Order of the Temple was destroyed.

French King Phillip IV, called the Fair,
and Pope Clement V

to make false accusations,
launched their troops, that same night

all over France, to put an end to the Order
and to arrest the Knights Templar.

Many of them were murdered…

Burned at the stake…

Or arrested and forced to confess
to anything under torture.

Some knights managed to escape from France

and get their families
and secrets to safety.

They were pursued relentlessly
by those sent

by the French King and the Pope.

Hordes of mercenaries,
outlaws and adventurers,

eager to capture the last Knights Templar
and their supposed treasures,

ended up completing the crime.

Many of them died fighting
to protect their own.

But many others managed
to get their families to safety

and then vanished,

leaving behind a land
they would never see again.

Their treasures and mysteries,

never fell into the hands
of their executioners.


How are you feeling,



I can pull over, turn around
and get you back home.

You know I love this place,

but since we've entered the valley,

memories keep coming back to me.

That's what I mean, sweetheart.

Maybe it's too soon to come back here

let alone stay.

It's only been a year.

As much as you like it here,

I'm sure you're going to feel very lonely.

I was so happy here with Juan.

I think they were
the happiest moments of my life.

So, one thing makes up for the other.

Every time we had a few days
free Juan brought me here

and showed me this place with a perspective

that I never would have imagined.

Look at this ring,

it was his. He always wore it.

He had a big mole on the finger next to it,

and I always asked him
why he wanted the ring,

if he already had a natural one.

It's strange the things you remember
when you've lost someone you love…

Is there where it happened?


Let's go on. Just a little bit further.

So, the new teacher, huh?

Sit down, both of you.

The truth is that I am surprised to see
the position has been filled so quickly.

In the past, the search for teachers
has been unsuccessful.

Nobody wants to be isolated
off in these valleys.

I love it.

Better for you.

But don't think that you're going
to be able to teach these kids

more than some letters
and how to count to three.

Firm discipline is what they need.

Well, I'm sure that we can do
a little more than that.

Don't be so sure.

This is a small village with small school

a concentration one.

Like a concentration camp.

Odds and Ends.

It's the only public school
that's still open in the entire valley.

All the Kids from the surrounding villages
come here,

and they are all different.

What are you trying to say?

Of different ages, grades and all that.

All messed up...

The same as always. You'll see.

I'm sure that it's not going
to be a problem.

Most of them…

Well, the few children that
are still in the area

go to a good college out of the valley,
God commands.

Their parents care about giving them
a better education.

Something can always be done.

But no!

They insist that we have
a new teacher here each year.

And you think that's bad?

It makes me mad,

seeing the budget spent
on training farmhands

who will never leave here,

instead of spending it
on beneficial things,

like the hunting grounds
which make a big profit.

We are very few people here.

If it was left to me,
they would know what is good.

Yeah, I'm sure

Mr. Mayor, here is the teacher's contract.

Leonor Valdeluz…

You can still back out.

I never back out.

Well then, that's it.

You start tomorrow.

Enjoy the job.

Making friends?

Leonor, do you want to have
the Mayor against you on your first day?

Really, Sara, I don't know
why that came out of my mouth…

But I'm sure that arrogant man deserves it.

Are you sure you don't want
my help unpacking?

No, don't worry. This way I can organize
my things and go for a walk.

Thanks for bringing me.

I'll call you later

Drive safe.

Good morning class.

I am Leonor, your new teacher.

We're going to start
by saying our names and ages.

You start please.

I'm Manuel


I'm 11.

Now you.

I'm Aquilino and I'm 11.


Would you two come closer
and sit together up front here?

Now Aquilino, why don't you sit there?

Because our families
don't talk to each other.

We'll have to do something about that.

When I finished studying to be a teacher,
I went on to study Fine Arts.

That doesn't matter, Leonor…

And because I don't have much to do,

I would like to know
where the key is for the chapel.

And do some drawings.

Ok, but you're going to have
to wait until the mayor gets back.

And he's going to be
in the capital all week.

Come on, Luisa.

I'll explain it to him when he gets back.

One time some people came
to make a documentary

and you can't imagine how he freaked out,

even though they said they
were only going to film the outside.

Him and his bad manners...

Make sure nobody sees you.

If not, when he comes back
you can tell him.

Thank you!

I promise he won't notice.

How useless…

They are going to find out…

They wander, waiting to do
what they could not finish.

Hey, Ma'am...


I'm telling you that something
happened there.

Also the She Wolf appeared.

Ha! That crazy old woman.

I'll tell Genara to find out.

Among women it's always easier.

In the valley, lately, there are too
many people we don't know.

You're driving yourself crazy.

My father was born in Guinea,
but he died in the mine.

We're going to wait for them both,
I want to give you today's lesson.

You're going to give today's class here?



Look how they love each other…

Let's go…

Good morning teacher.

I'm Genara, the mayor's wife,

well the mayoress.

Is there a field trip today?

Yes, I mean, we're going
to have class by the river.

Well. I thought studying
was done in the school.

School is the entire Universe.


This is my nephew.

He doesn't have a father,
he's never had one.

And his mother, my sister,

has lived in France for many years.

So, we're in charge of him.

He's a naughty.

The most stubborn
and rebellious kid that I've ever seen.

You have to be good with your teacher.

What are you doing?

Let's go...

Well. See you around.


Are you ok?


I'm going to explain to you
why the river passes through here.

I know that you're tired of seeing
the river every day,

but it's important to learn why things
are one way and not another.

A channel of water wears down the terrain
little by little, for thousands of years,

until it forms a valley as wonderful
just like this one.

The rocks at the bottom of the river
are called boulders because…

Ms., Ms.,

I'm scared.

I'm scared.


It's ok class,

sometimes we adults remember things,

and we go into our own little world.

Come on, let's go.

What are you looking for?

Or is that you like snooping
through people's houses?

There are no women
like you around these parts.

If you get bored, come find me.

I can give you what you need.

It's the hide of a wild animal.

I just finished skinning it myself.

You can't do that!



What are you going to do?

Are you going to report me?

Look how I'm shaking with fear.


There's a bear in the back of the car.

She was pregnant.

Throw it to my brother's dogs

and prepare the baby for me for dinner.


I didn't know there was anybody here.

I'm the forest ranger

you can only be…

The new teacher.


Miguel, nice to meet you.


This is the prettiest place
to contemplate the sunrise.

Yes it really is.

I come here often.

I think I live in the valley
just so I can come up here when I want.

It's beautiful.

They call it the rock of the fairies.

They say it's a magic place.

Well, you know the things that are said.

Is it your first time up here?


It's the first time I've been
up here since I've lived here.

Some years back I came up here
a few times with my husband.

Are you married?

Not anymore.

He died a while ago.

I'm sorry.

That was stupid of me.

You've come up here to be alone
with your thoughts

and then I appear,
giving you a history of the mountain.

I'll leave you be.


I have to go to school,

so I'll go down with you.

You woke up really early to come up here.

Well, I didn't sleep very well.

Too many emotions since I've arrived.

I hope you get used to it.

It's a nice place to live.

Provided you like the solitude,

not seeing anybody during days,

or being isolated during the winter.

Yes it really is.

I only hope it stays that way.

For that reason, among others, I am here.

That's good,

but there are some things that are
abandoned and close to ruin.

The chapel.

I was inside and there is a leak
that is going to end up ruining it.

The chapel belongs to the Patrimony.

I can't do anything there.

It's enormous.

It's already penetrated to roof
and it's falling on the floor.

And this is only with the dew.

If it rains heavily one day
it's going to be a disaster.

Sometimes I go by there and take a look,

but there's not a lot I can do.

Do you have a key?

Yes, of course.

If you need it, just ask.


By the way,

I know it's your responsibility, but


yesterday I saw a skinned bear.

Now there is no way to find anything.

That man can frighten me.

I believe you.

Ok, Aquilino is going to be here,
next to Simon.

Manuel on this rock,

and Berta by me.

Each one of you is going to do
a drawing of the chapel

from where you're sitting.

I brought this.

I can't fix it,

but we can stop the leak a little bit.


and the blankets?

Sometimes, most of all during winter,

I come up here and I leave
some food at the door,

or some blankets, like now.


You might have seen her.

She is such a strange and proud old woman,

that if I gave it to her,
she wouldn't accept it.

Ms., look what Aquilino did.


what is this?

I don't know.

The elder's stories.

They've been told
to the children of the valley

since they were little, to scare them.

They call it the White Brotherhood.

This way, nobody goes out at night.

My mom says it's a lie.


Damn dog!!

You'll see when you get back!!

Your brother says it was a short-circuit.

If that's what he says, that's what it is.

He did the wiring himself.

Tell me how it goes.

And you, what the fuck are you looking at?

We'll have to call the insurance company
so they take charge of this disaster.

And them, where are they going?

I think we'll have to call somebody
besides the insurance company.

Good morning.


Was last night better?

Yes, I think so.

I came to give this to you.

It's tuned in with mine.

I thought that you might feel better

if you were able to contact somebody.

And you can do this?

Of course,

I have two and I'm alone.
Who am I going to talk to?

Thank you

It will come in handy.

I also wanted to invite you
to see the places...

in the valley that nobody knows.


I've finished my work for today.


Mayor, the police have arrived.

Tell them to wait, I'm busy.

No, no. They're not asking to see you.

They called to say that they are
in your brother's warehouse

and that you can go over there if you want.

How much interest in a bunch of bones!

Good morning, Mayor.

I didn't know you were coming today.

We didn't know either.

Well, that's solved.

The police lab says that the bones
are over 100 years old

and have no forensic value...

The university says
that they're not interested in them either.

They aren't old enough
to have historical value.

Therefore, it's your choice
what you want to do with them.

If they aren't worth anything,

the best thing is to just
throw them in the dump.

The skeleton of the woman
shows signs of torture.

Some jewel or necklace she was wearing
was torn violently from her neck,

shattering her vertebrae.

It's cool, isn't it?

We almost didn't see it.

It was underneath the bodies,
behind a rusty chain mail.

It was rolled up in some oiled animal skin.

It's really clean.

We've finished, we're leaving.

The skeletons are yours Mr. Mayor.

But I'm taking this one back
to the lab with me to study.

I'm no expert, but it looks like
it's from the 13th century

and it has very strange symbols.

See you around.

You have a very pretty valley.

When I have time, I'm going
to come back to see more.

What are you waiting for?

It really is a beautiful valley, right?

Truthfully, there are places…

Hey!! Be careful!!

Good thing you broke in time.
That was a close call.

Enough of this bullshit…

In the end we are going to have our reward!

We have two of the three objects,

we only need the missing cup.

Why don't we call them
so they come for these two

if the other one appears,
we'll give it later.

Because the value is very different.

If we have the three together
they'll pay us a fortune.

For just two we won't even earn half.

Anyway, I think the interest

goes beyond that they're ancient relics.

Who would want such old things?

That's none of your business, nor ours.

Let go of it, you idiot,
you're going to break it.

For somebody this has a value
that we still don't understand.

And what happens if they don't pay?

You've never even seen them.

And how does that matter?

I only know that they are in Rome.

They have to be
very important people to pay so much

and to make us shut up as they have.

The idiot is right.

Right? About what?

We have to open the book.

We can't open it.

Maybe there's some hint about the cup.

We've already tried and we can't ruin it.

I would saw it open.

Excuse me!

I need to speak with you


A lot of things are happening to me
and I know you can help me.

I know you're here!

I'm not moving from here
until you come out.

Ma'am, please…

Fly away, Brothers.

Have no fear.

Go toward the Light that awaits you,

from which one day you came out.

He will wipe away
every tear from your eyes.

There will be no more death,

nor mourning,

nor crying,

nor pain,

because the world
from which you are departing,

no longer exists.

Those beings you have loved

and those who have loved you
will come to meet you.

You may not recognize them,

it doesn't matter.

They will recognize you.

And your heart and your soul
will also recognize them.

Sara, I can't bear this anymore.

This was a mistake.

Calm down Leonor,
I'll come and pick you up tomorrow.

I'm going crazy.

I don't know what is real
and what I've made up.

I'm scaring myself.

I don't know if I'm going to do
something that I shouldn't do.

I'm leaving right now,

and when you wake up,
I'll be right there by your side.

Since she's gotten here
very strange things have been happening,

including the fire in your warehouse.

Until now, nobody in the entire valley
made a move without us knowing.

We don't know if she
has something to do with it,

but it would be better if she weren't here.

I know how to stop her…

All this is happening because
you didn't realize who she was.

How was I supposed to know
when they sent us her name?

I know the surnames of her husband.

May he rest in peace.

You shut up!

I told you a thousand times,
don't repeat anything you hear,

you stupid idiot.

Fucking retard!

You're going to be the ruin of us!


Her husband caused many problems
for us for a long time.

He almost found the book.

Well, It's thanks to him that we have it.

Stop making excuses.

We must end this.

Let's see if this time you do it right.

What fucking bad luck
I've had with both of you, damnit!


When I got here you were in bed passed out.

When you've woken up
a bit we'll get your things and go.

I'm the one who patched you up Leonor…


I can't go now.

What's happening, Leonor?

I have to do something.


I don't know.

But if I don't do it, nobody will.

It's like Juan's ring…

Sara, I don't know
what's happening with me.

But it's like something is making sense.

I see.

When you figure it out, call me,
you know where I am.

Take this, I brought this pie for you.
Keep it, or it's going to spoil.


I'm going to wrap up
some things at work and I'll come back.

You shouldn't be on your own.

Have a safe drive.

Are you looking for something?


Leave me alone, get out of here.

I don't know what you're plotting,
but I'm sure it's not good.

What do you know what is good?

You tell me.

It looks like something is not going
as you had hoped.

So, you knew how to stop her?

The piece is old and strange.

It has the same symbols as the sword.

And you say she was wearing it
around her neck?


Something is happening
that we don't undrestand,

but I'm sure they want to mess us about!

Somebody has said too much,

and they've found out that
the objects are all appearing.

They want to take business from us.

We can't wait any longer.

We have to end this.

You, Ramon, go talk to the people we trust.

I'm going to call the people
who put us in charge of all of this.

I'm going to tell them
that we will give them what we have,

the book and the sword,

even if we lose money.

Tomorrow we'll take them out of the valley.

But first,

this nosey bitch is going
to leave us alone forever.

You! Come with me



I'm here…

What happened?

I came because you
weren't answering the radio.

I think someone has broken into the house.

Wait here, don't move.

I don't see anything,
there's nothing broken.

Are you sure somebody came in the house?


First thing tomorrow I'm coming...

No, don't go.

I don't think I can stand much more.

I'm sorry I can't give you what you want.

My heart is so full of wounds,
I can't fit anymore.

Calme down,

everything's going to be ok…


Good morning. You must be Sara.
Nice to meet you.

I'm going to make some coffee,
do you want some?

I know who you are too

and I'm going to tell you one thing.

Leonor is the best person I know,
and the best woman.

You don't know anything about her life.

She's going through a very hard time...

and she's very brave.

She has done everything to get better,

and she didn't come here so the first
backwoods redneck gets her into bed

and boast with his friends.

Do I make myself clear?

Excuse me, if you let me say something.

Leonor is the best woman I know

and I would never do anything to hurt her.


What do you know about me?

Nothing that you have seen is as it seems,

and I'm glad last night
I stayed to take care of her.

It was what she needed.

How do you like your coffee?

She lost her husband in an accident
at the entrance of the valley.

She almost died herself.
She was in a coma for a month.

I was the one who found them.

I didn't know that.

I had just started my post
at the forest agency.

It was my first day.

It was a terrible image.

They were lying there
for at least one day...

I found them and I thought
they were both dead.

There was a lot of blood.

The car was completely burned out
and there was no way

of knowing how the accident had happened.

They came here for a few days,

like they had done many times before.

Leonor was pregnant.

Her waters had just broken

and they were rushing her
to the hospital in the city.

She lost the baby.

What a tragedy.

When I say she lost the baby, I mean that.

The baby disappeared.

It seems that the baby burst out
of her body with the impact,

and they never found it.

I know she still looks for him
at the bank of the river.

She says she vaguely remembers
how an animal dragged it away,

or devoured it,

she even heard him.

How awful.

She doesn't know if what
she says is the truth,

or she has made it up.

She wakes up sweating and thinks

thinks she sees strange things
that torment her.

I've tried to get her to see
a specialist, but she refuses.

And why did she come back here?

That's what I want to know.

She says the best thing
is to face her fears.

But I think there is
something stronger in her

that pushes her to stay here.

Thank you for staying with her last night.

When I got here she was terrified...

she thought somebody had come in the house,

but I didn't see anybody.

Is that why the porch smelt so bad?

I don't know why people are
so scared of the dead,

of ghosts, of things that appear
from the other side.

They should be scared of the living,

they are the ones who are capable
of doing true atrocities

in the name of truth.

Drink this,

it's hot wine with
some other things of mine.

Drink it slowly, too fast
and it will be too strong.

The Good!

What do they know about what is good?

They only seek to dominate the souls
of men to achieve power.

You tell me what is good
about burning people at the stake?

For centuries they have done it.

They've killed millions of innocent people

but they present themselves
as God's representatives on Earth.


Some stood up against
so much killing and lying.

And because of that
they were destroyed as well.

I don't understand you.

Why are you telling all this to me?

The entire forest knows you.

You were shreaking like a magpie
for days for something to calm your mind.

However, what I can tell you,
won't calm you down.

It will unsettle you more
and fill you with anxiety.

Nothing can be worse
that what I am living now.

There are always worse things.

But this will wake you up
from the dream of fear you are living.

Now pay attention,

because the story I am going
to tell you started a long time ago

and hasn't yet ended.

And you are part of it,

even though you don't know it.

Around the year 1300,

a garrison of templars who fled France
after the destruction of their order,

crossed the mountains
to seek refuge in the south

and to safeguard all of their families.

They were chased by a band
of blood thirsty murderers.

The knights,

what a contrast to the hitmen! Right?

They were constantly attacked
in the forest.

Some of them died in combat.

But, through everything, they managed
to save most of the families.

The King and the Pope sent against them

anyone willing to steal, rape or kill them.

They were guaranteed absolute impunity
and a place in heaven,

as if they owned heaven.

The reward was to stay with their property.

But everything got more complicated

when they decided to follow
the detachment lead by Jacob of Montsegur.

Not only were they getting
their families to safety,

but also fulfilling a secret mission:

To pass one part of their knowledge
and the mission of the Order

to their successors.

The crime against them,
thus acquired an unexpected importance

and committed the souls of the Templars

for as many centuries
as necessary to fulfill their mission.

A mountain guide betrayed them

when they were about to disappear forever.

Injured and exhausted, the small group
of knights reached this point,

the town of Villefranche,

where they took refuge in the fortress.

In front of its walls,
they fought the unequal battle.

They just kept the objects they found.

However, some of them
where safely guarded all over the world.

Jacob protected three of them.

The Cup of Hope,

The Sword of the Innocents

and the Book of Freedom.

It cost them their lives,

but the killers never could
seize the objects,

even though they were very close.

They wanted to erase their memory,

as if they had never existed,

but they never could get it,
even by burning half of Europe.

Nowadays the whole world remember them

and many wish, in some way,
that they would return.

Meanwhile people buy books
that tell a little about them,

but none of them say anything.

Because nobody can know anything.

The mercenaries that committed the crime

and their families
never returned to France.

Their masters ordered them
to find the three objects

that the Knights Templar were carrying

and to not return until they had
acquired them, under penalty of death.

They made their home in these valleys

and they live as if they still remember
that they have unfinished work.

For centuries,
they have been capable of anything

in order to dominate the region.

But human beings is full of tricks.

Their pride is the devil's food

and his greed is enough to convert him
into servant of evil.

Good morning

There are some wheel marks on the curve

that look like your tractor's wheels.

So what? I drive by here every day.

I see.

I only wanted to know
if you had seen anything

that would give us a clue
why the archaeologist's car

would have been detained
before the trunk fell on top of it.


You drive by here every day,
but you never stop at the curve

because you would block the road.

I probably stopped for something.

And do you have any idea
how the trunk could have fallen off?

It fell off.


if you remember anything, call us.

Everybody died,

except the leader, Jacob of Montsegur,

who saved and protected the treasure.

He managed to bring his family
to the inside of the chapel.

There he discovered
an opening under the alter,

the crypt,

where he hid his wife
and their two children,

a baby who was only a few months old

and a four year old girl.

When silence had surrounded everything

and they believed themselves safe.

Jacob saw how the walls began
to ooze a strong smelling liquid.

It was oil that
was spilling on top of them.

He tried one last time
to get out and fight.

But it was impossible.

There are three spirits
that demand justice,

one laughs...

another cries...

and the last one shouts.

The horror and the forces that
have been unleashed by so much crime

are beyond the control of men

and only the final battle

to free the innocent is to come.


they killed the girls they found
in the village.

There were two of them.

A witch, using her dark arts,

sealed the crypt with their innocent blood

in a black magic ritual.

So that nobody could ever bring
the truth to light.

But the strength
of the truth is uncontainable

and in the end it will always prevail,


How? Why three spirits?
There were four people...

At the last instant,
right before the crime,

somebody took out Jacob's young daughter.

Her name was Leonor.

You… what is your name?


No, no...

What are you saying?

A descendant, or…?

We are all descendants…

Of somebody.

The first She Wolf

was the wetnurse for Jacob's two children.

Since then, a woman in my family,

every generation,

has fulfilled their promise
to conserve their memory

and perhaps…

...hope that a day will come
that justice will shine forever.

Since you opened the crypt,

the knights...

have been waiting for you
to do what you have to do.

Though you don't know how.

I only know that I almost die
of fear when these things happen to me.

They want to communicate with us, with you,

but we don't always understand
what they want to tell us, nor how,

and so we get scared.

Their souls have not rested for centuries,

waiting for somebody to set them free.

And now it is happening.

You are the first person
that's going to see it.

I only know the first page,
the same as all of my predecessors.

Have you always lived here?

Not at all!

I was a high school science teacher.

Oh, I loved it. I loved the kids.

And what happened?

One day somebody came and told me,

it's your turn.

And you left everything
and went away, just like that?

I had no idea what he was talking about,

until I understood...

that there are truly important things.

As real as the sun rises every morning.

When the Cup spills
its essence three times…

…three times upon this earth…

…the guardian…

...will wield the Sword of the Innocents…

…and the Book of Freedom…

… will be opened again…

When the Cup spills its essence…

…three times upon this earth…

…The Guardian…

…will wield the Sword of Innocents…

…and the Book of Freedom…

…will be opened again…


Everything will happen.

Do you remember everything?

When the Cup spills its essence…

…three times upon this earth…

…The Guardian…

…will wield the Sword of Innocents…

…and the Book of Freedom…

…will be opened again…

…Then, Everything will happen…

I don't what you to recite it,
I want you to understand it.

Do you understand it?


...but no.

They should have handed
that book off to others,

to put it into safety,

but they couldn't do it.

I don't understand it either.

We are not what we say we are.

We are what we do.

And I am only a poor woman

who has dedicated her life
following a dream

that began hundreds of years ago

and now I don't know how to go on.

We are together in this.

We don't know what to do,
but we are united.

Juan, my husband,

always said that all human beings are...


That's enough.

When the Cup spills its essence…

…three times upon this earth…

…The Guardian…

…will wield the Sword of Innocents…

This is something enormous, too big for me.

…and the Book of Freedom
will be opened again…

I'm only the descendant of a wetnurse.

…then, everything will happen…

We must not make concessions
to discouragement,

although the reasons are abundant.

The first and foremost secret,

the true mission of those knights

is unknown by all people world over,

and that's the way it should be.

But you...

you have to know it.

I am here,

even though I am scared.

It has been said that they
were destroyed to steal their wealth,

or take away their power and money.

It's a lie.

Others say they were destroyed because
they lived as the original Christians,

like the poor

they ended it because it made evident
what Rome had become.

But, that is not the true motive, right?

When you hear what I am going to tell you,

your life will change forever.

I have waited my whole life
for this moment.

The mission of the Knights Templar,

what they dedicated their lives to,


and continues to be,

to prepare…

The next coming.

The coming...

The coming of…

Of Him…

The Waited,

the Wished,

the Liberator.

That was the true motive
of their destruction.

To prevent them
from fulfilling their mission.

They were exterminated
to prevent Him from returning.

To prevent the return of the One.

To prevent His return,

so that all human beings...

continue to be slaves without hope,

subjected to the greed of the powerful,

servants to men who have hearts of stone.

But there are things
that cannot be stopped.

And the children of darkness
never completely achieved it.

Nor will they ever achieve it.

Don't you see us?

Two poor confused women,

hurt even in our hearts,

completely alone,

and ready for everything,

to be able to say...

Yes, We know!

When the Cup spills its essence...

Here we are…

Three times upon this earth…

We are free…!

Yes, we know…!

The Guardian…

We are not alone…!

Because He…

Will wield the Sword of the Innocents…

…and the Book of Freedom
will be opened again…

We are free and here we are…!

We are only two women…

Then, Everything will happen…




Free and here we are…!

We know!

We are free to help you…!!!

We know!

Free! Free! Free!

We are Free!


Hi. Good morning.

Good morning.

I... was looking for... you.
I didn't know where you were and…

Hi, Aquilino

When I got here, he was
in front of the chapel, drawing.

The Mayor asked me
if we could meet in the chapel.

I don't know what he wants to tell us.


Not again!

I'm only a kid, and I'm scared.

We have to continue!
We have to end with this!

Come here!

Let go of me…


No! Stop!

Let me go…

Stay still!


Get out of there right now!

Let go of me.

Let's get out of here!
Let's go! No! Let go!

Let's get out of here!

Let's go!!!

Let's get out of here!
Let's go! No! Let go!

Be still! Fuck you...!

We should heal him.

It's superficial.

Let go of me.

Let me go…!

Let me...

Let me go!


Stay still!


Let go of it!


Give it to me, retard!!

It's not yours.

Give it to me!!!

It's not yours!

Give it to me!!!


Let go of it!

Let go of me!!

Let go!







Who are you?!!

Let go of me bastards!!!

But... Who...!!

Let go of me!!!

We are not what they say we are, right?

We are what we do.

Thank you.

This is a combat that free men and women

have been fighting together,
from this side and from the other side

so that human kind can regain its freedom.

Thank you.

We have gathered and given land
to the bodies of our brothers

and today we pass on our legacy
to those who must continue it.

Today everything ends
for some of us who are here

and begins for others.

We have recovered
the Sword of the Innocents,

thanks to your life long sacrifice

and that of other women
who have done it before you.

Only Because of the strength
of your commitment,

we are able to be here today.

We can only receive it from humble hands,

like yours.

From this day on, you are a part of us.

And we will recognize you as our sister

until the end of time.

Your name from today,
for us, your brothers,

is no longer the She Wolf.

From now on…

Because of the beauty
that you have within your heart,

your name is...


The great secret of the mission
of our Order,

that has been guarded
and protected for centuries,

is about to be unveiled.

What you are going to hear
was written twenty centuries ago,

but the language will seem like todays.

It is like this because those who
cloak mankind with their darkness

and hold them back
from rising up to live free,

still continue applying
their sinister intrigue

and conspire everyday

against your freedom.

All of your being must respect this.

Do not harm the earth,

nor the sea,

nor the trees,

nor the air,

nor any other living being.

The despicable powerful
will come out to deceive the nations

that are at the four corners of the Earth.

He will speak of great goals.

He will give noble names
to abominable things.

They will reunite their armies of hell

and march to conquer
and to plunder all the Earth.

Inebriated by the blood
of innocent and humble people,

they will travel the world
igniting hate and revenge.

And all their legacy will be nothing more
than a lake of fire and sulphur

that is the sure death.

You, free men and women of Earth,

you are the heirs of the True Light.

Dress in the clothing of fine linen,
white and pure,

that have written the name
of the One, who is coming.

And show everyone that you know
there is another life,

without slavery, without suffering
and without lies.

Therefore, those that destroy
the Earth and human life

will have no rest, in day nor night.

With Him, the day will arrive

in which all the innocent tears
shed will be wiped clean.

There will be no more death,

nor weeping.

No more crying, nor pain.

No more hunger nor thirst.

Freedom is close.

His face is like the sun
and it's crown is a rainbow.

Wisdom, Strength and Beauty comes with Him

and He shines like the glistening of
the morning star.

Today we pass on the Book
of Freedom to our heirs,

so that they show human kind
that life is an act of freedom and love,

not of blame, nor of sin.

Something is still missing

The Cup...

They never found it.
They did not know how to see it.

When the Cup spills its essence…

…three times... upon this Earth…

Evil cannot last forever.

With their crimes against you,

they have provoked this outcome.

When your blood stained the earth
for the first time,

everything began.

When the Cup spills its essence…
three times…

…three times upon this Earth…

Then…Everything will happen…

We have something for you

that will give sense to all you have lived.

Go alone.

Should I be scared?

Not you.

Come closer, Leonor

Your mission began a long time ago.

When you gave life a new being.

Now you have to continue.

It's not possible anymore.

Nothing is as it seems.


look at him.


She allowed us to know

and this way we could protect them.

Our brothers were able
to return the light to his heart.



Live. Live. Live.

Everything is already fulfilled.

Now you should go.

We cannot continue here anymore...

What can we do?


And fight against lies
and injustice of the powerful.

Protect the weak.

Be sweet with Life and with your kind

and with all the living
beings of the Earth.

Fight tirelessly, against
those who repress the innocent

into slavery and darken their lives.

Fight with the Light of your heart.

The world is governed by tyrants.

They have filled the world
with wars and sicknesses,

with suffering and destruction.

They pose as the guardians of the
truth and the protectors of humanity,

but they only bring fear,
slavery and death.

They have destroyed
the free People of Earth

that conserve the memory
and dignity of who we are as humans.

Their main weapon is to fill
your hearts with fear

so that you look for protection
in tricks that they prepare themselves.

Every day they instill the idea that
there is no way out but through them.

They think they have won forever

and that they have condemned
your lives to slavery.

But soon, all that will change.

When you leave,

what an immense emptiness there
will be in our hearts.

The beat of your heart is the same...

as the one of the Sun and of the Earth,

of the water, of the air and of the fire,

and of all living beings in the Universe.

In your heart resides the largest light,

but you put your life in the hands
of cruel and wicked beings,

corrupt rulers who seduce you with lies

and only seek to subdue you...

and you believe them.

The ambition of the potentates
and their servants

is the disease of this Earth.

Their greed is death

and their lie is the seed of evil.

They try to confuse you, once again,

to put out your thougth,

your conscience,

and fill you with misery.

Do not let them.

Our Order,

in which we are only a drop of water
in the middle of the ocean,

was destroyed to prevent it
from carrying out its mission,

that is,

to help release the souls of mankind

from oppression
and the chains of the imposters.

The heart of human beings

will shine again with the light of freedom

and none of the new inquisitors
will be able to stop it anymore.


and do not doubt
that you will end up finding

the men and women who today
are silently carrying out the mission

of the fighters of the Light.

The One

will reunite all the lights,

every free man and woman
of the Earth without distinction,

Ready to conquer dignity once again.

Fate is in your hands.

All human beings, we are all One.

All human beings, we are all One.

Juan, my husband, said that.

You will take care of them.

Of course.

I want to be by your side.

This small seed has inside of
it the entire tree,

its leaves and fruits,

its branches and roots.

This small grain encloses
the winter blizzards

and the sweet spring breeze.

Everything is here.

Allow it to bear fruit and grow

to be the great tree it is meant to be.

Build a united chain that they can't break.

Where there is love, there is no place
for darkness nor for its servants.

Where there is love, they cannot enter.

In the next solstice,

look to the East, at the sunrise.


and only there,

you will find the light
you have looked for so long.

My brothers, my sisters.

Here our journey ends.

Against tyrany!
Against tyrany!


Against death.
Against death.


Non Nobis Domine!
Non Nobis!

For the Light!
For the Light!

For Freedom!
For Freedom!

They've gone.

You have failed once again

On October 26, 2007

the document known as the
'Manuscript of Chinchon' came to light,

found accidentally a few years before,

in the secret archives of the
Vatican by Professor Barbara Frale.

The document shows
that the process followed

for the destruction
of the Order of the Temple

was based on false
and fraudulent accusations.

The manuscript
is signed by the Pope in 1308.

Despite this, the Order of the Temple
was destroyed.

He will return.

To finish off the tyrants,

the liars and those who have enslaved man…

And there will be no more weeping,
no more pain…

He will return.

To make them free.

Nobody should know this!

But…your eminence…

We know there is a twin Book of this one...

And you must insure
that it does not see the light!!!

He will return.

The manuscript of Chinon was hidden
for 700 years in the Vatican archives.

Nobody has apologized for the destruction

of the Order of the Temple

and the extermination
of their Knights and of their families.

The crime was accomplished
to its full consequences.

The last grand Master of the Order
of the Temple, Jacques de Molay,

was burned alive at the doors
of Notre Dame in Paris

on March 18, 1314.

Six years after the manuscript
had already established

that the persecution
by Rome against the Templars

was based on a falsehood.

Being devoured by flames,

He called upon his executioners
to follow him within one year.

Pope Clemente the fifth,
died in Roquemaure castle

33 days later,

poisoned by somebody of his own clergy.

The King of France,
Phillip the fourth, the Fair,

died suddenly nine months later.

A Cathar prophecy,
that has been chanted ever since

from every corner of the Languedoc,

is as follows:

“After 700 years, laurel will bloom again”.

Fort the Light!

For Freedom!

Currently, different groups claim to be
the historic heirs of the Knights Templar.

Some of them have even been
created and are financed by the Vatican.

The executioners disguised
as their victims.

All this to hide the real motive
of the killing.

And to mask the true nature
of the crime.

But the truth always shine through.