La chanson d'une nuit (1933) - full transcript


Hello, you're listening to Radio Vienna.

Now Enrico Ferraro of the Vienna Opera

will sing his famous Song of One Night.

Tonight, my love

I will sing for you

The prettiest of songs

As the day fades

These verses must

Give you sweet shivers

Tonight, my love

For you, my voice will finally confess

The longings of my heart

Tonight, my love




Great. Print 2,000 copies.

It's urgent. Three-day delivery.

Fifty cents a piece
with the 20-percent discount.

Quiet! You're always talking.


Stockholm? I'll hold.

- Can I help you?
- I -

What? I hear you, Stockholm.

Sixty crowns? Are you kidding?

How about a package:

three Rigoletto's,

one Cavalleria and one Lohengrin
for 3,000 crowns.

It's a fantastic deal.

Take it or leave it. Good-bye.

- What are you waiting for?
- I'd like -


Mr. Ferraro? Sorry, he's not here.

Miss, you're mistaken.
He has no dates tonight.

Not with you nor anyone else.

Why? Because he leaves in half an hour.

- What?
- Next time, ask me directly.

That's right, miss. Even for that.

I handle everything.

Who am I? Mr. Ferraro's manager.

What? A tuxedo?

You're nuts! Get changed.
The train leaves in 30 minutes.

- What train?
- The one to Bucharest.

- Did you forget you're going on tour?
- In four days.

I added three more dates. It's my job.

Balthasar! Help him take off his tux.

Pack it in the trunk with the lightweight
clothing for Spain and Italy next month.

We'll hit Stockholm, Moscow,
Hamburg, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Paris.

Twenty-four cities in 29 days. Maybe more.

- It's wonderful.
- It's idiotic.

You're asking for trouble.

A stitch in time saves nothing at all!

- Still here? What do you want?
- I'm here for -

Warsaw dates?
I have just two words for you:


We don't sing for peanuts.

You know his fee in Chicago?

$25,000. Did you hear that? Dollars.

Know what a dollar is worth?
Twenty-five francs.


Sometimes more. It depends on the day.

And here in Vienna,

he gets 2,000 schillings
plus 20 percent of box office.

1,200 pengö in Budapest plus 30 percent.

I can't keep up. How much?

1,200 pengö. P-e-n-g-o.

Write that down.

If you don't believe me, you can check!

- What?
- Check.

- I certainly will.
- Got it?

2,000, 1,200, 25,000.
Twenty percent, 30 percent.

- Heard enough?
- Sure. I couldn't ask for more.

- Think it over and write to Mr. Ferraro.
- I certainly will.

- He'll like that.
- More than you imagine.

Good-bye. Thanks again.

Not ready yet?

Can't you wait until I'm dressed?

Stop it.
I'm only interested in your voice,

not the rest of you.

You drive me crazy with this tempo!

Tempo, tempo?
Tempo, tempo, tempo

Tempo, tempo
Tempo, tempo, tempo

We live without breaks
We live without love

We live without attachments
Always day-to-day

We're awaited
At the four corners of the world

The earth is round
Yet we're always on the run

Just like Napoleon
No sooner do we arrive

Then off we go again
Burning down the road

Tempo, tempo
Tempo, tempo, tempo

We never get any rest
It might just kill us

Tempo, tempo
Tempo, tempo, tempo

No breaks, no meals
No rest at all

Always on alert
Always on the go

Like a locomotive that never runs late

In a capital city

We don't have time

To write postcards

We need to hit the road

No time for literature
We only have one author

We only read one thing -
The speedometer

Tempo, tempo
Tempo, tempo, tempo

We never get any rest
It might just kill us

Tempo, tempo
Tempo, tempo, tempo

No breaks, no meals
No rest at all



We never get any rest
It might just kill us

Tempo, tempo
Tempo, tempo, tempo

No breaks, no meals
No rest at all

Where are you going?

This train goes all the way to Monève.

- I'll take a ticket to Monève.
- Certainly, sir.

Here you are. Thanks.

- Can you send this telegram?
- Certainly, sir.

Good evening. May I come in?

Nice song. Bravo.

I heard your voice.
It's magnificent. Like mine.

Forgive me. I'm Alexander Korsikoff.

Solo travel is so boring.

Don't worry, I'll keep you company.

How about cards?

- Know how to play poker?
- No.

No problem. I'll teach you.

What were you singing?

You've got a wonderful voice.
You should work on it, buddy.

You could become famous.
Let's see your cards.

You lost.

What was I saying? Oh, yes.

I know a lot about music.

I could give you some tips.

- Your "la."
- La.

Don't sing it down here.


The "la" should be up here.

Very good.

It's because
I never miss a Ferraro concert.


Sorry, I can't make out the signature.

- Ferrari? Ferrara?
- Ferraro.

Thank you, sir.

No way. You're Ferraro?

I thought so.
I immediately recognized your voice.

How fantastic! What a surprise!

You have no idea how happy I am!

Quite a trick, buddy.

I didn't expect
to have such a great night.


Bring two glasses
and a bottle of champagne.

- The good stuff.
- Yes, sir.

To think -

You certainly travel light.

I had to leave in a hurry.

In a hurry?

Me too.

I had to leave in a hurry.

I just had the time to pack my bags.

Come in.

Perfect! Let the fun begin!

- How much?
- Fifteen schillings.

Of course -

Hey, you didn't forget
your wallet, did you?

Don't worry. I can find it myself.


Here you go.

- Keep the change.
- Thanks.

- Did you send my telegram?
- It was just transmitted.



That's hysterical!

You left her there, just like that!

Bravo, buddy! See, you were right.

With women, there's only one strategy:


To your health.

Actually, where are you going?

There? Perfect.

"Those who love me, follow me."

I love you, so I'll follow.

Anyway, I've always wanted to go there.


You're right. Quite adorable.

- Sublime!
- Yes, sublime.

Please fill out the guest card.

With pleasure.

Just ring when you've finished.

At your service.

Feast your eyes!

It's not every day
you get Ferraro's autograph.

Ferraro? The real one?

There's only one.

Hear that?

My master's voice.

This will be great publicity.

Connect me to the Monève newspaper.

Balthasar, you're here already?

Tempo, tempo, that's our motto.

- Did you bring the car?
- It's right outside.

- Great.
- Thanks, kid.


Right this way, sir.

Nice car, isn't it?

And away we go!


One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

Second position.

Coming here was an excellent idea!

No fans, no phone calls,

no performances.

It's marvelous

What is it?

"Famous Italian tenor

Enrico Ferraro is in Monève."

Balthasar! Get my trunks. We're leaving.

What is it now?


The mayor of Monève wishes
to greet Mr. Ferraro.

- What a nightmare!
- No, it's amazing.

Show him in.

This way, Mayor.

My name is Pategg.
I'm the mayor of the city.

Mr. Ferraro, I welcome you
in the name of each citizen.

I'm thrilled to meet such a great artiste.

I'm awed. I'm overwhelmed.
I'm so incredibly happy.

- Forgive the intrusion.
- But I'm not -

Dressed? I see that. Never mind.

On the contrary,
those are wonderful pajamas.

Classic yet modern, playful, and striped.

But he isn't -

How funny! "...and striped."

Enough joking.

Dear sir, forgive me
for disturbing you so early,

but I wanted to be
the first to welcome you.

The wings of music flew me straight to you

at an hour when the rosy Dawn

still slumbers in the arms of Sleep.

- Poetic, right?
- I'm very moved.


Now that I'm here with you

and you're here with me

- and we're...
- Face-to-face.

If you like. No, now that we're...

- In a tête-à-tête.
- That's it! Exactly.

I mean, we're in each other's presence.

Now that we're both present, comma -

- No comma.
- No?

No comma.

Let me say that your visit
is great publicity for you.

What now?

No publicity? Sorry! Publicity for us.

I meant your visit
is a great honor for us.

- And I owe it to you -
- Excuse me.

Mr. Ferraro, I fear you'll catch cold.

- Think of your voice.
- What voice?

Oh, sorry!

I'm Korsikoff,
Ferraro's personal secretary.

Hello, my friend.

Esteemed Ferraro - Where was I?

Darn! I was at...

"I owe it to you."

What do you owe me? You're nuts.

Oh, you mean me! Sorry.

I owe it to you
to make your stay in our city

as pleasant as it is relaxing.

And so...

I've planned a few activities for today.
I'll read them to you.

"To wit, colon.

Noon, visit to the Ethnographic Museum.

1:30 p.m., Mr. Ferraro will preside

over the singing auditions
for the city conservatory."

- You'll enjoy that.
- Of course.

I'm sure of it.

"2:00 p.m.,
concert by the Fire Brigade Fanfare.

2:30 p.m.,
presentation by the Gymnastic Society.

3:00 p.m., statue inauguration."

- What statue?
- We don't know yet,

but they'll find one. Don't worry.

"4:00 p.m., visit to the city zoo.

Hyenas, tigers,

giraffe grooming, and crocodile feeding."

Give this to Mr. Ferraro.

"5:00 p.m., in honor of Mr. Ferraro,

a special matinee show
of the famous fakir Ra Boom Tara

with audience participation."

Now that, my friend - Sorry.

The fakir is absolutely amazing.

He pierces your cheek with a hairpin
and you hardly notice!

He's also a mind reader.
He can guess your name.

- My name?
- And your plans.

- My plans?
- You'll see. It's incredible.

"6:00 p.m., prison."

- Prison?
- Yes.

The holding tanks, the cells.
It's a wonderful prison.

Very popular. In fact, it's full.

Full? Marvelous.

"8:00 p.m., grand fireworks display.

Three cannons, 142 rockets,

and for the grand finale,
roman candles will write in the sky,

'Hooray for Ferraro.'" A fitting homage!

"Tomorrow, 5:00 a.m.,
presided by Mr. Ferraro..."


Anyone there?

Hey, you! Get over here.

Five gallons.

Thanks, sir.

Young lady!

Here you go, miss.

While you were gone, I pumped his gas.


If you need another fill-up, let me know.


Stop! Your tank is open.

- You're all set.
- Thanks.

- Where are you from?
- Palermo.

- My homeland.
- Right.

Mayor, you know how we live, we artistes.

- You mean the great artistes.
- Yes, great artistes.

- Slaves to your fame.
- Yes.

- Eternal gypsies.
- Naturally.

Always on tour.

- Forever...
- Yes?

- I can't think of anything else.
- Pity, it seemed interesting.

- Yes, indeed.
- What a tragic fate.

You must have some compensations.

The compensations are slim.

You must have some.
Always seeing new lands, new women.

Very slim.

Very slim women also have their charm.

What a pleasant surprise,
Mrs. de Gradavie.

They play an important role in your life.

Love blooms, love fades.

I'll only be staying two days.

- I'm leaving.
- What?

- I must go. I'm a bundle of nerves.
- But why?

This constant bustle, all the comings
and goings of the lobby. I can't stand it.

You can't leave in such a state.

I'd offer you my home, but...

Excellent idea!

- Excuse me. I said, "but..."
- I accept.

- It's just that -
- I said, "I accept."

- We don't have any space.
- I don't need much.

- And few servants.
- No problem.

Servants always watch me
like I'll steal the silver.

- And no chef.
- I'm on a diet!

- So -
- So we agree. I'll stay with you.

- When?
- Right now.

Don't thank me. Desk clerk!


We're checking out. Where's my secretary?

- Dang, he's in a hurry.
- Not me.

You again?

Poor fellow.

I need a mechanic, not a singer.

I'm not a singer.

- Wasn't that you singing?
- It wasn't me.

It must've been an echo.

In that case, give me a hand.

With pleasure.

Get ready for the turn!

End of the line! Exit the train.

I'm so nervous!

- Feel my heart.
- It'll make it worse.

- It's pounding.
- You deserve one.


Thus pounds the heart of an artiste!

Poor woman.

- Where is he?
- In our living room.

- I've never been so excited.
- Never?

- Not even on our wedding day.
- Don't bring up bad memories.

To think I used to sing
on the stage each night

like a nightingale!

More like a sparrow.

Shut it.

- Shut it.
- What?

Shut the clasp of my necklace.

You're hurting me!

If you'd just...

There you go.

To think of the performances I've given...

That's certainly true.

I remember your last show.

Your line was,
"Count, your carriage awaits."

You stumbled onstage and said,

"Count, your cabbage awakes."

- Quite a success!
- Very funny.

My foot got caught on my dress.
But I was destined for fame.

I know, it's all my fault.
I ruined your career and your life.

Back then, I had my pick of suitors.

- A viscount, a minister -
- An African prince.

No. A dragoon captain.

- Same thing.
- Not at all!

Don't forget the pharmacist's assistant
who threatened suicide.

I didn't forget. He would've died for me.

But he didn't. He feared drowning.

Wrong! He had weak lungs
and the water was too cold.

I see.

If you hadn't shown up,
you know what I'd be now?

You'd be a prompter
at a third-rate theater.

- Don't shout.
- I'm not shouting.

- You're shouting.
- I'm shouting?

- You are.
- No, you are.

- Me?
- Yes, you.

Lovely, isn't she?

- That's my girl.
- Nice work.

I mean, my adopted daughter.

Nice work anyway.

She's grown a lot since then.

There's my wife.

- It's an honor.
- All the honor is yours.

I mean, mine.

Mr. Ferraro requested
that you join him immediately.

He's crazy. Where is he staying?

At the home of the mayor, Mr. Pategg.


- You don't give up easily.
- Actually, I live here.

You too?

- You are...
- Ferraro's secretary.

His secretary.

Personal secretary, I bet.

Very personal.

To keep a secret

One must be discreet

People are so jealous

Sir, come closer


Close enough.

It's my dearest wish, wish, wish

It'd be bliss, bliss, bliss

To give your lips, lips, lips

A tiny kiss

What would you do, do, do

What would you say of my virtue?

My God, if I only knew, I'd dare

Can't you hear my heart beating?

Beating, beating so softly?

If I dared to give your lips

A crazy kiss

My God, what ever would you think?

Nothing at all.

- Nothing?
- Nothing at all.

- At all?
- Nothing.

- Bravo, Mother.
- You startled me.

Listen, Ferr -

Ferocious is my rage at you!

Forgive me. I'm Ferraro.

May I introduce Mr. Korsikoff,
my secretary.

Where did you run off to?

Chasing another girl?

Yes. A charming one.

We'll discuss that later.

For now, go to our room
so you can cable, telegram,


Whatever you do to take care of your -

I mean, my affairs.

- See you later.
- Later.

He doesn't seem
to understand you very well.

He sometimes forgets his place.

- Yet he seems very useful.
- He never leaves me.

He's lucky.


He can always hear you sing.


But that's nothing special.

Drop the false modesty.
You have a beautiful voice.

I admit, it's not bad.

I heard you sing today.

- Me?
- Yes.

- Impossible.
- I did.

- No.
- Up there.

Up there?

Oh, up there!

In the ruins of the castle.

Right! Up in the ruins of the castle.
That's what I meant.

What were you singing?

It was...

- Something difficult.
- No kidding.

Was it Mozart?

- Mozart?
- No.

It was Wagner.


But you sang in Italian.


I always sing Wagner in Italian.
It's more fun.

Very fun, Mr. Ferraro.

Excuse me?

Sorry I'm late. I can't stay long.

These people are impossible!
Always asking questions about you.

Your visit is making me work overtime,
my friend.

They want to know all about you:
your bedtime, your favorite drink,

the name of your tailor, your mistress,
the color of your socks...

- Speaking of which...
- Socks?

No, just speaking.

The city's tourist office
has organized a gala in your honor.

Naturally, you're invited.

- Very kind of them.
- Indeed.

What do you think of my daughter?
Charming, isn't she?

She takes after me.
The height, eyes, hair...

- The flair.
- ...the intelligence, wit, good humor,

modesty, love of science...

She's adorable. Just like her father.

My dearest sparrow,
have you ever met such a star?

And if you heard him sing!

Tonight, my love

I will sing for you the prettiest of songs

As the day fades

These verses must give you sweet shivers

Excuse me.

That rascal!

Tonight, my love

For you, my voice will finally confess

Are you crazy?

You're making me look
like an idiot down there.

- Yes.
- And you say, "Yes"!

Who's the singer, you or me?

Who was that?

I don't know.

The maid, perhaps?

- Who was singing?
- Me.

- What?
- One of my records.

My secretary prefers
to play records instead of working.

He played it very well.

- I hate hearing my own voice.
- No!

It's true. It awes me.

It makes me emotional. It troubles me.

You're too modest.

- I'd like...
- Yes?

To hear the record again.

- What record?
- Ferraro's.

Oh, Ferraro's record.

Just a minute.

The record player is in the next room.

Sit down, please.


Tonight, my love

I will sing for you

The prettiest - prettiest - prettiest -

I must have dropped that one.

Dropped it?
What did you do to the records?

You crushed the Parsifal
with the typewriter

and threw the Tosca under the bed.

What a shame! He broke all the records.

- Too bad I can't sing.
- Yes, a real shame.

Have you ever tried to learn?


- Does he know all of them?
- Probably.

- He has that many girlfriends?
- It's part of the profession.

- What about you?
- Me?

- I'm not a tenor.
- I see.



Tonight, my love

For you, my voice will finally confess

The longings of my heart

Tonight, my love

Ladies and gentlemen,
we have some good news.

Not yet, you fool.

The admirable,


I'd even say marvelous,

Enrico Ferrara,
who honors us with his presence,

will give us great pleasure by singing

one of his greatest hits for us.

Aren't I clever? I didn't ask him first.

That way, boom! Guaranteed surprise.

You honor me.

I couldn't.

Go ahead, Mr. Ferraro!

Just a minute, ladies and gentleman.

I'm so sorry, but I can't sing tonight.

I can't.

- Why not?
- Why not?

Don't you know I have a cold?

For days now.


Boom! Guaranteed surprise. Good job.

Give me a break.

- Can't you persuade him?
- Impossible.

I'm sure that you could make him sing.

I'm no magician.

- But you are...
- What?

His best friend.

- Won't you try?
- I can't.

- You can't?
- No.

In that case, I'll give it a try.

For an Italian, your French is excellent.

I have a gift for languages.

Although I feel more at home
speaking Italian.

Dear friend,
I'd like to introduce Mr. Vignot,

our city's chief of police.


Sorry! That's all I know in Italian.

Pity! I so rarely get
to speak my mother tongue.

Speak to me in Italian.
I don't understand it, but I love it.

It's so musical.

- Me speak-a Italian?
- You speak-a well!

No longer ultra-violetta.

That's about me?


On the balconetti.

You go too far.

To your health.

To your health-a.


You'll excuse-a me?

Thank-a you.

I did it. He'll sing.

- He will?
- Yes, Mr. Secretary.

And for me alone. Good night.

- Well?
- Well, what?

- Don't you understand?
- Understand what?

Come on, you must know.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Perhaps.
- Thank you.

Thank you. And once again, bravo!

We're very touched by your kindness.

Everything's ready.
Thanks again for what you promised.

Of course. It's only natural.

What did I promise?

What a joker! That you'll sing.

- I promised...
- To give a concert at our theater.

As a special favor to me.

- At your theater?
- Tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night? Well, of course!

If it makes you happy,

tomorrow night, whatever you like.

I'm so glad. Thank you.

And once again, bravo.

Forgive me, but Mr. Ferraro
asked me to fetch him

at a specific time.

It's for my health. Thanks, doctor.

He's devoted to his art.

Let go, that tickles!

What a party!

Good bubbly, pretty ladies.

All it lacks are tiddlywinks.
Maybe next time!

We'll be back.

If you hadn't butt in,

- I'd be the next mayor!
- Be quiet.

Let me go. I have a date.

- You promised to sing for the girl?
- As if!

What will you do with her?

Play dominoes.

No way, buddy.
You said you'd sing, so you'll sing.

We'll leave tomorrow before we get caught.

- Let's go.
- I'll sing?

Just a minute. I need to make a call.

Hello? The police, please.

Hello? Yes.

What's his name?


And your name, madam?

You wish to remain anonymous?

I understand, madam.

Thank you.

Tonight, my love

I will sing for you

The prettiest of songs

As the day fades

These verses must

Give you sweet shivers

Tonight, my love

For you, my voice will finally confess

The longing of my heart




Sometimes I sang of hearts

Sometimes I praised flowers

Carnations, lilies, roses

I sang of so many things

Tonight, my love

I will sing for you

The prettiest of songs

As the day fades

These verses must

Give you sweet shivers

Tonight, my love

For you, my voice will finally confess

The longings

Of my heart


My love


We're done for.

Forgive me. It was just a joke.

A joke?


No. I mean, yes.

- What is it?
- Come with us.

I'm not Korsikoff.

Do you often change identities?
Show us some ID.


He was there a minute ago.

He just disappeared? Right. Let's go!

What did I do?

You know very well, you polygamous rascal.

Married 28 times
with exacerbating circumstances.

- Me?
- Yes, you.

Thought you'd get away with it?

- But -
- No buts.

You claim this mysterious "Mr. X"
stole your name, wallet, and ID card?

I claim nothing. It's a fact.

You expect us to believe you're a singer?

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am.

We'll see about that.

Let the examination begin.

Here I am. Hello, Chief.

How are you? Fine. Me? I'm not well.

What's happened
is horrible, awful, terrible,

and what's more, it's not nice!

Chief, what do you think?

Exactly! You're right. I totally agree.

There you are!


Don't touch me!

Bandit, thief, scoundrel...

- Hello. Crook!
- What?

No, not you.

Hello, Counsel. Where are you?

Still nearsighted, I see.

Can you believe it? To do that, to me!

I welcomed him into my home.
He ate at my table.

Oh, how he ate!

It's simple. I can even say
my wife treated him like a father,

my daughter treated him like a son -

No, the other way around.
I don't know what I'm saying.

- Begin.
- Begin what?


What a riot! He has the nerve to ask what!

Sing! Know what that means, sing?

You claim to be a famous singer.
Time to prove it!

- Yes, but -
- But?


We've assembled a very competent jury,

the singers of the city opera.

They'll be our experts.

I've also invited Miss Mirabelle,
an accredited singing teacher.

With medals! Bronze and Vermeil.

She's accepted to be your accompanist.

Let's hear it. What will you sing?

Whatever you like. I've no preference.

Did you hear that? He has no preference!

Of all the nerve!


Marvelous! Incredible! Fantastic!

What did I tell you?
What a voice! Now that's a tenor!

Want to hear another one?


Dear friend, would you be so kind
as to sing us another song?

With pleasure.

Do you know La traviata?

I know them all.

- Bravo!
- Splendid! Just splendid!

I beg you to forgive me.
I've never heard such a voice!

Chief, you got it wrong. He's a singer.

And what a singer!

But maybe he's a crook too.

My dear police chief, I was sure of it.

I always say,

"Too many wives are bad for your health.

You've made your bed, now lie in it!"

He sends letters without a stamp.

- Korsikoff?
- Yes.

It's my passport.

What's that? May I?


"Enclosed is your alibi. Warm regards.

Say hello to that imbecile Pategg."

Never mind that.

"Signed, Alexander Korsikoff.

PS, I'll also take care
of the other affair."

What other affair?

- It's private.
- Forgive me.

Discretion above all.

I'm glad you got arrested.

- What?
- You'll save me.

Tonight's show at the theater.

You'll sing instead of him.

I mean, instead of you.
You know what I mean.

My reputation is at stake.
The show is sold out.

Listen closely. Here are 13 tickets.

Immediately after this aria...

That's great. See you tonight.


I don't know why,
but I have terrible stage fright tonight.

Every rose has its thorn, sir.

That's kind of you.

Good masters make good servants.

- Is the girl in the audience?
- Girl?

Oh, yes!

The private affair.

Got your whistles?

- Are you two ready?
- Ready!


Get ready. It's about to start.

But... they say he sings well.

What? Chickening out?

- No. It's just -
- How could you?

Show me your whistles.

Excuse me.

- Good evening.
- You?

Surprised? I came here for you.

We have to talk. But here it's...

Over here. Follow me.

Now do you understand why he sang?

Because he was jealous.

He didn't want me alone with you

because he knew that I...

that I can't sing.

Oh, no.

I've got to stop them.



off we go.

Let me in.

Wait for the entr'acte.

- What is it?
- It's this way.

Oh, it's that way.

Why didn't you say so?


You made me miss the last act,
my favorite.

Quit it.

Didn't work?

I'll try something else.

After you. I insist.

- That's enough.
- Fine.

A lady is here for you.

- A lady?
- Yes, sir.

- You?
- Have you gone mad?

What do you think you're doing?

Know what you cost me?
In Hamburg, we lost 10,000 marks.

And Budapest!

Hold on, I might be able to salvage that.

Don't go anywhere.

I'm not through with you.

Just you wait!

My nerves are shot.

I need rest in a sanatorium, not this.

Balthasar, pack his trunks.
Our train leaves at 10:26 p.m.

Shake a leg! You're annoying me too.

If it weren't for that polygamist,
I'd have never found you.

He did you quite a favor.

If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here.
And what would've become of you?

Luckily, the newspapers spilled the beans.

Anyway, it's good publicity.

Desperate times
call for discreet measures.


Where did they go?

The rascals!

Tonight is the night

I will sing for you the prettiest of songs

Tonight, you know

These verses must give you sweet shivers

Tonight, my love

For you, my voice will finally confess

The longings of my heart




Tonight, my love

I will sing for you the prettiest of songs

As the day fades

These verses must give you sweet shivers

Tonight, my love

For you, my voice will finally confess

The longings of my heart