La casa de las siete tumbas (1982) - full transcript

The House of the Seven Graves

Cecilia, let's go that house
to see how the retard feeds the pigs.

No, Clara. I don't want to.


I don't like that house. I don't want to.

And to the dovecote?

There either.

We can see the doves and the little pigeons.

No. No. I'm leaving.

Come on.

No. No. I don't want to.

Come on. Don't be like that.

No, no. I told you I don't want to.

See how you are?


Who is it?

Happy, happy Birthday.

Thank you.

Here. I brought you a little present.
I chose it as if it were for me.

Thank you.
-How are you?


"I'm putting together a trip for the 8th of April,

a sightseeing trip for retired people later,
Europe in July...."

And, of course, I have to start thinking
of summer vacation.

Like always, Cecilia talks and talks
and you remain quiet.

But it's all the same, here.

The house.

The piano lessons.

The past is my refuge, Cecilia.

I think about it often.

I remember when we were kids.

The town.

Do you remember?

You know what I think?

You spend too much time alone,

stuck in this house.

It's also my fault, I let months go
by without seeing you.

Yes, you disappear.

But you always remember my birthday.
- But only until the fortieth, I promise!



You should have a baby.


No, I don't want to.

No. No children.

If Roberto continues to travel like that...

I don't want to.

You know something?

I fell in love.


His name is Armando.

He's from Ramallo.


My boyfriend.

-Si, Armando.

You never talked about him., no, I don't believe so.

But if you want me to I'll tell you, eh?

"We started off fighting."

"I was crossing the street.
It was raining."

"A car almost hit me.
It was the color of blood."

"A handsome man was driving.
I was speechless..."

I'll answer.

Girl, does the soda delivery guy
know you're here alone?

Because of the looks he gives.

He's never looked at me.

Are you sure you want
to get married?

So sure, he won't
get a chance to say no.

Would you dare go into his house?

Yes, why not?

But you never wanted
to go near that house.

I don't understand.

What house?

I found this envelope at home.
Is it yours?

What a dummy I am!

It's a photograph.

I wanted you to see Armando.
Look and tell me what you think.


Friday I'm going to Ramallo.

Ah, I want to see him so badly.

I can't wait any longer.

Look at you.

You wouldn't climb a fence
for fear of ripping your dress.

You see how people change?

As a kid you were a daredevil.

And now?

But wait. I haven't told you the best part.

See, I have a surprise for Armando.

I'm going ahead of time
so I can see his town.

In his house.

Yes. I'm going to his house.

You should have seen your face,
it was funny.

I wish I could have taken your picture.

I came out and you were gone.
Why didn't you wait?

You were having fun playing tennis.

I didn't want to interrupt.

Come on. Tell me.
Who is she?

Who is she? Come on!

You know, I love your little town.

Love, don't you think
this is a little silly?


It's absurd for you to live here
with me in Buenos Aires.

We never see each other.
It's terrible.

Let's go.

Let's go.

I'm going to marry you, Cecilia.

Like that? So suddenly?
- Yes.

Yes, I've had enough.
I want to live with you.

I have to take
some merchandise to Bragado.

Then we'll come back,

and it won't matter about anything,
or anybody, that isn't you.

Don't go.

I always liked dirt roads.

How strange.

Why strange? It's a house.

Hey, friend.


Tell me. Where does this road lead?

Who knows?
Seems to me not even God knows.

Since you're here, pardon,
do you have some fuel?

The boss can't stand them.

I have to burn cats
when the house is full of mice. Bah.

She doesn't want to see
anyone near the house.


Because here there is no way out!

Didn't I tell you?

Listen, could we spend the night here?

Are you crazy, Armando?

I think we have a flat tire.

"You kids... never go into that witch's house...

...because she has a bodyguard, Ketl."

"Behind the house there's a graveyard."

It's guarded by Ketl.

On stormy nights ghosts appear,

they dance, and, suddenly,

the witch appears!

She has a kid with her,

and she let's him loose
amongst the dancing ghosts.

The ghosts start sucking his blood
until the poor kid is dead.

"When when day turns into night,
birds appear, enormous birds of prey."

"They take the kid's head
and throw it in the dovecote,

and his legs into the well
of the witch's house.

Let's go, Armando, please.
-Come on, don't worry.

I want to leave, please.
-They're good people.

They're country people.

Must have been one of my little rats.

Why did you let them stay?

I know what I'm doing!

He wanted to stay because
he's sniffing something out.

Let him enjoy the woman tonight.

They locked us in?

Come now.

They're crazy, Armando?

They're crazy!

Don't you see they want to kill us?
-Enough! Enough!

If that's the first thing you think of,
it's better if you just go to sleep.

Sleep? How?
Here? In this place?

Want to tell me how
we ended up here?

That damned dirt road! Why?

Hey, I thought
places like this excited you.

Let's take advantage of it.
- No jokes, Armando! I'm serious!

There's someone under the bed.
- Under. Yes, okay.

It touched my leg.

I think the one that's going crazy is you.

I swear to you, someone touched my leg!
- But there's nobody there!

I swear to you, I felt it! Please!

See? Nobody!

"I promise to get out of your life."

I'll leave. I swear I'll leave.

Even if I'm dying to see you.

I like this house.

"How can you be so calm?"

Please Armando, I beg of you.
Get me out of here.

Why look at me like that?
I don't understand.

What created cats?
They're traitors, like men.

Did you do everything I said?

Where do you think
we came from with Juan?

Did you bury everything?

Very deep.

You kept the boots, imbecile!

Throw them into the well!

What was that?
-What was it? Gunshots!

Don't you see? Gunshots!

Shit! You think I knew this house, eh?

I'm going to go crazy.

Don't let them
come near the cemetery.

Don't let them
come near the cemetery!


Rest in Peace.

How can they rest if
they pursue me every day?

Don't forget the worms.

Neither flesh nor bone
will remain of your husband.

The ones here now will be the last.

No one else will enter this house.

Let no one break
the peace of the cemetery.



Why did you lock us in?

Ask the boss.

The door is open.

We can escape.
- Know what I was dreaming?

I fell into a well.

A ghost offered me a ladder.

Yes, Cecilia is here with me.

No, she's out.
She'll be back later.




Answer please.





Where were you?

I said, where were you?

I found a skull in the dovecote.

And the well is full of dead cats.

I like him,
but if he touches my face I'll die.

He'll be so dizzy
he won't know what to do.

You're lovely, Cecilia.

A storm is coming.

I knew you were alone.

"I locked him up."

"Someone will see
he doesn't get out until I say so."

"Is the old woman crazy?"

"If you know why she's crazy, tell me."

"Old Azucena poisoned her husband."

"She tore off his head,
cleaned the flesh from it,

and put it in the coop,
like the doves."

"Is that not being crazy?"

"She drowns the cats."

"I burn them."

"Not even their spirit is left."

"If you want to kill Cecilia,
help me kill old Azucena."

Here, everyone does as I say.

As long as they have food,
men won't rebel.

They dream of being in charge.

They think I'm rich.

And here they are,
like slobbering dogs.

I don't like being alone
when there's thunder.

"Nobody is anything in this house."

But now the ones that are here

are condemned.

The storm is over.

May God help us.

Armando is a coward.

Put to the test,
all men are cowards.

We're leaving.

Tonight we're leaving.


What is it?

Nothing. The door is open.
It's certain she's back.

Did you see someone?
- No, but the door is open.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?
Come on!

No, no. I'm scared.
- Let's go.

No, no. Let's go back, please!
What is this?

Is someone home?

Stay here.

What's happening?
Who closed the door?

Open up, please!

Who's there?
Please, open up!

-Who are you?

What's happening?

"Please, open the door!"
-What do you want?

"I'm Cecilia's brother.
Please open the door."

"We want out.
-Where's Cecilia? Is she here?"

"Open up, please."

I know where Cecilia is.

"Please, open up."

But she won't get out.

Only Azucena can help her.

"What are you saying?
Who is Azucena?"

And only I can ask her to help.

"Who is Azucena?"

Why did you come?

"Why did you come to ruin everything?"
- "Open the door!"



Now that Azucena
gave her the red dress.

Am I bothering you?

What are you looking for?

Hmm, nothing.

Just looking around.

Twilight is so beautiful in the country.

"Isn't the same in the city."

Don't mention the city.

There, men are all talk.

"Why do you say that?"

They never sweat.

They have no smell.


I like the smell of a man.

That smell...

I'll tell you if you
get me out of here.


"Enough of your games!
Open the door!"

No, Cecilia, you won't get out.

You will get out
only when I want you to.

Don't you remember?



You never remember anything.

Not the house,

not the graves,

not my doll,

not the well,

not the dovecote.

But when you locked me up,

that you remember, no?

When you locked me in the shed.

You liked that, didn't you?

You liked it!

You locked me up!
I was alone!

I was afraid.

Very afraid.

The light is bad.

I can't find the way.

Damned owls!

I have a bad feeling.
- Let's go on please.

Don't worry.

I know how to pay back favors.

Where did they enter?

Be quiet.

The dead know what they're doing.

If they entered it's for a reason.


I don't like walking here.
This place is haunted.

Who says?
- Nobody comes here.

Then how do you know?

That's how,
because no one comes near.

Let's go. I don't want to lose the creature.

The creature is an animal. We are Christians.

What good people!
What witchery?

Their mouths are watering.

They killed him.


Juan. They killed him.

What are you saying?

I saw it. I saw it.

There was blood on the car.

Who are they?

He looks like an idiot.

But her! She looks good.

Worth taking a shot at her.

What are you doing
in my room, Ruperto?

Did you find
what you were looking for?

Are you deceiving me, too?

One can't deceive
a woman like you.

Rest assured.
I'll get you out of here.

You won't get out Cecilia.

You won't get out!

"Let us out! "
- "We won't tell on you."

You have to die!

"This has nothing to do with us!"
- "Let us out!"

You're not sorry.

You're not.

You won't get out Cecilia!

Never! Nobody will save you!

You won't get out!


The cowhand left.

He told me he would get us out.

Both of us?

Or just you?

The hunters, Armando,

they haven't left.

Go talk to them.

Pay attention.

As soon as I kill Cecilia,

you kill the old woman.

Behind the house, by the hill.
The old woman buries them there.

You won't be able

to escape



"What's this crazy woman doing?
Please! Enough!"

No! You have to die Cecilia.

You're not good.

You have to pay
for what you did to me!

For everything you did to me!

Why didn't you
want to go in the house?

Why didn't you
want to go in the house?

You were mean me.

Very mean!

I don't want to see you
with men anymore.

Men are pigs,

and we must treat them like pigs.

"You knew how important it was
for me to go into that house,

to look in the well."

"It's your fault that
I was never able to do it."

"If I had gone into that house

everything would have been
different for me."

"You won't escape, Cecilia."

"You won't escape, Cecilia."

"You won't be able to escape Cecilia."

"You won't be able to escape Cecilia."

"You got so dirty,

so dirty,

that the only thing I can do

is kill you."

You killed all my men.

You stole them!
And killed them!

Who can understand women, dammit!

And her?

And her?!


"I love you."

"I love you very much."

I always wanted to be like you,
and never could.

But I am going to save you.

I will save you, Cecilia.


No, no!




No. No!

"Open up! Open the door, please!"

"We're here! Please open the door."

"You kids...

don't go into the witch's house."

"Ketl is there,

the witch's bodyguard."

"Behind the house

there is a cemetery...