La casa de las mujeres perdidas (1983) - full transcript

Desdemona lives on an isolated island with her strange family: her father Mario, her stepmother Dulcinea and her mentally challenged sister Paulova. As the only inhabitants on the island loneliness and desolation engulf all members of her family. Desdemona tries to ward off her boredom by taking long walks along the beach or engaging in acts of self-gratification. She often tries to seduce her own father Mario to engage in acts of a sexual nature. Their daily routine is interrupted by the arrival (by boat) of a robust male stranger who brings friction into Desdemona's family.

The House of Lost Women

We would like to thank the towns of
Malaga and Murcia for allowing us

to film at their various locations
in the making of this film.

Sometimes I go to this desolate beach...

... naked,

to catch the morning rays of the sun.

It's not a ritual,

or an aesthetic pleasure,

or for any self serving reason.

Nobody lives on this island.

Except for us.

My family.

The beach... and the sun.

Ever since we arrived...
when I was a little girl,

I've had plenty of time to think of them.

To become indifferent to them.

And even hate them.

There's only one house on this island...


Along with ruins so old and decrepit...

... they've lost all their mystery.

A single boat comes by once a week...

... docks on our only pier,

... to deliver our supplies

... we ordered the week before.

Apart from that, no one comes or goes.

Nothing changes.

Let's see how the world is doing.

Pocarillo begins pilgrimage to Fatima.

Julio Iglesias nominated for an Oscar.

Mari Cruz Soriano and Calvo Sotelo
to perform a concert,

before the Pope,

in the Vatican...


Ha-ha-ha... Los Pecos!

Writes a new version of the
song 'Lo que el viento se llev?'

That can't be...

Live and learn.

Luis Del Olmo becomes a Trappist monk.

That's all we need.

Dr Cabezas...

Margaret Thatcher gets
married in Washington.

That is the best news I've
read in a long while!

These journalists are something else.

- A coffee sir?
- I don't like coffee.

- Tea?
- I'm not English.

- An Anisada?
- I'm not a faint woman.

- What would you like?
- I want... a Mate!


Mate... Mate... Mate...

Yes, the drink of Martin Fierro.

The taste and aroma of the wild land,
has arrived in Spanish markets,

Mate Atahualpa,

has arrived from the land of character.

Mate Atahualpa! From Argentina!

The taste and aroma of the wild land,
has arrived in Spanish markets,

Mate Atahualpa.

A new flavour from the land of character

Mate Atahualpa from Argentina,
capture the flavour.

Paulova, what's wrong?

What do you want?

The Ferris wheel for the baby girl!

Look how pretty!

Round and round and round...

Oh, you want the pretty doll?

I guess not...

- The piano?
- Yes!

Happy now?

Still playing with toys,
you're a grown woman now.

You even have a beard like
the seven dwarfs.

Hair on your little pussy...

You filthy pig!

Now you don't get anything!

Ramon Novarro,

he was a famous actor,

I saw him when I was a boy in
the film, 'The Sheik',

or was it 'The Son of the Sheik'?


The Barbarian?

I can't recall.

He wasn't a great actor at first
until he starred in foreign films.

- Dad.
- Yes?

Why are we exiled?

- What's the matter with you, go away!
- Daddy, be nice, tell me why.

There are certain things
a little girl shouldn't know.

But dad, I'm eighteen years old!

That's impossible, you can't be eighteen!

You were born in Caracas.

In Trujillo.

Where we played La Viuda...
No, in the Luxembourg Theatre.

In any case, it was a great opera.

Dad! Dad, why are we exiled?

- You're naked!
- What about her?

- She's my wife!
- And I'm your daughter.

Does it matter?

No, not really, no.

Why did you have to leave Argentina?

- Because your dad molested
an under-age girl. - Oh, really?

No, no, she wasn't under-aged,
she was nineteen.

- Well whatever, she was under-age.
- Today it would have been different!

Today she wouldn't have been
considered a minor.

Today, adulthood starts at eighteen.

All the same, she was fourteen.

- Oh, my God! Dad!
- Fourteen years old...

How time flies...

Poor girl, she could
have been your daughter.

Your daughter?

How romantic!

- Do you ever feel any regret?
- Yes, yes I do.

A lot, especially when he
remembers running from the police.

You think I'm egotistical?

- I still think about the girl.
- Bah!

Go on daddy.

Yes, I have many regrets.


... wake me up,
in the middle of the night.

I've heard you moaning at night...

That's for a different reason.

Shut up!

Yes, the stress wakes me up.

Then what do you do?

I turn around and go back to sleep.

Can you please smack that damn child?

As you wish, sir.

Daddy, would you like to molest me?

No, of course not. No.

Why not?

- Because you're my daughter.
- What does that matter?

- You're blood of my blood.
- What does that matter?

I don't know but that's how it is.

Don't you like my tits?

Yes, they're very feminine and young.

But are they white, firm, pretty or ugly?

Firm and beautiful...
You flirt.


Bet you don't know who Ramon Novarro is?

- No.
- Take a look.

- He died a while back.
- He looks like you.

The ladies used to tell me
I looked like him.

You know what?

I think you're a lot more
handsome than Ramon Novarro.

You'll remember me!


Get off of me! I can't!

I can't.

You can! You can! You can!

You and your damn hang ups!

I can't Dulcinea, I can't finish.

I don't know what happened, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Dulcinea.

All you women today act like
queen bee's towards men.

You're a man who's full of shit!

Am I a man?

Or am I a shit?

That is the problem.

If you were a man you wouldn't
be afraid of fucking a woman,

instead of masturbating all day.

No! That's not true!

I'm recalling something horrible.

Know what it is?

My soul...

... wrapped in a shroud
at the bottom of a tomb.

I hear music in the night.

- Someone calls my name.
- Who, who is it?

Who was it?

What was it?

There were elderly people.

There was a wind quartet.

I don't know who composed the music,

but it was a lovely melody,

the four bald men played fervently.

Suddenly the wind quartet attacked...

the other music.

You're crazy, that's from a play,
a comedy. In the theatre.



Could be...

Perhaps we're still playing.

In a midnight session.

We must constantly rehearse,

to know what comes next.

You're crazy!

You're crazy! You're crazy!
You are crazy!

I'm under the impression that
my life is completely useless,

like those wild flowers that wither,
at the bottom of a bucket,

without anybody ever having
smelled their sweet perfume.

No hand has ever caressed
their tender petals.

Nobody has even walked passed them.

Why don't you feed her?

You feed her,
that's what her father's for.

You're supposed to be my daughter's carer.

Their shameless mother's
supposed to be their carer.

Here baby, Paulova's going to eat.

What would become of you if not for me?

Between your filthy sister and
your useless father.

You'll see, I'm going to leave one day.

Pay attention! You need to learn
how to care for your daughter.

Open wide. Open wide.
Here comes your mother, eat her!

Your pity is worthless here.

And now baby girl is
going to take a big bite!

Here Desdemona, come here and eat!

And now a train, that's it.

That's it.

That's it.

It was a memorable play, in Mendoza...

I believe it was in the main hall,

- A beautiful theatre.
- Very good.

It was a classical play.

And now you'll eat a little black man!

Don Mendo, Don Juan.

Look here.


Now you'll eat a red beanie.

It was a classic interpretation.

And now Paulova will eat a minister!

- What work did I perform in Mendoza?
- How would I know?

- Well keep feeding her!
- That's what I'm doing.

I remember, La Hosteria Del Laurel

Shut up!

See what you did?
You and your bullshit!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Let's go baby girl, don't listen to him.

Here's your bunny!

Calm down, calm down, it's over now.

This conversation's over.

I'm taking you with me
to America on my next tour.

Oh yes?

You shall come with me to Mendoza.

You don't say.

You don't believe me?

- No.
- Well then...

You'll remember me.


I believe you,
I'll go with you to Mendoza.


I was very happy there.

Mendoza is south of Buenos Aires,

No, it's to the north.

Cordova, Santiago...

Santiago... No...

- You'll go with me to Mendoza?
- Of course.

What a city.

That's where I met your poor mother.

She was lovely.

She had such a sweet voice.

And her hands...

... hands like alabaster.

She was from a different class.

And another thing,
she was a whore who oozed spite.

You can think what you like.

If I were in her position,
I'd do the same.

She speaks the truth.

Your mother was... a whore.

How did she die?

Of syphilis, in a hospital in Chile.

Alright, the party's over!

To bed! Shut up you imbecile!

Shut up!

You'll remember me!

Son of a bitch!

I'll give you an education!

This is the only way you'll learn.

Were you spying?

Enjoy yourself?

Be careful, because next
time it could be you.

The days passed...

... in the same empty way as always.

The wind and rain were the only events...

... that varied the monotony
of these sun soaked...

... and breezy days.

Days that were sometimes shattered
by the aeroplanes leaving the coast.

Where were they going?

How many happy passengers were inside?

Going to new lands.

Crossing new horizons.

But our lives would soon
be interrupted as well.

I've always believed in omens.

I don't know why.

But the truth is...

... there wasn't the slightest clue

to warn us of what was to come
on that fateful morning.

Everything changed.

Let's see, I want to go... here.

To the Islands of...


What a strange name.

And I would like to go... here,


And where else would I like to visit?

No, not Russia.

I would like to go to Alaska.

And I'd like to visit Antofagasta,

and La Pampa!

But I'll never go to any of those cities.


I will never leave this island.

From a family of nutters.

Never, until the end.

Who are you?
What do you want?

I want to come in, and talk to you.

No, I don't want to, not with you.
Get off my island!

Start walking or I'll kill you!

What a disaster, Paulova, wait a second.

I'll show you how it's done.

You watch and learn.
Watch me, okay?

Start with your hand, gently.

Like this.

Like this, very softly.

Throw that piece of shit away.

That's not a real vibrator.

It's rubbish.

Watch me.

With this finger...

... pointing directly towards your slit.

Like that.



... start pushing harder.

Like this.

Very gently.

Like this.


Don't be an animal about it.

Move your hands away.

Bring this finger here.
Like this.

And put this finger on your clit.

And move it, like this.


Very slowly...

Slowly... slowly.

Gently, very gently, like this.

You don't like it?

Well then do it however you want!

You're a mess.

Who are you?
What do you want?

What are you doing on our island?

I see you're a Pontecorvo.

You know Mario Pontecorvo?

- Are you his daughter?
- He's my husband.

I don't believe you.

I look younger than I am, guess my age.


Well you're wrong, I'm a lot older.

I don't believe you.

- Were you hunting?
- Yes.

You're on private property...

What are you going to do?

I'll tell my husband and he'll kill you.

I know, I've already spoken to him.
Goodbye ma'am.

Hey, wait! I was only kidding...

I'm Mario Pontecorva's daughter.

My name is Desdemona,

if you come with me, my father will
let you stay for dinner at the house.

Just say we're friends.

This way. Come.

Pardon me ma'am.

- Who is this man?
- He's a poacher.

I found him by the pond.

This is my stepmother.

- A pleasure to meet you.
- Hello.

What are you doing here?
I told you to get off my island.

- Leave him alone daddy, he's nice.
- Out.


- He's a hunter.
- A hunter?

A hunter?

A hunter, that's not possible.

I see, come with me,
we have lots to talk about.

You like him, don't you.

- Come on, this way.
- Thank you.

Sit down.

What would you like to drink?
Cointreau, Benedictine, Triple Sec?

No, no, no. Thank you.

What did you say your name was?

I didn't, but my name is Tony Curtis.

Like the movie actor?

May I ask your name?

A simple caretaker that's earned
this land with the sweat of his brow.

I live here with my family.

This must have cost a fortune.

This? My island?
You would be surprised at it's value.

- I haven't the slightest idea.
- Worthless.

It's not cultivatable, no dry goods,
it's not even irrigated. Nothing.

But lets cut to the chase.

You're from Interpol, aren't you.

Take me away.

No, no, I'm not from Interpol.

I'm just a simple poacher.

And... a great admirer of your work,
Mr. Pontecorvo.

Don't say that! I want to
forget that part of my life.

That's why I left it all behind.

You were a great actor.

And a great tenor, yes I know!

- And what has it gotten me?
- The respect of the public.

Friend... That is true... Perhaps.

- Have you seen me perform?
- My parent's must have. - In what?

In your performances of Chegaray and
Benavente and the silent version of

Jeronim by Padre Colomas that
introduced you as a great actor.

Very true...

You must be much older than you look.

You're spending the night, right?
Would you like a drink?

Benedictine, Cointreau,
I even have Calisay!

- Sure, I'll have a Calisay.
- Excellent!

Sorry, I'm out of Calisay.

I assure you darling,
I'll destroy those damned Barnes,

if it's the last thing I do.

You're insatiable J.R.

After all the trouble your dad caused that
poor family, you're still not satisfied.

You're a whore,
like your mother, and grandmother.

But in the end I fall for
perverted women like you.

I'll send you five dozen plastic roses,

so they never wither.

It's millionaires like you

that play with the morals and
material possessions of proletarians.

You're detestable and adorable
at the same time, I'm yours.


I knew you would fall into my arms.

Even after all this time,
I always get the girl.

You're bad for me, J.R.!

- What are you pretending?
- I know darling.


J.R.! Your daughter had an abortion!

She wasn't my granddaughter.
She was a Barnes.

You bastard! This is your fault!

You poisoned her coffee!

I always suspected it was you.


My husband has never liked coffee,

but ever since I discovered
La Cruya brand instant coffee,

he never leaves work without
first having a fresh cup!

Mmmm, excellent coffee,

I'll have another, sweetheart!

Since I started drinking La Cruya
brand coffee, life smiles at me!

- You even look prettier, darling.
- Oh darling!

Won't you be late back to the office.

I'll give my boss a box of La Gruya
coffee and everything will be OK.

La Gruya coffee is incredible!

You should be ashamed!

I'll tell your father...

... you were masturbating.

So what.

You know very well.

He'll have me beat you until you bleed.

That's the only way you'll learn
to control those savage instincts.

Or perhaps, I'll tell the hunter...

... I caught you masturbating.

No don't, please.
Don't do that! I'm begging you,

I'll do anything you want!

Very well, we'll see if you're
capable of doing whatever I want.

We'll start with this, go on...

Come on! Lick my feet!

Can't you hear me? Lick my feet!

Come on. Obey!

I'd like to introduce Mrs Amparo,
happy mother of five young rascals.

The two on the left always get
dirty in the neighbouring field.

Pacito, the middle child, is always
putting rubbish in his pockets.

Juan Alberto gets gum all over,
and Koki spits up everything he eats.

It's a nightmare!

I never thought I'd see them clean,
until I discovered Ama-Clean!

More! More!

Ama-Clean is fast,
biodegradable, whitening!

Now my five children are sparkling clean!

More! More!

Sue Ellen, you're drinking again.

Get away from me! You disgust me!

Lets make things more interesting.

Kiss me...

Kiss me sensually.

Like a horse from the legendary west!

Like a fierce Mastodon!

The latest model from Heston Turbo!

The car of the future!

With a fully adjustable steering
wheel, arrow dynamic grooves,

... multi-chromed rear view mirror,

... retroactive wind-shield.

A whim for the man who has everything!

A car for winners!

Heston Turbo!

Have you tried the new extra flat
maxi-pad from Flor de Manresa?

Tiny, invisible, translucent!

The maxi for active women.

For a happy period... happy... happy...

happy... happy... happy...

J.R. is not Sue Ellen's father,
I swear to you.

She's the result of a love tryst between
Eli and that ukulele player from Tennessee.

His name was Charlie el Bravocon.

The owner of the silver mines?

I didn't know he played the ukulele.

J.R. found out, that's why he
blackmailed him for years.

Now Paulovita is going to
eat little red riding hood!

- Don't you get tired of wandering?
- Well no, I have a home of my own.

- Oh, yes!
- But you're lucky,

surrounded by these beautiful women.

I must admit, I'm envious of you.

And now you'll eat the
fairy godmother. Oh, yes!

Have you ever been to Mendoza?

No, Buenos Aires.

Your face seems very familiar to me,

I'm sure we've met before.

Are you sure you're not remembering
him from a little while ago?

I've been all over south Argentina;
Patagonia, Nieves Eternes, Las Focas.

What is your profession?


Here it is.

Sounds like a profitable profession.

Maybe, if I hunted silver bulls.

- And now, three more little pigs!
- Let's speak clearly.

Your presence arouses my suspicion,
speak clearly about this matter.


You know she's special and you have
to be kinder with her. Take her away!

Shut up, shut up! Shut up at once!

- Pardon this small incident.
- You need to be kinder with her.

Sometimes she gets on my nerves.

Everyone has their burdens...

... this poor child is ours.

Look at me, hunter, are you sure
you've never been to Mendoza?

I'm sure.

I'm going to bed.

- He's really a nice person.
- Poor guy.

Come, my friend,
I'll show you to your room.

- Good evening.
- Hello.

What do you want?

Do you mind... if I stay with you?

Not if your parents don't mind?

They're sleeping.

Will you let me touch you?

I've never touched a man's penis before...

... and I want to so bad.


You were spying on us.

What do you think?
I'm also a woman.

With a husband.

Mario isn't normal, he doesn't count.

Then why are you with him?



Help me.

Come here.

That's right, look at us.

Look what a real man does!

Learn what a man does with a woman...

Do you want more?

See what a real man does?

He doesn't get tired of fucking.

Furthermore, he's taken
Desdemona's virginity.

- You're putting on make-up?
- That's what it looks like.

Are you leaving?

- Yes, I was going with...
- With the hunter.

With him or anyone else,
it doesn't matter.

- Where are you going?
- To live, simply to live.

You were waiting for anyone to show up,
so you could abandon us.

True, finally a man shows up.

Very well.

I wish you every happiness...

... if you can.


Leaving already?

The boat comes in today,
she's coming with me.

I see that's why you came.

You're wrong, I came because
I know great deal about you.

I wanted to meet you.

But you've proven to be
not worth the trouble.

So I was right, you are with the police.

No... I'm a journalist.

You won't even interview me?


You have nothing going on,
he's told me everything.

You're a failed actor, you're sick.

Nothing you say is true.

You didn't even rape that girl.

And you've never been to Mendoza.

You're a pathological liar!

Today they'll know what I'm made of.

Today those soulless
bastards will know who I am!

Yes, they'll see.

I'll put on my capitan's uniform!

Capitan, of the Tercios from Flanders!

Capitan sir!

The capitan with his scimitar...

... red cape, and his chestnut horse!


She's run off!

Do you want me to take her place?

Ophelia, go to a convent!

- Dad, what's wrong?
- Go and live in a convent, Ophelia!

That's how it is with these people...

... because of a single defect, all
other virtues, no matter how great...

... are worthless in the realm of reason.

My dagger.

My dagger!
Where is my dagger!

Tied to the bench of a Turkish galley.

Both hands on the oar,
both eyes on the ground!

They cried hoarsely from
the rowing and the chains!

A cornered Dragut on
the beach in Marbella.

Famous sea of Spain!

Theatre of a thousand tragedies!

Bring me news of my wife.

Tell me if the tears and sighs
of her letters were true!

Thank you.

Thank you.

Coasts that rise. Beaches that cry.

Yearning eyes.

God returns!


Paulova and I are alone now.

For how long?

I don't know.

She's aware of our father's death.

But the absence of Dulcinea,
has soothed her.

She's much happier.

Perhaps she enjoys the
solitude, that I detest.

And silence.

They've closed the airport
along the coast.

The planes that once gave me
reason to dream are gone.

I can leave, whenever I want.

But where to?

And what would become of Paulova.

I know...

I shouldn't have these stupid fantasies.

I don't think I'll ever
get off this island.

Subtitles translated by zark
Proofreading/timings by suckmysound