La carga (2016) - full transcript

Late sixteenth century. A Tameme Indian man and a noble Spanish woman flee through the forests of the New World in search of freedom. Their frantic journey softens the tension between them and dissolves their longstanding differences and creates intimate bonds that threaten their very survival.

New Spain. XVI century.

Francisco Tenamaztle, a great
Caxcan leader and warrior...

...leads an indigenous uprising in
defense of the rights of his people.

Until his recent arrest,
Tenamaztle had led battles...

...over a 9 year period against
the Spanish troops.

A group of Franciscan priests are
mobilizing to secure his release.

The Viceroy´s envoy
will have to answer...

...for this unexpected change.

Don’t worry Tenamaztle.

Open the doors!

Allow the Viceroy´s
envoy to enter.

Open the doors!

Come on keep going!

Open the doors!

Use your proximity with
Francisco Tenamaztle... convince him to talk to his
people so they leave immediately.

The only way to avoid a
revolt is to follow justice.

What side are you on...

the side of the Indians?
Or the Spanish crown?

On the side of justice,
divine and earthly justice...

...and all those Indians
waiting outside...

...will either leave or not, depending
on the verdict of the hearing.

I have an urgent delivery.

Put the load on me.

Have a good trip.

The envelope needs to arrive
at the main plaza at dusk.

If only father could see you!

Father is dead Itzmin.

Mother is alive...

...and you don’t even come to see
her during celebrations.

I don’t want to see
any bastards.

You're talking about my son!



Am I fast.

Speed is not what is most important.
Endurance is.

Now go and play Ollin.

Itzmin looks like a rabid dog.

His pain has to end sometime,

Otherwise it will kill him.

I need to rest, mother.

The envelope needs to
arrive at the main plaza at dusk.

A rider will
be waiting for it.

- Take her things to the lady.
- Yes sir.

- Thank's for risking yourself, Son.
- Don’t worry Mother

It's not even two thirds of what
they brought last trimester...

...and the quality
is decreasing, Don Miguel.

God knows the investment I
have put into those mines...

...and I will not allow someone
to steal from me, Luis.

Tell the foreman...

...that tomorrow I am going
up to the mines...

...and I expect a full report.


they are going to hold
a hearing to decide

the future of Francisco Tenamaztle.


There is a rumor that they are
going to extradite him to Spain.

To Spain? We can´t let that happen.

There are more than three thousand
Indians outside the prison.

They fear for a rebellion.

We leave tomorrow at daybreak
for the city. Alright?

Go on, Diaz.

I need going to the city
to meet Fray Valerio.

It is very dangerous my girl.

Nothing is going to stop me Maria.

It’s a fact, my father must
be present at the hearing.

I’ll go.

Mrs. Elisa...

I took the liberty of buying you
some colorful clothing...

...that I believe will suit you better.

Thank you, now if you will
excuse me I have things to do.

Fray Valerio, thanks to you,

I have in my hands
the evidence...

...showing my father's responsibility
in the murder of my husband Diego.

I will make him pay, even if it’s
the last thing I do in this life.

I declare it is my wish to testify
in favor of Francisco Tenamaztle...

...and join the quest for equality and
justice that you and my husband started.

I appreciate all your help

and I pray that our efforts pay off.

Sincerely, Elisa de Ibarra.


...where is your father?

But what are you doing?

Don’t you understand that this
could cost you your life?

Do you want to leave Ollin
and your mother?

I believe in this cause.

If someone has a problem with it
that is not my concern.

I haven’t come here
to talk about religion.

I need you to come
with me to the city.

I have an important load for you.

Why didn’t you ask
Itzmin as usual?

This time it is not a delivery of
armaments to the Spanish.

I need someone responsible
and trustworthy.

Look around.

We are only a few men left in town,
all of them need it.

This is about saving
Francisco Tenemaztle.

It is a just cause, a cause
your father died for.

If your father lived, without a
doubt, he would come with me.

Father believed in this cause... wouldn’t need this.

Take Coyolli with you.

I’ll see you tonight.

This damn gout
is going to kill me!

Have you thought about
your future daughter?

I don’t want you to stay here taking
care of an old man like me.

Don’t worry...

I believe you are aware
of Diaz’s feelings for you?

He is not
of noble lineage but...

at least he is a nobleman.

Ok, stop, stop...

...I have to rest...

...tomorrow I have to leave
very early to the city.

These coins are for your son.


Are you taking him?

Each load has it's specific needs,

This matter doesn’t concern you

So be it then.

You are weak... weak Painalli.


...I have decided
to go with you.

And may I ask why?

I’m going to follow
your advice father...

...and think about my future.

Very good!
Then let's go daughter, let's go!

Let’s go!

- You may leave.
- But sir…

Leave now!

I was so stupid...

to put you in front of your people
on the Mixton hill.

I should killed you
when I captured you.

I've seen your family outside,


Is that what you wanted?

What we want is more than being your
slaves on our own  Nochistlan land.

Do you really think that all this will
end in your favor at the Indias council?

Here or there you will
be hung by your neck.

And how will you end?

You, or me...

...until your death...

or mine!

We will see.

Francisco Tenamaztle is nothing
more than a Spanish murderer

and as that,
he should be judged here.

Silence, order!

...not in Spain.

If Francisco Tenamaztle stays here,
it will likely cause a rebellion.

Order, Silence, silence!

We all know about the abuses of
authority committed by government.

In some cases the accused defended
himself as best he could...

...and in other cases they blamed him for
crimes he is not responsible for.

Are you accusing me
of false testimonies?

Do you have proof of the
prisoners innocence... the crimes that according
to you are false?

There is a witness.

You are not talking
about another indian?

If Mr. Miguel
will allow me to finish.

There is a Spanish witness,
of noble lineage...

willing to declare in front of the King
that the insurgency of Tenamaztle

was in self-defense.

The most noble gentlemen
are here in this room

Could you tell us who your
illustrious witness is?

He is not in this room.

And we have to take precautionary
measures to keep hidden his identity.

But we have the evidence...

that we will present
when the time is right.

What guarantee can you offer us that
this witness and evidence really exist?

The word of a Franciscan monk
kissing this holy cross.

If Friar Antonio hasn’t blasphemed
in the face of God...

...then this hearing is in the hands of
the Indias Council in Spain.

Go to the Inn and keep an eye on
Elisa until I arrive. Hurry up!

I want a private meeting
with the Viceroy.

This exceeds our friendship Miguel.
This is about a rebellion.

Aren’t you going
to let me see the Viceroy?

Stop thinking only
about yourself Miguel.

This is much bigger.

Come in!

Where are the documents?

- Where are them?
- Mr. Miguel...

Mr. Miguel, Mr. Miguel….

...they saw her entering the
Santa Clara convent.

How could I have been
so stupid?

She is the witness...

...she is being used
by Friar Valerio.

Her testimony
at the Indias Council...

is going to destroy me.

If you bring me
Elisa to the Hacienda...

...half of the reward is yours.

And my daughter too.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

We have to go now!

- What's happening?
- Let's go please.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

We are looking for Mrs Elisa de Ibarra.
We know she is here.

This is a closed convent.
You can’t enter.

Two of you look over there!

I know what you are looking for.

I can give it to you.

Where did they go?


...give him two coins.

If we find them
we will give you five more.

Have faith Francisco.
The King will have to listen to you.

And even if it were so…

They will cover you
with a black cloak...

...just until we are safely
out of the city.

I have told you,
my people won’t resist.

I really appreciate it,
but no.


She doesn’t want it Coyolli...

...and it is better
if she doesn’t eat.

That way she will weigh less.

Do you think she will be more
comfortable in front with me?

I don’t know.
Ask her yourself.

Would you like to travel
looking down at the...

...ground or looking up at
the beautiful clouds?

I don’t understand
a word you´re saying.

It’s better to look up
at the beautiful clouds...

...than down at the ground,
don’t you think?

Don´t these indians understand
that I don’t speak their language?

They made that path so your
beasts can’t pass through.

Why don’t you let me walk?

It would be easier for you and
I wouldn´t feel so ridiculous.

A Tameme is guiding them.

We will go around the mountain
and go down the other side.

It’s better if we go through the mountains
without going down until necessary.

The mountains are very dangerous,
it's not a safe path.

We need to find another way.

- They are getting close!
- Coyolli, I’m not risking the load.

The load! We are all in danger!

We are going the way
I say we are going.

Wait, wait!

If you keep going with me
they are going to reach us soon.

Swear to me that you will
get her there safe and sound.

You should go with them until
the coast, we will meet there.

- No Friar Valerio I can’t.
- You are safe with them.

- Please, Don’t leave me.
- Trust me, trust me.

- Now, go!
- Friar Valerio

There is no time to lose.
I’m going to reason with Diaz

Do you actually think you are
going to block our path?

Did you see
who is guiding them?

I beg you to leave her be!

You have put her life in danger
because of your damn intrigue

Remember I was your confessor

Then my secrets
will die with you.

Who is the Spaniard who
killed Friar Valerio?

You speak my language

Who is he?

My father’s henchman...

who will do anything to prevent me
from arriving to the coast

Everything under control

Hurry up. Let´s move!


First Friar Valerio,

now Coyolli.

Why is that woman
worth so much?

That doesn’t concern you.

After we pay you
I don’t want to see you again.

Well pay me then.
I did my part.

Not before you get us
out of this hell.

What can I do for you so you can
show me a little affection?

Free me,
if you really care about me.

God knows
what I feel for you...

...but I have
to obey Mr. Miguel

He doesn’t care about you any more
than he does about his indian slaves.

Killing is the thing you know how
to do best. Isn’t that true?

Have you lost your mind?

If you don’t fix that
foolish attitude... will be looked in a convent
for the rest of your life.

I’d prefer that then.

You stupid.
Where are the documents?

Let go of me.
I don’t have anything.

Let go of me please.
You’re hurting me.

You’re hurting me!

Tie her up.

I should kill you right here.

If you think
that I betrayed you...

...we are even.

But to me… are dead.

Which of you sons of bitches
was on guard last night?

Hey! Here is the guide!

It was the indian
that escaped?

You are going to tell me who he is
and why he left a dog like you alive?

I can’t,
I can’t take it anymore!

I’m sorry about
your friend´s death.

His name was Coyolli.

You hate the Spaniards right?

We are not all the same.

From a large tree like
this one... brother and I saw how the
Spaniards killed our father.

- Keep going!
- I can’t.

They stopped here.

He is carrying her.

How far ahead are they?

Half a day.

Let’s go!

I don’t think I can make it
to the coast.

Get down please!

Aren’t you going to wash up?

How dare you?

Sweat stinks.

It doesn't matter
how noble you are.

His footprints
are lighter again.

Is she walking with him?


...but he is not carrying her.

They have separated.

No, that is impossible.

She would be incapable
of going alone.

She stayed behind.

Eat... will help you.

Were you baptized?

I resisted Friar Valerio.

Without faith I wouldn´t
have the strength to live.

is what gives me strength.

You shouldn’t rejoice
in your ignorance.

Ignorance is not knowing
that eating lots...

...of that fruit is going
to give you diarrhea.

Now, what's happening?

They deviated.

They are not going to the sea.

It can’t be.

They need to board a ship
on the coast.


Where are they going?

Where are they going?

Where is Coyolli?

Why didn’t he come with you?

Who is she?

She is a load.

Why did you bring her here?

She believes in my father’s and
Tenamaztle’s fight for justice.

Calm down son.

I’m here with you.

Where is there water?


They are close.

I will escape alone.

You should stay with your son.

- Listen to me!
- No, I owe it to my father.

What is happening Painalli?

Itzmin is guiding them to me.

What is the purpose of all this?

Mother, where is Painalli?

How far will your vengeful
feelings for painilli take you?

Get out of here!

Don’t make things harder.

They are not here anymore.
Let’s go!

It will rain...

...and it will make it harder
for them to catch up to us.

We will arrive in two days.

I prefer going on my own foot.

I don’t want you carrying
me as if you were a beast.

I’m a Tameme.

I’m not ashamed of it.

Even so I don’t want to do it.

- Stubborn woman!-
You can say what you want.

I won’t change my opinion.

Can we take a break?

Can I see them?

Thank you!

I didn’t saw the mother
of your son, Ollin.

She died when Ollin was born.

I’m sorry.

She wasn’t from my town.

My brother brought her.

It almost
doesn’t hurt anymore.

Diego gave it to me,
my husband...

...the day we got engaged.

It is engraved with the same gold
that ended up taking his life.

It was in the desert on the
path from San Luis Masquitique.

I know those places.

It was Diaz who was in charge of the
expedition that my husband commanded.

That Spaniard seems willing
to do anything for you.

I know...

...and I´m sorry for all the
harm that he has caused.

He’s not the only one.

My brother... the one that is guiding them.

The same one that…?

He never got over
that she chose me.

I wouldn’t do that
if I were you.


We only want her.
Nothing else.

If you let the lady come with us
nothing will happen to you.

And your son either.

I give you my word
as a gentleman.



Tie her up and guard her well!

Not here.

Let it be here.

Here I am. Kill me!

Kill me. kill me. Come on, kill me!

Here I am. Kill me!

Kill me!

He was already dead when...

...when I threw him,
in the river.

Pablo, accompany the lady.

Now you hate me,

but with time, you will realize that
everything I do is for your own good.

Even kill?

Stop torturing yourself with
the past daughter...

...and don’t insist on holding on to
false and unfounded accusations.

I know what I know.

I'm not afraid to
shut it up anymore.

- Don’t threaten me!
- Or what?

Are you going to kill me
like you did with Diego?

It is going to take
time to repair.

Yes, but when are we going to
be able to leave this hell?

Not before tomorrow...

It is dangerous to travel at night
and I’m worried about the Indians.

What indians?


They tried to steal our horses
on the last expedition.

I trust that you know how
to get us out of here.

You are the only one
who knows the route.

I put my life on it.

I hope that isn’t necesary.

And you Elisa...

have you’ve heard what to expect
out there with those Indians.

Come. Come...


No one drink anymore water...

...and find those Indians.

There is no option other
than to continue on foot.

This place is not safe…

Diaz! Come back!

Are you okay?

Chew. Chew...

Get on!

I admire your courage indian!

I have always loved you Elisa.

Everything I did, was for you.


I don’t know how to thank you for
everything that you have done for me.

You have lost too much during
this journey...

- ...and I’m responsible.
- No...

...that was my destiny.


Come with me!

Over there I wouldn’t be anything.

And here?

Here I’m a Tameme...

...and a free man.

I attest to that...

...and I will fight so
no one can change that.


Friar Bartolome de las Casas.
It´s an honor.

This way please.

Francisco Tenamaztle fought for the
rights of indigenous native people...

...against the Spanish authority. He is
known as the defender of human rights.

The Spanish encomienda system (a type of
slavery), which Tenamaztle...

...fought against, was
abolished in 1718 in Mexico.