La caída (1959) - full transcript

Albertina, a pretty but wet university student, is hired by a bedridden widow to take care of her and her four children. Helping out around the house she soon discovers the kids live a life of their own, independent of their mother, who neglects them. The atmosphere of the place is both fascinating and unhealthy and Albertina gradually finds herself stuck in it so that although a young lawyer falls for her, she won't follow him out of the house...


I'm here for the ad.

Yes, I was waiting for you.

I answered
your phone call this morning.

I would like to talk with your mother.

It's the same, come upstairs.

We have no light.
Service was suspended yesterday

My brother Gustavo
is paying the bill now.

She's Lidia, my younger sister.

Get off or you'll kill yourself!

This is the dinning room, come on.

There's our bedroom.

This is your bedroom, come on in.

Reading this junk again!
Take that out of your mouth!

Don't play the boss
'cause we have visitors!

She's not a visitor,
she will live with us.

Oh, more women in this house...

These kids are impossible...

-I would like to see your mother.
-You will, there's no hurry.

Where's Lidia now?

Lidia, don't go outside!

There's our only bathroom,
no hot water.

Beautiful, isn't?
We never get tired of it.

She can't speak because of asthma.

She's been in bed for 4 years.
Her nerves also...

Sometimes she can't even turn around.

She already has no voice, poor thing.

She says you'll be fine with us.

First time we have a tenant here.

But, life's so expensive...

Says you can study as easy
as in your own home.

No one comes here,
we have no relatives.


the kids are kinda rebellious.

But my mother does her best.

When she can't reach us,
she beats us with that.

How much's the rent?
I don't have much money...

Don't worry about that.

With Gustavo we had thought of 600.

-Yes, our brother.

He's just one year older than me.

He's the boss in this house.

He'll be back soon.

He's paying the light bill.

Have you decided yet?

Are you staying with us?

Yes, I think so...

It's so close to the Faculty...

It is. I have to show you something.

Till tomorrow, then.

This is Luca's bedroom,

he's our uncle.

He comes here from time to time.
He's a traveller.

He's in Brazil now.

He writes comic books
and adventure tales.

Mom doesn't like us
to be in his bedroom.

That's why it's locked.

Isn't it fascinating?

-Has been out for a long time?
-6 months.

He comes without notice
and then disappears.

Farewells are sad...

-He's like that...

Over here...

Watch the step...

I was waiting for you earlier.

No woman pays for me.

-How much it is?
-It marks 12.

-Keep the change.
-Thank you.

Heavy, huh?
Books or clothing?

-I would like to talk with your mother.
-There's plenty of time for that.

Well, gonna order my thing.

She's here!
We're lucky!

Such luck, you're staying...

I was afraid for a second,
despite you having promised it.

Boys, show some education to Albertina!

I'm glad you're catholic like we are.

Uncle Lucas never goes to church.

Leave that suitcase, I'll order.

Every woman falls in love
with uncle Lucas...

You're not allowed
to talk about him like that!

Albertina, calling Albertina...

How old are you?

I'm in the arms of a woman!

Is this awful woman your mother?

That awful woman is aunt Paula,

mom died a long time ago.

I wish mom dies soon...

she suffers so much, poor thing.

Living like that, always complaining...

And who would you live with?

With Lucas,
we could be always traveling with him.

Instead of being
always within these 4 walls.

We can easily live all alone.

That's mom...

she's unbearable today.

Go with her, I'll take some rest.

I'll wake you up.

It's lunchtime.

I was looking at you sleeping...

You're prettier asleep than awake.

Just like every woman.

You haven't seen
many women at your age...

Many more than you can imagine.

Leave me alone for a while.

I want to get dressed.

I wouldn't see anything new, I assure you.

We'll be at the table.

We always pray before eating.

-If you don't want to...
-Yes, why not?

Thanks God, Christ and the Virgin

for this day meal,

give us long life, deliver us from evil,
and let us stay together.

Give us our daily bread.

May uncle Lucas remember us. Amen.

-Dad used to pray.
-Your dad?

He disappeared
when returning from Patagonia.

He went for business.

Yes, they left him for dead.

They SAY he disappeared...

Since then Mom's nerves got worse.

We think it would be better...

And who cooks?

To make soup we boil some water

and we pour some vitamin pills
we buy in the drugstore.

But we have a surprise today.

Gustavo was very lucky in the port!

He has a good aim!

I'm not going out because of the flu...

You do it right.

I go to the streets
even with temperature.

can be healed fast nowadays.

-And leprosy?
-Who said leprosy?

Leprosy is incurable like rabies.

We better get ready to eat.

Seems tasty!

*chicken sounds*

Two birdies for you.

We'll have a great time with you.

You'll see how tasty they are.

Don't you eat?
Head is the better part!

It's tender pigeon's meat.

This one has eyes!

Things are going to change now,

apart from the new tenant,
Gustavo has a job.

-No woman's business!

-Aren't you eating?
-I'm not hungry...

I had a late breakfast at the station.

I'll eat it, then!

-Go and serve mom.
-We have time.

Pity that Lucas is not here.

-Lucas laughs all the time.

He hates it when people cry.

He goes out and returns
with lot of packages

as if everyday was Christmas!

He spends a lot,
but he earns good money as a writer.

By night he take us to the cinema,
or to walk down Corrientes street.

He buys candies and books for us...

and we come back at dawn,
we read Kim of the Jungle,

Malaysian Tigers and other books.

mom doesn't allow us to enter his room,

she has the key sewn to the pillow.

It's the most beautiful room
in this house.

You can see the river form the balcony.

And it's filled with pictures.

-Of naked women!
-They're famous paintings, fool!

Well, who's up today?

I'll take it.

Don't know how she has
this appetite with that asthma.

If she doesn't eat she looses phlegm.

When she was healthy she didn't eat

and now she's hungrier
with this illness!

Well, kids, is there a tray?

There's no need, she's used to it.

Food is tasty,
kids behave very well, don't worry.

"Watch out with them!,
they're perverse and liars".

Why do you say that?

They are just kids.

"You'll see".

"Do not be fooled".

December 15th.

Hurrah! Sagittarius!

Well... rest.


"The Magic Mountain"

Oh, if the deceased woman were alive.

Who was going to say it,
two years after the boss...

So young, with so much life ahead.

is the living portrait of her mother.

However, she's very much a Bardem.

I can see her mother
in that Paraguayan hammock.

All dressed in pink
shortly before the fever...

What happened to the acacias?

We kept the lands downtown,
they're rented.

The only thing that matters
is her and her education.

We no longer exist.

She's so reticent,
she doesn't talk to anyone.

Better that way. Today's women...

Do you think that those who are
marrying today are still maidens?

Poor men,
there are no decent women anymore...

In my profession
you see good family girls...

You can't imagine...

Albertina, is served.

You never leave those books!

Turn the light off,
quit reading, Albertina!

Don't forget your prayers!

You're going nowhere
with that reading, Albertina,

you'll be like your aunts,

two bitter spinsters!

Your mother was different.

That's why she got married.

We're going to drink some tea
at El Molino.

Damn, there she comes!

Mom, where have you been?

Far from you for a talk...

We looked for you everywhere!

She must go to Europe
with the Colonel and me.

Colonel? She will study
literature in Buenos Aires.


I told her, she'll be a spinster
like both of you!

Remember going to church.

-Commend to the virgin when
crossing streets! -Yes, yes!

You'll be fine.

You'll be 45 minutes from Faculty!

-Take care!

You'll have to travel twice a day,
restaurant food is so bad!

A pension? You're crazy!

What will Paula and Lucila say?

They will understand.

It's a lonely ma'am with 4 kids.
I will not spend the whole day traveling.

Watch out!

Come quick, a big surprise is waiting!

We opened it to save you problems!

Honey is for the one-eyed.
One-eyed Albertina.

Why did you open the box
before I got here?

We wanted to see what
your poor aunts have sent you.

Diego ate it all, then threw
the leftovers through the window.

That package was sent to me!

Why throw it away!

We just lose desire.

Take it easy!
Cookies were no big deal!

We were hungry!

We were hungry!

Help... me

Th... they're too much for me...

I beg you, help!

I'll do my best!

But I'll do something for you,

will call a doctor!

You can't be like this forever!

I... I have no cure...

I would like to die soon.

It's better.

And who will take care of them?



let him know.


Albertina! Albertina!
Wake up!

Church, church!
We're going to church!

Are you coming with us?

Wait for me to get dressed,
I'm going with you.

Don't worry, we just don't look at you.

We should try tulle instead of these hats.

Why, they're gorgeous.

Your uncle, Lucas...
Where's he now?

Just got this letter.
Wanna hear?

Yes, read it.
Read it again!

-Let's see.
-Read it!

"Beloved ones:

Soon, very soon, Hunter Lucas Foster

will be with you.

I miss you all.

But I will not give up hunting
this one-eyed tiger!

Razed a whole village.

It's my duty to stay with my friends,

help to rescue Princess Rania

from that Bwanga's plangent!

I love you.
Take care of Marta.

You'll come with me,
or I'll be with you really soon.


Show her the photo!


We better hurry!
It's getting late!

Where did you get these hats?
From your mom's trunk?

Beautiful, right?

Yes, they belonged to mom.

We're going to commune, and you?

Haven't confessed yet...

Will do it next Sunday.

-Have you done your First Communion?

Did you receive communion
without confessing?

Not in church.

Who do you confess to?

With them, at home.

What about Lidia?

Neither Lidia, Gustavo nor Laura.

That's sacrilege... sacrilege!

Gustavo, Laura, come please!

Come here, kids.

Why all this mystery?

Diego and Lidia
never took their first communion.

Is it true?

One day we came to church...

we were ready to commune
when they came!

Was not our fault, they followed us.

I beat them up, but they did it
every Sunday

Is it true that he confesses with you?

We believed it was better that way.

We were afraid to tell the priest.

Who were we going to ask?

We stop confessing too!

If they told him
they excommunicated us for good!

Can you imagine?
Excommunicated forever!

If the Pope knew it?

It's a huge sacrilege!

You'll be condemned!

Is not true, I can fix things up...

I'll talk to the Father, huh?

I told you it was not important.

That everything fill be fixed up.

-Do you tell everything to the priest?

You'll spend your entire life
doing penance!

Well, let's go.

Which book are looking for, miss?

The Prisoner and Recovered Time,
by Proust.

I recommend
the complete text volume.

Separate volumes, you might lose 'm.

I'm taking Jimenez de Asua's one.

Typical first year buy!

I'm not interested in Mr. Proust.

Neither in France, nor its culture.

Wrap it, please?

Add History of French Literature
by Thibaudet, please?


Sorry, but you should buy this one.

Or this one.

"His Life, Drama and Times"

Some still think it's a bad one.

You always come by?

is the best librarian of the world!

It is in front of the Faculty.

Do you study to graduate
or to spend some time like most do?

My office has 4 years,

and I barely see
the same faces next year.

You'll have to live with mine
for years, then.

I plan to graduate!

It's 200 pesos, miss.

I wish... just to see you.

-See you, Vasquez
-See you.

We're going the same way.

My office is around your house.

It's not mine,
it's a four kids mom's one.

I rent a room.

I was afraid those were your brothers.

When did you see them?

My office is near.

They're so weird.
They always seem disguised.

What's your name?

The older one is Gustavo,

the younger is Diego,
the girls...

Not theirs, what's your name?

Albertina, Albertina Bardem.

I'm Jose Maria Indaregui.

I'm a lawyer.

Too young to be trusted
with important matters.

I wanted to be a politician
ten years ago.

The Party's dissolved now,
everyone's on their own.

I live with my mother
in Lomas de Zamora.

I Have a few friends.
No girlfriends.

I don't believe in man-woman friendship.

I see how the world
is getting worse by the day,

as well as
the most important society core:


Well, here we are.

I overwhelmed you with my chat.

Would you drink a cup of tea with me?

No, thanks, I'm late.



I'll be at the bookstore
at the same time.

Oh, looks who's there!

Wanna take a bath?

-Take your clothes off.
-We do this every afternoon!

You shouldn't do it again.

You can't be all nude!

We are brothers!

Laura, you'll be a Missy soon.

You can't be half-naked!

You and Gustavo should be an example!

Why, we are brothers.

In fact, you should be ashamed.

If we were friends?

Statues are naked too.

But they are not alive.

No! No!

Now you must get naked too!

Wet wool gets itchy!

This time we will not peep at you!

Why are you awake?

We suffered enough being kids!

We were sent to bed
along with the chickens.

We were talking about
Gustavo's new job.

What's Gustavo's work?

Just business.

Selling stuff he buys from sailors.

What stuff?

You students know nothing
about hard working!

What's hard working?

Having money for movies,

for a date with girls
like that one on the photo,

for candies, magazines, cigarettes...

That's enough!
Everyone out, I must change my clothes!

I will get naked!

Women out, come on!

We'll have a talk, Gustavo.

Let's see
what your mother says about this.

It would be better if you don't
hang out with strangers on the street...

Is he handsome?

Did he tell you?

What are you saying?

Gustavo saw you with someone
near your Faculty.

I barely know him.

You must marry Lucas!


Let's go for mom's key
to watch his room!

It's beautiful,
all covered in red!

With wonderful paintings!

Well, let... let's go to sleep,
it's too late.


Who do you want to talk to?


Hello... Albertina here.

Yes, I remember.

How you dare to call here?

Please don't bother me again!

You finally went out?

This morning
you were not very willing...

This morning?

I'm sorry for the phone call...

Phone call?
I don't get it.

It wasn't you?


-Getting in?
-No, I was looking for you.

I feel strange here...

We barely know each other.

People don't need to know each other
to be at the same place.

and common interests are enough.

Knowing each other
comes later, much later.

I'm talking like those characters in
the novels that I criticize so much.

Tell me about yourself.


I know too little...

What I see in my past is
tons of books and teachers...

I've read almost every book
in dad's library.

I had some friends,
but I was unable to keep in touch

because I studied even on vacations.

I had nothing to talk about with them.

I'm glad you had few friends.

Friendship is useless

and girls today know too much.

What have you done in the city?


Lived with my aunts,
I was on a train the whole day.

As soon as I arrived
I saw a news ad saying:

"4 kids and lonely woman rent a room
for literature or philosophy student.

Three blocks from Faculty".

I went and now I'm living near
the Faculty and that house's stuff.

What stuff?

Almost those kids.

Sometimes they seem very wise,

and sometimes more childish
than those of the same age.

They have
like their own moral and religion.

Their father?

They say he disappeared in a shipwreck.

Their mother is almost invalid
due to nerves and asthma.

Kids were raised almost on their own.

Seems like you're fantasizing.

What do they do for a living?


their adventure-writer
sends money to them.

Absurd character...
You know him?


I've never seen him.

Seems that house doesn't suit you.

Nuns have a comfortable hostel,
you can't be out till 9 PM.

More suitable for you.

Better tell me things
about you, yours...

not about absurd travelers
or weird kids.

-Till tomorrow, girls.
-Till tomorrow.

Class delayed?

-I was studying my notes.
-Never mind.

We're going to dance tonight.

We'll go with another couple.
I want them to meet you.

I must study...

For what? When you'll get married
all this will be useless.

I want to graduate!

To hang a diploma on your living room?

To hire a maid that will know
important home things

better than you do?

Well, I'll tell the kids...

Kids... kids...

They control you and absorb your time!

It's great that you care about them.

But you must be severe,
don't show yourself weak.

-I'll pick you up at 9.

What are you doing?

Having a tan,
rays are good for muscles.

The ones from that lamp?

-Which ones, then?
-Sun, UV rays...

UV? You think I'm sick?

-What about your brothers?
-Don't know, they went out.

-Don't know.

And you?

I stayed in case Marta screams.

Your mother?

Yes, Marta.

This can't be!

"You have to know something".



This can't go on,

you in this bed,
those uncontrolled children.

No... don't worry.

Everything comes to an end.

Go out with him.

Have fun.

Tell me where they are!

What for? They'll be back at midnight
like when Lucas is here.

-I have to go out.

The same guy?
He'll try to get you around the corner.

You all should be in school...
like regular children.

This year is Lidia's turn.
Last year was Laura's.

Mine's next year.

I will not
leave you alone in this house!

Some day we all will go out.

Now, a guard is needed.

And your sisters?

Maybe they went to cinema?

A triple bill: Captain Spook
and two westerns.

Girls need some fun!

Got you a present.

Forgive me.

But why a present like this one?

What's wrong?
Women wear them!

I have to go.

Who understands women?

This dance is the end of an era,

consequences of the atomic bomb,
of mass divorce,

female vote. The clash between
manly-women and female-men.

You think these contortionist rockers
will be able to have babies?

They will look like Picasso's drawings!

Seem healthy to me.

Like Swedish gymnastics or hiking.

Night is absurd!

I go out
with Pablo and Delfina once a year

and every time I promise
not to do it anymore.

Ever since the times of the old dances.

From Bolero to Rock,
they live in another world.

Look, look.

Yes, in hell, sinning!
Without desire or strength!

Everyone to hell!

Kill that worm who tells you NO!.
Say YES!

Fire, fire, fire!


Woman who lost her apple!

Bones moving without lust!


All to hell!

Brothers, fathers, husbands!

I'm interested.

Albertina, you're the first cool girl
Indaregui introduces to us!

Always bringing perfect girls.

Those who can't stand spicy jokes,

always in a bad mood if we talk
about something they don't like.

Don't talk about others.
no one else exists!

Our only connection with the world
is this three-legged table!

I've seen you many times, Albertina.

Trains, faculties, libraries...

Shall we dance?
No more than 2:35 minutes!

Try to come up with something
so I don't feel so alone.

Forgive Indaregui's seriousness,

He's going crazy with exams,
bureaucracy, politics.

Since he was a kid I imagined him
giving harangues to strikers and students.

He always needed a girl,
and he only gets wardens.

Once I read a Bartlett Poem to him,

He told me everyone was a degenerated,

poetry, coffee chats, bohemianism.

What have you told to Albertina?

Looks like she has seen a ghost!

I showed her a ghost,
toothless, headless, with no torso.

Barely with an acute voice,
talking nonsense on a beach.

Beach? Last night we ended on a beach!

It's still hot,
we can go to say bye to the sea!

-And the swimsuits?
-Night lends its shadow...

It's enough with this place.

You want to make me
lose Albertina forever!

Uf, let's go home, then.

My parents go out in summer,
fall, they can even hibernate!

They want to wake my maternal instinct
leaving me home alone.

Well, let's go!


This trick always fails

due the silence before
the record player starts!

When the music starts,
everyone in his place.

One is inspecting my dad's books...

the other looks at my mom's
abstract paintings.

This is a tomb.

Paintings mean nothing!

Music tickles us!

I want a huge oven,

a crematory!

I want to burn clothes, perfumes!

An oven? That's for patties!

There's always half-baked
patties at home!

Come, Pablo.


No, no, I like it...

I like it a lot.


Dancing is better here.

Leave me.

-Leave me...
-Don't worry!

We'll be alone for a while...

Get off!

-What's wrong!
-I want to leave!



Just made me the happiest man on earth!

There are no girls like you anymore.

I want to marry you.

Take you off that home
and introduce you to my mother.

I'm only interested in studying.
Studying! Understand?


Till tomorrow.

Good night.

Why are you up this late?

Do you believe we're chickens?

We never go to bed before 3 AM.

But... what are you doing?

It's the most beautiful moment of the day.
There's silence...

We can dress as we want.

Mom is asleep with her pills.

Want a drink with us?

We've been thinking...

we're guilty.

Guilty of what?

That you have no home.

That you are out at this hour...

like a tramp.

Will you bring him home, Albertina?

Of course I'll bring him...


So are you inviting me home?

I'll have to ask your hand, then.

-What's wrong with it?

I want to show you something, come.

I accept the invitation.

At 8 PM, right?

Where are we going?
Weren't you interested in that exhibition?

I'll show you something
I saw the other day.

Come by, ladies and gentlemen!

I'm offering an exceptional product!

Importing company, Gonzalez & Gonzalez

has launched this product to the market

at an exceptional price!

You'll get a better shape,
They're comfortable and elastic!

Try them, ma'am!
Comfortable and elastic!!

Take it. Come by, ladies and gentlemen!

Isn't that the older of the kids?

The family boss?

Yes, it's Gustavo...

Do you still wanna live there?

With those people?

I knew about his job.

What uncle Lucas sends them
is not enough.

Try it, ma'am!

Try it, mister!

Just off the boat.
The best present for your wife!

Try it, ma'am!

It will improve your shapes!

What does their mom say about it?

Or that fantastic uncle?

She doesn't know.
We haven't told her.

It was my idea not to tell her.

If my brothers were hungry,
I'd do the same!

Are you trying to teach me a lesson?

Sorry, then.

Sorry for making a living,
trying to enforce the law.

Sorry for belonging to an honest family
with no adventure-writer uncles.

-Or brothers selling corsets on the street.

Let's go to that exhibition...

You need to calm down,
think about other stuff.

She's Laura, the older one.



And Lidia, the younger one.

She's Marta, their mom.

Pleased to meet you, madam.

Let's go to the dining room?

They're crazier than I thought!

Does it bother you if we pray?

On the contrary, I'll join you.

Thank God, Jesus and the Virgin,

for this day meal,

give us long life and
deliver us from evil, amen.

And now the big surprise!

Polenta with birdies!

What a presentation,
they just need to chirp!

I can do the chirp!

Sadly Lucas is not here.

And what does Lucas look like?

Wait a moment.

He's so interesting.

Every woman falls in love with him!

-I've told you not to say that!

Here he is.

He has a very romantic look.

Do you go to school,
or are you working?

Depends... we go one year each.

-I work?
-In what?


High finances?


It's tasty, madam!
Worthy of banquet!

Canary or sparrow?

That's Lucas!

Sure it's him!

It's him...

Why do you hate them that much?

Hate them?
They barely exist!

They're out of logic,
they're nutcases!


-Come to talk!

Don't listen to them, don't go!

I don't see why not.

Don't go I said!



Thank you!


I don't make enough...

They're lovely!

Will you come back soon?

Yes, we're all waiting for you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

See how wonderful he is?

Is he coming back soon?

It looks like he is.

Now we will have some fun!

Sorry, we forgot about you!

Never mind.

It's late, I must leave.

Nice to meet you, madam. Congrats
with this lovely home and family.

Are you coming with me, Albertina?

See? Lucas said he's coming back soon!

You can't live here anymore!

I don't get it.

I must demand you
to leave this house!

I never understood demands
and obligations, you know?

We'll talk tomorrow.

I'll come for you after Court.

I have lessons the whole day.

We will meet after Faculty, then.

We will take care of you.

We can get your notes
from Faculty if you wish.

Will bring you food to bed.

No, it's nothing...

but a little fever, that's all.

When you're healed,
we'll show you Lucas' room.

here's the key!

We unstitched when
Marta fell asleep last night!

That guy phoned, I told him
you were in bed, with fever.

He's so suspicious,
he didn't believe me.

Said he would come,
I don't know...

I don't wanna see him, I don't!

There she is,
more hysterical than ever.

I don't wanna see him, understand?

Tell him
the doctor forbade it, anything!

Great! You're safe!

Come to see the bedroom,
come, come!

Lucas likes the good life.

To invite his friends.

Let's play some records, huh?

Lucas sent us this record
from Misiones province.

Two years ago,
then we can listen some music!

"Dear nephews:

Christmas is near,

I'll give you the most beautiful tree,

We'll launch fireworks from the terrace,

and we'll build a castle
from where we will see the city.

Don't you feel alone?

Although I'm always walking away...

I'll be with you for good very soon.

I'm in the core of Misiones jungle,

I'm alone and I really miss you all.

Evil spirits are around me,

and the howling
of wild animals keeps growing.

Jungle assassins
will stay away, however,

because they know Lucas Foster
is protected by the sacred amulet..."

Is Albertina out of bed?

She's in Lucas' room.



Is it him talking?

It's a record!

has listened to it over 40 times!

I must talk to her.

"Post data:

I was finishing this record

when two tribal leaders
showed up in my tent..."

You should be dressed at least!

Leave us alone, kids.

What were you doing inside?

Were you waiting for the phantom,
or is he already here?

Lucas whereabouts are irrelevant.

What really matters is another thing...

This is not a good place for farewells.

I don't think we will meet again.

I don't want to,
and I can't see you again.

But what happened all of a sudden?

Is it about him or about them?

I can't explain it.

I just know it wasn't me who was
by your side these two months.

I'm not what you wish or like.

You just expected my failure!

My fall!

Not the one you're thinking.

But the other, the important.

Studies, vocation, spirit...

You just want to own me,
as a man, husband...

I don't get it.

It's not necessary.

I wouldn't leave this house for you.

Not even an exam, or a class.

My career
is way more important than that marriage

you wanted to dazzle me with.

Like someone who gives a child a toy
so he doesn't make mischief anymore.

You're sick,
you do not know what you say.

You'll regret this.

I'll keep my phone
near to bed, just in case...


(unintelligible joy)

...educational freedom...

Don't be afraid...

but something serious has happened.

No, Marta...


she's dead.

Let's go!

What happened for God's sake?

We locked her up and...

She screamed more than ever.

Wanted to beat me!

We were terrified!

So we've decided to lock her up

so she could scream at ease.

If we opened it was worse!

How could we imagine she will die!

You left her to die!

Didn't you realize she was calling you?!

She was dying!

She was calling you.
She said to call a doctor!

But who would believe her?

Don't you realize
you wont see her again?

Now you'll be all alone!


But we have Lucas...
and you...

You killed her!

You killed her!

Help me, please!

And now?

We'll call a doctor.

What for?
She's dead,

It's necessary!

I'll go.

Don't tell we locked her up!

On our knees.

On your knees please.

We have to pray.

We MUST pray.

She died of an attack.

Her heart did not resist
another nervous breakdown.

Don't worry.

We must call the funeral home.

I can do it.

Don't they know anyone else?


They're all alone.

Don't worry about this.

She is so beautiful.

Should we cover her?

Not a shroud.

Her lilac dress will be fine.

She liked it so much...

you have to tell Lucas!

I've already sent him a telegram.

Are you Albertina?

I came as soon as they told me.

I couldn't get here before.

Sorry for not waiting for you.

We didn't know you would come so soon.

How did it happen?


it was an attack...

Kids were playing outside and I...

I regret not having arrived earlier
to help you out.

I appreciate it so much.

Must have been terrible.

I expected this outcome long ago.

You don't have to thank me.

We were friends.

And they?


We should better speak low.

They can wake up,
and this night I want to rest.

Your room is always ready.

I will make some coffee. Haven't
drunk anything for the last 24 hours.

I'll make it for you.

You're barefoot,
you can catch a cold.

Would yo like tea?

-There's no coffee
-Yes, for sure.

How happened?

What time was it?

Forgive me.

We better talk tomorrow.

You must have repeated it so many times.

I didn't do anything for her.

I gave no importance to her illness.

She always talked about you.

These last months...

must have been hard for you.

These kids are terrible,
but they adore you.

They told me everything.

Even about Indaregui.

No, they're not spies.

But they have lived alone for so long.

Their dad died in Titania's shipwreck.

Lidia was newborn.

My sister just let herself die.

She already had nervous problems.

When he died she forgot about her kids.

They never forgave her.

Are you OK?

Don't be worried.

Now things will change.

This house is pretty cold, huh?

There must be a heater somewhere.

In your room.

Marta didn't let the kids go there...

she was afraid
they would break that, too.

It's a miracle they're sleeping.

They're used to go to bed very late.

Last night they didn't sleep at all.

-Sleepless all night?

You have shivers...

You should bundle up.

Something's wrong?


Something happens!

They killed her...

They killed her!

And I am their accomplice!!!



Talk to me, Albertina.

You'll be fine.

I'll help you to feel better.

They locked her up...

They let her die.

They let her scream till she was dead.

Didn't call a doctor.

Didn't tell her nothing...

A scream...

They let her die.

And I was far from here...


Doing nothing for her...
or for them.

Left them in their cruelty...

their insensibility!

Calm down.

It was not your fault.


they left her die...
that you're guilty.

I'm way more guilty than you are.

For an... imprecise search.

Due to my
irrepressible desire to leave...

I took that salesman job
for that publishing house

But you weren't here.

You did not see them
as I saw them.

I was a coward too.

I was overwhelmed.

Then, my letters,
my stories, my lies...

I was always first before them.

Inculcated them my fantasies,

and they left her to die.
I let her die.


that nightmarish world is over.

I'll stay here.

My duty is
to create a new life for them.

I can't be near them.

I will always be
the figure of their guilt...

I can't stay in this house.

You say that because you're tired.

These have been horrible days.

Let's drink something.

There's a bar near, come!

Drink, Albertina,
put away your ghosts.

Sometimes it's necessary to stop.

The kids talked about you.

And without noticing,
I passed my responsibilities,

my doubts and uncertainties to you.

It was a stormy night,

raining, cold...

and I thought, Albertina is with them.

I knew your way of walking,
of talking...

even your aunts' names.

Lucila is the one...

and Paula is the other, right?

Tell me about them...

...about you.
More about you.

What for?

It's not necessary now.

It is necessary.
You should feel like a child now.

Liberated as children are.

Your aunties killed ants
with a lighter, right?

They made me commune every Sunday.

They brought me to Buenos Aires
twice a year

to see monuments,
attend exhibitions...

And you read every book
in your dad's collection.

Except those marked with a red cross.

Or pages glued with paste...

Then you came to this house.

Kids always stopped by a door.

They talked about
amazing things stored inside.

Books, natives' heads stuffed...

magical discs...

Just memories of an empty man...



That's not true.

I believed them, too.


I don't know...

Because nothing else mattered...

because people were grayed out, trivial...

I'm just like them, Albertina.


No, this can't be.

I must leave.

Let's go.

Nothing exists before this night...

I had to travel thousands
of kilometers to find you...

Sometimes I thought
I saw you appear...

and then vanish at some station...

or a river port,

or in a solitary hotel
for traveling salesmen.

I would have found you
among thousands...

your face had always pursued me.

I loved you since I knew
you have arrived this home...

If the kids wrote me a letter
without mentioning you

I despaired without realizing the reason...

and threw the letter away.

That day you invited
someone to dinner here.

It can't be.

It can't be!

I couldn't be with them.

They defeated me.

And they'll defeat me again.

What are you saying?


Good night, Lucas.

Now I am here.

I'll help you defend against them.

This is your house.

You won't leave us, nevermore.




Come dear!

I'm sleeping uncle Lucas...

You will stay with us forever, right?


Now rest.

We'll start tomorrow.

To Retiro Station, please.

Uncle Lucas!
Uncle Lucas!

Uncle Lucas!
Uncle Lucas!

Albertina is gone!


To Retiro maybe.
Her aunts live in San Nicolas.


Alone again...

Dear nephews:

Christmas is near,

I'll give you the most beautiful tree,

We'll launch fireworks from the terrace,

and we'll build a castle
from where we will see the city.

Don't you feel alone?

Even though I'm always walking away...

I'll be with you for good very soon.


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