La Dream Team (2016) - full transcript

When a fit of anger leads to a serious injury, a sidelined soccer star returns to his hometown and reluctantly agrees to train the local youth.

‪Mareuil! Mareuil!‬

‪Berry Cup Final‬

‪Pass to the sides,‬
‪here and there!‬

‪Don't even let 'em play,‬
‪you hear?‬

‪Jean and Milo, here!‬

‪Let's go, Mareuil!‬

‪There's just 1 great club‬
‪in the region - Changogne.‬

‪Relax, Borie,‬
‪it's just football!‬

‪No, Belloc,‬
‪it's not just football.‬

‪It's much more.‬

‪We're gonna humiliate you!‬

PSG Football Training Center

‪You've been accepted!‬

‪We have to leave now.‬

‪Mareuil! Mareuil!‬

‪The team's counting on you,‬

‪Forget about us.‬
‪Go for it!‬

‪You'll be the new Ginola!‬

‪It's your decision.‬
‪It's your life.‬

‪Go for it!‬

You're leaving the Berry
See you soon!





I'm Back in France


‪Triangle - a new kind of temp agency.‬

Completely insane!

"I'm not a bad boy..."

The Party's Over

Is Belloc Finished?


Hi, champ! You awake?

‪Don't forget the meeting.‬
‪10 a.m.‬

‪I'm already on my way.‬
‪With my new toy.‬

‪Score twice tonight and the Chinese‬
‪add 2 zeros to your check.‬

‪- How much?‬
- Not sure yet.

‪6 or 7 million.‬

‪That's all?‬

That's huge for a player your age.
I'll let you go.

‪And drive carefully!‬

‪Okay, ciao!‬

‪So, champs?‬

‪Your asses nice and clean?‬

‪Then put the soap down‬

‪and turn around.‬

‪Who wants to play‬
‪for the Stade Français?‬


‪Raise your hands.‬

‪Good job, guys.‬

‪What's your problem?‬

‪Is your charity work‬
‪very important to you?‬

‪It really is - poverty, uh...‬
‪animals, children...‬

‪That's really important.‬

‪The Euro Cup's in 2 months.‬

‪France is about‬
‪to announce the players.‬

‪You've said‬
‪Griezmann's too inexperienced.‬

‪Yet there's talk‬
‪of him replacing you.‬

‪I don't recall saying that.‬
‪So check your source.‬

‪But it's an important competition,‬

‪so I think the team needs‬
‪an experienced player.‬

‪That's enough.‬

‪- Mr. President.‬
‪- Hello.‬

‪Good job!‬

‪I know reporters!‬

‪I just heard that the Chinese‬
‪will be in the stands tonight.‬

‪- The Chinese?‬
‪- Yeah, ring any bells?‬

‪No, you know me,‬
‪I'm focused on the game.‬

‪Don't play dumb, Max.‬
‪I want you to stay.‬

‪Paris is your family.‬

‪Family's important.‬
‪I know that.‬

‪What is this?‬

‪That's important, too.‬

‪You make them so happy.‬

‪Go on.‬

‪He's coming!‬

‪Hi, kids!‬

‪What's your name?‬

‪My dad says you've got no left foot.‬

‪You don't break a sweat.‬

‪Okay, we got it.‬

‪You dive.‬

‪Know what my dad says?‬

‪Mine says Griezmann‬
‪is 10 times better than you.‬

‪You OK, kiddo?‬

‪So who's got no left foot?‬

‪That's my R8!‬


‪Put my car down!‬

‪That's handicapped parking, sir.‬

‪Don't the handicapped‬
‪park in regular spots?‬

‪Know how much that car costs?‬

‪150-euro fine, plus 39 a day.‬

‪I'm Maxime Belloc!‬

‪I'm Remi Gouriel.‬

‪You're nobody!‬
‪A jerk with a shit job.‬

‪This jerk has the tow truck.‬
‪So move!‬

‪Yeah, right.‬
‪Piece of shit tow-trucker!‬

‪What you earn in a lifetime,‬
‪I make in a month!‬

‪Stop that, right now!‬

‪- Hi, coach!‬
- You busy?

‪Not at all!‬

Listen, I had to make a choice.

Someone's always disappointed,

but you know what it's like.

‪So am I on the team or not?‬

No, I picked Griezmann.

He's young, he's the team's future.

‪Breaking news...‬
‪Belloc screws up again.‬

‪His car towed away‬
‪from a handicapped parking spot,‬

‪the 3-time French champion was‬
‪caught on film, giving the driver hell.‬

You're nobody!
Just a jerk with a shit job.

‪In a fit of unbridled rage,‬
‪Belloc fractured his leg.‬

‪The doctor who performed surgery,‬

‪says Belloc, already 33,‬
‪may never play professionally again.‬

‪A pathetic end to the France‬
‪International footballer's career.‬


‪Don't give me that look,‬
‪Mr. President.‬

‪How many injured players‬
‪make a comeback?‬

‪Max'll be back.‬
‪Even stronger, you'll see!‬

‪The question is in which club?‬

‪I'm fond of him.‬
‪I'd extend his contract now.‬

‪- 5 million.‬
‪- What?‬

‪For you to keep him.‬

‪A one-legged player‬
‪isn't worth 5 million.‬


‪Wake up, Valerie.‬
‪This is serious.‬

‪I'm forced to suspend him.‬

‪And the league, 6 months?‬


‪Have Belloc lie low.‬

‪And not another word‬
‪until he can play again. Okay?‬


‪Come on!‬


‪They say you're done, Max.‬
‪Disappear for a while.‬

‪No! We have to be offensive.‬
‪To rebuild my image.‬


‪This came for you.‬

‪Careful! It may be a bomb.‬

‪See you later.‬

‪Someone still loves me.‬

‪"Get well soon!‬
‪From the people of Mareuil,‬

‪"to their local hero!"‬

‪Back to your roots!‬

‪Go back to the Berry!‬


‪Go back to your hometown,‬

‪reconnect with pastoral France -‬

‪the little villagers, nature.‬

‪In 6 months,‬
‪you'll be able to play again.‬

‪And they'll say,‬
‪"He's calm, he's changed."‬

‪Me? In Mareuil?‬

‪No way!‬

Welcome to the Berry!

‪It is charming!‬

‪I won't last 2 days.‬

‪What a nightmare!‬

‪Anyone home?‬

‪You'll love it here.‬
‪It's vintage!‬

‪I'm so happy to see you!‬

‪How long has it been?‬
‪Who knows?‬

‪- 18 years.‬
‪- You know.‬

‪This is your uncle.‬

‪Can I kiss you?‬

‪If you like.‬

‪She's Philippe's daughter.‬

‪Day 17 of the championship.‬

‪You passed to Pastore‬
‪you scored.‬

‪At least we know she's in the family!‬

‪With a coach for a grandpa!‬

‪You still coaching?‬

‪Sure. I didn't quit.‬

‪Damn! Platini?‬

‪He's still alive?‬

‪Sure! He's president of the UEFA.‬
‪We're having dinner on Thursday.‬

‪No, Platini's my dog.‬

‪He's my dog!‬

‪I even named him.‬

‪Huh, Platini?‬
‪Come here, pooch!‬


‪Here, pooch!‬

‪You'll sleep in here.‬

‪- No, I'm sleeping in my room.‬
‪- You don't have a room.‬

‪I don't have a room?‬

‪No room?‬

‪It won't work.‬

‪I'll never make it.‬

‪Think of your career!‬

‪You spent 15 years here.‬
‪It'll come back to you.‬

‪Can't you see it's a shithole?‬

‪There's nothing but rednecks!‬

‪He means "rednecks" affectionately.‬

‪You grew up‬
‪to be a real asshole.‬

‪I didn't wanna believe it,‬

‪but I was wrong.‬

‪Excuse him, he's...‬

‪What do you know about me?‬

‪I'm not staying.‬
‪I'll go nuts!‬

‪That's it, take off!‬

‪You left once!‬
‪You can do it again!‬

‪It's just a father-son squabble.‬

‪He didn't even come‬
‪to his brother's funeral.‬

‪Philippe meant less to you‬
‪than your career!‬

‪Okay. Bye.‬

‪Yeah, bye!‬

‪Get lost!‬

‪- Goodbye, Jacques.‬
‪- Yeah!‬

‪Ma'am! Wait!‬

‪- Jacques wants Maxime to stay.‬
‪- He said that?‬

‪But he has one condition.‬

‪That Maxime coaches the junior team.‬

‪That's a great idea.‬

‪"Maxime Belloc: Back to the basics".‬

‪That's the golden ticket‬

‪to a new image.‬

‪- No, I'm allergic to kids.‬
‪- Yes.‬

‪- No.‬
‪- Yes!‬

‪Come on, little rascals!‬

‪What are those shoes?‬

‪Who cares?‬
‪He doesn't play with his feet!‬

‪- Very funny.‬
‪- That's true.‬

‪So, kids...‬

‪This is Maxime.‬

‪He'll be your coach‬
‪for a few weeks.‬

‪- He looks like Belloc.‬
‪- He is Belloc, moron!‬

‪Can I take a picture?‬

‪Is Zlatan cool?‬

‪You're taller on TV.‬

‪Can I have an autograph?‬

‪Did you screw a Kardashian?‬

‪We're done.‬
‪Can we play now?‬

‪Ten more laps.‬

‪We've done 110 laps already!‬

‪Work the field.‬


‪Okay, okay!‬

‪Give me some good news‬
‪or I'll shoot myself.‬

‪Hold on.‬

‪Hi, Seb.‬

‪Two seconds.‬

‪You have to show‬

you've changed.

‪What do I do?‬

‪How do I know?‬

‪Tell them a nice story,‬

‪work the social networks.‬

‪- Who is it?‬
‪- It's Valerie, Mom!‬

I have to go.

‪- Be back in an hour.‬
‪- No way! Eat your snack!‬

‪But Mom!‬

‪Don't talk back!‬
‪Get over here now!‬

‪Sorry, I can't.‬
‪I have to eat.‬

‪I can see that.‬
Bon appétit!

‪- Thanks.‬
‪- I'll call you.‬


‪Okay, smile!‬

‪I'll hammer anyone who doesn't.‬

‪Hey, Thingy, smile.‬

‪- My name's Momo.‬
‪- Just smile.‬

‪1, 2...‬

Totally crushing on my new team!!!

Back to my roots
& true values!!!

‪Mr. Belloc,‬
‪it's bitchin' to have you here!‬

‪We're finally gonna clobber‬
‪those Changogne pussies!‬

‪- My son's on your team.‬
‪- Really? Which one?‬

‪It's Mamadou!‬

‪No, it's Pierre.‬

‪Short, dark hair.‬
‪He does look more like his mom.‬


‪What does it mean?‬

‪"The rose only has thorns‬
‪for the picker."‬

‪That's my motto.‬

‪No! It says,‬

‪"Sweet sauce, sour sauce."‬


‪He's from China!‬

‪Not from China. From Mareuil.‬

‪Mr. Belloc,‬
‪this year, the Cup's ours!‬

‪Of course not!‬


‪They think Mareuil‬
‪can win the Cup!‬

‪They get carried away here.‬

‪They admire you.‬

‪They think they have a chance with you.‬
‪They're rednecks.‬

‪Mareuil's never won anything.‬

‪And given this year's team,‬
‪they're gonna get murdered.‬

‪You're just here for the photo.‬
‪Then you'll disappear, as usual.‬

‪Think I'm Mareuil's savior?‬
‪That I'll win you the Cup?‬

‪We don't care about the Cup.‬

‪We just want a team.‬

‪But you dumped your team‬
‪before the Final.‬

‪You're rewriting history.‬
‪You know what happened.‬

‪Relax. Nobody expects you‬
‪to win that Cup for us.‬

‪Trying to impress me‬
‪or do you really eat that?‬

‪I'll order sushi.‬

‪Good luck.‬


‪- I'm going to bed.‬
‪- Really?‬

‪Rednecks go to bed early.‬

‪Some people are sleeping!‬

‪Rednecks wake up early.‬

‪The kids are counting on you.‬

‪Platini's meatballs give him gas.‬
‪It's gross!‬

‪That jerk's still around?‬

‪Come on, guys!‬


‪That's it, on time!‬

‪The "Bullocks"!‬

‪So you're the new coach?‬

‪I'm just helping out.‬

‪Good luck!‬
‪I've got a team of killers.‬

‪- Right, guys? Who are killers?‬
‪- Us! Us! Us!‬

‪Very nice.‬

‪Good game!‬

‪He got fat.‬

‪Come off!‬
‪He's all alone!‬

‪He won't come off.‬

‪Yes, he will!‬

‪- Nope!‬
‪- Yes, he will!‬

‪I don't believe it!‬

‪Told you!‬

‪Hey, "Bullocks"!‬

‪He plays like you - on one leg!‬

‪Do they help on the farm, at least?‬

‪Take it easy, Borie!‬

‪- I got it!‬
‪- I got it!‬

‪That's a foul!‬

‪- Foul!‬
‪- Not even!‬

‪- What do you mean?‬
‪- It's a goal!‬

‪That's how I like 'em !‬

‪Go, guys!‬

‪Hey, "Bullocks"!‬

‪What's his problem?‬

‪Send in the substitutes!‬

‪I'm bored.‬


‪Good job, guys!‬

‪Hey, "Bullocks", too bad...‬

‪Ten more goals‬

‪and it would've been a tie!‬

‪Coaching's a challenge‬
‪for the "Bullocks".‬

‪An old man, a crippled man,‬
‪a dead man!‬

‪Don't talk about my brother!‬

‪We'll smash you next time!‬
‪We'll be back!‬

‪To be back,‬
‪you have to qualify for the Cup.‬

‪And given your level,‬
‪it's outta your league.‬

‪And you say nothing!‬

‪It's just football!‬

‪No, it's much more!‬

‪Let's be honest.‬

‪You're not a team.‬
‪You're a bunch of losers!‬

‪You're a loser.‬

‪You're a loser.‬

‪You're all, without exception,‬


‪But we're gonna try‬
‪to qualify for the Cup.‬

‪And for that, you need‬

‪a winning spirit.‬

‪Who can tell me what that is?‬

‪You, Picasso,‬
‪what's a winning spirit?‬



‪What is it to you?‬

‪Not losing.‬

‪Thanks, Einstein!‬

‪Me, sir!‬

‪Tsingtao, we're all ears!‬

‪It's an athlete's determination‬
‪to surpass himself to triumph.‬

‪Way off!‬

‪A winning spirit means doing‬

‪whatever you can to win.‬

‪That's exactly what he just said.‬

‪There's a slight nuance.‬


‪There is a slight nuance.‬

‪From now on, only victory matters.‬
‪Do whatever it takes.‬

‪So what do we have?‬

‪A winning spirit.‬

‪Are you dumb?‬

‪- What do we have?‬
‪- A winning spirit!‬

‪I don't hear a thing.‬

‪- What?‬
‪- A winning spirit!‬

‪I don't hear a thing.‬

‪- Louder!‬
‪- A winning spirit!‬

‪It won't be easy‬
‪but we'll get there.‬



‪19, you little pussies!‬
‪Go, go, go!‬

‪We're not here to sharpen pencils!‬

‪Go for it!‬

‪You bunch of losers!‬

‪Go, you losers!‬

‪Wake up! Go!‬

‪Right, left!‬
‪Right, left!‬


‪- Goalie, you're out!‬
‪- Why, sir?‬

‪Sorry, kid, but you're a zero.‬

‪No backtalk.‬
‪Beat it!‬

‪You there... Haircut!‬

‪- Replace him.‬
‪- Not goalie, please!‬

‪Just temporarily.‬
‪No backtalk.‬


‪Hey, David Luiz!‬

‪We're not there yet.‬
‪Go for it!‬

‪Not bad!‬


‪You, little black kid!‬

‪Come here.‬

‪Just 'cause I'm black,‬
‪I'm Mamadou?‬

‪That's uber racist, sir!‬

‪No, I mean... Sorry.‬
‪What's your name?‬


‪Think that's funny?‬

‪OK, Kirikou, 20 pushups!‬

‪Go! 1, 2...‬



‪That's just 2, Kirikou!‬

‪Everybody else, in position!‬

‪The tall kid... Lurch!‬

‪You're gonna lose the ball!‬
‪Use your opponent!‬

‪The second an opponent touches you,‬

‪you fall screaming‬
‪and get a free kick!‬

‪- Are you telling him to fake it?‬
‪- No!‬

‪That's cheating.‬

‪Don't be negative!‬
‪Use what you've got.‬

‪Jacques always says to play fair.‬

‪Who played for the World Cup -‬
‪Jacques or me?‬

‪Korea 2002, ring any bells?‬

‪Yeah, you were a substitute.‬
‪You didn't even play.‬

‪We were eliminated in the 1st round.‬

‪Don't start giving me shit!‬

‪Anyone who's not happy,‬
‪get out!‬


‪Force the contact,‬
‪writhe in pain!‬

‪Ask for a replacement.‬

‪Feel better!‬

‪Now get back in place!‬

‪Practice is over!‬

‪See you on Wednesday, Mr. Belloc.‬

‪What as ass-kisser!‬

‪Step on it, guys!‬

‪Mr. Belloc...‬

‪My son says‬
‪you kicked him off the team.‬

‪What did he do? He's been‬
‪in the club since he was 5.‬

‪He sucks, ma'am.‬

‪I can't do anything with him.‬

‪Switch sports.‬
‪He's got the body for...‬

‪I dunno, chess.‬

‪He plays football for fun.‬

‪"Football for fun" is over.‬
‪Now we're playing to win.‬

‪Get out, see you Wednesday.‬

‪7 o'clock! Get up!‬

‪People are sleeping!‬


Depilatory Cream



‪What's this makeup case?‬
‪Do that at your mom's, but not here!‬

‪What is this junk?‬

‪That's my toiletry bag.‬

‪Don't cover for her.‬

‪Intimate depilatory cream -‬
‪bikini, underarms.‬

‪You use this?‬
‪That's yours?‬

‪Yeah, it avoids ingrown hairs.‬

‪That's my aloe vera day cream.‬

‪My organic shampoo.‬

‪It's great for scalp stimulation.‬

‪I have to watch my image.‬
‪That's important!‬

‪I see why you fall and cry like babies‬
‪on the field.‬

‪The showers must be lively.‬

‪Isn't nice skin important?‬


Alan Loser
Physical Therapy Center

‪I'll pick you up in 3 hours.‬

‪I don't need 3 hours.‬

‪I do.‬

‪2, 3,‬

‪4, 5, 6,‬

‪7 and 8!‬

‪Spread your legs!‬

‪Hey, whatsaname!‬
‪Take it easy!‬

‪See that leg?‬
‪It's insured for 10 million.‬

‪Know how much 10 million is?‬

‪Sorry, sir.‬

‪Surely the brain's not insured.‬


‪Let's go, spread them.‬

‪That's the last one.‬

‪We're done!‬

‪Mr. Asshole, we're done.‬


‪All done.‬

‪You see, whatsaname?‬
‪You can, when you try.‬

‪Yeah, I see.‬

‪Stop! Stop!‬

‪Are you done fooling around?‬

‪If anyone comes by,‬
‪we're in deep shit.‬

‪At least I've got balls!‬

‪Yeah, but you wax them.‬

‪Now that's a haircut!‬

‪Drop me in the village.‬
‪I need hair conditioner.‬

‪Not bad. Do that on the field,‬
‪and you're on my team.‬

‪Whaddaya say?‬
‪Will you sign?‬

‪Yeah, sure!‬

‪Well, I have to talk to my mom first.‬

‪No problem.‬
‪I can talk to her.‬

‪I warn you,‬
‪sometimes my mom's...‬

‪Don't worry.‬
‪I'll handle your mother.‬

‪What are you doing here?‬

‪Hello, ma'am.‬
‪I'm the football club's new coach.‬

‪And I asked your son, Martin,‬
‪to join the team because‬

‪he's... he's terrific!‬

‪He's really...‬
‪He's terrific.‬

‪Please, Mom! Please!‬


‪I beg you.‬

‪OK, but math is your top priority.‬

‪- You sure?‬
‪- Sure.‬

‪My first recruit of the season.‬

‪Mom, Belloc's my coach!‬

‪Insane, no?‬

‪Yeah, insane.‬

‪You'll be late for school.‬

‪- See you tonight.‬
‪- OK.‬

‪- Wednesday at 3!‬
‪- OK, coach!‬


‪have a nice day...‬

‪You obviously still hate Swiss chard?‬

‪Who likes Swiss chard?‬

‪You're wrong.‬
‪It's full of vitamins!‬

‪What's on, Uncle Max?‬

‪Why don't you help Jacques?‬

‪No! I'm fine on my own!‬

...the most hated
personalities in France.

In first position:
Maxime Belloc, PSG striker.

The man we love to hate!

‪Who cares?‬
‪You know we love you.‬

‪- Do you have to cling?‬
‪- Don't you like cuddling?‬

‪Let's get this straight.‬

‪I don't like "uncle" or fucking cuddles!‬

‪Watch your mouth!‬
‪And no dirty words!‬

‪I'm not your kid anymore.‬

‪It's OK, Grandpa!‬

‪Under my roof, I decide how we talk,‬
‪like it or not.‬

‪You haven't changed.‬

‪No. If you don't like it...‬

‪Know what?‬
‪I'm outta here!‬

‪That what you want?‬

‪Now I remember why I took off.‬

‪Guess who I'm with!‬

‪Renaud Lavillénie.‬

‪No, Lavillenie!‬

World record-holder!
6.14 meters!

‪- No, 6.16 m.‬
‪- Let's not quibble over 2 cm.‬

‪We're going to the sports Oscars.‬
‪Cool, huh?‬

‪- Bring me home!‬
- How's that?

‪You freaking out? I'm meeting with TF1.‬
‪They wanna do a piece on you.‬

‪I don't give a damn.‬
‪Get me a ticket, ASAP!‬

‪That's a huge mistake!‬

You can't do that, Max!

‪I gotta go.‬


‪Don't you say howdy?‬

‪He's a star!‬

‪They forget their buddies!‬

‪Jean-Louis Fauvel, Corine Bouchard!‬
‪6th grade!‬

‪Remember us?‬

‪- Sure.‬
‪- We used to raise hell!‬

‪More than that!‬

‪Remember Cedric Pouchard?‬

‪The pooch!‬

‪The pooch!‬
‪The pooch!‬

‪He was from...‬

‪I've gotta go, I'm late!‬

‪We're throwing a shindig tonight.‬

‪Pulling out the M16, shooting rabbits.‬

‪You gotta come!‬

‪I'll call you later!‬

‪You don't have our...‬

‪He was fakin' it.‬


‪What are you doing?‬

‪Taking the bus,‬
‪like everyone else.‬

‪It's important to stay humble.‬

‪No, I mean‬
‪why are you sitting beside me?‬

‪Rush hour! Only seat available.‬

‪Since we got off on the wrong foot,‬
‪I thought...‬

‪we could have...‬

‪a little chitchat!‬

‪A little chitchat?‬

‪That's nice‬
‪but I don't need to be chatted up.‬

‪And I'm not really into football.‬

Max, sweetie,

I got you a ticket
for tomorrow morning.

‪- What ticket?‬
- Back to Paris, like you wanted.

‪Forget it, I'm staying.‬

What's going on?
You sound weird.

‪I met a girl.‬

‪She's not really into football.‬

And her husband?
Is he into football?

‪Let's talk positions and tactics.‬

‪You two play defense.‬

‪Kirikou, midfield.‬
‪Forward pass to Tsingtao.‬

‪Tsingtao crosses.‬
‪The Joker lets it pass.‬

‪Haircut intercepts‬
‪into shooting position.‬

‪And maybe you score.‬

‪Got it?‬


‪You two pressure Kirikou.‬

‪He passes to Tsingtao, who crosses.‬

‪If I pass, he'll be offside.‬

‪No, do it sooner.‬
‪He crosses and you let it pass.‬

‪Why? I just have to score.‬
‪No one's there.‬

‪At the game, there will be.‬
‪Letting it pass,‬

‪you'll confuse the defense.‬
‪Then Haircut...‬

‪Where am I?‬
‪If they're defending me?‬

‪Listen up!‬

‪Kirikou, press triangle, R1 on Tsingtao.‬

‪Tsingtao, move to the line‬
‪and cross to the Joker: square.‬


‪And Haircut, try to score -‬
‪circle or R1, if you're agile.‬

‪Why didn't you say that?‬
‪That's clearer.‬

‪Yeah, that's much clearer.‬

‪- Where are our jerseys?‬
‪- You have jerseys.‬

‪They're nasty!‬

‪- They suck!‬
‪- I think they're nice.‬

‪Shut up!‬

‪You'll get real jerseys‬
‪when you're a real team.‬

‪Is that clear?‬

‪Gentlemen, meet our new recruit.‬

‪This is Martin.‬

‪A real winner!‬

‪Look at that face!‬

‪He's got a sweet right foot!‬

‪He didn't score.‬


‪A sweet left, too!‬

‪Yeah, guys!‬

‪- Martin, welcome aboard!‬
‪- Come on over.‬

‪Have a seat.‬

‪He's got sweet... everything!‬


‪My R8!‬

‪- That's yours?‬
‪- It's Iron Man's car!‬

‪- Class!‬
‪- Elegant, I'd say!‬

‪- How fast?‬
‪- How many chicks fit inside?‬

‪Can we go for a spin?‬

‪No way! Get off!‬

‪Go on, get off!‬

‪I'm just breaking it in.‬

What if we played it less low-profile?


‪- You happy?‬
‪- Yeah, it was great.‬

‪- It went OK?‬
‪- It was cool!‬

‪I hope your mom'll be happy...‬

‪And your dad.‬

‪My father?‬

‪- I doubt it.‬
‪- He's not into football?‬

‪My dad's nothing.‬
‪He doesn't exist!‬

‪He dumped us.‬

‪- Great!‬
‪- What?‬

‪No, I mean...‬

‪Maybe it'll make your stepdad happy.‬

‪With my mom's job, we keep moving.‬
‪We're all alone.‬

‪That's too bad.‬

‪I've gotta go.‬

‪- I have to make a call.‬
‪- OK.‬

‪- Till Wednesday, champ!‬
‪- OK.‬

‪Time for the Belloc treatment!‬

‪- Hello, ma'am.‬
‪- Hello.‬

For the girl
who's not really into football!

‪We mowing the lawn?‬

‪- It still runs?‬
‪- No.‬



‪Hello. Isn't the pretty one...‬

‪It's the fat one today, cutie.‬

Mareuil Sports Alliance

‪Is that Maxime's phone?‬

‪Now we can torture him!‬

‪Guys, what are you up to?‬

‪Type "Smurfette"!‬

‪Good news, Haircut!‬
‪I got another goalie.‬

‪Thank God! Maybe we can win.‬

‪Come on in.‬

‪Meet your new goalie,‬

‪Teddy Bear.‬

‪Have a seat.‬

‪What do we take to the field?‬

‪The winning spirit!‬

‪OK, Jacques, peddle to the metal!‬

‪Bad news...‬

‪Midgets, if we lose,‬

‪we don't qualify for the Cup.‬
‪We have to tie, OK?‬

Max, call me. We have to talk.

‪- Coming?‬
‪- I'm staying here.‬


‪We've been losing for 20 years.‬

‪The players change‬
‪but the coach doesn't.‬

‪So now the black cat's‬
‪staying off the field.‬

‪- Stop that nonsense!‬
‪- No, get lost!‬

‪But bring me a tie score.‬

‪Gentlemen, calm down!‬
‪I warn you,‬

‪the next guy who fouls is out!‬

‪Martin, come here!‬

‪Listen, buddy,‬
‪the ref's all worked up.‬

‪If you take a dive,‬
‪you'll get a penalty. OK?‬

‪- Yeah, but...‬
‪- Martin, the winning spirit!‬

‪Go, Martin!‬


‪Go, Martin!‬

‪Did you do that on purpose?‬

‪What a bunch of losers!‬

‪Come on! Get motivated!‬

‪We have to do something.‬

‪Martin, play the wing!‬

‪Doofus, take the lead!‬
‪And pressure the ball carrier!‬


‪Good job, Lurch!‬
‪Take it right!‬

‪Bang it in the mixer!‬

‪That was red hot!‬

‪Bravo, champ!‬


‪We qualified!‬

‪A tie score!‬

‪That's great!‬


‪That's it...‬

‪Now I'm the mascot...‬
‪I have to stay on the bus now!‬

Belloc, Mareuil Coach, Back to the Roots

‪Reminds me of the 1995 strikes!‬

‪Who is it?‬

‪- Toto.‬
‪- Toto?‬

‪Toto who?‬

‪Toto Toto.‬

‪Toss it to me.‬

‪- Who is this?‬
- Me.

‪- Me, who?‬
- Me!

‪- Me, Toto?‬
- No, Valerie!

‪You okay?‬

‪Car! Car!‬

‪Tata, Toto!‬

‪Come on, let's go!‬


‪By the way, thanks.‬
‪For Martin.‬

‪I saw the picture in the paper.‬

‪He was great.‬

‪He was proud.‬
‪I haven't seen him like that in ages.‬

‪Received anything lately?‬

‪have you received anything?‬

‪No. Why?‬

‪Oh, nothing.‬

‪Lie down.‬

‪You wax your armpits?‬

‪Why, don't you?‬

‪I didn't mean to offend you.‬
‪I'm sorry.‬

‪What can I do to be forgiven?‬

‪It's fine.‬

‪I could send you roses.‬

‪I have quite a stock at home.‬

‪Roses? No kidding?‬

‪What's with you?‬

‪It's also a lie detector.‬

‪Go on! I'm not scared.‬

‪We'll see about that.‬

‪Do you wax anywhere else?‬


‪My chest.‬

‪That's all?‬

‪- Sure?‬
‪- Yes?‬


‪I can't say, it'll get embarrassing.‬

‪Then I'd rather not know.‬

‪That thing's effective!‬

‪A must for avoiding weirdos.‬

‪Do you meet a lot?‬

‪No, I avoid them.‬

‪Are you always so suspicious?‬

‪That hurts!‬

‪What a wimp!‬
‪I thought you were used to it.‬

Call me!!!!

4 lazy defenders
And a scary goalie

But no big deal
at the Mareuil Sports Alliance

We run and run,
maybe one day we'll score...

3 feverish forwards...


‪It's worse than I thought.‬

‪Completely kaput.‬

‪It's behind the radiator.‬
‪It's screwed.‬

‪What'll we do?‬
‪We play in 1 hour!‬

‪They all could fit in my trailer.‬

‪A tractor will take hours.‬

‪Something else could tow the trailer.‬

‪Something more orange...‬


‪Don't even think about it!‬


‪I'm just breaking my car in.‬
‪End of conversation.‬

3 feverish forwards,

3 horrifying midfielders,
4 lazy defenders

And a scary goalie

‪- How much time's left?‬
‪- 4 or 5 minutes.‬

‪Teddy Bear, come off!‬

‪Come off!‬

‪We're dead!‬

‪Good, Martin!‬

‪Have hope! It's not over!‬

‪I don't know if it's because‬
‪I stay away‬

‪or because you have a new coach,‬

‪but Mareuil is a really mighty team now!‬


‪I said when I had a real team,‬
‪we'd have real jerseys.‬

‪You remember or not?‬

‪Well, I lied.‬

‪Number 21, Haircut!‬

‪Number 7, Martiños!‬

‪Kirikou, number 24.‬

‪Number 8, Thingy!‬

‪- Teddy Bear!‬
‪- He's down there.‬

‪- And the Joker!‬
‪- That's me!‬


‪The first round's on the house!‬

‪Ready to order?‬

‪I'll have a 23, like my jersey!‬

‪I'll have a 10.‬

‪- Is there pork in 8?‬
‪- No, sautéed beef!‬

‪Give me an 8 then!‬

‪What do I eat?‬

‪I don't have a jersey.‬

‪- What did you think?‬
‪- Why 12?‬

‪You're our 12th man.‬

‪Here, beautiful!‬

‪Allow me to introduce number 133,‬


‪Maxime, why 133?‬

‪That's his age, 19 years x 7!‬

‪Oddly enough,‬
‪you get on well with the kids.‬

‪Get out!‬
‪I'm not the camp counselor type.‬

‪And I'm not the grandfather type.‬

‪Why didn't you tell me‬
‪Philippe was a dad?‬

‪He died before he was.‬

‪Since you blew off the funeral,‬

‪I figured you'd blow off the birth, too.‬

‪- Why didn't you come?‬
‪- I was in Korea for the World Cup.‬

‪You were a substitute.‬

‪Sure, I wanted to come‬
‪but the Federation pressured me.‬

‪Don't make excuses.‬
‪It was your decision.‬

‪You've got a nerve!‬

‪You shipped me off.‬
‪You didn't ask me to stay.‬

‪I had to grow up all alone!‬

‪All I did was to give you a choice.‬

‪You don't let a kid make those choices.‬
‪I was 15, Dad!‬

‪When your mother got pregnant,‬
‪I took my responsibilities.‬

‪I wasn't any older.‬

‪What's the connection?‬
‪That was in 1912!‬

‪Having a grownup conversation?‬

‪Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes.‬

‪Read the morning paper?‬

‪You're signing in China?‬

‪It's not a done deal.‬
‪We're negotiating.‬

‪Why bury yourself away?‬
‪Why not Russia, while you're at it?‬

‪I don't know.‬

‪Why not stay in Paris?‬

‪At the moment, I have no idea!‬

‪First of all, my leg's shot.‬

‪My career's certainly shot.‬

‪I'm the most hated footballer in history.‬

‪Then I come here‬
‪and get my past thrown in my face.‬

‪And they're not all fond memories.‬

‪Time to start jogging!‬


‪You have to work out‬
‪before you can play.‬

‪You're gonna be nice to me now?‬

‪The sooner you run,‬

‪the sooner you leave.‬

‪Step on it!‬

You know I want you

‪What is this insanity?‬

‪Don't bother looking, you can't see!‬

‪- You didn't come to practice.‬
‪- I know.‬

‪We have a playoff on Sunday!‬

‪He won't be there.‬

‪Mom won't let me play.‬

‪- Because of me?‬
‪- No, he's flunking.‬


‪What if his grades were above average?‬

‪How? You gonna help him‬
‪with his homework?‬

‪Why not? I have time.‬

‪It's a question of ability, not time.‬

‪Because I'm a footballer, I'm stupid?‬

‪That's not what I meant.‬

‪I've studied, got my master's.‬
‪I have an NBA...‬


‪I have an MBA.‬
‪Martin, can I help you?‬

‪Big time! MBA.‬

‪You can try.‬

‪But no progress, no football!‬
‪Is that clear?‬

‪That's clear.‬

‪- I didn't know you had a master's.‬
‪- Me, either.‬

‪And it's a goal!‬

‪Electromagnetic waves.‬
‪Know about that?‬

‪That's bullshit! It's too slow!‬


‪You have no knack for chess.‬

‪What about stamp collecting?‬

‪Bye, Emmanuel.‬

‪1/4 Finals‬

‪Push, lady, push!‬

‪Well, I'll be going.‬

‪OK, thank you.‬

‪Wanna stay for dinner?‬

‪I'd love to.‬

‪Make yourself at home.‬


‪Is that you?‬

‪Yeah, but don't make fun of me.‬

‪I'm not.‬

‪Is that Martin's father?‬


‪If you can call that a father.‬

‪Elbows or spaghetti?‬

‪How about a restaurant,‬
‪just the two of us?‬

‪No, sorry, not tonight.‬
‪I don't have a sitter.‬

‪I can ask my father.‬

‪Or even better,‬
‪the 3 of us can go.‬

‪I mean with Martin,‬
‪not my father.‬

‪No, I'd rather not.‬

‪Between football, homework, it's a lot.‬

‪I want him in bed early.‬

‪I can ask my father to watch him.‬
‪Tomorrow or the next night.‬

‪Maxime, I like you. Really.‬

‪But you have a career,‬
‪paparazzi, 10-million-euro legs.‬

‪And I have Martin.‬

‪We finally have a good life together.‬

‪I have a good job.‬

‪And I'd like to be happy here,‬

‪in Mareuil.‬

‪And I don't think Maxime Belloc‬
‪will stick around very long.‬

‪You never know!‬

‪A few months ago,‬
‪I never thought I'd be back.‬

‪- You know, in life...‬
‪- Maxime!‬

‪It's not gonna work, us two.‬

‪I'm sorry.‬

‪1/2 Finals‬

Mareuil Eliminated

Good news, we're signing
with Milan on Saturday.

‪How did that happen?‬

Mazzola got bashed up in training.

An anterolateral tear.

What luck!

So they have to fill out their midfield.

‪- And Paris is dead?‬
- Finito!

Now it's Milano!
They're offering 6 million.

C'mon, hide your joy!
I feel like a wet blanket.

- Aren't you happy?
‪- Yeah, obviously.‬

You're outta the sticks!
See you on Saturday!

‪Yeah, buddy.‬

‪You leaving?‬

‪Will you come back?‬

‪Of course, I'll come back.‬

‪Jacques puts up a front‬
‪but he'll be upset if you don't.‬

‪Come here.‬

‪I'll come back to see my father.‬

‪But especially to see my niece.‬

‪Because I have a niece now.‬

‪And she can visit me,‬
‪if she wants to.‬

‪In Milan.‬

‪- No?‬
‪- Yeah.‬

‪- Inter or A.C. Milan?‬
‪- A.C. Milan.‬

‪Wanna see a match in San Siro?‬

‪Unpack! You're staying!‬

‪- What?‬
‪- I filed a complaint.‬

‪I was sure of it! In Saint Frézal,‬
‪half the players were over 16.‬

‪So they forfeit.‬
‪And we get to play the final round‬

‪against Changogne!‬

‪Maybe we'll win that Cup after all!‬

‪He's signing a new contract.‬

‪That's great!‬
‪You signing with Paris again?‬


‪We're signing on Saturday.‬


‪Can't you postpone it a few hours‬
‪or wait till Monday?‬

‪Grandpa, he's signing with A.C. Milan.‬

‪- And the Final?‬
‪- I'll train them all week but...‬

‪But Saturday...‬

‪you won't be there, as usual.‬

‪I could almost taste it.‬

‪What did you expect?‬

‪To keep him till next season?‬

‪To build a stadium‬
‪and find a sponsor.‬

‪Of course not.‬


‪It's incredible, isn't it?‬

‪His leg was in pieces‬
‪and he saved it.‬

‪He took the worst team in the region‬
‪and got it to the Final.‬

‪And you?‬

‪You'd lost a son,‬
‪and it turns out he's a good guy.‬

‪And you're the one who's sulking.‬

‪Did you even thank him?‬

‪Sometimes you just have to say things.‬

‪Please, guys!‬

‪Thank you.‬

‪Today, our practice‬
‪was kind of special.‬

‪Because it was the last one?‬

‪No, not just that.‬

‪Well, it was the best!‬

‪Thank you.‬

‪I wanted to say, these last few weeks,‬
‪practicing together,‬

‪have been...‬

‪OK, take it easy!‬

‪He's all choked up!‬

‪It's not easy.‬

‪I won't be here for the F...‬



‪you were an exceptional being.‬

‪More than a friend.‬

‪More than a son.‬

‪And part of the team forever.‬

‪We'll never forget you.‬


‪Honey, you wanna say anything?‬

‪Good evening, ma'am.‬

‪Is Emmanuel in, please?‬

‪You OK?‬

‪Yeah. Well...‬

‪I just got kicked out‬
‪of the stamp collecting club.‬

‪I shouldn't have fired you.‬

‪It wasn't the right thing to do.‬

‪So I came to ask‬
‪if you'd like to come back.‬

‪Wouldn't you like that?‬

‪I think you were right, sir.‬

‪I'm a zero.‬

‪You are a zero.‬

‪But what matters most is heart,‬


‪Football's about learning values.‬

‪And the important question is...‬

‪Are you ready‬
‪to fight like a banshee?‬

‪To give everything you've got?‬

‪To never give up?‬

‪Then you're in the team.‬

‪Substitute goalie.‬

‪Go to bed, kid.‬
‪Tomorrow's the Final.‬

‪Mom! I'm substitute goalie!‬

‪He won't be here tomorrow either.‬
‪He's leaving.‬

‪OK, well, I...‬

‪Thank you.‬



‪I wanted to say I'm sorry.‬

‪And if your dinner invitation‬
‪is still open,‬

‪I'd be very thrilled to accept.‬

‪My invitation's off.‬

‪I like you Alice. Really.‬

‪I really, really like you.‬

‪But you were right.‬
‪My life is elsewhere.‬

‪So what are we saying?‬

‪"I like you a lot, but goodbye."‬


‪OK, guys, remember what I said?‬

‪Get the info.‬
‪Identify an unmarked buddy.‬

‪Don't play solo.‬
‪Find a solution.‬

‪Make an effort, OK?‬

‪Rely on your buddy's qualities!‬

‪Because Doofus ain't Momo.‬

‪Momo ain't Kirikou.‬

‪Martin ain't Teddy Bear.‬

‪The winning spirit!‬


‪- Where's Max?‬
‪- Why isn't he here?‬

‪Listen, guys, Max left.‬

‪He won't be here today.‬

‪He's signing with A.C. Milan!‬
‪Classy or what?‬

‪But he's not here for the Final.‬
‪That's not cool.‬

‪It's not the same without him.‬

‪Believe me,‬
‪I'm sure he'd like to be here with you.‬

‪But isn't it thanks to him‬
‪that we're in the Final?‬

‪- That's true.‬
‪- So?‬

‪You have to understand.‬

‪And I think he has a surprise for you.‬

‪Hi, guys!‬

‪He looks just like Guy Roux!‬

‪Because he is Guy Roux.‬

‪And Christian Jean-Pierre's beside him.‬

‪You're so dumb!‬

‪We're signing with A.C. Milan!‬
‪Do you realize?‬

‪- Yeah, I do.‬
‪- It's so great!‬

‪Finally! Valerie!‬

‪- Lorenzo.‬
‪- How are you?‬

‪- Have a good trip?‬
‪- Excellent.‬

What is this shit?

‪Why sign with Milan?‬
‪Stay with us!‬

I thought we were family?

‪You don't want me anymore‬
‪and now you guilt-trip me?‬

‪I've been texting you for weeks!‬

‪You're Smurfette?‬

‪What are you talking about?‬

‪The very night of your surgery,‬
‪I looked Valerie in the eye‬

and said, even with one leg,
we'd renew your contract.

Max, do you hear me?


‪What's Max doing?‬

‪What's going on?‬

‪- Are you coming?‬
‪- I'm not signing.‬


‪Stop fooling around.‬

‪You don't decide, I do.‬

‪No, now I decide.‬

‪- That's new.‬
‪- I can manage alone now.‬

‪Yes, sir.‬

‪Thanks for everything, Valerie.‬
‪Sincerely, but...‬

‪you're fired.‬

‪He fired me, the jerk.‬

‪What a jerk.‬

‪- Nikola!‬
‪- Valerie!‬

‪- How are you, champ?‬
‪- And you?‬

‪Just fine, thank you.‬

‪It's funny! It's crazy!‬

‪Yesterday I was in my Pilates class‬

‪and thought,‬
‪"Valerie, you absolutely must call Niko!"‬

‪Isn't that a sign?‬
‪Who are you with now?‬

‪You know I don't play football, Valerie.‬

‪Get psyched, you're up!‬

‪And win!‬

‪Go for it, Doofus!‬

‪Go for it, Goalie!‬

‪The winning spirit!‬

‪Martin, we're counting on you!‬

‪- Hello, Guy.‬
‪- Hello!‬

‪We're here with you live‬
‪from the Berry Cup Final, pitting‬

the Mareuil Sports Alliance

against the current title-holder
and 11-time Cup winner,

‪the Changogne FC club.‬
‪It's going to be a tough fight.‬

Yes, we're certainly going to see
a difference in style

between the highly technical,
cohesive Mareuil team

and Changogne, which is
extremely physical - brutal almost -

‪yet they keep winning!‬

‪Aren't the "Bullocks" here?‬

‪The family tradition:‬
‪flee before defeat!‬

‪Isn't there at least‬
‪one Belloc on the bench?‬

‪Guys, play for Platini today!‬
‪Win it for him!‬

‪- Did Platini die?‬
‪- Yeah, I think he was a drunk.‬

‪Pathetic morons.‬

Here's Mareuil's
4-2-3-1 formation,

with Thingy, Kirikou,

Haircut, Einstein,
Mustache and Martiños.

And Mareuil kicks off,
sending the ball left to Einstein.

Einstein loses Giraud.

Thingy sends it to Martiños.
A beautiful opening for Kirikou.

An opportunity for Mareuil.

But Schmerz kicks the ball.

‪No big deal, guys.‬
‪We'll get it back!‬

An interesting corner for Changogne.
Danger ahead!

Polter header to Maréchal
at the backpost.

And it continues!
Schneider tries to score!

A huge break for Changogne!
Mareuil's in hot water!

‪Good job!‬

A beautiful, audacious move,
inches from Teddy Bear.

Fischer eliminates Haircut.

Fischer finds Boucher,
Boucher spins around!

A beautiful shot by Boucher!

‪Why the hell am I not on the bench?‬

What a match for Changogne,
which has the upper hand.

‪They're 72% in possession of the ball.‬

‪They haven't scored yet,‬
‪but I feel it coming.‬

It's halftime here. Guy, it's a miracle

that no one's scored.
Changogne dominated

the first half of the game.

The yellow and blues
are blowing their Final.

Changogne kicks off
the second half of the game,

with Schmerz chasing Mustache.

‪Go guys!‬
‪Don't let up!‬

A long pass to Schneider,
who panics the defense.

He attempts a 1-2 with Lebrun.

Boucher passes to Lebrun,
who takes a shot. And Teddy Bear

saves his team again.
But it's not over!

The ball's at Landa's feet.

He's got the ball!


A foul by Jellyroll.


A well-placed free kick for Changogne.

‪There was no foul!‬

‪Number 9, move back.‬

The Changogne striker wants justice.
Landa faces Teddy Bear.

If he scores, the match is over.

‪Shit! Shit!‬

Changogne is now in the lead,
1-0, in this Final!

‪280 km/h on the highway!‬

‪I think we hit the jackpot!‬

‪Mr. Football!‬

‪Jean-Louis and Corine!‬

‪A tad in a rush, huh?‬

‪Yes, but it's the Final, you know?‬

‪No, I don't.‬

‪Did you know?‬

‪The Final for people‬
‪who think they're above the law!‬

‪You have to let me go.‬
‪For old time's sake!‬

‪Come on!‬
‪The pooch, the pooch...‬

‪You have to let me go, guys.‬

‪It's important.‬

‪There's certainly a solution.‬

‪You have to be real nice‬
‪to auntie Corine!‬


‪The pooch!‬

‪The pooch!‬

Just minutes left.
The score is still 1-0.

‪Go for it, guys!‬

It seems that Changogne will win

and take home the trophy.

Mareuil doesn't seem capable
of turning the tide.

‪I don't believe it!‬

‪One last throw-in, which the Joker‬

is about to launch.

‪Maxime Belloc!‬

What's going on?

‪It's Maxime!‬

‪Maxime's here!‬

Look, Guy! It's really him!

Maxime Belloc has just entered
the stadium.

The Mareuil coach is here!
He's circling the field.

‪The Mareuil players are losing,‬

but with Maxime the tables could turn.

‪That will certainly boost morale‬
‪on the Mareuil team‬

for the last 5 minutes.

‪What is it?‬
‪What team are you on?‬

‪He's out!‬
‪I don't wanna see him again.‬

‪Where are we at?‬

‪Basically up shit creek.‬
‪They're really good.‬

‪Hold on.‬

Fear seems to have changed teams!
What a show!!

The game starts.
Schneider intercepts.

‪We're coming back, guys!‬

Landa's on the left wing.
Landa faces Tsingtao.

Mareuil's number 5
is putting up a fight!

He barrels right in.
Well done!

‪Great, Tsingtao!‬

David Luiz takes the ball
back to midfield.

Mareuil strikes. David Luiz to Haircut.
Haircut to David Luiz.

A double 1-2 to the right.

‪R1 - Triangle - Cross!‬

‪Mow him down!‬

‪Beautiful play!‬

Watch out!
Instep kick!

Goal for Martiños!

Maxime Belloc's team is back,
and just in time,

with exquisite synchronization
and a superb goal!

What suspens, Guy!
Mareuil's not done yet! One all!

Regulation time is out.
We'll certainly go into extra time.

Watch out! A long crossfield pass
by Boucher, almost off-side!

Boucher faces Teddy Bear!

Foul! Teddy Bear commits a foul
against Boucher!

‪Certainly a penalty whistled against...‬

‪Oh, no! What?‬

‪That's not a foul!‬

The Mareuil players obviously

gather around the referee,
trying to change his mind.

They won't succeed.

Calm down!

‪The referee pulls out a card!‬

A red card!

‪A red card?‬

‪It's definitely a turning point‬
‪in the Berry Cup Final!‬

‪I don't believe it!‬


‪Come on, buddy.‬


‪I promised you'd get your chance.‬

‪But don't worry,‬
‪there's no pressure.‬

‪If he scores, it's normal.‬

‪It's normal, OK?‬

‪No big deal!‬

‪Go on, champ!‬

‪Go, Emmanuel!‬

‪Go on, buddy.‬

‪Don't worry, it'll be fine.‬

‪Choose a side and dive.‬
‪Don't think too hard.‬

‪He's right-footed.‬
‪He'll shoot left.‬

‪I'm left-footed‬
‪and I usually shoot left.‬

‪If he's right-footed,‬
‪dive right.‬

‪If he's right-footed,‬
‪he could shoot right. And left!‬

‪Just dive left, OK?‬

‪If you see him look left,‬
‪dive right.‬

‪Or left.‬

‪Dive to the right of his left.‬

Boucher will try to snatch victory
for Changogne FC

in this Berry Cup Final!

‪Emmanuel, you may just do it!‬

‪- Can he stop it?‬
‪- He's never stopped one yet!‬

Emmanuel is on his line.

‪He may do it.‬

- Just dive right.
- To his right.

- Dive left.
- Dive right.


Boucher takes a run up...

Right in the kisser!

It all remains to be done.

The Mareuil players
hug their serendipitous goalkeeper.

‪How could he have missed?‬

And it continues.

Regulation time is over.


30 minutes of extra time,
with a golden goal.

The next team that scores
leaves with the trophy.

What tension!
What an insane match!

‪You're just watching 'em play.‬
‪They're alone.‬

‪Everybody pick a player‬
‪and break them.‬

‪Mamadou, you could've dived.‬

‪If we can score a penalty,‬
‪don't hesitate.‬

‪Nobody's diving. We finish‬
‪this match standing, heads high.‬

‪- But you said...‬
‪- No.‬

‪I was wrong. What counts isn't‬
‪the destination, it's the path.‬

‪- It's not clear?‬
‪- No.‬

‪Whatever happens,‬
‪even if we lose,‬

‪it's what you've done up until now‬
‪that matters.‬

‪It's not the winning spirit?‬

‪We can win this match, Momo.‬

‪On the up and up.‬
‪Because we're a team.‬

‪We didn't suffer for nothing!‬
‪We gonna do it?‬

‪Show 'em we're not here by chance?‬

‪Let's try an old ruse of my father's.‬

‪Can you all tell time‬
‪on an analog watch?‬

‪Go, go!‬

‪OK, guys! Mareuil!‬

Changogne kicks off.
Schneider to Lebrun.

Lebrun meets Lamant.

Landa on the side.

Schneider's signaled on the right.

Schneider attempts a kick.

It's too far to the right
of the goalpost.

So it's a goal kick...

‪OK, guys, now!‬
‪It's 3 o'clock! Jetlag!‬

Emmanuel shoots the ball.

A long pass.

The Mareuil players
are moving like the dial on a clock.

Changogne seems totally disoriented.

Kirikou's in the center spot.

Kirikou's in a struggle
but launches a header!

A gorgeous opening for Martiños!

All alone, Martiños faces Sudden Death!

Martiños faces Sudden Death!

‪What an extraordinary trick!‬

‪Go, Martin!‬


‪The Final's been won, Guy!‬

‪Shit, I'm locked in!‬

An incredible outcome
here in Mareuil!

‪Mareuil wins the Berry Cup!‬

‪The most beautiful Cup in the world!‬

‪Thank you, son!‬

‪I'm the happiest man now!‬

‪Calm down, Dad, it's just football.‬

‪You little jerk! I'm so happy!‬

‪Thank you, Mareuil!‬
‪Thank you!‬

‪- Nice, huh?‬
‪- Really nice!‬

‪I'm so happy!‬

‪Bravo, guys!‬
‪It's just football, but it's great.‬

‪Well, well, Belloc!‬

‪I didn't think I'd lose,‬
‪but I never thought you'd win.‬

‪There are 2 great clubs in the region!‬

‪Do not wait 15 years next time‬
‪to revenge!‬

‪No hard feelings, Borie.‬


‪This is so great!‬

‪- You have quite a leap!‬
‪- Thank you.‬

‪Leave him alone,‬
‪he's not interested.‬

‪Who do you think you are?‬

‪The boy's barely 15!‬

‪- What are you doing here?‬
‪- I came with good news.‬

‪You're not my agent anymore.‬

‪You have a meeting on Monday‬

‪to sign a 2-year contract with Paris.‬

‪Come on, I'll buy you a drink.‬

‪Call me!‬

‪It's nice that you came back.‬
‪For the team.‬

‪I didn't just come back for the team.‬

‪Martin, a debriefing!‬

‪OK, we won.‬
‪But you can really improve your...‬

‪He's so cute!‬
‪What's his name?‬

‪I don't know.‬

‪Let's see how he plays.‬

‪- He's got a good header.‬
‪- Then we should call him Zidane!‬