La Bohème (1988) - full transcript

This Crossing of the Red Sea
freezes me

As if the waves
were pouring over me

I'll drown a Pharaon in revenge!

What are you doing?

I'm looking at the grey sky
and the smoke rising

From the chimneys of Paris

And thinking of that traitorous,

Old stove of ours

Living a life of leisure

Like some fine lord

It hasn't received it's income
for some time now

What are our foolish forests
doing under the snow?

Rodolfo, I must tell you
a profond thought I've had:

-I'm frozen stiff!
-Personally, I've forgotten

What it means to sweat!

My fingers are as frozen

As if I were still holding

That enormous block of ice
which is Musetta's heart

Love is a fire
which consumes a lot of fuel

...and doesn't last!

-Man is the kindling
-...and woman is the grate

He burns up in a moment

...while she stands watching!

We're freezing here!

And dying of hunger!

We need a fire

Wait... let's sacrifice the chair!


You've a better idea?


Talent will triumph

Let art burst into flame

Burn The Red Sea?

No, painted canvas stinks

My play...

My firey words will warm us

You're not going to read it, I hope!

May the paper turn to ashes

And genius rise to the skies

A great loss threatens our century...

Rome is in danger!

Take the first act

Rip it up

Light it

What a merry blaze!

The Apocalypse is upon us

On Christmas Eve,
no pawning is allowed!

-My play's being given... the fire!

I find it sparkling

And lively

But too short

Brevity is a great merit!

Author, give me the chair

These intervals are quite deadly


-Act Two
-Don't tell a soul

-What deep thoughts!
-The tone's just right!

In that languorous azure flame

An ardent love scene
is fading away!

A page crackles

Yes... the kisses!

Three acts at the same time!

An audacious and inspired summary!

A fine death in joyous flames!

Heavens... the flame is dying!

What a worthless, futile play!

Already it crackles, shrivels

And dies!

Down with him!

Down with the author!



Fate provides us
with a feast of plenty!

The Bank of France
has gone broke for you!

-Pick them up!
-They're tin coins!

Are you deaf or blind?
Who is this?

My king! I bow down before him

All this money at our feet!

You must be told:
this gold, or rather, silver

Has a strange past

-The stove!
-It's shaking with cold!

Well, this Englishman

A lord, or a mylord,
wanted a musician

-Lay the table!
-I introduce myself

He hires me.
I ask him:

When do lessons begin?

I introduce myself.
He hires me. I ask:

When do lessons begin?

He replies : "Let's start

He shows me a parrot

And says : "Play until he dies!"

I played for three days...

And, using the charms
of my handsome figure,

enchanted the maid
-Where's the tablecloth?

-I have an idea!
-The Constitutional!

A double treat:
we'll eat and devour the news!

I gave him parsley!
Polly spread his wings

Polly spread them

Polly opened his beak

A few sprigs of parsley

And like Socrates, he died!


May the devil take you all!

What? You're eating?


These provisions are our supplies

For the days to come

Which may well be dark and glum

Dine at home
On Christmas Eve

When the Latin Quarter
has decked its streets

With sausages

And treats?

When the aroma of fritters

Is wafting
through the ancient alleyways?

There the girls
are happily singing...

...And each has a student
echoing her!

Let's abide by custom, gentlemen

We drink at home

But we dine out!

May I come in?


The landlord!

No one's home!

-It's locked!
-Just one word

Just one!


Here! Give him a seat!


-Don't bother. I'd like...
-Take a seat

-Would you like a drink?
-A toast!


Here's the last quarter...

I'm delighted

- Therefore...
- A drop more

-Thank you
-A toast!

Your good health!

I've come to you
Because last quarter

You promised me...

I promised and I'll keep my word

-What are you doing?
- You're crazy!

Look... here's the money
So stay a while

In our company

Tell me
How old are you

Dear monsieur Benoît?

How old? For pity's sake!

Our age, more or less

More, much more

He said "more or less"

The other evening, at Mabille's
You were seen

-Committing a sin

At Mabille's, the other evening

You were seen

Dare deny it!

Purely by chance

-A beautiful woman?
-Oh, very!

You rogue!


What a hearty fellow!
Just like an oak!

The chap's got taste

His curly, tawny locks...

You rake!

He strutted about

Dashing and majestic

I'm old but still strong

He strutted about
Dashing and majestic

Feminine virtue gave way before him

I was a shy youth

But I'm catching up now

It's pleasant

A lively, young girl

A bit...

No, not a whale

Nor a globe
Nor a round face

Like a full moon

But thin

Really thin

Not on your life!

Thin women are worrisome!

And often, quite troublesome!

There's always complaining

For example, take...

My wife!

This man is married
Yet lust burns in his heart

He corrupts and pollutes
Our decent home

-Burn some incense!
-Throw out the rake!

Our outraged morals expel you

-Silence! Get out!

Get out, sir!

Good evening to you

Your Lordship

I've payed the quarter!

In the Latin Quarter

The café Momus awaits us

-Down with avarice!
-Let's share the booty!

-Let's share it
-Let's share it

There, you will see beauties

Come down from heaven

Now you're rich,
take care of your looks

Trim your fur, you old bear

I'm going to see for the first time
a barber

I'll suffer the monstruous outrage
of a razor

-Let's go
-Let's go

-Let's go
-Let's go

I'm staying

To finish the leader for The Beaver

Hurry up

Five minutes
I know my job

We'll wait at the porter's lodge

If you dawdle, you'll hear us

Five minutes

Cut that Beaver's tail short

Mind the steps
Hold onto the banister


-It's pitch-dark
-Damn that porter!


Colline, are you dead?

Not yet

Hurry up

I'm not in the mood

Who's there?

Excuse me...

A woman!

I'm sorry...

My lamp has gone out


Would you...

-Come in for a moment
-Don't trouble yourself

Please, come in

Something's wrong?

No, it's nothing

Do you feel faint?

I'm out of breath
Those stairs...

What shall I do now?

How ill she looks

Do you feel better?


It's so cold in here

Sit down by the fire


A drop of wine?

Just a little

-Like this?
-Thank you

She's so beautiful

Now, let me light my lamp

I feel better

Are you in a hurry?


Thank you

Good evening

Good evening

How foolish I am!

The key to my room

Where can I have left it?

Don't stay on the threshold

The wind will blow your lamp out


Will you relight it, please?

Mine has gone out too

Where can my key be?

It's pitch-dark

-Where can it be?

You've a troublesome neighbour

Not at all

You've a troublesome neighbour

What do you mean?
Of course not!

-Look for it
-I'm looking

Where can it be?

Have you found it?


-I thought...
-I can't find it

Are you looking?

I'm looking

How cold your little hand is!

Let me warm it for you

What's the use of looking?

We'll never find it in the dark

But luckily

There's a full moon tonight

And up here

The moon's our neighbour

Wait, mademoiselle

Just let me tell you

Who I am

Who I am

And what I do

How I live

May I tell you?

Who am I?

Who am I?

I'm a poet

What do I do?

I write

How do I live?

I live!

I'm poor and happy

And I'm lavish like a lord

With my poems and songs of love

With my dreams and fancies

And my castles in the air

I've the soul of a millionaire!

But sometimes I am robbed

Of all these jewels which I prize

The thieves?
A woman's eyes

Just like the pair
which came in with you

And swept aside my fine dreams

And familiar fancies

Once and for all!

But this theft doesn't upset me

For the empty space has been filled

With wild hopes!

Now that you know me

It's your turn to speak

Tell me
Who are you?

Would you like to tell me?


They call me Mimi

But my real name is Lucia

My story is a short one

I embroider linen and silk
At home or outside

I'm tranquil and happy

And my pastime

Is making lilies and roses

I love all things

Whose gentle magic

Can talk to us about love

Or of spring

Of dreams and of fancies

Those things

Which are called poetry

Do you understand?


They call me Mimi


I don't know

I live by myself
And I eat alone

I don't always go to mass

But I often pray to the Lord

I live alone, all alone

In this little white room

Which looks out over roofs

And the sky

But when the thaw comes

The first ray of sun is for me

April's first kiss

Is for me

The first ray of sun

Is for me

A rose blossoms in a vase

And I watch it petal by petal

It's so sweet

The perfume of a flower

But the flowers which I make


The flowers which I make

Alas, have no smell

I don't know what else
to tell you about myself

I'm your neighbour

Who has come to disturb you
At this late hour

-Hey! Rodolfo!

Hey! Can't you hear?

-You slug! Idler!
-False poet!

I've three more lines to write

Who are they?


What are you doing there alone?

I'm not alone

There are two of us

Go along to the café Momus

We'll be there soon

Momus ! Momus ! Momus !

Off we go on tip-toe

He has found poetry

Oh, sweet maid

Oh, sweet face

Bathed in the white light of the moon

In you I find

The dream which I'd like
to dream forever

-Oh, Love, you alone rule
-Already trembling in my spirit

Are the tenderest of delights

Love, you alone rule

Already trembling in my spirit

-The tenderest of delights
-Ah, how sweetly

-His words enter my heart
-The tenderest of delights

-Love, you alone rule!
-Love trembles in this kiss!

No, for pity's sake!

You're mine!

Your friends are waiting for you

Are you sending me away already?

I'd like to ask...

But I dare not

Go on

What if I came with you?

It would be so nice to stay here

It's cold outside

I'll stay by your side

And when we come back?

Who knows!

Give me your arm, my dear

Your wish is my command, my Lord

Tell me that you love me

I love you

My love!

My love!

My love!

Oranges! Dates!

Hot chestnuts!

Trouts! Nougats!

What a crowd! What a din!
Hold on tight

Let's run together!
Look out, let us through!

Coconut milk!
Carrots! Whipped cream!

Coats! Flowers!

This D is flat!

This D is flat!
How much for the pipe and horn?

It's a little worn

-Let's go
-Shall we buy the bonnet?

Hold tight to my arm

I'll hold you tight

Let's go...

I feel like shouting

Which of you happy girls
wants a little love?

Let's play a game

You buy and I sell

I'll give you my pure heart
for a penny

We're pushed around
What madness

The crowd is never satisfied

The only copy, look:
a Runic grammar book!

Lucky man!

Our friends are waiting

Does this pink headband suit me?

You're dark
And the colour suits you perfectly

That lovely coral necklace!

I've an uncle who's a millionaire

If the Lord calls for him

I'll buy you an even lovelier one

Whom are you looking at?

Are you jealous?

Suspicion is the companion
of the happy man

When I feel like a good feed
Plenty of room is what I need

I'm so happy

And you?

Yes, very!

And quickly!

Come buy Parpignol's toys!

We're five!

Here we are

This is Mimi

A pretty flower-girl

Her presence completes

Our merry band


If I am the poet

She is poetry

Just as, from my mind,
songs burst into life

Flowers burst from her fingers

And from our joyful hearts

Love bursts forth!

Love bursts forth!

What sublime thoughts!

Digna est intrari

Ingrediat si necessit

I'll only grant one "accessit"

Come buy Parpignol's toys!

Parpignol! Parpignol!
Parpignol! Parpignol!

Parpignol! Parpignol!

With his basket of marvels!


Parpignol! Parpignol!

I want the trumpet!
The horse!

The cannon! The whip!

-Roast venison
-A turkey

-A good Rhine wine
-Shelled lobster

I want the trumpet, the horse

What do you want, Mimi?

Cream pudding

Make it exceptional!
It's for a lady


Parpignol! Parpignol!

The drum!
The tambourine !

A troop of soldiers!

What rare gift, mademoiselle,
has your Rodolfo given to you?

An embroidered headband of pink lace

Which goes so well with my dark hair

I've wanted one like this
for a long time now

He was able to read

What was hidden in my heart

Anyone who can read a heart's secrets

Knows what love is
and he was able to read them

He's a real professor

He has diplomas

And his verses
aren't those of a beginner

It's for that reason
that what he says seems true

Oh, sweet age of illusions
and utopias!

We believe, we hope
and all seems wonderful

The most divine poetry

Is that, my friend,
which teaches us to love

Love is sweeter than honey

Sweeter than honey

According to the palate
Honey or gall

-Heavens, I've upset him!
-He's bitter, my dear Mimi

Let's drink a toast!


Cast worry aside!
Let's raise our glasses!


Come on, Lulu

Let me swallow poison!

It's Musetta!

Like a porter,
running back and forth

Enough is enough!

- Come on, Lulu
- No, no more

What? Near the door?

Sit, Lulu

Save the nicknames
for when we're alone

Don't act like Bluebeard

-He's vice dressed up
-With Chastity herself

-She's well dressed
-Angels are always naked

Do you know her?

You should ask me that

Her first name's Musetta

Marcello saw me

And her surname : Temptation

-But the coward's not looking
-She's a weathervane

She turns and changes
her loves and lovers

He makes me livid

She's a harpy

-If I could hit him
-A bloody bird

-If only I could claw...
-Who loves to devour hearts

-I only have this plate
- She devours hearts

-Just wait...
- And that's how I lost mine

Hey, waiter!

-This plate stinks of fat!
-Be quiet, please!

-He's not looking
-Show some manners

-He's not looking
-Whom are you talking to?

I'll hit him!

-Whom are you speaking to?
- To the waiter! Clear off

-I'll do what I like
-Lower your voice

I'll do just what I want

Don't be a bore!

Is he jealous of this mummy?


-Let's see if he's still...
-My rank...

-...In my power

The play is astounding

You're not looking at me

Can't you see that I'm ordering?

The play is astounding


Let me tell you, for your guidance

That I should never forgive...

She is speaking to the one

-So that the other can hear
-I love you so much

And I'm all yours

And the other, cruel in vain...

Why do you talk to me
of forgiveness?

...Pretends not to understand
but laps it all up

Your heart's pounding

Lower your voice

Your heart's pounding

Lower, lower

When, through the streets

When, through the streets
I wander alone

People stop and look

And my envied beauty

Is, thus, examined

From head to foot

-Tie me to my chair
-What will people think?

Then I savour the subtle longing

Which gleams in their eyes

And helps them imagine
From the charms on display

Those they can't see

Thus, the wave of desire

Washes all over me

And makes me happy

So happy

This obscene song infuriates me

And you who know and remember
You who suffer

I can tell, this poor girl

Try to flee me like this?

-I know...
-She's crazy for Marcello

Crazy for him

You won't accept your pain,
I know

But you feel you're dying!

-What will people think?
-Marcello loved her once

But the flirt left him

To find a better life

The trap seems tender
One sets it, the other is caught

Such a situation
Colline will forever avoid

Ah, Marcello has had enough

-Marcello has lost
-The poor girl fills me with pity

She's lovely but not worth
a pipe and a Greek text

Our braggart will soon give in

I know you well
You won't accept your pain

I'll do what I like
I'll do just what I want

You're getting on my nerves!
I'm fed up!

Now to get rid of the old man

What's this?

The pain!

The agony!

My foot!

My youth

You're not dead

And your memory lives on

There's a shoemaker nearby

If you came knocking at my door

- Go, quickly!
- What will people say?

- My heart would open it
- Go now


Be mine

It's the final line

The bill?

What, already?

Who asked for it?

Let's see

They're coming this way

Give me my bill


Quick, add these two bills

The other gentleman will pay

-He'll pay
-He'll pay

I'm leaving him the bill
with all my good will

She's leaving him the bill

With all her good will

Stand aside, here they are

The Tattoo! I hope the old fool
doesn't see us take his prey

This crowded throng
is the ideal hiding place

Here he is, the handsome drum-major

What a sight!
The most handsome man in France




We're the sweepers!

It's snowing!

It's freezing here!

I'm coming

If one finds pleasure

In a small glass

It's on ardent lips

That one finds love!

If pleasure can be found
at the bottom of a glass

It's on youthful lips
that love is found

Milk! Milk!

The dairywomen already!

Good morning!

Butter and cheese!

Eggs and chicken!

Which way are you going?

To Saint-Michel

We'll meet later then?

Yes, at noon

Could you tell me in which inn

A painter is working?

My good woman,
would you be so kind

as to fetch Marcello the painter?

I must talk to him
and I'm in a hurry

Tell him discreetly
that Mimi is waiting for him


I hoped I'd find you here

We've been here for a month
at the host's expense

Musetta gives singing lessons
to guests

And I'm painting these soldiers
on the façade

It's cold

Come inside

-Is Rodolfo there?

I don't want to come in
No, no


Oh, my dear Marcello, help me

Help me

What has happened?

Rodolfo loves me...

He loves me and flees from me

My Rodolfo

Is eaten up by jealousy

A step, a word

A smile or a flower

Arouse his suspicions

And he explodes with anger

Sometimes, at night,
I pretend to sleep

And I can feel him staring at me

Trying to surprise my dreams
on my face

He keeps shouting at me:

"You weren't made for me!

"So take another lover

"You weren't made for me"

Alas! Alas!

I know it's his anger speaking

But how can I answer him, Marcello ?

When two people are like you two

They shouldn't live together

You're quite right

We should leave each other

Help us

Please, help us

We've already tried several times

-But always in vain
-I take Musetta lightly

And she does the same

-Because we laugh about love
-Yes, you're right

-Songs and smiles are the answer
-You're right

Do what you think best

All right

I'll go and wake him

Is he sleeping?

He turned up here
an hour before dawn

And fell asleep on a bench

Come inside

What a cough!

I feel exhausted since yesterday

Last night, he fled from me saying:

"It's over"

I left at daybreak to come here

He's waking up,
he's looking for me

He's coming

Don't let him see me

Go home now, Mimi,
for Heaven's sake

Don't make a scene here

Marcello, at last!
No one can hear us here

I want to leave Mimi

Are you as fickle as that?

Already once before, I thought
that my heart was dead

But the beauty of her dark eyes

Brought it back to life


-Boredom besieges it
-And you want to bury your heart?

- Change your ways

Leave to mad men the gloomy love

Which leads only to tears

Without laughter and sparkle

Love is dull and feeble

You're jealous

Bad-tempered, temperamental

Full of prejudice

Deadly dull and stubborn!

He's going to make him angry
Poor me!

Mimi's a flirt

Who frolics with everyone

Some whippersnapper of a viscount
eyes her with longing?

She flashes her ankles at him

Enticing him with unspoken promises

Must I tell you?
I don't think you're fair

All right
No, I'm not

I'm trying desperately to hide

What is really tormenting me

I love Mimi

More than anything in the world

I love her, but I'm afraid

I'm so afraid

Mimi is so ill

She's getting weaker every day

The poor child is doomed

What does he mean?

A terrible cough

Racks her frail chest

And her wasted features

-Reveal how ill she is
-Poor Mimi

Alas, I'm dying!

My room is a squalid hovel

The fire has gone out

And the winter wind

Whistles through it

She sings and smiles

And I'm seized with remorse

I feel I'm the cause of the illness
Which is killing her

But what can be done?

Oh, my life!

-Mimi is a hot-house flower
-Alas! It's over

-Poverty has withered her
-My life is over

To bring her back to life

-Love is no longer enough
-Alas, I'm dying

What, Mimi! You here?

-Did you hear me?
-She was listening then

I'm easily frightened

And I panic over nothing

-Come inside near the fire
-No, the smoke stifles me

That's Musetta laughing.
And with whom?

The flirt! I'll teach her!


You're going?

Mimi left home happy
at the call of your love

But she'll go back alone

To her lonely nest

I'm going back alone

To weave my false flowers


No hard feelings

Listen to me

Gather up the few things
which I left behind

In my drawer, you'll find

A little gold bracelet

And my prayer-book

Wrap everything up in an apron

And I'll send the porter for it

And also, under the pillow

There's my pink headband

If you want

If you want

If you want, you can keep it

As a memento

Of our love



No hard feelings

So it's really over

You're leaving

You're leaving, my sweet

Farewell, dreams of love

Farewell, sweet morning awakenings

-Farewell, charmed life
-Farewell, arguments and jealousy

Which you could calm with a smile

Farewell, suspicion


Sharp bitterness

Which like a true poet

I made rhyme with caress

To be alone in winter

Is worth than death


Whereas in spring

The sun keeps us company

The sun keeps us company

-What were you doing?
-What do you mean?

What were you saying
to that gentleman?

No one is alone in the month of April

When you came in,
you were startled

The gentleman was asking me:
"Do you like to dance, miss?"

Blushing, I replied:
"I could dance night and day"

-Your aims are dishonest
-I want to be free

Don't try my patience too hard

When springtime blooms again

The sun will keep us company

I hate lovers

Who act just like husbands

I won't be the laughing-stock
of some senile upstart

The evening breeze soothes
human suffering

I'll flirt with whom I please

You're leaving? Many thanks!
I'm a rich man now!

-Musetta's leaving
-I salute you

Shall we wait

Until spring returns?




Yours for life

We'll leave each other...

We'll leave each other
when the flowers bloom

When the flowers bloom

I wish that winter

Would last forever

We'll leave each other

When the flowers bloom

-In a coupé ?
-With horses and livery

She greeted me with a laugh

"Well, Musetta," I said to her

"How's your heart?
It's not beating

"Or perhaps I can't hear it

-"Through all this velvet"
-I'm pleased to hear it

I'm pleased to hear it

Come on, you Jesuit!
Your laugh sounds hollow

Not beating? Excellent!

-I also saw...

-You saw her? Really!

She was in a carriage,
dressed like a queen

Good! I'm pleased for her

The liar! Love's eating him up!

-Get to work
-Get to work

This pen is useless!

This brush is useless!

Oh, Mimi, you'll never come back

Oh, happy days

Her dainty hands

Her sweet-smelling hair

I don't understand how my brush works

And mixes colours

-Against my will
- Oh, Mimi, my short-lived youth

If I feel like painting

The sky or the earth,
winter or spring

My brush simply sketches

Two dark eyes

And a pair of alluring lips

And Musetta's face
appears once again

-And Musetta's face
-And you, frail headband

-So tender and so false
-Which under the pillow she hid

-Meanwhile, Musetta's happy
-You know how happy we were

-And my cowardly heart calls her
-Come to my dead heart

-My cowardly heart waits her
-Come, for it died

-My love!
-My heart!

-What time is it?
-Time for yesterday's dinner

Schaunard's not back

-Here we are

Well? Bread?

And a dish worthy of Demosthenes:

A herring


-Let's eat!
-It's a real feast

Let's put the champagne on ice

Please choose, Baron,
trout or salmon?

My dear Duke,
try some parrot-tongue

Thank you but it's fattening

I'm going to a ball this evening

Full already?

I'm in a hurry, a king's expecting me

-Is it some plot?
-Or a mystery?

-A mystery?
-A mystery?

The king has summoned me
to the ministry

Good! Good!

But I'll see...

It's a secret

-Pass me the wine
-Drink, I want to dine

May I be allowed,
with your noble consent...

-Get out!

I'm irresistibly inspired
by the spirit of romance

A little choreography then?

Dance, with vocal accompaniment!

Clear the ballroom

A gavotte!

A minuet!

A pavane!

A fandango!

I suggest a quadrille

Take your lady's arm

I'll call

Fair maiden

Respect my modesty!


First, a rond de jambe


What uncouth manners!

If I'm not mistaken,
you're insulting me

-Draw your sword
-On guard! You'll see!

I want to drink your blood

One of us there
is going to be disemboweled

Prepare a stretcher

And dig a grave

Tension and violence mount,
the dance's steps we count

- Musetta?
- Mimi's here!

She feels ill, she feels faint
coming up to the stairs

A glass of water


Don't speak, try to rest

Oh, my Rodolfo

Do you want me here with you?

Oh, my Mimi!

Forever and always!

I heard that Mimi
had left the viscount

And that she was dying

Where could she be?

I looked for her

And I finally found her in the street

Stumbling painfully along

She said to me:
"I can't take anymore

"I'm dying, I can feel it

"I want to die near him
Perhaps he's waiting for me"

I feel better already

Let me look around

Ah, how nice it is here!

I can feel life flooding back

I can feel life flooding back

-I can breathe here
-What a joy to have you here!

Do you have any food here?

No, nothing

No coffee? No wine?

Nothing! What poverty!

I'm so cold

If only I had a muff!

Will these poor hands of mine

Ever be warm again?

Here, in mine

Don't speak, you'll tire yourself

I've a little cough
I'm used to it






You're all here

You're all here

Smiling at Mimi

-Don't speak, don't speak
-I'll speak softly, don't worry

Marcello, listen to me:

Musetta is a good woman

I know

Here, sell them

Buy some cordial

And fetch a doctor

-Try to rest
-You won't leave me?

No, no


This may will be the last time

That the poor thing
ever asks for something

I'll go and get the muff

I'm coming with you

You are good, Musetta

Listen, my ancient coat:

I'm staying here

But you have to go
to the pawn shop

Please accept my thanks

You never bowed
your worn, old back

Before the rich and powerful

Your pockets have held

As if in quiet caverns

Philosophers and poets

Now, those fine days are over

And I have to say

Farewell, my faithful friend




Each of us in his own way

Can unite two charitable actions

Mine is this

And yours...

Leave the two of them alone

Your reasoning is sound, philosopher

You're right, I'll go now

Have they gone?

I was pretending to be asleep

Because I wanted to be alone with you

I want to tell you so many things

Or rather just one

Which is as vast as the ocean

And like the ocean, deep and infinite

You're my love

And my whole life

You're my love

And my whole life

Oh, Mimi!

My beautiful Mimi!

Am I still beautiful?

As beautiful as dawn

You've chosen the wrong image

You really meant

As beautiful as a sunset

They call me Mimi

They call me Mimi

Why? I don't know

The swallow has come back
to her nest and twitters

My headband!

My headband!

Ah, do you remember

When I came in to your room
for the first time?

Do I remember!

My light had gone out

You were so upset

And then you lost your key

You knelt down to look for it

And I looked and looked

My fair sir
I can now tell you

That you found it very quickly indeed

I was helping fate

It was dark
And you couldn't see me trembling

"How cold your little hand is!

"Let me warm it for you"

It was dark
and you took my hand

Good God! Mimi!

-What's happening?

I'm fine

Don't talk, I beg of you

Yes, forgive me
I'll be good now

-Is she sleeping?
-She's resting

The doctor will come

I told him to hurry up

Here's the cordial

Who's there?



Oh, how lovely and soft it is!

Never again...

Never again

My hands numb with cold

The warmth will make them beautiful

Is it a present from you?

Yes, it is

You spendthrift!

Thank you, it must have been
very expensive

Are you crying?

But I feel fine

Why are you crying like that?

Here, my love...

Forever with you

My hands warm

And sleep...

-What did the doctor say?
-He's coming

Oh, blessed Mother

Please ensure that this poor child
doesn't die so soon

And that she'll recover

Holy Mother,
I'm unworthy of forgiveness

But Mimi is an angel
come down from Heaven

I'm still hopeful
Do you think it's serious?

I don't think so

Marcello, she's no more.

Here, Musetta

How is she?

Look, she's resting

What's all these coming and going?

Why such looks?

Be brave!