L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach (1998) - full transcript

A stolen computer disk contains the location of a hidden treasure trove. It's up to the sexy ladies of LETHAL (Legion to Ensure Total Harmony and Law) to find the treasure before the bad guys do. Will the forces of evil be able to overcome LETHAL's powerful combination of bullets, brains, and boobs?

(birds cawing)

(gentle music)

(adventurous music)

When we return

What will we find

Will the truth

Boggle our minds

The mystery

Utterly deceiving

Unmasking or
believing all the lies

Will we return

To Savage Beach

Where the mystery lies

Just beyond our reach

Where danger and adventure

Hide a timeless treasure

Till the lethal forces
finally bring relief

When we return

To Savage Beach

The messages you send

Will they bring us peace

Or will they confuse us

lnvite us or deny us

The victory we
so wish could be

PSavage Beach

What will you teach

Savage Beach

Out of our reach

Savage Beach

Pls this the time

Savage beach

What will we find

- [Ava] This is KSXY,
Molokai, Hawaii.

- Wow, Silk, that's some top.

- Just a little
something I threw on.

- Well, your aim's a little low.

- The rocket is launched.

The Lacrosse Satellite
will be in orbit

and operational momentarily.

Hmm, Commander Willow Black
is gonna be here any minute.

Silk, would you go out
and meet her in front

and show her the way in'?

- Sure.

Commander Black, it's
good to see you again.

- This is Ava, your very
personal sextrologist,

with some sizzle and spice
to brighten your life.

Now here's a little song
to stimulate your senses.

Commander Willow Black.

I'd like to introduce you to
our engineer, Harry the Cat.

- Pleasure.

The Lacrosse
Satellite is in orbit.

We should receive the
image from it any minute.

(computerized beeping)

- Our LETHAL Force
operators are all tide in

to your transmissions.

- That's good news,
we love the action.

After all, we are
the Legion to Enforce

Total Harmony and Law.

- Here's the fax we've
been waiting for.

We tracked a terrorist group
to an area outside of Dallas.

We have a go order
to shut them down.

- We should be able to
track the terrorist group

visually via satellite.

(somber music)

- Ava, we need to
give our agents time

to gather round their
short wave radios.

- Well, this will alert our
agents everywhere to tune in.

- Good.

(suspenseful music)

(device beeping)

- Hey Tiger, it's the satellite
radio receiver from KSXY.

- This is the call we've
been waiting for, Tyler.

I've been dying for some action.

- [Ava] The weather on the
mainland is heating up,

especially in Dallas, Texas.

Listen up and stay cool.

Now it's time for some
advice for our listeners

from Ava, your radio
sextrologist, on KSXY,

always here to help
with your love,

sex, and relationship problems.

(suspenseful music)

To our Libra and
Pisces listeners,

beware of unwelcome strangers.

A confrontation can explode
faster than the trigger

on an automatic weapon.

- It's Ava, Doc.

She's giving word
to Tyler and Tiger

about the gun runners in Texas.

- Yeah, those terrorist
bastards are loaded.

They've managed to
smuggle guns, rockets,

high tech detonators,
and plastic explosives

from China and the Pacific rim

up through Mexico into the
heartland of our country.

- Look to the heavens
for sexual gratification.

There are others on
the same wavelength

who are driven by a
desire to interfere

with the forces of virtue.

(tense music)

This is Ava again,
your KSXY sextrologist.

Sometimes you can see
it all, but sometimes

things can seem uncertain.

(airplane engine roaring)

- Look at that.

There they are.

- [Ava] Terrestrial angels
will alighten your space

to join with
hard-driving achievers.

The sign of the archer
is ever-present.

He has the ability to
shoot at your heart

for love or for death.

Many intruders are
gathering in your sphere.

They will exchange
gifts and pleasantries,

and be on their way.

(airplane engine roaring)

(tires squealing)

(boat engine stalling)

- I wish we were in
Texas to help our troops.

- Tiger and Tyler will be fine.

This is a major bust for
our LETHAL Force Agency.

They'll have plenty of
backup once they locate

the terrorists.

- I'm feeling a bit
nervous for them.

I need to unwind.

- It's amazing how you
manage to do it, Cobra.

Working undercover in a
nightclub as a stripper.

- Sometimes people can't see
what's right in front of them.

- Oh, I can see what's right
in front of me, all right.

But our job is to cover
each other's asses.

- It's a tough job, but
somebody's gotta do it.

(tense music)

- This one's yours.

- It's time to kick
ass and take names.

- We'll have more love
and sex advice for you

after this next beautiful song.

- Tiger, lock in the hand
receiver to the dish,

we've gotta stay tuned to Ava.

(device beeping)

- We're back on
track, sexy ones,

and we hope you are too.

This is Ava, along with my
engineer, Harry the Cat,

and we're bringing you the
latest in sextrology advice.

Think in terms of warm
water on your bodies.

- [Tiger] That's
our signal, Tyler.

Our targets have
made it to the water.

(boat engine rumbling)

- They're stealing
the agency boat.

(Harry groans)

- The Vindicator.

- Neptune is the
mysterious ruler

which inspires many
psychic powers.

It can be painful to realize
you are without vindication.

(boat engine roaring)

- That was Ava again.

The good news is they've
tracked the terrorists,

they're on the water.

- What's the bad news?

- They've got our boat.

(Tyler sighs)

- Let's get 'em.

(tense music)

(boat engine roaring)

(gunshots banging)

Explosive tips, right?

- Tyler, don't you know by now,

everything I touch has
a way of exploding?

- How could I forget?

(both chuckling)

Let's go.
- Okay.

- Tiger.

They're over there.

Let's go.

(both talking at once)

- We gotta roll.

Get it.

- There they are.

(tense music)

(gunshots banging)

(device beeping)

(gunshots banging)

(explosions booming)

- Arrow, explosive
tipped, what'd you expect?

- Hey, I had something
to do with it, too.

(fire crackling)

- [Widow] All right,
they got the terrorists.

- Ah, but the boat's toast.

- Tiger and Tyler
did a great job.

- They sure did.

(fire crackling)

(soft jazz music)

(ominous music)

- Hello.

- Sorry, Miss, this is a
restricted security area.

- I just opened up a
pizza joint downstairs.

It's called Sofia's.

I just wanna hand out
a few free samples.

Do you want a piece?

- I'll take two.

- All right.

Good thinkin'.

Tastes really good.

There you go.

Enjoy it, darling.

Don't worry, I'm just gonna
go right down the hall.

You can keep an eye on me.

- If I have to.

- Hi, ladies, I'm Sofia.

I own the new pizza
joint downstairs.

Here are some samples,
it's Sofia's finest.

You girls are gonna
love it, it's delicious.

And wait till you
try this ginger ale.

Boy oh boy, it's really
gonna quench your thirst.

Mm-mm, there you go, now you
girls have a nice day, okay?

- Thank you.

- [Woman] Thank you.

- BB, something's wrong.

(computer beeping)

(dart gun bangs)

(somber music)

- Oh, thanks, babe.

- You're welcome.

(Tyler sighs)

- We did good work today, Tiger.

We deserve this.

- I know we deserve this, but
we have to stay tuned to Ava

to see how our backup
people made out.

(device beeping)

- [Ava] For all the
people seeking escape,

today was a very good day.

Those who took flight
are also in the fold.

- Good, we got the
guys on the plane

before they made it to Mexico.

- To our Pisces and
Libra couple in Dallas,

you should immediately react
to your impulse to bond.

It can be lethal not to.

Any place or building will do.

Get to it now.

- This has been some day.

- That's us, Tyler,
we've gotta get

to the LETHAL office now.

(tense music)

- What happened?

- There were only
three of us here.

The rest of our people
were out backing you up.

- We were all knocked
out by some gal posing

as a pizza delivery person.

One of our obsolete computer
files was broken into.

Come with me.

(computer beeping)

- Look at this, Tyler.

Whoever broke in here
made a copy of this disk.

I can tell by the
information on the readout.

Now this shows a large
area in the Pacifc.

(computer beeping)

Points out where many
naval battles took place

during World War ll.

(computer beeping)

This stuff is ancient history.

- This archive is quite old.

And you're right, Tiger, it
dates back to World War ll.

I'm somewhat familiar
with this case.

It deals with a shipment of gold

which was confiscated
from the Philippines

by the Japanese
army during the war.

(mysterious music)

The shipment was
to be taken by boat

to one of the Mariana Islands.

- Storm is coming.

You should wait another day.

- The general has ordered
us to depart today.

- I envy your devotion.

And I pray for your safety.

- [Tyler] A storm forced
the boat off course

and it crashed on a
small uncharted island.

No one could find the boat
or the men for over 40 years.

Two of our operatives, Donna
Hamilton and Taryn Kendall,

were returning to
Hawaii from Knox Island,

where they delivered medicine
to help control an epidemic.

- Thank goodness we made
it through the storm.

We could save a lot
of lives with this.

- You betcha, good luck, Doctor.

- [Tyler] They too met
with a terrible storm

and were forced to
land on that same

remote uncharted island,
since known as Savage Beach.

(thunder crashing)
(electricity buzzing)

- We've been hit!

We're heading
straight down, Donna,

pull up, we gotta pull up!

- Reduce power, throttle back.

How's the elevator?

Check air speed pressure, RPM.

(suspenseful music)

- Taryn, you're pretty close!

You got it.

- Savage Beach?

- Savage because on that
island, they were attacked

by armed bandits who had
access to a military computer.

A computer which had analyzed
and pinpointed the island.

Donna and Taryn
managed to escape

after a major shootout
with the bandits.

- What happened to the gold?

- It was returned to the
Philippine government.

- Yeah, but how does
all this fit in,

and why would this file
be of interest now?

- The leader of the
bandits betrayed

the Philippine government.

His name was Rodrigo Martinez.

He was close to my father.

My father was with the Brazilian
embassy based in Manila.

One day, my father
received a diary

and several boxes of
documents from Martinez.

These items arrived a few years

after the Savage Beach incident.

My father gave me the
diary before he died.

It's a chronicle of how
a good man can go bad.

Martinez was a respected
man, from one of the most

prominent families
in the Philippines.

He had splendid
political alliances,

but he took the wrong path.

There was a gold
medallion in the diary.

My father told me that it
was for me, from Martinez.

I've worn it ever since.

When I was assigned to the
LETHAL Force Department,

I put the diary in Cobra's
safe house in Beverly Hills,

along with several of my
other personal belongings.

- You know Tyler, it's
all coming together now.

The terrorist group
was a diversion.

We had them nailed all the way.

- Yeah, but the terrorists
were set up too.

Finding them was too easy.

We wiped them out bang, bang.

They even stole our boat.

I don't think getting
dead was on their agenda.

- Sure, we go after
them, leaving the office

virtually wide open.

- We've gotta get in
touch with Commander Black

and fill her in on this.

We should also
contact Cobra and Doc.

They can bring the diary to us.

- I'll hit the computer satellite
fax and fill everyone in.

- Good idea, do that.

- Okay-

- Could we be in
for a treasure hunt?

- You never know.

I'm meeting with a new recruit.

He's supposed to be one of
the most knowledgeable men

in the world on stolen
treasures and embezzlement.

- Who is he?

- Washington wouldn't tell me.

They said I'd recognize him.

I'm going to meet him
tomorrow in Los Angeles.

He's flying in from Paris.

I'll be in touch
through Ava's broadcast.

(phone beeps)

(upbeat rock music)

(tense music)

(men grunting)

- [Woman On Loudspeaker]
Flight 203 nonstop

from Dallas, Texas,
arriving Honolulu

International Airport, gate 50.

(airplane engine roaring)

(soft jazz music)

- Your mission was a success.

We will go to my
penthouse to celebrate

in the traditional way.

(soft jazz music)

Through the years,
political bandits

ordered stolen
treasures to be hidden

on a remote island
in the Pacific.

The only map to the island
exists on two computer discs.

This is a copy of
disc number one,

which you've duplicated from
the LETHAL Force headquarters.

I will get the other one.

- Martinez, I'm fascinated
with you, my love.

This assignment has
aroused my basic instinct.

(soft jazz music)

- Now that's the kind
of loyalty I need.

- This is the secure line.

(phone ringing)

(device beeps)

- [Doc] Hello.

- Doc, it's Tyler.

- What's up?

I've got my hands full.

- I'll vouch for that.

- I know you're up
against it, Doc.

But that Philippine
diary in Cobra's den,

we need you and Cobra to get
it to us here in Dallas ASAP.

- I'm ready to drop everything.

We'll hop in the company
plane and get it to you

tomorrow morning.

- Meanwhile, Willow is coming
to LA to meet a new recruit.

She'll fill you in.

(device beeps)

(tense music)

- [Doc] Here it is.

- Let's put it in the fly pack.

(airplane engine roaring)

- [Man On Loudspeaker]
Flight 62, Paris, France,

arriving Los Angeles
International Airport.

(Willow groans)

' YOu?

You should be in prison.

(both grunting)

Book him, Fu.

Murder one.

- Willow, please
don't headbutt me,

we got lots to talk about.

- You look different.

What did you do?

- Cut my hair short.

Close to the wood.

- Come on.

Get in the car.

- Look, Willow,
believe it or not,

the guy I killed was not a fed.

- He's a fed.

Get in there.

(man shouting)

- Delicious!

Bring more.

He was in fact a serial killer

roaming the college
campuses of the southwest.

Your people gave
me a commendation,

and a reward of $100,000
for taking him out.

- [Willow] Well what
about all the money

and treasures you stole'?

- I spent three months
in Lumpad Prison.

- Oh, that country club.

- You wouldn't say
that if you ate there.

- You know, we busted our
asses to put you away,

and you do three months' time.

I can't believe you.

You are such a showoff.

And you're almost big enough
for me to find attractive.

- Baby, do not forget,
no one can ever love me

as much as I love myself.

(both laughing)

(mysterious music)
(Fu chanting)

(Fu shouting)

- It's okay, Fu.

The Warrior's on our side now.

You two should meet.

- Name is Fujitaka Bunichi Hus!

Friends call me Fu.

- Friends call me Warrior.

I didn't realize
you were so chubby.

- I can't help it.

My family abandoned
me as a child.

I was raised by waitresses.

(Warrior chuckles)

(Fu chuckles)

What's that?

- Six pack, dude.

(both laughing)

(man shouting)

(suspenseful music)

(men shouting)

(men grunting)

- Book 'em, Fu.

- I've heard that before.

- Make it quick,
we got a meeting.

- Book 'em?

(tense music)

- This model airplane is
some piece of memorabilia.

- It's our way of paying homage

to Donna Hamilton
and Taryn Kendall.

- They were the first
ladies of the LETHAL Force.

- Fu, Warrior, and I will
go back to KSXY on Molokai.

Doc, since you and
Cobra have already

contacted Tyler and Tiger,
take this diary to them

and see what you
can come up with.

- Okay-

- We'll leave for Dallas
first thing in the morning.

- Great.

- [Man On Loudspeaker] Flight
161, departing Los Angeles

for Honolulu, connections
to the outer islands

is ready for immediate
boarding, gate 41B.

(airplane engine roaring)

- [Man On Loudspeaker]
LETHAL Force Twin,

this is Dallas Downtown Airport.

You're clear to
land, runway 16R.

- [Doc] Roger that.

(airplane engine roaring)

(tense music)
(motorcycle engines roaring)

(Cobra gasps)

(gunshots banging)

Come on.

Let's go.


(gunshots banging)

- Damn.

Come on.

(man panting)

(gunshots banging)

(fire crackling)

(motorcycle engine roaring)

(gunshots banging)

(man grunts)

(gun clicking)

(gunshots banging)

(gun clicks)

(gunshot bangs)

- Huh?

(device beeping)


(Cobra growls)

(explosions booming)

- Yes.

(phone ringing)

(phone beeps)

- Hello?

- Yeah, Tyler, Cobra
and I just hit town.

- Yeah, and the town hit back.

- I'll fill you in.

- I'll contact Tiger.

- We're on our way.

(phone beeps)

(somber music)

- I'm coordinating the disc
we got from the LETHAL office

with the information
from the diary.

I can't seem to pinpoint the
location of Savage Beach.

There are literally hundreds
of small uncharted islands

to deal with.

- Well there's
nothing in this diary.

We'll need more specifics
to make it work.

(Tiger sighs)

- Hey Tiger, I'm starving.

You have anything to eat?

- There's that pizza in there.

- I'll get it.
- Okay.

(computer beeping)

(microwave beeping)

(Cobra gasping)

(mysterious music)

- Oh my god!


- It's another disc.

(computer beeping)

- That's it, that's
Savage Beach!

- We found it!

We need to get to Molokai
to show this disc to Willow.

(computer beeping)

- Cobra and I will service the
plane and file a flight plan.

You guys meet us at the
Dallas agency hangar

in a couple of hours.

- [Tyler] Okay.

- I'm going to input all the
coordinates on both discs.

- Do that.
- Okay.

(computer beeping)
(tense music)

- Tiger.

(speaking foreign language)

(island music)

(speaking foreign language)

- [Man On Loudspeaker]
LETHAL Force Twin,

you're cleared for takeoff
from Dallas Downtown Airport,

runway 16R, good luck.

(airplane engine roaring)

(tense music)

- It's from your
contact man in Dallas.

The agents are on their way
here to Hawaii in their plane.

- We need to make some plans.

(airplane engine roaring)

- Tower, this is
LETHAL Force Twin.

We are touchdown.

West runway, Molokai
Airport, thank you.

You guys go ahead,
I gotta make a call.


(phone beeping)

Ava, we just touched down.

Yeah, we'll be right there.

As you know, smuggling and looting
was a way of life for me,

before I got busted by
Ms. Willow and Fu here.

From what I've
been able to gather

from my former associates,
millions of dollars

and other treasures, including
a priceless gold Buddha

filled with diamonds,
was confiscated

by the Philippine regime.

- Most of the money
that was siphoned off,

in the hundreds of millions,
was laundered through US banks,

offshore resources, and
unlisted Swiss accounts.

- Donna and Taryn thought Martinez
had died on Savage Beach.

That's not so.

My Japanese connections
have informed me

that he survived
an awful explosion,

but he was seriously injured.

He managed to return
to the Philippines.

- Once he got back
to the Philippines,

he made contact with
his political powers.

He ingratiated himself
and convinced them

that he could keep
the stolen goods safe

until they retired or
vote him out of power.

- The location of the island
requires a lot of programming.

I hope I can make sense
of these coordinates.

- Martinez is the
man my father knew.

He concealed a second disk in
the diary he sent to my dad.

- Yeah, but do we know that's
the only copy of that disc?

- Obviously, that's
why we've been

attacked by these bastards.

Tiger and I will take the
sea plane to get there.

I'll put the package together.

- I'll make another copy of
the disc for use on the plane.

- We'll patch them into
the navigation autopilot.

That should guide us
right to Savage Beach.

- What about Tyler and me?

- It'll take a lot of fuel, Doc.

And if you haven't noticed,
you guys weigh more than we do.

- Warrior, you and
Fu should stay here

and protect Ava's operation.

Doc, Tyler, and I
will sail there.

You guys up to that?

- Yeah, sure.

- I was born for water sports.

I'll help you
through it all, pal.

(tense music)

- By now, the agents have
gotten the second disc

to a computer, and are
preparing to go to Savage Beach

to find the stolen treasures.

(Rodrigo laughing)

Those agents will
be in for a surprise

once they find the island.

- It'll be well
worth it, my love.

I wanna be a part
of you, to help you.

- My first assignment for you,

after we finish
our business here,

is for you to pay a visit
to our friend Tyler.

- Why can't I see
behind your mask?

What do you hide there?

- Someday, my dear, I'll
reveal everything to you,

but for now, there are parts
of you I want to reveal to me.

(gentle eastern music)

- We'll be in the vicinity
of Savage Beach Island

in about 12 hours, depending
upon the weather and the wind.

- I've got the original
disc copies right here.

See you in a few days.

Radio okay?

- Loud and clear.

- You guys picking up Ava's
radio transmission all right'?

- Also loud and clear.

- [Tyler] Good luck, ladies.

(airplane engine roaring)

(tense music)

(men grunting)

- No, Tochi.

Don't kill him.

We need him to tell the
others what happened here.

They will panic and
we can make our move

toward the secret island.

Help me with Tyler.

Search him, he has the disc.

Come on, bring him with us.

(tense music)

- Tyler.

Tyler's been kidnapped.

Four ninjas ambushed us.

One was a woman.

We never saw 'em coming.

They stole the
coordinating discs.

Cobra and Tyler are gonna
be in terrible danger

once they reach
their destination.

- Certainly they'll
hold Tyler as hostage.

Insurance against any part
of their plan failing.

- Doc, we sail at dawn.

We'll maintain radio
contact with Cobra

and Tiger through Ava.

They'll navigate
us to Savage Beach.

Warrior, would you
take a walk with me?

Haven't you ever met a woman
who could make you happy?

- Sure.

Three or four times a week.

(Warrior laughing)

(tense music)

- Come on, move it.

- [Man] Come on, get down there.

(machinery whirring)

(radar beeping)

- The facts are, Doc and
Willow have sailed off

to a desert island.

Cobra, it's Ava.

Listen, Tyler has
run into a storm

and hasn't been seen since.

Mercury, your ruler,
cannot protect you.

Beware of unsavory intruders.

- [Tiger] We've found it, Cobra.

There's Savage Beach.

(tense music)

(water splashing)

Let's taxi to that
cove, over there.

(radar beeping)

- [Man] Get down.

(devices beeping)

(Fu grunting)

- Ava.

A suspicious group
paid off the manager

and took a submarine from
the Maui wharf this morning.

- A submarine?

We can't track underwater
with the Lacrosse Satellite.

- Those bastards are smart.

They know that we're onto them.

(tense music)
(devices beeping)

- [Tiger] It's gotta be
around here somewhere.

- I'm getting something.

It's to the left.

You're not getting anything?

- Nothing on this side.

- Wait a minute.

Right here.

It's right over here.

Look at what we've got.

Oh, this is it.


(Cobra laughs)

This is definitely it.
(device beeping)

We're gonna need
some help with this.

Doc and Willow
should be here soon.

- You wanna go for that swim?

- Yeah.

- All right, sounds good.

(mysterious music)

(tense music)

- Ava, I see Savage Beach.

We're there.

(lever clicking)

(radar beeping)

(machinery whirring)

- Yes.

Let's go.

- I love women in leather.

You smell like a new car.

- Too bad you'll never
get a test drive.

- [Doc] There they are, Willow.

- I am so glad we found you.

- We think we've located
where the treasure is.

- Yeah, looks like we're
gonna need some help

digging it up, big guy.

- Let's do it.

(tense music)

Here it is, the
Philippine treasure.

- [Sofia] Spread out!

(men grunting)
(tense music)

(gunshot bangs)

(Tyler groaning)

(gunshots banging)

- [Man] No!

(device beeping)
(explosions booming)

- Yeah.

(somber music)

(tense music)

(gunshots banging)

(motor whirring)

(device beeping)
(explosions booming)

(Cobra laughing)

(tense music)
(man grunting)

- [Willow] Doc, look out!

(gunshots banging)
(man grunting)

- Allow me.

I'm Sofia Menz, Interpol
agent, M1772 Berlin district.

We've been onto these
people for two years.

Look, thank god the bullet
hit Tyler's medallion,

but he's hurt badly.

Help me!

(somber music)

- Whoa!

That really hurt.

I was shot, right'?


- [Willow] Your medaallion.

- Okay-


You ladies wanna help me up'?

(alarm blaring)

- [Woman] Attention,
this countdown

is less than two minutes.

The gold Martinez
medallion must be inserted

into the trigger device and
the coordinates lined up,

or everything within a two-mile
radius will be destroyed.

- Give me the medallion.

- [Woman] Mayday, mayday,
approaching a catastrophic

code red situation.

Attention, danger--

- [Willow] It's
ticking, come on.

It must fit.

- [Woman] Radiation
kill factor 100%.

Mayday, danger, the atomic
device fail-safe system

has been violated.
- Come on, file it down.

- Let me see the file.
- Right here.

- Here, file this.
- Attention, imminent danger.

45 seconds to explosion.
- Come on, girl.

- [Cobra] Oh my god

- [Woman] Follow
instructions as given.

Urgent, urgent,
all things alive,

persons or creatures,
should not be within

16 square miles of
this ground zero point.

Attention, mayday situation.

30 seconds.

Medallion insertion required.

- [Willow] Just a little more.

- [Woman] No other termination
of countdown possible.

- Try it now.

- [Woman] Evacuation probability
less than 100th of 1%.

Closing in to
point of no return.

15 seconds to explosion.

- 15 seconds left, come on.

- [Woman] 10 seconds
and counting.

Nine, eight--
- Try it again, try it again.

- There you go.
- Six, five, four--

' Yes!

(all cheering)

- Thank god.

- [Woman] Countdown terminated.

Trigger device neutralized
at four seconds and holding.

- [Tyler] That was close.

- Wonderful.

- Look at all that.
- This beauty.

Oh, it's so heavy.

It's gotta be worth a fortune.

- That's a priceless Buddha.

- You know, we have
had some good luck.

We might wanna rub its belly.

- Yeah, I'll say.

That was close.
- All right.

(gentle eastern music)

- Are you having
a fantasy again?

What is it?

(upbeat rock music)

Bad boy.

Baby, you're tough

Baby, you're smart

The lovin' that
you could serve

Would tear my heart apart

You got the look

You got the power

You got the stuff to make
the me stand up and holler

Make me your prisoner

Your prisoner of love

Yeah, I'm down on my knees

l'm begging, baby, please

Make me your prisoner

Your prisoner of love

(upbeat rock music)

HI take the sentence

l did the crime

Whatever you dish out

HI serve the time

l'm on my best behavior

l'm hoping for parole

HI try my hardest

To satisfy your soul

Cause I'm your prisoner

Your prisoner of love

l'm down on my knees,
I'm begging, baby please

Make me your prisoner

Your prisoner of love

l'm down on my knees,
I'm begging, baby please

Make me your prisoner

Your prisoner of love

(Cobra laughing)

(tense music)

(serene music)

- [Tyler] Nice boat.

- This is a private dock, sir.

- Don't even breathe.

Where's Martinez?

- Suite 55.

- We're at the yacht, ladies.

Come on down.

- You've got 10 minutes
with him, sweetheart.

If you're not out by
then, we're coming in.

(soft jazz music)

- [Rodrigo] Ah, my lovely
Sofia, please, come in.

(door buzzing)

- Here it is, my dear.

The priceless gold Buddha.

Our mission was a success.

(glasses clink)

(gun clicks)

(Sofia gasping)

- We're not waiting any longer.

Doc, you and Tyler get the
local cops to pick that guy up.

You ladies are coming with me.

We'll stay in radio contact.

- Let's go.

- Damn.

Welcome, ladies.

The door is open.

Please join me.

May I offer you a
glass of champagne?

- Hell no, you bastard.

You're under arrest.

- For what, smoking in public?

The treasures you see
here are to be returned

to the people of
the Philippines.

I believe they were found by you

and your Interpol
agent friend, Sofia.

- You knew this?

- [Rodrigo] Of course.

- I'd love that
glass of champagne,

if I could fix you one as well.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- [Rodrigo] I don't
mean to sound arrogant,

but if you think Sofia is
the heroine in this scenario,

and I am the criminal,
I must correct you.

- [Willow] We saw her
on her way up here,

and she had the gold
Buddha with her.

- [Rodrigo] This is true.

- Well where is she now?

- She dropped off this
Buddha filled with jewels

and left from the side door.

As you can see, she took
a few items with her

for her troubles.

She may be an Interpol
agent, but she was afflicted

with a large dose of greed.

Please, relax.

I have much to tell you.

- Would you excuse
me for a moment?

- Certainly.

I know you're aware of
how I came to be here.

Almost 10 years ago, I was
involved with the discovery

of the Philippine
international gold reserves

the Japanese had confiscated
during World War ll.

(somber music)

The gold was worth billions.

It was taken to an
uncharted island

now known as Savage Beach.

- Have you got my lali>t0l9?

- I put it aboard for you.

- I think you guys should
go to Martinez's suite

and join the others.

We've got a real mystery here.

- When we found the
treasure, I was planning

to double-cross the
Philippine government

and keep these
riches for myself.

But instead, I was double-crossed
by my own soldiers.

(gunshot bangs)

(woman shouting)

I ran for safety
during a big shootout

between those of
us who were thieves

against Donna Hamilton,
Taryn Kendall,

and other federal agents.

It was bloody.

(man groaning)

- Let's get outta here.

(gunshots banging)

- Get him!

- Greetings, gentlemen.

I managed to make it
to a small rubber boat,

but Taryn, who had the
first crossbow weapon

with an explosive tipped arrow,
how do you say in English?

(speaking foreign language)

- Blew your ass off.

(Rodrigo laughing)

- Yes. (chuckles)

Blew my ass off.

(gunshots banging)
(somber music)

(device beeping)

(explosion booming)

Later, when they came
back to the site,

no one could find my body,
so they assumed I was dead.

But I had been trained
by the US Army Rangers.

I was one tough son
of a bitch then.

After the explosion, I swam
underwater for 50 yards,

then I climbed ashore
and licked my wounds.

(Rodrigo groaning)

(water splashing)

I managed to survive and
get my strength back,

and so later, I began
to work on the damaged

Molokai cargo plane.

I used the tools
and the gasoline

from the Japanese
boat which had been

wrecked on the island
40 years before.

It took weeks, but
finally it was done.

I recorded everything
in my diary.

Then, miraculously...

Plane start, it worked.

(Rodrigo laughing)

(airplane engine roaring)

I took off, 15 hours
later, landed in Hawaii,

on an abandoned airstrip
on the north shore of Oahu.

I received temporary
medical help

from my friends in
Honolulu, then I was

smuggled back to
the Philippines.

I had 12 operations
over the next six years

to repair the wounds
to my body and my face.

Iam still badly scarred on
this side, therefore the mask.

Soon after my operations,
I was contacted

by corrupt politicians
who were stealing

the Philippines'
national treasures.

The nation's gold reserves,
jewels, precious stones,

and a priceless Buddha
filled with diamonds.

I convinced these people
that I should lead

an expedition to the
uncharted Savage Island

for safekeeping
of the treasures.

After we did this,
I disappeared.

No one could find me.

(somber music)

I made a pledge to myself
as a gesture of restitution

for my past transgressions.

I vowed to return
these treasures

to the people of the Philippines

when the corrupt politicians
were no longer in power.

Then, a few years ago,
my body began to fail me.

The damage from the
explosion years earlier

put a hold on my heart.

I thought I was about
to die before I could

complete my mission to
make amends for my past.

That is when I sent the
diary, the medallion,

and the concealed disc
to Tyler's father.

If I died, the
diary and the disc

would reveal the secrets
of the hidden treasure

to you, Tyler, and
to the LETHAL Force.

- But you survived, and
you sent your killing force

to eliminate us, and get
the treasure for yourself.

- Its seems that way
on the surface, yes.

I sent men to you, yes.

However, they were
criminals working

for these scum politicians.

Once they got the treasure,
they would've killed me

and taken the loot
for themselves.

I even thought the
lovely Sofia was my ally,

but alas, she turned out to be

an Interpol spy working for M1.

A female James Bond who
loved money more than honor.

(Sofia murmuring)

- Freeze.

- [Cobra] It's Sofia!

She's been hurt!

(tense music)

- Time to reveal
yourself, Martinez.

Tyler, he was your
father's friend.

You do the honors.

(mysterious music)


- Wait, I have something.

Doc, hold him.

(mysterious music)

(agents gasping)

- [Sofia] I don't believe it.

- [Doc] It's Carlos,
Rodrigo Martinez's nephew.

- He's been on lnterpol's
most wanted list

for the past two years.

(gentle eastern music)

(tense music)

- Another LETHAL Force victory.

The treasure has been returned
to the Philippine people.

- And Carlos has
been turned over

to the Philippine government.

- Martinez really
had changed his ways,

but his nephew murdered
him and took his identity.

- Who would've believed it?

- Yeah, we almost fell for it.

(agents chuckling)

- And you, Tiger,
sending that fax

of Carlos Prince to Washington.

What a brilliant stroke.

- Tyler, you've gotta
start thinking of me

as more than just a pretty face.

- I'll work on that.

(agents laughing)

(tense music)

(agents laughing)

- Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Rodrigo Martinez.

- But you're dead.

You were killed by
your nephew Carlos.

- How many endings
can this story have'?

- Yes, Carlos shot
me four times.

Bulletproof vest, Teflon,
shattered my spleen,

broke four ribs, I was
unconscious for three days.

- You're one hell of a survivor.

- I'm a walking testament
to modern medical science.

I feel as though we've
met in another life.

- What a line.

- It's working.

- You two could really boogie.

- I prefer the tango.

- You would.

- This is Ava, your
KSXY sextrologist.

I'm here in Molokai,
Hawaii, next to my hot tub

with my engineering
genius, Harry the Cat,

and a couple of friends.

Remember, all good
things come to those

who have patience and love.

- Just think, I got to
take out a couple of guys

and got rewarded for it.

(agents chuckling)

- You play your cards
right, and you'll have

more rewards than
you can handle.

- Ooh, I'll drink to that.

- We'll all drink to that.

(agents chuckling)
(glasses clinking)

(tense music)

Which ending does
the story have

Can I believe what I see

Can I unmask you

Unveil your secret

Or will you keep
your mystery

Which ending does
the story have

When we return
to Savage Beach

One where our heroes
survive all the danger

Bringing the gold
back for keeps

This island of danger
cannot hide the treasure

Tell me if this is the way
things should really be

Do you remember

All of the mystery

Submerged, veiled

Secrets and lies

Which ending will
you write this time

Will the treasure
be timeless and fine

Say what you will

Promise me still

LETHAL Force ladies
will win out next time

When we return
to Savage Beach

The truth will lie
just within our reach

The fear and the terror

Will disappear forever

We'll bring the Savage
Beach gold back for keeps