L'Animale (2017) - full transcript

I look like a clown.

Stand up straight.

Leave it.

Can't I just wear something normal?

It is normal to wear
something nice for graduation.

You'll see,
it'll look different with the shoes.

And you'll have to wear a proper bra.

To show off your nice bust.

Stop it, Mom!


Undo your hair.

Come on.



Totally different.

To fall in love with.

You'll soon start to care about
what boys think of you.


So is this gonna be
the graduation dress?

Yes, fine.

I'm leaving, okay? Kisses.


Hang up the dress, okay?


And hurry up, you'll be late.

Yeah, okay!

It looks shitty.

You come flying and draw near,

and eagerly the last light seeking,
you, butterfly, are burnt.

And as long as you don't possess this:
to die and to become

you are but a sullen guest
on our gloomy earth.

How do you connect this last stanza
with the one before?

Mati, we haven't heard from you today.
What do you think?

Please repeat the last
two stanzas for us.

No distance is too far now,
you come flying and draw near.

And eagerly the last light seeking,
you, butterfly, are burnt.

And as long as you don't possess this:
to die and to become

you are but a sullen guest
on our gloomy earth.

What does that mean:
To die and to become.

Isn't that paradox?

Final exams are getting closer.
Time to put your thinking caps on.

Why is to die and to become a paradox?

You can't become anything
after you're dead?

Bravo. Finally.
It must be a transference. A...?


Yes, precisely.
And what does this metaphor mean?

Okay, our lesson is almost over.

Every year, 40,000 students
graduate from high school.

No one's waiting for you out there.

You'd better start thinking.

Have a nice afternoon.

It's always the same with you.

For the last time:
if it's not clean in here,

we'll have to throw it all out
because of you.

But I disinfected
everything last night.

I'm not stupid!
This hasn't been cleaned in days.

All you ever do is smoke weed!

I tell you, if this continues,

you can go find yourself another job!

Ah, Mati.


Busy in school?

It's okay.

Final exams soon?
- In three weeks.

Your Mom said you'll go to Vienna
for university?



Let's see how Sebi will do
when you're away.

He needs someone responsible
like you.

Mark and Kogler are waiting.
Shall we go?

- So long.
- Ciao, Papa.

Stay clean, alright?

- You okay?
- What else.

Forget about him.

Of course.

- Let's go.
- OK.

Yesterday I was here alone
and I went down the big ramp.

Oh yeah? When exactly?

- What? Yesterday.
- At what time?

Ah... Around five. Five.

Kogler, don't lie.

For real!

Yesterday at five we all were
at the mall together, you idiot.

No! ... I was here, man!

You're too dumb to lie.

What's your problem!?

- Haha... I was here at five.
- But I was here!

- You're such a moron...
- Shall I show you?

- You up?
- OK, Kogi-Bear, let's go.

No way you'll beat her.

We'll see.

Get going.

Come on.
I'd beat him any day.

No one but himself to blame.

Stop laughing, you retard.

What's up, Kogler?

Next time,
I'll give you a head start.

Dude. Shut up.

Lost against a girl again.

Yes, you lost!
You can clean my moped.

Shut up!

Start cleaning!

Shut it, bitch!

You're lucky I don't hit women.

I am.

Not against the wind, Kogler!

- Shut it.

Dude, zip it up.

- Dude!
- Come on.

Wait for me, guys.

Thanks, man.

Dude, Kogler!
Fuck off!

Stop touching me!

Don't touch me!!!

What's up with you?!


Fuck off!


My mom keeps saying
we'll get married one day.

You and me?!

Well, I told her to shut her face.

- You tell your mom to shut up?
- Sure.

Like: "Shut it, Mom?"

"Shut it, Mom, you cunt."

You cunt...

Bah, I have gym class
tomorrow morning...

I have to go,
or she'll fail me.

- You need something to come down?
- No, I'm falling asleep already.

- See you tomorrow?
- Yes, sure.

- Ciao.
- Ciao.

Hi, Papa.

Hi, sweets.

What are you looking at?


Why are you up already?

I just can't sleep.


We're all so happy
the weather has improved.

- Hey boss! Sunshine!

- Morning!
Good morning!


Getting dark in here.

It's supposed to stay good
for a while.

That would be nice.
This time last year, it was hot!

Watch the step.

Great! I'll be
upstairs in the office.

Okay, I'll stop by later.

Alrighty then!
I let you get to work.

Damn, he gets on my balls!

Guys like him...

He's always so...


I can't stand people like that.

I hate it.

... I wouldn't recommend
this flooring.

- Why?
- It's not a good value.

Lots of drying time and work.

That would give you a price of...

We'd need to calculate that.
It's disproportionate, for sure.

- I see.

Ah. Did you get it done?

We had a software error.

We'll need to do an update first.

No problem.

- I'll call tomorrow.
- Good.

Have a nice evening!

- You, too.
- Thanks.

Oh, fuck off...

You're so funny. Haha...

Hello, Vanessa!


What's up with you?!

Come on, be nice.

- Fuck off, I need to get home.
- Fuck off, I need to get home.

Grabner, I think,
your ex wants to talk to you.

Grabner, what do you want ... huh?

What are we gonna do with you?

Don't fuck with me...


You're such a jerk.


- You all are so gross.

You guys are the worst.

Shut up and go stack some shelves.

You've got some on you, right?
Shall I call the police?

Tell them you're dealing?

Oooh, I'm shitting my pants.

Get outta here
with your shitty bike.

Let's go.

You should be ashamed
of yourselves.

Now sit.


You'll need to watch how she walks.

- Twenty-six point four.
- Good.

I'll give you something else now.

But keep giving her
half a tablet per day.

- With her food in the morning?
- Yes, just like before.

Good. All the best.

- Thanks.
- Goodbye.

Thank you. ...
Come! Well done! Come.

I'm doing surgery on Saturday.
You could finally practice stitches.

Competition is tough at university,
you'll be happy about a head start.


Don't keep putting it off.
You'll have to start someday.

I know!

- After cleaning up, I'll meet Sebi.
- Okay.

Mati, would you come in here?

Would you make me a cone?

No, better give him a body suit...

Do you know each other?

No. Not really.

Does he have any other illnesses?
Diabetes? Any medication?

I don't know.
I found him as a stray a year ago.

When will he wake up?

It won't be long.

Ten or 15 minutes.

Would you prep the Meloxie
and give him the suit?

You'll get a prescription.

What's his weight?

4.8 ... Can you calculate it?

- Approximately 0.3?
- Yes, a bit less.

What happened?

Your mom thinks he was bitten.

Maybe a marten or something.

Lift up his head.

You can adjust the size here.
If it comes open.

It shouldn't choke him,
but not be too loose either.

Somewhere in the middle.

Yes ... like that.

I'll give him a painkiller.

And I wrote down some drops.

Keep the wound dry.
And keep him in the body suit.

And no going outside for now.

And you're in the corner!

Man, I can't get out!

Help me out!

It never stopped,
I've always loved you alone.

I've always loved you alone.

You were gone for so long,
and I thought you were dead.

And I thought you were dead.

- Together...
- But I love Andrew now.

I love Andrew now.


We were hungry, but the
thought of you kept me alive.

Day by day,
your face was before me...

But you were in my heart.

You are everything to me.

You are everything to me.

I will always love you.

If we can't have each other,
let us go together.

Oh, no...

Not Billy... Billy!

I will always love you...

See you on the other side.

Man, I'm so stoned.

I don't want to be
just friends anymore.


I want to be with you.

You're still here?
Shouldn't you be at home?

Yes, I have to go home.

Am I interrupting anything?


- Ciao.
- Ciao, Mati.

Say hi to your mom.

A little faster, faster, ladies!

Viktoria, don't fall asleep!

Faster, faster, faster.

Kevin, Raphi, stop that nonsense
right now!

What are you looking at?!

What's wrong with you, asshole?


What was that about?!

- Are you hurt?
- It's okay...

Get on with it, ladies.
Move, move!

Mati, we'll have a talk later.

And, move. Faster!

Anything I can get you?

- Maybe a nice piece of meat?
- OK, I'll try.

Shall I pick you up later?

No, Andi will take me.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.

Uh, come on!

Paul! ... Paul!


Wow, that was exhausting today.

Looks great.

And who won?

Andi again.

You'll win next time.

Yes. Today, he was just faster.

OK. I'll go take a shower.

- Dinner's almost ready.
- I'll be back in ten.

- How long will it take you?
- Fifteen minutes.

No reason to be rude.

I'm not being rude.

You'll be done in five minutes
and then we're having a chat.


Fuck you.



I didn't hear anything.


No problem.

Mati! ... Mati!

- What's up?
- Come over here.

What do you want?

Come here...

- Why?
- Come here.

Gotta tell you something.

So tell me.

It's a secret.

What is it?

Now that you're standing,
go get me a beer.

Get your own beer!

- Ah, marital problems?!
- Shut up, man.

Come on, get going!

What's wrong with you?!

Know what?
Get outta here.

You're blocking my view
of the ladies.

Who's up for foosball? ... You?

About time you left!

You trans-freak...!

Who's riding?

- Me.
- Aye.



What's wrong?

The fuck!?
Do it right, you moron.

Don't feel like it.

Dude ... smile!

- What the...?!
- What the fuck?!

Did I do anything?!

No, I just don't want to.

Have to go.

Pet some kitty?

Yeah, sure.

For you.

Ciao, see you tomorrow.


My mother told me to
check on the cat.

Come in.

How's he doing?

Better, I think.

This is for the immune system.
Just put it in his food.


Want some coffee?


What's his name?



That was the only nice teacher
in my school.

How long have you been
living by yourself?

For... three years.


I'll move into a dorm
after graduation.

You're lucky
that your mom is so nice.

And that you'll be able
to get away so easily.

But anyone can go
wherever they want.

Yeah, if someone
dishes out the cash.

Come on.

Come show me your hair.

Hey... what are you doing?

Like a mermaid.

Fuck off...

I don't get why you hang around
such sons of bitches.

You're not like them at all.

Watch out or you'll end up
a son of a bitch as well.

More like a


What what?

Come on, get up.

Get up!

No... No, don't.



What is it?!

Dance like a mermaid.

Dance like a mermaid...

I'm afraid we'll have
to look into that tomorrow.

I could be here around seven.

Okay, good.
I'll put her out for you.

What else have we got?

Rio's been eating less
for the past two days.

Which one?


- Milk output is the same?
- Yeah.

Could I see her statistics, please?

If you wanna talk...?


You look so sad.

Come on, Grexi.

I'm just a bit tired.

You know... Work...
Mati is graduating.

The house is always
under construction.

Are you still not done?

And I thought a building expert
should be able to build a house...?!

But there's been some progress
since you saw it last.

You two should come over again.

- Bye!
- See you tomorrow.



By yourself today?

Yes. My co-worker is sick.


And I'm done here.

Something wrong?

No... Just wanted to make sure
everything's okay.

- Can I help?
- No, it's fine.

It's fine...

I'm going to the parking lot, too.

I recognized you.

- What?

We've met in the chatroom...

...on "Happy Gay".

No idea what you mean.

I'm Fantomas78.

You're Papabear69, right?

Hey... I recognized your logo.

In the background
of your profile pic.

Don't worry.
I won't tell anyone.

Hey, I'm having a party
with a few friends.

You should come if you like.

Know what...
I'll just send you a message.

I'll send the results
this afternoon.


Dear Paul,

this is the invitation.

Yours, Felix.


What is he telling us to do?

Well, that we should be truly alive.

But following our desires
will get us burnt by the light.

So, is he telling us
to follow our desires or our reason?

I think ... it's really all about fear.

That you can only be free
if you overcome your fear.

Well, how do people overcome fear?
What do you think?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Are you here for me?

No... Just to buy a snack.



My last one.

Carla, it's not your break!

Yeah, just a sec.

One day, I'll kill her.

My mother is the same way.

Your mom is really nice.

Maybe to others.

My mom last called me
when I turned ten.



I just had to think of yesterday...

You're so stupid.


Yeah, I'm coming.

Wanna come to my place later?


Are your parents home?


Open the door.

I wanted to apologize
for being so mean to you.


Your hair is real pretty...

I don't know
what's the matter with you.

We spend every day together.

I'm always at your place,
or you at mine.

We share everything.

I don't want to be
with another girl.

We're like a couple already.

Somehow... you're
the only cool girl I know.

And if you go study
and I take over the farm,

that would be perfect.

Or is there something about me
you don't like?

That's not the point.

Then what is the point?

I want everything
to stay the way it is.

Look ... you can take your time.

To think about everything,
and then we'll see.

Shall we go?

I have to study.

Well, then join us later.

I don't know yet...
Probably not.

Just come later.


I thought I'd pick you up.


Like a cave.

My bear cave.

I always thought
you'd be different.

Uh-huh? Like how?

Well ... not so nice.

I'm not nice.

Oh, you're totally nice.

I also thought
you were different.


Just a real bitch.

What's up with you?!

What...? Physics?!

I sometimes look at it,
but I don't get most of it.

Physics is the most useless subject
in the world.

I'm saving for my highschool diploma.

- For real?
- Mm.

But with what I earn
it will take forever.

- Your parents don't pay anything?
- No.

But I'll do it anyway.

And then I'll come to Vienna
and we can meet at university.


And now get out the stuff.

The bears, or...?


One bear for you,
one bear for me.


Dude, she's not coming.

Maybe she'll come to Lucky's.

- And this will be the winter garden.
- Not bad.

The view is gorgeous.

But we'll need to get it done first.

No one wanted to jump off that cliff.

You didn't dare to come
within ten yards of it!

Well... That's not quite true.

In any case, Gabi suddenly says:

"For a hundred bucks,
I'll jump first."

And I say, "alrighty."
And she starts to run...

...and jumps!

We all couldn't believe it.

We ran to the edge and looked down.

And there she was,
relaxing in the water.

Do you remember, Gabi?


- Sardinia was always great, huh?
- Yes, sure.

We've gotten old, hm?


I think we'll get going.

Wait, wait...!

My shoe...

- What??
- My shoe!

Where did it go?!

Where is the shoe?!

Oh, look up, look up!


And again the middle guy
doesn't say anything.

Man, I would have decked him good.

- Decked how?
- Wait a minute, wait a minute!

Simple: Bam, bam.

No, there's more, there's more...!

Ten minutes later, the guy
comes back again and says:

Man, your mom was so horny,
she couldn't stop moaning.

And now the middle guy
says to the old guy:

Come on, Dad. Time to go home!

Mati, you pig!

- A schoolboy joke!
- Perverted, man.

- You see, it was his dad...
- His papa, yeah.


Where were you yesterday?

I told you I had to study.

Don't fuck with me.
Where were you??

At home.

Are you sure?

- Hi, Grabner.
- Hi.

- Just a sec.
- Aye, Sepperl!


- OK, let's go.
- Where to?

Let's go, man.

Where are we going?

- What are we doing here?
- Just looking...

Go on, Mati. Come!

- Come.
- What?!

Come with us!

- Go on, go on.
- What?!

Hello, grandpa.

- We're closed.
- Hey, you cunt.


Now, you.

Go on!

Fuck her, man.
Let's go!

Let's roll!


He may recover.

Looks dead.

You'll see, in two hours
he'll have flown away.

The cat will take it.

Go get me that chair.


It's all about being decisive.

Like that.

Now do a straight line...

I just can't do it, Mom!

What do you mean?!

Surgery will be part of your education.

Maybe I don't want to be a vet.

Where's that coming from?!

Give it to me.

Given to you on a silver platter
and making such a fuss!

You know how hard I worked
for all of this?!

Maybe I'm not the way
you'd like me to be.

Then what way are you...?

I'm not sure what you're saying...

but I just can't deal with this
right now.

Is the suture kit ready?

Not yet.

Well, get moving!

Set it there.

And now get out of my sight.

Goethe is saying that the masses,
or many people,

will ridicule those who fight
for their passions and ideals.

But he celebrates
those who are full of life.

Those who want
to burn in the light.

Metaphorically speaking those
who won't settle, who fight,

who believe that it pays off
to take risks in life.

That's why I chose this poem
to be your last one in school.

Thank you, professor...!

I wish you all
good luck on your finals.


- Hey.
- Hello.

- Nice here, isn't it?
- Yes, very nice.

- I didn't think you would come.
- Why not?

- You want a beer?
- Yes, please.


- I brought a melon, it's up there.
- Ah, great.

Well then.

- Are they all friends of yours?
- Most of them, yes.

- Thanks for the invitation.
- Sure. ... Cheers.

Is it possible
to swim to that island?

Yes, sure. I did that once.

But it's further than you'd think.

- And the water must be fucking cold.
- Come!

- What, now?!
- Of course.

Come! ... Undress!

- Hot underwear!

Come on in.

The water is warm.
Come on. ... Come!

- How about you guys?
Are you coming?

- The water is freezing.

- You OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.



- It's quite far, isn't it?
- Yes.

I could have gone a bit farther.

I don't hook up with guys
who haven't come out yet.

It's my principle.
Just leads to trouble.

I see.

I thought such a party
would help you.

Meeting other gay guys.

I'm not gay.

- Well, what else!?
- Definitely not gay.

- No offense.
- None taken.

I'm cold.
Shall we swim back?

I'll be there in a minute.



Listen, please,
I am so sorry!

Get out of here!

Carla, please open the door!


Hey, are you OK?

Hey, Paul! ... Paul!


Paul, hey.

Are you OK?

Come on, let's go...

- Mati!

- Come on out!

- Kogler!

- Hurry up!

Hey, guys!


- Morning.
- Morning.

- Did you smoke?
- No, of course not.

I think it will be really hot today.

Have doubts! But have no fear.
Burn! And never surrender.