L.A. Wars (1994) - full transcript

When the war on the streets becomes personal, no one is safe. Guzman, a small-time drug lord, takes on Giovanni, the biggest Mafia boss in L.A., igniting a war.

(dramatic music)

(tense music)

(guns clicking)

(tires squealing)
(gunfire popping)


(tense music)

(doors thudding)

(Raul chuckling)

- This Carlo Giovani
is not as tough

as I thought he would be.

Soon it will be Raul Guzman who
controls the City of Angels,

and the Italians will
come to me for favors.

(tense music)

- Why is she always late?

She knows I don't like it.

- Mr. G, you know she
likes to make an entrance

when she gets new clothes.

- Well.

What do you think?

- Very nice.

- [Carlo] You're not
dressed for dinner.

- Yes I am.

Very expensively.

- You look like a street bum.

- It's an original.

I got it on sale for $1,200.

- You spent $1,200 to
look like you got no home.

- Daddy, you always told
me to wear the best.

This is the absolute
latest fashion.

- Yeah.

I see.

Thank you.

Carla, will you
excuse us a minute?

I gotta talk some
business with Vinnie.

- Daddy, I'm not a
little girl anymore.

- We've been hit again.

That's the third
time this month.

I want this bullshit
stopped, Vinnie.

Take care of it.

I don't care how.

- Consider it done, Mr. G.

- Turn Vinnie
loose again, Daddy?

- Vinnie's a good man.

He's the son I never had.

I'm gonna let him have
the business someday.

Maybe if you and he
would get together--

- Yeah, I don't like him, Daddy.

He makes me so uncomfortable.

- You've been gone a long time.

Things have changed.

He's not a street kid anymore.

He's a respectable businessman.

Give him a chance.

- Don't start, Daddy.

It only leads to a fight.

- Eat your dinner.

(tense music)

- All right, mother fuckers!

Wallets, jewelry
on the bar, now!

- Hey asshole.

Tell laughin' boy over
there to put the money back

and to put the gun down now!

(gunshot blasting)


(gunshot blasting)

(tense music)

- You haven't changed in
three fuckin' years, Quinn.

You still shoot first
and ask questions later.

- Fuck you, Roark,
they had shotguns.

- Be nice.

I could bust you on two
counts of manslaughter.

- Self defense and you know it.

Don't pull this
bullshit on me, Roark.

It was a clean shoot,
and you got no case.

I was protecting
my boss' property.

I was doing my job.

It's what I used to
do for this city,

protect and serve, remember?

- Yeah, and I also
remember Internal Affairs

getting your ass thrown
off your department.

Isn't that right, Quinn?

- They couldn't bust me so
they took the only thing

that mattered to me, my badge.

Now, are you gonna
charge me or not?

- Someday you're gonna
go too far, Quinn,

and I'm gonna put
you away for so long,

you're gonna forget
your own name.

Now, get out.

- With pleasure.

(tense music)

- Someday, Quinn.


(traffic zooming)

(tense music)

(doors thudding)

(tense music)


- Now, Hector.

I want some information.

The streets tell me there's
some new drug muscle in town.

Some guy by the name of Guzman.

Raul Guzman.

- You think this Guzman's
the one who's been

hitting our operations?

- [Vinnie] Makes sense.

Nobody else would
be that stupid.

- I think we need to
educate this Guzman

as to whose town this is.

- Yes, Mr. G.

(tense music)

(tense beat music)

(gunfire popping)

(tense music)

(tires squealing)

- Well, we'll take care of
our end of the agreement.

It's a pleasure doing
business with you.

- Raul, Raul!

Somebody just shot
Luis and Carlo.

There were three of them.

They walked in and
just started shooting.

- What are you talking about?

Slow down.

- Three men.

Hector Rosalez and two others.

They walked in to La Cantina.

Hector pointed to
Luis and Carlo.

He ran out the door and then
they just started shooting.

- Luis?

Luis is dead?

My nephew is dead?

- Yes, Raul.

They had machine guns.

They caught us off guard.

I couldn't do anything about it.

I'm sorry, Raul.

- Who is this Hector Rosalez?

- [Rosa] Street hustler.


- Miguel, Miguel!

You take Rosa and
find this Hector.

I want him brought
to me here, now.

Do you understand?


And don't hurt him.

I want him in one piece.

- Si, Senor Guzman.

(tense music)

(Hector grunting)

- [Raul] You are the Judas
who killed my nephew.

You will tell me who
ordered the killings.

- It was the Italians.

- Gas.

- They were trying to kill me.

- You should have let him!

More gas!


- [Hector] No, no.

- Match.

(Hector whimpering)

Now, you fry in hell.

(Hector screaming)

Soon, the Italians
will join you.

I want revenge for
my nephew's death.

Carlo Giovani will pay
for this with blood.

(tense music)


- Drop it, drop it!

Everybody put your money
in the center of the table.

(gunshot blasting)

Anybody else feel stupid?

(tense music)

- Do you know who
you fuckin' with?

L.A. belongs to Giovani.

- L.A. now belongs
to Raul Guzman.

Don't follow us.


(tense music)

(gunshots blasting)


(gunshots blasting)
(lovers groaning)

(phone ringing)

- [Man] Here comes the D.A.

- [Woman] District Attorney,
do you have a statement?

- No comment.

- [Woman] District Attorney--

- No comment.


When you came to me with
the idea of an organized

crime task force, I went
to the wall to create it,

and I made sure it
had one of the largest

budgets in the city.

Now, it's payback time.

What the hell is
going on in this city?

The gangs and civil
unrest are bad enough,

without a damn
drug war starting.

- Miss Hernandez, we're
doing everything possible.

- Then it's not enough.

The press is
screaming for my head

and the council's
screaming for yours

and I promise, if
the press gets one,

the council will get the other.

- Well, we think
it's some small timer

from somewhere in
Central or South America.

He's trying to take on
Giovani and he's the one

that started all this mess.

- You think?

Captain, according to your
budget, you had better know!

- [Roark] He won't last long.

- I don't want him to last
at all, do you understand me?

- The only way to stop
this is to put someone

inside of Giovani's operation.

- [Hernandez] Then
send somebody inside.

- It's not that easy.

It's gotta be someone
Giovani won't suspect.

And it's gotta be
someone he can check out

40 ways from Sunday and
he better come up clean.

- Don't we have
anybody like that?

- Not that'll stand
up to Giovani's check.

Now, I'm not gonna send one of
ours in there to get killed.

We need to go outside.

(mellow music)

(tires squealing)
(tense music)

(gunshots blasting)

- All right come on.

Get out, get out.



(gunshots blasting)

(siren wailing)

- [COP] Put your hands up!

Come on, keep 'em up
where we can see 'em.

(chatter on police radio)

- My God, Quinn, why in the hell

can't you stay outta trouble?

- Just lucky I guess.

- Get your damn
feet off my desk.

And why do you always
have to leave a trail

of bodies everywhere you go?

- Easier to follow
than bread crumbs.

- I oughta let your smart
ass mouth rot in a cell,

but for once, you
did something right.

You know who that was they
were trying to kidnap?

- She was somebody in trouble.

I got her out of trouble.

- It was Carlo
Giovani's daughter.

- [Quinn] SQ?

- So, what are you saying?

You don't know who
Carlo Giovani is?

- Yeah, I know who
Carlo Giovani is.

- Damn, we been trying to
get someone inside of Carlo

Giovani's operation for almost
two and a half years now.

- So, what do I
have to do with it?

- We need somebody
on the inside.

Someone he will
know isn't a cop.

And now we have a break.

- [Quinn] Who?

- You.

- You're outta
your fuckin' mind.

- [Roark] Sit down, Quinn!

Now, you used to be a good cop!

- That was then.

Now I work in a bar as a bouncer

because I bagged
a child molester.

- [Roark] Hell man, you killed
him with your bare hands!

- He was raping a
12 year old girl.

I caught the bastard in the act.

- [Roark] You went
outside the system, Quinn.

You didn't even have
a fucking warrant.

- Her screaming was all
the warrant I needed.

- Not according to law.

- Fuck you.

I caught the bastard in the act.

He was about to use a
whip on her for chrissake.

She was 12 years old.

The jury said I was right.

- They didn't say you
were right, Quinn.

They said you were justified.

But beating a suspect
to death never has been

and never will be part of
this department's policy.

You know that.

- Quinn's law, Roark.

A 12 year old will not be
abused by sleaze balls.

- No Quinn's fucking law!

That's always been
your problem, Quinn.

You always had to
do it your way.

- Fuck you, if you
don't like it my way,

then what the hell
you tryin' to get me

next to Giovani for, huh?

I'm outta here.

- Well, Roark.

Have you found someone
to go undercover?

- You just passed
him on your way in.

- Who?

- Jake Quinn.

- What makes you
think you can get him?

- Quinn was a cop.

He wants his badge back.

Maybe if we can promise
to reinstate him--

- I don't care what
you promise him

as long as you get results.

Otherwise, I will find
someone else to head up

the organized crime task
force and you will be

back on a beat wearing
holes in your shoes.

Are we communicating, Captain?

(uptempo music)

- Quinn, we got some trouble.

Get your ass in there.

- Look, you little fuck!

I want another drink!

Now, you gonna get
it for me, or I gotta

come back there
and get it myself?

- Quinn.

Get this asshole outta my bar.

He's too drunk, I cut him off.

- Okay, partner, listen.

Party's over.

It's time to go home, come
back some other night.

- Why don't you kiss my
ass, you fuckin' faggot?



- Hello, Quinn.

- What do you want, Roark?

- Give you a chance
to get your badge back

and to put Giovani away.

- I already told you what
you can do with that idea.

You want Giovani,
get him yourself.

- Now look, Quinn.

As I see it, you don't
have much of a choice.

Now, the D.A. wants
me to pull the plug

on your fucking little
ass for that escapade

you pulled today.

But if you were to say,
volunteer for this...

- Oh, so let me
get this straight.

I get my badge back, the
D.A. forgets the whole thing,

oh, provided that I live long
enough to put it back on.

- Well.

- What if I say no?

- She'll very probably
hang you by your balls.

- On what charges?

- Assault, aggravated
assault, manslaughter,

attempted manslaughter,
carrying a concealed weapon,

discharging a firearm
in the city limits

and I'll bet your
ass one or two more

she hasn't even thought of yet.

- Got it all figured
out, don't you?

- You're damn right I do.

- Fuck you, Roark and
fuck the both of you.

(mid-tempo jazzy music)

- Another?

- [Patron] Please.

- Quinn.

- [Quinn] Nick, gimme a drink.

- Usual?

- [Quinn] Yeah.

- [Nick] Hey Quinn, the
guy at the end of the bar

wants to talk to you.

(tense music)

- You want somethin'?

- Are you Jake Quinn?

- Who wants to know?

- Mr. Carlo Giovani would
like you to join him

for dinner at the estate.

He will send a car for you.

Make sure to wear a tie.

(tense music)

- Lemme talk to Roark.

(phone ringing)

- [Roark] Yeah, Roark here.

- It's Quinn.

Just got an invitation to go
to Giovani's house for dinner.

- [Roark] Are you gonna do it?

- Yeah, I'm gonna do it.

But I have two conditions.

First, I do it my way.

Second, if I come
out of this alive,

I want compensation
for the three years

that the department
took outta my life.

You got that, Roark?

- [Roark] Okay.

I will work on the
compensation part,

but you listen to me.

Do it by the book, Quinn.

Do you understand?

Do you--

(tense music)

- [Man] Go on in.

- [Quinn] Hey driver.

This Giovani looks
like he's loaded.

What does he do for a living?

(driver chuckling)

- [Driver] Why don't you ask
him yourself in a minute?

(tense music)

- [Vinnie] Come on.

Follow me.

- Mr. Quinn, you're
a hard man to locate.

Thank you for coming.

- Somehow, I didn't
think I had a choice.

- Well, really you didn't.

This is my father,
Carlo Giovani.

- Mr. Quinn,
pleasure to meet you.

This is my associate,
Mr. Vincent Scoletti.

- We've met.

- Please, sit down.

Would you care for
a drink, Mr. Quinn?

- A soft drink would be fine.

- Vinnie, get Mr. Quinn a drink.

You're a one-man
army, Mr. Quinn.

- Just got lucky.

- Luck had nothing
to do with it.

It was incredible.

I've never seen
anything like it before.

- I owe you a very
large debt of gratitude.

How can I repay you?

How much?

Name any number.

- How 'bout a job
protecting your daughter?

- A job?

That's Vinnie's department.

- We don't need
anybody, Mr. Giovani.

- Rocko and Charlie are dead.

- Quinn is perfect for the job.

- Vinnie, arrange for a
meeting tomorrow morning.

We'll discuss it then.

Is that all right
with you, Mr. Quinn?

- Yeah, that's fine.

- Good.

- Dinner is served.

- Ah, let's eat.

(tense music)

Have you got any
news on the people

that tried to hit Carla?

- We're lookin' at
every corner, Mr. G.

We'll know before
the week is out.

- [Carla] Hello, Quinn.

- [Quinn] Hello.

- [Carlo] Quinn, you're prompt.

- Something I picked
up in the Navy.

- Seals, commander.

You specialized in small
arms and communications.

I had Vinnie check ya out.

You got an impressive
military record,

but there doesn't seem to
be much on you after that.

- I moved around a lot.

- Vinnie doesn't think
that we need you.

- You don't?

Well, you daughter does.

- Hey, I got enough muscle to
take very good care of her.

- You don't have any brains.

You're not too thorough,
are you, Vinnie?

Or you'd know I specialize
in personal protection,


You know, if your goons
knew what they were doing,

I would have never
gotten involved.

Seems to me someone
wants you very bad.

You need an expert.

- You got a big mouth, Quinn.

We don't need you, so take off.

- Fine, but the next
time they come for her,

they're gonna get her.

- There won't be a
next time, Quinn.

So get out, before we
have you thrown out.

- What's wrong, Vinnie?

'Fraid of a little competition?

- [Vinnie] Son of a...

Vick, Tony, show me, get the,

get him the fuck outta here.

(tense music)




- I love this Kung Fu shit.

- Like I said.

All muscle, no
brains, no training.

You do need me.

- Quinn.

You're a smart ass
son of a bitch,

and you're the fastest
thing I've ever seen.

But can you handle a gun?

- Try me.

- When I call it, you both
draw, fire one clip and reload.

Mr. Quinn, I think it's
only fair to tell you

that Vinnie's never been beaten.



(gunshots blasting)

(tense music)

Vinnie was a tad faster, but
the patterns are both tight.

Mr. Quinn.

Why did you go for the head?

- Cops wear vests.

- You're hired.

You'll take care of
my daughter, but,

you'll take your
orders from Vinnie.

If he says it, I say it,
(speaking foreign language)?

- Except when it comes
to Miss Giovani's safety,

then the call is all mine.

If I say something, she does it.

No questions asked.

- Just who the hell
do you think you are?

You take orders from me.

- I'm the one that's
gonna take the bullet

that's meant for her.

(tense music)

- Vinnie.

Tell Mr. Quinn how
things work around here.

Put him up in the guest house.

- Already got a place, thanks.

- Yeah, the guest house.

Come on.

(tense music)

(door thudding)

Let's get something straight.

I don't know you and
I don't trust you.

You fuck up just once,

and I'll put you in the ground.

- [Quinn] Fair enough.


- You're on call 24 hours a
day, seven days a week, hmm?

You don't get off
unless I say so.

Now, if Carla doesn't
need you, you come to me.

If I don't need you, well,
then you're on your own.

You'll get a beeper.

You'll wear it every
day and if I beep you

and you don't answer
in five minutes,

you are fucked!

You got that?

- Yeah, I got it.

- Take the rest of the day off
and have yourself moved in.

There's dinner at six
in the main house.

Be there with a new suit on.

See, because Mr. Giovani,
he doesn't like his people

lookin' like bums.

- I think we need
to go shopping.

Quinn, bring my car
around to the front

in about 15 minutes.

Vinnie'll give you the keys.

- Yes, Miss Giovani.

- [Carla] Carla.

- Yes, Miss Carla.

- No, Carla.

- Yes, Miss Carla.

- Be careful, Quinn.

You're just a fuckin' bodyguard.

Don't touch.

Just guard it.

- Oh, I'm careful.

That's how I stay alive, Vinnie.


- Yeah, that's right.

(tense dramatic music)

- You upset about
something, Vinnie?

- I don't like this Quinn.

He ain't one of us.

- He's damn near as fast
as you are with a gun

and we don't have
anybody with his hands.

I need somebody that good
to take care of Carla.

- I can take care of Carla.

- Not all the time.

I need you for other things.

Hey, stop worrying about Quinn.

I need you to find the assholes
who tried to kidnap Carla.

It's one thing to
steal my money.

It's another thing to
try to take my baby.

Now, these mother fuckers,
they have declared a war.

You understand me?

They have declared a fucking war

and I want them, Vinnie,
and I want them now!

You hear me?


(tense music)

(gunshot blasting)

(tires squealing)

(gunshots blasting)

Thank you.

- Sorry I'm late.

It's been a long time
since I tied a tie.

- Don't let it happen again.

Sit down.

- So, Mr. Quinn.

Are you settled in
the guest house?

Do you like it?

- Yes, I do.

Thank you very
much, Mr. Giovani.

- You're welcome.

(melancholy music)

- What are you doing here?

- You saved my life,
and I want to thank you.

My way.

- I don't think
Vinnie'd like this.

- [Carla] Vinnie hasn't got
anything to say about it.

And call me Carla.

So, what's your first
name, Mr. Quinn?

- Jake.

(slow tempo romantic music)

Let me speak to Roark.

It's Quinn.

- Roark.


Just where in the
hell have you been?

Your apartment's vacant,
your phone's disconnected.

There's a goddamned
war going on out there

and haven't heard shit from you.

- I had to move into
Giovani's house.

He gave me a job as
Carla's personal bodyguard.

Yeah, but I gotta be careful.

His enforcer's name
is Vinnie Scoletti.

You know him?

He doesn't like me much at all.

- Quinn, don't do
anything stupid.

Scoletti's a psycho.

Now, I'll bring
you in when I can.

Meanwhile, see what you can
dig up on this damn war.

I'm getting sick and tired
of getting my ass chewed

by everybody from
the mayor on down.

- It's good for you, Roark.

It builds character.

Hey, listen, I gotta get going.

- [Carla] Hi there.

- [Quinn] Hi yourself.

- [Carla] I wanna go somewhere.

- Where?

- I don't know.

Why don't we just get
in the car and go?

Maybe up the coast or,
at least until we find

a nice quiet motel.

- Carla, I don't think
it's a good idea.

You know, Vinnie doesn't
like me to start with.

You know, I think he figures
that you two are an item.

- Let's get something
straight right now, Quinn.

I see who I want, when I want

and right now, I wanna see you.

Vinnie hasn't got a damn
thing to say about it.

- Does Vinnie know that?

- Quinn.

Get the car.

We're going for a drive.

- Yes, Miss Carla.

- You son of a bitch.

(mellow music)

♪ You love the rain

♪ And I love the sun

♪ Showering over me

♪ You took my name

♪ And I took your love

♪ That means so much to me

♪ Come on and tell me once

♪ Tell me a thousand times

♪ That I'm all
you'll ever need

♪ All you'll ever need

♪ All you'll ever need

♪ Oh

♪ Like a candle in your eyes

♪ The moon up in the skies

♪ Our love, our love

♪ Will light the darkest night

♪ Ooh

♪ Like a candle in your eyes

♪ That burns so
long and bright

♪ Our love

♪ Will take us to paradise

♪ The odds were against us

♪ But we've made it so far

♪ And nothing can stop us now

♪ Smile for me sweetly

♪ So I can ride the breeze

♪ Let it turn me upside down

♪ Come on, I'll tell you once

I love you, Jake Quinn.

♪ I'll tell you a
thousand times

Hey mister, I'm not used
to men just walking away

in the middle of a kiss,

especially the ones I love.

- I don't doubt it.

- So what's that
supposed to mean?

- Carla, I'm supposed
to be your bodyguard.

You're not supposed to
fall in love with me

and I'm not supposed to
fall in love with you.

- [Carla] Why?

- Clouds my objectivity.

- So, you do feel the
same way I do, don't you?

- [Quinn] Yeah, I do.

(faint mellow music)

- I love you.

Come on, let's go.

I got tickets for the
music center tonight

and I don't want to be late.

♪ Paradise

♪ Paradise

♪ Ooh

♪ Like a candle in your eyes

♪ The moon up in the skies

♪ Our love

(tense music)

(gunshots blasting)

(tires squealing)
(engine revving)

- Have you ever
shot a gun before?

- Yeah, Daddy taught me
before I could ride a bicycle.

- Figures.

Now, take this, when I
say now, spray and pray.

- What are you gonna do?

- Increase our firepower.

(tense music)

Ready, now!

(gunshots blasting)

Carla, behind you!

(gunshots blasting)

(tense music)


(gunshot blasting)

(tense music)

Get in the car.

(engine revving)

(tires squealing)


(patrons chattering)

- What the hell is
going on, Quinn?

Why is everyone after me?

- What, you don't
really know why?

- No, am I supposed to?

- It has to do with your father

and what he does for a living.

- [Carla] What do you mean?

- You have no idea what your
father does for a living?

- For the past 15 years,
I've been away in London,

first in boarding school
and then in college.

I haven't been
around to know much.

What I do know is
that my father's

a very successful businessman,

and a lot people
are after his money.

- That's not all
your father does.

He's involved in
organized crime.

- Look, my father did
a lot of ugly things

when he was younger--

- No, Carla.

Your father's the most powerful
mob boss in the country.

I mean, he orders
peoples' deaths

like other people order dinner,

and he gets Vinnie Scoletti
to carry it out for him.

- I don't believe
you, so just stop

before I start hating you.

What my father does
is his business.

And if it is true, how is
it that he never got busted?

And how is it that you know
so much about my father?

- Few years ago,
I used to be a--

- Jake Quinn.

You're wanted for questioning.

- For what?

You got a warrant?

- Hey look, you can come
nice, or we can hog tie you.

It's your choice.

- [Carla] I'll be
all right, Quinn.

- The lady says she'll be fine.

- It's not the lady's
call, it's mine.

Why don't you guys just go
and come back some other time?

- That's it, Quinn.

You're under arrest for
obstruction of justice.

Now, get up and put your
hands on the table now.

Come on, come on.

- Right.

(tense music)


Come on, let's get outta here.

(tense music)

You paged me?

- Four minutes, very good.

Quinn, I need you to take
care of some business

for Mr. Giovani.

This damn war goin' on,
we're behind in collections,

and I'm short handed.

I want you to collect a
couple of debts that are owed.

- What about Carla?

- Don't worry about Carla.

I'll keep her here
'til you get back.

- Just make sure you do.

You know she's a prime target.

(tense music)

(uptempo pop music)

(crowd cheering)


I'm looking for a guy
named Crazy Wayne.

You know him?

- What do you want him for, man?

- He owes my
employer some money.

You know where he is?

- No.

- For some reason,
I don't believe you.

- That's too fuckin' bad, man.

- Yeah, it is.

- That's what it's gonna
cost to talk to us.

- No, that's what it's
gonna cost for me to stop

from kicking both your asses.

- Fuck with one of us,
you fuck with all of us.

(tense music)


- Freeze!

Everybody just stand
still 'cause right now,

I wanna kill somebody
and I don't know who.

Go ahead, asshole, come on.

Give me any reason.

Give me any reason to blow
your ugly face into next week.

Come on.

Where's Wayne?

(tense music)

You bet on football, you lost.

You owe my boss some money.

He wants it, he wants
it now or I'm gonna blow

your fuckin' kneecaps off.

Now, give me the money.

- [Wayne] All right,
all right, I got it.

- Slowly.

(tense music)

Thank you for patronage.

Remember us the next time
you wanna place a bet.

Thank you.

(tense music)


- Who is it?

- [Vinnie] Vinnie.

- What do you want, Vinnie?

- [Vinnie] Can I talk to you?

- There's nothing to talk about.

- [Vinnie] Open the door, Carla.

- Vinnie, go away.

- [Vinnie] Open
the fuckin' door!

- All right, just
hold on a minute.

(tense music)

- I thought we could just talk.

My God, you are beautiful!

- [Carla] Vinnie,
Vinnie, Vinnie, don't!

- You are beautiful!

- [Carla] Hey!

- Why don't you lie down?

- Vinnie, don't.

- [Vinnie] I love you, Carla.

I love you, Carla.

- Vinnie!

- Carla--

- [Carla] Get out!

(tense music)


- Are you all right?

- Yeah, just a little scared.

I never thought
he'd have the nerve.

When Daddy finds out...

- Daddy already knows.

You son of a bitch!

I treated you like
my own fucking son

and this is how you repay me?

Get him outta my fuckin' house!

If I ever see your face
again, I'll kill you!

Get him outta my fuckin' house
before I blow his brains out!

(tense music)

- [Vinnie] I wanna
talk to Guzman.

This is business.

(tense music)

- You say you have
business to discuss?

- You want Giovani?

- I'm listening.

- I apologize for
Mr. Quinn's behavior,

but he was only
following my orders.

- Does that include assaulting
two police officers?

- They had no warrants.

- Well, I do.

You're under arrest.

- Cooperate, Mr. Quinn.


- So, we will take
care of all the supply

and you will take
care of distribution.

Now, what about Giovani?

That house is a fortress.

- I'll take care of security,
but the girl is mine.

Nobody touches her.

- Chrissakes, Quinn, I
set that whole thing up

at the restaurant to
bring your butt in.

Instead you leave Stinson
and Jones outta commission.

- If I'da gone with them, they
would have blown my cover.

- Well, what'd you
have to get rough for?

- Hey, I told 'em to back off.

They're the ones flashing
their badges around.

- All right, forget it.

What have you got
on this damn war?

- Not a hell of a lot.

Giovani's at war with
this guy named Guzman.

He's not cartel.

He's a new player.

He's got a lot of balls, though.

Tried to hit Giovani's
daughter for the second time.

- Yeah, the coroner's tired
of cleaning up your messes.

- I don't think this
is a power play.

I think this is personal
between Giovani and Guzman.

It has all the earmarks
of a blood feud.

- All I wanna know
is how do we stop it?

- Arrest them all, hold 'em
for their rest of their lives

very, very far away
from each other.

- What are you saying?

We don't stop it?

- That's right.

(buttons clacking)

- Vick.

This is Vinnie.

We're gonna move tonight.

Make sure our boys know the
plans and are in the house.

Where's Quinn?


Yeah, the cops'll keep
him outta the way.


(tense music)

- Shut off the
gate alarm system.

Get the rest of
the boys together,

and then come up to the house.

(tense music)

- Oh, you guys.

- [Thug] Move it.

- Bullshit, fuck.

Who are you?

You son of a bitch, get that
fuckin' thing off of me.

(Carla groaning)
(Carla mumbling)

- [Carla] Get your
hands off of me.

- [Vinnie] Hello, Mr. Giovani.

Hello, Carla!

- Hey, how the fuck did
you get in my house,

you piece of shit.

- [Vinnie] None of your
fucking business, old man!

- [Carla] Bitch.

(Carla groaning)

(tense music)

- Good evening, Senor Giovani.

I am Raul Guzman.

- Is that supposed to
mean something to me?

- Perhaps not now, but
you see, I am the man

behind the incursions into
your holdings, shall we say.

- Then you're a
fuckin' dead man.

I'm gonna cut off
your fuckin' head

and I'm gonna shit in your neck.

You fuck with me, you're
fuckin' with all the families.

You're fuckin' with New
York, Detroit, Chicago.

- Families aren't
gonna do anything.

- You rot in hell,
Vinnie Scoletti.

- Right next to you, Carlo.

- Come here.

(tense music)

(Carlo mumbling)

- Come on, you mother fuckers!

Come on!

You cock suckers!

- [Carla] You fuckin' bitch!



- [Carlo] You fuckin' psychos.

- [Thug] Get over here.

- [Carla] Daddy!

(Carlo mumbling)

- Fucking scaring me!

- [Carla] Daddy!

- You're not scaring me!

(Carla whimpering)

I'll kill you son of a bitches!

(both hollering)

You let her go!

- [Carla] Oh, Daddy!

- Baby, come here.

Let her go!

- [Carla] No, no!

- Say bye bye to Daddy!

- Take me, not her!

- Daddy, no!

- Get off!

- [Carla] No!

- Fuck you!

- [Carla] Daddy!

- [Raul] Get up!

Get up!

(Carla wailing)

- Daddy!


- Son of a bitches!

You bastards!

- No!





(Carla weeping)

(tense music)

Oh, Daddy, no.

(Carla weeping)

(somber music)

- Okay, Scoletti.

We did our part.

But you and I have some
unfinished business.

You killed my nephew.

- What the hell are
you talking about?

I never killed your nephew.

- When your men
walked into La Cantina

and gunned down those men,
one of them was my nephew.

- Giovani ordered it.

Now, he sleeps with the fishes.

All debts are paid.

- I don't think so.

I want Giovani's daughter.

- Well, maybe you're right.

I do still owe you.

Pay the man, boys.

(tense music)

(gunshots blasting)

(Carla weeping)

I told you, nobody
touches Carla.

(gunshot blasting)

(tense music)

Oh, you got a choice.

You can either leave
here right now,

or you could join
me, huh, Miguel?

What do you say?

- And Rosa, too?

- Oh, yeah.

If you want her to stay.

- Okay.

- Okay.

Oh, that's good.

Oh, you made the right decision.

(tense music)

(Carla weeping)

Jeez, Carla.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I didn't want you to see this.

I did it for you.

I love you.

You know that.

But you never
looked at me twice,

and then this Quinn guy
walks into your life...

No, I will not lose you.

Don't you see?

Now we have it all.

I'm king of the city,
and you're my queen.


(tense music)


I'm sorry.

I am sorry, baby.

Vick, Joey.

Take her.

Let's go.

(tense music)

- [Quinn] Let me talk to Roark.

Hey, Roark, it's Quinn.

I'm pulling into Giovani's.

Something's wrong.

The gate's open,
the guards are gone.

Lemme check it out.

I'll get back to you.

(tense music)




Get me Roark at OCT.

Roark, send a morgue wagon

and a forensic team
at Giovani's house.

I'm comm' 'm.

- All right, what
the hell happened?

- Guzman and his boys
grew a lot of balls.

They hit Giovani at his house.

They got Giovani, but
none of them made it out.

- So, so, the war's finished?

- Not quite.

They managed to kidnap Carla.

I gotta find her.

- You've fallen for
her, haven't you?

- She was my responsibility.

Somebody got to her.

I gotta get her back,
no matter what it takes.

- You turn vigilante on
me and I'll stop you.

- You can try, but you better
not get in my way, Roark,

you better not get in my way!

- Who the hell you talking to?

I can't just let
you walk outta here

and take the law
into your own hands!

Listen to me, Quinn.

Come back here, Quinn!


(melancholy music)

(tense music)

- Guzman and Giovani were
wasting their time and money

with this stupid war.

Well, the war is over!

Their time is up.

It's time for some new blood
to step in there and take over.

We're gonna own this
fuckin' town, gentlemen.

All the drugs, the distribution,

the hookers and the gamblers,

and nobody will dare
to get in our way,

or they'll end up like
Guzman and Giovani.

- Who made you boss?

(gunshot blasting)
(tense music)

- Any more questions, gentlemen?

As of now, you're
all at double salary.

- [All] Yeah.

- Now, I want the
head of Jake Quinn.

I'll pay a hundred
thousand dollars

for anybody who brings it to me.

- Hey, Quinn.

Where've you been?

- Working as a bodyguard.

Get me a beer.

(can cracking)

(tense music)

(gunfire blasting)

(victims groaning)

- Me and you.

Let's see what you got.

(tense music)



- Tell me who sent you.


Tell me who sent you.

(tense music)

- [Vinnie On Walkie Talkie]
Keep your eyes open.

That son of a bitch is gonna
show and I want his balls.

- Sure, Vinnie, no problem.

(tense music)


- [Quinn] Hey, Joey.


(tense music)


- [Vick] Shit.

He's inside, he's inside.


- All right, Quinn.

I'm impressed.

But you can't touch me.

If I don't make it
back, the girl is dead.

See, if I can't have
her, nobody can.

- [Quinn] Keep her
outta this, Vinnie.

This is between you and me.

- Fuck you, Quinn.

I'm outta here.

And you can't do shit.

(tense music)

(engine revving)
(tires squealing)

(cart clattering)

- [Quinn] Pete, it's Quinn.

- I know who it is.

- I need some information.

- Of course you do.

You wouldn't be here otherwise.

What do you want?

- I'm lookin' for someone.

- Vinnie Scolletti.

He put a contract
on you, 100 grand.

Seems he killed
Giovani and Guzman.

Runs both operations now.

- [Quinn] Know where he is?

- Might.

Then again, might not.

What's it worth to ya?

- 20 bucks.

(Pete chuckling)

- [Pete] 50.

- 40.

- 75.

- 100.

- 50.

- [Quinn] Done.


- Don't ever try
to cheat me, boy.

Yeah, he's set up over in that

warehouse on Shiloh.

Lot of activity there.

You gonna shut him down?

- [Quinn] Yeah.

- It's safer in southeast Asia.

Quinn, you be careful.

- Thanks, Pete.

(tense music)

(cart clattering)

(tense music)


(tense music)


(tense music)

- [Quinn] Vinnie!

Let Carla go now!

- I'll see you in
hell first, Quinn.

- Welcome to hell, Vinnie.


(tense music)


(tense music)

(gunfire blasting)

(tense music)

(gunshot blasting)


(Rosa yelling)



- Last time you were
saved by a girl.

This time there's
no one to save you.

I'm gonna kill you
with my bare hands.

(tense music)

(blades swishing)


- You lose!


- Give it up, Quinn!

You can't take us all out!

- Really?

Where's your backup, Vinnie?

Give him a call.

They're all dead or they split.

They don't think
you're worth dying for.

It's between you and me.

(gunshot blasting)
- Ah!

- Miguel!


Kill that son of a bitch!

- You're all alone, Vinnie!

(Vinnie mumbling)

- I took out Guzman
and Carlo Giovani!

I am king of the city!

- You're nothing Vinnie but
a little chicken shit coward!

(gunshot blasting)
- Ah!

- I still got Carla!

You keep fuckin' with me,
and I'm gonna kill her.

If I can't have her, nobody can.

- [Quinn] After she's dead,
you still gotta get by me.

- Quinn!

- [Quinn] Let her go
or kill her, Vinnie,

'cause either way,
you're goin' down.

- You want her?


(gunshot blasting)
- Ah!

(tense music)

(tires squealing)

(gunshots blasting)


(tense music)

(melancholy music)

- [Quinn] You okay?

- [Carla] Why is it you always
seem to be saving my life?

- It's my job.

(tense music)

- [Hernandez] Quinn, do you
realize that your body count

was higher than the
whole Guzman-Giovani war?

- I guess I win, then.

Roark, I think you
owe me something.

- Your badge.

- That was the deal.

You gonna keep your word?

- Yeah.

But you just step
outta line one time...

Are you listening to me, Quinn?

One time and I'll take
that back away from you

so fast it'll make
your head spin.

Do you understand?

- You know what?

You keep it.

- What?

- You heard me.

All that thing ever did
was cause me a problem.

You keep it.

- You'd rather work at a bar?

- No, I have a real job,

as a bodyguard.

You know, Carla, I think
it's time we re-negotiated

the wages and hours of this job.

- [Carla] All right.

I think seven days a week,
24 hours a day and no raise.

- [Quinn] What kind of
negotiation is that?

- [Carla] My kind,
and on my own terms.

- [Quinn] Yes, Miss Carla.

(melancholy music)

(slow tempo funky music)