L.A. Takedown (1989) - full transcript

Tough Los Angeles cop Vincent Hanna takes on a gang of professional bank robbers led by the precise, enigmatic Patrick McLaren.




Take me to breakfast this morning.

So... things work out, I'd consider
working with you guys again,

you know... on a regular basis.

You look like an okay crew.

'Cause I can handle all kinds
of things, man.

They ain't invented the kinda
things I can't handle.

Stop talking.


Lay off him, Sport!


Got it!

You degenerate... Good morning!

Raymond, wake up!

Vincent, we've got a bad one...
three down.

- Dead?
- Yup.

What was it?

Armoured van...
High 7 figures bearer-bonds.

- When?
- About 15 minutes ago.

Start making calls.

Arriaga is already on it.
What've you got?

Nothing. I've eliminated most
of the crews we've been looking at.

They're all home in bed.

Schwartz, line 3.

Work car?

A white wagon...
Hasn't turned up yet.

Look, I want every auto theft
in the last 24 hours.

Have Arriaga check the tabs
on Ariasio and the other two fences.

Who're they talking about they're
talking about who took this score...

whose fence it is.

Schwartz, check out the Carpenter
brothers' drop,

and the two Chichi
Carasco's got in East L.A.

And the work cars.
See if they're warm.

Casals... get over to the crime scene...
I'll meet you there.

Make sure no one screws it up.

- You don't want breakfast?
- I don't want breakfast.

What the hell did you do that for, man?
I was gonna open the door!

What the hell you do that for?
You broke my door down...

I'm very upset.

Harvey, where'd you boost
the TVs from?

Orange County.

Harvey, I find out those TVs are from L.A...

They're L.A. TVs.

I lost an armoured car this morning...

Now, get on the street,
and start rootin' around.

I want a lead on which crew
put this down.

Now, it's 9 o'clock now..

If I haven't heard from you
by 3 o'clock, I'm coming back.

I'm going to be
even more upset.

Nothin' with nothin', boss.

Masks, radios, clothes...

Dumped them all in the work car
and boogied.


Couple of smudges.
9.30 scanners.

Jump in.

I got a witness, Vincent.

Janitor in the office building
next door.

ID anybody? Plates?
Descriptions... what?

Just shapes.

Three. Guy's almost blind.

One big, one thin...
Mostly heard it.

He's been policed.

What about them?

The janitor said one of the crew said...
"Lay off him, Sport."


2 shots fired, 45.

I figure the 2nd guy tried to fight,
coz his jacket's torn.

Janitor heard a shotgun blast
go off second.

That's how he got it.

I don't know why
they killed the third.

This went down fast...
in and out.

They even ignored loose cash.

They were on a clock...

Knew our response time
to a 2-11.

They had scanners
in the work car.

So they also had our air.

How'd they make the hole?

"Shaped charge"...
nice piece of work.

Intense heat, below combustion rate so it
didn't blow everything up on the inside.

- They knew what they were doin'.
- C4 plastique?

That, and some magnesium probably
to get the heat up.

Take a couple of days
to figure it out.

- Anything on the work car yet?
- Stolen in Oregon 2 months ago.

They'd've a drop some place in L.A.
they stored it.

The ones we checked on... nothing.

Everybody local we know

who could take down something like
this, was home in bed.

Except Lombardo...
He's in Atlantic City.

Run "Sport" to the FBI,
see what it turns up.

Other than the NFL,
NBA and the Olympics.

Okay, what we got here,
is a heavy-duty crew.

Once it escalated into
a murder-one beef for all...

of them after they killed the first two...

...they whacked guard number three, coz
it didn't make a difference any more,

so why leave a witness?

So this is a crew...
anyone gets in their way...

...Drop of a hat...
it's rock 'n roll.

Now also, the way they went into the side...

...indicates they are equipped
to go in on the prowl.

Start looking for recent high-line
burglaries that have mystified us.

Go back through the
tapes of the guys

you been listening to,
and hang on the fences.

Stay with Forensics
on the plastique.

Now, how'd they know the route of
the van, and what it was carrying?

And to ignore cash
and go for the bearer-bonds.

Someone gave this score up.

Now, does Gage print out the day's routes?

If so, what do they do with the
printouts? Who collects the trash?

Just run makes
on all their middle management.

Without disturbing their families,
check these three guards...

See if one of them was a tipster.

- Vincent, you recognise their M.O?
- Oh yeah, I recognise their M.O...

Their M.O. is that they are good.

They can put down scores strong
or on the prowl.

They're probably out-of-towners.

Hope they're scoring once
then passing through, and I doubt it.

I want this crew.

I want them before they score again.

We got the first half
of the money.

I took out of our halves
to make up his full split.

Because I want to get rid of this,
right now.

Where'd we get this guy anyway?
The 'funny-farm'?

I know a guy who did County time
with him...

- Hey... I had to!
- Shut up!

You "had to" nothing.
We have to deal with unnecessary heat.

Fine. Pay him off.

You're done.
Get out.

Disappear, Waingro.

You don't understand! You gotta
listen and understand me, man.

Hold it!

How did my shift add up, (**)?

Yeah, you're doing great, Jimmy, great.

I can do you a lot better than great, baby.

Gettin' tired of
your same-old, same-old routine?

You know where
to find me.

Get your hand off my thigh...
Get back behind the bar, or get out.


Plymouth with shaved ice!

Tuesday's down 11 percent.
You like the band?

It's not bad.

How's it going?

It's not. This crew's "X the Unknown"...
The Minamore's gang...

Why don't you get
something to eat?

...or it was taken down
by Casper the Ghost.

- Cable company show?
- No.

Mind if I assault
you here, and...

start ripping your clothes off,
stuff like that...?

Sure, hot shot! Right here,
right here in public.

I'm out of here in 2 hours.

We can go to the 'Polynesian',
get a bite to eat.

What do you know...
the one light in my day...

The battery's dead...
Use my office.

Forget the Polynesian, baby...
I'll meet you at home.

What d'you hear,
what d'you say, Harvey?

Dude, good talking to you.
Hey I've been hittin' Los Patos.

And those homeboys, man,
like I'm some kind of...

...flamenco matador guy,
cutting it real slick,

like the CIA, generating
leads and stuff...

Dude, I'm a dancer!

Hey you're a bust-out speed-freak,
jackin' metamphetamins again...

I'm in a hurry, okay, so let's go!

You gotta talk to
my brother Raoul.

He'll meet you tomorrow at 9 at
El Chacono. - On De-Soto?

How come you're so late?

Coz I'm late. Coz I been checking out...

...maravilla like The Shadow...

...increasing your database.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Robbery-Homicide.
- Hey Bobby, it's me.

Boss... drops all come up after you.

Arriaga went through
the surveillance tapes.

They're talkin' little boys and
little girls, and that's it.

No armoured cars.

Richie the medical examiner called.

They got another one.

SW corner Alta Vista and Sunset.

Thought you might wanna swing by.
I'll talk to you later.

Hey, Vincent.

What's this?

This is how we found her.

- How old is she?
- 16-17.

How'd she die, Ritchie?

Blunt instrument.
Cerebral haematoma.

Who are they?

The family.

What are they doing here?

Somebody knew the girl
and called the family.

Nice... real nice!

I wanted you to see this...

...cos I got a feeling
it's going to become a series...

...and end up in your court.

Area Homicide's not handling it?

Let me see, please...
Let me touch my little girl!

Let me see my baby!
Just let me see her.

Why don't you let me see
my little girl?

Why'd they do that?
Why'd they do that to my baby?

- Hi, honey.
- Hey, sugar.

You okay?

What's wrong?

Richie the medical examiner called.

Fell by a crime scene
on The Strip.

Somebody dropped a young prostitute.

Bad one?

You want some?


I'd like to think I make a difference.

Even if you need an electronic
microscope to measure it.

I make some difference.

Tonight... I made no difference.

Did I ever tell you
how proud of you I am?

You're proud of me?

What the hell are you proud of me for?

It was good, huh?


Don't lie to me.

I can always tell
when people are lying.

I ain't lying.

You macho man.

Yeah, sure...

You fly!

You're cool.

Too much man
for one woman, okay?


Now fun time's over.

I'm a hot dog...
I'm a heavy hitter.

Now look... I told you I have to
get myself back kerbside.

So you get outta here!

Coz the clock is tickin'
and there's money to be made.

Instead of sittin' here,
wastin' time with your crazy butt.

Coz I bumped my face
to the bars?

Is that it?

Well that ain't it!

Coz I am a stone killer!

A sky-blue bad-ass!

Would you pass the Tabasco, please.

Thank you.


What are you reading?

What are you reading?

A book about metals.

- Is it interesting?
- Yeah.

What do you do?

- What do I do?
- Yeah.

I'm a salesman.
I sell swimming pools.

"Stress Fractures in Titanium".

What does that have
to do with sales?

Lady, why are you so interested
in what I read and what I do?

Well, I work in print, and those colour
reproductions are very unusual.

And if you don't want to talk to me,
that's alright.

I mean I'm sorry I asked.

What are they?

What are what?

These plates.

They're printed by rotogravure.


My name is Eady.


Patrick Solenko.

Hey, can we get some
more coffee here?

I like it up here.

It's very peaceful.

I flew over Iceland one time,
at night.

40,000 feet...
the moonlight fell on the snow...

It felt like this.

- You travel a lot?
- Yeah.

By yourself?


Make you lonely?

I'm alone.

It doesn't bother me.


I'm lonely...

...and I don't like it very much.

You said you work
in print?

I'm a graphic designer. I do layouts
for this design house on Melrose.

What kind of layouts?

Stationery, letterheads...
album covers...

Nothing very important.



Hanna. My brother Raoul.

Whadda you hear,
whadda you say?

Some crew's ripping Porsches out of
Orange County, man. Three dudes.

You looking for me to get rid
of some of your competition?

Hey, I'm an honest citizen.

Yeah, and I'm the Ghost of Christmas Past.
You got somethin' to say, or what?

Brother, if I tell you
what I got to tell you,

how do I know you're gonna do
what I need to get done?

Raoul, Hanna's a
stand-up guy...

He does what he says.
That's why I reach for you.

[Don't fuck with me, stupid.
I'm not your brother.]

You know, coz I say so!

Okay... okay... take it easy!

This is valuable stuff...

If I tell you what I know,
I could get killed.

You can get killed
walkin' down a street.

This dude I knew, at McNeil,
he's been out a couple, maybe 3 years.


This dude, he's an action junkie.

If he'd've said nothin',
I would've thought nothin'.

But he goes on and on into
extra overtime about how...

he ain't been doin' nothin'.

Then I know he's got something
going down.

What's the matter with you?

You drag me all the way out here
to waste my time like this?

He saw a guy on a street,
who's an ex-con?


So what do you want for that?
A junior G-man badge?

You gonna make the call
about the Porsches?

You've got to be kidding!

Hanna... - Hey, this Sport...
he's double-duty!

He's a real double-blind

What d'you say?

- You said "Sport"?
- Yeah...

That's what he calls everybody.

"Sport" this...
"Sport" that...

So tell me about him.

He's 5'11... built...

...jailhouse tattoo.

Peacock right here.
Probably a shooter once.

Heavy time.

Marion, Attica...

Could do a nickel or a dime
standing on his ear.

He was in C block for 2 days.

In the shower, this Muslim comes right
up into his face...

and Sport cuts him a couple
of brand new openings.

He goes back
to shampooing his hair!

What's his name?


Michael Cerrito.

This bank, it's a distribution centre.

One day a month,
before they do the distribution...

...they do the count.

That's the day we walk in
and take it.

- Whoa, what happened to Denver?
- Forget Denver.

Why? We got 40 grand
into setting it up.

Yeah, we got cars, tools...

Because in this bank, there's
14.2 to 14.3 million dollars.

Cash money.

No 40 cents on the dollar,
no fence, no nothin'.

That's why.

And there's somethin' else...

The bank is our last score.

Nobody has cut into us.

Nobody knows who we are.

We are ahead of the game.

We quit ahead.

The bank is our ticket to ride.

We cut in, we take it...
We're out again.

Happy birthday to you...!

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, dear Elaine...

Happy birthday to you!

There's too many candles
on this cake!

Hey, you got plenty good years
left in you, baby.

So what he get you, something nice?

He won't tell. I don't know.
I don't know till later.

Come on!
It's probably another knock-off Rolex.

What "knock-off"?
You see the things he gives me!

Come on... make a wish
and cut the cake.


It's Patrick.

I'm glad you called.

I thought, maybe it was...

...just the one night, you know?

It was no one-night stand to me.

I'd like to see you again.

I'll be right there.

- On two cars.

- Tails?
- I got four cars on each.

Three revolving front tails
and one parallel.

This is great.
"The Bad Guys Convention".

- Who's "Sport"?

- The wide one. Michael Cerrito.

Put a tap on his car phone.

Who's the third guy?

Don't know.
Haven't seen him before.

We're not set up to tail him.

Pick up on him.

They are not passing through.

Whatever score they
are putting down next,

they are putting it down right here.

We have cut into this crew.

We are gonna tail them
until they lead us to it.

And when they make that move...

When they walk through that door, they're
gonna get the surprise of a lifetime.

Hey, Vincent! I found you... telephone.

- Busy?
- When's it not?

- How's Carmen? - Oh, she's fine. She's
coming back next week from Montegreo (**).

- Yeah, it's me.
- Boss...

Let's dance, baby!

I don't think so, Jimmy!

Woman, I'm gonna be
your Fred Astaire!

...probably got the ...
... work cars ... no witnesses(**)

Stay there!

She's a nice piece...
Whadda you expect?!

- "Piece"?
- Vincent... please!

"Piece", what is "piece?
Piece of...? You called her.

That's Lillian! That's Lillian!
You call her a piece?

Lillian, Lillian!

Lillian! Will you stop
running away from me!

- What was that!?
- What was that?!

"Mr California" is wrestling with you...
What the hell do you think I'm gonna do?

- Exactly what you did.
- That's right! So?

So you had already handled it.

Then you went back
and beat him up!

But you had a good reason?

C'mon get out of here.

You got a good reason
for your frame of mind?

Can we do this
some place else?!

There's always a good reason...
there is!

Some junkie like... goes and fries
his baby in a microwave...

because it's crying too hard.

So you come home "loaded".

And we make out like banshees!

We got it made...

...we make it go away.

We got by, oh gee... we're alive!

You have nightmares in your sleep...

so I hold you in my arms
all night long.

Which is no big deal.

Coz I'm there by your side....

...just like you'd be there
by mine.

Coz I love you.

I'd love you, fat...

...bald, money, no money...

driving a bus, whatever...
I don't care.

But in the end,
what happens?

You're fine!

Ready to go,
hot to hit the streets...

Don't even slow down for coffee.

And I ask myself: "What
the hell was that?"

A "tune-up"?
A "lube"?

What is our life together, Vincent?

A pit-stop?

Did I ever lie to you?


Did I ever deceive you?


Did I ever tell you...
"Honey, listen to me..."

Did I ever tell you our life
was gonna be one way,

and turn out to be the other?


I don't work 40 hours a week

and come home
and take Saturday and Sundays off

and leave my work
at the office.

I don't know how
to live like that.

I never did that in my whole life,
and I don't want to.

What happens out here
is my whole world.

And when some scumbag
dehumanises a 16-year old girl...

...murders, and treats her like so
much disposable flesh, some piece...

...it gets my attention!

And when I hooked up with you,
and you hooked up with me...

...you knew you were going to
share me with the worst people

and the ugliest events
on this planet, right?!

It consumes you!
It runs you!

I bought into sharing.

This is not sharing!

This is leftovers.

Let's go.

Where the hell is there to go?

You tell me!

What were you doing there?


That's what everybody does there.

You go skiing, you try to meet people,
you try to have a good time.

You have a good time?


Why not?

Because it's not very easy for me
to meet people.

You met me.

I know.

But that's just because it kinda
happened without me thinking about it.

That's probably why it worked.

- Where you come from?
- Here and there.

Come on!

You want to know where I'm from?

I'm where the needles start at zero,
and go the other way...

A double blank.

And then something fine like you
comes along.

Take off with me.

- Where?
- New Zealand.

What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

No, there's something wrong...
I can tell.

Everything's right.

Will you go?


What took you so long?

I had a problem with my home-car.

Bugs... two...
count them... one... two.

One in the wheel well...
the other in the door.

One's in case I find it...

It's supposed to fool me
into not looking for the second.

We've been cut into.

Someone is onto us.

Where the hell
did all this heat come from?

Who's on to us? LAPD? County?
The G? Who? Damn it!

Maybe they just happened to...

Wake up! We got major problems here!

Right now, what's smart...
what's cold...

...is don't go home, don't pack,
don't call, don't do nothing.

Shake the tails
and split right out of L.A.

Or we stay, stretch, and take the bank
right out from under their noses.


I roll with you, whatever.

Not on this one, Michael. On this
one you make up your own mind.

You figure this is
the best thing to do?

Elaine takes great care of you.

You got plenty stashed.

If I were you, Michael, I'd be smart
and cut loose at this one...

Hey, Sport...

...for me the action is half the juice...

I am in!


Okay... Okay, I'm in!

We got plenty to do.
Let's hit it.

You see the west wall?


That's where we cut in.

What are we gonna use, Sport?

Bellacor drill, definitely.

Where do we switch the cars?

The alley behind the mini-mart
on Alvarado.


Let's hit it.

We've got the next score.

I'll call Vincent.

Here's where we
tailed them, boss.

- What's all that?
- Moved out of Lillian's.

Don't ask, okay?!

Where they looking
to take down?

I don't know, Vincent,
but they were looking south-west.

What's that?

Home loans. Wallpaper. No cash or
negotiable securities, I checked.

That's nothing.

All we got's a company that
deals in paper... dairy...

Retail stores...

- What the hell are they looking at
out here? - That's what we can't figure.

This is where they stood.
This was their point of view.

Is this crew something,
or is this crew something!?

I mean, this guy is a mega-blast!

You know what he's gonna take
down here? Nothing!

You know what he's lookin' at?
I know what he's lookin' at!

Us... the police department.
We just got made! Okay?

Magnetic stripes
for the vault doors.

Worth it?

Circuit diagrams, computer data...

...blueprints to build the bank...

Forget about takin' it down.

Who's on us?

Here's your pictures back.

I speared this staff-sergeant (**) 5 yards.

They're all over you, Pat.

The man's name is Hanna.
First name Vincent.

He's 30 years old.
A hot-dog.

LAPD sergeant in Robbery-Homicide.

Ex Narcotics...

Lots of undercover, major seizures,
a couple of busts.

Transferred into Robbery-Homicide...

and right away he takes down
Guido Dombaris' home-invasion crew.

They walk into this Bel Air house,
to take it over...

April fool... baboom!
Hanna's staked out inside.

How deep they cut into us?

I got everybody stayin' home,
watching daytime TV, until I find out.

Xeroxes of their unit and case file.

Personnel file on Hanna.

Now you see what they got
and what they don't got.

They're all over Sheherlis and Cerrito.

Their phones, their houses,
their cars.

And your car.

They do not have the drop.

Do not have the work cars...

and not your apartment...
they've been losin' you at night.

They know about the bank?

Well, they figure you
for another score.

They do not know what it is.

Hanna thinks you're sharp.

You do this sharp,
you do that sharp...

"Look how smart
this guy is to do that."

Man's got a sense of humour.


Funny as a heart-attack.

You and I go way back.

Can I say something?

You always made it,
coz you've been a stone-cold pro.

One thing out of place that didn't
belong at the scene of a score...

...and you'd walk away.

I mean, who cares who he is,
or where he's from, or what he's got.

You'd be on to the next,
and long gone.

I've had heat before.

I'm your friend, Pat.

What's goin' on?

Nate, I got personal plans this time.

So it's worth a stretch for me.

- Thanks a lot.
- Okay.

I'll see you later.

- What are you drinking?
- Seven and Seven.


Seven and Seven
and another one of these.

Just put it on my tab, honey.

Yeah, so I'm listening.

I'm a heavy hitter.

I travel in circles, you know... like
strata... strata at the top, see?

Coz I have access to some of the
most precious commodity on earth.

Information... data.


I got this thing I'm about
to mastermind, see.

But I need, like...

...an intermediary.

That is why you are here.

You might be the man
I am looking to recruit.


Buy you a cuppa coffee?

7 years in McNeil?


McNeil's no country-club.

You lookin' to become
a penologist?

You lookin' to go back?

I chased down crews...
the guys are just lookin' to go back.

You must've worked
some pretty bad off crews.

I worked all kinds.

You see me doin' thrill-seeker
liquor-store hold-ups

with a "Born to Lose"
tattoo on my chest?

- No.
- Right.

And I...

I am never goin' back.

Don't take down scores.

That's my job.

I do what I do best...

Take down scores.

You do what you do best...
tryin' to stop guys like me.

End of story.

Y'know, whatever happened
to a normal-type life?

You ever thought of that?

Family breakfast
and barbecues?

Kids on Sunday afternoons?
That life? That's nice.

Is that your life?

At this moment in time?

My life is more like
a disaster area.

I got a great woman
I'm truly in love with...

But I'm probably
losing her

because I spend all my time chasing
guys like you around the block.

So right now, I'm alone.

Then where's all the good stuff?

I don't know.

What are you... a monk?


I got a woman.

What do you tell her?

I tell her I sell swimming pools.

And live a lie, so there's
nothing in it

you can't walk away
from in 10 seconds flat.


So what if you spot me
round the corner?

You gonna do what you're supposed
to... Just walk away?

Not even say goodbye?

That's the discipline.

What you're left with
is pretty empty.


So then, you and me...

We should both go
do somethin' else, pal.

I don't know how to do
anything else.

Neither do I.

I know we're here...

sitting, talking...

And if I'm there,
when you're comin' out of a score...

...I'll blow you outta your socks.

I won't like it,
but I won't think twice about it.

Coz if the wife of some poor bastard
you kill

is gonna be made into a widow,
or you're gonna go down...

Brother, hey, you're gonna go down.

Coz you don't have to be here.

You could be a mail-man.

Well there's a flip-side to that coin.

Now that we've been
face to face...

...I'd as soon let you walk on by.

But if you're there, and you got me
boxed in, I'll put you down.

I'll do what I gotta do,
and you will not get in my way.

But then again,
maybe it'll never happen.


Maybe not.

- What?!
- They dumped us.

What!? Where's Cerrito?

No calls to the house, nothing.

They gotta be makin' their
move soon, though.

Transponders... I got a chopper in
the air and 9 cars in the street...

How the hell
did they dump us?

They tailed Cerrito
into a car wash.

Car comes out, sits there,
abandoned. No Cerrito.


Same, nothin'. Car's in the street.
He must've give us the slip on foot.

- All our tails?
- At the same time.

I just came from McLaren.

They tailed him
into Adams Street tunnel.

Tail comes out, it's not him
driving the car any more.

Does anybody have any idea
where the hell these people are?

Towner's late.
I wanna check the slot for the work car.

- We've got two hours.
- Here he is.

I'm out.

What are you talkin' about?

Anna's got a busted appendix.
We took her to the hospital.

It's a mess.
I gotta get back there.

And what am I gonna do
for a driver?

I came over from the hospital
coz I didn't wanna talk on the phone.

I gotta get back.

The last thing I?d do
is let you down, Pat.

What do you call this?
Backing me up?

You have to be there?

We waited too long
trying to get past today.

Yeah... I have to be there.

He's here!

- They buy it?
- Yeah.

I gotta hand it to you,
man... You're slick, man,

you're slick how you handled that!

On the ball!

Thanks for the compliment.

Now get out of here
and leave us alone.

Where's Anna?

She's resting.

Right, Hugh?


Drop us in the slot.
Let's take it down.

- Can I borrow your pen?
- Sure thing.

Everybody stay cool.

Do exactly as we say,
and you come away okay.

We're not here to hurt anybody!

We're here for the bank's money,
not your money.

Your money is protected by the federal
government under the FDIC program.

You are not going to lose a penny.


Vincent! We got tipped.

They're taking a bank.
California First Security, 2.45.

Despatch? This is Lima 10. Give me
tach-6 for a 2-11 in progress.

Unit 5 to unit 4 proceeding to
a 2-11. Switch to tach-6.

Fetch in the air support.

- On my way.
- Right behind you!



Lima 10, this is air 109 Adam.

Requesting assistance,
Wilshire and San Vincente!

Bank robbery in progress.

Where did all these people
come from?

Stand off one block from San Vincente.
Unless shots are fired.

Repeat, let them leave first...
then take them down.

Oscar... set up across the street.

- Come on!
- Go!


Come on, get out of the way!

Get out of the way!

Get down!
Get down!

Down, down!

No, don't take my bab... Alice!

He knows somebody
ratted him out to us...

...so he won't trust
his escape plan.

It'll take him 12-16 hours
to lay on a new getaway.

Now that's the time we've got!

We have to nail him within that time,
or he's gone, man... He is gone!

Airport police are
watching the security gates

at LAX, Burbank, Ontario,
van Nuys and Long Beach.

With this guy, once he's set,
he'll fly by all that.

We got only one shot.

If, before he leaves, he detours
to blow away whoever ratted him out...

Now that's the shot!

I want the guy
who ratted him out.

The call that Casals got?

Came from this insurance
company guy named Dieter.

His company insures the bank.

Is that Mr. Turvik - tip
on the bank score?(**)

Yeah, that's him.

It's Mr Dieter.
And I been waiting here 20 minutes.

Where'd it come from?
Who ratted out Pat McLaren?

I don't know that
I ought to tell you that.

Come on, come on!
Who tipped you off, come on?

Look... I have my informants, too.

I'm an insurance industry

I protect my sources.

Look, I got one partner shot up!

Another one's dyin'
with no liver.

Don't come on to me
with that crap!


Hugh Benny.

Why didn't you tell us
before it went down?

Before people got killed.

Because he never told me before.

I don't control when someone
sells me information, okay?

It's usually after a robbery.
Never during.

How much?

How much?

How much?!

100,000 dollars.
Reward money.

...on the California Federal
Savings bank hold-up...

Hours after the
shooting, Elaine Cerrito,

the wife of one of the
slain bank robbers...

appeared at the crime
scene, and had to be detained

by the Los Angeles
police department.

Killed during the robbery were
Michael Cerrito and Mustafa Jackson.

Still at large are Patrick McLaren
and Christopher Sheherlis.

When can he travel?

Well, Dr Bob says
he's goin' nowhere for 2 weeks.


You're like a major media event
right now....

I think it's at least double the risk.

And double on my price.

You're wrong.

What do you mean?

It's not double the risk.

It's 4 times the risk.

Coz if something happens to him...

...I'm comin' for you.

And I am double the worst trouble
you ever thought of.

Now go back to work.

It's me...
Chris is gonna be alright.

I'm not tellin' you where he is...

coz the cops are gonna be
all over you.

You'll hear when the time is right.

Patrick? Patrick!


Hugh Benny!
Open up! Police!

You got no warrant! You got no
right, man, got no right, ma?

Shut up!(**)

I'll check the back stairs.

Now... I'm gonna tell you
about your rights.

You got the right
to remain silent.

You got the right... to remain...
absolutely silent.

Place is empty, boss...
nobody else here.


Made me.

They had Anna.

Anna? Where's Anna?

She's dead.

So's Cerrito.

And Jackson, the guy
who stood in for you.

Who did this?



You say anything about how
we were gettin' out of town?

Where we were goin'?

- Don't remember, I...
- Come on!

Pat... Pat, I don't think so.

The house clean?

I'll call the medics.

I ain't gonna make it.

I can't feel nothin'.

Anna's gone.

Don't leave me like this, Pat.



Tracks back to this cowboy
named Waingro...

He had some beef
with McLaren.

The insurance thing, all of it
was his idea.

Waingro is our one shot.

Now Hugh Benny has
reformed his wayward life...

and become a born-again
good citizen.

So to help our prosecution he revealed

that Waingro committed
a double-murder today.

On Towner, the driver,
and his old lady.

So have Ritchie the medical examiner
check out the dead bodies.

Meanwhile, Waingro's checked
into the Century Boulevard Sheraton...

under the name Jamieson.

Word's on the street...

Bail bondsmen, snitches in County,
et cetera.

Run the surveillance team
on Waingro, yourself.

I'm hoping McLaren
will make a move on him.

What do you want me to do
if Waingro splits?

Waingro won't split.

Benny told him he's collecting
the insurance pay-off.

He'll stay around
for the money.

Also, they've been screamin' their
heads off out at the airport...

Security checks have been
jammin' up their traffic.

So they'll be a half hour late
to Hawaii!

- CHP roadblocks?
- Nothing.

I got one piece of bait,
and one trap.

Waingro in a hotel room.

How much time we got?

8, 10 hours max'.
But he's here, man, I feel it!

McLaren's still here,
I can feel it.

Your new out is a Learjet to
Toronto and then to Belfast.

Magic plastic, Georgia licence and
a passport will be on the plane.

How long's it good?

Plastic... 45 days,
passport... 6 months.

Who's the second?

A girl, her own papers, clean.
How soon?

I'll know your pick-up time
in an hour.

Chris is stashed at Dr. Bob's Dog
Hospital. He can travel in 2 weeks.

410 North Orange Grove.
I rent 3 garages in the rear.

There's a hot Chrysler Baron,
plus everyone's share.

Cerrito's goes to Elaine.

Jackson's to his old lady.


Nothing on him, yet.

On the news.

Your goddamned picture
was on television!

We're changing the way
we're going away, Eady.

Going away?

There were these pictures...!

Things go wrong...
people get hurt.

I don't sell swimming pools.

There was this man
who got shot down...

Michael did not have to be there.

Michael elected to be there.

He knew the risk.

If he didn't want the risk...
he could've been a mail-man.

I can't believe this!

Believe it. Get changed.
Let's go.

There was a man
on the sidewalk...!

- ...with groceries...
- It rains, you get wet!

People get in the way,
it becomes their problem...

What are we talking about here?


I thought you were
a normal person, you...

Murdering bastard!

Get away from me!

- Damn you!
- Shut up!



I got Cerrito's share to Elaine.

She's pretty bad, Pat.

Jackson's end?

I can't find nobody.

Try the coffee shop...
He's got a wife and kid.

Your pick-up?s at 6.15am.

Hangar 17,
call-letters 10-11-Sierra.

Touches down...
holds 5 minutes... and splits.

This plane will stand an FAA-check.

Nothin' on Waingro.

That was the last bridge.


What's the score?

Hold on!

What's happening?

Nothin' with nothin'.

He's still watchin' TV.

Zip! Waingro's doin' nothin'...
No calls even.

It's over.

How do you know?
We still got...

What've we got?!

Fly like a bird, Patrick.

Oscar... You were good, man!

I'm goin' to the hospital while
Casals dies.

Then I'll see Schwartz...
See if he's gonna make it.

I know...

Stay here.

Let's go outside.

People never change.

I'm not gonna change.

You're not gonna change.

I don't know...

What is possible,
is sometimes...

...what you care about,
gets submerged.

It gets covered up for a while.

You forget how important
something is to you.

If you're lucky,
I mean really lucky...

...you have somebody, like you.

And you remember.

I love you.

I never want to live
without you.

Not ever.

Never had to talk like this.

It makes no sense any more,
since I've been with you.

There's nowhere to go.

If it's alone.

If it's without you.

So right now, if you want...

...you walk away.

Or you come with me...

...coz you want to.

That's it.

That's it.

- Yeah? - This bail bondsman
just called me back.

He's got this client named Hugh Benny,
who works with Waingro...

...s'posed to deliver some money to him.

Where's he at?

Waingro's at the Century Boulevard
Sheraton under "Jamieson".

Look, I'm only telling you this,
because you told me to,

and I know you're cool...

So forget him, Pat! Just catch
your plane and fly outta here.


Okay. Adios, amigo.


Boss, I sent a chopper for you to
the Bonaventure!

Got it. I'm on my way!

Leland's just spotted McLaren
pulling into the parking structure.

Who is it?

Building Services.
It's about the plumbing.

I didn't ask for a plumber.

You're 1537.

Yeah, what?

Well, the guy downstairs in 1437 did...
That's the problem.

I gotta turn off your water.

Hang on a sec, I'll be right back.
I gotta get dressed.

I got all the time in the world, pal.

Hang on... I'm coming!

I'll take that! (**)

Drop it!

Drop it, Patrick.

What the hell's
the matter with you?

Why'd you fall for this, huh?
You were free like a bird.


...to go.

They don't build doors...

...the way they used to.

They don't build anything
the way they used to.

Whoa! Cool-o! Coz I am surrendering...
You got that?

I'm giving myself up, right?
Are we clear on that?

Coz that's the way I want to hear it
read in court...

He was coming after me.

Justifiable self-defence.

I'm in the right.

I got it wired, man...

So let's not waste any time.

Let's get it right in the report.

So I'm gonna have
my own lawyer choice...

None of this "public defender"
stuff, alright? - Hey!

Hugh Benny rolled over on you.

So you're fallin' behind
the murder of Towner...

And you're fallin' behind
the murder of his wife.

So let me explain your choices.

You got only one choice...

You bunk your head at the bars,
you bunk your head at the toilet.

No way!

Hook him up.

That ain't gonna happen, man!

Buy you breakfast?