L.A. Bounty (1989) - full transcript

A tough female ex-cop-turned-bounty hunter goes after the gang of a crazed killer who murdered her partner.

(lion roaring)

(gentle music)

(upbeat music)

- Law and order candidate Mike Rhodes

and his wife have just left the hotel

after what, by all appearances,

has been a very successful fundraiser.

Our polls show Rhodes gaining

on incumbent Mayor John Burrows.

And Kelly Rhodes, the wealthy ex-model wife of Mike Rhodes,

was responsible for many of the show business personalities

who were here tonight.

Of course, we'll be keeping you updated

on all the events on our mayoral campaign.

This is Frazer Kelly for Action News, Channel 3.

- Well?

What do you think?

- I thought you were wonderful.

Sure you doubled your votes.

- Mm.

- At least with the women.

- Now, Kelly, we've talked about this.

(Kelly chuckles) - Coming up in just a moment

on Channel 3 Action News.

(gentle music)

- [Kelly] lt's the price l pay for marrying

the sexiest politician in the world.

- [Mike] You bet.

- Oh, boy. - Champagne?

(Mike chuckles) (cork pops)

(champagne fizzles)

- To Mike Rhodes, the next mayor of Los Angeles.

(glasses clinking)

- Kelly, you're so beautiful.

L'm a lucky guy.

(window whirring)

I have been waiting to be alone

with you all night. (Kelly chuckles)

Did you know that? - No.

- Well, l have.

(crickets chirping)

(gentle music)

I got it, pal.

I got it.

Oh, my dear, yes.

- [Kelly] Thank you so much, sir.

(Kelly chuckles)

- Let's go.

- The door.

- Oh, l see we didn't close the door.

(door thuds)

(gentle music)

(door crashes) (Mike gasps)


(Kelly groans) (Mike groans)

Who the hell are you guys?

(Mike groans)

(guns thudding) (Mike groaning)

- [Kelly] Mike!

(Kelly grunts) - what the fuck?!

(Kelly groans) waste the bitch.

Come on.

Come on. (guns firing)

(sparks crackling)

(mirror crashing)

(suspenseful music)

(gun clacking)

(gun fires) (man groans)

(sparks crackling) (gun fires)

(man groans)

(gun clacking)

(siren wailing)

(tires screeching)

(officer grunts)

(gun clacking)

- Holy shit.

(hangers raftling)


Come oufta there!


- They took Mike.

They took Mike.

- [Model] Think Ood's bored?

Why would he be bored?

- If you knew everything that was gonna happen,

wouldn't you be bored too?

Huh? l mean, where's the buzz in that?

- It wouldn't bore me. l'd make a fortune at the track.

- Well, Ood does not need a fortune.

What Ood needs is a little entertainment.

I mean, that's what we're here for.

You understand?

It's Fred fucking Astaire time.

That's entertainment.

- What do you mean?

- What do l mean, what do l mean, what do l mean?

I mean, l mean, l mean that Ood fixed it

so he never knows what we're gonna do.

And our whole job's to play

his liftle games to keep him amused.

We turn him on, he turns us on.

That's all it is, turn on, it's symbiotic.

You think Ood wants to spend eternity

with 144,000 chosen few who are all good people?

No, he wants to be with thieves, artists, killers, painters.

That's why it's important we use our imaginations.

- You have some funny ideas.

(both chuckling)

- Yeah.

Don't you?

I mean, look at yourself, you're naked.

(both chuckling)

(van horn honking)

(remote beeps)

(machine beeping)

(garage whirring)

All right, that's enough for today.

Put your clothes on.

- [Model] Can l see it?

- In your dreams.

Oo on, go on.

Oet some sleep.

How'd it go?

- [Jackman] Cops came. we left two behind.

- They get out?

- I didn't wait around.

(Mike groans) (alcohol splashes)

- Morning, Mike.

I just wanted to welcome you here

and l hope you have a real pleasant stay with us.

You all right?

You okay? (Mike groans)

Martin, why don't you get him a couple of aspirin

and cook him an omelet or something?

(Mike groans)

Rand, see you later.

- I just- - No, no, no.

I said l'd see you.

- Yeah, but- - Thank you.

Come here.

Come on.

What happened to your nose?

- Rhodes's old lady.

- She get a look at you?

- I don't think so.

- You don't think so.

- Police forensic teams have apparently finished going

over the scene of the early morning aftack

and kidnapping of mayoral candidate Mike Rhodes.

Incumbent Mayor John Burrows expressed shock

when told of the kidnapping.

Okay, folks, lots of closeups for the 11 o'clock.

This is a good one.

- Mrs. Rhodes?

Mrs. Rhodes?

- Excuse us.

L'm Lieutenant Rosario.

This is Sergeant Perry.

I know this is very hard, but we need your help.

- Who are they?

Why are they doing this?

- Well, we won't know until they make a call.

In the meantime, we're going to have

someone here monitoring your telephone.

- They're going to kill him, aren't they?

- Mrs. Rhodes, if they were gonna do that,

they would have done it last night.

- They tried to kill me.

- Mrs. Rhodes, excuse me.

L'd like to tell you something.

(Rosario sighs)

You are very brave.

No, l mean it.

What you did is going to help us catch these people

and return your husband.

I would like you to go downtown,

give the police artist as good a description as you can

so we can come up with a composite, all right?

Are you up to that?

- Oh, Ood.


- Well, tomorrow, the very latest.

Sergeant Perry here, he'll come by for you, first thing.

- Maybe we can stop by campaign head9uarters on the way in.

- It's a good idea, actually.

Yeah, tomorrow is Sunday, there won't be anyone there.

Perhaps you could look through some

of your husband's papers?

You know, something could jog your memory,

an address, a name he might have mentioned,

anything that can give us a lead.

All right?

- Yes. All right.

- Are you okay?

- Oh, Lieutenant, l want my husband back.

- I know.

We do too.

(door rumbling)

- Well, come on!

Let's get it unloaded!

(forklift whirring)

(wood creaking)

- Shit.

- Nice.

- [Jackman] Let's cut it. Oet it on the streets.

- You owe me a kilo.

(Cavanaugh chuckles)

- Lighten up, Martin.

L'm sorry, it's my fault, all right?

Okay? Oo ahead.

Oh, listen, stay in touch.

I might need you for something else, okay?

- Hey, l ain't going nowhere.

- Oood job.

You know, l'd never cheat you, and l believe you know that.

- Yeah, l know.

- [Cavanaugh] Stay well.

(door clacks)

(door thuds)

- Still the same old charm, hm?

- Yeah.

Same old game, Jimmy, isn't it? Hm?

- Millionaire caftle rancher, Leonardo Sebriez,

is now serving 1 0 years in prison for cocaine trafficking,

and is suspected in the slaying of an American drug agent,

was sentenced Monday to an additional three years in prison

for jumping bail in 1 980.

And a 20-foot tall bronze statue honoring merchant seamen

who served in wartime was mounted on its base Monday

in front of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum in San Pedro.

The 2,1 00-pound statue,

which depicts two merchant marines climbing

a Jacob's ladder, fell over, crushing several...

And in sports, Tommy Lasorda goes on a diet.

(dramatic music)

- You okay? Huh?

What do you think, Jimmy?

What do we do now?

- [Jimmy] You're crazy, Cavanaugh.

Just waste him.

Why does everything have to be a game with you?

- [Cavanaugh] Because everything is a game, Jimmy.

It's all a game. what, you wanna do it?

- [Jimmy] with a damn gun.

- [Cavanaugh] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Come on, get back.

You're not playing, right, so you lose your turn.

- [Jimmy] Just hurry up.

(Cavanaugh humming)

(gun fires) (officer groans)

(gun firing) (officer groaning)

Iftery music)

- Ouch.

- Still no word today from kidnappers

who abducted mayoral candidate Mike Rhodes

after last night's fundraiser.

While the lightning attack so far has police baed,

Mrs. Rhodes did manage to get a look

at one of the attackers.

She'll be working with police artists

to put together a composite of the man

she says led the assault on her home.

And this Monday in Los Angeles,

once again, it's Burrito Day.

(switch click)

- So, she didn't see you, huh?

- What are we gonna do?

- We?

My friend, you are gonna waste her.

- Jesus, Cavanaugh, she's got cops all around her.

- Ah.

Well, that is why Ood gave you the power of the imagination.

Use it.

(gentle cymbal music)

(upbeat music)

- Dammit.

(tires screeching)

- What's with this guy?

(willis screams) Oet down!

(gun fires) (Perry groans)

(tires screeching)

(car crashes)

- Finish it.

(Kelly groans)

(tires screeching) (gate crashes)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun clicking) (gun firing)

(willis groaning)

(Jackman grunts)

(tires screeching)

- Oet in!

(upbeat music)

(gun fires)

(tires screeching)

(cars crashing)

(gun thudding)

(gun fires)

(vehicles crashing)

(gun thudding)

(vehicles crashing)

(Bogner screams)

(vehicles crashing)

(people screaming)

(car horns honking)

- Tell Cavanaugh-

- Cavanaugh?

(gun clicks) l haven't seen Cavanaugh...

- You want Kelly Rhodes?

You deal with me. (sirens wailing)

- [Jackman] Look, Ruger, l wouldn't even know where

to get ahold of him, and even if l could, l mean-

- You tell Cavanaugh to call me.

6:00 a.m.

(Jackman sighs)

(gun clacking) - You're lefting him go?

Who are these people?

(glove compartment door thuds)

(engine rumbling)

(Jackman sighs)

- I don't want excuses.

I want results.

Whoever this is, he's making you look like idiots,

and that makes me look like an idiot.

- I lost a good man today, sir.

- I know that.

But, look, l'm under a lot of pressure.

I mean, there are lunatics

out there that think that l kidnapped Rhodes.

What about this other person, the one that shot the punks?

- We don't know.

- We don't know where Mike Rhodes is,

we don't know where Kelly Rhodes is,

and now, there is some maniac vigilante out there.

- Mayor, we're doing the best that we can.

I mean, let's face it,

we have nothing until they make the contact.

- All right.

Keep me posted.

- Yes, sir.

- [Cavanaugh] where are Bogner and willis?

- Dead.

- [Cavanaugh] The cops?

- Ruger.

- Excuse me?

- [Jackman] Ruger!

(Cavanaugh chuckles)

- I want to know how she got so close to me, you understand?

- Hell, l don't know!

Last l heard, she was in Florida.

- Florida?

(Cavanaugh chuckles)

Rand was in Florida, wasn't he?

- Rand's a stand-up guy.

- Bullshit.

Everybody's got their price, even you, Jackman, am l right?


Well, you dig that son of a bitch up and you bring him here.

Oet out!

(Cavanaugh chuckles)


(door clacks)

- Where are we?

(Kelly sighs)

(switch clicks)

What is this?

(door thuds)

You live here?

- The bed's yours.

- L'm not sleeping here.

I want to go home.

I don't even know who you are.

L'll scream for help.

(Kelly sighs)

(switch clicks)

(Kelly sighs)


(paintbrush scratching)

- Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes.

(elegant music)

Oh, the magic, the magic, hm? Huh?

Hold still right there. Don't move.

Lift your chin, lift. There.

There. Beautiful.


Ood, yes.

(remote beeps)

(Cavanaugh chuckles)


Don't move, don't move.


I think that's it for today.

Why don't you just disappear?


(remote beeps)

- The Rhodes case continues to dominate the news tonight.

A spectacular abduction of Kelly Rhodes,

wealthy socialite, wife of mayoral candidate Mike Rhodes,

who was himself kidnapped earlier yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, the mayor's office has refused to comment

on rumors said that Mayor Burrows

himself was behind the kidnap-

(remote beeps) (remote clatters)

(Cavanaugh spits) (car horn honking)

(paintbrush clafters)

(door clacks)

(door thuds)

(Cavanaugh whistles) (Rand gasps)

- What's going on?

- "What's going on?"

(Rand chuckles)

- You wanted to see me?

- Of course l want to see you.

I always want to see you, don't l?

(Rand chuckles) Everything all right?

- Oreat, fine. - Everything okay?

- Yes. - Oood.

- Uh-huh. - Oood, good.

How about if l buy you a drink?

- That'd be great.

- So how's your father?

I heard he was in the hospital, sick.

- Oh, he's much better.

- That's good.

Next time you see him, l want you to give him my best.

- [Rand] l will.

- Oood.

(bottle crashes) (Rand groaning)



Jesus. Ow, ow.

Come on.

There you go.

Owie, owie, owie.

- Oh, Ood.

Oh, shit.

- Hold still.


Oood, good, good, good, good, good.

Once again, beautiful.

All right.

Now, you and l both know you talked to Ruger, right?

- No, no.

- It's okay. l don't care.

I just want to know what you told her.

- I just said that you were in L.A., that's it.

I swear.

- No, no, no, no, no.

You tipped her off about the Rhodes job,

otherwise she wouldn't have been there, right?

- No.

- [Cavanaugh] Uh-uh. How much did she pay you?

Hm? (hand slaps)

How much did she pay you?

- She threatened to kill me.

- Oh, jeez.

Yeah, l know.

Rand, she conned you.

- No, no, no, she'd have done it.

- No, you see, she doesn't like killing

people in cold blood.

It's something in her personality.

I got to tell you, she made a real rough on me

a couple of years ago, oh, yeah.

I mean, she made it so tough on me that l had to leave

my beloved country and go hide out in South America,

fighting off mos9uitoes as big as your goddamn fist!

And then l come back here and l think it's safe.

And now, it's just a mafter of time

before she finds out where l am.

And you know what l'd appreciate?

L'd appreciate if you felt a liftle sorrow.

Are you sorry?!

- L'm sorry.

- Are you sorry?!

- I swear to Ood, l'm sorry.

L'm sorry.

L'm sorry.

L'm sorry, l'm sorry. - Lies.

- [Rand] l swear to Ood, l'm sorry, Cavanaugh.

- All right.

- L'm sorry. - l believe you.

Don't you feel better?

I mean, it's like going to church.

- Yeah.

(Cavanaugh sighs)

What are you gonna do?

- Ah.

You see, the deal here is one of these is loaded-

- Oh.

- And one of these these guns isn't.

And the whole 9uestion is...

- which one is loaded?

- Is loaded.

(Cavanaugh chuckles)

(guns clicking)

- Oh.

- Now, could it be the right-

- Oh, don't.

- Or the left?

- Don't. - Hm?

(Rand whimpering) Hmm?

- Jeez, Cavanaugh. - Left, right, left,

right, right, right, left- - Cavanaugh.

- Left, left, left, right-

- The left, the left,

the left, the left! - The left!

(Cavanaugh laughing) (Rand crying)

Oh, shit.


I couldn't do that to you.

- Oh, Ood.

- You're like my little brother.

How about the right?

(gun fires)

(Cavanaugh chuckles)

Oood? was that good?


Oh, l know.

I know, it's just cruel.

(telephone ringing)

- Yeah. - Ruger.

Cavanaugh's agreed to your terms

and he'll make the exchange at the Norwood Ranch.

Have Mrs. Rhodes with you.

(telephone clicks) (tone humming)

(handset clacks)

(door raftling)

(Kelly sighs)

(gentle music)

(truck engine rumbling)

(truck door thuds)

(lock clicking)

(door clacks)

(door thuds)

- What's this?

Hamburgers for breakfast.

(Kelly sighs)

Who are you?

(shells clacking)

You're a bounty hunter, aren't you?

Oh, you're so tough.

The strong, silent type, real macho.

Shall l say macha?

You know, maybe you think that you've got

a monopoly on hard times.

I want to tell you something.

My life hasn't always been

a bed of roses either, okay? (car door thuds)

- Shut up.

- [Kelly] what is it?

(door thuds)

(gentle music)

- Hey, Ruger!

(gun clacking)

What's the mafter, Ruger?

Where's Mrs. Rhodes?

I thought you wanted the deal.

If it's Cavanaugh you're looking for,

he couldn't make it.

(gentle music)

(straw rustles)

(gun clacks) (gun fires)

(gun fires)

(upbeat music)

(gun fires)

(door thuds) (gun clacking)

(gun fires) (gun clacking)

(man groans)

(shotgun fires)

(gun fires) (window crashes)

(body thuds) (man groans)

(gun clacking)

(gun fires) (man groans)

(fence crashes)

(gun clacking)

(engine rumbling)

(Ruger sighs)

- [Announcer] Number one in Los Angeles,

Channel 3 Action News, "The News Report,"

with Frazer Kelly, news; Arnie Kragan, sports;

and Veronica Suzuki, weather.

- Wave of violence in the city has a new twist,

spectacular wild west style shootout

at the old Norwood Studio back lot

early this morning left four men dead.

(glass claftering)

(remote beeps) (remote clatters)

- That's it for today.

Oo on.

- [Model] when do l get to see it?

- Are you serious?

Just leave.


L'm sorry.

(glass clunks)

(door thuds)

(match scratches) (fire hisses)

Look out! (Jackman yelps)

(Cavanaugh laughing)

- You scared the shit out of me.

- I know.

You're such a fucking idiot, Jackman.

- What?

- "What?"

Could you do me a favor?

- Yeah. - Oh, thanks.

Come on, come here.

Come. Come here.

(Cavanaugh snapping)

(Cavanaugh clapping)

That was funny.

- She tricked us. She was like everywhere.

We should have known she was gonna pull something.

- Ah.

(Cavanaugh whistles)

(Cavanaugh chuckles)

Oet in the crate.

- What do you mean?

- What do l mean?

I mean, l'd like to see

if you could follow one simple order.

That's what l mean.

Oet in the crate.

- Come on, Cavanaugh!

- What's the mafter, this a liftle too silly for you? Huh?

Huh? Huh?

- Yeah. (Cavanaugh laughs)

- How about this?

Is this silly?

Oet in the crate.

Oet in the crate.

Oet in.

- Okay.

Now what?

- Sit.


Oood boy.

Now, lie down.

Are you sorry?

- [Jackman] Yeah.

- Say you're sorry.

- [Jackman] l'm sorry.

- Oood.

(gun clacks)

(gun clacking)

Hard to breathe?

(gun firing)

That befter?

(Cavanaugh laughing)

Ah, Ood, yes, yes, yes.

(Cavanaugh laughing)


- All right, let's go over this one more time for me.

You're sure that you heard the name Ruger.

- Yes.

A man called out, "Ruger, we had a deal."

It was something like that.

Do you know who she is?

- Oh, yes.

(telephone ringing)

Wait one minute.

Start it.

(switch clicks)

(handset clacks)

- Hello?

- [Man] Mrs. Rhodes?

- This is Mrs. Rhodes.

Who is this?

- [Man] There's a package for you.

You can pick it up at the rear

of 7221 South Temple Boulevard.

- L'm sorry, l didn't understand that.

Could you please repeat it?

(telephone clicks) (tone humming)

(switch clicks) (Rosario sighs)

- You've got to keep calm and let us take care of this.

(ominous music)

(truck engine rumbling)

- This had befter be good, Rosario.

These media bastards are eating me alive.

(switch clicks)

(gun fires)

Oh, my god.

Where did you get this?

- There is more.

(Mike groans)

- L'm alive and well,

but what you just saw is gonna happen to me

unless you follow these instructions:

You are to put $500,000

in a used gym bag.

Kelly will be called,

telling her where and when to deliver the money.

Honey, don't do it, honey!

(gun thuds) (Mike groans)

(switch clicks) - what are you gonna do?

- L'm going to raise the money and wait for their call.

Mayor Burrows.

What do you know about Mike Rhodes?

- Well, he wants my job.

That's about it.


- Well, it's just that if we knew more about his background,

we could go through a possible list of his enemies.

- Well, l'm his enemy, his politically enemy, anyway.

(John chuckles)

You don't think l did it.

- No, sir, l don't.

(telephone rings)

(handset clacks)

- Yes?

Be right there.

(handset clacks)

Sorry, l have to go.

You know, Rhodes is doing much befter

at the polls than before, or l'm doing worse.

(door clacks)

(door thuds)

(switch clicks)

- Honey, don't do it, honey!

(gun thuds) (Mike groans)

(VCR clacks) (VCR whirring)

(ominous music)

(people chattering)

(computer beeps)

(switch clicks)

(computer beeps)

(keyboard clacking)

(computer beeps)

(keyboard clacking)

(computer beeps)

(keyboard clacking) (computer beeping)

(Ruger sighs)

(keyboard clacking)

(computer beeps)

(keyboard clacks) (computer beeps)

(keyboard clacks) (computer beeps)

- [Rosario] She was a cop.

- A cop? Ruger?

- She was a street kid.

Apparently never knew her father.

Her mother died of an overdose

when Ruger was about 11 or 12.

And maybe that's why she became a narcotics cop, huh?

- You knew her.

- Everybody knew Ruger.

She had her own way of dealing with things.

(Kelly sighs)

- You can say that again.

- Well, anyway, it finally caught up with her.

Oh, yeah, she went way out of bounds on a drug case.

- Cavanaugh.

- That's right.

Her partner was killed.

Cavanaugh got away, and Ruger got the ax.

Looks like she never forgot.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

(people chattering)

(suspenseful music)

(computer beeping)

(dramatic music)

(gun clicks)

(Ruger clicking tongue)

(upbeat music)

(people chattering)

- [Man] Hey, l got the one you want.

- Hey, baby.

What's happening?

(gun clicks)

- [Man] Shit.

Who the hell is this?

- Talk.

- Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor! (reporters shouting)

- Excuse me, excuse me.

Mr. Mayor.

Mr. Mayor, we understand that the city council's

pufting together a force

to investigate allegations that your office may

somehow be involved with the disappearance of Mike Rhodes.

Do you care to comment, sir?

- If the city council seems fit

to investigate such a ridiculous rumor,

they're free to do so.

- Mr. Mayor- - Okay, well, you heard it

from the mayor.

From city hall, this is Frazer Kelly for Channel 3 News.

(gentle guitar music)

- I don't mean to pry, Kelly,

but how did you and your husband get together?

- It was at a...

Last year, at a party on a boat.

- Ah.

Kind of a whirlwind romance, then.

- [Kelly] He swept me off my feet.

- That's really nice.

Where is he from, anyway?

- Florida, originally. why?

- L'm just curious.

You know, man behind the image.

- Oh, Ood, l want him back.


- Maybe we should go inside.


(cup raftling)

(telephone ringing)


Are you all right?

L'll get it.

(handset clacks)

- Hello?

- [Man] You have the money?

- Yes. l want to speak to my husband.

- [Man] lf you don't do anything stupid,

you'll see your husband tonight.

Now, listen carefully.

Oet in your car and go to Mulholland Drive.

One half mile east of Coldwater, there's a public phone.

Oet out of your car and wait there.

(telephone clicks) - wait.

(tone humming)

(handset clacks)

(switch clicks)

- Do you know where that is?

Are you ready to go?

All right.

(lively guitar music)

(gun clacks)

(upbeat music)

How are we doing?

- We're almost there.

(lively music)

(telephone rings)



No, no, there's no one with me.



That's miles from here. l can't get there that fast.


Are you there?

(handset clacks)

- No, no, don't turn around.

Just start the car and let's go.

What did they say?

- A mile past Sandstone.

(switch clicks) - One mile past Sandstone.

- [Officer] Roger.

(lively music)

- [Kelly] Okay, we're turning into Sandstone.

- Oood.

- This is where they said, but there's nobody here.

- We're okay.

Oet out.

Walk around the car and l'll give you the money.

(Rosario speaks in foreign language)

(engine rumbling)

- Somebody's coming.

- It's going down now.

- Is that the money?

- It's here. where's my husband?

- Come on. - Let me go!

Let me go!

(grenade launcher fires)

(explosion booms)

(driver screams)

(explosion booms)

(officers screaming)

(fire crackling)

Let me go!

Let me go!

- Police! Hold it!

(gun fires) (Rosario groans)

Ay yai yai.

(Rosario panting)

(Rosario sighs)

(engine rumbling)

(upbeat music)

(gentle cymbal music)

(upbeat music)

(gentle cymbal music)

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

- ls this some exercise movie?

(Jimmy chuckles)

Come on.


Ah, the hell with it.

(remote clicks)

Even better with ourselves.

(all chuckling)

(switch clicks)

What the hell is...


Well, Ruger.

(Jimmy chuckles)

It's good to see you again.

- Cavanaugh.

- Who?

(gun clacking)

Oh, yeah.



Yeah, l remember him.

He lives around here someplace.

1 21 Maxwell.

(Ruger sighs)

(gun clacks)


Drop your little toy.

I said drop it.

(gun thuds)

Come on.

Well, before l drill you full of little holes,

l just wanted to remind you of something.

You remember when Cavanaugh wasted your partner?

You were supposed to read me my rights.

(Jimmy laughing)

(sparks crackling) (Jimmy screams)

(dramatic drum music)

(sparks crackling)

(Ruger sighs)

(dramatic drum music)

(engine rumbling)

(fence raftling)

- [Man] End of the line, kids.

- [Kelly] Your hurting my arm.

(door clacks)

- Mrs. Rhodes, it's such a pleasure to meet you.

May l call you Kelly?

- [Kelly] where's Mike?

- Mike's here.

Mike's fine.

- I want to see my husband.

- Hey, why don't you just chill out, huh?

- Martin.

She's a lady.

Treat her like a lady.

- Come on.

- What?

(dramatic drum music)

(doorknob rattles)

(fence raftling)

Look at me. That's right.

Feel it, feel it. Oood.

(rope scratches) Loving it.

- Now, l kept my part of the bargain, l brought the money.

- Hey!

What the hell is going on?

- Mike! - what is my wife doing here?

- Panic, l love it. - Mike.

- Oet out oufta here.

What is she doing here?

- Showbiz, Mike. Making a liftle film.

- Mike, you know this man?

(Mike sighs)

- Of course he does. we're old buddies.

What's the mafter? Aren't you gonna tell her?


Has cat got your tongue?

All right, l'll tell her, Mike.

You see, Kelly, this was Mike's whole idea.

I mean, he's behind in the polls,

and what better boosts for a law and order man's

election day chances than to become

a victim of crime himself?

I mean, it's brilliant.

- Honey, you got to believe me,

you were never supposed to be involved.

- Never supposed to be involved?

I was worried sick, you bastard.

I was dragged all over town!

- Mike, you think dowers would be in order about right now?


(Cavanaugh chuckles) (Mike sighs)

- All right, enough's enough!

Untie her!

- Ah. No.

No can do.

You see, Mike, the way l figure it,

if she can get a half a million dollars for a bum like you,

l mean, just imagine what her folks are willing

to put up for her.

Brilliant, huh?

(suspenseful drum music)

(Rosario sighs)

(Rosario sighs)

(handset clacks)

(switch hook clacking)

(Rosario speaks in foreign language)

(handset clacks)

(knife clacks)

(Cavanaugh humming)

Don't move.

Don't move.

You see, she was a model,

and models are very picky, picky, picky

about their little faces, aren't they?

- [Kelly] what are you gonna do?

(drawer clacks)

- Hold it!

Put it down, Martin!

(gun thuds)

Back away from her, Cavanaugh.

- You know, you're really starting to get

on my nerves, Mikey.

- Do it!

- "Do it."

All right.

Now what?

- Untie her. - Ah.

No, don't think so.

- Untie her. - Don't think so, Mikey.

I don't think so.

(painting crashing)

- [Mike] Jesus!

(knife thuds) (Mikey groaning)

- Mike!


(Mike groans) (blood s9uishing)

(telephone clatters)

- That was between Ood and me.

Ood and me, Ood and me.

(Mike groans)

- Mike!

Oh, my god.

What are you gonna do?

What are you doing?

- Shut up. - Don't.

- Shut up, shut up. - Don't, please.

(door thuds)

(gun clacking) - Oo ahead, Ruger!

Try your luck!

Maybe you'll hit the bitch! (gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun clacking) (gun firing)

Do do do ba ba! (guns firing)


(dramatic drum music)

(knife clacks)

(gun fires)

(gun clacks)

(dramatic drum music)

- Oet in there and stay down.

(door clacks)

(gun fires) (man groans)

(gun clacking)

(boxes crashing)

(gun firing)

(gun fires)

(gun clacking)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(bullet ricochets)

(gun fires) (man groans)

(gun fires)

(crate claftering)

(gun fires)

(forklift whirring)

(gun firing)

(man screaming)

(doors crashing)

(guns firing)

- Come on out!

(gun firing)

(gun fires)

(gun firing)

Come on, bitch!

I got you, don't l?

(gun firing)

Come on!

(gun firing) You want me, huh?!

(gun firing)

L'm gonna kill your ass!

Come on! (gun firing)

(Martin screams)

Come on! (gun firing)

Oot you now! (gun firing)

Oot you now, huh?!

I got you! (gun firing)

I got you!

(gun firing)

(Martin screaming) (gun firing)

(pin clicks) Come on!

(gun firing) (Martin screams)

(gun clicks) (gun clacking)

(grenade raftling)

(Martin gasps) (Martin screams)

(explosion booms)

- Life is a game, and the game death.

Life and death, life and death, life and death.

Life is death! (switch clicks)

(dramatic drum music)

(remote beeps) (machine beeping)

(light clacks) (electricity humming)

(gun firing) (sparks crackling)


(light clacks) (electricity humming)

(gun firing) (sparks crackling)

(guns firing)

(gun clacks)

(light clacks) (electricity humming)

(gun fires) (sparks crackling)

(machine beeps)

(gun clacks)

(dare hissing)

(dare claftering)

(dare hissing)

(dare claftering)

(remote beeps) (machine beeping)

(panel clacking) (gun fires)

(panel clacking)

(gun fires)

(intense drum music)

(remote beeps) (door clacks)

(bear roaring) (Ruger gasps)

(machine beeps)

(dramatic drum music)

(device clacking)

(frenzied orchestral music)

(explosion booms)

(device clacking)

(explosion booms)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun clacking)

(guns firing)

(ominous music)

(guns firing)

How's your aim these days, Ruger? Huh?

(gun fires)

(Cavanaugh laughs)


What's the mafter, honey?

You afraid to take a chance? Huh?

You lost your nerve?

(gun fires) (Kelly whimpers)

(Cavanaugh laughs)

I know.

You're going down.

You're going down just like that scumbag partner of yours.

You're going down now.

(gun fires) (Cavanaugh groaning)

(gun fires) (Cavanaugh groaning)

(Cavanaugh groaning)

Don't you turn your back on me!

Three to five, Ruger.

That's all l'm gonna get while your fucking partner...

while your partner got eternity!

(Cavanaugh laughs)

Three years.

Three years and l'm out on good behavior.

And you lose again, honey.

You lose, again!

(gun fires) (Cavanaugh groans)

(sirens wailing)

(upbeat music)

(lion roars)

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