Kyôfu Ningyô (2019) - full transcript

"Happy birthday"

"I wish you to grow up"

"I wish you to grow up"

"I wish you to grow up"

"And much much bigger"

Hey, wait up!

They look good.

Thanks to you.

It's not always easy
to keep up with you.

You are never at one place.

My bad.

You know what?

You're like, chasing the sun.

Maybe you're right.

No matter how cold or dark,

once the sun rises, it gets warm.

That's what I want my photos
to be like.

Once you see them,
you are filled with warmth.


Stop taking pictures of me.

Why not?

I don't like it, stop!

Are you entering the photo contest?

Still thinking about it.

Just go for it.

I like your photos.

- You do?
- Yeah.

I always thought many people
should see your photos.

Did I say something weird?

No, no. I'm glad.


I wanna go take pictures of sunrise.


Then buy me a meal.

Then I won't come with.

No, please come.

I think I wanna eat...

What do you wanna have?




See you.


I think I'll enter the contest,
the photo.

Cool, good idea.


You alright?


What's this?

Oh, that's...

I got the same thing
in my post as well.


"To Yuri Hirai"

Long time no see.

As a token of my appreciation,
I will be holding a party.

If you decide to come,
you'll receive 100,000 yen cash.

The letter doesn't say
whom it is from.

I thought it's creepy, but...

Long time no see?

Any idea whom it could be from?


What do you wanna do?

What do you mean?

It says 100,000 yen cash.

It's gotta be a trick.

You think so?

- I think I'm going...
- What?

I got the scholaship,
I need to pay back little by little.

If I see anything really weird,
I'll get out asap.

I'm late for my work.

Gotta jet.

Wait up.

You know what.

I'm coming with you.

"Japanese Doll of Terror"

"Otogiri Station"

It feels amazing.

You know there's word
to describe this...

- Nostalgia.
- Yeah, that's it.

- Do you have Wi-Fi?
- Wi-Fi?

- I want to upload photo.
- To where?


Hey, there. You party people?

Excuse me?

She wouldn't get
what you meant by that.

- Yeah, she did.
- No way.

Is this...

You're in the right spot.

You also received that
creepy letter?

We all did.

It's just one cigarette.

I like smoking at a place like this.

What is he doing here?

I'm here just for the money.

Isn't that why you're here, too?

That's weird.

- I feel like I know you.
- Really?

Is that how you hit on girls?

No, I meant it.

I just don't remember how.

You all have the invitation?

Then, come on in.


I made it.

No, you didn't.

Sorry, I had to take a leak.

Where is she taking us?

Excuse me,
how long is it going to take?

She ignored us.

How far is the next bathroom...

Didn't you just go?

Here we are.

Where's the bathroom?

We're finally here.

It's a camping ground.

It looks spacious.

Let's take some photos.


Can you take our photos?

- What?
- No?

Wait, she's got a nice camera.

Forget about it,
let's get her to take our photos.

Hey, come on in.

The other guy went
for the bathroom already.

Forget about him.

Everyone, get closer.

- Now or never.
- Now!

What are you doing?

Smile for the camera!

Can I see it?

Hold on.

My eyes look smaller in this photo.

It's your phone's fault.

I think I'll take a selfie.

Hey, let's take some.

Say cheese!

Women stay at this cabin.

Men, the other cabin.

Now, here's what you came here for.

100,000 yen!

Now, that's a relief.

Yeah, this was all suspicious.

I would have taken her down
if she refused to pay up.

I'm a shodan in kendo.

Is a shodan strong?

Well, we're relieved, aren't we?


The party starts at twelve at night.

You're free to do
as you like till then.

Twelve at night?

In the middle of the night?

What kind of party is it?

Who knows?


You aren't the one who invited us?

I was only told to open the place
for the party.

I'm going to go.

What about the party?

We all got our money.

I won't stop you, but...

It's going to take half a day
to reach the nearest station.

The van will depart in the morning,

so it's wise to stay here till then.

Enjoy your stay.


Let's go.

I've actually never been to a party.

The food gotta be good.

And the girls are all so cute.

It's huge.

The manager, she's a bit strange.

Her beauty is an advantage,
but her attitude is not.

I wouldn't want her to know me well.

So, I don't really care.

There are two bathrooms in here.

Well, you look excited.

- Can I ask you a question?
- Yes?

Are you Yuri's boyfriend?

You two look really great together.

So, are you seeing her?

We're just childhood friends.

Oh, I see.

Why asking?

She's actually my type.

If she's single,
I'm going to go for her.


You're not her boyfriend, right?

Come look!
There're party goods here.

On my way!

Can't wait for the party.

I didn't prepare to spend overnight.

Anyone got a make-up remover?

Here you go.

Thank goodness.

I owe you one.

I'm saved.

By the way,
why did you all come today?

The invitation letter
was pretty creepy.

I was just worried about Masato.

Oh I see.

He sure doesn't look like
a reliable one.

How abot you, Madoka?

I'm saving money to study abroad.

Studying abroad? That's really cool.

As for me, my parents found out
that I used their credit cards.

Part-time jobs don't pay me
fast enough.

I don't wanna work in
that industry either.

So, I thought this is an easy money.

And you, Misaki?

Let me guess.
You are in debt, aren't you?

You seem angry.

Sorry, you worked in there?

A hostess in a nightclub.

I could introduce you some jobs
if you need money.

It'd definitely
suit a girl like you.


I came here because
I needed to know something.

If you really want money,
I'll give you my share.

Who do you think you are?


She's insulted me.

Hi, there.

Wanna go to river?


We found these toys.

Sure. We're all going.

Look, isn't this cute?

Yes, it is.

Yeah, I agree,

but you really are addicted
to social media.

Somebody already "liked"
my last photo.

Oh, yeah.

We are here.


I got this as my birthday present.

What are you doing here?

They all went to the river.


Please stay within
the camping grounds,

bears live on this mountain.


I can shoot them down
if they ever show up.

What's more dangerous is the traps.

Long ago before restricting hunting,

some traps that hunters had set
for bear are still left out there.

If you get caught in it,
it'll rip your leg apart.

There was one person before
who suffered the pain.


I'm coming.

Just be careful.

I will...

- Come on.
- Come in!

Not going to happen.

Be careful on your steps.

This will keep bugs off.

"Insect Repellant"


Masato, come here!

Why don't you join them?

Nah, I don't feel like it.

Come on, man!

They're waiting.




Earth to Yuri.

Come and join us.

Watch this!

Seen any drinks around?

Look, kids are having fun.

Toru? Where're you going?

Just you know...

Taking a leak?

I guess you are.

Don't pee into the river.

Got it!

Let's try this one next.

Look what I found.

American Camping Village?

I just remembered that I have
come here a long time ago,

it was a summer camp.

Summer camp?

"American Camping Village"

We've come here before too, right?

When we were third graders.

That's ten years ago.

Hold on.

I was here, too.

That summer camp ten years ago.

I knew it, that's how I knew you.

Me too...

I was here, too

Me too.

Were you here, too?

I'm kind of starting to remember.


We're missing someone here.

There was a chubby boy.

That's probably me,
I was fat before.

You are the fat guy?

Yes, I am the guy.

So you guys
are the kids back then?

Since you're all grown up...
I couldn't recognize any of you.

Mr Kitazawa?

You were our guide.

While we were on our own,
you were just drinking.

Shut up, is that all you remember?

That means
we were all here ten years ago.

Excuse me!

I'm coming.

It was really fun!

This brings back memories.

The manager kept the album.

Look, this is me.

I am pretty back then, too.

This is Ryota, right?


The hostess.

Yuri and Masato look
so good together back then, too.

Well, yeah.

Here's our fat boy.

Look how fat he was.

Look how thin I became.

He looked chubby and cute.


You took all these photos, right?

Oh, did I?

See, you're in this photo.


This is your finger, isn't it?

So funny.

It's difficult to
take good photos, right?

Yeah, maybe.

Flip the page over.

Who is this?

This girl.

I don't remember.

Me neither.

Yuri, remember her?



What's going on? Are you okay?

Why is it?

The doll.


That doll.

This morning,

I saw it in front of my house.

You, too?

Masato, too?

You saw this, too?

What is going on?

You all saw this doll?

This isn't just a petty joke.

Who planned all this?

We all know who did this.

It's this girl, Yoshiko.

That's not true.

Why not? It's her doll.

It cannot have been her.

She is...



The photo has gone viral.

"What's that doll in the photo?"

A doll?

What is this?

You posted this photo.

What is this?

I have no idea!

Can't take this any more.


What is it?

What is going on?

It wasn't here before.

It's bigger.

It's creepy.

Let's go dump this somewhere.

Who is going to do that?

I'm not going to do that.

Pop, you go ahead.

He's useless...

You go, then.



Do not touch that doll.

Usually, it's not good
for this kind of things to go viral.

But, thanks to you,
I've got to come here.

I'm glad I arrived just in time.

There are similar dolls like this
in my lab,

but they are nothing
compared to this.

What we have here is... the one.

Excuse me?

We are all at a loss.

I won't blame you for that.

It's my first time to see it too,

the genuine cursed doll.


There are many containers
that can store curse inside.

The closer the container
looks human,

the more powerful it can be.

That means

dolls are the best containers
of curse.

The reason
why the dolls' hair or nails grow

is because the curse grows outward.

Most of the time,
the containers aren't strong enough.

This doll has a capacity beyond
anyone's expectation.

The more curse she holds,

the bigger she gets.


Look at how much curse
she must be keeping inside.

How come it's here?

There's only one reason
as to why a curse exists,

it exists to have its revenge.

So, someone has a grudge against us?

Who has such a thing?


What are you doing here?

I believe
you are not on the guest list.

I'd like you to leave.

You should be more concerned about
your safety at the time like this.

Please leave.

Please prepare my room.

It'd be no problem
if I pay to stay overnight.

Then, please follow me.

I'll keep the doll.

That should make you
feel safe during the night.

I'm going to enjoy this.

That was one creepy doll.

He said he'll deal with it.

Let's forget about it.

How can I forget it?
You saw the size of that thing!

You don't wanna be inside?

You said you came here
to know something.

It's about Yoshiko?

If so, what?

I want to know about it, too.

Things about her.

If you know something,
please tell me.

She and I lived
in the same apartment complex.

For she was younger,
it wasn't like we were friends.

We were more like acquiantances.

She always looked gloomy,

who seemed
out of place at school, too.


How should I address?

That doll was her...

only friend.

"I wish you to grow up"

Yoshiko, she...

She stopped coming to school
after the summer camp.


She became depressed and bedridden,

her parents nursed her.

But, she passed away last year.

In the end,
she had become so pale

that who looked just like...

a Japanese doll.

What's going on?

The office phone isn't working
for some reason.

Is everything alright here?

I think so.


I have no signal here.

Is it just me?

I don't have the signal, too.

Me, too.

We did have cell signal
just minutes ago.

It's the curse,
that curse of the doll!

Until I know
of the situation further,

I advise you to stay together.

Shall I take a look at it?

I'm an electrician.
Maybe I can fix it.

I'd be grateful.


After you.

At last.

Come on.

Hate me.

Hate me!


Hate me more!



That's it, show me your anger.

Swell up this anger inside,

and curse me to death!

I need more.



This is it.

You okay?

This blows.

Let's get that party started.

How about some food?

I saw a barbecue area back there.


That's a great idea, chubby.

I'm not chubby anymore.

Let's go.

Get some fresh air and lighten up.

Let's go barbecue!

Come on, let's go!

Maybe they're right.

Shall we?

We'll join you later.

We're kind of tired.


Come join us when you feel better.

We will.

You feeling okay?

There's nothing to worry

because there's no
such thing as curse.

Where are you?

Where did you go?

Where are you? Where did you go?


Sorry, I kept you waiting.

Do you think they already
started the barbecue?


It's so juicy.

You're not going to
take a leak, are you?

How'd you know?

You got a broken bladder.

Shut it, I'll be back in no time.

It's your birthday, right, Yoshiko?

- Please give it back!
- We have to celebrate!

"Happy birthday to you"

"Happy birthday, dear..."

What's her name again?

Don't throw it too hard,
the head will come off.

This doll is creepy!

Please give it back!

Don't cry!

I want it back!



Hey, stop it!

It's getting dangerous.

Shut up!


Is this our fault?

I remember now.

That day,

the doll...

What about it?

We did terrible things to her doll.

Masato, is it really her
who invited us all?

Because she hates us.

We both tried to stop it,

you just think too much.

Don't you think the two
back in the cabin are running late?

Maybe, they're asleep?

Are they?

Shall I go check up on them?

You alright?


Got any cigarette?

Sorry, I left them
back in the cabin.

If you can go get them,
I'll let you smoke one.

Finally, we're alone together.


I've had my eyes on you
all day today,

did you notice?

I think I am not.


I've tried a few times
to get closer.

Are you drunk?

Not at all, I'm being serious.

So, you care about Masato?

- What?
- So?

He said you're just
a childhood friend.

Yeah, we are.

Then, be my girlfriend.

Isn't that cool?

It'll be more fun.


I'm going back to the cabin, too.

Mr Kitazawa?



Hey, it's so boring being alone.

Don't underestimate me,

I'm a shodan in kendo!

How's that?




You alright? Are you hurt?

I'm alright.

But, Toru is...

Let's get out of here.

What is this?


Yuri, wait.




Don't go out there.

She'll find you.

- She?
- The doll!

The doll?

That thing is crazy.

I'm so scared!

What's going on?

I will be killed, she will kill me!

Keep yourself together,
we'll call for help!

There's no signal here.

Maybe the office phone
is working again.

Stay with me, Yuri.

Please let me go.

We're going to die anyways,

there's no way we can beat her.

Get off me!


I like you.

Before we die, it's okay, right?



Let's get out of here.

I'm sorry, Masato.

Back there, I thought...

I found Madoka and Rena
dead in the cabin,

I think it's the same killer
who killed Toru.

It's the doll.


Yuri, get up!


How dare it!

Yuri, can you get up?

Let's go.

Get in.

What is that doll?

That's the curse?

Yuri, let's focus on
surviving the night right now.

Let's go home together.


Open up!

It's me!


Open up!

What happened to the doll?

I can't see her, please open up!


You're too late.

Come on!



Go, Yuri!

We're going home together.

I've hurt my leg,
I'd only be a burden to you.

Don't say that,
I don't wanna go without you!

I want you to live,
so off you go now!


Yuri, go!


Please help!

Is that the doll?


What are you doing?

I knew it, the curse does exist!

Let me go!

Those who ridiculed my theory will
definitely be taken by surprise!

Do it!




What is this?

I can't move!

Please help me.

Please, I don't wanna die!

I don't wanna die!





Please, don't!




Let's go!


Mr Kitazawa?

Wanna have a sword fight?

I can use two swords at a time!

Today, we're going to barbecue.

Who are you?

"Happy birthday to you"

"Happy birthday to you"

"Happy birthday, dear..."


"Happy birthday to you"

On her first birthday,

for the first time, she called me...



On her third birthday,

she hugged the doll
I gave her and said...

"Thank you, dad."

"I'll cherish her my whole life."

On her fifth birthday,

she made a wish on her doll.

"I wish you to grow up"

"I wish you to grow up"

"I wish you to grow up"

On her eighth birthday...

On her ninth birthday,

she said nothing.

On her tenth birthday,

she said nothing.

Also on the next birthday
and the one after,

and the after,
and all those after too.

She said nothing.

On her last birthday,

she'd become unable to say anything.

No matter how many times
I call her name,

no matter how many times I hug her,

she can never respond.










What is this?

I can use two swords at a time,
let's have a sword fight!

Yoshiko has been alone
all this time.

I heard that
it's her birthday today.


I feel so bad for her to be alone.

- Let's go find her.
- Let's go.

Yoshiko, come play with us.


I'm good, thank you.

I want to play with her.

It'll be more fun together.

Come on.

This is all my fault.

Only if I hadn't done what I did...

It's not your fault.

It can't be.

No matter what the outcome,

it's not a crime
to care for someone.

Otherwise, it's just too sad.



No, what is going on?

Let's go!

Are you okay?

I never thought this would happen.

I feel bad for him,
it's like he's the one being cursed.

Now, get up.

Get up.


Even at a time like this,
the sun shines on us.

"Gallery Mosto"

"Tokyo Students Photo Exhibition"

"Light, by Yuri Hirai"

Hold on.


- You go too fast.
- Sorry.

Let's go over there.

Let's take a break first.

Come on.

Can you believe it?

I found a good spot.

- Which way are we headed?
- Down there.

I just came up the stairs.

Oh, come on.

"I wish you to grow up"

"I wish you to grow up"