Kutty Story (2021) - full transcript

An anthology of four stories that revolves around man-woman relationship.

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'No birds or animals were harmed
during making of this movie'

'Small Love Story'

"Flames of fire sizzling
Speckled drops drizzling"

"Dense bamboo, blue clouds, cool eve
Everything, you & me"

"Innocent glance, golden dewy"

"Dulcet breeze, basil tea, thirsty
That's you and me"

"Swinging free, fun-filled stroll
Silly mock-fights on a roll"

"Rosy dreams, defiant fury, funny tears
That's you and me all these years"

"Cats furry, flowers cheery, chuckles merry
Meadows of creepy-crawly, you and me"

"Movie hang-out, head on shoulder, sleepy"

"Seasons change, cool breeze, best scenery
Simply put, it's you and me"

"Rhythmic tap, tapping the root
Restoring Tamil's route"

"Right path, playful feet, favorite song
Short & sweet, you & me all along"

'The Unexpected Kiss'

[humming song from 'Satya']

Let me guess?

Fought with Sumangala?

How do you know?

Your long face says it all

For almost a week

Entire college is aware

As if I won't know

I've been working day and night
on my project, Miru

No time to breathe

But stayed over with the boys, no?
I couldn't write her a letter

I've written 350 letters in 360 days, Miru

Except those 2-3 days when she came here
from Madras and these past 5 days

She got miffed about it

Padhu added fuel to her anger

He squealed something about you to her


You and I are inseparable it seems

She asked me about it
I was so bugged, I bit her head off

She's really mad now

You must have asked her
your usual question, right?

Why can't a boy and a girl spend
time together and still be just friends?

Am I right?

You've been saying this to anyone who asks
like a broken record, from the roof top

Yes, Miru

I swear no one has
a decent point of view at all

I'll blame only you

Make it alright with her, idiot

Hmmm...I did

I swallowed my pride and
called her last night, we made up

She'll be okay

Just 1 month and
our college life will be over

We'll be done with exams

You can be with her after that, right?

She knows that too, no?

She wants to go to Bombay and
do a business management course

I need to change her mind again, Miru

Aadhi, you are the problem

I told you, right?

Must be 12'o clock now
Sure you can make it in 1 hour?

You really want me to come?

Don't start this again

I'm very sure
You have to come

I have to cook up some excuse
That's why I'm hesitating, da

I'll get everything ready
Come soon, hmm?

- Okay
- Got lots to share

- Okay
- Bye

"Length in our friendship's theme"

"In a supreme scheme
of dots, cubes, grapheme"

"Aeroplanes, cones, electro magnets define"

"Risk management, when you and me align"

"Tilt in our life's axis"

"Exam papers and analysis"

"Dead as a dodo"

"Only you can fix somehow"

"Sequential exhaustion
of words procession"

Hi, come

Wow! Lunch is ready

Thanks for coming

What is the occasion today?

Have I...forgotten anything?
Did I miss some special date?

It's not your birthday or mine

YOU are the occasion!

I'll tell you
Shall we eat?

Did you order from Aristo?


You cooked all this yourself?

Then what?

Oh! So you know to cook

I learnt as a silent spectator
watching my amma cook at home

I stay alone here, so on Sundays
I made myself the guinea pig and learnt

The boys have tasted
my culinary skill quite often


Aadhi, can I trust you
in being the guinea pig?

Taste it, I'll wait for your verdict

"Books to read, reeds shy"

"7-hued rainbow, sunlit porch, red sky
You, me as friends certify"

"Blue sea, oodles o' poetry, peanuts tasty"

"Trueblue always, affection plenty
Pleasant times, you and me"

"Pranks surplus, soft corner
Care & concern flavor"

"Fruitful yesterday, youthful tomorrow
Ties of friendship, favor me & you"

Oh wow!

Ice cream

- Yes
- Melted, eh?

Little bit
Kindly adjust

Gawd! I'm stuffed to my throat

You are a damn good cook

For sure your wife is
one helluva lucky woman

I mean

Your Sumangala

This is for you, Miru

My way of thanking you

You've always been there for me

As my friend

Much more than the boys
who are my friends

These 3 years, we have
shared heart to heart chats

You've taught me Maths

Whenever I needed

...you've lent me money
even without me asking you

You've bought me food

Danced with me
and sang with me

Every single day of our final year
you have shared the bus-ride with me

I've attended college many days
just not to miss this journey

So I could talk to you

You've been my friend

So I just wanted to cook for you
and watch you enjoy the meal

- That's all
- 'That's what I told her'

Hey! Wait...wait!

'You've always been there for me
much more than my guy friends'

He's saying this for the first time

But I've heard this story
countless times

But I've never heard
this dialog from him till now

He told her that
and blabbed to us now

- Bingo, da
- Son of a gun

- I said that because he's a singer!
- 'Why drag me into this?'

Look at me
Tell me the truth

She will take better care
of you than us, huh?

- We'll help ourselves
- You just keep the whole box there

Shut up, will you?

- Listen to me mimicking him
- 'I will be back in 2 minutes'

Will she take better care of you than us?

She took care of you?

Look at him laughing

Tell me this
I'm just curious

You painted Trichy red
with my shirts I lent you

Did she ever 'grant' her shirt to you?

You would've wanted her to

Because you take me for 'granted'!

You wrote pages of love letter to your girl
with my pen, till the ink ran dry

Did you tell her that?

You won't believe this, machan

With a shoe, he was literally
shooed out of our hostel

He made a beeline to my lap
yelling to be saved, didn't you?

Was her lap rented out then?

Listen to this, machan

Whenever you wanted
I gave you my wallet-

Brag all you like, but don't you say
you gave money, you scrooge of a fellow!

He hasn't lent 10 paisa to me

I would've given him my check book!

- Wait...waitees
- Son of Scrooge!

You garnish more spice
every time you tell us this story

What happened in your aunt's house
that day with Mrinalini?

Tell us the whole truth
No salt no spice

Why are you staring at him?

Confess and your wife won't get mad at you

In any case she wasn't
your girlfriend then, right?

Truth with a capital T

- You won't mind, will you, Priya?
- Why should I?

Your face says it all

He and I were practically strangers

She said 'Sumangala is
one helluva lucky woman'

Sumangala should get mad

She was the love of his life in Madras

While he was having fun
with Mrinalini in Trichy

Wonder what else he was up to
with Mrinalini over there

- Disgusting!
- Guys...guys, listen


Mrinalini and I

We were in a platonic relationship

- Oh gawd!
- Same old dialog

My ear drums have gone phut, hearing this

I know 'plate' and 'tonic'
What is his 'platonic'?

Priya, till date I have no clue
what that word means!

Look what an innocent adult he is

- Shut up, da
- Sorry, dude

Tell us exactly
what happened that day

What I've told you exactly
a million times before


When he attended Miru's wedding
one year after college

He sneaked in and out
His behavior was so weird

He didn't talk to a single soul there

He never got introduced to her family

Something really fishy

Narrate your story of your day
with Miru in your aunt's place

Just for the heck of it

You'll get a new Aadhi flavor!

- Go on, tell us
- Come clean now

You guys are such a disgrace!

Then cough up the truth

Okay, I'll tell you

Shall I tell you something
you haven't heard all these years?

- Confession time
- All ears

Thank you

Come on

No, Miru

I have to thank you

Multiple times

I swear

I can feel the tears
stinging my eyes

You already thanked me

With all this food

Thank you accepted

'We sat on the floor
Next to each other'

We shared a friendship line

That invisible line
Only both of us can see it

You don't know it

In that beautiful moment

I don't know what
I had no such plan

'A thought flashed out of the blue'

Close your eyes


'Action replay'

Close your eyes please


Miru, just trust me

Close your eyes

No, Aadhi, no

Not your hand
With your dupatta

Smooth operator!

My blood pressure is shooting up!



Is it a gift?

Didn't we have a deal?

We decided no gifts

Please close your eyes

- Aad-
- Please


Why are you looking at him?

'Why is he bursting with tension?'

"Not love however"

"No lust whatsoever"

"On your cheeks my lips
An imprint of friendship"

"The unexpected kiss"

"My dear friend, mortified and scared"

"Listen to the truth, why I dared"

"Not your mistake, my thank you gift"

"The unexpected kiss'

Miru...I'm sorry

I am-

I'm leaving

I'm so sorry, Miru

It isn't what you think-

You have a girlfriend in Madras

You love each other
Going steady for 6 years

You have even told me once
she is your future wife

Then how could you kiss me?

Why did you kiss me?

Bang on!

You think that was a right question?

Miru, I wanted to thank you

My intention was
only a 'thank you' kiss

No other agenda

Just a kiss and whisper
a 'thank you' in your ear

I would have myself
told you to go home

It's getting late, right?

Nothing else would've happened, Miru

I have no ulterior motive

I swear on my mother

And it's not a plan

Just a split second brainwave

That's all

"Not your fault, it was my slip"

"The unexpected kiss"

"Boundaries of our friendship"

"Not crossed; nothing amiss"

"Though no way
Thank you I could say"

I enjoyed the lunch

"Love's lava precious"

You don't have to thank me

No need 'sorry' either

"Like Mount Vesuvius"

This friendship with you was beautiful


"The unexpected kiss"

"Aadhi son of a gun, smooth operator
He lies glibly, fibber of the first order"

"Liar liar, his pants on fire
Our very own master story teller"

It's the whole truth

'He shakes his head happily
after having fun heartily"

Priya, he swore on his mother
Go down and check on her

Hey! This happened 2 decades ago

He swore on his mother decades ago

That's true, right?

Hey! I didn't censor anything
because my wife is here

I didn't play the field

That's what I'm asking
Which base? 3rd or 4th?

Machan, not our man
She took it to the next level

Eff you! Don't you dare malign her

- Shut up
- Hey!

You started the ball rolling, not us!

Covered her eyes with her dupatta
and Prince Charming kissed her!

What B.S!
Taking us for a ride?

It was a 'play-tonic' kiss it seems

We are all born yesterday, just a baby
But this is the Oracle of Aadhi!


This son of a gun is making me
fire bad words, I'm blushing pink now!

Priya, please go inside

Basically I'm a very
orthodox family you know

Only if you go in,
sugar and spice will surface out

We'll get to the base of it!

But I swear I must tell you this, machan

You missed your calling in life
to become a super script writer!

I swear the very next day
knowing it was a blunder on my part

I wrote a letter to Miru

- Letter to her too?
- My god!

How many girls will he write to?

When we call him he hangs up on us
with colorful cuss words and a short OK!

Not even OK
Just 'K'!

Listen, I wrote

I apologized for the kiss and
all that jazz of wanting only to thank her

I clarified and posted the letter

My letter landed in Miru's dad's hands
the next day and he threw a fit

- Terrific twist!
- He grabbed a stick to hit you

He asked her
'Who is this Aadhi?'

Hey! Cut the crap, rascal
He wouldn't have asked so decently

Mach-aan, he asked her
'Who is this Aadhi?'

Swear on your mother again

I swear he may swear again!
Okay, out with it

He gave her a shelling and accompanied her
to college for the next 10 days

He found out your true colors!

I couldn't talk to her properly after that

Then our final exams
and last day of college

I came back here to Madras

After 3 months I broke up with Sumangala

'Tell us that story again'

Let's not rake that up now

After that

Priya and I were into
this platonic relationship

Platonic here also, huh?

How many girls did you 'play-tonic' with?

He had a field day with
4 kids through her, machan

It started with a platonic-

Platonic is an excuse
for a pregnant-spree!

1st platonic and only after that 4 kids

Okay, then...continue

Garnish it with more spice

So that's the story

We attended Miru's wedding, right?

I didn't get introduced to her family
because of this letter issue

You know this
I didn't hide it from you

The 'kiss' letter was the reason
you know only now

Son of a gun!
Zipped our lips now

Climax is a damp squib!

You had some feelings for her
That's why you kissed her

Crucify him

If you were just friends
why this need to kiss her?

You crossed your invisible line that day

Sorry, Priya
A big NO

It was a very innocent moment
I made no prior plan

May be I was overwhelmed
and felt a tad too emotional

May be but-

Love and all those feelings...no

Then it was a friendship kiss?

- 'Yes, pure friendship
- I won't buy this'

'This is something else'

Like I said, not my problem

I wasn't in his life then

Anyway you guys continue

I'll go check on the kids

Machan, your wife is mad at you
Anyway you have to sleep solo tonight

You can sleep in our room if you like
but no more platonic tales

She isn't mad at me
No chance of that I know

Forget this, how many times
did you meet Miru after that?

Thrice, dude

You know she attended
our reunion in Trichy

- Yes
- Then met her twice in U.S

- No sparks?
- What?


He doesn't get this concept?

You and I are friends, right?

Do sparks fly between us?
No? It's the same, machan

- Of course we share sparks
- What sparks?

Because my life 24 years
taking in your hand

Because of sparks, machan

He's such a buffoon!
So that's it, machan

Like the rapport we share
Just friends

Just that she and I are
damn man and woman!


No chance of 'just for friendship' concept
between man and woman, machan

Priya and you validate my theory
Proof staring in my face

Then what?
You are both friends?

- Platonic?
- Yes

- What is the climax?
- What?

4 kids running around

I rest my case
Leave me alone, everybody

'What did you say?'

He wants to rest his-

Anyway reason I went
down memory lane

Miru is coming here in 3 weeks

En route to Bangalore

She wanted to meet me and
of course I said 'yes'

- Why didn't you tell Priya?
- I will, machan

- Eff you, call her then
- I'll tell her tomorrow

I tell her everything
She knows everything about me

Take me with you
I want to meet Miru too

In that area alone
I swear you're forbidden

My route got cut when it was
all fine thanks to this bum here

- 'I praised you sky high'
- Shut up!

Even if I call her nowadays
she spews shit on the phone

Hey! Give him a drink, dude

'It's not good for health
Please go out now'

I've ordered green tea for you too

- You want anything else?
- Yeah...yeah, green tea is good

I'll...I'll order something if I want later

So good to see you

Thanks for making time to meet me

Now shall I just leave, Miru?

- Why are you so formal?
- No

- I...I mean it
- Okay

How long are you here?

I mean are you here
on work or something?

Less than 2 hours, Aadhi

My flight to Bangalore is at 7

I'm going to a Yoga retreat there

Yoga retreat?

So that's the secret of
how you're looking

But I've come here
only to meet you

That's sweet

It's so good to see you too, Miru


No agenda at all


Just felt like talking
to you for a good 2 hours

So I'll be talking non stop

Put up with me

I've been your ears always!

That's easy actually


All good?

Yeah, all good

In fact one of the best phases of my life

How's your wife Priya and the kids?

All of them


Days just flying
Time's just flying

I was just thinking this morning
I need a stop or a standstill moment

You know a family time together
That bonding has to get priority

It will happen

Not for me, Aadhi

Actually I had too much of it

I want my own space

I needed the 'me' time

That's why I just took off

Kids are fine

They are with their dad now

When I get back
I'll bring them to my place


We have separated, Aadhi

I mean my husband and me

Don't ask me why
Even I don't have an answer

Out of the blue one day we both felt
this bond wasn't working out

We discussed, decided

And he left

I think it must be
about 8 months now

He comes now and then to visit the kids

He's a good father

So that side is being taken care of

That's all


I'm so sorry to hear that, Miru

Don't be

It's fine
I'm good

It was good while it lasted
But it just faded into oblivion

I didn't give it much thought back then

I mean when I agreed to get married

Surprising really

Considering the kind of woman
I was and still am


I won't brand him as 'wrong choice'

In which case I am
the wrong choice for him as well

When they said
'she is your fiancée'

He didn't think much either

We just weren't
made for each other


I won't call all the years
we've been married as waste of time

My children mean the world to me

I can't think of a life without them

So it's all good

When I look back and connect the dots

Any which way you look at it

I'm...I'll serve you some tea


That's good


I'm sorry, I want to talk to you about you

Can I?


When we were in college, you were
in love only with Sumangala, right?

You had this one-track mind
of marrying her and settling down

When you came here to Madras
you broke up with Sumangala

You fell in love with Priya
and married her

Have you ever thought the 6 years you spent
with Sumangala was a waste of your time?


But it was a waste of
precious time for me

The time frame you were both in love

The 6 year phase
you were in love with her

Or the 3 years you were in love with her
when I was your best friend

Time waste, Aadhi

For me

Knowing you are head over heels in love
with her, you'll marry her, I didn't prof-


This has been whirling
in my mind for a long time

I zipped my lips about it

I feel I was wrong
not telling you

Especially in the present situation
I feel it is the right time to tell you

I feel this heart to heart will free
my bottled up feelings into a new world

It will open up fresh avenues for me

For me

Issues concerning only me

I think I'll be free then

That's the main reason for my visit

I lied when I said
I had no other agenda


I don't know how clearly
I can express what I feel

When it comes to you

My words somehow get jumbled up

So this is the letter
I've penned my thoughts into

Aren't you the Letter King?


This is what I wanted to tell you

I want you to read it in front of me

After you read it, don't say a word
You don't have to do anything

That day in your aunt's house
you told me you had no ulterior motive

This is ditto

If that was true

So is this

Read it right here
and tear it in front of me

I'll leave without saying another word

'I remember the 1st day
I met you, 1st year of college'

'I thought you were a hooligan'

'3 weeks later when I heard you speak'

'I wondered how a rowdy like you could
have such a refined velvet soft voice'

'But even my 1st impression
of you as a hooligan'

'...didn't deter me from
falling in love with you'

'Pure and simple love
I knew it, 100 %'

'Grapevine said you had a steady
girlfriend back in Madras'

'I assumed it was the usual
bragging macho image'

'Charming Madras boy already hooked'

'But the confirmation poured in
from multiple sources'

'All our friends told me
you loved her to the moon and back'

'So I resisted the attraction'

'I should delete you from my thoughts'

'I shouldn't even talk to you
and 1 year whizzed by'

'But in our II year
I couldn't resist talking to you'

'Or befriending you'

'I heard you sing too'

'I decided I had to be your friend
and my dream came true'

'Love...I trashed that feeling'

'I tried and became your friend'

'Like your best friend'

'And you became my best friend'

'You made a huge difference to my life
much more than all my girl friends'

'I basked in the warmth of
the time we spent together'

'Life was a bed of roses'

'One day you invited me over
to your aunt's house'

'You kissed me'

'Towards the very end'

'Tail end of a blissful college life'

'My heart shattered into smithereens
in that moment in time'

'Every inch of me yearned for your touch
wanted more of your kisses'

'And screamed out to be
nestled in your arms most willingly'

'But you didn't hear me
You were blissfully ignorant'

'I even brought up Sumangala's name then'

'To clarify-'

'Insisting it was a kiss of gratitude'

'...you swore on your mom
denying any other intention'

'I cursed myself for jumping
to wrong conclusions'

'When my dad broached the subject of
finding a groom for me that night'

'I relented, I said yes'

'I saw you a year later
on my wedding day'

'I couldn't talk to you'

'Then after a long time I heard
you got married too'

'I heard your wife was
not Sumangala but Priya'

'The cussword 'wretched fellow'
flared in my mind'

'That's all'

'Please tear my life story-letter
without saying a single word'

'Serious, let's not dissect this'

'Let me leave now'

'We'll meet again in this lifetime'

'Still be this same precious bond'

'If there's really another birth'

'Come to me as my friend
in that life as well'

'We'll go with the flow'

I still have a lot of time before my flight
I'll leave only after a while

If you are busy
you can leave

No worries

This is Prabhakar's 24x7 dialog

'A man and a woman can
never be friends, machan'

'He said this to me
even 3 weeks ago'

Hereafter I can't argue with him
or din my point into his head

He claims the proof to his theory
is the bond Priya and I share

Now you and me


He is the one who is wrong

We've been friends, Aadhi

Only friends

Always forever
we'll be only friends

In a weird kind of way
that is the whole truth

But I...I can't tear this letter

Give it to me
I'll do it for you

You've written this to me
Your 1st letter to me

It will be safe with me

I'll cherish even the paper

I can't tear this, sorry

No, Aadhi

Not because I'm scared someone will
get the wrong idea reading it

No shared confidences

You don't have this letter

That's all

This conversation,
this meeting, this letter

Doesn't exist

Just you and me is real

And our friendship

It was beautiful

It IS!

For once I'm tongue-tied, Miru

I told you so?

You don't have to utter a single word
That's the crux of the matter

Seriously, whatever I say
will be like I am belittling you

I won't ask you why you never told me this

Even if you had-

'I know you wouldn't have guessed, Aadhi'

'Him and Me'


"…forget it
...when're you coming"

Stop kidding, Sis?
Its just a week...

How can I visit again
Shouldn't I attend College

Home feels vacant,
...without you

We're on video-call, daily

Could 'meeting' & 'this' be the same

Preeti, where are your Pads

Take it from my desk's drawer

Has your Husband, called

Haven't I told you:
It's over

Dont talk about it


Mom-Dad can't accept it

They're very disturbed

It'll be fine, soon

You go to sleep

I'll handle it


What now

What happened…

As in...?

You haven't been using, Pads

For a couple of months...

When did you use, last

Why should you think, even?

You were getting close with Vikram

Did you guys...

Vikram, why're you stopping?

Dress is fully wet,
...lets keep going

Can't spot any bumps or pits...

Once it stops raining, we'll go

Rain doesn't seem like stopping

There' a Hotel here,

- We'll have Coffee & go?
- No Vikram... lets leave

Its just Coffee

Is there any Restaurant, here


Is anything here, Open?

Say a 'yes' or 'no', Sir

Rooms are Open,

...with a Bed,

& Service too!

- Can we…?
- "Sure"

Room? We're not taking any room Vikram.
Come, let's leave

Rain hasn't stopped &
...can't wait here, yeah?

Come. Let's get to the room,
& call for Coffee.


Preeti, just a power-cut

In this area, its quite common

...should switch-on the generator,

What are you doing, Vikram
Why're you locking the door?

What are you asking

Can't leave the door open, yeah?

It's all wet, from the rain

Dry your clothes...

Dry your clothes-Dry your clothes...
- No Vikram

Just listen to-

What are you talking...
Lets go, Lets go from here!

Yeah, upstairs...


Who was it on-phone now

From downstairs, the Reception


You never gave your number
How'd they call…

Preeti, listen to me…

- Just relax for a second...
- Who's coming up?

- Just relax...
- No something's fishy...

Just hold-on

We'll go, We'll go

- No, I just wanna go...
- Only one second...

If you co-operate,
...it'll all be over soon

- Once again, Vikram no-no-no...
- Just listen to me...

I need to open the door...

Oh My... A knife!

Its a murder…

Please help...
Vikram, No Vikram

Somebody help....
Vikram no!

Happy Birthday Preethi!

So...this was all your Plan

…messed-it, yeah

...this is why,
you got me here?

Come, let's go

Uh Preeti…

Come, Let's leave

You! When did you get here

Was it Me,
...who got here

Just, get out

Come-on, get going...

-...this wasn't part of the Plan!
-We got plenty of Plans. Now go

Just get out…

First-up, you leave.

Why so dull..?

Past 2 months,
I've skipped...

What've you skipped?

Who hasn't come, Preeti?

Its nothing, Aunty

A friend went away,
& skipped to return…

...meant that

Is it?

...you alone?

You guys continue

What happened?

My Periods've skipped,
...2 months

"Shruthy" wants me to get Tested

I don't know what to do now

Has she lost her mind?
Just once we-

It'd be nothing...

I said the same too,
& not take any Test

It can't be, yeah

Not a chance

Or you could Test &
...check too

What do you want, dear

…Pregnancy-Test-Kit, bro

You Tested?'

'Want me to Test here?'

How much

130 bucks

- Which college?
- Venkateshwara Engineering College

...for my Sister, bro

'Wat happened?'

'What happened?
You Tested?'

What is it

What is it

What is this

I can't believe this

Told him, yet

I've sent him...

Did he reply

'Number you're calling is,
...currently switched off'

Phone is switched off

I'd warned you,
…not to trust anyone

No-one's a Saint here

What've you done

My Sister's a Gynaecologist,
...in Velan Hospital

First, let's confirm this

First thing tomorrow,
We'll meet her

You assured us,
...this time, Dr.

- "IVF isn't in our hands, Sir"
- Come, let's go

We aren't blessed, uh?

I've convinced my Sister...

This, is actually illegal

If this goes-out her Medical Counsel License,
would be cancelled

Here, fill this up

Hmmm, go on...

'Number you're calling is,
...currently switched off'

'Please try again, later'


Last-night, he dropped his phone,
...from Terrace & it broke

Immediately he hurried-off,
...on bike to meet a friend

A little while later,
...we got a call!

-some Lorry'd rammed him &

Sorry Shruthy,
I cannot abort the child…

This child is the symbol,
...of our Love

Speak to Mom & Dad...

Explain what has happened-

No way...

If they know,
...what's happened to me:

They'd die of shame.

What do we do, Preeti?

No idea, Shruthy...

'Few Months Later..'

It's a Boy, dear

Where's the Baby?

Where's my Baby, Shruthy?

This child,

This child,
...cannot be aborted!

When you said that,

When you said that,
…it made sense

But wanting to,

But wanting to,
...raise this child, Yourself

Doesn't make sense, Preeti

With this child, Could you,

...go to your Mom & Dad,

& admit, this is your Child?

Could you...?

For the past 4 months,

For the past 4 months,
...your Mom & Dad

...couldn't video-call,
& speak to you

Didn't go to College,

Didn't go to College,
…as everyone'd know

So you stayed with a friend

How many more days,

Are you going to continue living in fear

Don't know

You haven't Graduated,

You haven't Graduated,
...nor Settled

How'd you raise this baby,

How'd you raise this baby,
...& take care of it

Tell me Preeti...

Think practically now...

So, I've given it,
...to an Orphanage

...should not have done this

I want my child back

I did this for you, girl...

You'll understand...

You also have a life

...you still have

'Few Weeks Later..'


...never informed about coming!

Come, Come...

Came by Train, dear?

Haven't seen you,
...in so long!

You stopped video-calls too…

Anyways... go have a shower,
...have lots to talk with you

What is it, Mom?

We decided something,
...without consulting you

It is wrong, but...

...what decision?

Is it 'my child',
...only if I deliver?

You see...

I've become a Mom too!

We'd informed many ashram's

...to inform if there was a baby

They sent a photo...

Looked like a kid,
...from our Family

So... I brought him home

I'm sure you're okay,
...with this decision

Thank you...thank you...thank you

2.5 million subscribers

It's all possible
only because of you guys

This is the 1st Indian gaming channel

To reach 2.5 crore subscribers
in such a short time

That's the reason for
this special 'live' show

This success is not mine alone
Credit goes, not just to my team

Making this gaming channel #1
by supporting us continuously

This success is yours


How many games
and what rave reviews!

From Minecraft to Logam

Throughout this journey
you guys were with me

I won't let down that faith

Thank you so much

So we will talk about
this Logam game today

We have a special guest here with us-

In our 'live' show

We can even call him
a legend in Logan game

What? Are you guessing?

He's one of the top 5 players of Logam

And he is the only person
who managed to reach

Level 28!

Yes, of course
It's none other than

Adam Vice of Logam

Let's welcome him to our show

Hi brother

You went overboard praising me

Yeah, thanks for inviting me for the show

And I'm a big fan

Thanks, Adam

Those of you unaware of this game

I'll just give you a quick brief

This is a virtual sandbox game
with 48 incredible levels

This game was developed and
launched by Black Ticket Company

And it has superseded in leaps and bounds
Minecraft, Civilization, GTA12

I can't even believe
the scope of this game

'It's immense, man'

So, okay, anyways
let's get down to business

What is the story of Adam Vice?

'How did you get into this game?'

How did you reach Level 28?

I've been a gamer

Like everyone else I was hooked on
to games from when I was a kid

And I have played Minecraft multiple times

I think it was 1 or 2 months
after Logam was launched

And avatars can be used by 'live' voice

Tasks are interesting and levels
are challenging, my friend told me

Wondering what can be so new
and challenging to rave about

I entered that game

'The Universe'


What a freaking start!

'What should I do now?'

Why is everything in zero?

Oh! Obviously!

Nice stone

Any players here?


Is anyone there?

Okay, let me attend to my work

So much effort for
a few miserly points!

What is that sound?



Who is that?

Show your face
if you have the guts

Oh! Not men, huh?

What is it?

What a beautiful-


Don't come near me
Make a detour

Aiyaiyo! Charging towards me

I tried warding it off

It seems hell bent
on attacking me!

Come...come headlong

Game over, huh?

Who are you, da?

You're asking me in the same modulation
as in Baahubali, 'Warrior, who are you'?

Okay, fine
Who are you?

- I'm Adam
- Fine, so what?

Common courtesy is you must
introduce yourself in return

I'm Eve



What a pair!

Okay, it's getting dark

Blood Raiders are expected
any moment now

They will try to loot
only the new players

But I don't have anything

Then murder is confirmed


Aiyaiyo! What wrong did I do?

- I'm only in Level 1
- Level 1 player, that's all?

Then have you built a house?

I'm an expert at building houses

- Sorry, did I spittle?
- I didn't mean that house?

Have you built a house in the game?

Oh! You mean 'house'?

I had a 'cutting' and I was
cutting wood at home

A wild boar came
and attacked me

It was an intense fight
I hit it with a fierce blow

I don't know if you saw, ma'am
but that's when you came to save me

Agreed...agreed, I lied

If you hadn't entered and saved me
it would have made mincemeat of me

Thank you so much
Now you don't kill me please

Then what I said was 100% right

- What did you say?
- Madcap!

Oh! Like that?
Thank you...thank you

I just don't mind, ma'am
You can call me whatever

Hmmm...be focused

I won't skip any task hereafter, okay?

You tell me what I should do

You don't have to do anything

If you want to be safe tonight

- Come home with me
- Whaat?

To your place?

Welcome to my home

Wow! Awesome!


All these belong to you, ma'am?

Hello, listen

You should mind your own business
Come, stay and just leave

Instead if you dare touch my treasure

Before the Blood Raiders come and kill you

I swear I'll pre-empt them!

- Aiyo!
- Understood?

Why this murderous rage?

I don't need any of these gems, ma'am

Your house, your rules, ma'am

Basically I'm a good boy

You can come and ask
in my area if you like, ma'am

Please don't 'ma'am' me

Call me 'Eve'!

Oh! Okay

- Eve
- What?

I just tried calling your name

- Eve
- Whaat?

I let your name
roll on my tongue for fun


- 'Modulation correct?'
- Silly fellow!



What to do if the Blood Raiders
find this house or me?

'Come on, relax'

'This house is highly protected
from Blood Raiders'

'No way can they find my place'

Thank God!

That means we are safe

You have literally a treasure trove here!

What will you do with all these?

What a silly question!
To enter the Emerald world

If I take the Philosopher stone over there

I go straight to
the climax level

That's my goal

Ideal goal indeed!
Simply awesome

You are something else!

Wish I could join you

Your bed

...is over there!

Come on, go

But aren't we already friends?


Should we sleep alone
even in the game?

I won't put my leg
on you and hassle you

- Can I also crash here?
- Dai! Get lost!

I was just kidding
Took it seriously or what?

Actually I want to ask you something

Why did you save me?

Oh! You want to know why?

My blessed fate!

No, I am asking you seriously

Why did you rescue me?

I got a notification in the game

It was pointing towards your direction
I came thinking this was a task

I came and searched for you

When I looked around

Out of the blue I saw a pig over there

Hitting you black and blue

Excuse me, that isn't a pig, boar

- Wild boar
- Whatever, let it be

In Tamil it is referred to as 'pig', right?

I mean, wild boar?

Look at that

Your face turned a fierce red
when I said 'pig'!

Okay, let me come to the point

Having come here, I thought
might as well kill the boar

Will get tasty pork to eat

And enough gold to add to my treasure

But saving you was a pure accident

Oh! Like that

But so magnanimous of you

If I had been in your shoes I would have
happily whistled and walked away

Are you good as gold?

Yeah, basically-

Sweat dreams!

Soooper game!

Deadly fight!!

The way she flew down
and stood in front of me

- Wow!
- Aiyo!!

Then you just drooled
Didn't play at all?

She flew gracefully
and stood, machi

So breathtakingly beautiful

Hey! Are you thinking
a mere 'avatar' is a real girl?

Is she a real chick?

Do you remember
6 months ago our bro-

He was chatting in FB 24x7

In the end what happened?
'She' turned out to be an uncle?!

That's a heady feel, da

Are you taking a dig at me?

I heard her voice
Chic chick! Confirmed

You can mock at me for all I care

I'm in love

'Let's close shop
Wrap it all up'

You'll get it from me!

'Hey! Madcap'

'Don't you have any sense of time?'

Hey, waiteees!

Patience please

'Check where I am in the map
and better land there'

I'm coming...1 second

Hey! Where are you?

Why be so tense?
It's just a game

We can play in a relaxed manner

You won't understand if I explain

You are the one with less points

Focus and try to collect your coins

Why do you keep bullying me?
If you just tell me I'll get it

I'm 25 years young!
By the way how old are you?

1 year older than last year

Next year I will be
1 year older than this year!

Asking a girl her age?

Do you have an iota of
decency or manners?

Tell me, you madcap?

Madam, forgive me
The words just tumbled out!

Okay, let me ask you directly

Will you give me
your WhatsApp # or not?

- She looks up when I ask for her #!
- We have to leave now, let's go

I asked for your # and
you're changing the topic happily

Why are you running?
At least tell me and then run

Blood Raiders, da


Why are they chasing us now?

Did you see the gold coins in our hands?

Now you know the reason

The game is testing us

Will you sprint faster?

If it's so dangerous just let go, Eve

Why take this kind of risk?

Eve, what is happening?

I'm asking you

We are in trouble

That's all I can say now

You said your home is highly protected

Now you're saying
'we are in trouble'

I don't know how long
this protection will last, Adam

I haven't encountered Blood Raiders
at such close quarters till now

What joy do they get killing us?

Not 'us', Adam

Just you!

Me...? I'm an useless piece anyway

Oh! They don't know that, right?

With the click of your finger
tell me how I should upgrade

Sorry, you can't

Whaaat? I can't-

We have to fight Adam

No other option

Oh my God!
What happened?

Wait, I'm coming


Hello, my dear precious princess!

How is your upgraded 'madcap 2.O'?

This is why the game
must have brought me to you

Saving myself by saving you!

Shouldn't say it like that

You saved me while I saved you

That sounds good

High 5!

Hello, Eve

Are you online?

Hello, you there?


I want to speak with you in private

Heart to heart
Personal chat

Actually I miss playing with you

To be honest

I miss you, di

Why beat around the bush?

Let me say it
straight from my heart

I'm in love with you

'Pyaar, Prema, Kaadhal'


I'm unable to pinpoint
what I love most about you

Your entry, attitude?
Stubborn streak?

Or your temper tantrums?


I love all these and more

Why are you torturing me like this, dear?


You don't have to profess
your love immediately?

But don't feel shy and hold back

Whether you think about this
lying on your back or stomach

Whatever the position

Those 3 words I want to hear
Will you tell me in 10 seconds?

10 is too short, no?


Hey! Go to bed, madcap


'Are you online?'




You heard what I said?

Oh! Shaa!

"You are a riddle, my dear"

"First tell me your name here"

"You are my faithful shadow"

"Who am I here if you move away now?"

"O' girl who chats with me
in virtual reality daily"

"I fell in love with you
in real life too"

"In the blink of my eye I knew"

"I realized my feelings for you"

"Isn't this love crystal clear?
Why be stubborn, my dear?"

"Come out of the shadows, face to face
We can share love and laughter always"

"O' girl, I am you, you are me"

"Mind is like the clouds truly
waiting to burst duly"

"Change as rain and shower on me
Lass, let's unite till eternity"

"Together, you and me"

"Girl, you threaten or bully me
Knowing I love you madly"

"I will hug you close to me
for a lifetime in reality"

"Isn't this love so sincere?
Why be stubborn, my dear?"

"Come out of the shadows, to our real life
We will live happily as man and wife"

"O' girl, I am you, you are me"

"Mind is like the laden clouds, dearie"

"Change as rain and shower on me
Princess, let's unite till eternity"

"Let's be, me & you, you & me"

What are you doing, Eve?

I'm taking the Philosopher stone


By returning all that we collected so far?

We finished all the challenges just now
Why this tearing hurry so soon?

True but we haven't stepped
into the Emerald world, right?

My goal

- I need that Philosopher stone
- Aiyo! Don't I know this, Eve?

All I'm asking is why be in such a rush?

As we go to a higher level
challenges will become tougher

The time we spend together will lessen, Eve

Don't you know this?

You know about this game
much more than I do

Knowing all that
should you do this?

That too right now?

Why can't we be the 1st winners
of this game, Adam?

Aiyo! By all means, I agree

But why rush into this like a hurricane?

If we enter the Emerald world
and one of us dies

...we can't use that account

We have to start fresh
Don't you know that?

What is so difficult to understand here?

I've been telling you that stone is
my dream come true from day #1

You even said, 'Soooper!
Awesome! Wish I could join you'

Why are you suddenly firing
questions piled up at me?

Oh gawd! Eve

The moments we spend together
seem more important than that stone

We can't take a risk
for a mere stone, Eve

Madcap! Is this what's bothering you?

Once we get that stone

I'll share my WhatsApp # with you, simple

Then we will chit-chat daily

This is just a game

Why are you getting so senty?

Fine then

You'll give me your WhatsApp #

Then we can happily take
any kind of risk for this stone

If I had known this I wouldn't have
spoken for so long breathlessly!

You know for me, taking a risk is
as enjoyable as munching a rusk!


You forgot the suffix '2.O'!

Woah! So this is Emerald world, huh?

Semma! Truly awesome

Eve, doesn't this level alone
seem different from the others?

Looks like a horror set
for a Disney film!

We've come all this way
Let's go and take the stone

Why am I talking to myself?

We are making such a huge effort
Will we get any bonus?

'Aadi' discount sale is in mid-July

I'll find out if Vasanth& Co
will give you a special offer?

Joke, huh?

Eve, did you notice something?

We have been walking
on this bridge for so long

But that castle is still so far away

Adam, I sense something wrong here

What are you saying?

- Adam?
- What, Eve?

- Tell me
- I think we are stuck in a loop

- We must scoot
- What loop?

We have to go, come

Where are you going?
Don't run, di

Eve, don't run, please


Please stay right there

Listen to me
Don't jump, Eve

Hey! Eve


I told you
Shit, man


What the-



Please talk to me




Bro, you told me a story
like 'Kadhal Koattai'

And stopped suddenly

Read all the comments

Touching the sky!!

Then what happened, bro?

Only later I found out, bro

The game won't be easy after this point

What we had collected
in all those levels

All gone!

On top of it all


Will she come or not?
I know she won't come

But...I didn't want to give up

I got to know her in the first few weeks
we got to play the game together

Stubborn female!

She has to perform a task by herself

Highly independent
Won't let anyone help her

'If she changes her mind
some day and she returns-'

I decided even if I'm not around
I should do something specially for her

I think a million times
before I take a risk in the game

I hunted high and low for her sake,
taking many risks in life

In Logam game
for her sake

I built a sky castle for her
choosing every single brick and stone

Singlehanded I went and got
the Philosopher stone

'Everything was only for her'

She is the reason for everything

That's why I'm right here
in front of you as Top 5 player

It's all because of her

All because of you, Eve

Eve sister

If you are watching this video
please shower your mercy on our Adam

I went with the flow
and said 'Kaadhal Koattai'

But our brother has really built
a castle of love for you

He is waiting for you

So please, just 1 day

Go and log in

And see it for yourself

'How long did it take to
build this castle, bro?'

- Vijay?
- Madam

Manage here
I'll be back

'6 months?!
No way, bro'

'Viewers, developers have give
free access to all of you too'

'Don't miss seeing this castle of love'

'And also one more important thing'

'Viewers, we need your help
even more now'

'Share this video to the maximum
extent possible, till it reaches Eve'

'And I have a soooper
piece of news for you'

'To enable Eve to view the castle built
by Adam Vice, Logam's creators have'

'...reactivated Eve's account'

'So Eve, please...please'

'Go and see the castle of love
Adam has built for you'

'Just only once'

'Go and see what this young man
has created for you, Eve'


Isn't he your gaming partner?

Akka, how happy you were
during that period

Even I was feeling jealous

Instead of spending time with me

...you were with this Adam
full time in this game, sis

You have any idea
how mad I was at you?

You know, don't you, Maya?

How all of us were shattered
when I was diagnosed with cancer?

When my faith in surviving
gradually ebbed away from me

Just for a deviation

I entered this game world

Only in that make-believe world
I met this Adam

He started changing me completely, Maya

I fell for his endearing innocence

Slowly, I fell in love with him too

I wondered how I could be so happy
in an imaginary world?

Life, life bars

Karma points

Death inside the game

Here I'm going through stage 4 cancer

I don't want to cheat him, Maya

And I don't want to cheat myself

Why are you being so negative, akka?

You've always been
full of positivity

You'll only see the positive side
in everything and everyone

Even after regarding this game
as a positive diversion...

...you flung aside Adam
the positive factor in your life

He loves me, Maya

Beyond it being a mere game

SO MUCH love

Poor thing, Maya

I don't want to
give him my negativity

Let him have a peaceful life

Without knowing me
or anything about me

Just see this, akka
What he has done for you

Please take a look

- Maya
- For my sake

Just once, take a tour inside

No, Maya, stop it

- Just see once what he has done for you
- Won't you listen to me?

Hey! Adam is calling you

- Don't...don't answer
- Wait, akka


Is that Eve?

- Yeah...yeah
- 'Got a message you logged in'

- 1 second...1 second
- Hey! No

- No...no
- Akka, please

'Talk to him'

'Why can't you listen to me?'

'You listen to me for a change'

First take the phone


'Can you hear me?'




Hey! Madcap, tell me

English subtitles by rekhs

'Song & Dance'

"You kick me in your sleep
and ruin my nights"

"Sleepy head! You never text
and I hate the way you dress!"

"You jump into puddles
and also drag me in"

"All work no play! You whine all day
yet you never wanna meet my friends!"

"Hey, show-off!"

"No one can tolerate your games"

"Putting up with you is my job"

"Who else have you got but me?"

"I can't take it! I can't sleep"

"But I am stuck with you..."

"The way you look, talk, seduce, ask..."

"...scold, provoke, poke, fake it..."

"glare, beat, kick and act!"

"I just can't take it anymore!"

"You talkless, rockless,
tasteless, shameless..."

"jobless, thoughtless,
useless, clueless..."

"walkless, topless,
sockless, shoeless..."

"Listen dude, I hate your mess!"









Where the hell were you?

Right here...

You were stretching, right?

How did you know?

What's wrong with you, man?

Can't that wait?

Remember, health is wealth!

There he goes again!

What's the hurry?

You're jobless anyway!

C'mon, man!

Who else can I talk to?

Don't insult me.

Don't you usually whine to...

- Who?
- Wait... what's his name?


He's in bad shape, man.

No more sharing with him.


Stop talking like a girl, dude.


Behave like men do.


Riding all those girly scooters
has messed you guys up.

Dude, tell me if you
want me to stop...

...but don't bring in
gender politics here.

It's not politics.

It's pure sense.


- My boss...
- Play with me!

...and then my wife
starts nagging me!

'There's no water!'
'Did you fix the bulb?'

'Did you pay the bills?'

'Did you book tickets?'

Things are so crazy that...

...I sometimes
forget to eat lunch.

Now that Corona is wiping us out...

I thought they'd
give me a break...

...but no! Nothing has changed!

Dude, one sec...

Wondering how I forgot lunch
when working from home?


Did you really hear me
stretching over the phone?

Get lost, jerk!

I'm not telling you!

- Honey!
- Okay, don't.



Come, help me with this.

I am coming

I'll call you back.

Where did it go?


I thought I saw a hawk.

I'm waiting to see
if it comes again.

Is it a good luck thing?

Yes it is.

- It was right here.
- Okay, uncle.

I had to make a call...

Please go ahead.

It's okay, uncle.
Stay if you want.

No problem. I was
leaving anyway.

Okay, uncle.






You there?

Were you silent?


...I've been waiting for
your call all these days.


...we were together, you
don't even have to say a word.

I'd have kept admiring you.



Say something.

Do you remember…

...the last time we met?

You were wearing that red dress.

You were, what everyone would
call, 'The Great Beauty'!

A sight to behold!


...that's how you looked!



Why are you stopping me?

Is that why you called me?

Enough, now.

Where's your wife?

Why so concerned about my wife?

Planning to join my family?

Who do you love more:
your wife or me?

You, of course!

That was quick.

What's wrong with your voice?

What happened?

I'm sick.

Take care.

Take care of yourself.

There's a pandemic
going on.

It's the ice cream I ate
last night. I'll be fine.

I hope you're wearing a
mask when going out.

Where are you?

At home.

Where exactly?

In my bedroom.



What you wearing?


Where's your daughter?

My daughter is downstairs.

Don't change the topic!

What are you wearing?





Say something. Please!

Only then can I start fantasizing.





I'll probably grow old before I
find out what you're wearing.

Hang on. I'll video-call you.

I'm not wearing a skimpy costume
So, no need for a video call.

Hey, getting you
undressed is the whole idea.

Then why?

My daughter is home,
and so is my father.

I can't strut around
half-naked, can I?


F... father?

Father? Daughter?

Where exactly are you?

It was me you were
talking to, not her.

You want to know
how I did this, right?

I had my doubts...

...so I saved my number
under that contact.

As for the voice...

I used a software.

I called her, pretending
to be a saleswoman.

I recorded her voice...

...and then the
software did the rest.

In order to contain the
spread of Coronavirus...

these are the best practices
everyone should be aware of.

So please listen carefully...

and strictly follow
these best practices.

The best precaution...

Would you like some water?

This is painful.



I screwed up.

I'll even fall at your feet...

Forgive me. Please!

What's stopping you then?

It's not serious.

It wasn't emotional.

It was just fun.



- Let go!
- Okay...Okay...


Kuchu, we have a child.

You're the mother of my child.

You, me...

and our baby...

...we are one.

But don't you love her more?

No... no...




It's a mid-life crisis.

Please understand.






Shall we eat?

Please inform us if any
of you have symptoms.

Why do you keep
saying the same thing?!

You'll never change!

He's having lunch.

"They say you have
a thousand eyes"

"But how come you
still can't see me?"

"My heart is melting"

"To hold you in the
palm of my hands"

"My words are slurring
without your presence"

"They say you have
a thousand eyes"

"But how come you
still can't see me?"


I'm at the terrace.

Freshen up and come here.

We need to talk.

Where are you going, daddy?

To the terrace, baby.


Have some tea.

Could you sit over there?

Please forgive me.

It... it was my fault.

Please forgive me.

I am the one who screwed up.

I'm an-

I'm sorry.

Well... just after we got engaged...

I cheated on you once,
with my ex-boyfriend.

I'll consider this as
punishment for what I did.

But I screwed up first,
so please forgive me...

The guilt killed me…

I even wanted to confess
before we got married...

...but I just couldn't.

But only after you cheated
did I realize how painful it feels.


Who was it?




Kamatchi Sundaram.


How did it happen?


I... I...

No! No!

Don't tell me.



"All the truths you
were too shy to tell me..."

"Here I am on stage,
singing them aloud..."

"All the lies you
lovingly hid from me..."

"I stole them while
you were asleep..."

"Speaking the truth
hurts but..."

"Time will heal that pain..."

"Lies sound sweeter but..."

"Time will ruin the

"All the truths you were
too shy to tell me..."

"Here I am on stage,
singing them aloud..."

Wow, your mask is so cool!

It's new, grandpa!

Your husband, ma'am?

He was working late.

Can you come back tomorrow?

Sure, ma'am.



Yes, bro?

I need to hack a profile.

Individual or a company?


Who is it, bro?


They have to know...

My wife...

Oh... okay.

Do you want us to skim
the surface or dig deep?

Dig as deep as you can. I
need every single detail.

Okay, bro. Give me seven hours.

What was that noise?

Nothing, uncle.

The hackers have
completed the report.

The package has been delivered.

We've sent you an email ID
and password.

Take a look, bro.

Come. Sit down.

- What...?
- Here.

What kind of game is this?

How can you lie
about such things?

I know you're mad at me…

...but this is too much.

I checked with all your
friends and relatives.

I'm not proud of it...

...but there is no harm.

You've never had a
boyfriend called Kamatchi.

The only Kamatchi was three
years your senior in college...

...and he doesn't
even know your name.

Punish me all you want...

...but this is just too much.

Please forgive me.

I promise I'll never
betray you again.

Please forgive me.


What do you mean, 'okay'?

Let's forgive each other.

To hell with your forgiveness!

Why lie about such things
just to get back at me?

It's a lie, isn't it?

Tell me.

Fine... let's just forget
this and move on.



What do you want me to forget?

I just told you that I checked
thoroughly and found nothing.

Why can't you agree with me?

Say 'Yes' before you go.


Where do you think you're going?


What's your problem?

Want me to go crazy?

Look at me!

I haven't slept for two days!

I've been losing my
mind, trying to find this guy!

I even called up my friend
and told him about this.

Such things can't even
be shared with friends.

With his help, I got the best hackers.

I searched for all the

...in your school, college
and neighbourhood.

I searched everywhere
and finally found one guy!

Turns out he was
your college senior.

I then called him and asked if he
really was in a relationship with you.

Despite all my threats,
he kept denying it...

...and yet I'm not at peace!

Was it really Kamatchi
Sundaram or someone else...

If I'm supposed to live with you
after knowing you cheated on me...

...can't you live without knowing
if I've cheated on you or not?



Kuchu, wait. I want to talk
to you. Please!

I want to talk.

- I want to talk to you.
- What do you want to talk about?

I don't know.

You want to know
the truth, right?

No! No! The lesson you taught me in
the past two days is more than enough.

Forgive me. Please!

Kuchu dear!

Kuchu dear!

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