Kurumaisu de boku wa sora wo tobu (2012) - full transcript

Hasebe Yasuyuki is a delinquent, whose life is falling apart. After falling from a building, he damages his spinal cord and becomes confined to a wheelchair. He falls into despair, but after meeting the young boy, Ishii Daisuke, t...

"If tomorrow comes..."

People often talk about it.

Truth is, everyone already knows...

No matter how far we walk,
we never get ahead.

Nevertheless, for now...

...I pretend to look forward.

Anyway, "if tomorrow comes..."

...I'm sure I'll be muttering
that again tomorrow.

Eh? Oh... Do I have experience as a waiter?
...I'm sure I'll be muttering
that again tomorrow.

Eh? Oh... Do I have experience as a waiter?

I don't have any...

Yeah, I do...

Eh? W-wait a sec...
(Family Restaurant Natural: Waiter with experience
[¥950/hr]; W/o experience [¥850/hr])

Yes. Tomorrow...

Tomorrow, 3 pm...

Yes, it's fine.
('Tomorrow, 3 pm')


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(Videos of Kickboxing Tournaments)

(Public Payphone)


Yasu? Been a long time!

You're doing well?

What do you want?

Hey you know, public pay phones
are getting fewer nowadays...

Took me a long time to find one...

I said, what do you want?

Well, you see... my cellphone service...

...got cut off again.

Sorry but...

I'm a little short on cash...


For that, I guess it would be...

...Jerome Le Banner,* of course!
(*French kickboxer and K1 star)

What the heck... Listen man...

He's just a big mouth,
lyin' rascal.

No, no... look, he's cool.

"My opponent in the ring won't
last even for a minute."

...then, he'd get killed in 10 seconds.
You gotta love him.

Oh yeah...Remember that?

Le Banner and Andy Hug*?
(*Swiss kickboxer)

Not like that.

Not like that. That's just
a flying kick.

Andy Hug's back swing kick is...

...like this...

That's how it goes.

Come to think of it...

Hey, you!

Sorry! I'm sorry!!

Hey, you, bastard!

Come to think of it, this was...

We're gonna kill you, y'bastard!

This was the last time I ran
with my own feet.

Trying to escape...

...from this shitty life I have.

Shit... shit...

Oi, you! You bastard!


Then, I...

Even at a time like this...

I was thinking of what
kind of lie can I come up with...

...To explain why I couldn't go for
my interview tomorrow.

"Ah! Hasabe-san. Hasabe-san!"

Can you hear me?

Hasabe-san, can you hear me?

Oh, Hasabe-kun. Have you woken up?

I'm Komiyama, your doctor.




Interview...for a part-time job.

I see...

Hasebe-san, do you know
what day is today?

Since your accident three days ago...

...you've been in an unconscious state.

3 days?

At the 11th thoracic vertebra...

...it's the section of the spine a bit
above the waist...

...It was fractured so we operated on it.

Excuse me...

When can I leave the hospital?

Please be calm and listen.

You happened to damage your spinal cord.

Once you've broken the nerve...

...it can never go back to
its original state.

You can't feel anything
below your navel, right?

Let me tell you clearly.

You won't be able to...

...walk on your feet for the rest of your life.

Well, I'm sure it's hard
to grasp it right now.

I just want you to take in
that reality for now.

What the hell's this...

My life...


It's already over...

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(I Will Soar to the Skies in my Wheelchair)

(Kanagawa Eastern General Hospital)

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Excuse me!

Where is the east ward?

Oh. It's over to the right.

Here... please take it.

Oh, thank you!

- Minori-san! Minori-san!
- Yes.

Can you please show her the
way to the east ward?

I'm the mother of Hasebe Yasuyuki.


You really are a fool, honestly.

I heard you tried to jump to
the next building?

You're not Spiderman...
With those short legs of yours.

Oh, yeah... They said you were
with someone named Sato-kun...

Is that Shigeru-kun?
Your classmate in junior high.

- I heard he got his nose broken--
- You heard it, didn't you?

...So they said.

Well, I'll never walk anymore...

It's okay for you to eat anything, right?


I'll go get you something.

I'm short on cash right now...

"I see, you'll be discharged tomorrow.
I guess I won't see you around anymore."

That's right. Just to see
Kumi-chan again...

Maybe I'll go get
injured again somewhere.

- Hey!
- I'm just kidding.

- Fine, look. It's already 5...
It's closing time!
- We'll become a nuisance, huh?

- I'll be back tomorrow.
- Yup, see you.

Melon bread...

You're lucky! That is the last one.

My son really loves this.

I've lived a long time since then...

Then this happened...

If this is how it ends up...

I should've...

~ By making a wish ~
("Ai wa Katsu [Love will Win]"
by KAN, 1990 pop song)

~ We've come this far ~

~ No matter how difficult ~

~ No matter how much you wanna give up ~

~ You gotta believe... ~

~ Love will win in the end ~

~ No matter how difficult ~

~ No matter how much you wanna give up ~

~ You gotta believe ~

~ Love will...~



Maybe we should go!

Maybe we should go together.

I'm sure it's better than what we have.

We'll soon have no more worries...

Momma, cold... it's too cold!

This is not better...
Let's go home.

I'm gonna ask Papa...

...not to hit you anymore.
I'll go and beg him.

I'm not going back!

I'm not going back to
a guy like that!

We'll live together...

Just you and me together...


My oldest memory...

...was the coldness of the river water.

Let's do our best to live.

I wish I died back then.

Sorry for the wait.

Ah, sorry. I'm in the hospital now. Right.

This was the last one.

You said your cellphone service
got cut off.

Huh? Uh, yeah...

You're mooching off that guy again?

- What do you mean "guy"...?
- Where's my change?

Because the bento shop I was working for
went bankrupt...

My change.


You don't have to come anymore.


~ No matter how difficult ~

~ No matter how much you wanna give up ~

~ You gotta believe ~

Oh, you're here.


Sorry, Taku-chan, I was in the hospital...
I'll make you something.


How's your son?

Yeah... he won't be able to walk anymore.

Is that so.

But, you know...

At times like this, I don't know
what I should say as a mother.


We're turning you on your side, okay?

No matter how much money
people may pay me, I can't do this.

Your bowel movement was
good again today.

I'm sure there are more
fun jobs out there.

Okay, let's rinse off...
Pay attention to the water temperature.

Hasebe-san doesn't have feeling
on his lower body.

In my opinion...

Who in the world will choose this
kind of profession... I don't get it.

It's impossible.

There's no way for you to take
a bath or go to the bathroom...

...without anyone's help.

You can no longer live the way you did.

Your life has changed.

I don't need anyone's help.

But Hasebe-kun...

You're a doctor, aren't you?

Then cure me. Don't give up.

Let me walk again.

I want you to... face reality.

This will be your life from now on.

My "life is over"...

...has begun.

Please put your arm around me.

Okay... one, two, three!

Are you alright?
- You okay?

We'll get you up...

Ready, set...

You understand, right?

Without feeling in your lower body,
even sitting on a chair is difficult.

Such a pleasant day.


Hasebe-san, let's do our best in
getting used to this, okay?


My IV came off!

Yes, I'll be right there!

Please wait for a moment.
I'm sorry.


(Hasabe Yasuyuki, 28 years old.
Paraplegia due to spinal cord injury.)

Hey, watch it, watch it!
What're you doing?!

Ah, Dai-chan, are you okay?

- Geez... Please be careful!
- That guy came out suddenly.

- You're the one who was zooming in recklessly.
- No, I wasn't!

Just because you're in a wheelchair, you
think everyone will give way for you.

Like I said, he was the one who
came out suddenly.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. Dai-chan doesn't
need to apologize.


I'm sorry. It was my fault.


Yeah, you watch out, you hear!

- What happened, Yasu?
- None of your business.

Oh, you can ride
the wheelchair now.

Is he... the 'melon bread'?

Oh, he's my son.

- "Excuse me!"
- Uh, yes!

I got you some underwear and stuff...

Don't worry about it.

But you can't really do things
on your own...


Do you remember what you said?



Oh, welcome home.

Who's that guy?

He is Ihara-san...

He's my friend, the president
of Ihara Manufacturing Co.


- I'll go home now.
- Okay.

- You're running away?
- Please stop it.

Please apologize!

It's okay. I'll just go on home, Haru-chan.

- I said, apologize!
- Never mind it.

I'm sorry, Taku-chan...

If you don't want me here, just say so.

If so, then I won't come back
to this house anymore.

- Wait!
- Let go!

What's wrong with it?!
That way, we can live the way we want.

I don't have to see you and
your unsightly ways.

What do you mean 'unsightly'?

Ihara-san has really been kind...

...and I'd been consulting him on many things...
- You're...

...getting money from
him, aren't you?


You don't even work and just
ride around on your bike...

And you'll only come home...

...when you run out of money
or get hungry...

The way you're living now...You have
the nerve to talk to me like that?

Fine... Live on your own?

Then do it!

C'mon! Get out! Get out, get out!

If you run out of money...

...don't come begging to me later on!

Who's the one who came begging when...

...she ran out of money?

Well...that was just...

I told you not to come anymore!!

Go home.

You're here, Hasabe-san.

What a relief.

This is Hasebe-kun's rehabilitation schedule.
("Kanagawa Eastern General Hospital
Rehab Schedule")

It was made by physical therapist,
Nishizaki-san, here.

Nice to meet you.

Listen to what Nishizaki-san says...

...and work on the schedule diligently...

Will he be able to walk?

No...your son's case,
it's not like that.


For example, he'll be able to get on and
off the bed or the wheelchair...

...by himself more easily.

Uh... But I want him cured.

I mean in Japan, we've made tremendous...

...progress in medicine, right?

Then, maybe through surgery
or medicine...

...Can we try something...

...anything with possibilities, right?

Well, that's...

If you're a doctor...
If you're working as a doctor...

...please don't give up.

Please, I beg you. I'm begging you.

- Stop it. You're so embarrassing.
- Yasu.

The most important thing is...
to accept reality.

Is it wrong to have hope?

- That's...
- He's saying to give up.

'Have you completed the steps
for disability benefits?'

If he apply for this, he'll get this
much every month?
'Have you completed the steps
for disability benefits?'

If he apply for this, he'll get this
much every month?
(Level 1: ¥49,650/mo [$620]
Level 2: ¥39,720/mo [$496])

...Seems like it.

Can I borrow this for awhile?


There's a place I can borrow
money with this as collateral.

This is endorsed by the government,
so it's a sure thing.


Right now, my company's having a tough time.

I can't even pay for
my employees' salaries.

But I'm thinking not to
apply for that now...

Eh? Why not?

Because if I accept that money...

I must acknowledge that Yasu
is disabled...


So, I'm sorry but...

I'm sorry but...

He IS disabled no matter
how you look at it.

Don't say such stupid things.


- Yes, I'm stupid!
- What?

Even if I ever accept this money...

...I want to use this money
just for Yasu and Yasu only.

You're not gonna help me
during my difficult time?

What the hell. Tsk.

Leave my key!

The most stupid woman in the world...

...that's my mother.

As for the shittiest son in the world...

...That would be me.

Everyone's doing their best.

Sayama Takehiro-kun...

...also has a spinal column injury.

He's working hard on his rehabilitation
with Nishizaki-sensei's guidance.

- Then, let's take a little break, okay?
- Okay.

- Hello.
- This is Hasebe Yasuyuki-san. He'll
be starting with his physical rehab.

I'm Sayama. Hello.

First, you should keep your goals
at a really low level.

Then challenge yourself really hard.
Once you've cleared that...

Then set your next goals.

As you repeat the process...

...one day, you'll be at the place
like the top of Mt. Fuji.

I see~.

- "Well, that was just a joke but..."
- ...Funny.

I think that's what rehabilitation is.

Good work~! Goo--

Huh? You're finally here?

How about it, Hasebe-san?
Would you like to try it?

- I'm not interested.
- Hasebe-san.

No, you don't have to come with me.

What's with that attitude?

"Now where could the 'Old Maid' be?"

That's the 'Old Maid.'

- Do you have some free time?
- Huh?

(Counselor, Minami Hideaki)

- Counselor?
- That's right.
(Counselor, Minami Hideaki)

So...what's it got to do with me?

Oh, nothing.

It's the hospital policy that I should
be here in this room 2 days a week.

But I got nothing to do~.

So once in awhile, I'd bring over here
some patients who look bored.

...so I can have someone to talk with.

Well, I'm not bored but...

Do you like combative sports?
Who are you a fan of?

For me, I like Peter Aerts*...
(*Dutch super heavyweight kickboxer)

There's also Jerome Le Banner.

- You know him?
- Well...

That guy's just a big mouth,
lying rascal, right?

That's what I like about him.
It's fascinating, isn't it?

He would say, "I'm invincible!"

When he gets in the ring,
he gets beaten...

He is very human.


I truly think...

...he isn't really a big mouth
nor a lying rascal.

He really believes in his strength.

He even lost same way, many times...

Isn't that how humans are?

Oh, sorry. I haven't gotten your name yet.

What is it?

Huh? Well... it's Hasebe.

Nice to meet you, Hasebe-kun.
I'm Minami.

Ah... H-Hey!

(Books: "Stories of Starry Skies"
"Stars and Constellations")
Ah... H-Hey!

Geez, you did it again!

No, I didn't.

Sorry. I was reading a book and I wasn't looking.

True. This time it was him.

This time, I wasn't zooming in recklessly.

You admit it? Admitted it, right?

You now admit that you were
zooming in recklessly at that time, huh?

Please take him back to the pediatric ward.


So I'm taking you back to your
room right now, right?

- That's right.
- Ah... huh? Right...

What's wrong? Hey!

Hey, what's wrong?

It's the side effects of the anti-cancer drugs.

Anti-cancer drugs?

Dai-chan, are you okay!
Hang in there!

- Get a stretcher!
- Yes!

Let's go back to your room.
Ready...One, two, three...

Breathe slowly.

That's right, breathe slowly.
Return him to his room.

Yes, it'll be fine. Breathe slowly.

Hey... Uh, here.

You really like stars, huh?

Yup! I like the constellations
and their legends.

I want to go to Nobeyama* someday.
(*An astronomical observatory located
in the Japan Alps.)

- Where's that?
- You don't know it?

It's the place where you can see
amazingly beautiful stars.

You know, kid...

If you're a guy... you gotta have a more hip...

...sorta cool, uh..

...ambition, yeah, ambition.

- Ambition?
- Yeah.

So, Onii-chan, what's your ambition?

M-me? ...My...

- So what is it?
- Uh? Well...

Okay... it's like this.

First, you should keep your goals at a
really low level.

Then, you'll challenge yourself in the end.
Once you clear that...

Then set your next goals.

You repeat the process...

One day, at some point, you will stand...

...Well, something like the edge of the universe.



You know, sometimes, I go to this certain place.

Would you like to go with me?

Where is it? I mean, is that okay doing that?

It's a place for cool people.

I heard if you can practice in this place...

...you'll be able to do things
you couldn't do before.

Can you do it, Onii-chan?

I chose not to.

Oh, Hasebe-san. How about it?
You wanna do it?

- Nope. This person can't do it.
- Of course, I can!

- Then, let's do it.
- What?

Please release your hands.

It's okay. One more time.

Okay, release.

It's okay. Let's do it slowly.

Okay. Release your hands.


I wanna do that.

- I don't think...
- C'mon, let me.

It's impossible for you to stand and walk.

You'll be able to move
freely in your wheelchair.

That'll be your goal.

"I can understand."

I was like that in the beginning.

You're not really sure...

...what you can do and can't
do at first.

I wanna go back to my room.

Oh, what the--

Dai-chan wants you to go with us.

- Where to?
- Dai-chan, here.


Hey, what're you doing?
Why don't you go to sleep...?

- It's okay. I'll help you get on...
- What the heck.


- Comet?
- Yeah. We heard you can see it tonight.

Called a something-something comet....

The Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 Comet.

Well, it's no good.

It's cloudy.

'Kay, let's go back.

That comet will be back someday, right?

The next time will be
5 years from now.

5 years from now...

Dai-chan will be in junior high--

I see...

I'll be in junior highschool, huh?

By that time, Daisuke will...

...have grown some pubic hairs.

Right, I think so, too.

They'll have grown, right?

Have yours grown already?

Ah, ouch! What the hell.

- Hush~!
- C'mon... eh--... What do you mean 'hush'?

Enough, you!

Why did it have to be cloudy?

I'll be leaving here in a month.


Because it's in the contract.

I see.


Daisuke's cancer...

It'll be cured, right?

He may not last...

...for six months.

The hell.

- You want to rest for awhile?
- Not yet.

Watch it, or you'll hurt yourself.

Hey, what's he doing?

Oh, that's the trans floor.

It's to practice how to get in and out
of the wheelchair-- Ah!

It's not possible for you yet.

Say, kid...Did you sleep at all?

Ne ne ne... Onii-chan...

..you're familiar with combative sports, right?
- Fam--... well, kinda.

Can you teach me?

Eh? Well, you see...

You pose like this, right?

Right, right. Then, one two...

One, two. Yeah.

One, two...then...
Hmph! Hmph! Like that.

That last part, "Hmph, hmph"... What's that?

It's kicking.

- How do you do the back swing kick?
- Are you picking a fight with me? You dummy.

Listen kid... A real man is...

...strong and firm. And never whines.

He will not lie nor complain.

He will never go and cheat on his goals.


That's what a real man is.

Yes, sir!

I got some nerve saying that...



I see... So you'll be leaving.

Yes, it's because of the contract.

After getting to
know each other...

So... how's my idiotic son doing lately?

Why don't you go and see him?

All we do is fight.
Well, he'll yell at me.

I see...

I wonder if it's a punishment from God.

The mother is responsible for it.

A bad mother will make children miserable.

It might be true, I guess.

Eh~? Hey!

You're supposed to deny it.


Oh, of course!

Oh, it's okay. It's true that
I am a bad mother.

- Ah, Minami-sensei, hello.
- Hello.

- So see you next time, Kumi-chan.
- Okay. See you.

- How're you lately?
- Yup... Never felt better!


About that group counseling thing
I told you the other day...

Like I said, I don't need that sort of thing.

I see...

I heard you're working hard
with your rehab lately.

Yeah? It's nothing.

Sure it is.

Come in.

- Oh, hey, Takehiro.
- Sensei, I'll come back next time.

No, it's okay. C'mon. Get in.

It's alright. Okay, okay. Here we go...

- If I'm disturbing you, I can go...
- No, no...

- Takehiro, you see, is in love right now.

What?! Hey, Sensei!

That's funny.

- What do you mean 'funny'?...
- Look man...

...It's just a woman. No need
to blow a fuse.

- Well...
- I knew it...

You've been around, haven't you?

- It's nothing. Ain't a big deal.
- Can you give him advice?

- No, nevermind...
- It's fine.

So... who's this chick?

- Kumi-chan at the vending shop.
- What?

Wai-... Geez, Sensei...

Yeah but... That girl's gonna leave
the shop at the end of the month.


What's so good about her?
So scary.

- Are you scared of her?
- I'm not scared.

Which is it?

Well, what should I do?

What about...

Oh, hey...

Are you okay?

Why don't you confess to her?

Please don't say that so easily.

- They're on 'time sale.'*
- I see.
(*Special offers available for a
limited time of the day)

Say... you know Takehiro?

- That's right!
- What?

Have you seen your mom lately?

Haven't seen her at all.

She comes here almost everyday.

She said she feels awkward
to come see you.

- You two will only end up fighting.
- At least, she gets that.

So you don't know about
her new job either?

No, I don't...

What's with you? You and your mother.

Mind your own business.

It's not all bad memories
with your mother, right?

Why are you silent?

Well, I think you're annoying.

You've never been a mother.
Who do you think you are?

Yeah, you're right~.

You're doing good, Yasu.

You aim for the goal right here.


You're getting better!
Here we go... Ei!

- Here.
- Why, thank you!

Why is mom's so small?

Let's play 'janken'!

Eh~? I don't wanna!

Why not? Hey, wait...

Your medicine is in
so you'll feel better soon.

- It'll be alright.
- Just a little more...

Lift your bottom.



- Going down.
- Okay, put your hand there.

Here we go.. Ready, set...

How much please?

Kusakebe-san, how was
your test the other day?

"Oh, thank God, the results were good."

"That's great!"

What? You didn't tell me that.


Even before that woman quits the shop,
you'll be leaving the hospital.

Somehow, that would be the case.


Did you confess?

Never mind that.

I guess your feelings weren't much.

How can I go out with her?

You were going along with me
just for fun, right?

...My lovesick story.
- What?

These legs... I mean, with this body...

I can't have a normal relationship
like everyone else...

If I confess to her, and if
she'd say 'It's impossible...'

I don't think I'll be able to stand it.

Since it's the wheelchair...

...it can't help us..."stand", huh?

How can you make a joke about this...

You really helped me for a long time.


Thanks to you guys, I'll be working at
the design company...

...where I wanted to work.
- Oh, you got hired!

That's great!

What's wrong?

You're upset about something...

Not really.

Since Takehiro's been discharged...

...and gotten himself a job...

...so you're feeling jealous.

Lucky guess, right?

- Of course not.
- My bad.


...I felt he was looking down on me...

What do you mean?

Never mind.

I don't think I can explain it right.

"Excuse us."

Thank you for taking care of Daisuke.

Oh... you're his parents.

We've decided to transfer
him to another hospital.


To a hospital in Nagano Prefecture.

It's a place where they have a
beautiful starry sky.

At least, we wanted Daisuke to be
where he wanted to be in his final days...

So we've discussed it with him
and decided it.

When will you leave?

Actually, we're leaving now....

"Take care of yourself over there."

Ah, it's the zooming wheelchair.

- You shouldn't be doing that.
- Shut up.

One, two.

Hmph, hmph.

One, two.

- One, two.
- One, two.

Hmph, hmph.


Next time we meet...

It'll have grown by then.

It'll have grown, right?

That's right.

I realized it from before...

...only unimportant people will survive...



Where's the usual female staff...?

Kumi-chan has quit.

What? Her contract says at the
end of this month...

Contract? No, I don't use that kind
of system here.

I wanted her to stay here as
long as she could, but...

I knew it from before...

A person who doesn't look like a liar...

...lies more.

I've known those things since I was kid.

- Congratulations on your discharge.
- Congratulations.

Thank you so much.
We are indebted to you.

Don't overdo things too much, okay?




Going forward, you'll be helped
by many people...

...to live in this society.

Like you?

Since I'm in a helpless state...

...it's natural that people will offer their help.

...I really don't care about that.

Excuse me but can you
pull over for awhile?

Yasu, is this...

I tried to fly from a place like that?

So stupid of me.

That's enough. Let's go home already!

- Uwah!
- Don't spit it here!

Don't dirty it, oi!

- Wait, y'bastard!
- Stop, you!

Can you go on ahead to the taxi?

- Eh?
- Just go.

Charming point!

I don't know what that means.

Yo. Long time, no see.

- Who're you?
- Spiderman.

By the way...

Since 4 months ago, you guys haven't
changed a bit.

What the hell are you doing?

Are you living, oi?
Can you say you are living a life?

Wadda hell's your problem, y'bastard?!

Oi, oi oi...are you gonna bully
a weak person? Ah?

You gonna bully a weak person?

Am I the only one...

...who became slightly different,
from four months ago...?

- That's our new home.
- Where?

Yes, come in, come in!

The social worker has inspected
this place so...

You're not supposed to put stuff
after the inspection...

- Look at these!
- Eh?

Oh, it's because...

I was still in the middle of cleaning.

I had to clear out your apartment so...

I got these out, thought they're
important to you.

Ah, Yasu, sorry but can you rinse this
at the sink and bring it back?

You're not supposed to overwork
a disabled person in a wheelchair.

You can still help out with the housework, right?

I don't want to be told by someone
who doesn't do it to begin with.

- Just hurry up.
- Alright already...!

- Tsk. Hey... come here.
- Yeah?

- Ah... you can't pass?
- I can't.

Hold on... Oof~!


Oh. You're not drinking?

Yes, I have to go to leave for work at 9.

Eh? Your work starts so late?

Because they don't have any
other time shift left to give me.

This is my first in four months.

Then, what time will you come home?

- I'll drop by once here in the morning.
- Once?

Yeah. Then after that, I'll go to my
other job in the supermarket.

I see.

- Eat up.
- Yeah.

("Hasebe-sama, How are you? I'm working at
the design company where I wanted. Things are
still not easy but I'm happy...")

("...I hope to work on the my own project someday.
~from Office Triumph Design, Sayama Takehiro.")




Hey, hey!

What're you doing?
Mom! Hey!

Oh, is that so...

Even after I quit the shop,
we kept in touch.

By the way...

What's up with you? Suddenly
quitting the shop...

Well... it's not that I really care
that you quit your job...

Your mom... was really pushing herself...

She said she didn't want you to
feel any more privation...

I think she even begged her work...

...to give her the late shift
which pays much better.

I'll go now. Tell your mom
to get well soon.


I'm sorry...

The way I am now....

It's no help...


Don't worry about me... I'll be fine.

I mean... um...

Well, I...

I can take care of myself...

I really...
don't need your help.

I'm no good...

I shouldn't be dragging you down
when you can't even stand.


Don't be crying when you just
made a really good line.


That night, Mom went missing.

"She can't pay the hospital bills," I was told.


Uh, I said...

Did my mom come see you?

I, too, wish she had come.

She owes me money.

First of all, you and your family are entitled to
a disability benefit from the government...

But she said she doesn't want it.
What's wrong with her...


Hey, any chance these legs of
yours will get cured?

Any chance?

There's none.

Right? There's no chance but
that woman still believes it...

Like a fool she'd say,
"There'll be a cure someday."

So ridiculous...

- So what if she's stupid?
- Hmm?

What the-- Hey! Hey! What're you doing?

Sto-- Ouch, that's hurts!

What's your problem?!

If I injure a disabled person,
who knows what people will say.



...committed suicide.



Last night.

Last night...


"In the end, Takehiro-kun's after-effects
of injury were really bad..."

"...he missed work many times..."

He had been fired from
the design company.

I wonder...

...what he wanted to say to me?

Once someone is dead...

There's no more next time,
no more tomorrow...

I won't be able to ask him anymore.

Go ahead and use this.

I'm... fine, thanks.

But... go ahead.

I told you, I'm fine~!!

One who is not needed... is me...

A guy who doesn't deserve to live...

One's whole existence is a nuisance...

That would be me.

("Suicide Hot Spots")

Might as well become a nuisance
to society and die...

- People I'm a nuisance to...
One, two, three people.
- "Ready, set..."

"I wanna sit down... I'm tired!"

Hey, Eiji. Let's go!

8 people.

Please hold on a moment.

15 people.

Please call us on your way home, too, okay?

Need a push?

I guess I can still help people, huh?

Sorry. Seems I can't go on with you.


18 people.

That person in the wheelchair
didn't bring anything with him.

Yeah, you're right.

You want a push?

I bet it's hard... coming over
here in a wheelchair.

19 people.

Oh... I'll be fine here.

Are you sure?

He looks serious.

What should we do...?

Ne? I wanna see the dolphin show.
We still might make it.

Wait, it doesn't look good...

I've heard it the other day...

An otaku doesn't commit a
crime nor suicide.

Why not?

Because they have to watch another
episode of anime next week.

But that person's not an otaku.

"What should we do?"

What should we do...?

This place might be that person's hometown.


Life sure is great!

I've lived up to now, and finally
started to understand!

It's nice, isn't it? The sea.

It's the source of life.

Did you come to see the sea, too?


You've been watching it for
such a long time.

~The mountains where I once
chased after hares*~
(*Furusato (My Hometown), classic song)

- I don't think that song will help...
- It'll make me wanna die...

~...where I often catch small fishes~

I heard that the dolphin show
here is really amazing!

It's so amazing that you should see it
before you die...

...that kind of jump!

- But the show's already over.
- Stop saying stupid things!

Can't you read the situation?

We've seen enough of the sea.

Let's go back.


Since we're heading back,
we can go together.

I have something to do...

- What is it?
- Stop annoying me!!

If I can fly from here... I can be cool.

If I can soar...

...to the skies...

Then, I can be cool.


...really lived a useless life.


I'm sure...

I'll live a useless life going forward...

I know it.

I became like this...

Just being alive...

...is a nuisance...

What should I do...?

What should I really do...?

I don't know anymore...

Help me...

Please help me...

I brewed too many cups so...


Right now, I'll be having group counseling...

I wonder if you could come and help me.

I can't.

"I really don't have enough people."

Ah... I'm in a bit of a far-away place.

"Huh? Far-away?"

It's not like you're in heaven, right?

Uh... What's a group counseling?

You will know when you come.

"I'm scared of the boss in my company..."

Every time I face him, I couldn't speak...

Because that person said to me...

He said, "We don't need you.
Go ahead and quit."

"Don't need you. Go ahead and quit."

Then, "You're the one who
should disappear."

I'm bothered by...

...such a stupid thing.

Yes. Thank you very much.

Next... the last one.


Ten years ago... when I was 18...

I gave birth to a child.

With the person I was living with.

We weren't married.

That person whom I lived with...

...took all my savings and never came back.

How horrible, isn't it?
- Yes.

- What a jerk.
- No way.

As I said from the start, this place...

...is where participants can share
the pain in their hearts.

So there's nothing to be afraid of.

It's okay, please continue.

I could no longer take care of
my baby on my own.

But I didn't have anyone to rely on...

I had to work...

..but nearby nurseries were
always full...

I didn't know what to do.

The baby wouldn't stop crying...

I couldn't stop crying, too...

My milk stopped producing, too...

I thought...

I thought...
we should just die together...


The baby was trying hard
to suck milk from my breast...

As if to say, "Let's live, I want to live..."

And yet...

One day, the baby stopped breathing.

He wasn't breathing anymore...

I'm the one... I'm the one who's
not supposed to be alive...

Wherever I go, whichever town I live in...

Everyone... any person I meet along the way...

"Why are you alive?" and "I wish you died..."

I feel that they're saying those things to me...

Thank you for telling us that.

Thank you.

These ten years...

...I've been telling lies
to everyone all this time.

Like I have no worries...

I was acting the part of a high-spirited,
cheerful person.

Really happy thoughts... Or...

...eat something and think it's delicious...

I shouldn't feel those things.

I know I'm not qualified to
live a normal life.

All this time, I have been acting.

Pretending to laugh... pretending to be
cheerful... pretending to eat well...

That was the only way
I was able to live.

Isn't that... risky?

When you're alone...

I mean...

There's no one...

...to show your acting...

I don't think there's such a thing as...

...fooling yourself through acting.

I didn't expect that you could sympathize.

What do you mean 'didn't expect'?

I wonder if I'll be okay... to go on living.

Then why don't you die.

...Just kidding.

If there's someone next to you...

...who's in the same situation as you,
what would you say to her?

You won't be able to say anything.

Cuz, you know...

I, too... you... and everyone else...

...to just live each day...

...we are in agony.

No matter what...

It's tough to be alive.

It IS tough.


You don't have experience
in welding, right?

I have none...

Where did she run off to?

Since that time, I haven't heard
anything from my mother.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

- Slowly now.
- I can do it.

"You're pretty good."

That's right.

You made a serious mistake as a human being.

Why and what did Takehiro want to
talk to you that night?

You really are the worst.

As a human being, you are the worst.

You're a murderer.

That's how you've been
blaming yourself, right?

You are very sensitive to human hearts.

You can't help but be sensitive.

But how about using that skill...

...to help others?


I have someone I want you to meet.

She was taken to protective custody
after trying to jump on the train tracks.

That's impossible. How can I...

Ever since she gave birth to a child,
she couldn't feel confident as a mother...

And believed she ruined her only son's life.

She wouldn't give her true
name nor address...

...at the police station and hospitals...

...saying she doesn't want to bother her son.

Nice to meet you.


I know it's so sudden for me
to say this but...

Can you listen to my story about
my dead mother?

She's quite a friendly person...

She's a person...

...who can become friends with
anyone right away.

Every time she's in trouble...

...she just laughs and go from there.
That's how she was.

But she's dead.

She committed suicide.

Without leaving a note...

People around me are asking "Why?"...

"I don't know why she chose to die."

But you know...

I do know why.

The reason why my mother killed herself...

...was me.

I was the one...

...who caused her to kill herself.

- That's...
- The people around me...

"Ah~... No doubt about it..."

That's what they'll think.

You're wrong...

But it can't be helped.

I do agree with her...

I barely did anything for her...

Every time we meet, all we did was fight.


How do you do.

Since my body had become like this...

It must have been a heavy
burden for her...

I'm sure...

...she really hated me for it...

It would have been better if I were dead.

It would've been better if I wasn't born!!

Why? Huh? Why are you saying that?

I can say anything I want...

It's because that person is dead.

I can say anything.
I can talk bad about her, too.


No one will ever know...

...what she was really thinking!

Even if her note is ever found,
at this point...

...we don't even know if that was
her true feelings or not!

That's how, us, the people who
are left behind...

...must suffer...

...for the rest of our lives.

Repent and carry the burden...

...and live the rest of our lives.

Enough... enough... stop already...

That's what it means...

...to commit suicide.

I'm sorry.

Right now... I...

I don't have anyone to talk to about this...

Thank you for hearing me out.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Ah! Ouch.... oh, man...

I'm sorry but... can you please help me?

I'm sorry.

Ah~! I'm saved!

Sorry! Thank you so much.

Huh? Which way is the station?

I'm really sorry.

I'm so grateful.

Oh, what a beautiful sunset.

Could it mean it's gonna be
a sunny day tomorrow?

Alright. You wanna go see some stars?

- Let's go!
- Alright.


What... should I do from now on?

Why don't you...

...say "Help me!" like I did back there.

You may feel...

...so ashamed and disgraceful...

You rather die...

But it won't kill you.

It's okay to do that.

If you live today...

...tomorrow will come.


"Sorry, Yasuyuki."

Can you come again and help my
group counseling today?

Eh~... Gimme a break...

Well, today is my day-off from work but...

Eh? Kumi-chan will be there, too?

Well... I'm not really interested.

Beer? ...Oh.

Oh, I know!

Can you take me to a beer
garden and that yakiniku shop?

Remember, the place where you took me before,
the skirt steak was really good...

Eh, it's not? Ah, yeah yeah,
that one, that one!

Then, I'll consider.

Eh? 'Is it one or the other?' No, not just one...

(Psychological Counseling)
Eh? 'Is it one or the other?' No, not just one...

(Counseling Psychology)
Eh? 'Is it one or the other?' No, not just one...

(Counseling Psychology)
Oh, c'mon, take me to both~!

(Path to Psychological Counseling)
Oh, c'mon, take me to both~!

Thank you for watching!
~ EarthBuri Team Subs

Thank you for watching!
~ EarthBuri Team Subs