Kupi menya (2018) - full transcript

Katya is a girl from a wealthy family who yearns for adventure. Keeping it secret from her mother she applies to a model agency and goes to Dubai to take part in a fashion show. But instead...

I would like, just for an instant,
to die of excess of being too alive.

And after that, perhaps
to die in the real sense.

And what then?

When each day tells me –
this isn’t for you,

Go write your articles, discuss literature –
especially Russian literature.

That is beyond my strength.

My deeply insulted spirit
becomes ruthless,

something inside it
roars like a wild beast,

And wants orgies, orgies, and orgies –

most uncontrolled… most depraved… most vile.

Vissarion Grigorievich Belinsky,
from "A Letter to a Friend."

And what's your point, Koroleva?

It's for the seminar... on Belinsky. Why?

Sit down Koroleva.
You've made yourself clear.

Did you write it all down properly?
Show me.

14B, 15 St. Germain.
Here is the number.

It looks strange.
Are all the digits there?

Mom, 33 is the code for France,
6 is their cellphones. It's correct.

Do they know your flight number?

Yes, they've been waiting for me
at the airport since last night –

They just can't wait to see me.

I'm worried, by the way.

I can see that.

Katya, if you don't like it there,
go straight to a hotel.

I'll pay for everything.

For two months?

Even you would go broke, Mommy.

You shouldn't live in a home where you don't like it.

Somehow I manage to live with you.

I was just kidding.

Katya, why are we here 3 hours early?

Just go, Mom!

No, I'll wait till you check in.

Why you want hang around for 3 hours? Just go.

A hotel. Understand?

The whole point is
to learn the language.

They speak the same language
at the hotel.

At least there won't be bedbugs.

Mom, bedbugs, really?
It's a decent French family.

French. Even more so.

I'll wait.

Why would you? Look at that line.
All of Moscow is flying to Paris.

Alright, I'll go.

Call me right away.

One... two... three... four... five...
six... seven... eight... nine... ten.

Is Sysoeva here? Yes, I see you.



Where's Koroleva?

Who'll meet us at the airport?

Hannah will meet you at the airport.

And how will we recognize
this Hannah?

She'll have a "FASHION SHOW" sign.
What's not to understand?

Will they take us to the villa right away?

Right away.
Is Koroleva coming today or not?

Will the photo shoot be right after we get there?

We'll need some rest after all.

You'll get some rest, all right.
Stop bugging me!


I'm here! I'm Koroleva!

Thank the Lord!

We wouldn't leave without you.
Okay girls, start checking in.

Thank you.

Good thing the flight is delayed, isn't it?

We have time to chat and get to know each other.

I didn't think I could pull it off.

My Mom always checks everything
at least a hundred times.

She even called the dean's office.
You know what they told her?

The truth! That's exactly what they said.

That I'm going to Paris for two months.
I actually did earn that scholarship.

The departure date was different,
but somehow she missed that.

Awesome, isn't it?!

I even invented a French phone number.

Told her it was the landlord's
and they were waiting for me.

She didn't call them. Imagine if she did?


It’s so weird. For two months
Mom will think I’m in Paris.

And in Paris, what will they think?

That I'm an idiot, of course.
Threw away such a scholarship.

For the study of archives of
the National Library of France.

They don't give those out often.
Especially for Khodasevich.

I thought you were Koroleva?


And this Khodasevich, what's that?

Khodasevich is an influential
Russian emigre poet.

It's not my last name. What's with you?


Sorry! There's no way you could've known of him.

He was my C-Lit thesis. That's how my Mom first heard of him.

Seems like your Mom has no idea
about a lot of things.

Yes! She doesn't even know
that I'm now with the agency.

I joined only half a year ago.

What agency?

This one, the model agency that arranged this trip.

That's our flight.

Are you not from the agency?


Where are you from then?

I'm from Rostov.

But you're a model.

I'm not a model

and you're not a model.

We just look good in a bikini.

Here, read this. It's Khodasevich.
At least get to know him a bit.

What are they going to do to us here?

They'll have us.

How do you mean?

Literally. Have us, screw us, breed us, fuck us...

Which word do you like more?

Get a clue, clit scholar. They didn't bring
you here to take photos in a bikini.

You'll get some cruel Arab fucking.
Take it with a smile.

Who will?

The shieks.

You could've brought anything back from the Emirates –

new clothes, a car, Tiffany,
Vertu... even a shiek,

but you brought us Katya.

Cut it out.

I can sleep on the floor if you want.

No need to sleep on the floor. It's fine.

We'll tough it out for a while,
then rent a new apartment.

Then go to Monte Carlo
and gamble away the yacht.

Galya, eat some meat. You've become mean.

I'm vegan. I don't eat anyone.

Then stop eating Katya.

Happy holidays!

Tremendous. Hello! What holiday?

International Smile Day. You didn't know?

I got two presents for you – this... and that one there.

Can't have one without the other.

I told you she was a bitch.

What do we have here? Another one?

She's new.

That wasn't our deal.
You were renting it with... that one.

My sister. She'll live here for a bit.

Sister? Right!
Why are you standing there? Go and look!

International Smile Day, apparently.

What joy.

So is it leaking?!


I'll come back for him in an hour.
Don't give it to him. I mean beer.

We won't give him anything. I promise.

Yeah, I know your promises.

So what's up?

Found out today was a holiday.

Beer is yeast. Calories.

You wanna pound some yeast?


It's your ass.

But there's...

It's normal. It's Galya.

So will you fix it at least?


Just as I thought.

She doesn't like me.

You're not chocolate that everyone should like you.

Galya, she doesn't like people in general.
It's her way of showing independence.

You won't kick me out, will you?

Who's gonna kick you out, Khodasevich?

You're in Paris, after all.
No one gets kicked out of Paris.

Well then, here's to
the French Smile Day.

Why is the Christmas tree still here?
It's October already.

Every day is a holiday.

So what did you and this Hannah talk about?

I told her I wanted to go home.

And what did she say?

She said: "Go ahead and leave,
no one will stop you, you're not a slave here."

So, you're leaving?

Hello, Khodasevich!

Hannah said he's really handsome.


The sheik.

Are you nuts?!

I've never seen a sheik.

Are you here on salary or just commision?

The salary is not much.

Mostly commissions on what I sell.
But I don't sell much.

I thought these things sold themselves.



Semyon Sergeevich wants you.

I'll be right there.

Don't break anything.
And don't steal anything either.

A car is not a thing.

A car is a sign.

A sign of what?

That everything will be okay.

Garik will buy me this car.

Congratulations! Who is Garik?

The guy who will buy me this car.

Hey! What are you doing?

We're not gonna fuck?

What's with the fucking right away?

You need to organize a corporate party.

Can you handle it?

Got it. I'll do it.

Is that it?

That's it.

Should I put my skirt back on?

What's taking her so long?


Who Liza? With that Semyon Sergeevich?

Why are you so surprised?

This morning she said: "Let's go to the dealership,
I'll show you the guy I'm screwing."

She said: "I'll show you where I work."



You like the car?

It's okay. My Mom has one just like it.

Get a load of that.

She's from Paris. What did you expect?


He wrote "yes"?

Who wrote "yes"?

He wrote "yes"!

Misha, he wrote "yes"!!

Oh my God.

Let's go then!

Let's go then.

You're a baby! You're my baby!


She's not talking to you. She's talking to her.

I don't understand.

What don't you understand?

But she was just...


It's either Semyon Sergeevich or Misha.
It should be just one.

How can there be just one
when there are are two of them?

But why?

What do you mean why?

Misha... that's love, I guess.

And Semyon?

And Semyon – simply... Sergeevich.

Mom, honestly,
I just got the laptop fixed today.

Why would I lie to you?

Why did it take so long?

They are French, not Japanese.
They were trying to figure it out.

My system is all in Russian.
It was difficult for them.

Call me every day from now on, okay?


Show me your room.

What's to show? Just four walls and a door.

Any windows?

And a window.

Can you see the Eiffel Tower from it?


Why not?

Paris is big, Mom. Bigger than you think.

Snot again?

This isn't snot. It's seaweed salad.

Are you ever going to stop losing weight?

I will when I lose it.

You're almost anorexic already.

Garik likes it.

Garik likes what?

You're better off not knowing, trust me.

What's that?


Are we ever going to have a normal supper?

Of course we will.

I can cook something if you want.

We don't dine at home, Khodasevich.

Where do we dine?

Let's make a call and find out.

You got a normal dress, clit scholar?

We'll dress her up.

Is the food good here?


Then why are we eating here?

Because this is where Kostya eats.

And where's this Kostya?

He's not here.

You don't like me much, do you?

What does it have to do with you?

Why aren't you in Paris, clit scholar?

It's more interesting here.
Here we're eating with invisible Kostya.

Not anymore. Here he is.

Here's 50 for one more week.

Aren't you sick of it yet?

You'll be the first to know.

It's not going to work.

I pay you for calls, not for advice.

Advice is free.

You need some blow?

Everything okay?


Did you have sex with Kostya too?

Just now, in the bathroom?

Stop teasing her.

That wasn't Kostya. That was Dima.
Kostya is over there.

And Dima is...?

He's his bodyguard.

Ah, you're sleeping with Kostya's bodyguard.

No, I don't sleep with the help. I just pay him.

For what?

To be able to eat in the same restaurants as Kostya,
go to the same clubs, sing at the same karaokes. Got it?

Why don't you just walk up to him and meet him?

If you want to snare one like Kostya,

you have to set up the right moment,

as if you just happened to meet.

I get it. We are hunting Kostya.

We? No. I'm hunting Kostya.

Then who am I hunting?

Shall we do a line?

You got some?

Hello ladies!

Sit down, Katya.

Check her out!

You bored?

No, why?

I'm having fun.

Wear as short a dress as you have,
but not too much cleavage.

No one wants to see your tits.
They like legs.

Your manicure should not to be garish.

Act modest.

If you're chosen, go without saying a word.
Don't ask any questions.

When you get there, do as you're told.

Don't touch them until they touch you.

You're not allowed to. You're dirty.

To fuck us, we're not dirty.

What if I won't want to fuck?

Go ahead and ask her.

Everything they give you is yours to keep –
phones, jewelery, money.

Don't ask for more. Don't beg. Leave right after.

Is that clear? That's it.

You can always tell him you're on your period.
Do you know how to say it in English?

Did you study up for this?

No, I've been taking English since second grade.

You be careful out there.

What's that about?

It's Suren.

I know. You think I just spent two hours
with a man and don't know his name?

Look at me, honey. You're fucking wasted!

I'm shitfaced.

Just be careful out there. It's Suren.

So what?

He's not white.

That's fascism. To say that.
Do you understand?

Okay. Fascism. You'd know better.

Just not with Suren. You hear me?


You can do better.

Of course I can do better, Liza.

My Mom always said so too.

That I could do better.

When I graduated from high school
with a silver medal, she said:

"You could've done better."

Do we have more cocaine?

You've had enough.
They don't give out medals for that.

I ordered tequila.

You should've ordered a taxi.

You're leaving?

We are.

We don't need a taxi. I have a driver.

Then let's go.

Where to?

I want to go to clubs, bars, karaoke...
and I want drugs.

Do you have drugs?

Daring. Where'd you come from?

I'm from Paris.

We're all like that there.

From Paris? I'm also French.

Shall we go then?

Kostya doesn't exist.

I made him up.

What do you mean?

There's only one explanation.

There's no way a man can be handsome,
rich, single, and not gay at the same time.

Am I right?

He can't.

You know what my Mom says?
Every man is like a toilet.

Either occupied or full of shit.

But Kostya is not a toilet.

That's why he doesn't exist.

There's no place in our lives
for anything but toilets.

Just one long fucking row of shitters.

I see. Obviously, he didn't talk to you tonight.


How do you know Kostya is not full of shit?

I feel it.


It's not like I'd shove it in myself.

Doesn't he use his own anymore?

There's not much to use.

Why do you put up with that?

Where's the karaoke?


Where's the karaoke?
This is an apartment building.

I have a karaoke at home.
A good one, totally professional.

Elevator's broken. Let's walk up.

I'm not going.


I'm not going to screw you.

Why not?



"Because" is not an answer.

Because you're not white.
How's that for an answer?

Over fields, forests and swamps,

Over curves of the silver rivers,

You're soaring bird-like and graceful,

A celestial being, a hero, a man.


Your wings stiffen scraping the air,

With your hand stiff as bone on the wheel,

All around you rise nebulous pinnacles,

Of white clouds, of white clouds, of white clouds.

What are you, reciting poetry?

Looking up at your height disbelievingly,

Filled with doubt, I nod slightly to you,

Higher, higher you rise in the sky,
drawing spir... spira... Shit!


But remember, come to senses, please hold.

What to you is this sparkling clarity?

Save yourself, come to bosoms- of earth,

Take a rest from vertigious peril,

Plummet down, plummet down...

plummet down.

It's Khodasevich.

Stop it.

I won't.

We have a problem.




The toilet is still running.

What is this? No alcohol?

Of course. They're Arabs,
they won't do it with drunk girls.

So what? We're Russians, we don't do it sober.

Deal with it, Khodasevich, tough it out.

I think it's that one, in the middle.


He's kind of cute.

And rich. You have to act fast.

Here I go then.

Are you crazy? Don't even think of approaching him.

Period?! What period?! Are you an idiot?

You realize what you've done?

I really am on my period.

Stop lying!

I'm not lying.

Take off your panties.

Why did you dance in front of him, you idiot?
Why did you entice him?

I was curious.

Curious about what?


Do you realize you screwed it up for everyone?

Now nobody will get anything.

And they'll send all the girls back.

She was curious! Bitch!

Pretty lame for a corporate party.

That's what the money he gave bought.

I thought Porsche was a mighty corporation.

Porsche is probably mighty, but we're just a branch.

Kind of an ambitious...


Is that the famous Semyon Sergeevich?

The one and only.

He's kind of, I don't know...


Well, what's so extraordinary about our story?

Who is the fat-ass with him, with the fur?

Mrs. Semyon Sergeevich?

You're not disgusted?

By Semyon? No, not at all.

He's helpful.

Helpful? Does that like, matter?

It's the most important thing...
in this business.

What business?

Is Misha helpful?

Misha is a moron.

Wanna bet Semyon will drag me into his office right now?

What for?

Seems like Semyon Sergeevich gets off on doing it,
while the missus is around.

Well, then you've found each other.

What do you mean?

You like doing it with him, while Misha is around.

If only Misha... just once...

had said... a single word...

By the way, I was the one who got Liza this job.

Good for you.

So what does she say about me anyway?

That you're a moron.

Dragged you around by the hair?

Semyon's wife. Just a little bit.

It was quite a show.

And not a single extension tore off.

Why did he do it!

I told him: "Misha, you don't do anything.
You don't do anything for me."

And he goes and does this.

Like that's his noble deed.

Thanks, dude, I appreciate it.

Stop it already! Forget him!

Kill it, piss on it, and burn it!

That's genius!

You guys are clueless!

You think you're so smart?

How are we going to live now?!

Who is going to pay our rent?!

What do you mean?

Semyon was paying for the apartment.

Stop being stupid.

We'll starve to death.

Kittens tossed out to the street,
Must spread legs to get some meat.

Calm down, ladies.

We shall overcome.

I will feed us all.

Now I'm Daddy in our family.

And Mommy is right here.

You can't even imagine the people here.

Everyone is so kind, and helpful, and generous.

Mom, I feel like I'm in a fairy tale!

Let's go!

Oh God, I'm so wasted!




Why do we have so much food?

Why do we have bacon?

What the hell happened here?

Galya! Galya!!

What's wrong with her?

Is she alive?! Galya!

What's that?

Chocolate cake.

Galya? Galya, why would you...

Why would you do it with bacon?

No car.


There'll be no car!!

All this because of that asshole and some car?

Don't you think that this gift is too expensive?

Too expensive for who?

For you.

I'm not asking for me. It's for my friend.

You're asking me to buy a Porsche for your friend?

I didn't just imagine that?

You didn't imagine it.

What do you think?

I need to take a leak.

You idiot.

I won't buy a Porsche
even for a blowjob in a restaurant.

My Mom is here.


My Mom. Behind you.

You Mom doesn't let you have dinner with men?

She thinks I'm in Paris.


Enough embarassing me. Come out of there.

I can't.

Get out of there, I said.



If you come out from under there,
I'll buy your friend the car.

What are you having?

I think I'll have... I'll have...

No, thank you.

Lyuda drove. You'll come with us.

Yes, yes, I had my keys here somewhere...


We'll talk at home.

I'm not going home.

And where are you going to go?

With him.

With that one?

With that one.

And... what about Paris?

I don't know. It's probably fabulous.
I've never been there.

Are you... are you a prostitute?

Olya, come on!

What if I really am a prostitute?! What do you want to say?
That I could've done better?

You little whore! Liar! You filthy whore!

Thank you!!

For what?!

For Paris!!

I love it here!! It's fascinating!!

A used one.


I'll buy a used one.


What did you expect? A new one?

Let's go!

You're not fucking me for the Porsche.

For the Porsche.

Not for clothes or cocktails.

For clothes and cocktails.

Not for the rent.

For the rent.

For what then? Do you know?

Maybe because you love me?

Would you want that?

Absolutely not.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Okay. Don't shit your pants. I don't love you.

Katya, you're a smart girl. You shouldn't say:
"Don't shit your pants."

I don't give a shit. I will.

One million, then?

For Galya's car?

Now I'm not so sure what to think of Suren.

He's a god.

One million is not that much.

Not enough for a new one, but you could get a used one.

Couldn't you?

What was that?

She knows no other way to express her gratitude.

She might also let you fuck her.

Up your ass!

She might let you do that too.

Galya, what are you doing?!
Stop it! You'll mess up the million!!

I had the same duck in my childhood.

Mom and I would take baths together
and pass it to one another.

When you have the duck,
you have to tell a fairy tale.


All right.

A fairy tale about Pasha.

Please, not about Pasha.

Yes, about Pasha.

He used to say to me –

Liza, you wash and you cook so well,
and take such good care of me,

that it makes me feel
like I'm sleeping with my mother.

And then he'd say – Liza why do you
shave it all off down there?

Now I feel like I'm sleeping with a child.

And I felt I was sleeping with a retard.

And I wasn't wrong.

That's not a fairy tale.

I agree. It's harsh reality.

Here! You tell one.

Well then... a fairy tale about Vova.

Vova had a tiny dick.

I saw it.

That's not the worst part. Even worse was
that he had a name – Afanasiy.


The dick.

And Vova would introduce him,
as soon as you'd, so to speak, meet him.

This is Afanasiy, he'd say, make your acquaintance.

And he'd watch carefully. If a chick laughed –
it was over. She wasn't good enough for them.

You didn't laugh.

No, I didn't even crack a smile.

I was very serious and Vova appreciated that.

He bought me a chinchilla coat.

And plane tickets for us to the Seychelles.

I was so happy.

And then, the night before our trip,
he takes off his pants,

And I'm so giddy with joy,
I look down there and yell out: "Hello, Anatoliy!"

Yes, I mixed up their names.

I can hardly remember their names,
let alone the names of their dicks.

What happened next?

What happened next was...

Goodbye chinchilla coat,

goodbye Seychelles,

goodbye Vova, goodbye Afanasiy,
and goodbye Anatoly.

Now that's a classic fairy tale for you.

Well, now it's yours.

Oh girls, as I sit here and listen to you,

I realize that I've never had
a fairy tale in my life.

Shall we drown the educated bitch.

I'm all for it.

Wait! I'll do it myself!!

So are you ready?

Hold on, just a sec!

Kashirskoe Highway 61. For 500 roubles.

Let's go.

So what's up on Kashirskoe? Is it moving?

Kashirka is always a parking lot.

Don't worry, we'll get there.

We'll get there.

What do you need over there?

A used car. We're buying one.

Well, buying used is a lottery.
Maybe you get lucky, maybe it falls apart.

What year do you want?

We'd like a new one. But we've got
enough for a 2009, maybe. We checked.

I see. What are we after? A Jap?

A German.


This isn't a car. It's a treasure.

In perfect shape for its year.

I can see that.

So what? Is this it?

The dash has scratches and a crack.
Gauges are old-model.

No cruise control or I just don't see it?

Turn signal.

Well girls, this is a cream puff.
Simply a cream puff.

The engine runs perfect.

It's all perfect. I feel it.

I'd still check the drive train. Just in case.

What case? We have no cases here.

Listen, can you hear it?

The engine?

Can you hear it or not?


Can you hear what she's saying?

She's saying –

"Buy me!"

Get ready for a scene.

Then shut her up.


The way you know how.

Are you to the bathroom? I'll come with you.

No, I have something to take care of.






You're not Dima. You're Kostya. And I'm Katya.

We don't need Dima.
It'll be more interesting without him.

What's she doing?!


Is she crazy? Why is she...

Calm down!

Galya, don't you get it?! She'll ruin it!
She'll ruin everything!

Let me go!

What's there to ruin?!

Katya!! Kat...

Here, have a drink.

Dima, apparently you're not needed here.

Who are they guarding you from? Fanny Kaplan?


Hi again. You didn't say hi.


I have a question for you.
Explain your logic to me.

Your guard dogs won't let anyone near you.

Yet they take the money. Why?

I don't understand.
What do they take money for?

For money they'll tell where you are,
which restaurants, bars, karaoke.

It's like – please come by and look.
Just don't come close to him.

Here's a short tale for you.
I'll tell it and leave. Okay?

Once upon a time,
there lived a little girl in Rostov.

Her mom was a fool and her dad was a fool.

They fought all the time.
Well, all moms and dads have fights.

She came home from school one day

and discovered...

her dad had hanged himself.

All moms and dads have fights,
but not all dads hang themselves. Right?

And the girl realized right then –
now she could justify anything.

Now, in her life, she can permit herself anything.

She could become a drug addict or a whore.

Who'd be surprised? Her dad hanged himself.

Or even kill someone.
It's justified – her dad hanged himself.

But she didn't become a drug addict or a whore.

She came to Moscow and started looking for a dad.

This is what all little girls do.
Even the ones whose dad didn't hang himself.

And they all remain the same little...


And I find it heroic.

What do you think?

I'm waiting for him to hit her.

And I'm waiting for the wine I ordered.

He invited us to his country house tomorrow.

What do you think? Shall we go?

Galya, come here!

What do you think?

Going to wear them both?

Don't be stupid. This one's for Katya.

Classic. Sexy chick and her ugly friend.

Not ugly, but modest.

Doesn't matter. She won't need it anyway.

Katya is coming with me to pick up the car.

What do you need her there for?

What do you need her for?

Well, she was the one that made
the arrangements with Kostya.

So what? Will she also sleep with him?

I need her support!

And I need her support!



Why are you calling in the middle of the night?
My wife almost woke up.

I am pregnant.

Suren, I am pregnant.

Okay. I know a good clinic.

Does it have to be that cliched?

What did you want?

You didn't want it cliched?

How is that?
For me to get a divorce and marry you?

In real life, nobody marries prostitutes.

I'm not a prostitute.

You got anything else to say?

I love you.

Katya, who will you go with tomorrow, me or Galya?

Do you know what we should do right now?


Throw out the Christmas tree.

What for?

How long is it going to be there, till Christmas?

Not that long left. Where are you taking it?

You have to throw the Christmas tree from the balcony.

That way needles don't fall everywhere
on the way to the front door.

My Mom and I always did it that way.

Katya, this is a plastic tree.
The needles can't fall off.

So what?

Mom says that you should make a wish,
while the Christmas tree is falling.

So did you?


I forgot.

Oh well, screw her.

Hold on!

What is she doing?

We'll throw it out again. Pay attention this time.
Don't screw it up.

Galya, but this is...

Everyone makes a wish.

First time it was already kind of asinine, but now...

Quiet. That's the way it should be.

Everyone make a wish.

You – Kostya, me – the car,
and you – whatever you want.

Come on Christmas tree. Don't let us down!

What did you wish for?

I made a wish for you guys.

To make sure.

Bye, then!

Good luck!

Pick me up tomorrow in your car?



What's with the "Oh?"



Sit in the back. After all, you're our VIP guest.

All right.


Good morning, beautiful! At 9:30, as promised.

Here! Black without sugar. Did I guess right?

Thank you.

Shall we go then?

Where's your friend from the other day?

She is sick.

It happens. I hope she gets better.

Hi! Is Liza home?

I called her, but she's not picking up.

You're too late, Misha.

What do you mean late? It's only 10:00.

You remebered Liza too late. She has Kostya now.

Who is Kostya?

Is that important?

Of course it's important.
If this Kostya is like Semyon was, then I'll fight for her.

I'll take her away from him.
I won't let it happen again.

She has to understand that this is not a life!

Did you drive?


Give me a ride somewhere.

I'll tell you about her life on the way.

Is it far?

Not too far.

Everything in its place?

Are you also his driver?

Usually not. Only for honored guests.

Where's your friend?

She decided not to go.

I see.

Too bad. She'll miss out on a lot.

Congratulations, Liza! It actually worked out.

Who would've thought?

Yes. It worked out.


For diagnostics?

For an abortion.

Fill these out.

You should go. There's no point in waiting.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Give me your phone. I'll call Liza.

She doesn't want to talk to you.

I'm not going to call about myself.

I'll call about you.

Does she even know that you're here?

She knows.

Listen, let me call her anyway.

After all, I need to explain to her...

about why I told Semyon's wife. I wanted her to...

Get lost, moron!

Get lost, you moron!!!

Why is it taking so long?

Where are we going?


Dima... are you sure we're going the right way?

I thought it was outside the city.

What are you worried about? We'll be there soon.

Good morning! Let's start, shall we?

Can we wait five minutes?

Five? Sure, we can do that.

Where are we?

Dima, let's go to Kostya.

Here we are. We've arrived.

You should've thought it through earlier.

When you told my boss about the money.

I didn't tell him anything.

I've never spoken with Kostya at all.

That's strange.

You never spoke to him, but I'm a driver now.

You didn't say anything, but I caught shit.

I worked for him for ten years, and now I'm just a driver.

Can you fucking believe it?

Dima, you got it all wrong. I...

Yeah, I got it all wrong...

I thought you'd be with your friend.

So I invited some of mine.

Get out of the car.


Get out.

Dima, please.

Very well...

Get out of the car... please.

What were we waiting for anyway?

For a man to rush through this door and yell:

"Stop! Don't do this! I love you!
I'll leave my wife and let's keep the baby!""

That doesn't happen in real life.

In my life it happens.

Where's Khodasevich?



Ekaterina Khodasevich.

She's getting an abortion here.

Where is she?

We don't have any Khodasevich.

Let's get started.

Leave the bag and get out of the car.


I said leave the bag and get out.


Get the fuck out of the car, you whore!


The bag! Give me the bag!

Give me the bag, you bitch!


No, Konstantin Viktorovich. She didn't come out.

Well... that's the way they are.


Who do you want to be when you grow up?

What kind of a question is that?

I've already grown-up.

Well, I haven't yet.

So then what have you become when you grew up?

I don't know.

Mom thinks I'm a prostitute.

You're not a prostitute.

You just look good in a bikini.


Who do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be everything,


and I also want everyone.

She could've come. It's a funeral after all.

It's normal. It's Katya.

Shame that everything turned out like this.

It's normal. It's Galya.

I wanted to tell you something...

Directed by Vadim Perelman