Koroleva benzokolonki (1963) - full transcript

Thanks to her kindness and optimism, a young girl turns a neglected gas station into a significant landmark.

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Stop it immediately!
Examination is running!

Who was drumming?

- Oh, it is you again!
- I was dreaming so much…

Well, you should finally understand,
that the art is merciless.

Next enrolment starts in autumn.
Well, you may have a chance then...

Lida, for how long
have you been skating?

Since I was eight.

- And you?
- Since I was five.

Do you see now?

But I am…

Ice-dancing is not just dancing.

It takes a lot of efforts!

Ballerina while performing
loses as many calories,

as hammerer for his shift.

But I am only 47 kilogrammes.

It doesn’t matter!

You should be training
in summer and winter!

But where will I be training,

if there is no ice in Poltava
in summer?

Well, you should buy than rollerblades
and keep training on the asphalt.

On the asphalt?

- Slava!
- Hello!

What a nice plant!

Yes, it is. Why?

- May I take it for keeping it safe?
- Of course!

Because you are on the wheels too,
you must know the driving regulations.

Why are you driving on the centre line?

But, maybe, I am looking
for the centre line…

of my life!

That’s interesting!
Where are you going?

- To the North Pole.
- It’s a pity, it is out of my way.

- Do you need a lift?
- No, thank you.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am.

Lieutenant Podorozhny!

Your credentials!

Are you having fun?

- Comrade lieutenant!
- Yes?

- Comrade lieutenant!
- Yes?

I lost my traction, do you understand?

Yes, I see, how you lost your traction.

Pass by.

I won’t eat it.
I will dry it up.

- For compote?
- To remember you.

Stop looking at those pictures!
Highway – that’s what is beautiful!

Aren’t you tired of all the same
every day?

How can you think that? Just imagine: Yalta,
the Carpathians, the gardens of Vinnitsa.

The golden fields of Poltava. Today
you are here – tomorrow you are there.

You are moving all the time.

The song of wheels, the song of alarms.

Are there any victims?

According to the beginning,
there will be some victims.

It’s a girl again!

Hegh... you!
Just a little bit more and I would…

I just wanted to pass by, but
the engine died out.

Start it up!

Let me do it!

Hey, pal, I have many people
in the bus.

You should understand!

Take your seats, comrades,
take your seats!

And I have the art!

Do you call this an art?

Every hipster will
tell me what to do!

Who is the hipster?
Who is the hipster?!

I won’t let a dummy
like you drive.

Please clear the way.

You’ve put on the golden
sign and think you are the best!

- Be quiet!
- Stop it!

The driver matches his vehicle!

You are not so important
as you think!

I don’t want waste
my time for you!

But I could beat him up!


- As I see, you are a desperate one.
- Оh, you don’t know me at all.

That’s true.
Koshevoy Slava.

- Good evening!
- Why?

Liudmila Good Evening.

- It is my mate.
- Gruch. Valeriy.


Actually, my granny doesn’t allow me
to talk to strangers.

- And what did father say?
- Nothing.

He is in India. He is building a factory.
He is an adjuster.

And you are planning to go
to India on the roller-blades?

I will not make it to India.

And how far are you planning to make it?

I wish all the dreams come true…

- You want too much!
- It’s not too much.

I dreamed at first to be a
broadcaster on TV.

I didn’t win the competition.
Something was wrong with my diction.

Afterwards I dreamed to be
a flight attendant on Tu-104.

It didn’t work out.

But I am planning to join the
ice-dancing in autumn.

- You are looking for some glamorous profession.
- I love everything beautiful.

Than you have plenty of choices.

Didn’t you try to be a model?

- And what is wrong with it?
- There is nothing wrong.

Just walk on the podium.
And show your forms.

There is no responsibility.
And it is very glamorous.

- Stop the bus!
- Why?

Stop the bus, or I’m going to jump!

- But it’s not your stop yet?
- It doesn’t matter, I’ll alight here.

Here you go! Keep the change!

With temper like that you will not
find the right profession.

No, I will!

And remember that it is not a matter of
our position, it is our ability that shine!

It is what I was dreaming of!

I’ll write it down.

The guides for the touristic
vehicles are wanted.

For the touristic vehicles.

Monsieur, look to the left!
Signors, look to the right!

Ladies and gentlemen,
please be so kind to turn round.

How interesting!

Shevchenko, 9.

Shevchenko, 9.

- Please!
- Thank you.

Don't worry, they are domestic.

Will you tell me how
can I get to...

Can you please tell me how
to get to the Shevchenko square?

Go straight.
Would you like some syrup?

Yes. Oh, no, no!

- Are you applying for the guide for the touristic vehicles?
- Yes! For the touristic vehicles.

Why are you attracted to this

The route. The Carpathians, Yalta.

The gardens of Vinnitsa,
the golden fields of Poltava.

It is nice, indeed!

And you are still sitting here
in the office!

No, dear lady!

This job is not for you.

Why is it not for me?


What is it?

- It is my autobiography.
- Yes.

There are the place of birth and
place of study…

And what is it?

It is a certificate.

Is given to Liudmila Good Evening
to confirm, that she has a talent.

It is valid till 1 of October.

Bobiy is listening.

How did it happen, comrade Bobiy?

I am all alone again.

What has happenned?

Please wait!

Refuelling operator Petrenko,
which you've sent...

- Escaped again?
- Not just that. It is even worse.

Did she get married?

It is not funny at all. I hope I
will make it till retiring pension.

It is your fault of sending to my
fuel station beautiful women.

Please call later,
Panas Petrovych.

I'm equipping the transport column.

It does sound like a complex situation!

Instead of giving the fuel to the
vehicles, I'm giving the brides.


Listen to me, lady!

Would you like to be a
refuelling operator?

- What is it?
- You should go, go!

It is fantastic place!

There are the sun, fresh air and fuel!

There are the route and the best people.
There are artists, ministers and generals!

There were some astronauts few days ago.

Dear lady, it is so peaceful there…
There are gardens, fields and silence…

So? Do you agree?

Is there an asphalt?

Why does it matter?

I need to do my trainings.

I am planning to join the
ice-dancing show in autumn.

- Thank you!
- You are welcome!

May I?


The candies “Kiss-kiss" - 2 kilogrammes.
Where are “Kiss-kiss”?

Well, you should understand that
I am a woman and I have my weakness.

What about beer... -
is it also woman’s weakness?

What about the liver?
Where is a liver?

Panas Petrovych, you have a short memory!

Ah, you are right.
I ate the liver.

- My lovely!
- Rogneda Karpovna!

I am an inspector.
You are the inspected person.

There is no “my lovely”, is it clear?

I make mistakes all my life and
that’s how I learn.

What are you looking for?

I have...

A referral.

My dear!

My pretty lady!

This is the petrol filling station of 1954,
semi-automatic machine.

This is the oil filling station.

You lift it, put it in,
press it and tank it.

Of course it is not a resort,
dear lady.

- Pardon?
- I’m saying it is not a resort!

Everybody is in hurry and very worried.

Sometimes the drivers can be rude.

But you shouldn’t pay any attention.

The main rule is – don’t go ahead,
don’t stand behind,

and don’t stay in the middle,
but follow the instruction.

- Please!
- No, thank you!

As you wish. It makes life longer.

And this makes life shorter.

- Petrovych, is she new?
- Nineteenth, but...

You’ll get use to it, people are nice here.

This is the petrol filling station of 1954,
automatic machine.

5, 10, 15, 20, 25
and so on…up to 100 litres.

Turn it on here,
the machine starts working.

Keep track of indicator,
then go to office.

Write it down.

Make out a document.

Make a note.


Receive the money.
Count the money.

Make a record.

Tear off.

Put a stamp.


Turn off.

- Is that it?
- Yes!

- It’s not so hard!
- Glad to hear that.

But if you stop the
traffic even for a minute,

and make a traffic jam...

Where are you going?

Where is this damn refuelling operator?

But I don’t know where is the
tank of this car.

Do you want the milk to be sour?

Please don’t worry, can’t you see
I’m refuelling your vehicle?

Why are you refuelling me the last?

Come on, come on!

Please try to understand,
this person has a wedding!

Refuelling operator!

Refuelling operator!

Damn it!

Are you sleeping at work?
Hey, hussy!


Please don’t yell at me. If you say rude
things to me, you will not get any fuel at all.


- No way! You should be “shhh”!
- Everybody feels so important here!

Comrade driver!

Lieutenant Podorozhny!
Your credentials, please!

- So?
- Just a minute.

- Medved Aleksandr Yefimovich.
- Yes.

- You were given a very important vehicle.
- Yes.

- First class driver.
- Yes.

- Why are you being so rude?
- No, I’m not...

- What do you mean “you are not”?
- Yes, I am!

I have even done it to Philosophy Doctors.
They got smarter after.

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?

At first the police is a pain in the neck,

you should work as a water spray holder
at the hair salon.

Hey you!

Please sir!

Please sir!

Please sir, what about the money?
Please sir!

- Liudmila, come here!
- What?

- How many litres did he take?
- 370.

I warned you.

So now, my sweetie,
we will hold back it from your salary.

As it is stated in the rules.

Your tears will not fix it.

My roller-blades!


Give it back to me!

I will leave, so what?

And who is going to pay for 370 litres?

Panas Petrovych?

I will lend some money from my grandmother
and will send you.

From grandmother? Who is going
to help grandmother?

Well, I will work off the money
I’ve borrowed and than I’ll leave.

She thinks she will leave so easy!
Who will let you go?

Panas Petrovych!

The people are exulting at the stadium.

- There is a woman...
- Where?

Аh, Liudmila!

I let her stay in my room temporary.

I wanted to be attentive and thoughtful..

To young generation.

To young…

- Are you jealous again?
- Who, me?!

- Yes.
- To this “pretty lady”?

She will be taken away.

She will be definitely taken away.

I understand you, sweetie.

I understand why you want to
run away.

You are right! Run away from here
as soon as you can!

Oh my God! It’s all the same here
each season of the year.

All the same over and over.

So what should I do?

You should quit the job
by your own free will.

But the boss doesn’t let me.

Then you should work badly.

But what can I do then?

Let’s see what the rules say:


Poor service.

Rudeness and sloth.


What if I try “rudeness and sloth”?

Do you have some fuel?

We don’t refuel the oxen.

Thank you, old man!

Is she new?

Who is she?


Please, tell me, dear lady,
what movie were you in?

It’s prohibited to smoke here.

- I haven’t light it yet.
- And I have the rules I need to follow.

Come on, pick it up!

- To where?
- There!

Not there! Into the trash bin!


Stop giving the orders and
refuel my vehicle.

I will not refuel your vehicle.

Why is that?

Because it is dirty and the
driver isn’t shaved too.

- Really?
- Yes!

Are you from the sanitary inspection?
I said refuel it!

- Are you being slothful?
- Exactly!

The book of complaints is there,
by the operator.

Panas Petrovych!

What a rude girl!

He shouldn’t be mad at me.

He should better look at this driver.
A creampuff!

Always. Please.
You are welcome.

Just look at him!

Look: film worker is
driving on the route.

And look at the vehicle!

How awful the driver looks like!
How awful the vehicle looks like!

Give me your cap!

It is dirty and smells like fuel.

How can he bring the beauty to
people if he is not tidy?

He doesn’t pay enough attention to beauty.

- You shouldn’t be rude with customers!
- Why not?

Be quiet! She is right!
She acts according to the rules!

How can she be so rude!

Oh, well!

- Have you seen it?
- She is right.

I just don’t want to waste my time for her.

Yes, sweetie, not
everybody knows how to be rude.

You should have talent for it.

So what!
If I am not fired,

then I should work on my life here.

For what? You will work
off your debt and that’s it!

And what about the advance payment?

What advance payment?
Just a minute!

I asked for an advance payment
to send some money for my grandmother.

Well, then you should stretch the time.

But I can’t work like that,
Rogneda Karpovna.

What do you mean “you can’t”!
What if you have to?

What are you teaching me?

You should better think about
your canteen.

It seems like there are no
napkins at all.

Who are you to judge?

Aren’t you ashamed?

How can you have fake flowers in summer?

There are no fresh cucumbers or
tomatoes in the canteen,

It looks like we are not in Ukraine.

And the beer is always sour!

You are a nutjob!

Why are the chickens running outside?

What a rude girl!

- Rogneda Karpovna!
- I’m on my way!

Are you an Old Believer?

Oh no. I would like to have 2
double shots of vodka in one glass.

I can’t put it in one glass.
It is against the rules.

And a pickle.

Here you go!

I’m not used to half-measures!

- Check it out! The Slave of God is refueling.
- Yeah…you can see how the chains are melting.

Don’t forget, Holy father,
that the bus departs without any notice.

Oh my God!

You almost ruined my lunch.

How can it be, without any notice?

It’s disgraceful!

Who is in charge here?

At the telecom cabin.

Who is in charge here?

I am asking you, who is in charge?

It’s not right, my dear.
Why the radio is broken?

It’s not right.

Just imagine, a person needs to use the
bathroom, but when he gets out the bus is gone…

It’s not right!

You should announce on the radio!

You are right, comrade…
Oh no, excuse me, comrade Holy Father!

You are right!
We even do have a microphone,

but we don’t use it at all…

it’s not right.

It is my dream to be a broadcaster.

A broadcaster?

- Would you like to try?
- With a great pleasure.

- Are you ok, Holy Father?
- It is an exercise for diction.

I’m practicing it daily.

Lay people!
Please forgive me, dear God!

Comrades passengers!


Express bus “Donetsk-Kiev” is departing.

- Oh my God!
- What’s wrong?

I have just departed the bus I was taking.



Please stop!


Dear policeman,
what kind of service is it?

I have my luggage in that bus.
It will be stolen!

Holy Father, why you do believe in God,
but you don’t trust the people?

Take a sit.

- We will catch them!
- Great!

I always believed in greatness
of human soul.

I will quit,
I promise, I will quit!

Catch them!

- Panas Petrovych!
- What’s wrong?

Panas Petrovych!

How can it be like that?

How can even the Holy Father,
who is not a very modern person,
shows us the mistakes.

- How can we work like that?
- Why should I pay attention to Holy Father?

I have been working at this gas station
for 17 years

and have always received only gratitude.

Panas Petrovych!

I don’t understand,
what do you want?

Please take a look the way we live here.
Like in the Stone Age.

No cinema, no TV.

But it is possible even for Taras
to play some movies here.

Sweetie, the drivers come
here for fuel

And we even don’t know their names!
Do you think they need your cinema?!

Yes, and we don’t have
the best service here.


Good service is the ability to serve in the best way.
421 00:39:18,000... > 00:39:19,115 Panas Petrovych!

Why can’t we put here
a mail box?

While refueling the car, the driver
can send a letter to his home town.

Something like “I’m sending you
the letter from the gas station 343-17”.

We should also have a flowerbed
with some nice flowers.

We don’t have money for that!

It’s ok! I will ask some drivers and they
will bring me some:

From Crimea – roses,
From Carpathians – edelweiss.

- For free?
- Yes.


Panas Petrovych!

- I can’t refuel the empty one!
- Why not?

Why can’t you refuel it?

What do you mean “why”? They
shouldn’t be carrying “the air”.

Do you know what? We also could make a wall newspaper. 436 00:39:55,560
> 00:39:57,357 Or something like “Caricature wall newspaper”.

- What? No caricatures.
- Why not? We can call it “Fuel pump”.

- Do you understand, that I am…
- Please, dear Panas Petrovych!

There are also many passengers
with children, aren’t there?

We can organize the playground.
There will be a sandbox,

little merry-go-round.

- Merry-go-round, sandbox….
- Yes!

Listen! It’s a local theater on air.

What else do you want,
maybe a wedding palace?

Why not?
You can be the first client.

- With who?
- With Rogneda Karpovna.

It’s not bad!

She has shortage during every inspection.

It would be different,
if you were married.

- Even in the canteen...
- No, no!

I agree to the “Nail in
the tire” wall newspaper.

- Here is some money.
- Thank you.

Go and buy...

Some ink.

A brush.


- And...
- Pins?

Yes, pins.

We, as motion picture operators,
have very hard work.

We are rolling at daytime and at night.

Cinema should be brought to people, money
should be brought to the booking office.

- What do you think?
- You are an action boy.

Excuse me.

The color of your eyes.

Excuse me, may I ask...

is it a girl?

Oh, no, you are wrong. There is
just a new rule we all need to follow.

All the people working in the artistic world
should be dressed according to the fashion.


Then I would like to offer…

Semyon the ostler has bought a
dozen of that. He said: for equipage.

- What is it?
- It is for working out.

I’ll take it!

- Here you go!
- Thank you.

So I guess I shouldn’t be saving on beauty.

Stop knocking!
I said stop knocking!

What? Are you still on the wheels?

- Ah! Is it you? Hello!
- I have been in Yalta three times already.

Why are you stuck here?

On the faith of your
advice I work as a model.

And I demonstrate the outfits
for refueling operators.

What? Here?

But you said that “it is not a matter
of our position,

it is our ability that shine”.

- I don’t understand.
- I have noticed it before.

Ok, but what has happened to your

What? Can’t you see I’m practising?
In autumn I’ll go to ballet.

He is going to take her away!

I won’t make it till pension,
he’ll take her away!

So what! It doesn’t matter.
It was quiet and peaceful before.

- And now there is no good service.
- Why don’t we have any good service now?

Because everybody is
coming for refuelling here now.

It is noisy and never enough napkins.

Oh, here you go!
Another one.

Just look at him!

100 gramms!

No, a beer!

No, I would like a bottle of mineral water.

Stop pulling my leg!

Are you watching?

He is a macho on the route.

I told you: he is going to take her away.

Comrade Podorozhnyi, follow me!

I said stop!

Stop! Wait!

Are you talking to me, Panas Petrovych?

Please refill the regular customer.

With a pleasure!

- Please!
- No worries!

No worries.

Panas Petrovych, what is it?

It is an instrument for slim figure.


- The guy who took our fuel without paying is here!
- I can see.

Hey, girl!

- Take your money!
- Give it to me!

- Oh, you are a wrong girl!
- No, I’m not! Hello!

You have changed so much.


One, two, three...

Listen, you should forgive me,
for what happened the other day.

No worries! I understand.

You should understand,
that it was all police fault.

The police is a pain in the neck.

Also it was a very long day at work.
I haven’t slept for two days in a row.

1,2,3... It is ten here.
And 36 more.


You’ll owe me 1 kopiyka.

- I also need 100 litres.
- You know how to do it.

- Here you go.
- No, money go there.

- Where?
- There.

- Is it like that?
- Yes it is.

After refueling your car you should bring
money into booking office. Self-service.


That’s interesting!

Panas Petrovych!

Don’t make people laugh!

Please come over!

Panas Petrovych!

The money.

- The money is always good. Is it your debt?
- Yes!

No, no, I can’t fire you!

- Why not?
- Why do you think I gave you the money for ink?

Why did I set a mail box?

And I’m writing a report for buying
a rocking chair.

First of all it is not a rocking chair,
but a merry-go-round.

- Rocking chair!
- Merry-go-round!

You are a merry-go-round!
Today you go to one direction,

tomorrow to another one!
I’m not going to fire you!

Panas Petrovych!

- How can you?
- You don’t have any right to act like that!

Rogneda Karpovna, why do you want
to get rid of me so badly?

Who said that? I have better things to do.

- Are they from paper again?
- Who are you to judge?

I don’t care.
But you are going to stay here forever.

Comrade Good Evening,
you will have to work

for another 2 weeks.

Why is that?

Because according to the rules I will
have to find a new worker.

I’m going send your notification
to my superiors.

According to the rules. To the superiors.

Panas Petrovych!

I could work as a refueling operator
as a part-job.

How is that?

You will pump the fuel with one hand,
and the beer with another?

Like a part-time job.

There is not much order at the canteen.

Panas Petrovych!

Take your cargo and then I will refill you!


Do you understand
what is he saying?

He says, that if you
don’t refill his tank

the chicks will hatch out of eggs.

How dare you?

He is driving in an empty car and
doesn’t want to help with some cargo.

It’s clear! Take the cargo and go!

But I have to follow the rules!

Load it on then.

Please give me the
book of complaints.

- What?
- For what?

You have to give it upon the request.

Ok, let’s go then.

Liudochka! How are you?

I’m fine!
People are nice here.

So, you see, I told you so!

Are you kidding me?
Keep going! Eugene Onegin.

But I have feelings!

You shouldn’t have any feelings
during the working hours.

Just go!

Here, read it!

- Panas Petrovych!
- Read it!

Dear Liudmila! What?

Dear Liudmila Vasilievna!
Since I’ve seen you first,

I’m exceeding the working plan
for film lending services

because I’m in a hurry to consume
all the fuel

to come back to your gas station.
Taras Shpychko.

Thank you, Taras!

You should come more often!

Dear comrades, may I have your attention?
Please put all the chairs back to their places.

Please give the orders.

She’ll be taken away, I swear!

It will be this Slavka from the express-bus
or this Taras from film lending services…

- No, I won’t be able to keep the staff…
- My poor Panas Petrovych!

I don’t need your compassion.

All the people in charge
have such problems.

Nobody has compassion for me.

I am for you only an individual
responsible for material valuables.

That’s a situation!


- Good evening to you!
- Can you wait for me please?

Taras! What is it?

You are so fast, that I can’t
keep up with you!

So I decided to buy in Kiew.

- You should practice on the asphalt.
- But I’m keep falling down.

No way! I will teach you!
Come here!

Don’t be afraid!
It’s not so scary!

Turn around! Ok...

Hold on!

The main thing is to keep your back
straight. And keep standing straight too.

Put your feet together, like that.

Together. One…

What’s wrong? Get up!

Keep your back straight,
I’m telling you!

- One.
- I can do it by myself!

Do like this: one-two.

And don’t be scared! Keep
pushing off with your feet.
It is very easy.

There is nothing scary in it!

Ok. I understand, Liudochka!

And the main thing, Taras…

Quiet, quiet!

You’ll wake up my passengers.

- Where are you taking me?
- To the ice dancing show.

I don’t want to go there!
I’m not roller-blading very well.

I’m killed!

I’m killed!

You are not bad. You can roller-blade.

I don’t want to see you on the
roller-blades ever again. Is it understood?

I will show you!

I just don’t want to
have any business with you.

What a holiday maker!

Just wait, I’m going to pay you back later!

Quiet! Let me say!


Give me some fuel!

I have to work, but I don’t have any fuel.

All oil tank trucks got stuck
by the broken bridge.

And I am not a chemist,

I can’t make fuel from the air.

Panas Petrovych,
please give me just 10 litres.

I need it!

What happened that you are here?

You always refuel in Poltava.

I’ve heard your service is the best.

Hey, refueling operator!


Listen, who should be fixing that
broken bridge?

There are two men in charge.
Mr.Borsch and Mr.Lopata.

They are keep arguing with each other.

Here is a border of my district:
the left bank of the river Vertoprushky.

The bridge should be fixed by my
neighbor Mr.Lopata.

Here is a border of my district:
the right bank of the river Vertoprushky.

The bridge should be fixed by my
neighbor Mr.Borsch.

So it turned out that the bridge
doesn’t belong to anybody?

Why do you care so much about the bridge?

The bridge is fine. Take a look!


Please! Take a look!

I can even say, that the
bridge will be fine

for the next thousand years!

- Am I wrong?
- No, you are right!

- Please!
- Take a look!

It ended up in a bad way!

I warned you!

Please swim to my bank!

No, swim to mine!

Just hold it!

Delivery order for break-stones.

And for sand.

What’s wrong?
What’s going on?

Comrades drivers!

Comrades drivers!

It’s me speaking, the refueling
operator Luidmila Good Evening.

Please take a look to the right.

- Can you see the forest there?
- Yes we can.

There are sand and break-stones.

Please take a look to the left.

- Can you see the field path?
- Yes we can.

There is a broken bridge there,
where all the oil tank trucks got stuck.

If each of you can go at least once

from those places to the bridge,
then we will have fuel and a new bridge.

Do you understand?

I’m begging you!

- What about the delivery orders?
- I have them. Here they are!

- We don’t have the fuel.
- I will give you some!

I can give a gas can per each.


Stay in line!

Where did you go? You should stay in line!

How about that!

And you are saying: according to the rules.

- Listen, are you by yourself?
- Yes.

No, I meant are you driving empty?

Yes, as you can see.

Please turn to the left.
I ask you.

It is needed.

Stop! Stop, Sashko!

Just stop for a minute!

Hallo! Is it “Avtotrest”?

Is it comrade Bobiy?

The refueling operator Good Evening
sends all the vehicles to the left.

Do you understand? To the left!

Who is speaking? Anonym.


Liuda, may I speak to you for a minute?

Please pass it!


Come here. Help me.

Hold it, I’m going to draw tight.

What’s wrong? Didn’t you have a breakfast or what? 720 01:05:02,000... > 01:05:04,434 - Is it you?
- Yes!

- What are you doing here?
- What do you mean what? I’m helping you.

I’ve brought you a present.

- Really?
- Yes. Here it is.

- They are hiring at the ice-dancing show.
- Really?


I can’t leave him alone even for a moment!


Stop! Let me go!

Stop! How dare you? Hooligans!


Stop finally!
It’s not funny any more!


Rogneda Karpovna, please come
to the phone.

Gas station!

Yes, comrade Bobiy!

I understood, comrade Bobiy!
It will be done, comrade Bobiy!

Panas Petrovych!

Liudmila Good Evening is asked to come
to the “Avtotrest” because of dismissal.

What do you mean "dismissal"?

For what?

Panas Petrovych!
They are firing me….

Really, why?

Wait, I’ll figure it out.


Have it coming!

You are so stupid,
as I can see.

Guys, let’s go!

Is it your claim?

Yes, but it was long time ago.

What about now?

- Here. There are a lot of letters about you.
- Who is writing?

- Anonym.
- What a surname!

- Are there any complaints?
- Here...


Dear Liudmila!
Since I saw you first time...

you are like a light in a field,
to which I run with a hope.

You’ve turned the complaints mail
into love mail.

According to the rules. If the
client is asking for a complaints book-
I have to give it.

There isn’t a single complaint
in the whole complaints book.

And we are fine!

- Did you send the vehicles to the left?
- Yes.

And I would do more if needed.

Ok, just fire me!

Wait, lady, where are you
going to?

It’s not an honor to work
at your gas station.

- Liudmila!
- What?

Am I wrong?

The only thing you care
is a fuel.

Neither there is a fuel or not
you never think about the people.

What do you say, when
the driver is coming?

- Stay in a line!
- Please!

Why don’t you greet him?

If he wants to refuel –
say “you are welcome”.

He paid, he got his fuel –
say “thank you”.

I’m sure he doesn’t here those
Words a lot on his way.

Is it so hard?

What if he is tired?
What if he can’t drive any more?

You should let him to have a shower.
And his car will go for repair too.

And during that time driver’s
clothes will be cleaned and ironed

and the driver will be shaved.

- We are not in the kindergarten!
- Be quiet, Panas Petrovych!

A kindergarten?

For how long have I been asking him
to make a children’s playground?

And to put a tiny

Rocking chair!

Rocking chair? Ok, rocking chair.
At least something!

Please tell me, maybe I am wrong?

So just fire me!

Wait, wait, Liudmila!

If you care so much about our roads
and the service there,

Why don’t you enter the
University of Road transport?

What department would you enter?

If I would enter there,

I would like to build the gas stations.

- There is no such department.
- But it should be!

- Oh, should it?
- Yes.

- It will be then.
- Then I will enter.

What is it?

Oh, that’s her defenders!

- Did you charm them?
- No, they are just good people.

So what should I do with your claim?
Tear up?

Take a seat!


Can I give you a ride?

Please, I beg you!

Don’t pass by.

- Liudmila Vasilievna!
- Let me give you a ride!

Please don’t say “no”!

- Hello, Liuda!
- Join me!


- To Kiew?
- No!

What about the ice-dancing show?

What girl doesn’t dream
to dance?

Especially in the ice-dancing show?

Did you betray your dream?

No! I’ve changed it.

Please, come here, sweetie!

- No, no, no!
- What?

The queen of the gas station!
She is not supposed to!

- Panas Petrovych!
- What?

I have a very good idea.

I don’t have any money for that.
Yasha, go!