Koordinaty smerti (1985) - full transcript

Gorky Central Film Studio Vietnam Special Film Studio

''Sovinfilm'' (SSCB) ve ''FAFlM'' (VSC)

Turkish Subtitles: selami55



senaryo Alexander Lapshin / Tik Ti Hoang

y netmen S. Gasparov / Suan Tian Nguyen

Sergey Filippov / Thu Dan photography

yap�m tasar�m
Pyotr Pashkevich / Dik Dao

kamera Ye. Mayorov

m zik - Yevgeny Krylatov s z - E. Bass

There. Yes Continue!


- What is ended? Just a position? - A classic game!

In Vietnam, checkers are not played as in Europe. I play but I can't win.

It will be a secret game and a winner.

American spy plane, this is bad sign.


- Like this? - Yeah, let's go here.

I'm just an engineer.

I couldn't finish any academy. But I also know something about strategy.


- You know something? What does it mean? - This means "understanding".

I was a soldier in the army.

Taught to Us: A sage makes a mistake only once.

Without me?

- A slayer knows only one thing. - Wait ... it wasn't my turn.

I'm going crazy. They get on my nerves. Why did I miss this?

I'll make another move.

Let's go there.

I know they'll never leave us alone now.

We have to be good no matter what.

Attention! Your captain is speaking!

To the attention of the tumbler!

Don't mind the American ship!

Continue your missions.

I repeat: To the attention of the whole body!

Don't mind the American ship!

Continue your task. Everybody go in.

If he cares where we're headed! Answer: Our goal.

They want a report on our cargo.

Say this is a general cargo!

- They want to know if there is a missile. - Because it wasn't her.

They want to slow us down. They want to check this out.

This is a violation of international law.

Sava� zaman� g��l� olan�n
kurallar� yapaca��n� s�yl�yorlar.

They wouldn't be so bad!

If they stop us, we will fire.

- It's time to answer them to Russia! - They won't understand!

Ask them: We perceive this declaration as a declaration of war to the USSR.

Does the President of the USA know this decision?

We have reported our opinions on this subject. We regret if you don't!

Full speed ahead!

Yuri Vladimirovich,

Isn't it a little early to celebrate the victory of the American 7th Fleet?

Now they never give us peace.

Sorry, Fong is on the phone!

Halong'u bo�altal�m.

Fong? Merhaba? Fong?

Just me!

- Can you hear me? - Yes. What about you?

I hear you too.

How's it going?

We are blocked by Americans. Our route is another pier!

Yeah, we know. We will do the drains at night.

- Are you okay? - I'm fine. How are you?

- I'm fine. How is our son? - He's fine too. He's here.

- Do you want to talk? - Sure!

- He's a big boy now. He looks like you. - Of course.

A minute. Phuc, come here.

- Say hello to your dad! - Hi!

Hi, Phuc! I'm your father. Father!!

Where are you?

I'm on a ship. I'll be home soon.

- A big ship? - Very big. I'll show you.

- Why don't you say anything? - Goodbye, dad!

Give me the phone. Fong, I have to turn it off.

�z�lme, her �ey d�zelecek.

He is watching you, and I'm watching you.

Hoakal. I'll come to see you if I can.

- Something wrong? - My son almost doesn't know me.

I am sure. It was born when you were in the Soviet Union.

You will have time to take you around the world.

Life continues as if there is no war.

Captain, it looks like our ship is unfilled.

Let's go and see.

I can't come too bad, visit me.

Ilya does it, she stays here.

Now it's time to board the ship!

Grupki group olu turun!

Back Figure! Back Figure, Fong!



Hey, arkada�lar!

Lostromoyu ld rd ler!

Fong, you and the others, to the lifeboats!


From Captain to all the team!

The captain is speaking.

Let the crew leave the ship!

Captain name!

Let the whole batt leave the ship immediately!


Attention! The captain is speaking!

The captain is speaking!

B t nm rettebata emrim,

You left the ship immediately!

You left the ship!


Go on!


You can't save her now, come on!

Yuri, we have to go. Captain's orders!

There is no time! Let's go!

Captain, it's time to go. The planes can come back.

- Hi. - Hi.

Our Haiphong Committee,

have been aware of the sunk of your ship.

A bus is on the way,

he will find you on the way and take him to the Consulate.

�imdi y�kan�p, �st�n�z� de�i�tirebilirsiniz.

Thank you. Thank you very much.


Thank you.

May! May! May!


- May!
- Fong!


This is Lya. He builds bridges.

Bu May, kar�m.

- This is Captain Shukhov. - I'm so glad to meet you.

Hi. All of you are on the bus. They are waiting for you at the consulate.

Your bus is there. Shall we go?

- Hope to meet again! - Goodbye, Captain.

Ilya, you come with us.

An American actress there is visiting our country.

I was asked to help him. Well, here she is.

- Fong.
- Bu, Kate Francis.

- Kate Francis.
- Ben llya Krutin.

Kate watches Ho Chi Minh in our country.

I am glad that you can see everything with your own eyes.

I want to say goodbye to the Captain.

�imdilik ho��akal!

Phuc! Orada ge ti!

Militia Forces! Transport the injured to the first aid centers.



Phuc! Brakrak!

Let me go! Phuc!


Elijah, how can it be?

Haiphong's United States is alluca alt na ald ,

They avoided the port's entrances and exits.

For all US ships to leave the region,

He gave thanks.

At the end of the day,

He said he would shoot the mines.

Today, Japanese and British ships have not unloaded their cargo.

Seafarers of the Soviet Union, Poland and East Germany remained.

The Celebrities give us great support.

zel Mailing list kadrolar Amerikal lar n yerle tirdi i may nlar ,

it tells us.

How many of them were mine?

- Kabaca, bin adet.
- Their reckoning is easy to see.

imdi Haiphong d d nya'ya

a past.

Fuel and materials sent to Haiphong,

G�ney direni� sava���lar�na �l�m sa��yor.

- Can I not say a Verse? - Sure.

Our first task is the evacuation of all children.


Then all the factories ..

They need to work at night.

We should also clear mines from the port and the entrance.

A torpedo was close to the shore. We must neutralize that torpedo.

- Fong, the responsibility falls on you. - Yes!

Until now, you have shown that he is capable of doing this task.

Sorry, but you should be aware of what this means.

Yes, the chance to return is one tenth.

Even one percent!

If you're not smart enough to help him, chances are half the half.

- Can you recommend someone? - Yes.

Who is this guy?

Just me.

The vibrations of the ship's machines are going to mine.

I'll make this mine special.

After the first ship passes, it explodes.

But there are other models too!

Thank you, they are on their way.

Any suggestions?

I have an idea, but there is a risk. To intentionally detonate them.


We also have motor boats. Let's get over the mines at a great speed.

This is not real!

We have an extra 20 boats with motives.

Amerikal lar g nde en az 100 may nd yor.

We can blow up a group of 100.

But we can't sit like this and do anything. We must use these boats.

We need to clean the main channels. Ships must stop at the port.


We have no other success.

G n ll lers ihtiyac m z were.

You will be responsible for all operations to remove mines.


You need to get back to the commission, and try it if there is a safer way!

We have no right to put ours in such danger.

We have to solve this problem as soon as possible.

�yi �anslar!

�yi �anslar, Fong!

Fong, where is my son? Please, where is he?

Give me back my son!

�imdi nas�l ya�ayaca��z?

Where's my son?

- Hi! - Have a nice day!

- Are you going to your hotel? - Yes.

- Do you mind if we go together? - Of course not!

These people are amazing! They calmly endure the difficulties.

They don't have any options. I struggled with them for 30 years.

A whole generation knows war and absence.

They don't even imagine that you might have another life.

This is for you.

Thank you.

So what brought you here to Vietnam?

I come home, I have two children: Lyosha and Vanya.

Lyosha yedi, Vanya be ya nda.

We usually equate them with words, but they need to read books.

But they are our models.

Are you going to stay long?

I'm an engineer.

I'm building bridges. It usually falls here.

- I heard you leave? - Yeah, tomorrow. Eve, don't be angry!

What is happening?

This morning, the sewers cleared the mines on the canal.

These whistles are playing as a display of the screen.


- How hard was it to find you! - Hi. What are you doing?

- Are you okay? - I'm fine. What time is it?

- Press conference at 2 o'clock. - Let's go.

- Zunt, can we talk? Sorry! - Okay.

I'm going with my friend. There are plans here.

- Let's go. - Goodbye.

- Let's not be late? - Go on. Lets go.

- Ad�n ne?
- Roy Jones.

- Your birthplace? - Indianaapolis, Indiana.

- Your education? - High school graduate.

- Where were you hurt? - South in Vietnam.

- Your cravings in civil life? - Football player.

- What is your family doing? - My father is a doctor, my mother is a music teacher.

- Are you married? - Yes.

In your opinion, American pilots,

Why does he call these lands "The Target of Science"?

Because it has become a grave for us.

- What's your name? Jack Patters.

- How old are you? - Thirty.

- Has he ever been a pilot? - No. I wanted to be an architect.

So what prevented you from being? - War.

- Who is your favorite writer? - William Faulkner.

- Ka� u�u� yapt�n?
- K�rk civar�nda.

- Where were you hurt? - In Fifty. In the South.

ocuklar n was m ?

A little girl.

- �smi?
- Willie Jackson.

- What is your family doing? - They're Double.

- Are you the only child? - No, I have two sisters.

How did you feel when you bombed the cities?

Nothing. I got it.

- Where did you get it? - In high school. At the Military Academy.

- In your books? - Not much.

- Do you have hobbies? - I like hunting.

- What would you like to do now? - I'd like to go and fly again.

- What's your name? - They use the name David McKlein to surprise me.

- Your birthplace? - New York.

- Your parents? - I'm an orphan.

- Are you married? - No.

- The happiest day of your life? - I do not know.

- Ka did you do "sorti ( k )"? - This was the fourth one.

- Senin ad�n?
- Michael Quinn.

- Your social history? - I'm from white collar.

What will you say about the bombs dropped on the cities of Vietnam?

He was ordered to me. I am a pilot.

- Anything else? - No.

Did they say that North Vietnam was occupying the South?

I am not interested in politics.

- How much was it? - A flight is worth a thousand dollars.

- The happiest day of your life? - You did my first flight.

- What did you feel when you hit down? - Utan .

- What do you want to do now? - Go home.

- Ad�n?
- Michael Smith.

- Are you married? - I'm single.

- Your birthplace? - Karson City, Nevada.

- What is your family doing? - I have only my mother.

- What were you doing in your civil life? - I'm a car mechanic.

- You did a missile flight? - Up to ten.

- Where did you get shot? - On Haiphong.

- What nail do you use? - B-52.

Yapt�klar�ndan pi�man m�s�n?

Are you going to make a statement?

May, dear! Naslsn? Hello there!

Well, see you later.

Since when have you been in Vietnam?

Have you left America to fight Vietnam again?

- No. - Why not?

- I don't believe it. They lied to me. - About what?

They told me that Soviet rockets would be placed here.

Did you feel it would be free when you drop the bombs?

- Do you believe the USA is invincible? Yes, I believe.

Don't look at me like a barbarian!

We came to burn the North Vietnamese communists like a plague.

You have two girls and a boy, at the age of six, eight and eleven, right?

Yes, it is true.

Do you want them to suffer like Vietnamese children?

These things do not pose any danger!

Do you admit that what Americans do here is humanity?


Now North and South are the only principle for me.

For the freedom of these people ..

I'm sure you're struggling.

It is impossible to enslave this people,

who sentenced their children to war to buy bread.

Who came here with their guns!

Today I'm going back to New York.

There is no other shame in this war.

hi�bir �ey getirmedi�ini
kan�tlamaya �al��aca��m.

I want to tell you that US soldiers ..

here mostly against children, women and old people.

is fighting a war.

I will tell the Kutti Guerrillas to the American people,

kazd klar 250 km.lik t nelleri,

and they lived there,

they got married there and gave birth to their children,

and defending themselves from our citizens!

They are burning down, the smoke is rising ..

and every day there is a bomb.

They jump on weeds, can't find food, but they live!

Gerillalar�n m�cadelesini,

I'll tell the Americans, the soldiers of the North,

I will explain the rebellion of 50 million Vietnamese to the USA.

I was on the footsteps of Ho Chi Minh,

I visited towns and coasts - I saw everything with my own eyes.

The ruins of the old people are home, the children are in discovery.

kad�nlar�n a�a��dan t�fekle
u�aklara ate� a�t���n� g�rd�m.

I even saw that the Buddhist monks killed enemy soldiers.

It is not in vain that our pilots call these lands "Objectives of Science".

This is Vietnam, I learned something here:

If no one helps this Country, then Russia will help.

and if he stops giving guns, these people won't break.

They are on 8 roads, in 80 years,

even 800 ways to fight.

But they can never be conquered!

If you excuse me, I want to sing a song.

K�sa s�re �nce yazd�m.

I want to translate to everyone. I will do it myself.

Vietnam yaln�z olmamal�..

If he survives a cruel massacre,

Filler sava�� s�rd�r�r.

T�m filler �ld�r�l�rse,

Ku lar Yankileri gagalamaya ba lar.

If the birds are shot and killed,

Ants, creeps and bees hurt the Yanks.

If all animals are extinct,

The lawn is hardened in the soil.

And by their birth,

The Yanks are crushed in the pain.

You can't be half a breeze in the woods,

Nor is the Vietnamese lands known!

These people will not be forgotten,

and these lands are dead!

Turkish Subtitles: selami55


Krutin - Alexander Galibin Fong - Bao Viet

Kate Francis - Tatiana Lebedeva May - Van Le

Kaptan Shukhov - Yuri Nazarov

USSR State Symphony Orchestra

--Ef - K. Krimets ark - L. Dolina

Gorky Film Studio and Vietnam Special Film Studio