Knight Rider 2010 (1994) - full transcript

Loosely based on the popular television series of the 80's, this movie is about a young loner on a crusade. Because of his circumstance, he creates a special car out of an old Fold Mustang. The "interface" on the car allows the spirit of a young girl to reside in the car and help him.

My brother and I
grew up in the desert.

We knew every rock and
every sage brush out there.

That's how he was able to
avoid capture all those years.

Finally, they sent
me to bring him in.

I went after my own
brother because I knew

he would have ended up
lying face down in the desert.

There already was a bounty
reward out for him, dead or alive.

Jake was a smuggler,
hauling people across the border trench.

He figured they were
just looking for a better life.

I really believe that helping these
pilgrims was when Jake started to change.

That was when he
stopped being an outlaw.

And the coyote?

No, he's going to be here, friend.
Don't worry.

He going to be right along.
Don't worry now.

- Ei coyote's not coming.
- He's coming. He's going to come.

Now I told you,
don't worry about anything.

I'll take care of everything
concerning you and the baby.


How you boys?

Who are you? What do you want?

Don't worry about anything,
we're technicals.

We control the sector.

What you got in there,
amigo, huh?

- And I'll take this little chica.
- No!

Come on, pojita.
Come here little chicky, chicky, chicky.

Ieste loco!

Well, let's go pilgrims.

Okay, folks, here we go.

Cash up front,
15 grand to see the promised land.


Thank you, sir.

Here's for me and my girl.

$8,000 is all I have.
Please take us.

I'm sorry, fella. But my tax guy says
I'm all maxed out on charitable donations.

Just like the others, Esteban.
He'll take everything we've got.

Oh, hell lady.
If it's all you got.

Okay, folks, what kind
of music would you like?

I got vintage rap,
classic metal, a little salsa.


Wagner it is.

Perimeter intrusion.
Proximity, border trench.

Moving at high speed.

What's this?

It's him.

Laser tracking,
target locked on.

Commence firing.

Watch out! Duck!

- Here we go!
- Whoa!


I love this stuff.

Keep your heads down, everybody!


Help me.
He'll sell me and my baby.

Oh, listen, lady.
Don't take this wrong,

but I'm not your
knight in shining armor.

Got problems of my own.

You understand, right, amigo?

We're just a couple of good
old boys in the same business.


She is prime labor...
Or spare parts.

I don't deal in organs.

We're talking about big
money here, my friend.

You already got the
woman and the baby.

I will still cut you in.

I don't want to see you on
the border or in the zones, ever.

Oh, what is wrong?

You afraid of a
little competition.

Could you please take
us as far as the zones?

Listen, lady, I'm a wheelman.

I haul cargo from point a
to point b with no questions.

I look out for number one,
I get the cash upfront.

And most importantly,
I don't stick my neck out for anyone.

When they figured out how
to light up the sky over L.A.,

the glow spread all the way
down the coast to San Diego.

It was so bright you
could see it for 500 miles.

They called it the dome.

And that's where the
pilgrims were headed.

Good luck, lady.

It was dawn before Jake
limped all the way out

to Dean's high tech junk
yard in the middle of the desert.

We knew that Dean
was supplying vehicles

and weapons to bandits
and the border smugglers.

Dean was a genius of a mechanic,

but I don't think he could
feed himself two days in a row.

If it wasn't for the
apache woman,

he'd just be bones
bleached by the sun,

picked clean by the vultures.

Jake's truck was so shot up that
the time it took him to get there

was all the time I needed.


You're a no-good,
iyin' sack of coyote crap, McQueen.

Yes, I am, Maria.

Now look, you're not still
upset about that money.

I'm going to make good on that.
You know that.

I'd like to shoot you right now,

but then I guess we'd never
get the money, would we?

Well, I never knew you
to be sentimental, Maria.

I found this pot buried
in the ashes of a fire pit.

It's almost a thousand years old

and this single anasazi pot

is worth more than the
bomber out there in my yard.

Old junk, newjunk.

I guess it's all just
a matter of time.

You're not going to get all
metaphysical on me now, are ya?

No, it's Karma.
You know what I mean?

It's like... whatever we
prize gets buried with us.

Maria seems
very irritable today.

We had some visitors last night,

a us marshal and
a couple of deputies.

They were looking for this
smuggler that crashed the border.

Mention any names?

Your name might've come up.

They said there was
a reward for your hide.

How'd they know to
come straight to you, Dean?

I see what you mean.
But it wasn't me.

It seems that there's a
new us marshal after you.

You know, the funny thing is:
His name's McQueen.

Are you sure about that?

I think you should go
underground for a while.

I think that you should
get lost in the zones.


First I got to get
my truck moving.

Well, you need a new
titanium cage under there,

which I can borrow from
the frame of the bomber.

Drop a new engine and
you're back in business.

But what are you going to do after you
cannibalize all the parts off that bird?

When the gold mine pans out?

Hey, I am not a cannibal, man.

Well, you think the spider
bomber just happened to

drop out of the sky right
down onto sacred Indian site.

And I just happened to
be walking by and find it.

I don't think so.

Spirits, baby.

Well, do it!

I mean, if it's a vision
thing I say, go for it.

- How much money do you have?
- I'm a little tight right now.

See, if you made that run, you have a whole
roll of bills in that pocket right there.

And that's good. You're going to need it.
This is going to be expensive.

Oh, come on, Dean.

You know me, I can't make it
last that long. Now put it on my tab.

In your dreams.

You'll get the truck back
when I get the money.

This is the us marshal.

Lay down on the ground
now or you will be fired on!

Perimeter units, la y the...

Backup units are en route.

Jake McQueen.

What a guy.

Come on out of there, Jake.

- How are ya, big brother?
- Brothers?

How's things with the old man?

Pop sends his best wishes.

He said he'd like
you to come and visit.

When you get a chance...

Let's stop all this
fooling around!

Let's go see old Zeke, together!

Sorry, brother!

Do have any
infections or a flu virus?

No, sir.

- Feeling nausea?
- Yes, sir.

I could feel my body
rejecting the parts.

It's to be expected.

We lost another
shipment last night, sir.

Same smuggler.

McQueen, I know.

I'm having him brought to me.

Well, we can't continue
to rely on desert rats like

the hillbilly to bring in
bodies from the border.

We'll have to use
a different source.

I want you to do it personally.

I'm just a soldier, sir.

I'm afraid I'll need more interferon
to stop this kind of rejection.

Until I can find a way to
make the synthetic work,

I need more bodies
to extract it from.

What donors
should I target, sir.

Those in the zones
who have no purpose.

They'll have an opportunity
to give their lives meaning.

You were the perfect soldier.

They tore you to pieces
and left you to die.


No good living if I have to keep
getting these shots to keep me going.

Just outside the dome of light
they walled off the industrial zones.

Most people in the zones were there
because they were forced out of L.A.:

Rockers, carnival people, artists,
underground rock clubs, gambling.

The zones is where you go if
you're looking for anything I've listed.

Since they outlawed that
internal combustion engines

and weapons inside the dome,

the trade in those items
all took place in the zone.

That's where Jake picked up
his smuggling jobs from kabuki.

And she ran things
with an iron hand.

I heard you had a little
disagreement with will.


It's going to put a damper on McQueen
family reunion, I can tell you that.

Listen, kabuki.
I need another run.

I got to get my truck out of hock.
Got anything?

Will and his boys
are a pretty relentless.


I think you'd better
stay with me for a while?

What's wrong?

That hillbilly, you know him?

- He's new.
- Who's that he's talking to over there?

Robert Lee.

There's a rumor he's trying to
corner the black market in organs.

Hey, it's not pretty,
but it's the hottest commodity in la.

Who's he work for?

I don't know.
I don't want to know.

They'd have to be
someone with a lot of juice.

I'll be right back.

Not in my place, McQueen.

Stay where you are.

Everyone stay where you are!

Always the first
rat out the door.

Would you get that
thing out of my face.

It's time to pay
your dues, Jake!

You're still just like the
old man, will, straight up.

It's not about that!
You break the law, I take you in.

I told m yselfl was
just doing my job.

I had no way of knowing
that when I brought Jake in,

I was hand delivering
him into a world of trouble.

They weren't interested
in Jake paying his dues.

- They wanted his life.
- The thief has been apprehended.

He is secured in transport six.

Hey, McQueen,
you don't feel so rugged now, huh?

You know, there's no way you're going
to come up with bail money for smuggling.

You're looking at
10 years in a hole.

You McQueen?

I heard of you.

They say you're the best
wheelman in the zones.

Well, look it here, man.

You don't know yet, but,
whew, this is your lucky night.

You believe in
chance encounters?

What have they got you for, kid?

Let's just say it was kind
of a misunderstanding.

Oh, Johnny, don't be so shy.

Tell the man what a truly
dangerous criminal you are.

Hey, hey,
nobody's talking to you, lab rat.

He broke the window at
the rock and roll museum,

and stole Bruce
Springsteen's guitar.

Truly steely eyed gunman.

I was just so curious, you know,
leaning hard against the glass.

Not so many guys playing
those old guitars anymore.

Everybody's using those synth squat boxes,
man, crankin' out computer music,

and feeding it to all the
pod people in the light.

And that's the kind of noise
you listen to, ain't it, jailer?

So, you know,
naturally they come looking for me.

Yeah, well don't
quit your day job, kid.

When you get out of here, you're going to
need somebody to ride shotgun, you know?

Now and then?

Yeah, well, maybe I
will need some backup.

Now and then.

Are you serious?

You don't even know
anything about me though.

I figure anybody who steal's
Bruce's guitar can't be all bad.

You have been
experiencing kona waves.

And now for the chrysalis
corporation's newest environment,

Brazilian rainforest.

Identification, please.


Access security code.

Hannah tyrie.

Thank you, miss tyrie.

Do you have any
infections or flu virus?

You're nervous.

I've worked with your company
for five years on your design team.

Just seeing you on screen. You've
never asked to see me in person before.

I've seen you every day.

"Zone rangers" is one of the most
popular virtual reality games in la.

I know it was
largely your design.

Although others have
put their names on it.

I want you to design a
new one on your own.

We'll call it "the smuggler."

An action game?

What are the stakes?

The player will be the
smuggler trying to stay alive.

I'll need a wheelman to
establish the parameters of skill.

I think I found someone for you.

I love that dress, miss tyrie.

Yes, it's new.

It goes with your perfume.

Patou, parisian.
Not the synthesize versions held in la.

It's not the same.

How'd you know that?

I don't have many
sensory pleasures,

but my nose works very well.

Ins security cameras
on the border.

He's the real thing.

We won't have to film an actor.

We can pump the images into the
computer and recreate it from digital.

You know him?

Just by reputation.

Do you think a quarter
of a million is enough?

If he didn't like money,
he wouldn't be a smuggler.

Give him whatever he wants.

I need him.

Why did you lie just
now about knowing him?

It must've been exciting with
a boy from across the tracks.

Good afternoon, Hannah.

Is anyone here?

We are alone.

Security level one,
outside power,

internal computer feeds closed.

Internal feeds closed, Hannah.

Prism, prepare optical memory.

Good evening, Hannah, working.

Flash optical, nano memory,
autonomic responses.


Did Jared access to your memory?

Yes, it's curious.

How did he get in?

I don't know.

It was not accessed externally.

It was accessed from
inside the computer.

Okay, Jared, let's find out
what's inside your secret heart.

Prism, jacking in
a medical research.

Security bypass.

Been sleepin' okay?
You look a little pale.

What did you come
here to gloat, will?

Me? No, no, not at all.

Well, okay.

That was the main thing,
but there was other stuff too.

Yeah, well, let's get
on to the other stuff.


We could use a good
wheelman in the desert.

There've been a lot of
attacks along the interstate.

Are you trying to
cut a deal with me?

They told me to make you an offer.
So I'm making it.

You give up smuggling, you get
your charges dropped. That's it.

Wait a minute here.

You mean to tell me, you...

Marshal will McQueen
wants me to slap on a badge.

Well, I told 'em
it was a bad idea.

I'd rather sit in here and rot.

Come on, Jake.

Everything outside the light
is up for grabs these days,

everything and every one.

So what about our old man? Huh?

Zeke lives out there
in the desert alone.

Oh, you're breaking
my heart, will.

Okay, so he was a little tough on us,
but he's a good man.

He's a cranky old man who has always
been a barnacle on the ass of progress!

Hey, I'll see ya.

Listen, if you get a chance,
if you get bailed, go see him.

He won't live forever.

Hello, will.

Jake McQueen.

I see you're still making
runs on the border, huh?


I haul cargo once in a while.

Some of us do work for a living.

Hey, don't tell me you're
going to bail this guy out.

Well, he looks
so forlorn in there.

Hannah owned him now.

And if he ever left the dome,
they'd come after him for bail jumping.

I knew Jake wouldn't
last long in la.

We put you into my custody.

As your employer.

I'll pay you $250,000.

I want you to drive for me.

You'll pay me
$250,000 just for driving?

Just for driving.



And some clothes
that don't smell bad.

I'm not much good
with computers.

See the difficulty
level's based on you.

You're the benchmark.

You want to make me
into a computer game.

The sweat bands
are called trodes.

Inside are electrodes,
which sends signals into the brain,

into the inner ear
and the optic nerve.

All you have to do is
close your eyes, Jack in,

and you'll be in the computer
generated world of cyberspace.

Well, would you show
me how to Jack in?

Iplaced the video images from the night
you crashed the border into the computer.

How do you do, Mr. McQueen?

I've been studying your military
record from the war in Israel.

Purple heart.

Silver star.

Yeah, well, I was a wild kid.

I didn't know how to
keep my head down.

Do you know that you were given
all the gifts that god can bestow?

Powerful, quick, durable,
brave beyond doubt.

You were given
everything I wasn't.

Looks like you did okay to me.

We are not simply
the makers of games.

Here at chrysalis we
have a medical facility.

It was here that the Jared
13 heart was designed.

This place, these medical devices,
they are the only way

I can do battle
against my enemy, disease.

You see my experience
is that the flesh is weak.

Why don't you try this on.

Man, it's just the same.

It's exactly like the night
I crashed the border.

You have a lot of work to do.

I'll leave you to it.

So is that what you do all day,
make computer games?


What about all night?

Nothing changes.

I'm still a wheelman.

And you're still playing games.

Do you ever think about us?

I burned out every trace of you.

Did you?

Phone Robert Lee,
chrysalis warehouse.

In Hong Kong they keep grasshoppers
in little bamboo cages for good luck.

Now I have McQueen
in his bamboo cage.

Shall I come and collect him?

Oh god, no.

I have a much more
interesting fate in store for him.

I'm going to absorb him.

Isn't it beautiful?

Where are we?

Smugglers are supposed to
be able to navigate at night.

Well, Venus is supposed to be the brightest
star on the horizon this time of night,

but it's not there.

No, it's up there.
See, it's the bright one in third quadrant.

You never did
get your stars right.

I'm a woman.
I know where my Venus is.

What's wrong, McQueen?

The night is wrong.

The stars aren't where
they're supposed to be.

I shouldn't have
brought us here.

How'd my truck get fixed?

Whoa, what the hell is this?

- What is this place?
- It's cyberspace.

Is that snake another
one of your programs?

I don't know where
that snake came from.

I'm sorry, but it was the only way I could
think of to show you how far we've come.

How did you do that?

You fell asleep
with the trodes on.

- What happens if you can't get out?
- You flat line.

But I have a back door,
an automatic response, so...

You programmed stars wrong.

How do you know you
didn't program that wrong too?

Think about it, McQueen.

What if.

What if you could place yourself
piece by piece in a cyberspace.

You're talking about leaving your body
and literally getting inside the computer.

You've done it, haven't you?

Well, at first I wasn't
sure what was happening.

It was like I was blacking
out for a few minutes.

Then I realized I was
seeing into the computer.

It was then I knew
that I was ingraining,

or on the verge of
something that no one's ever...

I don't belong here.

Keep the money.

And now presenting: The living drama of
chrysalis corporation's summer storm.

Just passed McQueen in the hall.

He's gone.

working out quite well.

- I have him in cyberspace on digital.
- What would you want me to do with him?

Consider him an enemy soldier
and do what comes natural.

He has family in the desert.

Can I help you, gentlemen?


That's right.

Oh, they tell us you're
the best mechanic around.

Well, I'm the only one in town.
So I guess that makes me the best.

Well, actually they said
that in your younger days,

you used to design engines
for the Indianapolis 500.

You know,
everyone reminds me of that.

Then they asked me to
fix that damn lawnmowers.

You ever worked on one of these?


She's, uh,
she's runnin' a bit rough.

I was wondering if maybe
you could take a look at it.

Well, it is a beaut. Yes, it is.

Oh yeah, it's one
of them Dean engines.

It's flashy, but it's good.

Let me see here.

Oh yeah, it's been modified to burn
94 octane, but it's doing a lot of carbon.

You got to take out the
injectors and bore it out.

I was wondering if I could
borrow your tools to do the job?

No, I don't loan out my tools.

That's a garage policy.

But you're welcome
to leave the car here.



Why don't you go on, and get
that rack of tools from the garage.

All right.

You put 'em back, sir.

This here scatter gun
will cut a man in half.

I don't think so, grandpa.

Get this over with.
Iesta pasando El dia!

Where's Jake?

Go to hell.

Where is he, old man?

Runnin' out of spit.

I don't need my boys
to take on you punks.

All right, old man.

Tell Jake that
Robert Lee came by.

Well, how is he?

I don't like it.
He keeps bleeding from his ear.

Yeah, I thought I
heard your voice, Jake.

How are ya, pop?

It's good to see you
two boys together.

I, uh, I got some stuff
I got to take care of.

Who beat ya, pop?

Boy, you look lousy.

Yeah, well you don't
look so good yourself.

Listen, boy.

I figure you old enough now,
you should know the truth.

I ain't your real daddy.

You know,
I suspected that, Zeke.

I've been preparing
myself for this shock.

What was your first clue?

I can't dance worth a damn.

I guess that explains why I could never get
your narrow ass to walk the straight line.

Yeah, well, don't worry yourself
about it, old man. I sure don't.

Ooh, tough guy.

Even when you was a little
guttersnipe lost in the desert.

Yeah, well,
orphans are like that.

Maybe you was an orphan,
but you was never abandoned.

Your folks was murdered.

No, ever since I was a kid, people
around here said I was just left for scrap.

No, that ain't what happened.

If I had told the truth,
they would have took you from me.

What are you going
to tell me about it?

I saw it out on the highway.

Your folks was dragged
from their car in the desert

and the technicals shot
them both and took you.

Well, how did I end up here?

I bought you from 'em.

Had to trade in my damn
good Harley I rebuilt.

Well, sounds like you've
got the bad end of the deal.

Don't you see, son.

We need someone out
here to keep the peace.

And maybe we wouldn't
have no more orphans.

Look under that tarp over there.

I reckon there's
something you'll need.

Oh, come on, pop.

- Let me get you to your bed.
- No.

I lay down in that bed,
I won't get up.

I'd just as soon
wait right here.

Keep that engine tuned up, now.

Got to be strong in the middle.

Did you say goodbye?

What for?

His brain is bleeding.
He's dying.

Listen, you got to
settle up with him.

I think Lou gehrig's disease is
a very odd name for my illness.

It makes the degeneration seem
heroic when in fact, it's pathetic.

There's something in the
very chromosomes of humans

that fears and loathes
the sight of a ruined body.

You find my body grotesque?

Would you kiss my cheek?

There's something
I want to show you.


If you're going out there,
you're going to need some company.

He'd want you to have it.

This used to be a town, will.

Yeah, everyone left.
Including us.

Hannah came by.

You know,
you ought to go see her.

I mean, she still lives up there in
that old mansion her daddy built.

Right now I got some
things to take care of for Zeke.

What did he say to you?

He said I wasn't his real son.

You didn't believe him, did you?

You know, you ought to think
about staying around this place.

I was thinking
maybe I'd do that.

Good place to raise my kids.

Course, that'd make me
the marshal in these parts.

Well, marshal, I hope
you find Robert Lee first,

so I don't have to kill him.

Where's my Harley?

Oh, man, where's my Harley?

It's these damn little red
ants that are the worst.

What are you doing?

Oh, this ceremony is a kind of a
traditional thing with the apaches.

It's how a man proves
that he's worthy to marry.

- It looks painful.
- It's excruciating.

It's manuela,
she's very timorous.

- Can we get on with some business?
- Absolutely.

Ain't it beautiful?

What's wrong, McQueen?

Zeke's been killed.

Take me out of here.

- Robert Lee.
- You know him?

Yeah, you're going after him,
this truck isn't fast enough.

That's what I figured.

What can I say?
A legend, creamy, runs like hell.

It's nice, but too light.

I put a machine gun on
there it's going to flip right over.

It's Italian. If I wanted a temperamental
woman, I would have married one.

Oh, what's this?

All right, you want American,
you got American.

- Look at the fins on this mother.
- What about this one?

Oh no. You're not interested in that thing.
This, this is, this isjunk.

Now the cobra over
there is beautiful.

And I promise you the price
will not come between us.

I don't even know why we have this.
We don't have running water.

I just told you it's junk, Jake.

A 1969 Ford mustang boss 429.

I have no idea why
I keep this heap.

Sonny Johnson.
Zeke told me about him.

He's the guy that used to run
moonshine up in the mountains.

Best wheelman that ever lived.

Yeah, well, let me tell you
something about your legend, okay?

He brought this in on a trailer,
broke down in the desert,

had to trade me his precious
stock car for repairs on his truck.

Big block v8. Does it run?

The engine is blown.

He neglected to mention that
when we concluded our agreement.

A tough old bird.

I got an engine for it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

It's not going to fit.

Fits perfectly.

All right, listen up,
this laminate is alternating layers

of carbon fiber
polymer and rytan.

So that makes me bulletproof?

It will protect you where
you are vulnerable.

Okay, now weapons.

Laser, radar or
heat-guided tow missiles?

I used heat-guided in the war.

You got two right there.
One for each side.

- What about more?
- Oh, I can work with that.

- I need infrared scope.
- Sure.

- Smoke canisters.
- Sure.

- 50 caliber.
- No, no.

Come here, look at these
little gatling babies on there.

That's it.
Now if you're feeling really imaginative.

- What are those?
- I just got these in.

These are from the
old star wars program.

Look like Christmas tree balls.

Oh yeah. Pretty aren't they?
They're called brilliant pebbles.

The idea was that
we could knock down

all those nasty russky
icbms coming in on our heads

by filling up their projected
airspace with millions of these babies.

However, for our purposes,
get a light.

This is slate wiper.

Now the only drawback that I can see
is that there's no interior to speak of.

Well, I don't need anything
but a seat and a steering wheel.


We can work on that release.

What are you doing?

Zeke's, just in case your
high tech stuff doesn't work.

You just saw it work.

They're completely

This will keep the skin
of the car from burning off.

The same stuff they
used on the bomber.


You don't think it's
too much, do ya?

No, Jake, no.

It should have flames.

A little bit down and dirty,
but Sonny Johnson would be proud.

Robert Lee has a
pretty nice car too.

You built Robert Lee a vehicle
from pieces of the bomber?

Hey business is business.
All right?

The guy pays me for what I do.

Is he a technical?

He works for some guy in la.

He wouldn't tell me who.

Be careful of him.

Guy's mostly made
up of vat-grown plastic.

You wouldn't happen to know
where I could find him, would ya?

I don't have a clue.


Check the bar
at Indian junction.

Location 15,
coordinates 15 west,

29 south, Indian junction.

This is the last one, will.

Yeah, it looks like we got another
roadside attraction here, boys.

Stay tuned.

Robert Lee, us marshal.

Marshal, hey,
I've been waiting for ya.

You're under arrest for the
murder of Zeke McQueen.

I want you to get up real slow, holding
your hands where I can get a good look.

If you move funny,
there's 160,000 volts in this thing.

I know you're a trained soldier.

So I'm showing my respect
by keeping my distance.

I suggest you do the same.

Put these on.


I can't miss you
from this range.


We both walk out of
here or we both die.

You know...

He's not the brother we were looking for,
but hey, sometimes these things happen.


I've been hearing a lot about them
vests you marshals are wearing.

Is it true they stop
steel jacketed shells?

That's what they say.

Officer down.

You ever think of getting
a warranty on that?

For an itty bitty cop,
he weighs way too much.

You know what I think it is?
It's that body armor he's wearing.

I think is that
Mexican body armor...

- Hold up, hold on.
- It's too heavy.

You know, I know where
I can get five, maybe $600.

What the hell is that?

Come on.

Let's go, cowboy!

Get out of here!

What happened?

I was running some field tests on the
new vests, passed with flying colors.

But my transmitter's down.
I hope my boys can find us.

Oh, baby, we got company.

Keep your head down.

Hang on!

- You hit?
- It's nothing.

Come on.

- Real nice car, McQueen.
- It's got flames on it.

Yeah, did you glue
it together yourself?

Oh boy.

See now you know what it's
like on the side of the good guys.

Yeah, you're one of those guys
who goes by the book, aren't you?

You going to be
taking me in now?

That's right. I go by the
book and the book says

when an officer's down,
you take him in first,

and then you come
back for the prisoner.

Well, in that case,
I'll be waiting right here for ya.

- Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.
- Oh, yeah?

Yeah, I'll be sitting right here.
Trust me.

- Help me.
- I'll get you to the medic.

No, I'm not going to a medic.
I'm not going back to jail.

See, this is why I left
you in the first place.

Come back from
a run all busted up.

I patch you up.

Just so you go out
again the next night.

I see you got what you wanted.

It's just the way I'm wired, Jake.

Well, you could have
lived anywhere, Hannah.

Why here?

No one can touch me here.

I remember climbing up the mountain side,
and peeking through

those trees at the parties your
parents had going on up here.

Lights, blazing at night,
the music,

and rich people doing the
cha-cha-cha out on the terrace.

Is it like that for you?

Thought it would be.

I got to get out of here.

I can't let the marshals
find me up here.

What is that thing?

Can I talk to it?

- Prism?
- Yes, Jake.

What do you know about me?

You, Hannah and will
grew up together in Zion.

When you got in trouble with the marshal,
you and Hannah run away.

You became smugglers and lovers.

- What about now?
- You're still Hannah's lover, Jake.

No, no, no, was,
past tense, a long time ago.

Now also.

Turn off the hologram.

Can I see that again?

I don't know how
I let that happen.

Now I know what they mean,
by computer friendly.

I swear I told the
prism to erase it.

You know, I'm starting to feel like I did
when you were 16 and back in my Chevy.

Are you sweet
talking me, McQueen?

I don't know what
I'm doing here.

Sure you do.

What kind of perfume you got on?

Not wearing any.

My ribs.

Just lie still.

I'll do all the work.

Hey, McQueen.

Rise and shine.

It's so nice to have
a man in the house.

Backdoor timer, three minutes.

Timer initiated, Hannah.

I know you're hungry, Hannah.

I'm waiting.

Hey, McQueen, hurry up.

What, what's the matter?

Don't you like me this way?

Don't be afraid.

We'll always be together.

Alarm, system override.

Back door alarm, system override.


Wake up.

Hannah, wake up!

I was hoping you came here for me,
but, uh, with this look, I don't think so.

Listen, thanks for
giving Johnny that job.

You saved me the trouble
of having to find him.

I heard about Zeke and Hannah.

I'm real sorry, McQueen.

Want a drink?

Mm, listen, I'm going to have to
take Johnny boy away from ya.

Too bad, he's the real thing.

Best rockabilly in the zones.

Look, you as good with the
gun as you are with that thing?

- Yeah, take a guess.
- I'm going to need a good backup.

I'll get my gear.

Listen, kabuki. You told me about
this black market and organ stuff.

- But where'd you hear that?
- That was crazy street people.

Maybe it's just rumors.

- I heard about the girl.
- Mm-hmm.

Who killed her?

Only Hannah knows.


- What are we looking for?
- The prism, it's gone.

- Say what?
- It's a crystal. She's inside.

Is she a wee
little person, or what?

Hey, McQueen.


You live with this Hannah woman?

She have a boyfriend
or anything like that?

No. Why you asking?


Hey, knock, knock.

I know you can't see too
good with the door and all,

but why aren't you just
wondering what I'm carrying?

Well, I call this
my streetsweeper.

See, it automatically removes the
trash from my immediate vicinity.

So why don't you come
out of there before I

blow the wetware out
of the back of your head?

- You did good, kid.
- The legend grows.

These guys wouldn't have waited
for us if they had found the prism.

Keep him company.

This is my first day
on the job, right?

I'm trying to impress the boss.

So why don't you just sit still,
shut up, stop moaning.

The man's trying
to think, you know.

What was it?

Hide it in plain sight
and nobody will see it.

You're getting into some
very interesting territory here.

Hey, why would this Jared
guy risk a whole empire

just to snatch a few homeless
guys out of the zones?

He's experimenting.

Rippin' off Bruce's guitar was kind of
mild compared to all this, you know?

It's ready.


Are you there?

Good afternoon, McQueen.

I can't see anything.

Is that you, Hannah?

I'm Hannah's prism.

- Where am I?
- You're with friends.

Uh, Hannah talk, talk, talk.

Where's Hannah?

Well, you are Hannah.

Well, if I'm Hannah,
where's my body?

You don't have one.

What do you mean?

You're dead.

Am I in heaven?

You're in Dean's junkyard.

Oh, lovely.
My prayers are answered.

I want to see it.

I know you can't see right now,
Hannah, but we can fix that.

Wait, I can see.

Inside of the power grid,
I see all these electrons

and they're moving around
in these beautiful patterns.

How do you feel?

I feel powerful.


Now, can we talk about this?

- Where are you going with the car?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

My god.

Okay, McQueen,
let's see how fast I can go.

- Can I drive now?
- Forget about it.

Hannah, let's stop for now.

God, this is fantastic.

But I can't see you.

I want to see you.

I don't know if it's,
if it's really her or some machine.


Hannah, I'm plugging
in the optical drive.

All right, access.

Juicing up, boys.

McQueen, I can see you.

I can't see you.

I'll work on creating a
hologram of myself for you.

Hannah told me that you that
you could learn and remember.

Now tell me something
you remember about us.

What do you remember
about our last night together?

You were injured
and I taped you.

What else?

You made love to me.

Hannah, you just said "me."

Why'd you bring me back?

'Cause I can't lose you again.

It was better when I was unplugged.
It didn't hurt.

Now why did Jared kill you?

I know about the interferon.

He's extracting it
at one of his labs.

Well, let's go get him.

I think I'm going
to name it Bruce.

This time wear it.

Now where do you
think you're going?

We don't want to
lose our best customer.

- We'll be there by midnight.
- I'm going there now.

How are you going to manage
that from inside the computer?

My low-tech guy.
I'm not in the computer, McQueen.

I'm electrons,
I'm anywhere I want to be.

But who are you calling?

Chrysalis medical lab.
Choose an option, please.

I'm connected,
keep the line open, McQueen.

I'm going out on a signal.


Guys always think you're
supposed to stay in the car.

How you doin', McQueen?

Where are you?

In the chrysalis computer
at the warehouse in wilms.

Where are you now?

About two miles down the road
since the last time I spoke to ya.

Boy are you slow.

Well, you're just a
bunch of electrons.

We are both a bunch of electrons.
Mine are just arranged a little different.

Keep in touch.
I'll guide you in.

It is a custom job.

You see how I got them tires
all tied around there like that?

I thought of that myself.

Legend grows, lab rat.

All right, Hannah,
we're through the barricade, now what?

Head for the lights of the dome.

Okay, but I don't know
where the warehouse is.

It's in the old mall.

they're storing bodies here.

I'm coming back to you now.

Something's out there, Jake.

I don't see anything.

It's moving fast, I can see the engine.
It's almost on top of us.

We 're losing hydraulic pressure.

I don't care.

Hey, I'm in here too.

That's okay.
I'm going to finish this now.

This is not an
authorized entrance.


Out of bullets, cowboy.

My god.

Hey, McQueen.

You okay?

It's you.

Help me.

Don't let them hurt my baby.

you're letting in the germs.

You have no idea
what you're dealing with.

You're puny compared to me.

Can't be so. I'm falling apart.

Hey, lab rat!

I figure you didn't have
everything replaced.

The interferon...

Oh my god.

That's all that I have left.

You're just a damn machine.

These plastic parts will
never break or decay.

The newest model Jared
heart will pump forever.

But the body always
rejects the machine.


Why the machine leaves trash.

That's where the problem lies.

You know, you can't never come back
into the dome 'cause they'll nail your ass.

That's fine with me.
I mean, this is my place. Zeke was right.

Well, of course, outside the
dome the marshals are the law.

Well maybe you could
use some help, marshal.

- Well, don't put yourself out, Jake.
- See? There you go. Just like the old man.

I'm just like the old man.
No, you're like the old man.

No, you're stubborn.
You're like the old man.

You better check the
brakes on your car.

- Will you stop it?
- When are you going to tell him about me?

Oh, that's a good idea, Hannah.

By the way, will, I forgot to mention,
Hannah's not really dead.

- She just became my car.
- Tell him you're living at my place now.

I am not going to
live in some damn...

Hey, will.

- Jake?
- What?

What's going on?

Ah, it's nothing.

Listen, Hannah left me
her house up on the hill.


I figured I'd hang my
hat there for awhile.

Well, in that case, I guess we'll have
to change the sign outside of town.

It seems like the population's
increased by three.

she was a school teacher.

We're going to need
one here in Zion.

It's a baby boy?


What's his name?


I tried to talk
her out of it, but...

First baby born
in Zion in 20 years.

You did good, McQueen.

I told you I 'd work
on my hologram.

How do I look?

You look beautiful.

[Miss you too.

Oh, come on, Hannah.
This is difficult enough.

Some things I have to
experience on my own.

Like touching you.

So we can be close like this

but we can't ever be together?

Well, if I can get into cyber
space for a few minutes

so can you.

I'm willing to give it a try.

Let's go home.

Problem is cowboy, you've only got
three minutes Max before you fiatline.

Three minutes?

That'll do.

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