Klara - Don't Be Afraid to Follow Your Dream (2010) - full transcript

Klara moves to a small town with his mother after the parents divorced. She feels alienated unable to make friends. Most of the girls in her class likes to ride and to get closer to them, Klara lies about being an experienced rider.

My name is Klara.

My parents are divorced,

and Mum and I are moving
out in the middle of nowhere.

The only good part
is that there are horses there,

because I love horses.

Only I don't know how to ride...

And that sucks.

You can't just run off like that,
Mum's here to pick you up.

-Will we still see each other?
-Of course, sweetie!

We'll be together
every single weekend and holiday.

Your new place is only 100 km away...

I'll come and get you whenever,
just give me a call, all right?

There's one more thing
I'd like you to keep in mind...

Always be true to yourself.

Remember that... always!

-How do you know what's true?
-You know it here, in your heart.

Everything will be just fine...

Just fine! Let's go...

-I'm going to miss you.
-I'll miss you, too.

But you'll see,
everything will be just fine.

-Sorry to keep you waiting.
-Hi, Mum!

Time to go.

Bye-bye. Jump into the car now.

Fresh from the oven, I figured...

I have all we need. Bye!



I'm Nita and this is my daughter,
Klara. We're new around here.

Klara, you first! Look!

It's much bigger
than what we had in town.

Isn't it great?

-And this...
-Careful, don't slip.


Oh, get that, will you?

No problem. Yes. Okay...

We've practically
installed ourselves already.


Well, look at you!

Don't be afraid... I won't hurt you.

I wonder what your name is...

Watch out! He bites!

You worthless lump of horseflesh!


He did it again,
broke out and took off...

You're so darn ornery
that nobody wants you.

What do you mean?
Nobody wants him?

No... He's too ugly and too mean.

But I'm hauling his ugly butt home...

-Where does he live?
-At my place, in that paddock.

Guess I'll lock that gate tight.
And no food for him!

Mum! There was this great horse
in the woods!

-Yes. Nobody wants him.

So I thought I could have him.

Honey, just because no one wants him
doesn't mean you can have him.


-Maybe I could ride him.
-You don't know how to ride.

Well... Then I can learn,
join a riding academy.

We can't afford it, honey.

Now have some fruit if you're hungry,
we're having a late supper.


-Why put on lipstick?
-Just brightening up this valley.

Besides, you never know
when Prince Charming's at your door.

-Anybody home?
-Yes, hello.

-I'm Bertil Bohm.
-Nita Andersson.

You're settling in, I see.

Well then,
just sign on the dotted line...

And I'd like you to deposit one
month's rent in advance tomorrow.

-In case something happens.

-What could possibly happen?
-A million things.

But I trust you, and you'll
make that deposit tomorrow.

Well... Very good.

-Welcome to Hallondalen.
-Thank you.

-Our new landlord.
-I saw him with that horse.

Horse dealers can't be trusted.

-Mum, I'm homesick.
-Oh, sweetie...

You'll see,
everything will be just fine.

Give it a little time.

It'll be great as soon as
you make new friends at school.

This is Klara Andersson,
and she just moved in.

Would you like to tell us
anything about yourself, Klara?

Take a seat over there.
-Get your atlases out.

Find the map of England,
that we discussed last week.

Just look at that bitch!
I mean, it's insane!

Isn't all that makeup and bling
just so ugly?

She thinks she's the greatest,
but actually, she's gross.

-Don't you hate bitches like that?

Do you like horses?

That's great! So do I.
I ride, do you?

I bet you're good,
you look like you would be.

How high can you jump? Do you

You're coming with me to the stables.

I can sit next to you in class,
so you won't have to be all alone.


-So where do you and your mum live?
-In Hallondalen.

-A red house.
-Hallondalen? The red house?

Oh, no! You live next door
to the Cuckoo's Nest. Watch out!

-The Cuckoo's Nest?
-This really weird boy lives there.

And his mum's mental,
she was in a loony bin.

This is Sredni Vashtar...

Emma is First Keeper
and Mimmi is Second Keeper.

He's so frisky and he loves oats!

-This is Sigge... -Here, want some?
-He's adorable!

He's mine! Get out of my way.

-I'm his keeper.

I've never seen you
around here before.

Ever been in a stable before?

Of course I have.

Are you any good at riding?

I didn't hear an answer. Are you?

Yeah, pretty good.

I'm in Light B class, what about you?

Light A...

Howdy, girls! Check this out.
A big event!

In four weeks,
it's time for the Grand Prix race.

This year's race
is going to be a major event,

and the competition will be fierce...

But that won't be a problem, because
we're going to train like crazy, right?

A new face...
Are you going to join the academy?

Good. -Sign up here.

Put down the name
of the horse you'd like to ride.

Don't forget the applications
for your parents to sign.

Hey... Aren't you going to sign up?

Anyone who can ride will be in it.

Sure... why not?

You'll need an application, too.

Tell your mum
you're joining the academy.

Hi, how was it? All right?

-Are your classmates nice?

That's great...

-What are those papers?
-Just some assignments from school.


I have this meeting at the paper's
office, but I'll be back real soon.

You've been so good, going to a new
school and all. I'll be back soon.

Don't feed that horse!

Who are you?

I'm Klara, and who are you?

What's the horse's name?

I'm Jonte...
And that's Star.

I won't be hanging around
this crappy place much longer.

-I'm going to run away.
-Really? How?

I'm saving my money,
I'm thinking of signing on a ship.

What are you doing here?
I've never seen you before.

Well, Mum and I moved here.

She got a job at the local paper.

So, what does your mum do?

She's a stewardess...

-And your dad?
-He's a sailor.

He went to sea as a young man.

Hang on, are you the guy
people are talking about?

The one who lives
in the Cuckoo's Nest?

-He sure is ugly, isn't he?
-No way! He's adorable.

He wants to get rid of him, but he
doesn't want to pay to put him down.

Nobody wants him,
he's too mean and ugly.

Bertil owns him.

Then he needs to be saved,
maybe I could talk to Bertil?

He's such a tightwad!
I muck the stables every single day,

and he pays me practically nothing.

Doesn't anybody want this horse?

I've always wanted a horse,
but Dad says no.

-You don't know how to ride.
-What do you mean?

It shows.

Well, you're right.

I've never even sat on horseback.

And today I was really stupid
and entered this race...

-A race next month.

I'm not quite sure...
Everyone else signed up.

-You didn't have the guts to say no?
-You need a horse to race...

And I don't have one.

He's as ugly as sin,
but as fast as the wind.

Leg up...

Leg up! Just do it.

Oh, he's nice...

Look at this!

Now this looks just great.

Amazing. Magical...

Where did you find this old picture?

I was so pretty.

Could you sign this?

Is this something for school?

What is this?

Hey, what's going on?

"Our annual horse race"?

Klara, what's going on?

It's a race. I entered it.

That's impossible, you've never
been on horseback in your life.

Right, that's the next step.

-I need to take lessons.
-This is crazy, Klara.

It says here
that the race is next month.

-A month is not enough...
-I can't afford to wait.

I have to do this now.


All the other kids ride.

They all have horses and
they're all going to be in the race.

I'm the odd one out.

I'm the only one
who doesn't know how to ride.

And if you can't ride, you're nobody.

Oh, sweetheart... I understand.

But you know...

If you try to ride without knowing
how, it can be really dangerous.

You used to ride, when you were young.

You won all those contests.

I took lots of lessons, too.

Could you at least
sign the application form?

No, Klara, I can't.

Dad, please! Mum can't afford it.

How long?

Everybody else rides!

Like what?

-What did Dad say?
-He won't pay.

He says riding is dangerous
and I should do something else.

-Like what?
-Something with a future.

He's an idiot, of course
you're going to learn how to ride.

But it's too early to race.
Maybe next year, okay?

Up and down, good...

Here's Sigge. Take his reins.

Follow me out into the paddock.

Come over here,
in this gap over here...

And mount straight away.

The whole point
is to be up on the horse...

Go on!

All right. One, two, three, up.

Don't wear Sigge down.

Don't let Lotta get to you, she's like
that with all the beginners.

Let's see you all walk to the right.

-Go on!
-Get Sigge to follow the others.

All right... Press on!

Think of your seat!

Move into the centre...

Look at her!

Maintain the proper distance
between you.


Who's the boss, you or the horse?

Is that a new style?

Nice relaxed hands.
-The girl on Sigge, mind your rhythm.

Up and down.

I want the girl on Sigge
to come to a halt.

-Come over to me.
-Oh, Klara...

How long have you been riding?

Imagine that, you're riding at last!

-Was it fun?
-Yeah, it was fun...

You don't have as much experience
as the others, but did it work out?

Yeah, sure...

That's amazing.

Good for you!
I'm so proud of you, Klara.

You're good at everything you do.
Your dad thinks so, too.

Remember that choir,
when you had that solo?

You just walked in there
and they wanted you to sing a solo.

The same thing's going to happen now.

You'll just walk in there
and be the best.

I have homework... lots of homework.

-Aren't you going to eat up?
-No, I've had enough.

Hi, Dad. It's me.


Nothing special.


Could you come and get me?

He looked like a cross between
a ghost and Donald Duck...


Hey, buddy!

Hello, baby brother.

-What's your new school like?
-It's okay... I guess.


Rolf told me you wanted
to learn horseback riding.

I like horses, too.

Everybody in my new class rides.

And they're all
going to be in this race.

-I'd like to be in it, too.
-Not a race, Klara.

You know how I feel,
riding's dangerous.

I think you should reconsider...
Riding's not dangerous.

If Klara wants to ride,
I think she should.

I don't think so, and I told you
about my sister, right?

My sister fell off a horse
and almost died.

-She wasn't left crippled, but...
-Come on, honey.

If Klara fell off a jungle gym,
she could break her neck, too...

We were talking about riding.

And I don't want you to do it.

I don't want anything bad to happen,
because I love you so much.

-You do?
-Of course I do.

Then why did you leave Mum and me?



About leaving your mum...

It wasn't an easy thing to do.

It's hard to explain,
but I fell in love with Elisabeth.

Deeply in love,
so I couldn't stay with your mum.

That's how it was...

I've always told you
to be true to yourself, right?

Sweet dreams, baby.

Daddy loves you.

What are you doing?

-Nice bag.
-Dad gave it to me.

It was his old sailor's duffel bag.

-Where's your dad?
-Out at sea.

He's waiting for me out there.

Dad loves the open seas.
You can spend all night out on deck...

Look at the stars and
think about the people you love.

When are you planning to leave?

Hey, check this out...

I borrowed this bridle from Bertil.
So now we can ride Star for real.

Well... I don't know.

It might be dangerous,
I might get thrown...

I'll go first. Come on.

Hold these.

Your turn.


Come on...

Put your hands up like this...

And... up!

There! Have a go.

Go on!

No, I can't...

Sure you can!

There you go.

Great, Klara!

Keep your distance. Looking good!

Pick up the pace, but keep
a distance of one horse between you.


Looking good,
keep your heels down.


Hold your horses...

Let me... -Are you all right, Klara?

-I think she's fine.
-Leave her alone!

-Go call an ambulance.
-She's fine.

-She could have killed herself.
-I'm fine, Dad!

Let's have a look...

-We've got to go to the hospital.
-Does it hurt?

-Is your foot okay?
-I think so.

I bet it's just a sprain.
I'll go get a bandage.

Listen, we're leaving!
We're going home.

I told you so! Riding's dangerous.

I want you to stop this nonsense.

End of story.

-Ow... That's too tight.

It's better to use your talents,
and you have a great voice.

I have a present for you,
that's actually why I came.

Check this out...

This is an investment for the future.

You can record your voice...

Just push the buttons and...
It runs on batteries, too.

Read the manual.

And you see...

Just practice,
you're great at this stuff...

Now go over there
and tell them you won't be back.

No, I won't do it.

Then I will.

Start practicing, I'll be right back.

-You aren't the only one...
-Shut up! Just shut up!

You aren't the only one
who has a say!

She hurt her foot,
someone has to be responsible here!

Responsible? I'm the responsible one!

You don't take the time
to talk to her when she calls!

-I'm leaving...
-That's what you always do.

Go! Run off to your new wife
and your new kid!

She might have gotten killed!
She might even want to quit!

When your foot gets better, you'll
start riding again, won't you?

All I really want is for
the two of you to stop fighting!

Go and put on some more lipstick,
or something.

Leave me alone!

If you don't want to,
you don't have to.

There are other things.

You know that, right?

It was stupid of us
to fight, I'm sorry.


Hey, guess what I did?

Bought a new shirt?

Look, now we can time you.

You can start practicing for real!

You're going to be the best.


I'm dropping out of the race.

So there's no point in us
working with Star anymore.

I'm going to quit riding.


Riding... just isn't my thing.

I'll do something else...

You have to be
true to yourself, you know.

And besides, my dad is right...

...riding is dangerous.

Okay, it's cool...

I don't really
have time for this anyway.

I've got lots to do...

Pack the rest of my things...

I'll be leaving any day now.

But... maybe we'll run into each other
some day, out in the world.


So you've quit riding?


Poor you...
Giving up a dream hurts.

Not everyone has a talent for riding,
so think of it this way:

Why make a fool of yourself at a race?

I was right, you are a lousy rider.

Why can't I do what I want?
Everybody pushes me around,

but I want to be in that race.

And I want to ride.

Will you help me?


Get into balance, Klara!


This isn't working out...

Time for the apple.

Go on, stand up.

No, I'm scared!

If you can keep your balance here,
horseback will be peanuts!

-It's rocking...
-That's the point.

There... good!

You're more centred now.

Much more.

But... you're not
taking this seriously.

-You've got to want it.
-I do...

You need resistance.

-Compete against someone faster.
-Like who?

Get ready...



You're supposed to ride fast! Gallop!

As if your life depended on it.

Oh, you can't
teach this kind of stuff.

Hang on, kids.

Don't put him in the paddock.

I'll take him.

I'm sorry, but we can't
do this anymore.

-What do you mean?
-He's useless.

All he does is cost money.

We've got a new boarder, so there's
no room for him at the stables.

So out he goes. To the slaughterhouse.

Slaughter? You can't be serious?

Yes, indeed. Sorry, kids.

You can't do that!

-We can take care of him.
-No, I don't have the space.

I do, there are boxes
over at my house.

We can keep him there, and feed him.

-You won't have to bother with him.
-No, no can do!

Please, give us a chance!

Two weeks? Please?

You'll take care of all the costs?

Feed and everything?

Well, clear out that stable first.

And I'll need to talk to your mother.

We'll be ready by tomorrow.

All right...

-Stay on!
-I'm trying to.

Looking good...

The horse rears up!

And the horse falls...

What's going on here?

And you, young man,
get off my daughter this instant!

What's this, Klara?

-I never signed this.
-Mum, this is Jonte.

-Get out!
-Wait! We're just practicing!


On top of each other
in the middle of the night?

Jonte is coaching me for the race.

He knows all about galloping.

What connects the horse and the rider?

-The reins?
-The reins?! Jesus...

-The heart?
-Yes, exactly!

Become one with your horse,
and you'll fly like the wind.

If we had a real-live horse,
I'd show you a thing or two...


Could the horse stay here?
Just for two weeks? Please?


-Is there something wrong with him?
-He hasn't said a word in 20 years.

But he's great at zip codes.

All right, how about
we check out those stables?

Here it is...

Klara and Jonte have spent the whole
night cleaning up, so it's perfect!

Yes, indeedy...

And you'll pay for the feed
and all that?

This looks good.

Very good. -You made the grade!

Thank you.

Um... why don't you buy the horse?

-I can't afford it.
-It's practically for free.

5,000 will do, as long as it's more
than the slaughterhouse premium.

Mummy, please?

I just don't make much money, and
with that deposit and everything...

I'll be fair.
Nobody wants that horse anyway, so...

How about four grand and five hundred?

I just don't have the money.

Here's your new home.


He likes the grass...

-Your dad doesn't know you're racing?

What about school,
or the riding academy?


Was it hard, coming to a new school?

A little, but not too bad.

I think it's hard. I've moved a lot.

It's hard to be the new kid.

It's hard to make friends.

The kind you can trust.

The place I was in before this one,
I finally found a friend...

...that I could trust,
but I don't have one here.

Well, hello?! You've got me!

You're in trouble now!

There, there... It's okay, Star.

Hold out your hands and guide me.

The idea is to get me
to follow your lead, like the horse.

I brought hot chocolate
and some sandwiches.

I figured you might forget to eat.

I brought something else along.

Something I wanted you
to have for the race.

My mother gave me this,
and I won my first race.

I never competed without it.
Here, I'd like you to have it.


We're almost there.


The day after tomorrow is it.


I want you to have this.

-Go on.

Without you, I never
would have been in this race.

Not without you...

Hi... Coming to my party tonight?

Look at her!
She's dyed her hair again!

Would you look at that bimbo?
Didn't you hear me?

There's a party at my house tonight.

I'd be glad to see you there.
It starts around six.

-Lots of hot guys will be there.
-And so will we!

We got invited!

Lots of hot guys!

-You going to the party?
-We got an invite...

Look, it's that freak.

What's he wearing,
some old lady's scarf?

His mother's been to a funny farm,
she's a psycho.

Hello, Klara...

See you tonight, right?

Do you know him?


I thought we had a date?


-Hi, is Jonte in?
-You must be Klara.

You're just as pretty
as Jonte said you were.

-Actually I came...
-Here are some cheese pies.

And crayfish pies.

A French-Czech steward gave me that
recipe when I flew for Air France,

but I always increase
the amount of shellfish...

I just baked 150 pies.

You might as well make a big batch
while you're at it, right?

Here, have a crayfish pie.

Would you like a beverage with that?


-I was wondering...
-Sometimes, it's like you can fly.

Everything's possible,
nothing can stop you.

You know what I mean, don't you?

Go on, eat!

Dig in!

-When will Jonte be back?
-He won't. He's gone.

He took his duffel bag and left.

He wants to travel, see the world.

Klara... Klara?

What's wrong?

-Today's the race.
-And I'm not going to be in it!

There's no point...
I've ruined everything.

Yeah, I can tell...

No, Star... there won't be any race.

You can sleep in.

Hello, excuse me...

Have you seen my Jonte?

He was supposed to bring this along.

He left yesterday, you told me that.

No, he slept in the wreck.

Are you sure you haven't seen him?

-Where is he?
-I don't know...

He just left.

Maybe he was going to catch a bus?

-The bus? Down by the main road?


One-two, one-two...

Please clear the track.

It's almost time
for the Grand Prix race.




Stop! Stop the bus!

I'm so sorry, I don't know what...

I'm sorry.

It's last call for the Grand Prix.

It's almost time for the race.

Klara Andersson.

Please clear the track...

Hello, Klara.

So, you'll be in the race after all?

Amanda and I are throwing a barbecue.
You're invited.

-Hang on!

I think you're real brave.

On your marks...

Go for it, your the best!

Get set...

Does your Daddy know about this?


...and Klara Andersson is last.

Just crossing the finish line
is a victory!

Klara Andersson and Star
are picking up the pace...

Klara and Star
are passing last year's winner...

And Star is making
an impressive showing!

What a horse! What a rider!

Star is closing in!

Star is a revelation! What a horse!

Klara's in third place! Come on!

She's in second!

...followed by today's
"shooting Star", Klara Andersson.

Both of you were great!

Second place! I knew you could do it!

You're the best!

Can't we buy Star?
Seeing as he's so cheap...

That's my horse!

Congratulations, little lady!

-It won't be hard to sell him now.
-We'll buy him!

-4.5 thousand, right?
-No, no, no...

This is a great horse. A winner!

Haven't I always said that this
horse is the best racer I own?

The price has tripled...
to say the least!

You can't do that!

You know I can't afford that much!

-Here it is.
-It looks... nice.

-How much?
-40 thousand.

We'll take it.
We'll come pick it up tomorrow.


Tomorrow, Lotta's dad
will take Star away.

What are we going to do?

Where is the animal?

-Wonder if Mum's worried...
-Mine isn't.

She thinks I sail the seven seas.

What if your mum gets so worried
that she calls the police?

-Shall we go back?
-And let them take Star? No way!

I know you're concerned, but my
daughter's gone, and that's worse.

-I'm going to the police.
-Yeah, the police!

-What's going on?
-My horse is gone.

So now I'm calling the police,
and my lawyer!

This is tricky...

-There's been an oversight.
-An oversight?!

The deposit, you know?

-In case something happens...
-I know what a deposit is!

Legally speaking,
the horse doesn't belong to you.

-What an insult!
-That horse is mine!

Hello, Anna. It's Nita...

Is Klara there?


Klara's gone, Rolf!

-She's probably all right...
-I'll go home now, but I'll call you.

-Drive carefully.
-Take care...

Oh, sweetie-pie! Where have you been?

Your mum and I have been so worried!

Where were you?

Remember when I moved,

and you told me to be true to myself?

Well, this is Star, and I love him.

And that's Jonte, and I love him, too.

Jonte and I have been training Star,
and he's really fast.

And I was in this race
and I came in second...

Star is up for sale,
and Mum can't afford him.

Oh, sweetheart!

Daddy, could you please help me?

Well, that's it.

Just sign on the dotted line.

Just hold that horse...


-I'll send you a bill.
-Good. Thanks.

-One last thing...

The deposit.

Will 1,200 be enough?

-No receipt?


Thank you! You're the best, Daddy!

If you're happy, I'm happy.

Subtitles: Ingrid Eng