King of Masked Singer (2015) - full transcript

"King of Masked Singer" is a thrilling South Korean singing competition program that hides all identifiable markers of a person so that only the pure vocal talents shine through! Wearing the most elaborate, creative masks and costumes that camouflage every part of their bodies, two contestants compete head-to-head in three elimination rounds that span two episodes.

Previously on King of Mask Singer.


The singers captured women's hearts with their specialties,

and the masked singers who put on performances that cast away...

our prejudices shocked us with their surprising identities.

The four talented masked singers...

will start the competition with solo performances.

I Am on Fire, Mr. Spring.

Stable Vocal Cords, Matrix.

I Want Time to Stop, Terius.

Hit Me Before You Go, Drum Man.

Finally, the 72nd Final Match starts.

Will Swordswoman be able to win for the second time?

The match begins right now!

(King of Mask Singer)

This is the first match of Round Two.

He beat Model Han Hyun Min.

He's ready to jump to the throne.

I Am on Fire, Mr. Spring.

(I Am on Fire, Mr. Spring)

(He will jump to the throne!)


(We'll be looking forward to your sentimental performance.)

He looks somewhat fresh.

He looks like a model.

(He has a sweet voice like a spring breeze.)

(His performance warmed our hearts.)

(Many panelists were sure he's a professional singer.)

(Was he a singer from the 1990s...)

(who has been taking a break?)

(Even his specialty was mimicking a singer from the 1990s.)

(The more we think, the more curious we get about his identity.)

(Will he get to beat Matrix who is a strong opponent...)

(and jump to the throne?)

("Practice Separation" by In Soo Ni)

I knew he'd sing a ballad song.

(Mr. Spring chose a ballad song.)

(His beautiful voice sounds even sadder than in Round One.)

(His voice matches perfectly with the breakup song.)

(It tickles my heart.)

(Practicing separation is sad because you want to avoid it.)

(His voice makes us fall deeply into the melody.)

I love his voice.

(His voice makes us fall deeply into the melody.)

(His voice brings up our emotions.)

(Mr. Spring sings with a sorrowful voice that delivers pain.)

(His performance makes us tear up.)

(The song is about a sad feeling one can never get used to.)

("Practice Separation" by Mr. Spring)

(It made the audience emotional.)

He's the idol singer version of Lee Seung Hwan.

Here comes his opponent.

Matrix beat Actor Seo Ji Suk.

Matrix's voice is cozy and warm like a soft bed.

Stable Vocal Cords, Matrix!

(Stable Vocal Cords, Matrix)

(He walks through time and space to reach the throne.)

(We cheer for you.)


I'm looking forward to Matrix's performance.

I'm so curious. I feel like Matrix will sing with his real voice now.

Last week, you said Matrix is a man.

I'm still not sure about that.

(Matrix has a husky and soft voice.)

(Matrix's unique voice captures our ears.)

(It's hard to tell even this person's gender.)

(Is Matrix a woman or a man?)

(Matrix has a unique specialty as well. Who is Matrix?)

(All we know is that Matrix is a greatly skilled singer.)

(Matrix needs to win the panelists' hearts...)

(and beat Mr. Spring...)

(to reach the queen.)

(What will Matrix's new world be like?)

("Don't Say It's Not Love" by Lee So Ra)

(It's Lee So Ra's song who is known for her sweet voice.)

Today, we're having a feast of emotional music.

(It's Lee So Ra's song who is known for her sweet voice.)


(Matrix's sentimental voice echoes.)

(I'm getting goosebumps!)

(Who on earth can this person be?)

(Every single breath of Matrix sounds sentimental.)

(Who could this person be?)

(This is definitely love.)

(The feeling of love slowly grows.)

(The delicate emotion beautifully echoes.)

(This is my love)

(Matrix's dreamy and low voice fills the air.)

(It's an unrequited love that nobody notices,)

(but it's my love even if no one acknowledges it.)

(Matrix's voice sounds low, calm, and sorrowful.)

("Don't Say It's Not Love" by Matrix,)

(a stage filled with emotions)

(It feels like Matrix's song purified your body.)

It sounded like Matrix's confession.

Gosh, I loved it.

Matrix is good.

Matrix is really good.

- I got goosebumps. - It was so nice.

Round Two, Semi-finals.

The first match is now over.

Let's hear from Hyun Chul first.

Mr. Spring chose to sing In Soo Ni's song.

I think it's a song that he has listened to many times.

When he sings,

he often raises the notes at the end.

I'm certain that he worked as a singer in the 90s.

- In the 90s? - Yes.

I have a feeling that he's someone we'll be seeing in a long time.

As for Matrix,

I said I was sure Matrix is a woman last week,

but now I'm not so sure.

- You changed your mind. - Matrix may be a guy.

That's how mysterious Matrix's voice sounds.

I see.

(Matrix has a mysterious voice that makes his gender more mysterious.)

Also, no one...

has an idea about who Matrix is.

Matrix's identity is a mystery.

Right. Kai, what did you think?

Master artists don't use many small techniques.

They make one profound gesture,

and people admire it.

When Matrix simply sang in his low-pitched voice,

everyone here dropped down.


(The cave of emotions Matrix created)

(This is the spot to lie down for today.)

It feels like Matrix is someone who considers singing as his vocation...

and keeps walking on his path quietly.

Matrix is like Kim Byeong Yeon, the jongleur.

You think Matrix is like Kim Byeong Yeon.

On the other hand, Mr. Spring's voice...

feels like a very thin pane of glass.

It feels like if I hit it slightly,

it'd make a magical and clear sound.

I think his voice is his charm.

Hyun Chul said he must be...

an experienced singer, and I agree.

I also expect him to be someone we'll be seeing in a long time.


you can't hide which generation you're from,

especially when it comes to music.

I think he's someone...

who worked as a guest member...

of groups such as Toy in the 90s.

- As a guest member? - Something like that.

The sensibility of the generations never changes.

- He's right. - Also,

it makes the audience more emotional when they listen to the song.

Today, he has appeared on TV in a long time,

but his shoulders have become slanted.

You feel more drawn to him...

as you see how he's changed.

His song sounds more touching.

- Do you think he's around your age? - Yes, he is.

- Really? - He can't hide it.

We can't recognize someone in Daniel's age,

but we can recognize people who were born around the late 1960s.

We know which year that person was born in right away.

We can recognize people who were born between the late 1960s to 1974.

I think he's one of them.

You don't think Mr. Spring can hide his age.

But you two feel very different.

We feel like Mr. Spring is still young,

but you seem like an old man.

You always pick on me.

You saying he's your age might get people confused.

He's probably younger than me,

but he has the sensibility...

- and singing style of the 90s. - I see.

I think their performances today really suit their nicknames.

- Mr. Spring and Matrix. - Just like in Round One,

Mr. Spring gained momentum...

and showed off...

his fascinating voice. I really loved it.

Also, when Matrix sang the high notes,

it felt like Matrix's voice was hitting the bull's-eye.

It made me feel at ease.

The comfort you get from its stability.

- I really enjoyed it. - I see.

Simply put, Matrix...

is someone whose voice...

sounds exactly like his heart.

Matrix expresses Matrix's feelings honestly through singing.

That's actually quite hard.

Matrix is an amazing singer. It was a great stage.

I see. Now, it's time...

to see their specialties.

Firstly, Matrix will do some voice imitations.

It's the voice of Dooly's mom from the cartoon. Let us hear it.



Where did he go?

- That's it. Yes. - That was really good.

This is Matrix's actual voice.

That's from a sad scene.

It was Dooly's mom's voice.

Now, Matrix will imitate Jo Hye Ryun's voice.

Go ahead.

I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.


- That was detailed. - That's the feature of her voice.

Gosh, Matrix is such a charming person.

Hyun Chul, do you think Matrix has a man's voice or a woman's voice?

- It's a woman's voice. - Isn't Matrix her?

I think Matrix is Kim Tae Young.

The one who sang the jingle that goes, "What keeps me going is".

(I'm not sure.)

Tae Young is also tall.

The one who sang "Come Back".

Gosh, I got one right again.

- Kim Tae Young? - The one who sang "Come Back".

No way.

She used to wear a long jacket like that when she sang...

- "Come Back". Remember? - Yes.

(Kim Tae Young, the powerful singer featured in "Come Back")

(It wasn't a long jacket, but it looks similar.)

- Is he right? - You don't know anything.

Well, you don't know if it's...

My gosh.

But the way they sing high notes was different.

- Oh, really? - It was different.

You're being too obstinate. Don't you think?

I'm sorry. I thought it was her. How strange.

- I actually have someone in mind. - Who?

It feels like Matrix is a solo artist,

- but I think Matrix was in a team. - Who are you talking about?

- I don't want to reveal it. - Really?

- Yes. - Just give us one of the initials.

- "S". - I see.

It's a team that was popular in the early 2000s.

They debuted in the early 2000s.

- Okay. - You're right.

- Lady Jane, you also think so? - Who is it?

- Yes. - What's the team's name?


No way.

Not that BB! You...



You what?

- It's not that. I know. - Goodness.

- Unbelievable. - I know her character.

- What did I do? - No, it wasn't...

- What did I do? - Bong Sun.

No, I didn't mean that.

- She didn't mean to curse at you. - I was just upset.

I wasn't going to curse at you.

- I'm sorry. - All right. By the way,

I don't think it's BB.

I didn't mean BB, the duo. I think Matrix...

is Seo Seung Hee of Bubble Sisters.

- Seo Seung Hee? - Yes.

I think it's Kim Tae Young.

You've mentioned a few names after hearing Matrix's real voice.

Now, Matrix will reveal Matrix's hidden cheerful character...

with a dance.

Matrix's cheerful dance.

Music, please.

(This song...)

(is "Bboom Bboom" by Momoland.)

(How will Matrix dance to this cute song?)

(After doing their signature dance moves)

Matrix is dancing to "Bboom Bboom" by Momoland.

(Manly and disciplined)


(This great dancing looks like...)

(that of a soldier at a military camp.)

(Salute to our dear soldiers!)

That's it.

Gosh, that was great.

- Matrix can dance. - Many of you are surprised.

Ji Sun, what did you think?

It seemed like a dance of a man.

- Dance of a man? - She's right.

I thought Matrix may be a man for the first time.

- Really? - When Matrix danced. Yes.

- Matrix is wearing a boxy coat. - Yes.

Matrix's body was shown a little while dancing,

and it was a bit masculine.

I see. The idol singers...

started to think Matrix may be a man.

- Yes. - I see.

Good. Lastly,

Mr. Spring is great at holding objects and keeping their balance.

He can sit down and stand up while balancing this baseball bat...

with two of his fingers only.

- That'd be hard. - Let's see it.

He's using two of his fingers only.

(How is that possible?)

Sit down. Stand up.

Sit down. Stand up.


(He's as relaxed as Seong Ju.)


(It's as peaceful as the pictures of landscape.)


- Is that possible? - Six.


8. He sat down and stood up 8 times.

(That's amazing.)

It seems like he has the body of a young man.

I can't stop thinking that he could be young.

Whenever he uses his body,

I feel like he'd be a good dancer.

I'd like to back you up on this because of the sneakers...

- he's wearing. - Yes, they're popular these days.

It's the design which young people prefer to wear these days.


Here's what I think.

His daughter must've come up...

with Mr. Spring's outfit today.

- That much? - What?

- He has a grownup daughter? - That's too much.

He's predicted to be an idol and a middle-aged man at the same time.

You seem to be confused.

The younger you are, the better sense of balance you have.

Please try it for us, Daniel.

Daniel should try it.

(Daniel will try it.)

- He has to try it. - This is heavier than I expected.


(It's good just to see him.)


- He does it with ease. - One.

- He can do it. - Two.

There's nothing he can't do.

- He can do it. - Three.

He's good.

- You go, boy. - He can do it.

- Five. What can't he do? - Good boy.

- He's good. - Six.

(He feels bitter.)

- Good boy. - Seven.

- Good. - You can stop now.

- Eight. - That's enough.

- He held it for eight seconds. - He can do it.

There's nothing he can't do.

- Goodness. - Gu Ra should try it too...

- since he's around his age. - No.

- Gu Ra. - Try it.

- Come on. - Try it.

- You can do this much. - Right.

- Right. - Yes, we're similar in age.

- We have to check his age. - He's athletic too.

Well, I'm not.

- You can do this much. - Try it.

- Right. - It's not difficult.

(People in his age are watching.)

(He's cheering too.)

Gu Ra is going to try it.

(Will Dong Hyun's dad succeed?)

I'm not athletic.

Gu Ra is going to try it.

- One. - Gosh.

(He can do it.)


3. That's how people in their 40s do it.

That's how people in their 40s do it.

That's the move of the people in their 40s.

He's good.

(He sticks out his bottom.)

(He succeeds nicely.)

Gu Ra, you're good,

but you're a bit too fussy.

- He was just being modest. - You're good.

- It's not that hard. - I see.


- It's not that hard. - That was funny.

- It's not that hard. - It's different by age.

Gu Ra who's in his 40s kept his balance that way.

Daniel who's in his 20s kept his balance in a different way.

It must've been a hint...

to predict his age.

It's the first match of Round Two.

It was a fierce match between the two masked singers.

Whom did the audience choose to listen in the next round?

I'll now reveal the winner of the match.

(Mr. Spring's sweet voice made...)

("Practice Separation" sound more sorrowful.)

(The delicate voice color...)

(made Matrix's sentimental world more mysterious.)

Between Mr. Spring and Matrix,

which masked singer...

will advance to Round Three?

The winner is...

- The winner is... - The winner is...

(The winner is...)

(They have different characteristics like their different voice colors.)

(Who will continue their challenge to become the next masked king?)

The winner who will advance to Round Three is...

The winner is...

Who is the winner?

It's Matrix.

Matrix advances to Round Three.

(They can listen to Matrix's song once more.)

All right!

- Gosh, Mr. Spring. - The winner is Matrix.

The voting difference is 70 to 29.

It's 70 to 29.

Matrix received 70 votes in Round Two again.

Matrix must be a singer with amazing skills.

Please go back to your waiting room.

Give Matrix a round of applause.

Matrix advances to Round Three.

The masked queen is waiting.

So I'll try harder and sing.

Let's go!

He's has a clear voice.

It's time to check the identity of Mr. Spring.

Please move to the back of the stage.

Now, Mr. Spring, please take off your mask...

and reveal your face.

(His voice is clear like glass.)

(Is he a singer from the 1990s?)

(Is he the former guest singer?)

(But his sense of balance and strength...)

(are those of an idol singer.)

(Are his outfit and specialty from this generation?)

(Is he old enough to have a grownup daughter?)

(Who is Mr. Spring?)

(Oh, my goodness!)

Who is he?

He is...

He's the former guest singer of 015B,

Lee Jang Woo.

It's Lee Jang Woo.

(He's a singer from the old times.)

It's Lee Jang Woo.

Oh, my goodness.

Lee Jang Woo.

(He is indeed a singer who was active in the 1990s.)

Hello, I'm Lee Jang Woo...

who is the most good-looking member of 015B.

(He debuted as the 2nd guest singer...)

(of the band, 015B, which released a lot of hit songs.)

(He was loved for his mellow, sweet voice.)

(He sang one of the country's top 3 military enlisting songs,)

("Way to Go to a Training Camp" in his first solo album,)

(and the album recorded a million sales.)

(He released 3 albums and successfully continued his career.)

(His 2nd solo album, "Oh My Love",)

(was remade by S.E.S.)

(After a long hiatus, he performed as Phoenix with Son Ji Chang...)

(and as The Friends with Cho Seong Min and Kim Hyoung Joong.)

(He made a comeback with a solo album after 20 years in 2017.)

(Lee Jang Woo has a voice that makes you reminisce about the past.)

I heard you got a phone call from our staff...

when you were outside the country.

I was exercising outside the country when they called me to cast me.

- And... - So I was correct.

Right. I got a call then.

(He saw Jang Woo's dark neck.)

(Jong Cheol predicted that Jang Woo was in his age...)

(to travel abroad to play golf.)

- I was right. - You were right.

I was correct.

After pursuing music as a member of 015B,

you performed as a solo singer.

Then you suddenly went into a hiatus.

Was there a reason why you had a long hiatus?

In around 1995,

my album with the song, "Way to Go to a Training Camp",

recorded a million sales.

At that time, my schedule was too tight,

so I couldn't take good care of my health.

My condition was severe that there were rumors of my death.

I stayed in the intensive care unit for a long time.

Adding to my trouble,

I had problems with the agency in 1997.

I couldn't continue my career after then.

Much time has passed,

and I took my courage to release an album...

for the 1st time after 20 years.

I came back to you...

with the song called "I'm the Bad Guy".

I see.


After a long time,

Jang Woo came back to us.

How old is your son?

He's now 18 years old.

You got married early.

Yes, I got married at around 11am.

(They become speechless.)

Around 11am?

He was joking.


Don't try such boring jokes.

- My wedding was held at 12pm. - Come on.

It was held early. Well, this is the old-time joke.

Your son is 18 years old,

and his dream is to be a rapper.

I debuted when I was 19.

My son wants to become a rapper when he's 18 right now.

He applied for the high school rapping survival without telling me.

- I see. - Today, I'm here on the stage...

as his musical senior,

not as his dad.

(He wanted to show his performance as a senior.)

As his senior, not his dad.

Hyun Chul also actively pursued his career around that time.

You must feel great to see each other.

It'd be a lie...

if I said that I didn't recognize his voice.

Right when he sang the first measure,

(Hyun Chul knew it from the beginning.)

I really wanted to see him perform on this show, and he finally came.

I also thought if he takes off his mask in the next round,

I'd be able to see him in the eyes.

I felt so happy to see him.

(He was really happy to see him on stage.)

Here's what's good about the old songs.

These days, the songs...

focus on the singers.

But in the past,

the songs focused on the song itself.

He showed the exact singing style...

of how he used his voice...

to deliver the song's melody and lyrics...

in the most sentimental way.

He showed us the 1990s' style today.

With his unchanging sweet voice,

he communicated with the public once again through music.

Please give him a round of applause.

Go for it, Jang Woo.

(We're rooting for you.)

To be honest, I wanted to...

show my performance today to my son the most.

More than anyone else, he's well aware of...

how his dad couldn't continue his career.

He wants to become a rapper...

and help his dad a little.

(He wants to become a rapper and help his dad's dream come true.)

That's one thought.

And as a senior in the music industry,

I've come to think that I should help him...

take care of his health which I couldn't do in the past.

I want to become his musical senior...

who's more like his friend.

That's why I decided to perform on this stage.

My son.

I hope you...

do what makes you the happiest.

I hope...

you don't regret your choice...

and work hard.

And I hope you grow up healthy like you are now.

I always love you.

As the result of Round Two,

Stable Vocal Cords, Matrix...

won against Lee Jang Woo and advanced to Round Three.

It's the second match of Round Two.

He won against Yoo A of Oh My Girl.

Cheers to his gorgeous vocal cords.

I Want Time to Stop, Terius.

(I Want Time to Stop, Terius)

(He makes a grand entrance that suits his name.)

(He already makes women's hearts flutter.)

He is tall.

I hope he does a good job.

(Terius brought spring early with his beautiful voice.)

(He has a powerful voice that leads the melody.)

(Daniel is 70 percent certain of his identity.)

(What kind of a solo performance will adorable Terius give?)

(It's time to let the audience hear his voice.)

(Amidst everyone's expectation,)

(he takes his chance to beat a strong opponent...)

(and bring himself closer to the queen.)

(Terius' first solo performance begins now.)

("Comes and Goes" by Hyukoh)

What is this song?

- "Comes and Goes". - It suits him.

("Comes and Goes" by Hyukoh)

My goodness. My goodness.

(His voice is stronger than it was during the duet performance.)

(The melody is perfect...)

(for his clean and trendy voice.)

(You are cool!)

(His falsetto is easy on the ears.)


(This is exciting.)

(He makes people forget the original singer's voice...)

(with his colorful voice.)

(They are excited.)

It's an incredibly difficult song to sing.

He has a nice voice.

(The beat is ever-changing,)

(but he takes it on in a relaxed manner.)

(If you are ready, let's go!)

(His addictive voice makes the audience sing along.)

(I like him.)

(She is filled with groove.)

Let's go.

(His clear voice fills the stage.)

How trendy!

(Terius' colorful voice shined in his version of "Comes and Goes".)

(It was a treat to our ears.)

Good job!

I love him. I love him.

He is talented.

He can sing very well.

Opposing him...

is a man who beat The Ray.

He is the master of the beat,

Hit Me Before You Go, Drum Man!

(Give me the beat.)

(He enters the stage with confident steps.)

He is the one we are excited about.

I'm really curious about his identity.

He will give an incredible performance.

(With his perfectly clear voice,)

(Drum Man showed his singing skills.)

("Hit Me Before You Go"...)

(sounds more like "Hit me if you can.")

(He has the perfect techniques and power.)

(You'll make it to Final Match.)

(Who is Drum Man who showed us a sexy specialty?)

(He's done warming up.)

(Drum Man's performance in Round Two makes everyone expectant.)

(Drum Man will reveal his talent and outshine Terius.)

("Lies" by Big Bang)

(His shocking choice of a song makes their jaws drop.)

(Drum Man's talent explodes in his passionate performance.)

(House Band)

(His emotions shine within his powerful voice.)

(Like this.)

(Drum Man, drop the beat.)

(Drum Man's "Lies" turned the stage upside down.)

- That was hot! - He is cool.

He's a tough man.

Gosh, who should I pick?

This is too hard.

The second match of Round Two is over.

Young Seok expected Drum Man...

to go into the finals in Round One.

I was so sure a little while ago.

But I can't...

- be so sure about that now. - Really?

His singing was the best though.

He showed various singing styles in one song.

He has great singing skills.

What's scary about him...

is that he has the voice of a rocker.

But his voice is not confined to rock music only.

He can sing all genres of songs...

- with a voice based on rock music. - I see.

That's how he is.

He's still a strong candidate for the king.

But the problem...

is the tone of Terius' voice.

His voice is unbelievably sweet.

His voice touches our hearts deeply.

And it never hurts no matter how deep he goes.

- I want to keep it in my mind. - I see.

So I guess a lot of women...

would vote for Terius...

even though they know Drum Man is really good.

That's my guess.

How did you know that?

- It actually happened. - It's so precious.

His voice is so handsome.

Without looking at his voice,

I can tell his voice is handsome.

I like the song he chose and the tone of his voice.

I think he gave off...

his masculine charm that he didn't show in the previous round.

I was fascinated by that.

I wonder who got more votes from women.

By the way, about Drum Man.

I said he's not a professional singer in Round One.

I'd like to apologize to him for saying that.

I think he's a famous singer...

whom we all know.

He's a famous singer?

He dominated the stage here today.

I guess he did that because of what I said.

It felt like he wanted to show what he's got like a different man.

I felt really sorry for what I said.

She says he's a very famous singer.

- Right. - I see.

- About Terius. - Bong Sun.

I think even his vocal cords are shining.

The voice coming out of his mouth...

matches his mask very well.

Are you saying he'd look just like this behind the mask?

- Yes, he has to look like that. - He has to?

And about Drum Man.

When drummers play solo...

during the climax of a song,

sweats fly off in all directions.

He showed off his masculinity like that.

- He looked like a passionate man. - He wouldn't even look at you.

That's right. He's just a tough guy.

- A tough guy? - He's so cool.

These two have a different look and feel.

But Terius has his own charm,

and Drum Man has his own.

They both showed impressive performances.

I felt the same way.

I thought Drum Man was so cool when I watched him sing.

And my heart fluttered when I watched Terius sing.

- It felt different. - That's the difference.

Maybe you felt that way because you're his age.

- It sounds plausible. - He might be an idol singer.

- You think so? - Yes.

His voice makes your heart flutter.

- And he has a cool voice. - Exactly.

A friend and an uncle.

Terius is her friend, and Drum Man is like her uncle.

- That sounds plausible. - I think so.

Gu Ra, what do you think?

Seong Ju always says that...

he wants to host this show until his son goes to college.

But it's not something he can do just because he wants to.

Some people show some skepticism about our show...

saying there aren't many people who sing so well.

But that's what surprises me every week.

We see more amazing singers every week.

There are so many good singers...

who are in their teens and 20s. I was really surprised.

His falsetto voice reminds me of Barry Gibb of Bee Gees.

(Barry Gibb has an excellent falsetto voice.)

How can a young man like him sing so well?

I was surprised to hear his voice.

And I know who Drum Man is.

You know who Drum Man is?

He has built body muscles a lot though.

- Is that so? - Yes.

When we first started this show,

it was before things got settled.

We only focused on hiding the singers' identities back then.

I think he appeared on our show back then...

and got forgotten so easily.

- He did that? - Yes.

- He only focused on hiding himself. - Exactly. Then he got caught.

He couldn't even show his singing ability.

Just like K.will.

- That's right. - I think he was here back then...

and got swept away. Then he developed thigh muscles.

He's relatively old.

I was surprised to see him.

- He's here again. - I couldn't believe my eyes.

You couldn't believe your eyes.

All right. Are they really the singers whom you have in mind?

We'll find out after watching their specialty.

Drum Man will go first.

He will mimic the voice...

- of Kim Min Seok of Melomance. - Oh, really?

(Min Seok has a sweet voice.)

(He is good at singing high-pitched tones.)

(Mimicking Kim Min Seok of Melomance)

Ready, go.

(Kim Min Seok is back.)

(He sounds the same.)

(He copies Kim Min Seok's unique tone of voice well.)

That's it.

(That was good.)

He sings very well.

He's as good as Kim Min Seok.

Next, he will sing Bobby Kim's "Falling In Love Again"...

in a mean voice.

This is Bobby Kim's voice.

(He mimics Bobby Kim's voice gracefully.)

(I'm a small whale in there)

You little mean whale.

(The whale is mean.)

- That was Bobby and Yoon Mun Sik. - It was fun.

It was Bobby Kim plus Yoon Mun Sik.

Now, I'll let you hear Terius' real voice.

He will mimic a way of singing.

First, he will mimic Jane Jang's voice.

(Smelling the lilacs)

That's it. Stop singing.

He sounds like Bobby Kim.


He's got something different.

He'll mimic Jo Sung Mo's voice.

I could eat you right up.

(Are you all right? I wonder what you're riding)

(What is he doing?)

Wait. What was that?

- It was the ship horn. - It's the ship horn.

"I wonder what you're riding".

(I'm on a ship.)

She's coming on a ship, so you made the ship horn sound.

I don't think he's heard of the ship horn before.

It sounds like this.

(It sets off now.)

- This is the ship horn. - My goodness.

He taught you a lesson.

It's time to watch Terius dance.

(It's time for Terius to dance.)

He prepared Candy Dance for Candy.

It's called Candy Dance. Music, please.

(Candy Dance for Candy)

(Watch me, Candy.)

(This dance move is...)

(It's an old dance song which was popular in the 1990s.)

(It's "Candy" of H.O.T, the ancestors of idol singers.)

It's the dance moves of H.O.T.

(The dance moves match the song well.)

(Are you ready, girls?)

(Of course we are.)



His body is very light.

Daniel, can you dance to this song as well?

Can you dance to "Candy" by H.O.T?

This is like an ant lion's pit. It never ends unless you do it.

- I don't know the dance moves well. - He doesn't know the song.

You should dance with him then.

Can you dance with him here?

All right.

He's the center member of Wanna One. Please stand here.

Don't try to take a closer look at him.

All you need to do is dance.

Drum Man, would you dance with them?

(Shall we dance, Drum Man?)

Drum Man.


Music, please.

(Candy Dance with Terius)

(Dancing hard)

(While Daniel is doing a good job following Terius' dance,)

(Drum Man struggles to copy them.)

(This is how the top student dances.)

(They're dancing in unison.)

(The teacher is satisfied.)

(The student is proud.)

(All right, let's just dance.)

(This is the highlight.)




(My entire body aches.)

All right.

(That's cute.)

He copies the moves immediately.

He's so good.

I feel so bad for Drum Man.

I didn't look at him even once.

- I'm serious. - Me too.

You can't be so short-sighted.

Even I was surprised.

- The next thing I knew, - That's impossible.

he was just sitting there. I'm serious.

(Were there only two of them?)

(Her eyes were locked.)

(Look here, Bong Sun.)

(He looks pitiful.)

I realized...

that people do only look at what they want to see...

and live life with a narrow vision.

I reflected on myself.

- I'm glad you did. - Right.

All right. Well done.

Drum Man did well too.

I watched your performance.

(I am watching you.)

(No. You were the best.)

I will announce the match result.

I have the result here with me.

The celebrity panelist vote result is 6 to 6.

Then the regular panelist vote...

will determine the winner.

We will reveal the last one to make it to Round Three.

(He freely controlled his vocal cords to sing falsetto.)

(Terius' voice is strong yet mellow.)

(He has a unique soul and a powerful voice.)

(Drum Man is a vocalist with a lot of stage experience.)

Between Terius and Drum Man,

who is the winner of this match?

The winner is...

- The winner is... - The winner is...

- The winner is... - The winner is...

I can't see this. I love them both.

The winner is...

The winner is...

(Is it the gentle man Terius?)

(Or is it the drum man with rough charms?)

(Who's the winner?)

The person who has made to Round Three is...

The winner is...

(Hit Me Before You Go, Drum Man wins.)

Drum Man won.

(Roll the drum!)

(Well done, Drum Man!)

(It's too bad, Terius.)

Terius has such a lovely voice.

The result is 65 to 34. 65 to 34.

On Round Three,

Matrix and Drum Man will be competing.

Please return to your waiting room.

Please give it up for him.

(The cute man Terius' shocking identity will be revealed soon.)

Drum Man made it to Round Three.

I will show you a performance that will suit my color.

Cheers to me!

You wanted to keep his voice forever.

You said his vocal cords were emitting light.

He received high praises.

And now we will let you find out who he is.

Please move to the back of the stage.

Now, please take off your mask...

and reveal your face.

(He has a stable and addicting voice.)

(His unique voice captured all women's hearts.)

(Daniel was certain...)

(that he is an idol singer.)

(Impersonating a ship horn)

It's the sound of a ship horn.

(He had such off-the-wall charms.)

(Who is Terius?)

(Take off your mask, and reveal your face.)

(Screaming out of joy)

(No way!)

(They get up.)

What is it?

That startled me.

What is it?

What is it?

He is...

a member of the idol group the nation chose, Wanna One.

He is Hwang Min Hyun.

(Wanna One?)

(Hello, Min Hyun!)

Wanna One? Wanna One?

Yes, that's my group.


There's no way I couldn't recognize him.

This is why he knew.

He shines even without the mask.

(I don't think I can sleep tonight.)

Please say hi to the viewers.

Hello. I am Hwang Min Hyun of Wanna One.

(He instantly became popular when he appeared on "Produce 101".)

(He ranked 9th and got a chance to debut.)

(He debuted as the lead vocalist of Wanna One.)

(With impeccable charms and ability to handle any concept,)

(this popular man captured the hearts of all women.)

(Last year, they won multiple awards...)

(and became one of the world's most famous idol singers.)

(With his sweet voice that melts our ears...)

(and cute acts we all love,)

(he has taken over variety shows.)

(He even dominated the TV commercial world.)

(Min Hyun is a singer who shines with a beautiful voice.)

Your bangs are squashed,

but you look more handsome than Terius.

- I will help you. - He looks better than the mask.

His actual face is more handsome.

(I should've been the one to touch him.)

I heard this was your first time...

to perform alone.

To do music that suits the character of our group,

we often sing the way we are directed.

I don't have many chances to sing the songs I like.

On my SNS,

I once posted a video of myself singing my favorite song...

only to get embarrassed and to delete it right away.

So I've been really wanting to come here.

Were you satisfied with your performance here?

I was very nervous.

Now that I've taken off my mask, I feel proud,

and I feel really happy.

Daniel, you must've known it was him.

The way he's standing right now...

is how he always stands.

- He stands like this. - Yes.

He spreads out his feet a little.

And his voice is so distinctive.

- Right. - Yes.

Those who have seen our last episode would know.

Your cute songs became a big issue.

Do you usually act cute?

Whenever I am on TV, because I get nervous,

I become timid. My personality seems to change.

But in real life, I am very bubbly in front of the members.

That's who I actually am.

I felt bad that I don't get to show that side of me on TV.

So I prepared to show you something cute.

(Do whatever you want to do, Min Hyun!)

I heard you got tutored...

by a fellow member Park Ji Hoon.

Yes. Ji Hoon...

has a very special talent in acting cute.

- He's good. - I tried hard to learn it.

(Ji Hoon made this line very popular.)

I will save you in my heart.

Should we give it a try?

King of Mask Singer, I will save you in my heart.

(King of Mask Singer, I will save you in my heart.)

(Mom! I got proposed!)

(He's shy.)

(His teammate's performance makes him tear up.)

The whole time I was watching him,

my cheeks hurt too much.

- When I came to my senses, - They won't go down.

the cheekbones were all the way up here.

At that moment, I told myself that I should stop smiling...

and looked at Lady Jane.

Her cheekbones were more protruded than her nose.

My goodness.

I heard you wanted to show this performance...

to your parents.

Yes. I've been away from them since ninth grade,

and since then, they have been telling me this.

They told me that If I enjoy the process,

I will one day get a chance.

Their words...

pushed me to work hard. So I wanted to come here...

and make them proud.

(Today, he fulfilled his duty amazingly as a son.)

Your parents would be very proud of you.

Clazziquai and Hyukoh's songs...

he chose to sing last week suit him unbelievably well.

Knowing the music that really suits you...

is a big advantage for you.

The more years of experience you get as a singer,

the more helpful it will be.

So continue to love songs like these.

Thank you.

(We are excited for your future!)

Today, he didn't come here as a member of an idol group.

He came here as a solo singer...

to sing with his unique voice, and he put on a perfect performance.

Please give it up for Min Hyun.

(Thank you.)

Don't go!

- Don't go! - Don't go!

I will see you later.

(He's relieved.)

It's over.

It feels nice to come down after finishing everything.


Why didn't you tell me?

But I knew it was you from the beginning.

I tried hard to practice behind his back.

I knew he was going to be here as a panelist.

I was the most curious about this.

We are usually together 24 hours a day.

I can't believe you still found time to practice.

You are amazing.

(He admires Min Hyun.)

I went back to the practice room late at night after finishing...

our group practice.

I didn't sing any of the songs I sang here...

when I was with my group.

I sang it alone after we were done with our practice.

I either listened to them alone or practiced in the office.

But Daniel recognized me just by looking at my stance.

During the holidays, I watched King of Mask Singer with my family.

And my dad asked me...

if I am not going to be on it.

And I told him I couldn't just tell them that I want to be there.

I had to lie to him, so I made excuses.

I won't tell him until he watches the show.

I think he's going to call me with a big smile.

Wanna One will be...

coming back with an amazing song.

I hope you will love it.

I am Terius, Hwang Min Hyun.

I will save you all in my heart.

Hit Me Before You Go, Drum Man beat Min Hyun of Wanna One...

and made it to Round Three.

The mysterious music show, King of Mask Singer.

To stop Swordswoman's winning streak,

two masked singers made it to Final Round.

Let me introduce them again. Please give them a round of applause!

Matrix and Drum Man moved on to Final Round.

After two rounds, they're now having a match.

Matrix, I wonder how you feel.

I didn't know it'd make me feel so great...

to be able to sing all three songs I prepared.

Besides, the third song I prepared...

is different from the songs I have been singing until now.

I can't wait to sing the song in front of you.

(Matrix turns around.)

Let me show you the new world.

(It's going to be completely new.)

The new world. The new world.

(Bring it on.)

That's great.

Drum Man, would you like to say something too?

If you want to keep your throne,

you'll have to beat me first.


It seems like you picked a perfect nickname for yourself.

(He made a powerful and funny declaration.)

You're so funny. "You'll have to beat me first."

Swordswoman, how do you feel?

They're such good singers, so it makes me nervous.

- Are you nervous? - Yes.

But you don't have to beat both of them.

You'll have a match with just one person who wins this match.

So don't worry.

(She's so cute.)

She doesn't sound like a queen yet.

Well, I guess she needs some time.

All right.

(You can do it!)

Now, let's begin Round Three, Final Round.

Let's watch Matrix's performance first.

I can't wait.

I'm really looking forward to watch Matrix's performance.

I wonder what song Matrix will sing.

(In Round Two, Matrix moved our hearts with a ballad song.)

(Now the panelists have high expectations of Matrix.)

(What song will Matrix perform to challenge Drum Man and the queen?)

(Matrix's new world begins now.)

("With You" by Lee Juck)

(Matrix chose a cheerful song unlike in Round Two.)

(Matrix sings with a deep voice.)

It sounds like a man's voice.

- Matrix must be a man! - I'm so confused.

(The first verse confuses everyone already.)

(Is Matrix a man?)

(Matrix's deep and resonant voice attracts all the panelists.)

(Matrix's performance sparkles like the Milky Way.)

- Is Matrix a man? - Matrix is a man.

(No matter what you are, we love you.)

(Matrix's husky voice...)

(meets the rock music.)

(Matrix shows off all of his charms on the stage.)

(I love this!)

(This is amazing.)

(Matrix grabs the attention of the panelists.)

(Matrix truly enjoys the performance.)

(It excites us too.)

(He's amazing!)

(The music gets more exciting, and the performance gets more gripping.)

(Everyone enjoys Matrix's charming performance.)

(Matrix performed "With You" with a surprisingly powerful voice.)

(You are the best!)


Matrix is a man.

Why did I think Matrix was a woman?

I think Matrix performed like that earlier on purpose.

This is unbelievable.

Here comes the next contestant.

He beat The Ray and Hwang Min Hyun from Wanna One.

His powerful voice touches our hearts!

Hit Me Before You Go, Drum Man!

(Hit Me Before You Go, Drum Man)

(Drum is the main instrument in a band. Go for it!)

(He enters the stage, piously crossing himself.)

(We hope to see a great performance.)

If he performs a sad song, it'll be incredible.

It's time to show us his sentimental voice.

This guy is a man, right?


(Drum Man certainly showed us his masculinity.)

(His strong rival and the queen are watching him.)

(What is the last song he prepared?)

("Because of Love" by Yim Jae Beum)

This is going to be amazing.

(Drum Man prepared a sad ballad song, "Because of Love".)

(Drum Man sings with a deep voice, which he hasn't shown us yet.)

(Goodness, this is nice too.)

How nice.

(This is nice.)

(The panelists' hearts melt, listening to Drum Man's voice.)

(His emotion reaches its peak with the perfect singing of high notes.)

("Because of Love" by Drum Man, a stage that stole everyone's heart)

(Gosh, he's a great singer.)

(It was a mind-blowing stage that you can only marvel at.)

He's good.

Gosh, I don't know how I should pick the winner.

Round Three, Final Round is now over.

Swordswoman, how do you feel?

As I was listening to their songs,

I thought, "How should I sing to beat one of them?"

It made me really nervous.

My heart is pounding really hard.

- Is it pounding hard now? - Yes.

I see. Between these two singers,

who do you think will win this match?

I can't tell you that.

Right. You're confident to win regardless of who survives, right?

Of course.

(The queen is highly confident.)

"Of course." Good.

The queen will now move to the back of the stage...

to get ready.

Please give her a big round of applause.

(Wish me luck.)

The queen will go to the back...

and get ready for Final Match.

Jang Hyuk, what did you think about Round Three?

Drum Man's performance always shows his free spirit.

It sounds really heart-easing,

and that's what makes his performance fascinating.

Also, if you listen to his song closely, there is...

his own recipe inside his free spirit...

such as his breathing skills, expression of emotions,

and usage of chest voice and falsetto.

He has an extraordinary talent...

of making the song his own.

He's the master of it.

I enjoyed his free spirit...

at ease today. Thank you for a great stage.

I thought Matrix was...

- a woman until Round Two, - Right.

but this is driving me crazy. In Round Three, Matrix was...

Do you think Matrix is a man?

I'm not sure. I really don't know now.

Matrix's wildness...

and free movements on stage...

were really amazing.

But I really don't know if Matrix is a man or a woman.

After Round One,

many of you thought that Matrix sang in a man's voice...

because Matrix was confident about Matrix's voice.

I think you feel...

- differently now. - Most of us think Matrix...

- is a man all of a sudden. - Really?

You think Matrix is a man now?

During the break earlier,

Matrix passed by me.

- In the hall? - Yes.

I smelled the scent of a man.

I smelled the scent of a man.

(This scent is...)

I was with him when Matrix passed by,

- but it was the scent of a woman. - Really?

I really don't know now.

I'm 100 percent sure Matrix is a guy.

When Matrix sang high notes,

Matrix raised his head.

- I definitely saw his Adam's apple. - He says he saw it.

He has a big Adam's apple.

- Did you see it? - If you saw it, you'd be right.

- I saw it with my small, keen eyes. - Did you?

- Really? - Because of the shadow of the mask,

sometimes it looks like they have Adam's apples.

You might have been mistaken.

Daniel, is there anything you're sure about?

You always had something you're sure about.

Before Matrix started singing,

there was a playing of a trumpet.

Matrix made this gesture, and it looked like...

a punch.

- It was very powerful. - I see.

(As Daniel observed,)

(when the trumpet played,)

(Matrix made powerful punching gestures.)

- You saw that? - Yes.

It made me think that Matrix is probably a man.

I see.

If Matrix is a man,

it'd be a gift to have a feminine voice.

If Matrix is a woman, it'd also be charming to have a boyish voice.

I really want to see Matrix's face, but I also want to see...

Matrix's performance again.

I see. All right.

Either way, I think Matrix is one of the best masked singers.

Up until Round Two,

I was sure that Matrix was a woman.

But in Round Three, Matrix clearly sounded like a man.

It made me think that I was wrong to think Matrix was a woman.

All these people here are still...

uncertain of whether Matrix is a man or a woman...

because of Matrix's androgynous voice.

Matrix is an amazing vocalist without doubt.

There hasn't been anyone...

who showed such different stages in each round like Matrix.

There have been people who pretended to be a woman or a man,

but no one has confused us by changing one's voice in each round.

I applaud Matrix's great singing ability.

I see. If Matrix is really a woman...

That'd mean Matrix completely fooled us.

That's right.

But personally,

I say Matrix is a man.

You're now convinced that Matrix is a man.

I thought Matrix was female at first,

neutral later, and now I think Matrix is male.

You changed your mind after each round,

but now you're certain about it.

- As for Drum Man, - Drum Man.

there are some people who sing well but sound unstable.


It makes the listeners anxious like this.

They're good singers, but their singing makes people nervous.

But when Drum Man started singing,

I knew for sure that he'd sing well...

until the end of the song.

Maybe it has something to do...

with his free spirit Jang Hyuk mentioned.

He chose to sing "Because of Love" in this round.

I think he probably has gone through...

the pain which was described in the lyrics.

I think that's why he chose to sing this song,

and he sang it really well.

He sounded calm,

but it was so touching.

- You sensed that from his voice. - Yes.

Now, I will announce the result...

of Round Three, Final Round.

Who will become the rival of the queen?

Matrix has a deep voice...

which stirs up your imagination.

Drum Man can sing...

almost perfectly like an orchestra.

Who will move on...

to the 72nd Final Match? Let's find out now.

Who is the winner?

(With a fascinating husky voice,)

(Matrix wildly dominated the stage.)

(Drum Man fought back with an emotional stage.)

(Drum Man showed an absorbing stage...)

(with dramatic expressions and voice.)

Between Matrix and Drum Man,

whose stage do the audience want to see again?

The winner is...

- The winner is... - The winner is...

The winner is...

(Between the two masked singers who shone on stage,)

(who will compete against Swordswoman?)

Who's the winner of this match?

The winner is...

(Hit Me Before You Go, Drum Man wins.)

Drum Man won.

(Let's cheer for Drum Man,)

(and applaud Matrix!)

(He's now a big fan of Drum Man.)

Drum Man won this match.

The final score is 67 to 32.

With a score of 67 to 32,

Drum Man won this match and moved on to Final Match.

Please go to the back of the stage...

and watch the queen's performance.

Let's give him a big hand.

(Matrix's mysterious identity will be revealed soon.)

Hit Me Before You Go. Here I come.

(See you later!)

People highly praised Matrix's performance,

saying that Matrix's ability to hide the gender is also a talent.

Are you ready?

Okay. Please come to the back.

Now, Matrix, please take off your mask...

and reveal your face.

(Is Matrix a man?)

(Or a woman?)

(They argue that they saw Matrix's Adam's apple.)

(Matrix showed completely different performances in each round.)

(Regardless of the gender,)

(Matrix is a fascinating vocalist without a doubt.)

(An amazing singer who confused everyone)

Reveal your face.



That's unbelievable!

They're surprised.

- Is Matrix a guy? - I think so.

Let's see who it is. Who is it?

Matrix is...

Nine, the vocalist of a unique band,

Dear Cloud.

(It's Nine, a female vocalist.)

(Goodness! It was Nine!)

(Matrix was a woman!)

(Her unpredictable identity is revealed.)

I told you Matrix is a woman.

(Even the musical experts were fooled by her voice color.)

Oh, my goodness.

(They're dumbfounded.)

She's pretty.

Matrix is a woman.

I see you're all surprised.

Matrix is a female singer.

Please say hello to the viewers.

Hello, I'm Nine,

the vocalist of Dear Cloud.

(Dear Cloud is a band with 12 years of career.)

(And Nine has a dreamlike voice.)

(She doesn't have Adam's apple,)

(but her androgynous charms make people see it from her.)

(She's a skilled artist who writes songs and lyrics.)

(The group's 4th album topped the Korean indie music chart.)

(It took only a minute...)

(for all their year-end concert tickets to be sold out.)

(She's a musician who shares her daily life with the audience.)

(She communicates with the audience through performances.)

(She offers comfort through her songs.)

(She's a singer with the emotional voice that heals people's hearts.)

Her androgynous voice is so charming.

I saw her Adam's apple for certain.

(She doesn't have one.)

You were mistaken.

All right. Tell us how you felt...

when you heard their comments with the mask on.

To begin with, a lot of people...

are confused about my gender...

because my hair is short.

I was very curious what people would say...

when I performed with a mask on...

like I did today.

Jang Hyuk told me...

that my voice and my heart seemed to be united in one.

When I heard that comment, I was very touched.

I came to think...

that it was fortunate that I got to perform here today.

(Jang Hyuk's comment deeply touched her heart.)

I heard that there was another special reason...

why you decided to perform with the mask on today.

My beloved friend...

passed away last year.

After that incident,

life seemed meaningless.

I haven't been able to come back to my normal life yet.


(She carefully tells a story about her and her friend.)

But I feel alive...

when I'm on stage and perform a song.

I was desperate for a stage more than any other times.

Especially, I had to wear a mask to perform in this program.

So I could show you my music...

only with my voice.

I was really happy.

Her sincerity was well-portrayed in her voice.

Taking today as a chance,

I hope she has more chances...

to communicate with many people.

You said that your last performance...

meant something else.

Thinking about the song lyrics now,

it feels like you want to be with your friend...

who passed away when you think about that friend.

It makes my heart ache much more after hearing your story.

(She put her longing heart towards her friend in the song, "With You".)

That's how I feel.

(She could take her courage to sing...)

I'm glad you took your courage to come up here.

(because she was with her friend in the heart.)

I hope you work harder...

and sing a lot of songs...

that can be of comfort and happiness...

to many people for your friend's sake.

That's what I think.

Your friend must want you...

to cheer up and sing hard.

Although we were confused about your gender,

you're simply a great singer.

You're a singer who sings with your heart. I enjoyed it.

I agree.

(Thank you for taking your courage.)

A lot of people will want to...

see you more often on music shows or concerts.

It'd be great if you tell us about your future plan.

Well, I'm the vocalist of a band,

so I'll visit you with wonderful performances...

and new good songs.

Thank you.

Today, without any prejudice,

she delivered the deep emotional resonance...

only with her performances to the audience.

Please give Nine a big round of applause.

(Please let us hear your own music in the future as well.)

She used to tell me this like a habit.

She asked me to sing her song wherever I was.

I haven't sung her song on stage yet...

because I couldn't take the courage to do it.

But if I can sing her song on stage...

one day in the future,

I'll be saying a real goodbye to her...

that day.

I'm a singer,

but I'm also a songwriter.

I want to write lyrics that can touch others' hearts.

I also want to be a vocalist...

who can touch others' hearts just with my voice.

I had a great time here.

I'm Nine, the vocalist of Dear Cloud.

I hope you support me...

and listen to our songs in the future as well.

Thank you.

As the result of Round Three,

Hit Me Before You Go, Drum Man won against Nine of Dear Cloud...

and advanced to the final round.

The mysterious music show, King of Mask Singer.

Now, we only have the performance...

of A Woman of Her Own, Swordswoman left.

Will Swordswoman be able to...

protect her throne today?

Let's watch the queen's performance...

before we decide on the 72nd masked king.

(The thrilling performance will begin now.)

It's the round to decide the 72nd King of Mask Singer.

She'll show off her new skills for her consecutive wins.

She's the 71st Queen of Mask Singer,

A Woman of Her Own, Swordswoman.

(Pay attention to the golden gate.)

(The overwhelming vocalist, Swordswoman)

(They can't wait.)

(Her performance will put an end to this competition.)


(She's finally here.)

(She's cool.)

What a perfect nickname for her.

She won't be defeated.

She always exceeds our expectations.

(She has to pull off her first defense.)

(Against the competent singer who aims to take over the throne,)

(with what performance will she protect it?)

("A Winter Story" by The One)

Gosh, this song. Oh, my goodness.

(Her warm voice color resonates calmly throughout the studio.)


(She gently goes over the depth of emotions.)

(The afterimage of the longing heart is embroidered in white.)

(The sorrowful voice is full of desperate emotions.)

(Oh, my goodness.)

(She empties out her emotions.)

(An unstoppable shout towards the one and only person)

(It's unbelievable.)

(The flame of emotions rages faultlessly.)

(She sways people's feelings with her voice as she likes.)

(Her voice is so powerful and dominating like a waterfall.)

(She emits her emotions to the fullest.)

(It was a performance full of swirling emotions.)

Gosh. She is so good.

(Some of them are tearing up.)

We should give in to her.

That was awesome.

She is incredibly good.

She is unbeatable.

- It gives me chills. - She doesn't seem to be a human.

She doesn't even seem to be a human.

The performance of the queen is over now.

You look somewhat serious, Kai. What's your opinion?

Personally, I'm a huge fan...

of Celine Dion, the queen of pop.

So I even thought of going to Las Vegas to see her performance.

But since Swordswoman became the queen for the first time last week,

I realized that I didn't have to go that far.

I thought all I have to do is listen to her.

It was as if Celine Dion learned Korean and sang for us.

Her voice was so powerful,

Her singing skill bears comparison...

with that of the world famous queen of pop.

She definitely deserves to be the queen.

There is something I wanted to talk about Drum Man.

I'm not sure if he is the one that I think of,

but Gu Ra said he recently became bulky.

I think I saw him work out.

- You saw him? - He was working out so hard...

that I was impressed.

There is a certain aspect in exercise.

When you see someone working out really hard,

it makes you want to work out hard as well.

Likewise, when I listened to him singing,

I became eager to sing too.

His performance with his passion...

and all his energy in the last round...

was definitely...

as good as the queen's. I really wanted to tell him this.

I see.

Young Seok, you openly said...

that you are a huge fan of Swordswoman many times.

I'll just say what I feel...

without exaggeration.

The words "the best ever" have been used often so far,

but I think she made the words...

quite humble.

Her performance was beyond that.

In my opinion, she has all the strong points...

of the kings and the queens who were on the throne for a long time.

(Her voice is a collection of all the merits.)

First of all, her voice...

is sharp, clear, and fresh...

like Kim Yeon Woo's.

And she has a good sense of rhythm like Ali.

Such a great rhythmical sense is not found in a fast song,

but in a slow song like today's.

As you already noticed when you listened to her,

those high notes are really hard to hit...

even if you are tortured.

But she hit them so casually.

And the most important point is this.

The extremely high notes sung by other singers...

sound like chest voices,

but they're slightly mixed with falsetto.

But she hit those high notes only with her chest voice.

So it felt like her voice was piercing like swords.

In a man-to-man live battle, I think...

she is so strong that no one could beat her.

I think Young Seok...

fell for her too much.

(He fell for her too much.)

- Is that too much? - He easily...

- falls for someone. - I don't think...

I'm not objective.

You're right.

- I was so objective. - Well,

I want to use a different comparison.

Chung Hyeon played against Roger Federer a while ago.

The status of Federer in tennis is dominating.

He is the world champion even when he is 37.

He is number 1 now, but he was also number 1 in 2004.

He was in his early 20s back then.

Compared with Roger Federer, she is...

the Federer who became number 1 in 2004.

More of her competence will be shown from now.

Her confidence is reaching its climax.

Because we met her in that condition,

Young Seok fell for her right away.

- Then it couldn't be helped. - Right.

I think male vocalists are not as powerful as her.

By the way, I know who Drum Man is.

We comment only on their songs,

but if we consider their stories as humans,

I think he could be the one to be called as a star.

He tries hard to bulk up...

- and to live an abstinent life. - He does?

- He doesn't do anything. - An abstinent life.

An absolutely abstinent life.

I've known him for 7 to 8 years.

He always tries hard to improve.

He doesn't drink but practices all the time.

He always thinks about how he can be a better singer.

We did a show together back in the days,

but he's not that funny.

(He is not funny at all.)

He's not funny, but...

Why do you say that in front of him now?

It's just my good memory about him.

- It's my good memory. - Say that after the show.

- Please take off your sunglasses. - It's too bright.

If his good character as a human is emphasized,

I think he might have won more votes than she did.

- That's what I wanted to say. - Okay.

Lady Jane, I think you wiped your tears while the queen was singing.

I did. I realized...

why people want to go to a singer's concert...

and listen to them in real life.

When I listened to her song here,

I was able to feel every emotion, energy, and power...

that she was emitting.

I kind of spaced out as if I was hit by something.

I suddenly got emotional...

and felt like crying any minute.

I was overwhelmed by her performance.

It was the performance that deserved to be called the queen's. Thank you.

The mysterious music show, King of Mask Singer.

The result of the 72nd Final Match has arrived.

Will Swordswoman win two consecutive times?

Or will Drum Man win...

and begin a new era?

I'll now reveal the 72nd King of Mask Singer.

Let's find out the winner.

(His vocalization is skillful and stable.)

(He filled the stage with his powerful voice on Round One.)

(His voice exceeded the loud accompaniment and exploded.)

(He showed his hidden rock spirit on Round Two.)

(He can sing songs of any genre.)

(He touched people's hearts with a ballad on Round Three.)

(Her strong voice filled the stage and resonates.)

(With her explosive voice and great emotions,)

(she showed her dignity as a queen.)

Between Drum Man and Swordswoman,

who will be the 72nd King of Mask Singer that you picked?

The winner is...

- The winner is... - The winner is...

- My goodness. - What will the result be?

(The thrilling match makes your palms sweat.)

(The winner is...)

(All eyes are now on the result.)

(Who will be the one to receive the golden mask?)

The winner is...

(King of Mask Singer)

Is it Drum Man or Swordswoman?

The winner is...

(King of Mask Singer)

The winner is...

(A Woman of Her Own, Swordswoman wins.)

Swordswoman wins.

(Swordswoman wins 2 consecutive times.)

(They show contrast feelings.)

(The difference in the number of the votes is...)

Swordswoman keeps her throne.

With more than 70 votes,

Swordswoman wins for the second time.

The golden mask and the robe are presented to her.

I feel so happy.

I'm so grateful that you listened to my song today.

I'll do my best.

Swordswoman became both the 71st and the 72nd queen.

Please give it up for her once again.

The queen succeeded to win again.

She will march around the stage once.

(The queen is thrilled.)

Using the center gate, which only the queen...

has the privilege to use, she will leave the stage.

Now, it's time to find out who he is.

Is he really the man of self-control and abstinence?

Let's check who he is.

Please move to the back of the stage. All right.

Now, Drum Man, please take off your mask...

and reveal your face.

(He's a singer with a mastery of various singing techniques.)

(He's an experienced singer who can manipulate the performance.)

(Is he a professional singer anyone would know?)

(Is he the man of abstinence who only exercises and sings?)

(With his provocative dance,)

(he made us feel uncomfortable.)

(Who is this witty man?)

Please reveal your face.

(They're surprised.)

He is...

He is...

He is...

(Who is he?)

Please reveal your face.

He is...

the eldest member of 2AM, Lee Chang Min.

(It's Chang Min!)

(We haven't seen him in a long time!)

(He's excited.)

My gosh, Chang Min.

Please say hi to the viewers.

Hello, I am Lee Chang Min. It's nice to see you all.

(He debuted in 2008 as a member of 2AM.)

(He is the eldest member and the lead vocalist.)

(He has a powerful voice that fills the entire stage.)

(His powerful singing ability cast away our prejudices...)

(about idol singers.)

(His group not only won on many music shows...)

(but also won numerous awards at year-end awards ceremonies.)

(They established themselves as a talented vocalist group.)

(He formed a duo called Homme with Lee Hyun.)

(And the duo instantly rose to stardom.)

(Later, he transformed himself into a musical actor.)

(Playing various characters, he expanded the genres he can play.)

(He can sing and act.)

(He's the new generation musical star who dominates the stage.)

(He has the voice everyone likes.)

(Chang Min is a vocalist with both power and emotions.)

Chang Min actually...

appeared on our show in episode three.

(He appeared on the show as That Pine Tree on Mount Nam.)

(But Gu Ra instantly uncovered him.)

(And he got eliminated on Round Two.)

- He drifted away at that time. - This show...

This show has been running for three years,

and he was in episode three.

He was That Pine Tree on Mount Nam.

That Pine Tree on Mount Nam.

Right. Right.

You said despite the fact that you've been here once,

our show doesn't feel like the same one you appeared on before?

At the time, I was...

- too caught up on winning. - Right.

I didn't think about my performance as much.

My sole purpose was to win.

This time, I wanted to make my performance nice...

and show you who I am as a singer.

- That made me really nervous. - Right.

Are you really interested in singing and exercising only?

That's not true.

- I love drinking beer. - Right.

That's all.

- That's all I can think about. - Your body...

has become very muscular unlike in the past.

It's not easy to make your legs muscular.

- People must be confused. - I...

In January, I exercised to lose weight,

and right now, I am gaining back the weight.

- The yo-yo effect has hit me. - Is that right?

That's why my body is big right now.

The yo-yo effect is in season.

I thought his body became big because of all the muscles.

But it turns out the yo-yo effect hit him.

- It hit me hard. - I see.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of you...

is the sentimental ballad songs.

But today you proved that you can rap well too.

Many people thought you were good.

Earlier, Kai mentioned this briefly.

Punk is actually my specialty.

Is it?

Since college, I've been into punk rock,

and I've sung a lot of songs in that genre.

That's why I chose a punk rock song...

- for my second performance. - I see.

I've been writing a lot of songs and song lyrics too.

One of the songs from "Goblin",

Eddy Kim's "You Are So Beautiful"...

was written by me. Both the music and the lyrics.

And I am writing songs for my album too.

I am working very hard in various aspects.

We can never forget his voice.

I didn't know on Round One.

But on Round Two, after hearing his voice...

and seeing him shaking his big body,

I realized it was him.

He's always very cheerful and witty.

I hope he will continue to come up with cheerful songs.

- Yes. - Thank you.

He put on such a rich performance,

and it was definitely worth giving the second shot.

He showcased not only a superb singing ability...

but also a variety of styles with his new performance.

Please give it up for him once again.

Thank you.

(We look forward to seeing various sides of you.)

I was so nervous. I knew most of the panelists.

But that made me realize...

how desperate I am.

It must've been my first recent performance...

I desperately wanted to do well.

It taught me that I can still be nervous on stage.

It made me feel once again that I am alive.

Hello, dear viewers. I am Lee Chang Min.

I'm trying to come back with even better music.

Please keep cheering for me. Thank you.

(Next week)

(Yes, it's me, Red Mouth.)


(Who is the former queen, Sunwoo Junga, cheering for?)

(The new contestants will stop the queen's 3rd victory.)

(Their talent makes us applaud them.)

(They have the singing ability, the voice we want to hear again,)

(and uncontrollable talent.)

(Something captures the panelists' eyes.)

(What was the thing that captured their attention?)

(It will be revealed next week!)