King of Beggars (1992) - full transcript

The spoilt son of a millionaire finds the love of his life, but she will only accept him if he proves himself as a kung-fu master. He enters and wins the "Kung-Fu Scholar" tournament, little realizing that this victory will lead to him becoming penniless, homeless and sleepy. One day, while sleeping under a tree, he encounters a beggar he helped when he was still rich...

Young master, we are ready

What's a hard job for you, young master

The towel, young master

What did he write?

His name!

Great! Young master knows how to
write his name!


Nice calligraphy

Get lost

Nice calligraphy! So Cha Ha Yee Chan!

It's reversed, Master

Chan Yee Ha Cha So

Good boy, but, don't be proud! Got me?

Dad, since the first
emperor of the Ching Dynasty,

our family

has been illiterate

But not, my son, that's your grandson,

he knows how to write his name!

Dad, it's very great!

He knows writing now,

he will be scholar one day

Now, he knows how to write his name,

he will have a son later

Young master, you should try hard to learn

Chan, I think, we should mount it


Professor, show it in some obvious places

By the way, one minute,

why don't you carry it with traditional
decoration in the street?

Let's go!

Chan, come and sit...

I am so pleased that you are that hard
working and filial

Listen to me, I am notorious of being
a spendthrift

My fortune is almost used up

If I die one day,

you should depend on yourself

I used to depend on myself

The cheques worth 100,000 taels!
Don't be an extravagant spender

Give me the imported hat

Where are you going? Chan!

I am having a grand birthday party tonight

How old are you?

25 years old. Come earlier

But you should dress up first

You are like beggar!

How can a beggar be that rich?!
I do want to be a rich beggar!

That fat-headed...

Come over here

What's the matter?

The invitation card of my son is great!

If I hold a birthday party in future,
I want a better invitation card!

Your Majesty, how do you think about
the Cantonese Opera?

For sure, it can't compete with Peking Opera!

But, I am appreciated to view this


Happy birthday to you, Mr So

I am homeless and sick...

I am poor, I am damn poor!

- Please give me some money
- Kidding? Damn you beggar!

How can you beg here?

Go to hell!

- Give him tips
- Yes, young master

Are you kidding? How can you give him tips?

A beggar is a man too

Everyone can come here
if he has money

Your living,

including the expenditure for hooking,
I will pay for you!

You pay it?

So what?


- Come into my room...
- Please follow me.

Mr So!


How are you, Madam Pimp?

It's very bad of you to call me that!

Just be frank, why not?

You should be frank!

Your hat, is like the mourning uniform!

Is your dad passed away?

I feel happy to talk in this way

Mr Chiu, you helped me to terminate
the Hairy Gang,

the emperor will give you award for this

I'll appreciate it if you

speak something nice in front of the emperor

Please have the towel

Mr So has come


This way...

Mr So, today is your big day,
you must be very happy!

We have some new girls,
you must be satisfied with it

What are they? Gold fish, or cooked fish?

What does that mean?

You idiot! Gold fish is for watching only

Cooked fish can be eaten

Cooked fish of course

You, cooked fishes, why don't you
come and serve Mr So?

Mr So, you are the superior master today

What kind of woman do you want? Just tell me

I won't mind, every women is just the same

Nothing special

Mr So, what's the matter?

I am attacked


Who dared so? I will hit that
bastard's mouth for you

She didn't use her mouth

She used her eyes

Tempting, and I smell blood
I haven't seen such eyesight before

Who is she?

Miss Yushang comes to be part time hooker only

Is Mr Chiu interested to sleep with her?

You should ask His Majesty first

How is it? Your Majesty?

We are friends, just go ahead if you want!

Mr Chiu, help yourself

Thank you then

The room service please

Yushang, come and greet Mr Chiu

Sister, he is the one we want

He killed dad

I know, stay calm

Let's go

- May I be excused
- Mr Chiu

Miss Yushang has arrived

How are you? Mr Chiu

A pretty woman!

Mr Chiu, about tonight...

100,000 taels

if Miss Yushang sleeps with our
young master tonight...

You are not welcomed

I am sorry, I am damn sorry

Don't you have any objection?

Let me say something fair

If any of you can offer more than 100,000 taels

Yushang will sleep with whom

Don't quarrel because of such
small amount, isn't it right?

Pal, you are a big spender

The cheque is too simple to me

I have a pearl which is granted by the
Royal family, it's invaluable!

I love the pearl more

Mr Chiu, I will wait you in my room

Does the pearl worth 100,000 taels?

Don't you think that's too little for you?

I love money too. But, I don't like you

You are frank! I love it very much

Mr So...

It doesn't matter,

I think, my hat doesn't match me

Yushang doesn't like me, I deserve it

I am glad you understand this

Don't worry, I have many pretty girls here

I trust your arrangement

None of my business

How bold are you?

Mantis Fist? It seems to be powerful


Keep this

See my Crane's Fists!

The Tiger's Claws!

How can a mantis fight with a tiger?

I know Tiger Claws and Crane's Fists too!

Well, try my mantis!


Your Tiger's claws are defeated

Actually it's not Tiger's Claws,

it's beggar's fists!

That's why it's too weak

You move fast!

It seems to be powerful...

Kid, you don't know how the wind blows

The general of Canton has arrived

Get lost...

Who dares bully my son, let me teach him a lesson


Don't panic, Chan who bullied you?

It's me who bullied others

What? You bullied others?

How much does he have?
Is he qualified to be bullied by you?

Master, they are the ones

Who are they?

Just take a look

The King of Iron Hat?

Send the gift


They send you so valuable present,
you'd stop bullying them

- Come on, give tips to the girl here
- Master

King of Iron Hat, Seng-ko-lin-ch'in
is written on the medal

How dare you seize the medal of His Majesty?

Cuff him

Hold it, according to the Ching's law,

Courtier is not allowed hooking

Now, you are in the brothel

Do you know you have committed the laws of Ching?

How about you?

- You mean me?
- Yes!

That's right, I come...

- to arrest...
- You!

- Him!
- Arrest him

I am the general of Canton,

so I should arrest those bad people

By the way...

What else? Go ahead

Today is the birthday of the Ex-Empress Dowager

So your crime is doubled

It may cause to capital punishment

Kill him...

According to the Ching laws,

anyone without a tail should be killed

So you...

Do you want to see my hair?

You can see as much as you want! Fat-headed

Cut the crap, just kill him

OK, it's finished

General So, let's play happily together,
so forget it

I haven't played!

Your Majesty,

a rascal has ruined the atmosphere here,

I should be blamed for poor arrangement

None of your business

Let's go

Master, you can't fool this guy. Let's go

OK, go

Just forget the trouble

Young master, your hat

He is great!

Uncle Mok, the dishes are all poisoned

Chiu assassinated our Master

and some generals of The Taiping Reign

And he framed us, the Beggars Association,
to be the assassinators

Thus made us

being despised by the world

Saying that we became the dogs of the government

I should ask him to pay for it

His initial power is harmful

Don't take action until he is trapped

Because we can't defeat him even
we group together

I will try my best to seduce him to the bed

Senior, somebody is coming

Get ready...

Miss Yushang, we meet again

Why do you come here? Where is Mister Chiu?

The pearl of Mr Chiu is broken

by Mr So and become pearl powder

I have drunk it

Don't judge Mr So from his hair,

he is really romantic and funny


Stop, I have taken his money,
100,000 taels you know?

I won't give it back

About the personality of Mr So...

Cut the crap, pimp!

Leave here first

Yes, you are right

- Miss Seven...
- Just accept this

Who is this guy?

I don't know

Miss, first of all, I have a good news to you

I love you

To me, this is a bad news

I know you will reply like this

Cut the crap

I wish to pay you 100 pearls

for you your company tonight

I don't want to talk to you

Please get out

I haven't chosen a wrong one

OK, I will drink this wine first


It surprised me


Hands off!

You know Kung-fu?

No, I don't know Kung-fu at all

I beg you, stop bothering me

I won't accompany you

Yushang, no one treats me like this

I have found that I am in love with you


I have been in love with you

Are you kidding?

I am not kidding, I decided to marry you

Are you nuts?


Are there anyone hiding here?

That's good, I want a witness

- Witness?
- Yes

I swear in front of your sword

I do want to marry Miss Yushang
as my wife, I am sincere

If I cheat, I will be killed by thunder

Sister, I feel excited for you


Don't you know it's that easy to be my husband?

How can I be your husband?

I want him to be the superior Kung-fu master

Be the top of all

Can you do that?

Let me think for one second

I can do it


Do it first and then look for me

Well, I think we should fix a date for our wedding

Because, this is too easy to me
to be the Kung-fu scholar!

OK, but you'd give me some time to consider it

No problem, I will wait for your answer
outside the garden

I won't leave until seeing you


We come for the Beggars Association,
those unrelated persons leave at once

Sir, the timing is fit

The road is safe now, please go

Good, very good

Let's go!

Shit, we are late

That Manchurian should be blamed


What's the matter?

The idiot is still there

Let's kill him

Forget it, he doesn't mean to bother us

Let him go

Are you fond of him?

What did you say?

I won't fall in love with anybody

until Chiu is killed

Especially him

Chiu is good at Kung-fu

Mok said, we can't defeat him unless
using the "Dragon Killing Palms"

So, I can never marry!

Let's go, if you want to marry

What evil are you? How dare you scare me?

Mr So, it's me!

You are the pimp?!


You have flat figure, where are your busts?

It's early in the morning,
they haven't waken up yet

It's lucky of you for not being killed

Don't go around if you haven't made up yet

I won't do it again

Stop waiting for Miss Yushang, she left


Where is she going?

She... she is going to Peking


Men should contribute to the country

Where should I put my pig-tail?

Swing and swing...

I pull it and play it...


I decided to join the examination for the
scholar of Martial Arts


I have been longing for this word for 25 years

For the family of us, you should do that

Don't misunderstand it, I do it not for no one

But for a woman

What a hero!

For a girl, you want to be the scholar
of Martial Arts!

Who is that girl?

The hooker of Yee Hung Brothel, Miss Yushang

For a hooker?

What's wrong with it?

You have different taste, you are great!

I am admiring you!

I will accompany you to Peking

2, 3, 4, 5, 6

I am coming

Young master is going for the examination,
let's move to Peking too

Stop chasing,

we won't take the hens with us

Be careful!

If you break my stuff,
I will teach you good lesson

Be careful!

Good morning dad

Good morning

You want to move everything to Peking?


Please leave me a clothe

You are only a kid, you don't need this

But I am not small

Are you bigger than mine?

You despise me!

Mine will be bigger than yours one day

Let's find something, say trousers to cover it

I don't want to see it

Why are you standing here for?
Why don't you remove it?

It's a hard job to remove such a big house!

Please, work hard men!

Ready, 1, 2, 3, push!


Be careful!

Tie it well...

Master, do you want to move the tree too?


or how can I eat Lychee in Peking?

Push it over...

Be careful

Take care of my Lychee, you fat headed!

Chiu helped me to terminate

the Hairy Gang in Kwangsi

So I bring him here to greet Your Majesty

Fine, I am now appointing you to be
the Deputy Secretary

Hope you will serve our Ching Dynasty

Thank you, Your Majesty

Your Majesty, Mr Chiu is a magician

Why don't you ask him to show you something?


Mr Chiu, then show me your magic

Yes, Your Majesty

There is nothing surprising, go


I am sorry for scaring you

If this girl is real, that's fantastic!

Hurry up!

What's the matter?

Come on, go in

What's the matter?

Hide in

Get ready, young master

Come on

Freeze, don't move

Sweet smell, are you Piu Hung?

You are great! I love it


So big! You must be Small!

You are bad, how can you say so to me?

You are big!

What? Pregnant woman? You can't cheat me

You are dad

How bad are you, how can you guess that?

Good boy

I wanted to trick you actually,
you are really smart

Young master has to join the examination tomorrow,

stop playing

Get out...

Chan, have you prepared

for your examination?

What should I prepare?
I must win, don't you know that?

Yes I do!

I have faith in you from seeing your behaviour!

Chan, this is Uncle Cheng

He will be the examiner

Say hello to Uncle Cheng

How are you, Uncle Cheng?


Doesn't he seem to be the winner?

It depends on the fate

Cheng, I've asked someone

to finish the papers which you gave me

Will the questions be changed?

Don't worry about the question paper

But about the test of arrows shooting,

riding, boxing and weapons...

He should try his best

Don't worry

My son is keen in martial arts

So, can I deduct some from the payment
of 2 million taels?

We are friends, but that is business

Let the Horse teams be the pioneer

The arrows teams go side ways,
the gunmen stay back

The candidates come in

I can't lift it

I don't want to waste my force

Shameless? Damn you!

Oh, 10 marks

The final race now starts

The candidates,

Po Ye Tat Tor from Mongolia


And So Cha Ha Yee Chan from Canton

Last call

So, one to ten Po, one to one

Are you kidding, how can the betting rates
differ so much?

One to ten for Chan? Kidding?

Why don't you have faith in Chan?

That is, Chan defaulted in weight lifting

Look, Po entered the final race

with full marks, it differs

It's an examination of the Scholar of
Martial Arts, not king of coolie

It's meaningless to be the champion
of weight lifting

- You shouldn't put it that way
- What?

He is smart

I've studied this race for a long time

I feel strange about the rate too

Po is smart and strong

But see the sweat of his neck

I think it's because he is getting tired


But this So

What do you thing?

He has been disappointing the audience

But he has achieved very hard


He tried very hard

So I want to bet on him

How much do you want to bet?

800,000 taels

Why not 2 million taels?

What? Why are you so optimistic about Chan?

You have good analyze

I feel Chan

will be the champion

Come on

I want to bet more on him


2 million taels!

How generous!

Why don't you bet?

Why should I bet? He is my son

Shit, I miss one thing out of my calculation


The blood

Here comes the Examiner

What? Isn't Cheng the examiner?

Please take a seat


What's the problem?

He is the uncle of Po

Let's start


They should act 2 more marks for that
powerful shoot

I do think so

So's arrow isn't on the target,
Po won this section

Kidding? Damn you! They are cheating

The candidates please get on the horses

Mr Chiu

Take these with you, may be you will
find them useful

Here comes the 2nd round

They trick again

It's corrupt! May I give up the betting?

Chan won this race

Did you tear the ticket?

Not yet

Are you kidding?

Once again?!

OK, let's start from the very beginning,
I'll fight with single hand and leg

I won't take your advantage

How can you use such dirty stance?

Have you waken?

Bravo! He won

Have some tea

All the best!

What did you say?

It's English

There is no regulation stating that
weapon is not allowed

You fell down first, Po is the winner again

Damn you Cheng! You betrayed me!

I will beat you to death

if I see you again

Forget it, you won't see him anymore


I am now going to kill him!

I don't have 2 million to lose!

Just kidding

You shameless

Po is the Scholar of Martial Arts

I did win! Objection

What are you doing?

The dart is poisoned

He deserves it!

He was poisoned by his own dart

Well, my son will be the Scholar then

I am going to be rich!


You... You...

Thank you, my ancestors!

You have good judgment

Sir, His Majesty wants to
appoint the title himself


I want to take some statement from you as record

You won this time, who are you going to thank?

Miss Yushang!

Is Miss Yushang his mom?

Long life to you!

Please get up

Thank you

Who is the new Scholar of Martial Arts?

Your Majesty, So Chan from Canton
is the Scholar this year

Your Majesty, I am So Cha Ha Yee Chan

Your Majesty, I want to report something

Go ahead

I have found that. So is illiterate

So how could he answer the
question paper of strategy?

That should be tricks

Take the stationery out!


So Cha Ha Yee Chan, write your name now

Thank God, he knows how to write his name!

He can write his name!

I don't know how to write

That's shit!

Kill him now

No! No!

Your Majesty, I am the one who cheated

It's none of his business

Just chop me to death

No, you should kill me

Sorry dad

I don't know how to write my name

Stop, I have known it already

Your Majesty, I should be killed

- Kill me
- No, kill me

- Kill me.
- Your Majesty, you'd better kill me

Shit, are you giving order?

You two co-operated to cheat me

The Secretary for Justice,
announce the penalty for them

Come out! Hurry up

I am here!

He is the Secretary for Justice

So's family should be sentenced to death

But their ancestors achieved a lot
to Ching, they can be exampled

But, their fortune should be forfeited

Have you carried out any military duty?

I haven't gone back to my camp for
7 years, I haven't done anything

So, he didn't miscarry out any duty

So, the maximum penalty

is forfeiture of property only

What? Are you sure?

I am fair

I judge it from the Law Book

Can I add something?

Sure, since you are the Emperor

I want them to be beggars for the rest
of their lives

Why couldn't you find out

they cheated during the examination?

Luckily Chiu reported it to me on time

Chiu, you would be rewarded

I am wandering...

That's the spirit tablet of my dad,
do you want to take it too?

It's useless for you

How poor are we...

I am thinking of my better half...

Young master,

from now on,

you'd be hard working to learn how to write

But I can't sell the affection...


I will learn it

I regret that...

Master, I will take good care of little turtle

I am sorry

We haven't given birth to any baby of yours

It doesn't matter

It's all my fault

If I did better, you could have many babies

But I think Chan is enough for me

Why are you standing here? Go now

Master, we are leaving

We are leaving, master

Go, go now

We are free

I feel so happy

How happy are we!

Go in...

Hurry up...

Why are they so happy?

I am very happy

Please go in...


Damn sequestration, I wanna cry, my son

Hold it, don't lose our face

Keep on laughing

Son. Have you kept any money?

No, how about you?

I forgot that

Shit, damn sequestration!

Be merciful, please give money to us

Son, that guy is like dad

You mean the one who sings?

No, the one who pays

He is more disgusting than the one who sings

Not exactly, he is smart

Dad should be blamed

I always called you beggar

Now, it becomes true

What's wrong with you?

The emperor wants us to be beggars

Do you think we'd be beggars?

I am smart, I am keen in kung-fu fighting

Even the Gods won't let me be beggars

That's true

Am I like beggar?


Buy something to eat, you beggars

You treat us as beggars?

Damn you!

It's weird! Let's eat

Chan, since we have nothing to do

Let me take a seat, may be we can
have something to eat tonight

You are treating yourself a beggar?

Dad, don't worry

I need no begging for money

How can you get money if you don't beg?

Just ask someone to give us money

Pal, may I know your name?

Nau Tai Chung

Do you have money?

- Yes
- Just give it to me


Thank you

Why should I give you money?

Why do you ask so many questions?

But I should know the reason

Anyway, you should pay it

No, let's fix it up first

Just give it to us, why are you asking so much?

Hands off

You mean robbing?


I am not robbing, I am begging

Begging? How dare are you, you beggar,
you are cheating me!

Don't you think I am stupid? I am smart, you know?

Hey, two days passed,

It's cold and I am hungry now

Have you had any idea?

I have a friend's girl-friend

who is living in Peking

She always admires you


Yes, if you are willing to date her

I think she will help us to go back to Canton

But, you have to sacrifice

Do you mean...

For our family, just as you said

I know it's very hard for you

Cut the crap, let's go and find her

I have arranged it

The one wearing red dress who stands
under the lantern, that's her


It's a benefit of you!

Why don't you go yourself?

Chan, I haven't tried this before

Be careful!

Don't worry

I'll take care of you

You want to earn money for shark-fins, right?


Get lost...

No show here

We just want to earn some money

to go back to Canton

Don't be that mean to us

It's the Royal instruction that,

the So's family'd be beggars for life

You two can only be beggars

I am carrying my duty only Men!

- Yes!
- Remove all the things



Master Chiu, it's hard for one to carry it

Ask more men to remove it


What do you want?

- No, we can't move it
- Let me do it

You want a fight, don't you?

Last time you can escape from Yee Hung Hostel

But you won't be that lucky this time

He is powerful!

I've to defeat him by one powerful strike

I can't give him another chance to counter attack


Your legs and hands are all broken by me

You will be cripple for the rest of your life

You want to fight? Not now!

But, you can beg for money

Be a good beggar

Go, go away...

Don't panic, Chan, it's OK

Don't panic, you'll be alright... Chan!

Don't panic

I went to the examination hall

with my son,

don't you know who was the examiner?

He is Seng-ko-lin-ch'in, that bastard

He was the enemy of us!

About our story...

Let me stop here first, I want a smoke

It's better to smoke now

Yes, it's better

We let him go in

the Yee Hung Brothel

But he framed us in return

He tricked my son

during the examination

But, my son was really smart and great

To be the greatest Kung-fu fighter, invincible

Be the top

Can you do that?



Come back to me if you can do that

I think we should fix our wedding date first

Because being the scholar is too simple to me

Write your name at once

I don't know how to write

Chan, what's wrong with you?

Nightmare again?

Don't think so much!

Although you have taken 2 months' rest,

your legs and hands have not been
totally recovered

- Mr. Ha Yee
- Coming

I am going to beg for food

I will make the last herbal tea for you later

Dad, you go begging again?

This job should leave to me

You are the Scholar...

Chan, to be a beggar,

there is some lessons!

You can't just show your hand and beg for money

At least you should have a bowl,
that represents your class

Is it ridiculous?

Hurry up

I am coming

We can't beg for good if we are late!


You not a master now.

Give me money please

Go, go, I won't give you money

Go, don't stop me from doing business

Chan, dad is leaving

Thank you...

Are you that mean?

Why don't you write it yourself?

You are off duty, so I just want to lend it

Don't you think I am idiot?


What are you doing?

I am cold... I am cold... Chan

No, your body is as hot as fire

Are you sick?

I am not...

It's late

I have to search for food

Lie down, I will go this time

Are you go for begging?

I have my own way to get food

Take a rest now

I will take you to the doctor after
getting some money

You bastard, why don't you eat?

You should eat more so as to be strong!

Finish it

No, I am full

You should take all the food

OK, just forget it, let's go home

Come on, eat them all

Little kid!


- May I...
- No

Be merciful!

Be merciful to me please

My dad is dying!

Beggar, do you want the broken carbon?

Thank you

Can you give me some coins?

It's you!

No, you have mistaken

Sister, it's him

No, no

Sister, he is So Chan


Miss, who are you looking for?

I am sorry, I have mistaken

Tracy, take some dumpling out

You have mistake, he is not So Chan

You are like my friend

Come to get some dumplings if you
get nothing to eat

We always have surplus


Take it

Thank you...


he wouldn't be that poor if not were you

Dad, what are you doing?

I can't stand the hunger

So I bit the dumpling of the kid

I have dumpling, take it back

Could I pay you another head

if I chopped yours

Are you the Scholar?

Yes, are you the Scholar?

I was nearly the Scholar

He is the Scholar!

We should give him face

Thank you

Hold it

Are they going to treat me some food?

The dog's rice

Sir, I will let your dad go if you eat
the dog's rice now

What's the matter?

Come on

Chan, don't eat that

You can't face the others if you eat this

Let's forget about me

Sir, I was a general in Canton

So what?

Stop fighting

Stand properly

The Scholar eats the dog's food

Dad. It's quite delicious

Try some. Come on

It's delicious, isn't it?

Dad, look!

There is a slice of meat here

It's pock chop!

They are as hungry as dogs!

Enjoy the dog food!

Hurry, finish it

That's too delicious!

I want to save it for midnight snack

It's very clever of you!

You deserve to be beggars

The Scholar is eating dog's food

Come on, let's go and eat the man's food

Uncle So!

You are...

My dad was the Master of the
Beggar's Association

Why don't you join our Beggar's Association

Uncle Mok, isn't it a good idea?


Isn't it the association for beggars?


That's right, we are being beggars

It's wise to join the Beggars' Association
so as to be taken care

Chan... where is that fool going?

Where is Chan?

OK, we will join you!

Chan... Chan...

Yushang, good year!

Uncle Mok, happy new year!

This is for you

Thank you

One clothe is for you
and the other is for Chan

Thank you. Put it down first

Do you have any coins?


- Give them to me, come on
- What for?

It's new year, you should receive red pocket

Come on, happy new year

Good year!

- Wish you ever beauty
- Thank you

Uncle Mok, we needn't give red
pocket to each other

How about Chan


He is still sleeping

Don't wake him up

I will cook you some new year cake

Let me help you

How can he sleep on the 1 st day of this year?

He is useless

Are you all here?

To fight against Chiu, we need a union of
the Beggar's Association

So we must choose a new master to
in-charge the association


To defeat the Lotus position of the three seniors

You should try your best

Uncle, I don't have faith to defeat them

Judging from my kung-fu now,

how can I defeat them and become the new master?

Take this Taiwan pill, after this,
your power will be improved

No, this is the only medicine to cure
your inner injury

How can I take this?

Don't worry,

you can ask my son to fight for you

He was a scholar of Martial Arts



Look at him, he is so lazy,

he knows sleeping only

He is not even qualified to be beggar!

Don't be that frank, can you?

Don't shout that loudly, OK?

Chan, no matter how they despise you,

I have faith on you

Although you lost your power

With your background,

only you try hard,

you can achieve something

But I am now powerless,
I don't want to fight again

You have power!

Come on, beat me

See, that was powerful

Well, being a people...

Forget it, don't waste time

Why don't you let me sleep?

Why did you lock the door?

Enjoy sleeping

Son, I tried very hard to get this for you

Try hard to practise, be good

Why do you go up?

Even you want me to practise Kung-fu,

you should give me a waddy first

I am sorry, catch it

Before being appointed important task,

God will give you severe
training for soul and flesh.

Did you write it?

It's ugly, it's right to wipe it away

Hey, beggar?


Me too


- Are there anything to eat?
- No

Luckily, I have

See your look, it's a waste for you not to beg

None of your damn business

You are too lazy to be a beggar!

Your fellows despise you

I was always respected by others

But now, I am despised

Dislike from you,

no one respected me before

Listen to me. Don't go!

I remembered once in Canton

A fool paid my living, including hooking

What a weird man

Kid, I remembered you

Me too

Hey, hurry up

Repay my money, I am in urgent need

If I had money,

I wouldn't be beggar!

But, don't worry, you were my benefitor,

I will repay you one day

Thank you very much

But, you can't buy back what you lost

even you have money again

What did I lose?

Pride and faith

And your woman too

Who are you?

I am Hung Yat-sun, nicked name Old Bag Sun

I am the most senior one among the beggars

It's good to be beggar

You can do everything you want

You can do the same

Tell me, what do you want?
I will make your wish come true

I want to be human again

Don't you think you are not human like?

Not at all

So you have to be beggar now

Very good! Very good!

But I won't cheat you, from your head to toes

Every parts of you are beggar like

So what?

That means, you will be beggar for your life

I don't want to talk to you, I want a sleep first

Don't go, you can achieve in your profession

From my judgment,

you will be the king of beggars

King of beggars, what does that mean?

That is beggar

I won't care who you are,
I just want to stop the conversation

Please step aside, don't stop me from sleeping

Damn you!

No... I just want to sleep

with you


Kid, see you in the dream

Before the Buddha, the Disciples
returns to your position

To suppress the dragon and tight

So Chan, you enjoyed the prosperity of the world

And you tasted the bitter fruit of the world too

Now you regretted

On behalf of Master Hung

I appoint you to be the "Sleeping Disciple"

Now, I will teach you the
"Sleeping Disciple's Fist"!

Hope you can make good use of it Come on


The bitter pasted

Long life to you...

Here comes the white Goat

My mother, give me power

To save the people!

Tomorrow the Emperor will go hunting

I will send him a pretty girl,
so as to get close to him

Yuen Ling, you should seduce him tomorrow


If we can kill the Emperor,

I can take over his reign

I will give you a share of wealth!

Long life to you


Let's go back now


Let's go!


- Let's chase them
- Stop!

The Emperor is setting off soon

You killed woman...

You should replace her to be
a gift to the Emperor!

No one dares come up to fight for the leadership?

Ask Mok to give us the "Dog Hitting Waddy"!

Where have they been?

I don't know,

I saw them chat,

then they went away

Are there any affair between them?

Now, we are going to choose the new leader

Uncle Mok...

I am scared,

I think you won't come back

- How is it?
- Where is sister?

Your sister is caught by Chiu

We'd find someone to compete for the leadership

Who should go?

I'll do it

Uncle Mok

Why don't you let me try?


you are not qualified, come down

Since you don't have a good candidate,
I'll give you some advantage

Chan, it's not a game

You will be killed, come down

It doesn't matter, I have forgotten
my life already

Bull shit, throw him to death

Well, I will make your wish come true

What is he doing?


Isn't this stance...

Uncle Sun's "Sleeping Disciple's Fists'?

Set the position!

Is it dawn?

I am sorry!

I won

What is the use for defeating us?

You don't know how to use the
"Dog Hitting Waddy".

You are not qualified to be the leader of us

"Dog Hitting Waddy"?

It's for hitting dogs

I do know how to use this waddy!

But it's dislike from the standard stances!

It's quite powerful!

He broke the waddy!

He broke the treasure of our Association,
let's kill him!

I am Master Hung, who dares go against me?

I set the rules of the association

Any student who defeated the Lotus Position

could be the leader

Have you all forgotten?

We becomes the biggest association

because of being united

I left you the "Dog Hitting Waddy",

is just for memory

The waddy is meaningless

But you fools take this as treasure

And fight among yourselves for this damn waddy!

In these five years, you have had no
leader, don't you feel shy?

So Chan broke the waddy,

so you won't fight for this anymore

He is correct to do so

This youngster is so junior,

but he is a genius, a smart ass

He is being taught by my disciple Hung Yat Sun

Who doesn't respect him is going against me too

You should respect him,

your new leader, and you'd love him,

whole-heartedly, to care much for him,
maybe, treat him dinner

Then, although I am in heaven,

I will bless all of you, all the best

Isn't it true?

You'd better trust it

Master Hung's soul talked to us,

we are blessed

They are easily to be cheated,
I am really a genius!

We'll have better living

What happened?

Let's greet the new Master


Uncle Mok, my son is really great!

I can't guess you have learn the
"Sleeping Disciple's Fists"?!

From now on, you are the new leader of us

This is the book of "Dragon Suppressing Stances"

And, I will give you the Taiwan Pill

Hope you will be a good leader

I just want to save Yushang as soon as possible

Yushang didn't make a wrong choice

Bravo! Bravo!

Uncle Mok, how are you?

Uncle Mok!

Uncle Mok...


do you understand everything written in this book?

Don't think that I am so foolish

After getting the help of Taiwan Pill

My initial power is increased

I can control the 17th stances

But the last stance,

there is no picture or description of it

I can't understand at all

But Uncle Mok is dead, what'll we do now?

Just go ahead

No matter how, I have to save Yushang first

Check whether the camp is ready or not?



why do you bring this woman here?

I know the Emperor loves pretty woman

So I want to send him this gift

And I want to meet him too

There is no order from the Emperor

Men, come and take this woman to the camp



Sir, you look great!

I think you should go back

to your own position


Your Majesty,

Officer Chiu brings this woman to you


Chiu knows my hobby!

I want to take a bath first, bring her to me later


This bastard wants to see the Emperor,

if I let him see His Majesty oftenly,
my post will be taken away



- Check what had happened
- Yes

Sir, there are many people coming from the forest

Who are they?

I don't know!

Release the alarm smoke

Be alert


There is smoke ahead, let's get armed


Damn you beggars

So Chan, what are you doing?

Nothing, I just want to beg for money

Shit, do you want to be killed

It's you who will be killed

Chiu wants to raise a rebel,

he is going to assassinate the king

You fat-headed

Who do you think you are?

How dare you frame the courtier?

I will kill you if you step forward

Chan, how can we fight with them?

- Senior
- Yes

Where are the rest of our men?

They are coming

We have no time,

you stay here to wait for the others

I will go first

I will follow

Be serious

Master, don't worry

Am I going to die?

Say something lucky, OK?

Sure! Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you...

That's enough

I haven't finished

- Go on after I left
- Sure

There is smoke ahead,
someone must have alarmed them

- Get ready the Unicom Smoke
- Yes

Attack the main camp

Rebel! Help!

They should be killed

The one who didn't kill you should be killed

Shit, the poisoned smoke

is blowing to the Royal camp

No, the wind direction changed

Yes, wait for me

If the beggars don't retreat now,
we will kill with no mercy

Have a look

The Unicom Smoke of the Tin Li Sect

Be calm, urine is the antidote to the poison

Come and piss

How about me?

Don't worry, I can give you some urine

Come on, hold it

Rush in!

How is the situation?

Thanks for Your Majesty's luck,
the wind direction changed

The smoke is going to the other direction

How about our armies?

They are all dead

Take me the sword

Don't... don't!

Get lost! Get lost!

Your Majesty, it's dangerous, don't go!

Get lost, don't you want
to wait for death, get lost

You are ordered to get away

You can't go!

Protect me



How did you get here?

It's a long story

We left our base last night

We reached the Great Wall

this morning

We stayed one hour for lunch

I pissed once

- Really?
- Yes

Then I want to eat a sweet potato

But only dumpling left

You know, I don't like eating dumpling

I am late to save you, please forgive me

To protect the Emperor


You betrayer!

Catch him

Your Majesty

You bastard, give your kingdom to me

What are you telling him?

It's you

Yes, I am Beggar So

Why don't you sleep in your hut?

Well, I am a little bit sleepy

"Sleeping Disciple"?

Yes. Look at you, you are like beggar too

Are you interested to join us?

I can't guess you could recover!

Yes, it's all because of you

Did you generate all your force? I didn't

Fool, only the "Dragon Suppressing
Stances" scare me

I won't give a damn to any other stances

"Dragon Suppress Stances"

"Dragon in the sky"

"Dragon swings its tail"

"Dragon steals the heart"

Dragon swims, dragon in the field,

dragon dances...

Dragon's descendant,

dragon's wish...

Dragon's spirit, dragon's couple


You can't finish the last stance,

you can defeat me

after learning the 18th stance

But you have no chance


I've got it. Just mix the 17 stances,

it's the 18th stance then

I am too smart!

The 18 stance, "It's a regret to kill the Dragon"!

Chan, are you alright?

See, don't you think I am alright?

Your post is really smart

But your look is awful!

Idiot, I am fine

I can marry tonight

You are great!

Chan! Are you okay?

Where is Chiu?

He is around


He became ash

Damn it!


Chiu's fellows are all caught by us

Thank you, buddies


We have an agreement, do you remember?

Yes, be the top of all


But, I can't be the Scholar

But I don't like Scholar at all

I love beggar

You first, I will go after you

you are really a fool

You bring a thief to harm me

Now, you are titled to be a beggar

You have potential to be beggar

Report duty in the temple tomorrow

If there anyone bullies you,
just tell them my name

Thank you, thank you master

So Chan, what do you want as reward?

Don't you have anything to tell me?

Nothing special, let's go

Pick me up

Mister So!

Put me down

Although you have saved me,

if you don't respect me, I will kill you

If so, you needn't squat and talk to me

Don't move, it'll attract their attention

Actually we have no relation,

we have nothing to chat

You have billions of fellows

Your force makes me worry

The number of fellow doesn't depend on me,

but you


If you are great, making the
society peace and wealthy,

no one wishes to be beggar, right?

- It's reasonable
- Be smart


give me some face


Long life...

- Your Majesty
- Get up

Pal, do you know me?

Of course! You beggar

You beg with your girl, you think I'll
give you money out of mercy?

Yes, please give me money

No mercy, go away

No, you should pay me

It's a must, pal

A must? Kidding?

It's true, be quick

It's bad luck to meet you



See my family? Give more

How much?

Not less than a thousand, got me?

Say thank you now

Thank you, uncle

Hurry up

Follow me... go...