Kim Possible (2019) - full transcript

Everyday teen hero Kim Possible (Sadie Stanley) and her best friend Ron Stoppable (Sean Giambrone) embark on their freshman year of high school, all while saving the world from evil ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Subtitles by explosiveskull

So, a few years ago,

I accidentally received
a distress call.

I was done with
my homework, so...

I answered it.

Now, I save the world.

Okay, here's the sitch.

A big-deal slime scientist
has been captured

by the evil Professor Dementor,
and I'm gonna rescue him.

Who am I?

I'm Kim Possible.

I've done everything
you've asked.

I formulated the world's most
dangerous disintegrating slime.

Please, please let me go!

I miss my wife, and my kids,
and my mold spores.

My dear Doctor Glopman.

You say this is
the "Uber Slime."

Let's... make... sure.

I need backup!






This is Ron Stoppable.

Best friend and best sidekick.


Are we winning?

Ron, look at the hench-dudes
you took out.


Ron, you've done it again.



I'm sure Dementor
didn't see that.


Uhh... Uhh...

Ron, run!


Okay. Might have
seen that.


I've got a target lock.

Here, uh, see for yourself.

That's our friend, Wade.

Resident tech genius.

He graduated from college
when he was 10.

Professor Dementor has the
scientist chained up on level 6.

You better hurry!

Come on, Ron.
Let's do this.



The world is mine!

What? What?

Why is it turning
all pink and sparkly?

I don't know, it's probably
just a byproduct

of the disintegration process.

I cannot take over the world
with the pink and the sparkles.

Everybody will make the fun.

How? They'll all be

As will you,
Doctor Smartypants.


Oh, no.

Engage the painfully slow
descending hook...

into your slimy doom.

Please, please don't
do this!

Please, be reasonable.

Oh, my strap is itchy.

Please, get me out of here!

Slime's up,
Professor Dementor.



Get her!

Go! Go! Go!

Ron, unhook the dock.

I'll take the goons.

Go faster, hook.

Crush her!

Ron, grapple me.




Ha! What will you do without
your grappling hook, Fraulein?

Oh, that... that is
what you will do, oh.

You have to push in,
and turn.

Push in and turn
at the same time.

stop that clumsy boy.

What are you doing
back there?

I'm saving you.

Uh, help?


Help! Help!


Woah, help us!



Come on, doc, we gotta
get out of here.

No, I can't.

There's a world-ending supply
of deadly slime here.

We must destroy it.

Wade, I know we gotta fly,

but I need you to see if there's
a self-destruct button


sequence initiated.

Enjoy your death.

Found it.

Looks like I have
the only escape pod.

Hey, Wade.

Re-route that puppy to
the nearest police station.

With pleasure.

What... wait?

Nein, no!

No! Nooooo!

Nein! No!


Kim, 30 seconds
'til self-destruct.

We gotta go, come on.

Take this. Ron and I
can share.

And from now on,

I will only use my slime
for the good of humanity.

Maybe the occasional kids'
award show.

Drone mode, Wade.

Let's get Doctor Glopman
to safety.

Can do.



Uh, Kim, remember what happened
to our only other jetpack?

Okay. I have a plan.


Wade, remote fire
Ron's jetpack.

On it!

Hey, Kim?

When I told you that one time
I'd jump off a cliff for you,

I didn't expect it
to happen.


♪ Oh yeah yeah! ♪

♪ I'm your basic average girl ♪

♪ And I'm here to save
the world ♪

♪ You can't stop me 'cause ♪

♪ I'm Kim Possible ♪

♪ There is nothing I can't do ♪


♪ And when danger calls ♪

♪ Know that I am
on my way ♪

♪ On my way ♪

♪ It doesn't matter
where or when ♪


♪ There's trouble ♪

♪ If you just call my name ♪

♪ Kim Possible! ♪

So, what's the sitch?

♪ Call me
beep me, ♪

♪ If you want
to reach me. ♪

And in Europe last night,

teen hero Kim Possible capturd
her 14th villain this year.

I am an innocent escape
pod enthusiast!

This is police harassment!


No wonder Kimmy got in
so late.

I'm glad she's home
safe and sound.

I'm worried about her not
getting enough sleep.

Yeah, well...

Or dissolving in slime.



Jim, Tim?

Our bad, Mom and Dad.

Still working out
some bugs.

Well, I should make sure
our gal isn't too tired

from her mission to
wake up for school.

Kimmy Anne, the bus
is almost here.


The bus will be here
in six minutes.

You're looking swell today,
Dr. P.

Thank you, Wade.

Now, log off. This is
a girls only convo.

Over and out.

Ah, this is the big day.

You feel ready?

I'm so excited.

I finished all
my summer reading,

like, two weeks ago.

I've done a VR walkthrough of
the school so I don't get lost.

Oh, and my cheer squad
audition routine is,

if I do say so myself,

Okay, well, I guess that
answered my...

Oh, and look.

I picked out and sorted all of
my outfits for the month.

Wow, for the first month?

Oh, and I memorized
my teacher's names,

their birthdays,
their food allergies,

just in case we want
to get them a gift.

Okay, Kimmy, honey...

Oh, and this morning,

I started prepping for
my midterms and finals,

cause they're only four
and eight months away.

Can't be too prepared.

Right, yeah...

So you've been really
busy since...?

3:00 AM.

Well, 4:00 AM.

I took a little nap after saving
the world from slimy doom.

Sit down, my little hummingbird.


What's up?

My sweet girl.

I just... I want you
to know that,

that high school can be
kind of daunting.

It's okay if you don't figure
it all out on the first day.

Don't worry, I've allowed myself
the morning of day two as well,

for wiggle-room.

Day two?


Mom, don't worry.

I'm Kim Possible.

I handle things.

It's what I am,
it's what I do.

Sweetie, just know that we're
here for you if you need...

more wiggle room.

I've got the genes
of a rocket scientist

and a black belt
brain surgeon.

I think I'll survive
Middleton High.



Sorry. I just got a GPS lock
on the school bus.

Departure in three minutes.

Perfect. Activate
the window, please.

Okay, mom.
I gotta go.


Don't worry.

Besides, it's just high school.

How hard can it be?

Kim, the bus is
on your street now.

...Romantic walk and it
was the cutest thing.

Then we saw this house
over there...


So she has the most

Oh, my gosh!

Thank you, Kim.

No problem.

The doors are closing!


nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four, three...

Made it.


Kim Possible...

You defeated my giant robot.

You blew up my private island,
and now,

I'm stuck here thanks to you.

But I have you in my grasp, now.

And there is no escape.

Into the alligator pit with you.

No, Doctor Drakken.
Please, show mercy.

No mercy.



Did I catch you at a sad time,

Don't sneak up on me like that,

And, for your information,

this is a scale model
revenge simulator.

It's a dolly and a toilet.

Did you enact my instructions?

Yes, and followed all the dumb
requests you sent me

while you were on this...

I don't know, enforced vacation
for the last year?

It was just as annoying as
working with you in person.

So good to see you, too.

You do know this jailbreak
is time sensitive?

Could we move this along?

Let's go!

Why do you need
all that garbage?

For my plan... be the world's
greatest evil-doer.

And what about Kim Possible?

The world's greatest


Your end is...

No, no, no.



Stoppable here
at Middleton High.

Ron, you are not livestreaming
our first day of school.

And we are live.

This is Kim Possible.

We're both a little cranky after
saving the world last night.

I'm so not cranky.

I feel great.




Welcome to high school,
my little freshman. Oh!

Hi, Bonnie.

I missed you last year.

Oh, well, I'm here now.

And I want you to think of me
as your sophomore big sister.

An astonishingly popular
big sister.

That's Bonnie.

She and Kim have hated
each other

for longer than
they've been alive.

Who's he blabbering to?

Besides everyone, constantly.

Ron happens to be livestreaming
to thousands of devoted fans.

Okay, Mom. Gotta go.

Mom? Mom?

Huh. Guess she signed off.

Almost forgot,

When are cheerleading tryouts?


You want to cheer at school?

Yeah, go hang out with
the losers in Lowerton.

Here at Middleton High,
we're about one thing.

This is a soccer school.

Tryouts are after class,
if you're feeling brave.

You can't use
your hands!

'K, thanks, bye.

"K, thanks, hi."

Make it quick, Wade.

We gotta get to homeroom.

Remind me to tell you something
about that later.

Anyway, I don't know
if you've heard,

but Shego sprang Drakken
from the joint.


No big.

You've captured
that dude more times

than I've tripped over
my own shoelace!

Want me to run a suspicious
activity sweep

over all known lairs, Kim?

Please and thank you.

And, what did you want
to tell us about homeroom?

Oh yeah.

It's on the other side
of the school.

No, it's not.

I did a VR walkthrough.

No, they renumbered the
classrooms over the summer.


In conclusion, it's best
to abandon any hope of joy,

and find meagre satisfaction
in monotony.

Oh. You must be Possible
and Stoppable.

You must recognize us
from the news.


I recognize you from this,
because you are late.

We got a little turned around,
Mr. Barkin.

Nobody told us they renumbered
the classrooms.

Ah. I did that.

Keeps you kids on your toes.

On your tippity-tippities.

That's... not really fair.

It takes me 90 minutes to
prepare Lady Whiskerboots

her low-carb, high-protein

but that doesn't stop me
from being on time.

Isn't that right,
Lady Whiskerpuss?

Yes, it is.
Oh, yes it is.

Purr, purr.

Ew... Stop.

Ugh, anyway, seeing as
it's your first day at school,

I'm willing to show a little
uncharacteristic mercy.

But, I've got my eyes
on both you troublemakers.

One each.

We're not troublemakers.

We're trouble stoppers.

Haven't you ever seen us
do good stuff on TV?

Ah, we-

Mr. Barkin?

Maybe we, uh...




We gotta get to
our first class.

Where is it?


The other side of the school.

Get me a blueprint of any
and all vents, tunnels,

and roof access points.

Comin' at ya.

Let's roll.

Kim, jump in there.



How are you here?

Is your name Kim Possible

because it's impossible
for you to be on time?

Mr. Barkin?

Yeah, that's me.

I'm subbing for Mrs. Bailey,
she's off on eternity leave.

You mean maternity?

No. I mean she's gone,
and she ain't comin' back.



"Gee, thanks for setting up
this awesome lair

"in my absence, Shego?"

That's you.


It's wonderful how we used
to have our own entire island,

and now we're squatting
in a pile of garbage

vaguely shaped like
the building.

Look at Duff Killigan's

He has an underwater base.

Señor Senior, Senior
has an active volcano.

I used to have an island.

'Kay, well that island,
if you remember correctly,

slightly exploded.

Yes. Because of
Kim Possible.

Yeah. Imagine.

All your genius plans
foiled by one puny kid.

Oh, she isn't just
one puny kid.

There's something about her
that makes her able

to defeat villain after villain
after villain.

A certain... spark.

I want that spark.

I can't figure it out.

What is high school's deal?

I gotta tell you, KP.

In my 15 years on
this crazy planet,

this is probably the best first
day of school I've ever had.

Remember 6th grade?

Today beats losing your pants
at the welcome assembly,

I'll give you that.

That's the spirit.

And besides, so today
was a hot dumpster fire.

So what?

The Kim I know doesn't go down
without a fight.

You got this.

You know what?

You're so right.

I wasn't planning on trying out
for soccer today,

but oh how sweet
would it be

to wipe that smug smile
off of Bonnie's face.

Come on.

Oh, cute.

Our last tryout of the day.

Okay, Kimber-lumps,
it's simple.

Kick this ball into that goal.

Oh, and if you don't
too terribly mind,

my squad and I here will do
everything in our power

to try and stop you.

Let's go KP!

She's coming right your way!

Come on, you guys.

Don't let her through.

I can't, she's too fast.

Defense, get the ball!

I got this.

No, you don't got this.

How does she do that?

Oh, man!

Wow, okay.

Bonnie said it would
be easy.

Oh no, Kimmy.

You're not getting by me.

What is she doing then?

Whoooooo! Yes!

You've done it, KP!

Yes, woo!


From the bottom of my very
deep heart, Kim,

that was... amazing.

I'm shook.

So, congratulations
to our newest...

equipment manager.


Equipment manager?

Oh, I take just
a hint of starch.

Equipment manager?

Bonnie, you just told me
I was amazing.

Ah, you totally are,

But, you're also a freshman.


Did I forget to tell you?

Oh, so sorry.

Freshman can't be
on the team.

Oh, and use a non-chlorine


Wait, where am I taking this?

The equipment room
is on...

The opposite side
of the school.

Ugh. This box reeks.

So, how's stealing
that spark going?

Um, no, besides poorly.

Today is her first day
of high school.

Something that can reduce
the strongest,

most confident adolescent
to a helpless mewling kitten.

This happening to our
little foe as we speak?

And once she is
at her weakest,

I will isolate and steal
that spark that makes Kim...


Um, did you get
the Zakadamium Q-46?


It's the power source
for my revenge plot?

Oh, it's in there.


In there?



It's over... I can't
reach it.

You bought it online?


Get with the times, doc.

Nobody leaves the lair
anymore. Tch.


This is a cheap knockoff.

Get the Zakadamium!


You know, yelling might
make you feel better,

but it doesn't make me
feel worse.

Just an FYI.

Just a detour on the road
to victory.

You've only been to school
one day,

and you're already making
a difference.

Your arms are gonna be jacked
by the end of the year,

which will be great for when
you get on the soccer team

and can't use them.

Thanks, Ron.

You know, you always know
what to say.

Sort of.

Regardless, I've had the
absolute worst first day

of school that any human
could have.

Or, maybe not?

It was awful, mom.

I didn't make any friends,

and I just tripped and dumped
my backpack everywhere,

and everyone laughed.

I know.

Love you, too.

I believe this is yours.

I'm Kim.

I know.

Are you okay?


I just met Kim Possible!

Come on.

Oh, Bueno Nacho.

Love it.

Yup. It's Ron's casa
away from casa.

I'm sorry, I didn't even
ask you what your name was.

You didn't go to Middleton
Middle School, right?

No, I just moved here
this summer.

I'm Athena.

Ah, Athena.

As in the goddess of...

I wanna say dentistry?

Actually, wisdom.

If you say so.

Well, you've made a wise choice
today, Athena.

Behold, nature's perfect food.

The Naco.

Taco meets nachos in a fusion
of cheesy glory.

But, of course,
you guys ordered the...

Chimmurito no sour cream.

What are the odds?

Hey, let me see that phone
for a hot sec?

Oh, uh... Yeah.

All right.

Get in close.

Ready? Okay.

Yes, that's perfect.

Thank you!

Thank you for that, um.

Seriously, just ask.

We're the least selfie-adverse
people on the planet.

I have followed all of your
adventures for, like, ever.

I even cosplayed as you
at Comic-con last year.

Look at this.

That's amazing!

And that hair.

No, it's weak.

But I'm working
on a better one.

What's up with the incredibly
handsome pooch?

Oh, that's Ron Stop-pitbull,
of course.

I didn't really have any, uh,
friends to go with me.

I don't know if you know
this about me,

but when I grow up,
I want to be a dog.

My parents tell me
it's not a realistic goal,

but thanks to you,
I'm one step closer.


Be the dog you want
to see in the world.

Thank you.

And, woof.

For those of you who don't knw
how to tell time,

I strongly urge you
to learn.

The tardy party continues.

I'm so sorry, Mr...

Sorry doesn't cut it,
young lady.

I'm giving you both detention.

I can explain, Mr. B.

We've actually been volunteering
at the cat shelter.

That's no excu...
I'm sorry, the what?

Yeah, the cat shelter.

For all the homeless cats
out there.

The ones from the streets.

They're very protein-deficient
and have a very low carb diet.

So sad.

Just give me...


Well, I suppose I could
let it pass for meow.

I mean, now.



All right the rules are equal
to or greater than cool,

so you see, if you
wanna be cool...

Darn, I think I left
my lip balm at home.

Oh, I'm sure I have a spare.

Wow, so many grappling hooks.

Saving the world requires a
surprising amount of grappling.

Hey, why don't you wear
this on missions anymore?

It used to be your thing.

I don't know, I guess wearing
the same thing

all the time kind of felt
cartoony, after a bit.

Now, which shade would look
the best on you?

Oh. Here's one.

Oh, no, no, no, Athena,
that's not...

I am so sorry.

I am such a klutz.

No, no, no, it's fine.

I'm just glad you're okay.

Here. This one's safe.

♪ Back in Long Island
straight to LA ♪

♪ It's been a hard week ♪

♪ Let me let me unwind ♪

♪ California dreaming ♪

♪ New York state of mind ♪

This song is bomb,
who is it?

It's the new Poppy Blue.

It's been all over the internet
for like a month and I love it.


Poppy Blue?

You've never heard of her?

Oh my god!
Are you judging?

No, no, no,
of course not.

Getting to know you
has been...

Pretty great? Yeah.

Now let's dance!

♪ 'Cause I came here to party
all night ♪

♪ From the east to west coast
that's right ♪

♪ We gone raise
the roof up sky high ♪

♪ Can you party with me ♪

♪ Party party with me ♪

Look alive.

Nice one, Bonnie.

Hey, you wanna kick this
bad boy around a little?

After all, we gotta get ready
to make the team next year.

Can I pretend it's Bonnie?

Way ahead of you.

It's like you were born
to be my BFF.

I've felt the same
thing myself.

Let's play.

Kim, you're so good.

You try.

Here it comes.


You're a fast learner.

And you're a great teacher.

Athena, dude,
you have skills.

Aw, thanks Ron.

You know what?

How about the next mission
Ron and I go on,

you tag along?

Okay. I'm gonna freak out
about this eventually,

but first I'm gonna go home
and shave my head.

I think I have
a better idea.

What? Kim? No!

This place is way
too nice.

Can't we just go
to Mega Cuts?

They give you a lollipop.

And, if you're good,
they let you sit in a chair

that looks like a race car.

Okay, fam, settle down.

What do I even
tell them to do?

Okay, okay.

First, breathe.

Second, close your eyes.

Picture the best version
of yourself.

You see her?

I do.


That's the person
I want you to be,

and I can't wait
to meet her.

Me too.

I know, right?

What's the sitch?

Shego just busted into a
top-secret government lab.

I'm sending someone
to pick you guys up now.

Tell our new recruit
it's mission time.

Ron, suit up.

Just one more bite.

Are you ever going
to tell me how you do that?

Do what?

Come on, let's go.

My Naco juice.

♪ Oh, snap ♪

Woah, Athena.

You look amazing.

You've out-Kimmed Kim.

Where'd you get that?

Okay, well, don't laugh,

remember when I said I was
working on a better Kim cosplay?

I actually decided to make
myself a mission suit,

in case the time came
I had to battle evil, and...

today is that day.

It's... perfect.

Oh my gosh, thank you.

And, with the hair, it's...

It's extra you.

That's our ride.

♪ 'Cause I came here
to party all night ♪

♪ From the east to
the west coast that's right ♪

♪ We gone raise
the roof up sky high ♪

What's the sitch?



Good to see you, girl.

You too, thanks
for the lift.

Poppy Blue,
oh my gosh!

I have been a fan of
your music forever.

Oh my gosh,
your hair is on point.

Who are you?

I'm Athena, the newest member
of team Possible.

Kim, you're gonna have
to watch out for this one.

Because she's fierce!

And I should know,

because, you know,
I invented

♪ Fieeerce ♪

That was amazing.

Okay, so how do you know Kim?

Did, did she save you
from someone?

Like, like zombies?



Zombie ninjas?


The IRS.

Turns out Kimmy here is a whiz
at international tax law.

Anyway, this train is leaving
the station.

♪ All aboard! ♪

That was so awesome.

I like you.

You wanna come on tour
with me?


♪ Send a location
I'm waiting so @ me ♪

♪ People round the world
can catch my wave ♪

♪ Back in Long Island. ♪

A secret island... classic.

Wade, any intel
on the secret entrance?

I'm workin on it, Kim.

This one's more secret
than usual.


Wow, Athena, how'd
you figure that out?

I don't know, um...

That is not an apple tree.

Uh, Kim.

Solid sleuthing there,

What is this place?

The Institute for Advanced
Neurodynamic Studies.

I've heard of this place.

They're making amazing
breakthroughs with uploading

exabytes of data directly
into the human brain.

Wow, I had no idea brains
were that big.

How do they fit
in our heads?

Focus, Ron.

Hey, Wade?

It's spooky quiet in here,
did we miss her?

Shego might be using
a cloaking device.

If she's in there, I can't
pick up heat signatures.

Did you try running a 60-80
thermal security override?

I didn't.

Uh, good call,
I'll give it a try.

Never mind, we got it.

"Naked Mole Rat."



Anyone home?

You decent?

Oh, wow!

Coolest thing ever.

Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you,
little guy.

You can come out now.

You're safe with me.

Aww. You're shy.

And weird.
And I like weird.

Never be normal,
that's what I always say.


Wha... uh...

No signs of her anywhere.

Hey, Kim?

Ron, did you find anything?

I sure did.

Kim Possible,
meet Rufus Stoppable.

Hey little guy.

What is he?

Naked mole rat.



I wonder what they were gonna
do with you, little guy...

Hey, I bet
they were testing

the brain data
transfer process

on these little guys
before trying it on humans.

Hey buddy, am I right?

Did they make you
super smart?

Oh man.

Drakken is going to unleash an
army of super-smart mole rats.

Better hide in my backpack,

Or, maybe Drakken wants
to be able to download

vast amounts of information
into his own brain.

But, to do that, he would
need some sort of modulator

that translates machine learning
into brain waves, and...

Kim, could I talk
to Wade again?

Um, I...

Wade, can you run
a check on the lab

for any sort of Zakadamium-based
brain modulators?

Uh, M-21, T-43?


Bingo! Where is it?

Sector 12, to your left.

And that's where
we'll find Shego.

Come on!

I was just about to say
we need to find the...

brain modulator...
power cube thing.




It's been too long.

Can't say I was feeling
particularly nostalgic.

Hey, step away from the cube
and put your hands

where I can see them.

Who's this?

She's with me.

Yeah, but why is she the one
giving me orders, though?

Oh, is she in charge now?

Did you get demoted?

Enough talk, Shego.


Athena, the cube!


- Athena!
- Athena!

Ugh! I just got that
thing down!

Hey, KP!


What are you doing?

Sorry, I was just trying
to help.

I got it from your room.

I didn't think you'd mind,


It's okay. I got this.

No... you...



I got it.

I got it!

I got it!

I got it! I got it!
I got it! I got it!

Ron, I got it.

Ugh! Ahhh!

Ron, are you okay?

This water is, like,
the perfect temperature.

Not too hot,
not too cold.

Ron, Ron, Ron,
get up, get up!


There's something
in the water with us.



You're next, new meat.

Uh, guys, little help?

I'm afraid your
little besties

can't come out
to play right now.

It's just me... and what's
about to be left of you.


What just zapped us?

If I had to guess...
electric eel.

Ron, I never told you this,

but I am terrified
of electric eels!

Well, isn't that nice
that after all this time

we're still learning
about each other?



Don't worry, KP.

They're fascinating creatures.

Did you know electric eels
can spawn thousands of babies

at any given time?


Athena, help!!!


Can you hear me?


Athena! Help!


I know you're busy
right now Kimmy, but...

You got some
competition here.

This one's good.

Maybe even better than you.

Athena! Athena, help!

Hey there, little guy.

Are you okay?

Well, this has been a kick.

Next time we meet I'm gonna
have to up my game

to match new meat, here.

You know, because she's
a real opponent, Kim.

Athena, I knew you had
good moves,

but your fight skills
are sick.


I'm just a Kim-itation.

I've studied all her moves.

This one's good,
maybe even better than you.

Better than you...

Better than you...
Better than you...

Better than you...

Athena! Athena!

Athena! Athena! Athena!

Hate-watching your
favorite show again?

You finally got
the Zakadamium.


Woah! Careful.

Oh, don't worry.

That thing got dropped like
600 times, it's fine.

Anyway, as much as
I hate to admit it.





Possible's like
your hairline.

She's fading.


If you think she's bad now,

wait 'til this clip of her being
terrified out of her wits

gets "accidentally"
leaked online.

Were those air quotes?

What did I say about those?

Imagine the cruel memes.

This throw-down is sick.

Athena is absolutely
destroying Shego.

And that hair.

Can you believe she goes
to our school?

A reminder, students.

No stick, dowel, or rod play
on school property,

no matter how utterly effortless
Athena made it look

in the video I have watched
nine times.


He's having a hard time

adjusting to the high school
social world.

You're the best.

Your moves are great,
your style is flawless,

and I mean, that hair?

Perfect lip shade, perfect outfit,
and those boots are everything.

Tens across the board.

Bonnie, you're seriously
so nice.

Hey guys.

Hey, Athena.

Bye, girl.

I'll see you after school.


After school?

Oh, yeah.

Bonnie really wants me
to try out for soccer.

Which is weird

because I know they don't
take freshmen, but...

she just laughed
and said not to worry.

Welcome to the mad dogs.

You're number 18.


Thank you so much.

Athena! Athena!

Athena! Athena! Athena!

Oh, my gosh!


I know, right?

Athena, that's the funniest
thing I've ever heard.


I'm coming.

Kimberley Anne!

Hey, Nana.

Lucky you, I made a batch
of brownies this morning.

Double chocolate chocolate chip
with pecans on top.

No thanks, I'm good.

You're turning down
double chocolate?

Feel up for a...

A workout?

So, Nana.

I was hoping today you
could teach me to fight

with a Bo Staff?

Bojutsu began in the early
17th century in Japan.


But it seems to me...

Not much call for
a Bo Staff today.

Bit of an antique.

And it takes one
to know one.

It's just that...

I did see on the internet.

That new girl, she used a Bo,
didn't she?

Yeah, she kicked
Shego's butt.

You've done that
plenty of times yourself,

without a Bo.

I thought I'd try
something new.

Nothing wrong with that...

If that's the reason.

Something's off.

Me, I'm off.


Because I walked
into high school,

and it's like I stopped
being good at things.

Even worse, Athena
had one good fight,

and now she's amazing
at everything.

Well, she's your friend,


Well then, you should be
happy for her.

After all, you guided her,

now she's having a little
success all thanks to you.

What is it, baby?

I've never met someone
who's better than me,

and I know how stupid
that sounds,

but it's like, whatever
I have that makes me me,

she has more of it.

Jealousy is very unbecoming,
Kimberly Anne.

I'm not jealous, Nana.

Seriously, I'm glad
she's finding her way.

It's more about me.

If... If I'm not the best
at those things,

then who am I?

That's just the thing.

Even if you're not "the best"
at... what have you.

You're still you.

Nana, I'm Kim Possible,

I'm a star student
and I save the world.

That's who I am.

No, that's what you do.

That's not who you are.

Well, then...

Then I don't know
who I am.

Attention, students.

During last period today,

we will be holding
an all-school assembly.

We will honor our star student,
Athena, with the first ever

Most Promising Freshman
of the Year Award.


Kim, school's not over yet.

I'm ditching.

I can't even get good
grades anymore.

Everything's changed.

Look, I'm not gonna lie,
it's been a rough few weeks.

But, you're still
my best friend,

and pals support pals.


I think I know where
you're going with this.

Athena's our pal, too.

We helped her when she was
down in the dumps,

and our help paid off.

She's amazing now,

so we should be there
to cheer her on.

So, we're going
to this assembly?

Yeah, we owe it to her.



All right, attention students,

In the short time that
she's been at this high school,

she's earned a 5.5 GPA,

is a rising star
on the soccer team,

and has already been voted
homecoming queen and king.

It is my great pleasure
to introduce

your most promising freshman
of the year...


Uh, why is an ominous
green circle

being cut in the ceiling?

- Look! Up there!
- What's that noise?

What's going on?

Everyone remain calm and walk to
the exits in an orderly fash...

And I'm out.

Good afternoon, students.

Don't be alarmed, we're only
here to kidnap Athena...


Ron, grapple me.

...before she becomes
so powerful,

she wipes out evil
as we know it.

Let's go.

What? No!

Kim, help!

Henchmen, attack!

Hench-women, attack.



Not fair, that's dirty.

Dirty fighting.

Ladies, please escort Cinderella
to her pumpkin.


Kim, help!

Throw it to me, I can do
my killer move!

Throw it, Kim!

Come on!

Oh, faceplant.

Please tell me someone got
that fail on video.

I'm sure you're wondering
what's next.

Well, it's my most
diabolical plan yet.

Shut it!

What have I told
you about overshare?

Oh, right.



Please, anyone!


No, no, no.

Possible, I was up all night
making that banner.

- I cannot believe that happened!
- Athena.

I blew it, Ron.

This was all my fault.

Oh, come on.

It's... well, yeah.

It's your fault.

What was I thinking?

I should have just given her
the Bo Staff.

Why didn't you give Athena
the Bo Staff?

Because I needed to be
the person who saves the day.

How'd that go?

Oh, real, real not great.

Very bad.

I just... I can't believe
how mixed up I've been, like...

Just because I'm not
the best at something

doesn't mean I'm not me.

So, what are we gonna do?

We're gonna go save our friend.

You up for this?

Let's go!



Come and celebrate with me,
with an ice-cold milk.

Never let it be said you don't
know how to party, Doctor D.

I have to admit, today went
better than I could have hoped.

Yeah, you know, I'm always good,
but I felt particularly fierce.

Oh, come on.

You were your usual competent
self, but I was the most...

Yeah, the most average,


Will you two stop arguing?

Excuse me?

I was just trying to get
your attention.

And a little credit.

After all, I befriended Kim.

I surpassed her
in every single way,

and I broke her.

Just like you asked me to.

It was me.

I did all of it.

She gets this from you.


make me hurt you.

So what?

What do you want?

A gold star?

A cookie?

You want a...

you want a hug?



I want to know what's next
for the three of us.


Well, it's um,
it's a surprise.


And you're going to find
out very soon.

Very soon.

I'll take it.

Good luck, Kim.

Thanks Mr. Mayor.

Hey, thanks for stopping
that asteroid.



Hey, sweetie.

We heard about Athena.

I'm really sorry.

Yeah, that was, um,
that was my fault.

So, I'm gonna try
and fix that mistake.

I don't know if I can,

I think I'll have
a lot better chance

if I get some help, so...

Mom, Nana?

Are you in?

Well, you can count on me.

I don't know about
your mom.

Oh, of course she can
count on me.

You've always counted
on me.

You guys, too?

How do you do that?

Do what?

Let's do this.

And I will stay here
and watch the twins.

And maybe order a pizza.

Ooh, what toppings?


Right, mission mode.


It could be helpful.

I'll bring the drone.
Hop in.

Better watch out.



See ya!

Have fun.

Those crazy cats.

Time to bring this
evil plan home.

Fire up the brain module.

My machine?

My machine?

Where is my machine?

The brain modulator!

Shego! Shego!

Wait, quick question.

Was this here
the entire time?

Oh, uh, yeah.

I guess with everything going
on it just slipped my mind.

I've got to post this
to Villain-stagram.



There's gonna be such
epic FOMO.


Make with the evil plan.

Where did you pull
that out of?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Now, about my next mission?

Oh, dear tiny purple Athena.

You'll get your next mission.



Let's get you ready
for your big fun surprise.

Hey, Wade? Are you
sure this is it?

Uh, definitely.

The energy readings
are off the charts.

Come in team Golden Girls.

Very funny, you're grounded.

I'm gonna sneak in through
the skylight and find Athena.

Is the alarm neutralized?




It is now.

Thanks, Nana.

You guys rendezvous with Ron.


I'm goin' in.

Athena, we're here!

Come on, let's go.

I'm not going anywhere
with you, Kim.

You're mad.

I get that.

I'm sorry.

I really messed up
at the assembly, I know.

Kim, you were
a garbage friend

way before the fight
at the assembly.


It was great when I was your pet
project who blew up your ego.

"You're the best, Kim!"

"I can't believe I'm doing a
friendship with Kim Possible!"

But the moment that I started
to surpass you,

you fell apart.

You're right.

I was so caught up
in all my drama.

But I'll be better now,
thanks to you.

You're sorry, and
you're better now.

I'm so happy for you.

But my purpose here was not to
be your friend who inspires you.


As you can see...

I'm far more complex
than that.


My purpose was
to destroy you.


And I nailed it.

And now, Drakken and Shego
have a new mission for me.

Whatever it is, I know
it's gonna be great.

Athena, you can't trust them.

I know there's still good
in you.


Kim, just stop.

You should get out of here
while you still can.

I just met Kim Possible!

Cha-Cha Chimmurito,
no sour cream.

What are the odds?

Picture the best version
of yourself.

That's the person
I want you to be.

Do you see her?

I do.

You look amazing!

I mean, you've
out-Kimmed Kim.

I studied all her moves.

It's like you were born
to be my best friend.

Friend... friend... friend...


I guess.

Uh, why do I need these?

Safety precaution.

Mostly ours.

Hey, Drakk!


It can't be.

Mind if we crash the party?

Oh, I was counting on it.


Hey! Rufus!


Nice, right?

It's okay, buddy.

We'll be out of here soon.

Oh, this lair has it all.

And that forcefield is
100 percent inescapable.


Because the off switch
is all the way up there.

Don't tell them
where it is!


Kim, I can't hack
this forcefield!

Anyhoo, welcome to my
long-awaited victory.

As I rotted away
in that cell...

Ah, the evil plan reveal.

I should have brought
a book.

I find these informative.

They fill in some of
the blanks.

Do you mind?


Uh, where was I?

Rotting in your cell.

Yes, yes, yes.

It was there that I realized
that you, Kim Possible,

had something special,

something that separated
you from everybody else.

So, I created a cybertronic

What? Athena's a robot?

I sent her in
to befriend you,

to learn from you and to steal
what makes you Possible,

creating a digital version
of your spark.

My spark?

Your spark.


Yeah, you should
trademark that.

Or Kimputer.

Kimputer is good too.

Yeah, it is.

And now, I'm going to transfer
that digital spark

from her to me,

because you plus me
equals invincible.

Wait, what happens to Athena?

Oh, she'll be destroyed.


What? No!

You gotta break
a few eggs, kid.

I'm gonna get you
out of there, Athena.

Why? She's just a robot.

You're wrong.

She's my friend.

Wow, that's actually
quite touching.

Now, let's see how close
of a family you can become.

Ohhh! Uh!

They're getting closer.

Stay away from the sides,

Guys, that thing's gonna
vaporize you,

and I can't stop it.

Ah, sizzle.


Are you okay, Mom?

Okay, just squeeze in.


Oh! Good call, Rufus.

I'm on it.


Oh, no!



That's my boy!

He's Ru-fast Ru-furious!

What is that? Shego!

Ah, wooh!!!

Shoot him!

You got this, you got this,

Stabilize, stabilize.



Get yourself a mole rat
and save the day!

Also, naked.


You know, we really should
do this more often.






Shego, the switch!



No, no!

Killer moves!

Mad skills!



Kim, the brain modulator.

If you can disrupt it...

That'll do.

No! No!


No, no...

The machine's going crazy.

It's causing some kind of
a side effect.


Nooo! Noooo!

Shego, get them!

Hey, what happened
to my clothes?

What's wrong with my voice?


This is fan-Drakken-tastic.

Silence, Shego.

It's destabilizing.

In the escape pod,

They're gonna be blown
to bits.



We gotta get out of here.

Guys, that thing's
gonna explode!

Hurry up!

Come on!

I gotcha!

Mom, wait!





Let's go!

Athena! What are
you doing?

Kim, go!

You need to get out of here,
I have to stay behind.

I'm the only one who...

No, Athena, stop!

It'll kill you!

I can absorb the energy
from the cube, Kim.

I'm not human.

Only I can do this!

I'm not gonna
leave you here!

Everyone will die
if I go with you, Kim.

Kim! Run!

Come on!

You saved me,
let me save you.


Kim, run!


Oh, Kimmy.

Rufus, where are you going?

Athena, we're going
to get you out of there!

Uh... Uh, Kim?

I could use a hand.

We're gonna patch you up
good as new, okay?

I promise.

You're a really good friend.

So are you.

She learned
from the best.

So did I.

Honey, get the tiny
screwdrivers out.

How would you like to rebuild
a cybertronic humanoid?

Really? Yes!

So, things went back to norma.

Or, at least as normal
as the life

of a high school crime fighter
can be.

It took some time and
a mega amount of coding,

but we stabilized Athena,

flushed out Drakken's
evil programming,

and saved the good in her.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Together, we formed
a martial arts club,

and now everyone at Middleton
High wants to join.

Well, almost everyone.

And as for me, learning
to be a better friend...

Made me a better hero.

Off the hook.

Token... Chilly.




Can you hold still?

We don't want you to look like
a little freak, little freak.

My research is complete.

Makeup perfect.

Wig... perfect.

I will blend in flawlessly.

Yeah. You will.

As long as there are
like ten other

tiny little old men
in there.

Silence, Shego!


Say you skipped a bunch of
grades cause you're... gifted.

More like a gift I wish
I could return.

Laugh it up.

This whiny, puny body
I'm trapped in

is a blessing in disguise.

Now there's nowhere
Possible can hide from me.

Okay, great. Get out!

I need to get home,

change out of these clothes into
a sensible leather bodysuit.

Wish me luck... Mother.


My new evil master plan
to take down Kim Possible

will be my tightest yet.

♪ I'm your basic
average girl ♪

♪ And I'm here to save
the world ♪

♪ You can't stop me cause
I'm Kim Possible ♪

♪ There is nothing
I can't do ♪

♪ And when danger calls ♪

♪ Just know that
I am on my way ♪

♪ Know that I am on my way ♪

♪ It doesn't matter where
or when there's trouble ♪

♪ If you just call my name ♪

♪ Kim Possible! ♪

Subtitles by explosiveskull