Killerman (2019) - full transcript

Two friends launder money in NYC. They make a quick drug deal. Things go wrong as dirty cops are involved. One gets amnesia during escape with the drugs and money.



How you doing, Petey?

Fine. And you?

I'm good.

Nervous? Yeah?

All right.

How we doing?

MAN: Hey, what's up?

MOE: Take it easy.




Everything cool?

Everything's fuckin' beautiful.


You know what this
fuckin' means for us.

When he brings you in,
we're taking it all over, Moe.

He's got no choice.

Nobody can handle the weight
he's got coming through.

You never know.

He can be resourceful.

No. No way.

Not with the bust,
Nektalov gettin' popped,
I'm his only option.

You let him do the talkin'.
You have something
he wants, right?

Yeah, you.

Well, that means us.

I told him
I don't do nothin'
without you.

Moe, you're a fucking godsend.

Hey, Unc.

Hey, can you believe this view?

You can't make it
on those streets,

you can't make it
anywhere in the world.

SKUNK: So you're really
gonna buy this building?


We do this right,
it will be fully legitimate.

Our money mixed with theirs.

I'll be working for the city.

Congressman Fried is a partner.

There is no going back.

SKUNK: Yeah, all right.

PERICO: You get it done?

Uh, here.


So what do you say
about $2 million a day
for the next two weeks, huh?

That's $20 million, yeah?

Not a problem.

And you don't even
think about it,
like it's nothing, huh?

No. No, it's something.
Something big.

I mean, you did say
these last few times
were just a test, right?


So you start making
drops today, huh?

All right.


MOE: Twenty million
in 10 days.

There's gonna be
too much traffic
coming through my place.

And what do you propose?


So they text us a location,
we pick them up,
we drop them off.

They leave the money behind.

So you not fuck this up
and I put a little more
in your lap, huh?

Well, no disrespect,
but I fuck this up,

and I don't think it'll matter.

Hey, just use this fucking head!

All right.

"Use your fuckin' head."
Can you believe that shit?

Twenty mil means you and I
split $2 mil, all right?

That's all that matters.



MANNING: Hey, you need
to put a pause on
whatever you got going

till I get back to you.

MAN: All right.
Later then.

MOE: All right,
where's the next pickup?

Bushwick. Whoa.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.


The girl you are seeing,

I don't want you
dating her anymore.

Well, what about the suit
that I borrowed for the date?

You want me to bring it back?

Well, I have flu, nasty virus.

So stay away from me for now.

Okay. Yeah, you got it.

You got it.

Hey, it's a beautiful day
today out.

Maybe you go to the zoo.

MOE: What?


He just canceled
the rest of the pickups.

What the fuck. Why?

I don't know.

He just wants us
to hold the money

and stay the fuck away
from the garage
until tomorrow.

I mean, what if
it's all lost, man?

This was our chance to
start something on our own.

All right, all right.
Calm down.

This has to happen.

All he did was delay things
until tomorrow, right?

I knew he would do this.
He doesn't trust you.

Why wouldn't he trust me?

He doesn't trust me,
so he can't fuckin' trust you!

Fuck him!

Hold on.

How much you think
we have in the trunk?


We have this money
until tomorrow.

What's the harm
in putting it to good use?

You wanna take money that
belongs to God knows who,

that your uncle is laundering
through me,

that I am risking
everything on,
and use it on a drug deal?

It's not a drug deal,
drug deal, man.

It's pure fuckin' coke
at half the price.

It's a drug deal.

And Fedex is putting up
half the money,

so he's got just as much
on the line.

I ain't doin' it, man.

Partners, my ass.

I knew it...

Partners listen to one another,

and you ain't listening.

No, I'm listening.
I get it.

It's too risky for you.
So you know what,

go back to your
diamond district
where it's safe.

My uncle called me.
I'm the one holding his money.

Anything goes wrong,
you're off the hook.

I'm not off the hook
when you're dead.

It's worth the risk.

I have nothing, bro.
I ain't you.

Come on. Half the time
I can't even find you.

I know you been making
moves on your own.

That ain't true, man.

Why you always
disappearing and shit?

I've known you for two years.

Not once have I ever
not answered your call.

Every other night,
I got no idea
where the fuck you are.

Listen, you got
your other business.
I get that. That's cool.

So, yeah, I wanna make moves
on my own for once.

I'll call you
after I sell this shit.

Just stop.

You're not stopping me, Moe.

Yeah, I can see that,
you stubborn fuck.


God damn it, man. Fuck.


We do this, we're not
using Fedex's money.

You won't be sorry.
You'll see.

You said you have a buyer?

Waxman's son. Ritchie.

All right, call him.
We don't pull the trigger
unless he has the cash.




WOMAN: Hey. You on your way?

No. I'm not gonna make it.

What do you mean?
Everyone is expecting you.

Yeah, I know. Just, I...

Look, I'll make it up to you.
I just can't leave right now.

(SIGHS) Moe, when is this
going to end?


Look, don't let this
get you down, okay?

Just have a nice night
with your friends,
and I'll see you tomorrow.



Look at this guy.
He cracks me up.

MOE: Hope he goes for this.

Hey, Skunkie.
What's up, man?


SKUNK: What's up?
Yeah man, how you doing?

RITCHIE: Hey, man.

You fuckin' ready?

RITCHIE: So they said
they'd call us with
a location in an hour.

Same Nigerian?

Yeah, dude. Debo.

SKUNK: Debo.



Uh, quick question, though.

Are you guys good
taking it like this?

I don't know
how you guys usually,

you know, pack
your money and shit.

I'm not gonna need your money.

What's that supposed to mean?

How long has your father
owned this place?

Twenty years.
What has that got to do
with anything, though?

Well, everything.

You've got more money
in that box

than your father has made
in his entire life.

You wanna risk it
on a fuckin' drug deal?

He's right, man.

Skunkie, you gonna
do this to me, man?

I brought this shit
to you, dude!

You'll get 10% of what we clear.

MOE: That's a sweet deal
for you.

You sit here all safe
and cozy, risk-free,

and you make, what, 60G?

Sixty? You know you guys are
buying this half-price, right?

It is what it is.

You think I'm holding out,

you take the deal down yourself.

Skunkie, come on, man.

You know I don't have
the money to do this
on my own.

Your call.

(SIGHS) All right,
man. Fuck.

So what am I supposed
to tell Debo when he calls,

"I'm not coming"?


Regardless of what happens,
we meet tonight
at the club at 2:00.

(SIGHS) Fuck.

Aw, don't look so sad.

Your father would be proud.

RITCHIE: Oh, yeah.

Fuck, yeah.



MOE: I don't like this, man.
Who set the deal out here?

SKUNK: You worry
too much, man.

Fedex and Debo are our boys.

You Debo?

Yeah, man.

I'm Debo.

All right, come on.
Let's do this.


You're gonna dip?



SKUNK: We're good.


Yo, we good?


This is a one-time deal.

I need to make sure
everything is right.


SKUNK: Fuck!


SKUNK: Fucking cops!



Come on, let's go.
Let's go! Grab a kilo, man.

Hey, yo, Afrika Bambaataa.

Get the fuck outta here!

MAN 1: Yeah, be cool, man.

We're goin', we're goin'.

SKUNK: What is
he fucking doing?

OFFICER: Come on, let's go.
Move it!

SKUNK: Where the fuck
are they going?



Drop your fuckin' weapons
and come out!

Yo, you two go around...

Come out and drop
your fuckin' weapons!

Be smart, and don't get
yourselves in any more shit!

They're gonna take
my uncle's money.
We're fuckin' dead, man!

No, wait, wait.

What the fuck are we gonna do?

If this is a bust,
where's your backup?

How come we don't hear
no sirens?

All right, all right.
Let's talk about this.

Yeah, yeah.
Fuckin' dirty fucks.

Come on, bro.
You got nowhere to go.

Drop your weapons
and let's talk this out.

Fuck you!
You think we're gonna
trust dirty fuckin' pigs?

You got not a chance in hell
of leaving alive

unless you motherfuckers
come out now!




Yo, these motherfuckers
got a shooter!

Leon, you good?

SKUNK: Man, it's Suzuki.
He's layin' cover.

Let's go.



MAN: Don't let
these fucking guys go!


MAN: Yo, yo,
these motherfuckers
are leaving. Let's go!




Fuck. Shit!

Yo, Fedex.
It was a setup.

Don't say shit!
2:00 a.m., same place.

Don't you fuckin' say it.

Go! Go! Gun it!

Fuck! Fuck!



Yo, we lost the cops.
We lost the cops.

Whoa! Whoa!

MOE: What the fuck?


Where are we?






Go. We gotta go.

Go, go, go, go!
Come on.

We gotta go. Come on.


Come on. No, no, no.
We gotta go.

We gotta go!

Suzuki's here.

MOE: I can't fucking see.
I can't fuckin' see.

It's all right.

Come on. Come on.

Go, go!

Just breathe. We need
to get this motherfucker
to a hospital.

Take the tunnel to Jersey, man!


We gotta talk.
We got a big fuckin' problem.

We lost a load.


What about the money?

We lost all of it.

Listen to me. If you
don't get every ounce
of that product

back to evidence,
we're finished.

How much time can you buy us?

Monday. At the latest.

Okay, I got it.
It's a nice tie.


We were in the same car.

How is he?

NURSE: He's okay.

He sustained a bad concussion.

His MRI was okay,
but the doctor wants
to check him anyway.

And he needs
to fill out a report
before he's discharged.

What kind of report?

He had some unusual items
on his person.

Well, what do you mean?
What... Like what?

Like a gun.

A gun?

The police are on their way
to take a report.

Actually, it'd be good
if you stayed
till they arrive.

Thank you.

Moe? Moe,
can you hear me?

(ECHOING) Moe! Moe,
can you hear me?

Come on, come on.
Look, we can't stay here.

Where are your clothes?

Come on, come on.


Where am I?
What's going on?

Moe, come on.
Up we go, up we go.
Let's go.

Don't fall over.
Gotta get your IV. Come on.


Oh, God, it hurts.

Where we...
Where we goin'?

We'll get you some help.
Just hang on.


Oh, shit!



You okay? All right,
relax, just relax.

I had to take you
outta that hospital!

Have some water.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!




DR. JERRY: So, what is
the last thing you remember?

(SIGHS) I don't know.

What's your name?

Moe, I think.
That's what he's
been calling me.

DR. JERRY: That's okay,
that's all right.

You're my doctor?

Not unless you're pregnant.

We're friends.

What do you think?

He needs to see
a neurologist, man.

So there's no danger
in keeping him out
of the hospital?

He should be fine.
I mean, I'm not an expert,

but I would think
everything but the events

just right before the accident
should come back.

And for now, just reintroduce
him to old familiar things,

apartment, family, friends.

What if I can't do that
right now?

Well, there's gotta be
something you can show him.

My boy Nick hooked us up
with this here.

All right, all right.

This bring anything back?

You gotta be fuckin' kidding me.

How about...
How about this?

This jog your memory?

We took this coke
from dirty fuckin' cops, Moe.

They were trying to kill us.

And before
we unload it and leave,

my uncle might decide
it's easier to kill us himself

than clean up the fuckin' mess.

I'm a fuckin' drug dealer?

No, you're a jeweler
and a money launderer.

Well, how does jeweler
lead to this?

We're friends,
and I needed your help.

We unload this, we walk away
with $3 million cash.

We gotta go, man.

We told Fedex 2:00 a.m.
Come on, come on, come on.

We gotta go.

No, no, no, no.

I wanna see where I live first.

You don't think
I'd take you there
if it was safe?

These cops could be there
waiting for us.

Yeah, well, I gotta see
something other than money
and drugs!

You will.

We're meeting Fedex
somewhere you been
a thousand times before.

You know people there.

You just gotta trust me.

Who the fuck are you?

Your friend!

You fuckin' lie!

Why would I make this shit up?

Come on, man.
Put the gun down.

I'm your friend.





What the fuck, man?

You don't think people
just heard that
and called the fucking cops?



How? I don't know how.

I slid open the terrace door,
and then the glass exploded.

No, Jimmy... Jimmy, please.

Fine. Send up a key
for a new room.

Taking care of you, right?

You're like my brother, man.

If you don't feel that
in your gut, then I can't
talk you into it.

MOE: I feel like
I'm runnin', hidin'.

We are runnin' from this city,
my uncle, dirty fuckin' cops.

You're not going crazy.

The feeling is real.

How you doin'?

Hello. How are you?

This is your place?

Yes. How can I help you?

A man we're trying to identify
may have been in here earlier.

So me and my partner here
wanna see
your surveillance footage.

Yeah, sure.
My son can help you.
He's in the cooler, stocking.


Let me get a half-pint.

Uh, Jack?

No, no, the 12 here's good.

Long day, huh?


Long fuckin' day.

Yeah, tell me about it.

So, your son, he's very lucky.

He avoided a murder
earlier today.

Who? My son?



Yeah, he was supposed
to be at a drug deal.

Had he shown up,
he'd have been
robbed and killed.

The man you're looking for?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm afraid so.

This is why we need your help,
so we can apprehend
the bad people,

make sure your son stays safe.

Rajid, these police
need the video from today.

What's up, man?

You must be Fedex.

My name's Rajid.

Mmm-mmm. You really wanna
go down that road?

You wouldn't happen
to have one of those...

One of those Internet
surveillance systems,
would you?

It'd help us speed things up.

No, no. We...
It is too expensive.

We only have the videotape.

Really? That's good.



Sit the fuck down!
You fucked up.

Please, please, please!
Hey! Come on, man.

You should've showed up
to the fuckin' deal
like you were supposed to.

No! I'll tell you
where they are, man.

You motherfucker.

Hey, please, man, please.
I know where they'll be!

I know where they'll be!

SKUNK: Liverpool,
what's up, man?


SKUNK: Suzuki?

SUZUKI: Yo, what up?

Moe. How you feeling, man?

MOE: This the guy
from the deal?

Yeah, yeah. You see?
It's all coming back.

His memory got
a little screwed up.

"A little"? How little?

Can't remember a thing.

SUZUKI: Damn. Fucked up.

We emptied your pockets
before leaving you at the ER.

You know this motherfucker
had a revolver
strapped on his ankle?

SUZUKI: Did they find it?


We barely got out
before the cops got there.

Yo, you think Fedex gonna show?

SKUNK: He better.
He's got a lot of
explaining to do.

Fuckin' idiot.

SUZUKI: Got these
motherfuckers' coke
and their money.

What else you want?

SKUNK: Could you imagine,
had he shown up alone?

Yo, what was that Nigerian
from the deal?

What was his name?


Hey, what good
is that gonna do us?

You're gonna
drive yourself crazy.

We're pushing
unloading the product

until after I meet
with my uncle.

All right, I got you.

Fuck, my head is killing me.


This'll help.

It'll help.



(ECHOING) How's that?



So you're not gonna
share with me tonight?

Do you know me?






You know that guy?

Yo, we know everybody!

Oh, you rolling along now.



I'm a cop!

How the fuck do you know me?

I don't, I swear!


Why the fuck you following me?

Just following orders.

I swear.

I'm sorry.
I blew my cover.

It's okay, man.
We know who they are.

It's only a matter of time.

We'll find 'em.

Everything under control
over here, fellas?

Yeah, we're good, we're good.
Keep driving.

Why we being so quiet on this?

We think they may be involved
with some dirty blues.

What, in our department?

Could be, but it stays
with us, okay?



We got something.

What up?

Yeah, bartender said
the Asian they were
hanging with, knows 'em.

Kenjo Suzuki.
Checked his name.

Drives an X3 with
a Chinatown address.

That's him right there.
That's our shooter.

Fuckin' chinks.

So you know this motherfucker?

SKUNK: So, that's Petey,
this is Alonzo, Cheech,
and that's Nico.

He's a liar, and he'll fuck
anything that moves. So...


You know, watch yourself
around him.

Hey, Moe!
You got that for me?

Again with this
19-year-old, huh?

MAN: She's 20.

You promised to get him
a ring for this girl.

Tell him you're working on it.

She's 20, guys, 20.

I'm working on it.

How you doing?
I'll be right back.

Don't leave.

Oh, man, this fucking guy.

Listen, look.
I'm gonna be right back, okay?

You guys, you fill
him in on things?

MAN: Yeah, we'll fill him in.

Cool, man?

I'm cool.

You're fucking good.
What happened?

Hey, Genie.
Is my uncle busy?

Some poor guy is in there
with his daughter.

Says she was molested
by one of the drivers

at the charity carwash.

You remember that girl
running around topless

with her boobs
jumping up and down

underneath the soapsuds?

You should see her now.

Who did you tell?


She told my sister.

But I told my dad
it was one of the drivers.

So he doesn't know about you.

Are you mad at me?




GENIE: Bobby's here.

Have him wait.

PETEY: So you don't remember?
Not a thing?

You don't remember
anything about me?

What, are you fuckin' stupid?

I'm your father.


I'm fucking with you.
All right, all right, chill.


I'm fucking with you, bro.
I'm fuckin' with you.

You and me,

we were lovers, dude.
You don't remember this?



What the fuck is
wrong with you, man?


SKUNK: Don't fight!
Don't fight.

What the fuck
are you doing, man?

Bobby, let's talk inside.

Come on.
Come on! All right.

PERICO: So take my money
and set up side deal

where we make...

A million.

Even after I call
and tell you
everything is off.

Dumb shit!

How are you gonna do pickups
with the cops after you?

How's your friend gonna wash it

when he can't remember
how to wipe his own ass?




Can you talk?

Yeah. I'm alone.
Go ahead.

There's nothing on your nephew.

No warrants, no APBs, nothing.

If the cops are after him,
they don't want anyone
knowing about it.

But you may have
a bigger problem.

PERICO: Moe Diamond?

No. I checked again.

Diamond's clean.

So what's the problem?

It's you.

Someone submitted
an FBI background check.


Congressman Fried's office.

That's not problem.

The prick's just doing his job.

You working with Fried?


I'll call you back in ten.

MANNING: All right.

I have Congressman
checking up on me.

I have the biggest bank
in New York financing
my real estate deal.

And you're out there
risking it all
on a two-bit drug deal!

This is my mess,
and I'll clean it up.

None of it comes back to you.

You are not cleaning up a thing.

You bring back my money,

and you leave New York forever.

I'll let you keep the product.

But that means
I'm financing your lives.

And I get a cut for life.

That's fair.

You're my sister's son,

so I'll let this go.

But if you don't leave
like you're supposed to...

We're leaving today.

SKUNK: So, Unc, you know...
You know, like,
with the town car,

I had to turn that in, so...

You think I could borrow a car?

No, you can't borrow a car.

You can have one.

Thank you.


I like this one.

MOE: Yeah, this one's nice.


Man, I think
you lost your taste
along with your memory.

What, you don't like it?

Uh... (SIGHS)

All right, man.
I'll let you pick it.

But, you know,
it's hot in Miami.

You better hope it has AC.

I wanna go
to my apartment first.

That's not a good idea.

We're not going there, man.

I'll go alone.

Get in the fuckin' car.
You're not goin' alone,
all right? Jesus Christ.

This is not a good idea.

All right, all right!
Get off!
Okay, okay, exit five.

Yeah, yeah. Park up here.
We'll walk around the block.

It's the red building.
Number 37.

All right, you walk in first.
I'll make sure no one follows.

What's the matter?

I was hoping I'd recognize it.




Did you hear that?



Don't you... Fuck!


Oh, my God!

Lola, what the fuck?


You're pregnant?
Moe, what the fuck is this?

What happened to you?

I can't believe you would
hide this shit from me.

What did you
fuckin' get him into?

He doesn't know you, Lola.

He doesn't know anything.
He got his head all busted up.

No, don't tell me
he's serious.
You don't know who I am?

SKUNK: Is that Moe's?

No. I'm just
in his apartment
half-naked for fun!

Get the fuck out!



Oh, I hate when you do that.

Hey, man, why wouldn't
you tell me about this?

Because he hates
the way you live.

We're leaving New York, Bobby.

Is she for real?

Will you two shut the fuck up?

Yo, you gotta leave, man.

This is so fucked.
Hey, listen,

you wanna bring her? Cool,
but we can't stay here!

I'm going to get Suzuki.

Be ready when I'm back.

Baby, he's gone.

Are you in trouble?
What's happening?
What's going on?



I can't remember.


What the fuck?

Are you doing this
to protect me?

Can you please tell me?
Can you just...

Why wouldn't I tell Skunk
about you?

I knew Skunk before I met you.

And when we started
seeing each other,
you didn't want him to know.


Because you thought
they would hurt me
to get to you.

No, he saved my life.
Why would he do that?

No, not Skunk. His uncle.



Yes, and you wouldn't
tell me much.

I tried to read
between the lines,

but you would just
blow up and say things.

Like what?

Like, um...

"I know he killed Jimmy."

Like, he's gonna kill Skunk,
that he'd be next.

And I didn't
understand it, why...

You hated him so much,

yet you did everything
you could to get
closer to him.

MOE: I feel nothing.

I don't fuckin' feel it.


I thought coming here
would help.

And I don't feel anything.

No. No, don't say that.

You're so wrong.
This is everything.


You have everything
you need in here.
You knew that.

No, I don't.

I want you to feel this.

Do you remember?

That's my baby.




Yo, man, let's meet
at Moe's in an hour.

We'll head out from there.


Hey, Moe!
Let's hit the road!

Hey, I'm gonna tell him
to come up.
We gotta figure this out.

SKUNK: Fuck!

DUFFY: Freeze,
you motherfucker!


I have a gun.


The other one's inside!

LOLA: Moe, what's going on?

MOE: We gotta go.

Fuck, come on.



You messed with
the wrong motherfucker

Moe! Run!

Fuckin' resisting,
you motherfucker!

Fuck you! Moe! Moe!

Get in the fuckin' car, I said!


Listen to me.
Stop fucking with me,
all right?

Or I'll leave
your motherfuckin' brains

in the back of this fuckin' car.










Yo! Out of the kitchen!

Out the fuckin' kitchen!

Get everybody
out the restaurant.

Out the fuckin' kitchen!
Get outta here! Police!

I know you motherfuckers
are in here.
Come the fuck out now.

Come out now!

You don't want your girl
to get fuckin' shot!

We already got your boy!

Hey! Hands up!
Let me see your fuckin' hands!



MOE: We need a hospital!

Someone help us!
We need a doctor!

NURSE: What have we got?

She was shot.

LOLA: Moe, where are you?

MOE: I'm here, right here.

I'm right here, baby,
I'm right here.

I'm here.

You'll be okay, baby.

You're okay.








Sir, you can't be in here.



You think
you're a real big shot
messing with weights.


You know, you little fuck boy,

there's a girl named Stacy
from New Rochelle.

She's got
the most beautiful feet,

and I've been trying
to tap that ass
since community college.

And I think I was
gonna hit it tonight,

but I had to cancel.

Because you got us
out here running around
playing basketball

like some fuckin' monkeys.

Now tell me where
to find my product

and where your friend is!

Quit playing fuckin' games
with me!

Fuckin' guy.


Moe! Chill out, man.

Hey, cool off, man.

Stay the fuck back, all right?
You wanna fucking die?

MAN: Petey!

Where the fuck you going, man?

This ain't between
me and you, all right?
I just wanna talk to Perico.

Talk to me, motherfucker.
I'm right here.


Put the fuckin' gun down.

You motherfucker.

PERICO: I made this
really simple.

Bring back my money
and you two leave town.

Now where is that stupid
fucking nephew of mine, huh?

Cops from the deal,
they took him.
He couldn't get away.


Where is the product?

I have it.

You have it.


I understand
you are Bobby's friend.

But I'm afraid this
no longer concerns you, okay?

They took
the only two people I know.

That's all
that fuckin' concerns me!

Hey, look.

They find out he's my nephew,

they will come looking for deal.

We give them back their product,

and this thing works itself out.


They killed my girl and my baby.

How the fuck do you think
that's gonna work itself out?

What the fuck! Fuck you!


Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

Fuck you!

Where is the product
and my money?

Let's do it my way!

All right, my way!

Your way?

Your way, your fucking way!

You want to hold
my money ransom?

I don't want
your fuckin' money,
all right?

I could have left
with the money
and the fuckin' coke.

I need to find these cops.

(EXCLAIMS) These cops
can fuck you in your ass!

You dumb fuck!
You don't fight dirty cops!

You buy them, idiot!

I'm no fuckin' idiot.

They dragged your nephew
through the street like a dog.

You wanna wait for them
to come to you with a deal?

What kind of man are you?





Well, okay.

I'll help you find them.

And you bring back
my money and their coke, hmm?

Skunk no longer works for you.

So he can work for you?

So he can do what he wants.

Well, okay.

Bring me
these dirty pigs' heads,

and you can have him, okay?

That's who set us up
with the deal.

All right?
I need an address.



Excuse me for a moment,

Hey, Manning.

GPS on the number puts
this Debo there an hour ago.

Fuckin' mess here.

I checked with NYPD.
Still nothing on Diamond
or your nephew.

Would it kill you
to put things off
until this blows over?


I have two weeks before this
building deal closes.

What happened to knowing
when to walk?

I ain't walking.

You don't know the strings
I had to pull for this.

I saw the strings on the way in.



You all right, man?

What is that?

It's a Ho Ho, guy.
You've never had a Ho Ho?

No, the bottle.

This? I got water
in the fuel line.

Feel good?
You got the Saturday
night special.

It's a good gun, man,

but you're not gonna get very
far with six shots, brother.

Here, I got you this.
Take it.

Good to go.


You ready?

Let's roll, buddy.

Highway to the danger zone.


Who you with?

My boy,
hoping to come see Debo
about buying some shit.


Yeah, man, yeah.

He'll be with you.




Don't you fuckin' move!
Don't you fuckin' do it!

You! You set us up.


We did not set you up.



How about now?

Okay, sir.

Tell him the truth!
Tell him!

I had no choice.
Have no choice, man.

Dirty swine comes here
every month.

Every month, they come here
to take their money.

They always bring
a product to buy,

but this time, I don't even...

They wanted buyers,

they could turn really quick.

They set us all up.
They set us up!

They say when they leave,
that's it, I'm not gonna
see them anymore.

They set us all up.

All right, you're gonna
call 'em.

That's no...

Shut the fuck up!

You fucking fuck!



I'm sick of these games.

I'm not playing a fucking game.

I don't fucking know...

You don't fuckin' know?

I'm fuckin' sick
of your fuckin' fairy tales!

I don't fucking know!

You're a liar!
That's a fuckin' lie!

That's a fuckin' lie,
and you know it!

That's enough, bro.

You want to play, boy?


Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Here, baby.

You know,
he's really fuckin' pissed.


You really fucked up today.

Oh, come on, come on!

Watch him!

SKUNK: No, no.

Hold on, hold on!
Just stop!

No, no! No!

(PANTING) Whoa, whoa!
Stop, stop!


No, no, no!



Fuck, fuck, fuck!




Aus. Aus.
Good boy.


You wanna end up
like your friend?

I don't know where Moe is.

I swear to fucking God,
I don't know where Moe is!

MOE: Don't fuck around!

You say you wanna buy
what they have left.

Tell them you have cash,
all right?

I just don't wanna die!

Fucking hard head.

I know where your product is.

DUFFY: Where's the cash?

It's in the same fucking place.

He's fuckin' bluffing.
He's fuckin' bluffing!

How do I know you
won't fucking kill me, huh?

How do I fucking know?


Feed him to the fucking dogs.

Listen, listen to me.
Just listen.

Slow down, slow down, slow down.

Right now,

nobody knows that
the evidence is missing.

And the department
ain't gonna give a fuck

about a few dead drug dealers.

Your uncle

may take it to heart
if we kill you.


The clock is ticking.

And when it strikes,
you're the liability.

So be smart.

The ball's in your court, champ.

The De Soto.


Room 1307.



MAN: (ON PHONE) Hello.

I'm looking to buy
some of that product
that you have.

I have cash.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, okay, okay...

I hope the product is
as good as the sample, eh?

Okay, okay, okay.

MOE: All right, good.

You got a car, huh?

You got a fucking car?

Okay, yeah.

MOE: Yeah?


I'm sorry, all right?

I don't wanna fuckin' hurt you.








Fuck, man.



DUFFY: Yo, Hines.
Where the fuck you at?

If this shit ain't
where you fuckin' say,

you're gonna wish
you were never fuckin' born.

You know that, right?

Keep him alive.
We might need him
to get to his uncle.

HINES: All right.


Thank you.

Hello! Housekeeping!

Nice. Look at
what we got.

There's no fucking cash.

There's no cash.

MOE: All they want
is the money, all right?

You let them rip you off,
you're done.

It'll be okay.


Do you have the product?


Where's my shit?


What's up, man?

Why'd your boss change his mind?

Because he knows a great deal
when he sees one.

Yeah, I bet.

Where the fuck's the cash?

Oh, fuck.



Fuckin' guy brought
the cash to the deal.



Fuck... Fuck.


We got your product.

That's beautiful.

Now we can't get it in
till after the shift change.

DUFFY: That's fine.
I got shit to take care of.

I'll let you know
when it's done.

What the fuck he say, man?

We're good.

Nobody knows
about the evidence
missing from the locker.

We take it there tonight,
and we're done.

What about the cash?

Man, fuck O'Donnel.
We split it three ways.

Fucking good with me, man.

Ah, man, let's fuckin' do it.

Go and clean it up.

All right. You head back
and wait for us
at the station.

HINES: All right, man.


Please tell me it was there.

Yeah, yeah, it was half there.

That's all right.

God shined his light,
and everything's
gonna be all right.

So you ready...

To meet your maker?

- No! No!



That's enough!
He's already half-dead!


Moe? Moe. Let me out!


Hey, Moe...


Lie back. You're dead.

Okay, okay.

DUFFY: Martinez?


This fucking guy now.

The fuck you go?


Where is this guy?

Oh, shit!


You really shot me.


You can't kill a cop, man.



Moe, let me out. Moe!


What are you doing?

No, Moe! Moe! Moe! Stop!







SKUNK: It's over, it's over.

They killed Lola.

- Oh...
- Fuck.

Moe, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Listen, we can leave now.

Let's just go. You know,
we could go anywhere.

I'm finishing
with your uncle first.

The fuckers.

It is what it is.

You think I'm holding out,
you take the deal down

Come on, man.

You know I don't
have the money
to do this on my own.



All right, man. Fuck.

So what am I supposed to
tell Debo when he calls,

"I'm not coming"? Or what?

SKUNK: No...

We'll talk our way through it.

Listen, regardless
of what happens,

we meet tonight
at the club at 2:00.





Hey, your nephew's fucked.

PERICO: Fucked how?

I'm sending you a recording.

Listen and delete it

You got an hour tops
to clean up. You understand?

Give me
a clean cell phone number.


Yo, what the fuck
happened to you, man?

SKUNK: I'm all right.
It's okay.

Dude, what the...
Here, I've got you, man.

Look at this fuckin' guy, man.

Dude, look at your fuckin' face.

Yeah, I fuckin' know.



Crazy motherfucker!

I didn't mean this literally.

I have to give it to you,

a man of his worth
is hard to come by
these days.

If only this wasn't all
a twisted fucking fairy tale.

It's done now, so we're leaving.


What are you doing?
He brought back your money!

We're leaving
just like you said!

Yeah. Let me talk
to Bobby alone.


SKUNK: He fixed it!


It's over!



SKUNK: He just canceled
the rest of the pickups.

MOE: Why?

SKUNK: I don't know.

He just wants us
to hold the money

and stay the fuck
away from the garage
until tomorrow.

I mean, what if
it's all lost, man?

This was our chance
to start something
on our own.

All right, all right.
Calm down.

This has to happen!

MOE: All he did was delay
things until tomorrow, right?

I knew he would do this.
He doesn't trust you.

MOE: Why wouldn't
he trust me?

Whoa... Whoa...

Hey, he doesn't trust me,
so he can't trust you either.

What? What... What is that?

Jersey City Police recovered
voice recorder.

Jersey City?

The hospital you dropped him in.

Bobby, the man
sitting in that room
is an undercover cop.

A cop you introduced all over
this city as your friend.

A cop you've set a dozen
laundering deals with.

A cop who will lead
to hundreds of arrests!

His real name is Killerman...

Frank Killerman.

But... No, no!

He hacked their heads off!

I mean, how could a cop do that?

He doesn't know he's a cop!

He did it because
they killed his baby

and almost killed his girl.

Lola's not dead?

No, she's not dead.

They shot her,
but she's not dead.

His rat of a baby is.

Was it all a lie?

Everything that he said?


Your feelings are hurt?

Are you kidding me?

He'll put you in jail
for the rest of your life!

Just pray that girlfriend
didn't know his real name!

What kind of animal
lives like that?

You have to be snake,
dirty, backstabbing snake!

What are you...

What are you...


Bobby, you're like a son to me.

I would never lead you astray.

But you brought him in.

You opened us up to this...

And you will finish it.

He came for me.

They woulda killed me
if he didn't come.

I understand.

Empty it in his head.

I'm the one.

I want to be the one
to tell him.



Bring him in.


You fucked me, man!

You really fucked me on this!

Skunk, what the fuck
are you doing, man?

Tell him. Tell him!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

You dirty fuck!


Fuck! Fuck!

Fuck! Fuck!

What the fuck
just happened, man?

Skunk, what the fuck, man?

He wanted me to kill you.

You killed the cops.
You weren't with them.

What was he talking
about when he...

Tell me what?

That I choose him over you.

He wasn't gonna let either one
of us walk out of here alive.

It's over.

Just you and me now.

Come on, we gotta go.