Kill the Golden Goose (1979) - full transcript

Two former friends find themselves battling against each others. Government officials and powerful business men pulling the strings.

(mellow music)
(wind howling)

(tense music)


(suspenseful music)

(birds chirping)

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

(birds chirping)

(engine revving)

- How'd you do that?

(gears clunking)
(suspenseful music)



(suspenseful music)

- Mauna Loa?

- Yes?

- Charles Pine, with
the Max Corporation.

- Are you president
of this company?

- Only temporarily,
until Mr. Max

has recovered from his illness.

- What can I do
for you, Mr. Pine?

- I'm interested
in your services.

- Sailing, diving,
or sports fishing?

- You see, I have known
Monsieur Jean Paul Masson

for several years, both
professionally and socially.

He sends his warmest regards.

(chuckles) And to tell
you it's most unfortunate

the way Mr. Rhiner lost his
head over their little dispute.

- The sun will be
down in an hour,

and we have a lot
of work to do here.

Meet me at the
house this evening.

- Can we talk now?

- Be my guest.


I'm listening.

- In precisely five days,

the U.S. Senate
Investigative Committee

is scheduled to convene

over allegedly illegal
defense contracts

involving the Max Corporation.

Their entire case

is centered around
three of our executives.

I want you to see to it
that they have no case.

- You know my fee?

- Monsieur Masson
made that quite clear.

I'll give you $100,000 now.

We'll give you the balance
when you land in Los Angeles.

- You said, "We?"

- There are two of us.

Let us just say, that
neither one of us

can afford a governmental

- Three targets, five days.

That leaves me little
time to prepare.

- Are you saying
you can't do it?

- No.

- Then you won't do it?

- I'll see you in Los
Angeles, day after tomorrow.

Hansen leaves tonight.

He'll start the groundwork.

- Agreed.

- Not quite.

The risk has made
the cost go up.

- How much?

- One million.

(tense music)
- That's absurd.

I can't possibly cover that.

Mauna Loa?

I need time.

- Time you don't have, Mr. Pine.

("The Golden Goose" by Sherry
Fisher and Marry Davis)

- [Announcer] On
the national scene,

the Senate Intelligence
Committee probe

has re-opened investigations
into defense contracts

made with the Max Corporation.

The committee spokesman,
Senator Bill Dempsey,

claims to have
three Max executives

who will testify against
the industrial empire.

Possibly, this will flush
out Harold Max himself

whose whereabout
have been a mystery

for the past five years.

(plane roaring)

(upbeat music)

- [Travassi] Nice
to meet you, babe.

- Be back in a second, babe.

Take care.

Follow that car!

Well, do it, man.

(upbeat music)

There he is, get him.

Sandy car, 74.

- [Woman On Radio] Go ahead, 74.

- Need a make on car license
plate 825 petty fox x-ray.

- [Woman On Radio]
825 petty fox x-ray.

Got him, 74.

(upbeat music)

- We've picked up company.

- Pull into that hotel up ahead.

(upbeat music)

(tires screeching)

(upbeat music)

(mellow music)
(waves lapping)

- Boy, you're really
looking calm out there.

- The waves are weak.

I knew waters cold and filthy.

- Hey, blame the oil
companies, not me.

Now, how about something to eat?

- [Mauna] Perhaps some fruits.

Gallo Salame, if you have it.
- We have it.

- And some nuts.
- Alright.

One Mauna Loa special
coming right up.

- What's with you and
that brown pineapple?

- Well, he only wants
something to eat,

if it's alright with you.

- Please don't get too friendly.

- Come on!

(waves crashing)

Here we are, one
Mauna Loa special.

- [Hazard] Hi, Sid.

- Hazard, I thought
you were on vacation.

- I am, is Captain Han in?

- We check, just a second.

Captain Han, Detectives
Hazard and Travassi

are here to see you.

Yes, sir.

He'll be with you in a moment.

- Hi sweets.

Lighten up, Sid.

- What was that all about?

- Ever since Captain Karate
took over this division,

every broad in here has
become a lethal weapon.


- Yes, sir?

You can go in now.

- [Han] Sit down, please.

- A little matter has come up,

an assassin named Mauna Loa.

- What about Mauna Loa?

- He's in town.

- You saw him?

- Yes, sir, we tailed
him from the airport.

But we lost him.

- You lost him?
- Yes, sir.

But we know his
contact, don't we, Haz?

- Uh, yeah, right.
- Who is this contact?

- Well, sir, he was
driving the car.

- [Hazard] Well,
Benny, the Wolf.

Nearly pinned a murder
charge on him two years ago.

- Check him out.

(mellow music)


- He wants to see you.

He wants to see you now.

(waves crashing)

- [Glenda] Not bad.

- Where is the contact?

- The parking lot.

Pacific Bay Club.

(tense music)

(mellow music)

("The Golden Goose" by Sherry
Fisher and Marry Davis)

(suspenseful music)


(suspenseful music)

(tense music)

- You're still working.

May I give you some fresh tea?

- No, thank you.

I'll be through in a minute.

- Okay.

(clock ticking)

(soft mellow music)

(bell pealing)

(rhythmic drum beating)

(festive trumpet music)

- What do you see out there?

- [Travassi] A lot of people.

- That's right, a lot of people.

Murder creeps, the pushers,
and the pickpockets

should be having a
field day out there.

- Maybe (mumbles) they are.

- [Hazard] I'll give
you (mumbles) Mauna Loa.

- [Low Rider] Well, Mr. Han.

Who do we owe this pleasure to?

You know what, I
thought somebody

might have shot your
face off by now.

- Now, that's no way
to great old friends.

- Geneva, call the cops.

- There's no need to pull that.

- Hey, get off it,
Han, it's not a lie.

You (mumbles) and you're
on my private property.


Hey, I'm on probation.

I'm a legitimate businessman.

There's no need for you to
come here and hassle me.

Okay, what do you want?

- I heard Mauna Loa is in town.

- Mauna Loa?


- So, you are his nephew.

- So, what do you want with me?

- Nothing.

I wanna know why he's here.

- We haven't seen Mauna
Loa in over five years,

ever since he...

- Go ahead and finish.

Ever since he turned killer?

- Han, you shouldn't
even be here.

You ought to be
talking to Shaker.

- Shaker?

- He's been here
about three months.

He's got a karate studio
on Santa Monica Boulevard.

- Now, call Senator
Dempsey for me, please,

and tell him I have all
the papers for the hearing.

No, hold the rest
of the messages.

I won't be eating out tonight.

I'll be home and
I'll finish up here.


Thank you.


(mellow music)

(birds chirping)

(tense music)

- That's gotta be Bad News' car.

Luck just changed.

Now, maybe we can find out
what the hell is going on.

- I hope so.
- What the--


(car revs)
(tires screech)

(upbeat music)

(siren blaring)

- Yeah, you the fuss
or something, ei?

If you want, I know
my legal rights, ei.

Ei, you ain't got no
cause to hassle me.

You did.

I mean, either bust
me, write me up,

or flick off, turquoise fluke.

- You must be Freddie.

- Yeah, how'd you know?

- I'm a friend of
your brother's.

- Hey, you know my karnal?

- Huh?
- My brother.

- Oh, sure.
- Alright.

Oh, shit.

Hey, don't tell him
I got his car, ei.

You know, he'll--

- Hey, have faith.

- Alright.

- Where is Bad News anyway?

- Hey, he took off
to Frisco, man.

You know, he'd be gone
for a couple of days,

be back by Tuesday.

- That's kind of a
sudden trip, wasn't it?

- Sure was.

He came in with a
wadful of money,

tossed me a hundred
and split, ei.

- Bet that was the easiest
thousand you ever made.

- For sure.

Hey, how'd you know
it was a thousand?

- [Hazard] I'd be watching.

(suspenseful music)

- We're having a private
training session.

You'll have to
come back tomorrow.

- I'm looking for Shaker.

- He's busy.

Hey, Shaker!

- Hello, Shaker.

Is there somewhere we can talk?

- Sure, right here.

Stay here.

- I wanna know.

Have you seen or
heard from Mauna Loa?

- Why?

- He's in town.

- What's the matter?

You're afraid he came to
claim his old lady back?

Or did you want him to
teach you some karate?

You realize, of
course, that Mauna Loa

doesn't teach anymore.

But A.J. and I'd be glad
to teach you a lesson.

Right, A.J.?
- Sure.

There's an extra
uniform and white belt

in the dressing room.

- Have you heard from him?

- Lessons are 30 bucks a month.

We can start your
first one right now.

- Really good men
in the martial arts,

they were saying, "When
the mouth is too big,

"their knowledge is small."

- We've got a saying
in this school, too.

It doesn't take much know-how

to kick a chicken's
butt, turkey.

- Where do you know him from?

- He's my brother-in-law.

- [TV Anchor] On the business
scene, Wall Street ended

its week on the down low side
as the Dow Jones Industrials

fell by more than
70 points to 96.

And now this Channel
7 news update.

The Max Corporation
has been the subject

of much controversy the
past couple of years,

mostly because of the unorthodox

and mysterious manipulations

of its phantom
chairman, Harold Max,

a man of mystery himself.
- I'll be back in a minute.

- [TV Anchor] Channel
7 newsman Bob Brady

is at the scene
with Charles Pine,

Max Corporation
executive and spokesman

for the giant
industrial conglomerate,

and he files this report.

- Here today to
interview Charles Pine

regarding the allegations
concerning the Max Corporation.

We'll also find out who the
three mysterious witnesses are

that will be testifying.

Here comes Mr. Pine now.

Sir, yesterday, Senator
Dempsey made a statement

that he intends to have
his three witnesses

appear before the
sub-committee hearings

to be held next month.

- First, let me say this.

I do not believe
that Senator Dempsey

has any such witnesses.

All former Max employees are
still loyal to the company

and still attend
the annual party.

- [Reporter] Sir, could you
please elaborate on that.

- He said we should all
give a shit less about that.

- [TV Anchor] On
the political scene,

Senator Dempsey, the man
spearheading the investigation

into the Max empire, was
quoted today as saying,

"I intend to force the
phantom from his lair."

He, of course, was referring
to the phantom billionaire,

Harold Max, who has
not been seen in public

for nearly eight years.



(birds whistling)

(suspenseful music)

(door slams)

(suspenseful music)


- I believe you
said $30 a month.

I will take one one-hour lesson.

- We waited long
time for this, huh?

A.J., it's time--



(upbeat music)


(upbeat music)


(upbeat music)


(upbeat music)


(upbeat music)



(upbeat music)






- I feel like I'm
running so quickly.



There's 50 minutes left.

What did you hear
from Mauna Loa?

- Ask your lady.

- Where is he?
- Ask her!

- Where?


You really don't know?

But I thank you for the lesson.

Well, you are next.

- Evening, Mrs. B.
- Good evening, sir.

- Is dinner about ready

because I've got
a lot a lot to do?

- It'll be ready when you are.

- Thank you very much.

- What's the matter,
Haz, one flat?

- Why didn't we ever
come with a zip, man?

- Hardly ever.

- I mean, this is,

this is really spooky.

- Haz, do me a favor.

Just drop it tonight.

We got a party to go to.

- What party?

- Yuli and Deli's party.

- That stupid
costume ball, no way.

- Then give them a word.

- Let's stop, babe.

(soft pensive music)

- There you are, sir.

- Oh, that's a beautiful
piece of steak.

- Will there be anything else?

- No, thank you very much.

- I'll be in my room watching
television if you need me.

- Okay, good night.
- Good night.

(clock ticking)
(pensive music)

(suspenseful music)


(ominous music)


(ominous music)

("I Love My Sugar
Daddy" by Midge Barnett)

- Hi.
- Hi, I'm Tandeleo.

- [Hazard] Tandeleo (mumbles).

- [Woman] Are you sure
(mumbles) started this way?

- [Travassi] Get inside.

- What kind of costume is that?


You would.
- Allow me.

(liquid burbling)

What's happening?

("I Love My Sugar
Daddy" by Midge Barnett)

- [Guitarist] Thank
you, mis amigos.

You make a wonderful group.

But now, how about we call

the beautiful Deli to join us?


- Thank you.

I'd like to do My Fantasy
and also our new (mumbles),

and it's entitled Together
We Would Love the Night Away.

(mellow piano music)

♪ I would bring to
you the meadow ♪

♪ Where we both could lay

♪ We drink cool wine and I
feed you tangerines and limes ♪

♪ Together we would
love the day away ♪

♪ I want to climb all over you

♪ And crawl inside your mind

♪ Caress you like
a summer's breeze ♪

♪ Circle your body with mine

♪ I want to be your
gypsy's place ♪

♪ Bring rainbows from the rain

♪ Catch the smell
of Arabian night ♪

♪ Bring you diamonds
from Spain ♪

- Hey, come on, cool it, mister.

Come on, let go, I'm
not going anywhere.

- Dealing the hard
stuff now, mule?

- [Pusher] So who the
hell are you anyway?

- (mumbles) guys could
smell a narc a mile away.

- Shit, so how come you
have to come to this party?

- Oh, well, I was invited.

How about you, pusher?

- Hey, look, mister,

let's get one thing straight.

I mean, if you know my name,
you know what it implies.

I don't push anything,
I just pack it.

- [Hazard] For who?

- I don't know.

- Don't struck me asshole,

or I'll wash your
brains down the sewer.

Now, who you're pushing for?

- [Pusher] All right!

Name's Smiley.

Joe Smiley.

- That's a lot of horse apple

'cause I checked out his
apartment this afternoon

and he split town.

- Well, he's got
another place then.

Out in the valley.

Unsula Rowe.

- [Hazard] We'll be dealing.

- Hi.

Dinner's ready.

- I don't feel like it.

- How about some tea?
- Okay.

(kettle whistling)

Mauna Loa is in town.

- I know.

He called me.

- Why didn't you tell me?

- I didn't wanna upset you.

- What did he want?
- To see me.

- And?

- I told him he has
no more hold on me.

I'm no longer his wife.

My life belongs to you.

- [Han] Where is he?

- [Midori] He didn't tell me.

- You said he want to see you.

- Yes, but I didn't
catch up with him.

He didn't.

Please, you're hurting my wrist.

(engines roaring)

- [Hazard] I gave
up so easy, partner.

(baby crying)


- Yeah, who is it?

- [Tony] Tony Travassi, Smiley.

San Hazard's partner.

I want to talk to
you for a minute.

- Hey, Tony, be with you
in just a second, baby.

Hey, how's my old pal, Hazard?

Oh, good.

Be right there, baby.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- What am I gonna do?

- Get in the closets.

You got no right to
treat me this way, man.

- We have a big
investment in you, Smiley.

When your stock drops, we sell,

which means you get a
one-way ticket to (mumbles)

for 900 years.

- And that's time now
for good behavior.

- Hey, man, I've always
been straight with you, man.

Never blew you any bad shit.

I've always hot-lined
everything to you,

so why the heavy lean job?

- I haven't seen you around the
last couple of days, Smiley.

- Hey, man, I haven't
been feeling well.

Can't a guy get sick or nothing?

- What's happening
out in the street?

- What's coming down, Smiley?

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

Word of honor, Hazard.

- Cuff him.

- Wait!


Okay, something
big is coming down.

I mean big.

You know what I mean?


Someone has paid every
pimp, pusher, preacher

to split till Monday.

Then it's business as usual.

- I don't get it.

- Crime takes a holiday.

Takes some heavy brat to
pick up a tab like that.

- I'm still lost.

- We're crippled from the
other street contacts.

Without straw vendors like
Smiley here to tip us off,

(chuckles) we're walking
around the white canes.

- What's coming down, Smiley?

- He doesn't know.

- He is right,
man, I don't know.

- How come you're
still around, Smiley?

- Greed.

God bless his greed.

Watch out on the street, Smiley.

Come up with zip,
and you die in jail.

(mellow music)

♪ I will bring to
you the meadow ♪

♪ Where we both could lay

♪ We drink cool wine, I feed
you tangerines and limes ♪

♪ Together, we would
love the day away ♪

♪ I want to climb all over you

♪ And crawl inside your mind

♪ Caress you like
a summer's breeze ♪

♪ Circle your body with mine

♪ I want to be your
gypsy's place ♪

♪ Bring rainbows from the rain

♪ Catch the smell
of Arabian night ♪

♪ Bring you diamonds
from Spain ♪

(waves lapping)

♪ I would build
for you a castle ♪

♪ Your lady always
waiting I would be ♪

♪ I'd warm your bed

♪ On my breast lay your head

♪ Together we would
love the night away ♪

♪ I want to climb all over you

♪ And crawl inside your mind

♪ Caress you like
a summer's breeze ♪

♪ Circle your body with mine

♪ I want to be your
gypsy's place ♪

♪ Bring rainbows from the rain

♪ Catch the smell
of Arabian night ♪

♪ Bring you diamonds
from Spain ♪

(suspenseful music)

- [Glenda] Wait!


(muffled grunting)

- Hi, how are you doing?

- Finally have fun?

- Yes, we're (mumbles) here.

Well, you go up there and
get your (mumbles), okay?

- Okay, but be careful, it's
awful dangerous over there.

- Okay.


- [Man] What's
wrong, what's wrong?


- [Man] Police, step on back.

- They really worked her over.

I've never seen a body
with so many broken bones.

- Uh, Detectives
Hazard, Travassi.

- I've heard of Hazard before.

- There's nothing good, I hope.

- Yeah, that's right.

- Tony Travassi, Stafford.

- Excuse me, I have
to talk things over.

- What's happening, Captain Han?

- I want you to help
Detective Stafford

investigate death of this girl.

- What about Mauna Loa?

- The FBI is also
interested in Mauna Loa.

And I see no reason
for two departments

to investigate the same matter.

- Well, I hope they put a
dozen of their best men on it.

- Enjoy the rest of your
vacation, Mr. Hazard.

- Captain, can I talk to
you for a moment, please?

- Excuse me.

- I guess that's it.

We'll have you dead.

Captain Han!

- Solved the case already, homs?

- That's funny,
Hazard, real funny.

What would you do if
I was to tell you?

This is the same broad who
was in the car with Wolfe

when they picked up
Mauna Loa at the airport.

- Are you serious?
- I'm serious, Hazard.

The same broad.

- [Capt. Han] What
is it, Travassi?

- Sir, Tony and I were
talking it over, Captain,

and being as the duty
rosters are slammed now,

and I have to stick
around couple of days

while my jeep is being repaired,

I thought maybe I could
help him with this one.

That's, you know, if
it's alright with you.

- I did have to pull Detective
Stafford off another case.

Under the circumstances,
Mr. Hazard,

I will be foolish to
refuse your generous offer.

Remove the body.

- I don't think I like what
I think you're up to, Hazard.

- Get your body up the bjorn.

See what they have on Mauna Loa.

In the meantime, I'll check
our old friend, Joe Smiley.

(tense music)
(children squealing)

Hey, dirty old man.

- Damn it, Hazard, man,
don't do that to me.

- Lighten up, Smiley,

or you'll have a heart
attack or something.

Hey, I know you didn't
drive me down here

to watch a bunch of
no-speakers play baseball,

so I, hey, share
some for me, right?

- [Smiley] Yes and no.

- What do you
mean, "Yes and no?"

- Got a match?

(gun clicking)

- When did you start smoking?


Smiley, Smiley.

Never thought you had
the guts to set me up.

- Sorry, Hazard.

The heat was too heavy.

- Then you don't
have anything for me?

- Newspaper.


- Be glad you had
Kate with that pool

in the White House.

- We are ambitious, aren't we?

- Nothing when you climb on
that political treadmill,

there's only one
place to get off.

- Shall I start
redecorating the Oval Room?

Sir. (laughing)

- Why don't we start
with fixing us a drink?

- Okay.

- Senator, there's a
Detective San Hazard

here to see you.

- [Dempsey] Tell him
I'm not seeing anybody.

- Okay, I'll handle it.

- [Tara] It's like
you're already there.

- Almost, sweetheart, almost.

- The senator doesn't wanna
be disturbed right now.

He said to call and
make an appointment

to see him at his office.

- Okay, but being as I'm
here, I might as well see--

- This way out.


- What the hell is going on?

- I'm Detective San Hazard--

- I don't give a
damn who you are.

What gives you the right
to come busting in here?

I'll have your job for this.

- It sure is.

Was Charles Hamilton
one of your witnesses?

- That's none of your business.

- Murder is my business.
- Murder?

- That's right, I think
Charles Hamilton was murdered.

- The coroner's report
said nothing about murder.

- Then he was one
of your witnesses.

- I'll have to ask you to leave.

- I'd sure like to talk
to those other two people.

- That's impossible.

- Senator.
- Look, Hazard,

I don't wanna have
to get bluffed.

- I have gone (mumbles).

Look, if you change your mind,

you can call me at this number.

In the meantime, stick
those two birds away

where God can't find them.

Hi, Tara.

Glad to see you
made it to big time.

- Yeah, Jack, Bill Dempsey.

Yeah, I'll be needing
your services.

(tires screeching)

- I've got six men, Senator.

That's more than enough
for a small hospital.

- I hope so.

I just found out
Hamilton was murdered.

We've gotta get Smythe
out of here today.

- He seems strong enough now.

Let's move him.

- One more, just one more game.

- No, Mr. Smythe, you have
to take your medication

and then a nap.

It's not at all that bad.

- Hello, Senator.
- Hello, Herman.

How are you feeling today?

- Couldn't be better.

I want you to know I'll be out

in plenty of time
for that hearing.

- Good.

Look, Herman,
we've gotta get you

out of town for a few days.

If you need anything,
just tell Jack.

I'll keep in touch.

- Okay.

- Nurse, let's get
Mr. Smythe dressed

and ready to travel as
quickly as possible.

Go tell Frank to pull the car

onto the back of the hospital.

(suspenseful music)

(suspenseful music)
(birds chirping)

(tense music)

(birds chirping)
(tense music)

- Hello.

- [Old Woman] Do I
have to go in already?

- No, you don't have
to go in right now.

- Young man, you
have to talk at me.

I'm deaf, you know.

- Oh, I should get
down, I'm sorry.

- Oh, that's alright.

(tense music)

(birds chirping)

- Would you like to have
me take you for a stroll?

- Oh, that would be so much fun.

But, not too fast.

- Oh, no, no.

- [Old Woman] This is
a rare treat for me.

I never get to
take a nice stroll.

(tense music)

- An attendant
should know better

than to take Sarah
out in the sun.

(tense music)







- I can tell you there from
a doctor's point of view.

It's very difficult
to imagine, huh?

Any man couldn't have
caused that much damage

without a sledge hammer
or a baseball bat.

I'd say that the cause
of death to this man

was punctured lungs
from splintered ribs.

Here, the bridge of
the nose was shattered

and driven into the brain.

Burst sternum, ruptured
spleen and kidneys,

knee, shoulder,
wrist, all broken.

- This one was the
third man killed.

He was the first,


and he was the last.

- I could have told
you the cause of death,

but never the sequence.

What makes you so sure?

- The first two were set up.

He was quick and efficient.

By the time he got to the third,

he was getting warmed up.

The fourth was his
target, complete overkill.

Mauna Loa.

- What's that?

- Hawaii's biggest volcano.

It just erupted.

- Hi, (chuckles) how's business?

- It is doing well.

What did you get?

- Keep the change.

- Thank you.

(mellow piano music)
♪ Diamonds

- Let me help you.

- Oh, thank you.

Are you staying next door?

- Where would you like it?

- Right over there.

Did you hear about
all the (mumbles)

went up at the north
on a beach day?

They found a girl murdered.

She was beaten to death.

Just drop it anywhere.

I don't know why I don't
collect (mumbles) instead.

They figured it
happened last night,

sometime around midnight,
because she was still wearing

a lovely purple nightgown
when they found her.

Terrible thing, I heard
she was beautiful.

Thanks for your help.

(waves crashing)

- Hey, when did you get back?

- Where is Glenda?

- I don't think it's
any of your business.

- I'm making it my business.

- Listen, coconut head,

you're here to do a job.

That's your only
business around here.

Keep pushing, and I'll
break you in half.

Is that clear?

- It's clear your
muscles are in your head.

- You, son of a bitch.


- [Mauna] Now, we start again.

Where's Glenda?

- She's gone.
- Where?

- I don't know, we had
a fight and she left.

- Did you hurt her?
- No.

- [Mauna] You're
dead if you're lying.

- I swear I'm not lying.




- You liar.

(mellow music)

- Captain Han, Chief
Shaffer and Senator Dempsey

are waiting in your office.

- Well, Captain Han.

Senator, I want you
to meet Captain Han.

- Captain Han.

- I am sure the captain will
get to the bottom of things.

Good to see you again, Senator.

Captain, take good
care of the senator.

- Senator, please sit down.

- Captain Han, I demand
to know what is going on.

I've lost two of my key
witnesses in the past 24 hours.

- And where's your
third witness now?

- He's arriving this
afternoon by train.

He hates flying.

- Who else knows his arrival?

- Just my aide.

- Where is he?

- He's at my house
taking care of business.


- I think we should go
to your house right away.

Get me Travassi.

- Stanley.

Excuse me a moment.


- The senator seems
upset, Captain.

- I have a feeling he's
gonna be a lot more upset.

- That's strange.

He hasn't even
touched his (mumbles).

- [Travassi] Could he
have gone out, Senator?

- He just wouldn't
disappear like that.

(suspenseful music)

(suspenseful music)

We should have every available
man at the depot, sir.

- I don't think we
should go to the depot.

- Now, wait a minute, Captain.

I've got my key
witness on that train.

- We'll pick him up out of town.

- [Hazard] Hey, you wouldn't
happen to have seen this girl

around any place driving
around in a blue Mercedes Benz?

- Yeah, I think she lives in
the third house over there.

- Okay, thank you.

- Where do you plan
on hiding me, Captain?


I wouldn't last the night.

- He is right.

- I have a better idea.

(mellow music)

(suspenseful music)

(tense music)

- [Hazard] That's got
to be the 454 Casull.

- That, sir.

- Let's see what she'll do.

- [Man] She's the most
powerful handgun in the world.

It takes a rifle charge.

- [Hazard] Let's give her a try
in this gallon can of water.

(suspenseful music)


(suspenseful music)

- [Man] His name is
Bernard Leighton.

He just came in on the
Amtrak about an hour ago.

The police have him,
they're hiding him out.

The man protecting him is Han.

- [Mauna] (mumbling)
From Milwaukee?

- That's the one.
- Pick me up.

- Okay, Han's got three
men at the main entrance,

two on each of three staircases,

and a floater in the garage.

Han lives up on the 10th floor,

overlooking the bay side.

Apartment 1006.

No problem until you
get to the 10th floor.

Then there's one on the hallway,

one on the balcony,

three inside the apartment,

four, counting Han.

- And his wife?
- Seven.

He probably thinks he can
hide behind her skirt.

He's wrong, isn't he?

- Let's go.

(suspenseful music)

- [Travassi] Hey, where's Lefty?

- [Guard] He's on the back rail.

He didn't like those ceilings.

- [Han] And Mr. Leighton?

- He's in the room, he's
doing some paperwork.

- Darling.

You're right.

My staying here
will only jeopardize

your safety that much more.

I'll go in my parents' home.

- Yes, sir, this will do it.

We've got enough
here to castrate Max.

After tomorrow, I
can breathe again.

I guess what I really
mean to say, Captain,

is that I believe in you.

- You will live, Mr. Leighton.

(ominous music)

(soft knocking)

- [Midori] I'm
leaving now, honey.

- [Han] I will take
you to your car.

I'll be right back.

- What's happening, really?
- Nothing, I hope.

- Tony, who is this
dude we're shading?

It must be someone special.

- Han calls this guy
the golden goose.

You better keep your eye
on this one, sweetheart.

Somebody wants to cook him bad.

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)


(tense music)








(suspenseful music)





(tense music)



(suspenseful music)

(melancholic piano music)

(suspenseful music)


- [Guard] Don't
move, straight ahead.



(energetic chase music)

(suspenseful music)

(door creaking)

(tense music)


(tense music)

(somber music)

(footsteps approaching)

(suspenseful music)







- It's time for you die.

- I don't think so.

Get away from him.


(suspenseful music)

- [Mauna] Han, you're
too traditional.

You should have
pulled the trigger.













(tense music)







(suspenseful music)


(suspenseful music)



(suspenseful music)


- The senate investigation
has collapsed.

Our little secret goes on.

A farewell toast to Mr. Max,

to our assassins.

(heavy bass music)

(mellow music)