Kill the Babysitter (2018) - full transcript

When registered nurse Daphne Hart is let go from the hospital where she works due to wrongfully accused negligence, she finds herself babysitting for the weekend at the suburban estate of a... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
"And so, the wicked
witch told the little girl,

Come with me.

I will take you to a place

where rainbows spring right up
from the ground,

where unicorns dance
in the fields,

where trees grow cupcakes,

the flowers blossom
with candy canes,

and where it never rains.

And there I will
cast a spell on you

so that can sleep here
in happiness

forever and ever."



I got you.
Seth, that's not funny.

I know. It was hysterical.

No, the only thing
that's gonna be hysterical

is how long you're grounded

if I tell your mom you were
running around past bedtime.

To bed. Now.

Oh, man, what a buzzkill.

I miss Jamie.
She was a cool babysitter.

Hey, look.

If you go to bed now,

I'll make you chocolate-chip
pancakes for breakfast.


Swear on my sorority.

Now, goodnight.


Can you just hurry up, please?

I've ordered pizza for us
on Mrs. Gibson's credit card.

So what?
I haven't eaten all day.

So, as far as I'm concerned,
pizza is an emergency.


Of course, I'm wearing clothes.

What color are they?

Well, I guess,
if you don't hurry up,

you may never find out.

Yes. Make sure you come
through the garage.

They have those little cameras
above the front and back doors.




Seth, you better not
try to scare me

with that ridiculous mask again.

I swear, if you're down here,
all you're getting tomorrow

is leftover pizza crust.

Hey. Everything okay?

Claire, did you invite

someone over this evening?

No, of course not.

I mean, I did order some pizza
'cause I was starving.

He'll be dropping by soon
in case you're still

awake and... watching.


Claire, I am asking

because I am pretty sure

I just saw someone peeking
around the master's bedroom.


I mean, at first,
I thought it was you,

but it looked like they were
wearing one of Seth's mask.

You weren't just playing
with him just now, were you?


Well, I mean, are you sure
it wasn't Seth?

He was wearing it earlier.

I, uh, I guess it could be.

But it, it looked
like he's still in bed.

I mean, I can't see his face.

So I can't say for sure.

And he had stuffed his pillows
under the sheets

to fake us out.

So, maybe...

Well, I'm sure it's just him.

I'll go check on them.
Okay, thanks.

And, Claire, please call me
back immediately

and let me know.

Yeah, sure.

Seth, did you take that mask

and go into your sister's room
wearing it?

Seth, you better not be
faking it.

Must be the pizza guy.

I really did try
to fight a good fight here.


But, ultimately,
it wasn't my call.

The board disagrees.

But they did say
if the father presses charges,

they will allow me
to write a statement

about your bedside manner
here at the hospital.

I'm sorry, I have
a 12:30 appointment.

You can leave your
badge with Kaci.

But take your time.

All right?


if you ever
need a recommendation...

Thanks, Judith.

Hey, how'd it go?

Just don't, Jeremy.

Hey, hey.

I did everything that I could.

Except for telling them
who's really responsible

for what happened.


You know how long Mixer's
been at this hospital.

He's not going anywhere
anytime soon.

The board practically
worships him.

Yeah, well, now when everyone
lets him get away

with the crap he pulls,
he won't.

I told him
you've never overlooked

caring for a patient before.
Not once.

And what did you tell them about
this time?


it was your responsibility
to check his vitals

regardless of what Mixer had
asked you to do.

But I did tell them that you
were just trying to do your job

to the best of your ability

regardless of what happened.

Except, you didn't tell them
he wasn't doing his.

Oh, and by the way,

remember on our second date when
I said I knew I was gonna regret

dating a physician's assistant?

I was right.

We're done.



You know what?

I'm gonna tell the board
what I know

about him and Kim in post op.

Kaci, no.

Don't do that.

It doesn't matter.

And I honestly don't even
think they'd care.

So what?

You're just gonna walk away
from this without a fight?

Daphne, come on, girl...
Kaci, it doesn't matter.

That little boy is gone forever.

And regardless
of who's at fault,

I played a part in that.

I know. I know. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Come here.

It's okay.


Hey. I just want to say
I heard what happened.

I am so sorry.

Oh, I bet you are.

Excuse me, Ms. Washington,

I was speaking with Nurse Hart.

I know.

Daphne, I really am sorry.

They made the wrong call
letting you go, you know?

No one could've known.

And who knows if it would've
changed anything

even if you had been there.

Okay, I'm gonna stop you
right there

because somebody absolutely
could have known.

You just didn't care enough to.


But dad does wanna see her.

There's not much I can do
about that.


Uh, Mom, look.
Kaci just got here.

So, can I call you tomorrow?

I love you, too. Okay. Bye.

So, I have some...

...fantastic news.

Oh. Okay.

I've got you covered, girl.

What are you talking about?

Dr. Burke

had a friend stop by
for a scrip yesterday.

Oh, it was this gorgeous
cosmetic surgeon

that she went
to medical school with

and now she owns her own
practice in Beverly Hills,

but anyway...

She has a kid,

this cute little boy.

And I heard her
talk on the phone

saying something about
she needs a babysitter

this weekend, last minute,

and I kind of mentioned you.

Mentioned me for what?

To help babysit.

Kaci, I'm not a babysitter.

I need to focus on getting
a real job right now,

like, as soon as possible.

Right, right. I know.

But, look,
this little boy has diabetes.

Hold on. She wants to hire a
nurse as a full-time babysitter?

Isn't that kinda silly?

Okay. I'm just sayin'.

You know, it's not only
$300 per day...

but it's also a short-term gig.

So, you know,
just think about it, I guess.

Three hundred a day?

Three hundred a day.

I guess the grandma used
to help out with the kid,

but, apparently, they are going

to a wake in Sacramento
this weekend.

So, I guess it's kind
of an emergency.

Why isn't the kid going
with them?

Apparently, he's
afraid of flying.

I don't think I'm ready, Kaci.
Ready for what?

To be left responsible
for another kid's life.

After everything that happened,
it's just not...

Daphne, listen.

You did nothing wrong.


You were following
doctor's orders.

The wrong orders.

And you will never go against
your better instincts again.

Will you?
No, of course not.

Okay, then.

So, who better

to take care of that kid

than the best children's nurse

I have ever met in my life?

Can I just think about it?

And I'll get back to you

Okay. Sure.


I hope you're calling to tell me
you changed your mind.

Well, I didn't change my mind
about making a bad call,

but I do know that there's
nothing I'd rather be doing

than taking care of these kids.

Mm. See, that's the spirit.

Can you send me their info?

Yeah, sure.

Hopefully, they haven't
found anyone else.

Thank you, Kaci, really.

I'll text you right now.

All right, bye.


Hey, pretty girl.

Hi... Oh, I know, I know.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

It's okay. It's okay.

Hi. Shh.

Come on.

It's okay.

Here we go.

Here we go.



Hey, Glenn. Um...

Can you listen to the nursery
for a minute?

I gotta go to the ladies'.

Of course.
Okay, thanks.



No problem.

Long night, huh?
Mm, they always are.


Hi. You must be Daphne Hart.

I'm Karen Andrews.

This is my son, Toby.

Oh, hi, Toby, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Where did you
say you live again?

Ah, just up the way
on Lankershim.

Oh, nice.

I used to live up here

for a bit
after I graduated med school.

Where did you go to med school?

I'm sure you've never
heard of it.

Yeah, no, never heard of that.

How about you?

Um, I went to nursing school
in Atlanta,

'cause that's where
my family's from.

Really? So, what brought you
out here?

A boy.

But that is a quick

and an eventful story.


Yeah, I should've
stuck to med school,

become a doctor
like I had originally planned.

It sounds more
like a Cabernet story

if you ask me.

Yeah, probably.

So, full disclosure.

Um... Kaci, your friend,
told me

about what happened.

So, I can only imagine

what you're going through
right now.

But I also talked to my very
dear long-time friend Shannon,

who you probably know
as Dr. Burke,

and... Daphne, she had nothing

but great things
to say about you.

Thank you.

Yeah, it's been a tough week.

It's been a tough
week for me, too.

I was nearly forced
to fly on a plane.


But things are looking up.

I'm good with water.
Thank you.

Is that a birthday cake

That is my favorite.

Really? Mine, too.


I assume that Kaci filled you in
on everything.

Yes, um, she told me that
you guys were going out of town,

and that Mr. Toby here has
a pesky case of insulin fever.

This is my cheat day.

So the next six days are
gonna be brutal.

Do you have
any other questions for me?

Or for either of us?
I don't think so.

I think I just thought
you would be interviewing me.

So I didn't...

You know,
Shannon told me everything

I need to know.

Well, actually, no...
Yeah, uh...

When are you coming back?

We're gonna head back
on Sunday evening.

We should be back around 9:00.

A-again, I'm sorry
for your loss.

Oh, yeah.
Um, no, it's my aunt.

She was my mother's sister.

I haven't seen her in years.

This is more so... support
for my mother.

But we were all kind of
expecting it, right?

She did send her
Christmas gifts.

That's right.

Which is why someone needs
to go and represent

since this one is
so afraid of flying.

Yeah, why are you so afraid
to fly?

Things without wings
weren't meant to fly.


You know, that's actually
a very good point.

Honestly, I have never really
been a fan of flying, either.

Great. Then we have lots
to talk about.

Well, that is if she wants
to take the job.

Well, if you're sure
you'll have me, um,

I'd love to.


We're gonna have a lot of fun.

And in other
news, local authorities

are still investigating
the murder of 21-year-old

Claire Carven, a SoCal student
who was found dead Friday night

in a home
where she was babysitting

for a family in Sherman Oaks.

Carven, an exemplary student,

and member of the
Beta Sigma Eta sorority

at her school,
was reportedly deceased

when officers arrived
on the scene.

Police are still searching
for a delivery driver

who was reportedly
delivering a pizza

at the time of the murder

for questioning.

What's up?

What's going on? Hey!
Come on in.

Mi casa es su casa.

Here, I'll take that.
Oh, thank you.

De Nada.


Welcome, welcome!
Thank you.


Come this way.
I'm gonna give you a dime tour.

So, through here
is the guest wing.

It's where my mom stays
when she's here.

This is the sitting room.

Through here is the kitchen.

This is the living room,

and down there
is the home theater.

Over here is the home study,

and right around here
is the upstairs den,

and this is our room,
and my husband David.

David, this Daphne.

Hey. How are you?
Oh. Hi, nice to meet you.


This is a beautiful place
you got here.

Oh, that's all her doing.

I'm just a tenant.

Oh, stop it.

So, of course,
this is the backyard,

the bar...

And I hope you brought
your bathing suit.

Hey, Karen,
can I ask you something?

Why me?

I mean, I'm super grateful
for the opportunity,

but after everything
you've heard,

why me?

So, about a year ago,

I picked up Toby from school

and he's acting,
I don't know, weird.

He's having a glass of milk.

Next thing I know,
he's puking it up.

I assume he has a stomach bug,

so I give him water
to stay hydrated

and an antacid
to settle his stomach.

A little while later,
I put him to bed,

and a couple hours after that,

I wake up...

to go check on him...

and he's not better.

He's, he's worse.

And I just remember
that, that sweet smell

coming out of his pores.

And that's when I knew
he'd gone into ketoacidosis.

Meaning he's diabetic.


He's my baby.
He's my, he's my son.

And I didn't even see the signs.

It was an honest mistake.

Honest mistakes happen.

And I know from experience

that when you are a good person

who makes an honest mistake,

you're never gonna make
that kind of mistake again.

And that is why I hired you.

So, can I trust you with my son?

Of course.


I mean, I guess.

Here, baby.
I'll take that?


Oh, are you sure
you're gonna be okay

without us the whole weekend?

Mom, I'll be fine.

Are you sure
you're gonna be okay

without me
for the whole weekend?

I don't know.

I don't know. Oh!

I will guard him with my life.

Give me a hug, buddy.

Hey, and if grandma calls
the landline,

just, uh, tell her
we're already on our way.

And don't you two have
too much fun, okay?

All right.
We'll try not to.

Oh, and there's a spare key
on the counter.

In case you guys need to leave
for any reason,

just please lock up.

And we left cash on the credenza

if you wanna order
take-out or anything.

I could go for some pizza.

Thin crust, buddy. All right?

And no computer after 8:00 p.m.

You follow me?

Loud and clear. Love you.

Love you, too.
Love you.


Bye. Drive safe.


Yeah, but... Ah!

Pizza's here.
I-I'll get it.

I don't have to worry
about you cheating, do I?

Do I look like I need to cheat
to win this game?

Okay, Toby, we'll see.

And what was that?

What just happened here?

Yeah, that's right.
What happened?

You think I can't play checkers.

Mrs. Andrews?

No, I-I'm the babysitter.

Parents out of town?

N-no, uh, they will be back
any minute now.

That'll be $16.56.

Here you go.

Keep the change.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.


Toby, you scared me.

Pepperoni and floor shine.


I'm sorry.

What kinda pizza man
doesn't drive a delivery car?


Hey, Toby.

Come on. Let's get you to bed.

Come on.

Come on.

All right. Come here.

Can I help you?

Um, I-I feel bad

so I came back.

Um, you gave me $40 by accident.

And that's, uh, way too much
for a pizza.

No, I-I, I gave you a $20.

No, see? $40.

Well, the people that I'm
sitting for paid for it.

So, I-I'll just pay them back.

It's fine. It's on me.

That's nice.

Shouldn't they be back already?

They are.

I don't see any extra cars.

Yeah, they, uh, they had
to take a lift in.

'Cause their car's
getting repaired.

So they can't get it
till tomorrow.

But if they're back,
what are you still doing?

I am staying until they get
their car tomorrow.

And, you know, we were actually
all heading to bed. So...

Do you wanna go out sometime?

Actually, I have a boyfriend.

But thank you.

It's a shame.

You're really pretty.

Thank you.

It's very nice of you.

Um, but I, I should really
get the kid to bed.

'Course you do.


If that boyfriend of yours
ever screws up,

think of me, will you?

Sure. You got it.


You're up late.

I'm kinda freaking out.
What's goin' on?

Well, there was this pizza guy
here earlier

and, I don't know, he was just
really creeping me out.

And-and he left and then he came
back and said that

I overpaid him.

Well, did you?

I don't know. Maybe.

But... Okay, he was gone
for a really long time

and-and then he came back
and was...

He-he was knocking on the door
and then he just

started asking me
all sorts of weird stuff.

Oh! Like, "Do you want anchovies
on your tombstone?" or...

Kaci, I'm serious.

What's goin' on?

Hold on.

Just, like, where his parents
were and stuff.

Then I just looked out
on the backyard

and there are footprints
on the deck from the wet lawn.

So what?

Girl, it's a big house, right?

He probably just went
around the back

because you didn't answer
the first time he tried.

Maybe. I don't know.

Look, if you're that freaked out

why don't you just call the cops

and file a report?

Well, because I don't
wanna get him in trouble

in case I'm overreacting.

Well, look,
I get off in an hour.

Do you want me to come over?

No, it's okay.

I don't wanna spook Toby.
He's already asleep.

I'm sure I'm fine.

I know you are, too.

But, hey,
if anything else happens,

you call me, all right?

Yeah. Okay, I love you.

Take care, okay?


My mom's on the phone for you.


Okay. Hey, Karen.

Hi! How's it going over there?

I gave him his
shots this morning

and now he's just
doing the dishes.

Oh, that's so good to hear.

Well, we're about to head up

to the funeral and the wake

and it's in Wine Country, so,

we might fall off
the grid for a little while.

Yeah, uh, that
shouldn't be a problem.

I'm sure we'll be fine.

Better than fine, Mom.

What'd we agree on
the other day?

That you're a big boy

and you can mostly
take care of yourself.

Glad you remembered.

Okay, well just don't have
so much fun that you forget...

To administer my insulin shot
again before dinner. Duh.

Yeah, he was only a little
squirmy this morning.

So, hopefully,
he's better tonight.

Oh! I did not.

Okay. Well...
Maybe a little.

I will call you crazy kids
later this evening.

All right. Thanks, Karen.


Toby, you doin' okay up there?




What's your emergency?

Hi, um, my name is Daphne Hart.

I think there might be somebody

in the house that
I'm babysitting at.

What is the address
of the residence?

It's, um, 1126 Aspendale.

Are you aware of anyone else
in the house?

Uh, just the kid that
I'm babysitting

and he's sleeping upstairs
which is where I am now.

Okay, ma'am, uh, please sit
tight and we'll send

dispatch in the area
to check things out.

Okay. Thank you.

Oh, jeez.

I-I-I'm sorry. It's just...
You scared me.

Oh, you scared me, too.

I-I'm Daphne. I'm the babysitter
for the Andrews.

I thought the Andrews
were out of town.

Yeah, they are.
Well, everybody except Toby.

So, I'm, I'm watching him.

And you are?

I'm sorry.
I'm Audra Simonetti.

I work for the maid services.

Okay. Yeah, no.
That makes sense.

Uh, sorry, it's just, nobody

told me that
anybody was coming by.

Our schedule, Gloria, told me
that no one would be here

so I didn't even think
to call beforehand.

Oh, no, no, no.
It's, it's totally fine.

I'm... It's just me and Toby.

I mean, he was gonna go, but...

Anyway, he's upstairs, napping.

Have you been here before?

No. I mean, I-I-I've worked
in this neighborhood before

but this is my first time
cleaning for this home.

It is a nice place.

Yeah, it is.

Well, they all are,
here in Toluca Lake.

Oh, I used to wanna
live here so bad.


Oh, thank you.
Whereabouts do you live?

Um, I'm just ten minutes away

right off of Ventura
and Studio City.

I live by the village,
just past the 170.

Mm, yeah, I used to work
over there.

What'd you do?

I'm, uh, a nurse.

Oh, that is a tough job.

I commend you.

What brought you here?

I was, um, recently laid off,

Oh, that's too bad.

What brought you
into babysitting?

Well, I needed the work

and, um, Toby's diabetic

so I think Mrs. Andrews
just felt more comfortable

having a nurse
around the house, you know.

I'd feel the same way
if it were my child.

Do you have kids?

I used to work
at the pediatrics department

in my old job.

Sadly, I do not.


Well, it's never too late,

For me, it is.

So, are you, uh, single?

Uh, as of recently, yeah.

What happened?

He was just

insanely selfish and...

not the great guy
I thought he was

at the end of the day,

So, how about you?
Do you want kids?

I do, yeah. Eventually.

I feel like I still have
a lot of growing up to do.

Hm. Well, you'll find your way.

You're still young and gorgeous.

You have your entire life
ahead of you.


It just doesn't feel like that
right now.

Well, it doesn't matter
what you feel.

All that matters is what is.

Yeah. I guess you're right.

Oh, who could that be?

Oh. Um...

I called 9-1-1.

I-I didn't know who you were.
That, that's probably them.

Let me just go deal with them.
I'll be right back.

Wow, you really were spooked.


Yeah, we received
a call from you.

Yeah, I'm sorry. That was
just a misunderstanding.

I heard a noise
so I called you guys.

But I realized
it was just the maid.

Are you Daphne Hart?

Yeah, I'm the babysitter.

And you don't have any, um,

reason you might want me to look
around and check things out?

I mean, you're welcome
to check things out

but I am okay.

Okay. Um...

How about I just
take a look around

make sure everything looks okay.

No break-ins. Hm?

Okay, yeah.

You let me know
if you need me, okay?

Yeah. Thank you.

Oh! Uh...


We have got to stop doing this.


So, is everything all right now?

Oh, yeah. No, everything's fine.

Still, you can
never be too careful.

I assume you heard
about that poor girl

on the news the other night.

I did. That's so scary.

It's just awful
what people will do

to other people these days,
isn't it?


I guess it's a good thing

they got here so quick

just in case it had been
a real emergency.

I think he just felt better
if he could check things out.

Probably wanting
to check you out, no doubt.

Well, on to the next.

I'm finished,
so I'll be leaving.

Okay. Oh, wait.

Do you get a tip or something?

I, I might have some cash...

Oh, please, no. I'm, I'm fine.
But thank you.

You've done enough already.

Really? What did I do?

You kept me company
for a little while.

It was nice talking to you,

Yeah, it was nice
talking to you, too.


Hey, Tobs.

Mind if I join you?
Oh, sure.

Did you have a good nap?

Sometimes I get a little tired

after I'm in the sun
for too long.

Makes sense.

It's a pretty cool fort
you got going on.


You got walkies?

They don't get much use being
an only child and all, but, mm.


So, what are you working on?

Do I get to find out now?

Okay, fine.

But it's a surprise
for my mom and dad.

So you have to promise
you won't say anything.


I promise. Okay, fine.
Pinky promise.

There you go. Okay.

So this here looks like
an ordinary bird house.

But really,
it's a yard monitoring system.

A yard monitoring system?

Yup. See, up here you can put
bird feeder to feed the birds.

Uh-huh. Yeah.

But down here,

there's a hidden compartment
to put a camera.

So you can see, like, visitors
and burglars and stuff.

Visitors and burglars?

Yeah, I mean, my parents have
a lot of expensive junk

so I gotta protect it.

I see.

Well, it seems like you got
a pretty solid

no home invasion plan here.

I-I do.

Now I just need my dad
to get a mini-camera

and, bam!

Yard monitoring system installed

for a steal-of-a-price
on a normal one.

Wow, I'm impressed.
Thank you.

You know, I bet you're gonna
make a lotta money

off all these
creative endeavors one day.

That's the plan.

But if I can help people

while doing it, it's a win-win.

Just don't tell anyone I'm soft.

Oh, no. Our little secret.
Yeah, yeah.

Promise. Pinky promise.

There you go.
Yeah, there we go.

There we go.

Uh, I'm hungry.
Yeah, you wanna go eat?

All right. Let's go.

Let's go.


What do you want for dinner?


I don't even know what we have.


Uh, how about I check out
and see what we gotta work with,

you go grab your shot,
we'll get that ready

so we can get it out of the way,

and I will make us
something yummy.

How does that sound?
All right.

Hey, I should probably
call my mom too

before it gets too late, right?

Yes, good idea.


Where did I put my phone?

Uh, Toby, I'll be right back.

I think I left
my phone upstairs.




Oh! Je-Jeremy!

What are you doing here?

You're trespassing, by the way.

You wouldn't respond
to any of my texts.

What was I supposed to do?

How did you even find out

where I was anyway?

Dr. Burkes spilled the beans

at work tonight.
Her friend hired you.

And did you take that
as an open invitation

to break into a property

Daphne, this is the only way
I can get you to talk to me.

You need to leave.

Daphne, come on.

I don't want to talk to you,

And even if I did,

you really wouldn't like
what I had to say.

How about you try me?

I told you, we're done.
I meant that.

You're gonna throw away
a year of us going out

over this one stupid thing
that happened?


Not only did I lose my job,

I lost my dignity.

And a child lost their life.

That's anything but stupid,
don't you think?

I'll tell the board what
Dr. Mixer did.


I'll tell them that he asked you
to get his cup of coffee

and that he offered
to watch your patients

while you were gone
and then he totally failed.

I mean, maybe
you'll get your job back.

Daph, look, I-I-I feel terrible

and I just wanna
fix this for you.

And for us.

This isn't just about a job,

Dr. Mixer failed, yeah.

But so did I.

Those people
that we're responsible for,

their lives are in our hands
every second

of every hour of every day.

So I deserve
what happened to me.

And you and I just can't go back
to the way things were.

Pretending that we don't need
to be held accountable

for the roles that we played
in the death of that little boy.

Just leave me alone, Jeremy.


Who was that?

Just my ex.

He's gone.
Don't worry about it.


Oh, come on.

Is he still out there?

No, he left.

Okay, let's do this.

Let's see how this goes.

Okay. Yeah.

Here we go.

Doesn't hurt?
I'm used to it.

A little.

Hey, Toby, have you seen
my phone?

No, where'd you last see it?

I thought I left it in here
and now I can't find it.

Maybe you left it
out by the pool

or up in my room.

Yeah, maybe.

Can you go check upstairs
and I'll go check by the pool?


You didn't find it?

No, I even checked your room.

Huh. Let me call
from the landline. One sec.


There's no dial tone.

That's weird.


Wait, no, no, no.
Toby, hold on.

All right. Get behind me.
Come here.

Kaci, thank God.
Oh, wow.

Is babysitting that boring?

Oh, you must be Toby Andrews.


Toby, this is Kaci,
my best friend.

We worked
at the hospital together.

She works with Dr. Burke.

Shannon's great.
Yeah, okay.

Yeah. Cute kid.
Y'all want some Chinese?

You are now officially
my favorite person.

Welcome to our home.

Hey, Kaci, didn't you have
a date tonight?

Girl, you know
how these dating apps go.

He looked nothing
like his picture, okay.

And he kept going on and on

about this album
that he's producing.

Like, I mean, on and on and on.

So I had to cut the drink short.

And by cutting the drink short,
I mean

having wine and telling
him I had to go. Okay?

So I, um, I take it
there won't be a second date?


Wait, wait, why don't you just
do it the old-fashioned way

and go to a bar to meet a guy?

Well, see,
I mostly work overnights.

So when I have a night off

the last thing I wanna do

is meet some guy at a bar.

Plus, everyone knows
I'm a lightweight.


You shouldn't have a problem
meeting a guy.

You're too pretty.

You see, now that makes you

my favorite person
in the world, kid.

So maybe you're just too picky.

I told you he was a smart kid.

Okay, you know what?

So, um, how come
you never texted me back

when I told you
I was on my way over here?

It's the weirdest thing.
I cannot find my phone.

Yeah, we looked everywhere.

Well, is your ringer on?
I'll just call it. Here.

Would you, please.
The phone here is not working.

That's weird, it went
straight to voicemail.


My phone was fully charged
this afternoon.

I barely used it all day.

Where else could it have been?

Hey, Toby, do you know where
your mom would keep

the number
to the cleaning service?

I'm sure the maid
just probably moved it

when she was cleaning
the counters.

Maid? What maid?

The maid that was here
while you were taking a nap.

We don't have a maid.

You don't have a cleaning
service that comes on Saturdays?

The maid
probably comes once a week

while you're at school.

Oh, no, no, no. Not a chance.

My grandma always wants
something to do

after she picks me up
from school.

She'll cook and clean
and sometimes do the laundry

which just drives my mom crazy.

Yeah, but this woman
had a maid's uniform

and she had her own
cleaning supplies.

Okay, now I'm freaked out.

No, no, no, um, I'm sure
your mom just hired a maid

for the weekend
because they're out of town.

Right, right.
Girl, I'm sure that's it. Okay?

Yeah. Maybe.

Hey, you wanna stay
and watch a movie?

Well, if I have
any more of this wine,

I may not have a choice.

All right,
how about you go upstairs,

take a bath, get ready for bed,

and then we'll pick out
a movie to watch, yeah?


Hey, are you all right?

You seem kind of spooked
the whole time

we were eating dinner.

Yeah, no. I was just thinking.

Did you hear about the girl
who was murdered

last Friday on the news?

What? No.

Yeah. She was babysitting
in Sherman Oaks.

That's not far from here.
No, I know.

And I just remembered they said
they suspected

it was the pizza delivery guy.

What if it's the same guy?

Come on.

If he really murdered someone
last week,

you really think he's still
delivering some damn pizzas.

Well, he wasn't driving
a delivery car.

What if it's a local joint?

Sometimes they don't have
delivery cars.

Look, do you want me to crash
after the movie?

I don't have spin class
until 2:30 tomorrow, girl.

You wouldn't mind?
Not at all.

Okay, yeah. That would actually
make me feel a lot better.

I got you, girl.
Thank you.

So, do you really think
the maid took your phone?

Well, I didn'that first because
she was so sweet in person.

Look, why don't you just call
Toby's mom and ask her?

No, no, I don't wanna do that.

I don't wanna get them
freaked out over nothing.

I mean, they trusted me
with their child

after they found out
everything that happened.

The last thing that I want
is for them to think

I'm some crazy girl accusing
their maid of stealing.

Okay, well, who else
could have done it?

I mean, I don't know, the only
people up here besides us

has been Jeremy, but he was
outside the whole time.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hold up. Rewind.

Jeremy was here?

Yes, he came by earlier.

Well, he talked to Dr. Burke
who told him where I was

so he came over
and jumped the fence.

Oh, my God. I cannot believe
the nerve-of that boy.

Now, hold on.

The gate was closed
earlier when Jeremy was here.

Huh. And the gate was open
when I arrived.

Well, there you have it.

Jeremy never left. Mm-mm.

He probably just figured out
a way to open your gate

and now he messing with you.


he's probably the one
who stole your phone.

No. That doesn't even sound like
something Jeremy would do.

My exes have done way worse.

Especially when they're used to
getting what they want.

And when's the last time
Jeremy's heard anyone say no?

Call him. Go ahead.


Uh, no, I don't
wanna do that either.

At least not until I get
to talk to the maid service

and see if, I don't know,
maybe she picked it up

thinking it was hers.

Okay, fine.

You got anything I can wear?

Yeah. It's upstairs.

It's the last room
in the left hallway.

My bag's on the bed
so just take whatever you want.

Okay, cool. I will.

Thanks, Kaci.

Love you.
Love you.


Take one of my walkies.

Oh, are you scared?

Oh, no, no, no. It's, um...

It's for you,
in case you get scared.

Thanks, kid.

All right.


Oh, shoot.
We didn't close the gate.


Oh, wait, let me get my phone.

We can use the flashlight.


Who closed the gate?


My phone is gone.


What do you mean?
Yo, Daphne...

My phone was right here.

I left it right here.
I know it.

Are you 100 percent sure?

Yes, I'm a hundred percent sure.

I mean, I had a couple
of glasses of wine

but I'm pretty sure.

Oh, my God.

The spare keys are gone.

Don't play with me, girl.

It has been there
the entire time

since the Andrews left.

The whole time?

Who the hell is that?

I never thought I'd say this

but I really hope that's Jeremy.

There's no one there.

That's because somebody
is screwing with us. That's why.

Are all doors locked?
Hold on, hold on.

I have an idea.
I'll be right back.

What? What are you doing?
Just hold on. Hold on.

Hurry up!

Close it, close it, close it.

What you gonna do with that?

You'll see. You'll see. Okay.

Okay. Okay.

Now we have our alarm.

Okay, we have to barricade
all the doors

and make sure
that all the windows are locked.

Okay. Okay, okay, okay.

Don't creep up on me like that.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Look, I found another door
in the other wing.

Okay, what did you do?
I nailed it shut.

Okay, yeah, that works.

Uh, so...

what do we do now?


Oh, Jeremy!

Ooh! It is too cold
for this crap.

Come on, Jeremy.

If this is some sick way
of trying to get me back,

you could just give us back
our cellphones

and get the hell out of here.

Is he dead?

Is he dead? Oh, my God!

Oh, no!
Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!

Let's go out the back door.

No, we tied it, remember?

That way, that way.

What do we do?

Come on.

Who the hell was that?
I don't know.

He, he killed Jeremy.

Do you think he was
the creepy pizza guy?

I mean, damn,
did you leave a tip?

Toby, get down here!

No, we need to use this thing.

And block all the doors, okay?
No, we need to get Toby.

We need to get out of here
right now.


You wanna go out there
where he's at? Oh, hell no.

If he wants to,
he can come back in, Kaci.

We cannot stay here.
Do you understand?

Okay. Fine.

I'mma go get my keys
in the purse in the kitchen.

All right.

I'll get Toby. Toby? Toby?



Toby, Shh.

I need you to not make
one noise, okay?


Okay. Come here,
come here, come here.

We gotta hide. Come here.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Get down, get down.
No, no, right here, right here.




The best you got, huh?

Come on.



Toby, we can't stay here, okay?

We gotta find a way
out of here, okay?


Follow me, all right?
All right. Stay close. Come on.

Up, up, up, up, up.

Quiet. Quiet.

Shut it, shut it, shut it.


Toby, do your parents
have a gun?

We are in Toluca Lake.
What do you think?

Didn't you say he had a knife?


Okay, Toby, is there
another way down

besides the front staircase?

Um, uh...

I-I have a fire ladder
in my room, but I can't go down.

I only practiced one time
and I freaked out.

No, no, no, no. It's okay.

I'm gonna be with you
the entire time, okay?

We're just gonna figure
out a way to get back

to your room, okay?


I need you to go
into the bathroom closet,

close the door and talk into
the walkie, protect your voice.

No, no, no, I can't, I can't...
Listen, listen, listen.

Listen to me, Toby,
the other walkie is in my room.

If he hears that, maybe he'll
go there instead, okay?

I don't want you to leave me.

Toby, I will never leave you.

I promise.

You can do it.
You can do it.

He's coming
for us. We have to hide!

Toby, Toby, Toby, come here.

It worked. Good job, okay?

Now, once he figures out that
we're not in there

he's gonna come back here,
so we gotta be quick

and we gotta be quiet.

Are you ready?

You can do it. You can do it.


All right. Wait, wait.

Okay. Go.

Is that the ladder?
Okay. All right.

Come on. Here.
I got it. I got it.

Go, go, go, go, go, go.

Be careful. Quickly. Quickly.

Careful. Careful.

Okay, come on.
Come on, come on.

You got it?
Okay. Here. Take this.

Okay, come on, come on.

Okay, let's go. Let's go.



Okay, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go.

Okay. You're gonna
get on the ladder first.

Then I'm gonna
go right behind you, okay?

I can't, I can't, I can't do it.

What? What? Toby? Toby?

Yes, you can. Listen to me.

I have staff kids
coming to the hospital

who are hurt, who are injured,

and you are so much
braver than any of them, okay?

Hey, look. All right?

I'm gonna be with you every step
of the way, all right?

I'm gonna walk you through it.

You're gonna get on that ladder

and we're gonna go
step by step together.


Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Listen.

I promised your mother
that I wasn't gonna

let anything happen to you.

And I meant that.

Okay? I got you.

I'll take care of you, okay?
We got this.

Yeah? Yeah? Okay. Okay.

Toby, are you okay?

I-I don't feel very good.

You're getting hypoglycemic.

Okay. Okay. It's all right.

Do you think you can
make it down the ladder

without fainting?

I think so.

You need to be strong, Toby,

You can do this, all right?


Okay. Okay. Yeah.

Okay. I got you. I got you.

All right, all right.
We're gonna go step by step.


Step down. Come on.

Yeah. There you go.

There you go.
Hold it tightly.

Come on.

I got you. I got you.

Okay. One more step.
Okay. Easy. Easy.

Step down. Come on down.

Okay. Okay.

All right.

Little to the left.

Okay. Come on.


All right.

Come on. Over here.
Over here. Come on.

Okay. Okay.
Kaci car. Kaci car. Come on.

Okay. All right. Get in.

Get in.

Okay. Stay right here.
I'll be right back.

I have to get the keys. Okay.








Kaci, I'm so sorry!


Why haven't you been
answering my calls?

I've been calling you since...

Karen, listen to me.

We were attacked.

Toby is fine.

But I need to get him
his insulin shot, okay?

I need you to call the police.

What, what
do you mean "attacked?"

Karen, I have to get
back to the car

but two people are already dead.

The killer's...

Karen, call the police.


I have to go.

They're never gonna
make it on time.


Audra Monrose.

You're his mother.

Go on. You can say his name.

Say his name!


I thought his mother was...
You thought I was dead.

Well, that's what his father
tells everyone.

Only because he wishes
I were dead.

What do you mean?

Well, it's simple.

My son was taken from me


Once, from my ex-husband,

and now from all of you.

Mason's dad was a sweetheart.

I used to think so, too

until I found him messing around
with a babysitter one night

when I came home early.

Perhaps, you've heard of her.

Her name is Claire Carven.

Well... it was.

The babysitter from the news.


Everyone thought she was
so sweet and so perfect,

just like everyone mistakenly
thought of you.

No. Audra, listen to me.

I need you to understand
I am not responsible

for the death of your son.

Okay? I was asked
to do something by my superior.

And your son's vitals were fine

the last I checked on him,
I promise.

You don't believe it was
your duty whatsoever

to make sure my son was okay

even though you were the nurse
on duty the night he died?

I am so sorry
for the loss of your son.

And if I had known
that my boss was gonna

step away from the monitor
when he did,

I would have never
left my post, okay?

I never intended
for any of that to happen

to your son, I promise.

Well, I never intended
on trying to poison my husband

after he cheated on me.


we all have to reap
the consequences of the actions

we take every day nonetheless.

Now, don't we?

Oh, God!

Audra! Audra, please.

I know how much you must've
loved your son, Mason,

but do you really think
this is what he would've

wanted his mother to become?

You have no idea
what my son would've wanted.

And you have no clue
how much I loved him.

But you will now.

You should never be responsible

for taking care
of another child ever!

Yeah? Well, neither should you.



Okay. Stay with me.

Do you hear me?

Do you hear me? Okay.

All right. I got you.
I got you right here, Toby.


Okay. All right. All right.


Yeah? Yeah?

What took you so long?

Okay. All right.
Let's get you out of here.

Okay. All right.

Daphne, behind you!




No. No. No!


I only wanted to protect my son.

And you took that away from me!

Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. Yeah.

I'm okay.


Hey, kid! Oh!

Check it out.

Is that the monitoring system?

That's incredible!

You're in business, kid.

Bet your parents paid
a pretty penny

for that cool new
security system.

We paid for the materials.

And I'm sure someday
we'll be paying

for this one's first
business startup.

How are you?
I'm good.

Are you all packed up?

Yeah, I'm gonna head out
in about an hour.

Well, Los Angeles is losing
one of its finest nurses.

Well, hopefully Atlanta feels
the same way about gaining one.

You're not gonna be a nurse
for much longer, are you?

You know you always have a place
to stay when you come visit.

In case, perhaps, you decide
to do residency here even.

Thank you, Karen.
It's very sweet of you.

Well, I-I mean,
do you have to leave now?

We ordered lunch.

And it'd be really nice
if you could stay.

Yeah, I think I could
stick around.

Great. Come on.

Also, today is my cheat day.

So we got milkshakes, too.

Birthday cake milkshakes?


Y-you know, it's a real bummer
you're leaving.

Maybe someday if I'm not
too afraid of flying,

I'll come visit.

I'd love that.

And, hey, it seems like
you're already halfway there.

There's a big difference
between a second story

and a flight's maximum height.

Either way,
I'll be back some day.

Do you think by the time
you get back we'd be too old

for birthday cake milkshakes?

Toby, one can never be too old

for birthday cake milkshakes.

♪ Keep keep movin' up ♪

♪ Take a chance before it's gone ♪

♪ If the world is hard to climb ♪

♪ It doesn't mean you shouldn't try ♪

♪ You can make it on your own ♪

♪ Though at times you feel alone ♪

♪ Along the ride ♪

♪ It's the risk you take ♪

♪ Being alive ♪

♪ I know how you're feeling ♪

♪ 'Cause I felt it all before ♪

♪ The silent storm of desperation ♪

♪ Knocking at your door ♪

♪ Let me tell you something ♪

♪ When the clouds have all gone by ♪

♪ The brighter days are waiting for you ♪

♪ On the other side ♪

♪ Chances are you'll still fall over ♪

♪ Searching for your four-leaf clover ♪

♪ First step's the hardest anyway ♪

♪ Don't look back you're only wasting ♪

♪ Precious time we could be chasing ♪

♪ Everything we haven't found ♪

♪ One day it will come around ♪

♪ Gotta keep keep movin' up ♪

♪ Take a chance before it's gone ♪

♪ If the world is hard to climb ♪

♪ It doesn't mean you shouldn't try ♪

♪ You can make it on your own ♪

♪ Though at times you'll feel alone ♪

♪ Along the ride ♪

♪ It's the risk you take ♪

♪ Being alive ♪

♪ Aa aa aa aah aah ♪

♪ Aa aa aa aa aa aa aah ♪

♪ Aa aa aa ♪

♪ Being alive ♪

♪ Aa aa aah ♪