Kill Squad (1982) - full transcript

A woman is killed. A man is paralyzed. His buddies come for revenge.

Lawrence Electronics.
Our company is doing

so good Joanne.
You know this quarter

will surpass last quarter in gross
receipts with new orders

coming in every day.

And next quarter will be even, even better.

You don't have to tell me that.

After all, daddy left me the company.

Get me another drink,
will you, Joseph dear?


Things are looking so good for us.
Companies growing strong.

We can have everything
we've always wanted.

- Jessie. Try the door.
- All right.

It's locked.

We try the back way. Come on.

Hey Virgil. Come here.

Hey man, you see that dude's
old lady ain't looking bad.

- Yeah.
- We gonna have some fun with her.

Let's go.

And it's great, that we have our
good friend Larry personally.

He's your friend.

He's your friend. He's our friend.
He's the top executive in our company.

He runs our company and
what some of his ideas he

saved us thousands of dollars.

As far as I'm concerned,
that company can do it

out your friend, Mr. Pearson.

Why Joanne? Is it because he's black!

I thought I heard a noise among
the side of the house.

It's probably our neighbor's dog.
It's always crapping in our yard.

You mess this up, I'll break both
your damn legs. You got that?

- You got that message?
- Yeah, I got it.

- Go check. Please!
- Okay. All right, I'll go.


Joseph are you there?

- Joseph!
- I'm sorry.

Okay, it's a very bad joke.
I'm sorry dear, really.

I'm sorry, it won't happen again.

Don't touch me.

Please close the door.

- We gonna have fun tonight.
- The lady is all yours.

Just doing a job.

I think you've had enough tonight.

Let's go to bed.

Kill him!

Watch out!


Come here honey.

Relax, relax.

Come on, come on!

Hey Larry Pearson. How you doing?

This is a rejection slip man.

I know that.

Why are you rejecting the tool?

Because it wasn't built
to our specifications.

You mean Lawrence
electronics specifications.

Those specs don't mean
jack man and you know it.

Give us a break. Huh Larry?

Hey the specs were there
when you bid on the job.

We're paying you to build a tool
the way it should have been

done, and that's to our specifications.
It's that simple, Johnny.

Specifications my ass, man!

Got a lot of time and money in that job.

Fine. You rework the two of
them will be happy to pay you.

I need some money now!

How about partial payment?

Can't do that.

I was counting on getting paid
for the job this week, man.

I need some goddamn money.

I said no! I can't do that.

Bullshit, man!
You're the one in charge now.

Ever since your Mr. Lawrence gots off shot.

Because a lady getting raped and
murdered. Hell, he's still in the hospital.

So when he gets out
he'll be stuck in a wheelchair,

so don't tell me you can't do that.

I said no!

What happened at Mr. Lawrence years,
that can happen just about to anybody.

You know what I mean?

You better let me hold on to
this before you kill yourself.

Incidentally we still want
that two reworked.

You get your money after.

I knew you'd see things my way.

But Joe I know things have been tough

but doc says everything
is looking just great.

It's been months now.

Once you thought someone would have found
something by now. Anything.

I wish I could trade places with you Joe.

I mean that.

I know.

I know, Larry.

Just take me home, to my garden.

All right.

Thanks Larry, you're a good buddy.

I'm glad to be back here.

I love this place.

Aren't these flowers beautiful, Larry?

It's a place where a man can think.

Fragrance opens a man's
mind to a lot of things.

I realized that the police
are not going to help.

We're gonna have to take
these matters in our own hands.

Assemble a squad.

All right.

Now you're talking, Joe.

They owe you.

I owe you. Hell, we all owed you.

I never forget that day.

I was never so scared in all my life.
God, I was scared.

- Do you ever think about that day, Joe?
- All the time.

What the hell do they want?

It's a damn minefield. They want us to
walk through and make a path for them.

You bastards, you butchers!

No, Joe. Don't let those bastards do
that to you, man, don't do it!

Larry. It's okay.

It's okay.

Hey, come on.

Tommy, K.C.,

when I say "go" you take
the guards on the right.

I'll take the ones on the left.


All right. Come on, let's get
Joe and get the hell out of here.

Assemble the squad, Larry.
You know where to find them.

All right, Joe.

- Oh my.
- Get away from here. Come on.

Oh my god, it won't start.

Open the door.

Joseph needs you.

Let's go. I know where I can find K.C..

Great. Let's go.

I play with you no more, cheater.

He owed me a dollar.

You did all this for one dollar?


- Did you cheat?
- Yep.

Here comes big K.C..

Hey salt and pepper.

I thought I told you to work from the
corner, what the hell are you doing?

We were told to get off
that corner, that's why.

- Who said that?
- Lewis said so.

Lewis says it's his corner
for his girls now.

What the hell is a Lewis?

Big, mean and ugly!

Get in.

Get in the car! Move it, woman.

Close the door, Shamu.

Now let's go talk
to this Mr. Lewis.

That's K.C.'s corner, baby. You dig?

And ain't nobody big enough
to keep my girl off my corner.

- There's the girls, K.C..
- Damn, that's ugly.

- There! There is Lewis.
- Girls, now that's ugly.


Baby, what's happening?

You know I do think that we have a
little misunderstanding here.

Hey bro what's happening?
Hey man what's going on?

Now about our little misunderstanding here.

Simple. Just stay away, boy.

Roy? My name ain't no Roy.

I said boy. Boy!

You know?
I don't know who's uglier.

You or those two things down there,
you call hookers?

Standing on my corner.

Joseph needs you.

You got it.

I don't want to see you or your
two clowns around here again.

You dick.

Hold on a minute guys.

Now look here baby, I got
some business to take care of.

Why don't you take a
couple of days off?

Where can we find Tommy?

- You can check his office.
- All right, let's go.

Mr. Webster? Excuse me sir?

Excuse me sir?

Mr. Webster?

Mr. Webster?

Mr. Webster sir?

Who the hell are you?

Your gardener, sir. I've been your
gardener for the past six months.

Oh yeah. What can I do for you?

I finished the front yard, that'll
be twenty three fifty, sir.

- Okay, honey.
- Thank you.

Hey what about my cherry?

I'll get your cherry
a little layer, honey.

What did you say?

I said I finished the front yard
and that would be 20350 sir.

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure but can't you see
I'm busy right now.

Come back tomorrow.

No sir, I'd like to be paid today.
Right now!

Today's wages plus the
five weeks you owe me.

I said I'm busy.
You come back tomorrow.

If I wanted to be paid tomorrow.

I would have done your
yard wear tomorrow.

But I did it today and I
want to be paid today.

Come on buddy, come on.

Would anybody like a little nip?

This better be good!

Hey Tommy.

- Joseph needs you.
- No problem.


We don't need any students around here
who gonna rat on us and get us in trouble.

- Do we?
- Hell no! Son of a bitch.

Serves him right.

Where the hell is he?

Hey! Looking for me?

What the hell happened man?
You slip or something?

If I didn't know any better I'd say
somebody pushed me.

- Pushing who in the hell wanna push you?
- You tell me!

Hey man, listen.

It's nothing against you personally
it's a matter of dollars and sales.

What the hell is
that supposed to mean?

Listen you get paid for the job,
we get paid by the hour.

Now we got a good thing here
and you're gonna mess it up.

You come in here and find out we stealing
equipment make us look bad.

We got a good job here and
we figure we can rip it for months.

The rate you're going
will be over in three weeks.

So you just pushed
me off the roof.

- Wow, look who is there.
- Hey man.

- Joseph needs you.
- Say no more.

Who knows where Arthur is?

Let's go get him. I do.

Great. Let's go.

Les, Paul.
How you gentlemen doing today?


Arthur my friend.
Let's talk for a minute.

It's a fine day today, isn't it?
It's a fine day.

We're silky Arthur. Will see.

But first we got to talk
about this investment we

made in this million-dollar
scheme of yours.

The pet bug.

It's been eight months now
and the only thing we've seen

is the red carpet in your
office, three inches thick.

And the mahogany desk in this Mercedes.

Oh yes, this suit.

Hey, all you got to do is ask.

Look, I got 10.000 transfers
coming in from Arizona.

I got 5.000 scorpions flying
all the way in from Mexico.

And centipedes. Can you believe this with
your own ears?

I've got 3.000 centipedes
coming in from Death Valley.

- Cut the crap papa!
- Hey it's no bull.

I wouldn't lie to you
about 3.000 centipedes.

Look I got four colored flyer coming
out of the printers at the end of the week.

I got ads, coming out all the
major magazines next month.

This is all straight stuff.
Believe me.

- Trust me.
- Okay.

We trust you Arthur, but we'll be back to
check on our investment.

You, I quit! You're crazy man
and I never want to work for you again!

Not ever!

- Who's that?
- My secretary.

What's the matter with you Lola?

The IRS just threw me out and put a
padlock on the office door that's what!

Hey man, we can't play.
I didn't bring my ball.

Okay Arthur, okay.
You got one week to get the money back.

- Hey allright.
- Allright.

Hey Arthur, Joe and the squad needs you.

No problem!

- You Mr. Ludwig?
- Yes sir.

I'm Mr. Levy from the Bank of
San Jose and...

the reason I'm here sir is,
you're four months behind on your payment

sir and you don't pace of payments
I'm gonna have to reposition your car.

- You're a businessman.
- Yeah.

You wanna invest in
a million-dollar idea?

What are you talking about?

Pet bugs.

- You're crazy!
- Pet bugs, yeah.

You wanna buy a Tarantula?

No that's crazy. That's the
dumbest thing I've ever heard.

What are you talking about?

Mr Ludwig? Mr. Ludwig? Your car.

All the men are here Joe.

I didn't get the much detail
with them but enough to give them

a rough idea and everyone is
glad and proud to be tp help you.

Very good.


Still the squad clown. Huh Arthur?

But deadly.

And you my friend?

Same Squad Joe.

First, you men don't realize how
proud I am to have you here with me again.

I sincerely mean that.
And I want to thank you.

Let's get down to business.

We believe the motive behind
all of this is that my

wife and I, would not sell
the electronics company.

For the past four months
we've had threatening phone calls.

My wife and... We thought it would..

We thought it would pass.

What Joe is trying to say
is, that we think one of

the larger electronics
corporations is behind this.

Joe had heard the killer's,
call their leader Dutch.

That's the man we have to get to.

Now we do have one lead
and one lead only.

His name is Virgil.

And he lives on an abandoned ranch
with about eight or ten cowboy types.

That's not much to go on,

but at least it's some place to start.

Okay man, go to work.

Go get dutch.

You bring back the man they
call Dutch to me.

Excuse me please but I'm looking for a
gentleman named Virgil?

A gentleman named Virgil?

Who are you what do you want?

My business is with Virgil!

Holy shit!

You got business with one of our
partners, you got business with all.

I said I have business with just one
bastard here and that's Virgil.

What you say nigga?

I know it's gonna be hard to distinguish,

but I said I'm looking
for the cowboy that

looks and smells like
the asshole of a horse.

Oh horseshit.

- All right lady who are you.
- My name is Angela.

All right Angela now
we came here for some

answers and we're not
leaving until we get some.

We want to know about a pier called Dutch.

I don't know anyone called Dutch.

Well your boyfriend work for this man
called Dutch a couple of months ago.

Okay. Okay.

We got wasted one night he bragged about
messing up this dude and his old lady.

Did he mention any names,
places or anything?

Come on lady anything?


Does it sound like one? Yeah!
Jesse that's the one

he's a truck driver works
for cement company in town.

Anybody else?

Anybody else?

Georgie, he works in a steel yard,
now that's all I know so leave me alone!

I found out that they're only
two cement companies in town.

The quick dry cement company and
the Antonio brother cement Incorporated.

And the one they call Jesse
works for one of them.

As for the other one Georgie
we have a pretty good idea.

Just about where at the
steel yard, we might find him.

I think it'd be a good idea to
split up into two teams.

Larry, you, K.C... and Pete.

Go to Antonio brothers cement
company first then to quick-dry.

Alan you Tommy and Art, you go to the
steel yard and have a talk with Georgie.

That's all now.

Excuse me sir.

Do you have a guy named
Jesse James working here?

Jesse James?
No I never heard of.

Well if he's not here, there's
just one cement company left.

We're coming to get you Jesse
James and I hope you have the

Dalton brothers with you because
we're coming to get you baby.



- Is this Dutch?
- Who wants to know?

Virgil's dead man.
Wasted by a bunch of guys

from a John Wayne movie
and they're after you.

They want you man and they want you bad.

Hey, how'd you get my number?

From Virgil since your demand if I
ever needed any action or extra cash to

give you a call since you were the man
to talk to and then those exact words.

Who are you?


Jake. Aha.


Okay Virgil has told me
about you, what do you want?

These guys want your ass man.
Real bad. You must have done

some heavy stuff to get them
to call out the marines.

Now what I wanna know is

what's in it for me and my boys,
if we waste those dudes?

I tell you.

Don't worry.

You take care of them,
I'll take care of you.

I'll take real good care of you got that?

You'll be hearing from me.


How do you do gentlemen.
I'm looking for Georgie.

Hey Georgie, he's looking for a cruise.

Hey baby.

Already been in the service, man.
Liked it too.

Recommend it highly.

I got a couple of questions ask you
about a former employee of yours.

Hmm man you look like you're ready for war.

Hey yeah. Ask away baby, anything.


Tell me about Dutch.
Come on talk to me!

I don't know any Dutch. Hey
man get this drunk out of my face.

You tell us about this
man they call Dutch.

Yeah pal, before our
fake friend gets mad here.

We call him crunch and
that's the last thing

you're gonna hear before
he breaks your back.

No wait don't do that to me man.

Nobody was supposed to get hurt. Nobody.

All we want to know is
something about Dutch.

I don't know man. That's the truth.
I'm not lying. Ask Phil.

He works at L.A. towing.
That's a wrecking yard man.

He's the one who got me this gig.

Hey, excuse me friend.


We're looking for a guy named
Jesse James?


Yeah he's around here somewhere,
let's get check his truck.

Alright, thank you much.

Hey, is that you under there Jesse?

Yeah that's me. Who are you?

We're friends of Dutches and
we'd like to talk to you.

Yeah man come on out and
talk to us okay.

Yeah okay.

Just let me type this last
bolt otherwise I'll forget about it.


My, my Jesse.
You sure on a big hurry.

The name Dutch must've gotten you excited.

Tell us where we could find him!

That's who?

Dutch! You know we're talking about.

You've got trouble Jesse?


The troubles are over.

Well Jesse looks like
you're a deep shit unless you

tell us something about
the man they call Dutch.

You hear me!

Yeah, I tell you the truth man.
I don't know Dutch

or how to get in touch
with him or anything.

What do you mean, you don't know him man?
You worked for him!

I don't know him.
Richie called me and asked me if I

want to make some quick
bucks and have some fun man.

You know?

Fun you say? What the hell do
you mean by fun man?

We're just supposed to scare him.
Someone have scared real bad.

It was just fun man.

No, I don't know!

How'd you get these scratches?

It's cut. It's just cuts from beer
glass in a bar fight.

Bear fight, bar fight.
Those are fingernail scratches!

Tell us some more about Richie.

He's a black dude. He works
at world of motors downtown.

That's all.

- All right. Get the hell out of here!
- Go. Get up!

Killed the next one.

Look Joe if it's any consolation
they died for causes they believed in.

You didn't order them to do
anything they didn't want to do.

They knew what they were getting into.
We all do.

Thank you.

We did manage to get some leads.

Guy by the name of Phil works for L.A.
towing and a

second name of Ritchie car
salesman for Pacific autos.

Both local.

Get him!

Larry and K.C., get Phil.

Tommy and Art, get that damned Ritchie.

Get him!

Get him!

We will get him Joe.

We will get him.

Hey Phil. How the hell
are you man?

Sorry man, I ain't Phil. That's the
one on the Ford lift. That's Phil.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

Hey Phil!

Yeah. What do you want?

Why don't you come down here
and talk to us. Turn that thing off.

Talk about what? Cosman?
Need some Cophats?

Turn that off and we
have a proposition for you.


What kind of proposition?

Yeah Jesse said that
you're the man to see.

The main man.

He speaks highly of you.


Jesse who?

Jesse man!

You know who we are talking about.

We need some work.
We need some money.

Jesse man!

He said that you could hook us up

with a cat by the name of Dutch!


I don't know any Dutch.

Come on man. I don't
know anybody like that.


I got you into this.

But I'll get him I promise you that.
I'll get him.

Welcome gents. Welcome.

Hey, I got the
right car for you.

Fast. Lots of style. And this baby
looking for a new home.

A friend of ours told us to
ask for a Salesman by the name of Richie

- I hope you don't mind?
- Mind?

Why should I mind? We're
one big happy family around here.

Of course...

I can give you a better deal.

Well. Just fooling guys. Just fooling.

You wait right here.
I'll get him for you.

Hey Richie.

Hey gents, you looking at the right car,
lots of style, easy on the gas.

This baby's just looking for a new home.

- Can you start it up?
- For sure can do.

Oh what's? What's the matter with you man?
Damn that hurts!

- No what the hell's the matter with you?
- Dutch!

The name Dutch
sounds like you know it.

No man, come on man.
Let me go. It hurts.

No, we aren't playing around anymore.
Put an address to the name Dutch.

Address god damn. Give us an address.

Is everything allright Richie?

Checking the horn.

No man, boo man.
These suckers. I don't know

what these suckers want but
they don't buy a car.

Get him!

Oh shit!

This fucking car!

Tommy. Tommy. You go over there!

Get up. Talk to us. Tell us about Dutch!

Oh my god. Oh my god, not again.

If only I had my mobility Larry.

You don't know what this is doing to me.

I... I know Joe. I understand.

I'm going the whole thing off.

I'll give what little information we
have over to the police.

I'm calling it off.

- You can't do that Joe.
- I have to Arthur.

Can't you see? I have to.

It's not your fight anymore.
It's ours. It's all of ours.

We're going back to the ranch and have
a talk with the Cowboys girlfriend Angela.

We'll keep in touch.

Angela! Angela! Wait a minute,
look we're not gonna hurt you.

What the hell happened to you?

The pick Jake did this to me.

What for for?

For talking to you!

- They're looking for you.
- How many?


Jake and two others.

All with guns.

They're looking for you and
they're gonna kill you!

- Where are they now?
- Heading out towards town.

Look Joe, don't worry.
We're going out to the Cowboys now.

Once we get them there, we'll
get to the bottom of this. You see.

- Don't worry, okay.
- I do worry Larry.

I want this to come to a stop.
I want these things over with.

Yeah, I want the same thing.
I'll be in touch.



Where did they go?

There they're!

Now let's talk this out man.
What do you say?

Hey man, let's talk it out.
What do you say?


- That's all we wanted to do anyway.
- Alright.

Let's talk about Dutch.

And don't tell us, you
don't know who Dutch is!

Dutch. Sure I know who he is.

Why didn't you? Why don't you say so?
All you had to do was ask.

Communicate man. That's what's
wrong with the world today.

No communication.

Barbecue time everybody!

Come and get it!
Come and get it!

Get him!

Get him!

Kill him for god sake!

Hey soldier boy!

Try me.

Get him!

Get him for God's sake.

Get him!

No, no, no, no, no.

I've been looking forward to
this meeting, for sometime now.

Oh you see, I've got a weak heart.

No I really have a weak heart.
You see, check with my doctor.

You know. I... I... I have a thing... and
a aversion to physical violence.

I can't stand pain.
Do you understand?

Just don't hurt me.

- I really do have a...
- Shut up!

I only want one thing from you.
One thing!


I tell you anything. Ask what!

It's an Information.

It better be good or I'll rip that
weak heart right out of your chest!

Now who put out the contract on my friends?

One of the other electronics corporations?

Electronic corporations?
No! No it...

Dutch can you hear me?
Can you hear me Dutch?


Who set this up?
Who's behind all this?

We whipped. We've lost the fight.

I couldn't find the answer and
we've got no place else to go.

You did your best Larry.

You proved yourself a true friend.

I lost some good friends.

I'll never be able to forgive myself.

Hey, like I told you before Joe
is not your fault.

They weren't forced into anything.

They knew exactly what they
were getting into.

Don't let it haunt you.
It owned up ruining you.

You ever record of what's...
what's been happening?

Yeah, I... It's some on the card.
Names, places, states.

Could you get it for me please?

I like to study it before I
turn it over to the police.


I'll be right back.

Bulletproof vest!

I've been waiting for you!

Why Joe?

Why to us?

To me Joe!

Man I loved you like a brother.

I would have done anything
in the world for you.

Why? Got damn you, why?

You dare ask me why?

This is why. This!

Why your wife?

Why Joann, Joe?

She hated me.

She made me feel like I was a nobody!

Always talking about divorce.

Everything you see is hers.

The car. The house. The money.
The company. Everything is hers!

I knew I had to get rid of her.

I just couldn't take it anymore.

I made a game of it.
A killer game.

Yes. I hired Dutch to kill her.

And to shoot me.
Make it look real I said!

Next was to get you,
to assemble the squad.

O I knew that would be easy.

You're so stupid!

The squad would kill Dutch in his men.

And I kill the squad.

I almost died in my uniform.
I wanted to see them die in there's.

And I knew. Now it just
come down to you and me.

So I trained. And I trained.
And I trained.

Forcing my body back into shape.

Waiting, for this moment.

And after you're gone I'm free.

And I own everything!

And once again, I will be in command!

Art, can you hear me?

Can you hear me Art?

Pet bugs.

We can make millions.

We'd have been great together.

At least we trusted one another.


You better get me to hospital,
before I bleed to death.

You damn fool.

What do you think partner?

Pet bugs. Huh?


Will make millions.

You and me, Larry.

Will make millions.



You believe that? Centipedes.

Think of, we'll be the
barons of the bugs.

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