Kiki's Delivery Service (1989) - full transcript

This is the story of a young witch, named Kiki who is now thirteen years old. But she is still a little green and plenty headstrong, but also resourceful, imaginative, and determined. With her trusty wisp of a talking cat named Jiji by her side she's ready to take on the world, or at least the quaintly European seaside village she's chosen as her new home.

# ...I've been receiving so many calls, asking about
the marvelous airship, the Spirit of Freedom... #

# ... That ship may or may not be passing over our area soon... #

# ...And I'll let you know as soon as we have more information available... #

# But first, here's the weather forecast #

# Skies are clearing up, thanks to a high-pressure front moving in from the mountains #

# Mild winds will be blowing in from the west...
pushing the clouds out by this evening #

# There'll be a beautiful full moon lighting up the skies #

# So if you have been planning something special,
tonight might be the night #

# Tomorrow also looks good with clear skies and sun... #

Jiji wake up!
Tonight is the night!

Hey mom!

Oh...Hi, Mrs.Dora.
Hey mom! It's gonna be clear tonight!

And guess what, the radio says there'll a full moon!

Did you borrow your father's radio again, without asking?

Don't worry, he doesn't mind!

Please exuse me Mrs. Dora...

Moooom. It's a perfect midnight for me to leave home!

You mean tonight? Next month is what you told me.

Yeah, but the next full moon might be on a cloudy night.

And I want to leave on the perfect midnight!

Huh? But Kiki...waaaiiit!

My oh my, what's this all about?

It's one of our oldest customs that when a witch turns thirteen...

She has to leave home for a year to begin her training.

You little baby is thirteen?

My goodness, but time flies so quickly!

I know...
She seems so young to be leaveing home now.

I remember very well...

the exact day you arrived in this town.

A little girl flew down from the sky

on her broomstick, and I was certain

she was much too young to hold such an important job as a president witch. Hmhmhm

Yes but I could fly...

Kiki barely knows how to do that!

And I had no time to teach her how to mix potions like me.

Hmm young people are all the same..

They all want to do something diffrent...

But I hope you at least get to teach her the potion that cures my rheumatism.

Hurry up!
We always said we'd leave on the perfect night didn't we?

Nah uh. Our plan was that we would stick around
for another month and play it safe...I like THAT plan!

And if we put it off for a month,
and I find some wonderful boyfriend, then what do we do?

Come on, Jiji!

I'm going to put my paws together and PRAY you're not serious!

Of course I am.

You know...

ever since I turn sixteen I've been excited about making this trip!


Dad, guess what!

I've decided to leave tonight!

- You are going away?
- Yeah! There is a full moon!

Well, yeah, but what happen to the camping trip
we'll suppose to take this weekend?

Sorry, Dad!

Kiki, wait!

Yeah. I'll expect you then.

Hi, Mom, it's me. I wanted to make sure
you knew that Kiki is leaving tonight.

Yes, at midnight.

- Very pretty.
- Lilac would look prettier on me..or white.

Witches have worn this color for a very long time, Kiki.

Oh, Mom. I look really dumb.

It's not really important
what color your dress is.

What matters is the heart inside.

Well I'm gonna be the very best witch
that I can be, Mom.

And I know having a good heart is important.

Just follow your heart
and keep smiling.


-And be sure to write home as soon as you're settled, huh?

Dad, oh can I please take the radio?

Mom, didn't you say I can have the radio?

- Yeah!
- All right, it's yours already.
- Thank you!

Well, now, you certainly look very grown up!
My little princess...

You look just like your mother
when she was young.

I'm glad about that!

Dad, can lift me up high like when I was little?

Well...Here we go! Ha ha ha....

How come you've never told me
you were growing up so fast?

If things don't work out,
you can always come home.

And come back a failure?

Will you write us if you had the time?

Aren't you worry about Kiki living in
a big city all alone?

Of course they are, but Kiki will be just fine!

- You're gonna find a city by the ocean?
- Or maybe a town?

Uh huh. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

- Wow! Your gonna have such a good tiiime!
- I'm so jealous of you! You'll have so much fun!

But I'm not going just for a good time.
In order to be a good witch, I'll have to train a year away from home!

Yeah, be sure to tell that to the boys!

- Kiki, it's time.
- Okay!

That's the broom you're going to be leaving on?

Yep. I just made it this morning.
All by myself!

Honey, it's too small to be really safe.
I'd rather you took my broom, I know it better.

But, Mom, that one's so old.

And that's why it's good.
You can rely on it time after time in any kind of weather.

Now, Kiki, do this for me, please!

But I put so much work into this one!
Right, Jiji?

Your broom is nice, but let's take your mother's.

You're no help!

Now, Kiki, can't you make yourself
another fine broom when you get settled down?

Be careful.

- You'll be strong, okay?
- I will!

Go, Kiki! Go, Kiki!
Go, Kiki! Go, Kiki!

Aim your brookstiiick...

May our little baby be well
and have a safe trip.

I'm going to miss the one who
sound those bells.

Where are we going?

I'm heading the south, to see the ocean!

Jiji, climb up and turn on the radio.
I don't think I can handle it, can you do it?

Kiki's Delivery Service

Hey, good evening!

It was.

You are new, aren't you?

Yep, how do you guess?
I just left home tonight.

Would you mind
turning off that radio?

I prefer to fly without being distracted.

Could you tell me is it really hard to
get settled into a brand new city?

Oh, yes. A lot can go wrong.

But since my skill is fortune-telling,
I can handle anything.


Yes, I tell fortunes about love.

And what exactly is your skill?

Well, I haven't really decided that yet.

Uh-huh. Well, I'm nearly finished
with my training period.

I'm going home soon to show off my new skills.

-That's my town down there.
-It's so big!

Yes, to you, I'm sure it looks big.

- I hope you don't have too tough a time.
- Thanks.


Geez, What a snob! And did you see that cat?

What's my skill?

What are we gonna do!? We can't stay up!

Hold on!

We better rest here until it's dry.

- Won't we get in trouble?
- Not if nobody finds us.

I'm soaked through, down to the bone!


This smells great!

Sorry. We didn't mean to fall asleep
in your breakfast.

Jiji, you've gotta come see the ocean.

It's beautiful!

- Big deal. Just a big puddle of water.
- Look! Up ahead!

How lovely!
I wonder if they have a witch there?

Oh, great...

Ready? Set...Go!

Hold on!

You okay back there?

Wow! This is just the kind of place
I've always imagined!

Wow! A clock tower!

Look at the city!
A place like this will be great to live in!

But there may be some witches living
here already.

And there may not be.

- Look at how many people there are!
- TOO MANY, if you ask me.

Bless my hourglass!
It's a real-life witch!

Good morning!

Do any witches live in this town?

No body seen one around here in a long time.

That's great! Our trip is over.
We're staying right here!

- Thanks, mister! Bye!
- No problem!

- Tell me we're not landing down there.
- Well of course we are.

They are looking at us.

I know. Smile so we'll make a good impression.

Um...Hi! My name is Kiki, and I'm a witch.

And this is Jiji, he's my black cat.

We'd be honored if we could live here.

Your city is so amazing!
And what a beatiful clock tower!

Really? That's very nice, dear. Bye.

Hey you, kid! Who do you think you are
jumping out into the street like that?

You are almost responsible for a big accident!

Zooming around on your broom back there.

But I'm a new witch, sir.
We're suppose to fly around.

You're supposed to obey the law.
I'm gonna have to write you up.

Now give me your name and address.

- Will you tell my parents?
- Of course, I'm going to tell your parents.

I have to do that with every minor.

Thief! Somebody stop him!
He's getting away!

Now you stay right there!


Miss! Wait up!
I sure fooled that cop, huh?

Hey, that was me yelling "Thief"!
You'll be okay now.

Worked out pretty good, huh?

You gotta be a real witch!
...way you can fly that broom.

Do you think may be you can
teach me how to fly it?

Hey, Tombo!

May be you can sweep off her feet with that broom!

Hey, shut up, all right?

You know, miss, I love flying too.
Can I see your broom? Hey, wait!

Thank you for getting me out of trouble.

But I really shouldn't be talking.
You wanna to know why?

It's very rude to talk to a girl
before you've been introduced and
before you know her name!

You're kinda old-fashioned, aren't you?
You sound like my grandmother.

Just go away and leave me alone!

Hey...Don't go!

What a cool witch.

Stay here tonight? I'm afraid I don't understand.
Your parents are here with you, aren't they?

No. I'm alone. I've come to this town
because I'm a new witch in training.

Do you have some identification?

Never mind.

- Kiki, aren't you going to eat that?
- No, you can have it, Jiji.

Where are we going to stay tonight?

Let's go.

Why don't we go find another town?

I bet there are bigger and better ones.
Ones that are friendlier than this.

Oh dear...Oh my goodness!

Hey there! Your pacifier!

Ma'am, you forgot your baby's pacifier!

Oh...poor baby!

Without this, the baby will wake up and
cry all the way home!

I better go give it to her myself.

I'm sorry folks, but could you wait
just a minute? I'll be right back.

- Excuse me. But would you like me to deliver it for you?
- What?

The woman with the baby carriage just went around the corner.
I could reach her in no time!

Really? You'll do that?

- Thank you so much.
- My pleasure.

Let's go, Jiji.


Sorry to suprise you, but
the lady in the bakery asked me to return this pacifier.

Here you go.

I'd like one of those.

Yes sir!

Hi there! Come in and wait a minute, will you?

Mmm these are nice and fresh, just out of the oven...

Here you are.

There you go, see you tommorrow!


Will that be all for you? Alright...
Thank you!

Now come back again!

When I saw you fly off, I thought for a second
I was dreaming!

That baby's mother told me
to give you this message.

"Thanks for returning the pacifier,

your new delivery girl is really quite special!"

Well, I'll be on my way.

Wait! Wait a minute.

I really must do something
to show you my thanks!

Follow me. Bakery is downstairs.
Upstair is home.

-Sit down and relax. Would you like some hot chocolate?

There you go.

- Thank you very much, ma'am.
- And this is for you, little guy.

So tell me if I'm right.
I'm guessing you're a witch in training.

I really love it here. But people don't seem
to like witches in this town.

Depends on the people. Now take me for instance.

I just met you and I know I like you.

So tell me, where are you about to stay?

Oh, I see.

Why didn't you tell me you have no place to stay?

We have a spare room in the attic,
you can use that.

You really let me stay with you?

Why of course.

But we havn't introduced ourselves.
My name is Osono.

And I'm Kiki, Ma'am.

And Jiji here is my very best friend.

It's right up here, Kiki.

It may need a little dusting, but
I think you'll like it.

Oh my...It's a little bit dustier
than I remember!

If I weren't about to have a baby,
I'd help you clean.

That's okay.

Alright then. Water and bathroom are downstairs.

- Give a shout if you need anything.
- Thank you!

-This is...quaint.

If you wake up tommorrow and find a white cat,
it's me.

Jiji, we can see the ocean from here!

Can we left for a new town?

Pardon me, Ms. snooty cat!

Jiji, I've decided not to leave this town.

Maybe I can stay and find some other nice people like Osono...

who will like me and accept me for who I am.

How much do you think it will cost
to get a phone here?

- A phone?
- Yeah. We're gonna need a phone!

Morning, everyone.

- Well, look who's up. Did you sleep well?
- Yes!

-Oh, that smells good. Can I help out?
-Sure can.

A delivery business, huh?

Well I really only have one skill - that's flying - so I thought
a delivery service wouldn't be a bad idea.

It's a great idea.
Kiki's Flying Delivery Service.

And since you're staying right here,
I can be your very first account.

You mean it?!

That's great!

- I was planning on putting a phone upstairs!
- But a phone is so expensive!

- I have a little saved up already.
- Don't waste your money.

What I think you should do is use our phone.

You know it'll take some time to get regular customers.

I'll make you a deal. Since I'm expecting a baby, I could use help.

If you mind the store once in a while, I'll let you have the room and the phone.

And I'll throw in a free breakfast, okay?

Yeah, we've got a deal!

I'm gonna work very hard for you.

Osono, you are the greatest!

Jiji, come on! I'm all through!

We're gonna go shopping, come on!

Kiki, in this city you can't just run out into the street!

I'm sorry. We're still alive, aren't we?

You know how boys are.

He's so cute!

I hope he's still invited to her birthday party.

Told you! (laughter)

I wish I had something pretty to wear.
My dress is so ugly.

Wow, this costs so much!

Kiki, look! It's me!

Any money left, Kiki?

No much. Looks like all I can afford to eat now is pancakes.

Look, Jiji. Aren't they beautiful?

Hey! Pull over!

Miss Witch! You remember me?

How come you're not flying today?

It's me! Remember? Tombo.

You can tell she is a witch.
Because she always wears a dark dress.

Hey, wait! Come back, please!
I didn't mean to insult you!

Oh, Kiki! Perfect timing.

There's a lady here who wants you to make a delivery.
She's your first customer.

Customer? Oh my, I'll be right back!

Dear, this lady is a customer of ours.

And we were talking about your new delivery service.

- What a charming girl!
- My name's Kiki, ma'am.

Osono's told me great things about you,
do you think you can deliver this by tonight?

Yeah! I can!

It's a birthday gift for my nephew.

But something came up at work,
and I can't make it to the party on time!

I can get it there for you, guaranteed!

Show me on the map where you want it delivered.

That's me.

Are you sure it won't be too far?

I can fly there straight from here.

- Great! How much will that cost?
- Oh, well I haven't really thought about a price.

How about this much then?

I hope it will be enough. What do you think?

This much for me?
That's great, thank you!

I got to see this!

She's the most amazing girl!

- She sure is.
- Hey what can you tell me about her?

Kiki, how high do you intend to go?

This is my first job and I do not want
to be stopped by that traffic cop.

Well don't look now but that's an air plane flying under us.

Let's see...Yep! It's just past the cape.

Here we go!

I'm getting to like this town more and more.

I'm getting sick to my stomach.

I can't wait to write mom and dad
about my new business!

Look who's behind us, wild geese!

And they're coming with us!

- They seem awfully upset.
- They say they're going to fly higher.

They say a gust of wind is coming.

Oh, no!

A nest!
I'm sorry. I... Oww!

Leave me alone!

I wasn's trying to steal your eggs!

My goodness!

It's your fault. The geese were kind enough
to warn us about the wind but would you listen--

Oh, be quiet.

Look at them!

Up so high...that gust of wind took them
all the way up!

Kiki, we've got a problem.

The toy fell out!

We gotta go back!

They're calling you an egg stealer!

If I were you I wouldn't go back down there,

We have to, hold on!

Hey! Stop that!

Go away!

Leave us alone! Stop it!

Maybe we better rethink our plan.

Frankly I think this is a major insult.

Crows used to serve witches and do what you told them!

That was a long time ago, okay?

How about we go in after dark?
Go in, get it, get out.

We won't be able to make it in time.

Unless we buy outselves sometime...

You gotta be kidding!

You can just pretend to be the doll until I find the real one.

Don't worry, hold still.

- Can I breathe?
- No! No breathing!

It must be my present from auntie!

Give it to me!

This is dumb!

You are a bit late.

After my sister telephoned,
we were wondering where you were.

I'm sorry.

Could I please have your signature, ma'am?

Mom, can I put
the canaries in here?

Uh-huh, but you'll be
sure not to let it fly away, Ket?


I've gotta run! Bye!

Thank you. Enjoy your present!

Come on, you stupid bird!

I' a...brand new home for you!

Please hurry, Kiki.

I know you fell close by,
so you gotta be here somewhere.

There you are!

Hello! Anyone home?

Is anybody here?
Anybody? Hello?

Anybody here?

Yes! Stop shouting! I'm on the roof.
What do you want?

Why don't you come up?

What do you want?

Well, you have a black cat in your cabin window.

And you see, it's mine, and I need it back.

You're a good birdie, aren't you?

So why was it alone in the forest, huh?

That's where I dropped it.
Um...May I have it back, please?

I really need to finish this.

That's my girl.

You're just about through, okay?

Well why didn't you tell me sooner
why you needed it in such a hurry?

He keeps me company.

-I've gotten sort of fond of him, you know.
-Thank you.

Oh no!

His head is falling off. must've been the crows there
making such a big fuss over him.

It's terrible!
I can't deliver it like this.

Hey! I know!
How about we work out a deal?

So, you're on your own at thirteen!
That's pretty exciting.

To be completely independent, and a witch.

- How is it going?
- Trust me. It'll be good as new!

Hum...almost done.

Ket dear, turn off the TV.

Your birthday guests are gonna be here soon!

Ket, you do hear me?

Ket! Turn off the TV!!

Okay, okay!

- I'm done.
- Thank you very much!

Better go get Jiji
before it's too late.

- But I haven't finished yet.
- Don't worry. You've done enough. Now go and get him!


Jeff likes my present
more than me!

Jeff is such a funny dog...

He simply adores that stuffed cat.
He won't leave it alone.

He thinks it's a puppy.

-He'll be upset when Ket wants to take it and play with it.
-He sure will. He sure will!

- Don't forget to send your aunt the THANK YOU note.
- Okay.

- Ket!
- Okay!

Well I'm glad to see Jeff is excited about something.
He's getting to be such an old dog.

Yeah, all he does is sleep all day!

All day! Ha ha...

Ket dear, go open the door.
Jeff wants to go out.

Jeff, shut the door when you're done, okay?

- There you are!
- What took you so long?

I'm sorry.

Jeff helped me to escape.

Kiki, if we ask him, I bet he'll take the stuffed one back inside.

He'll do it! He's a good dog!

Could you take this in, please?

How are ya? Hungry?

- No I'm tired.
- Yeah, me too.

Very tired.

We're both gonna sleep well tonight.

By the way, that painter
who found the stuffed cat

told me she wants to do a drawing with me in it.

- Naked?
- Jiji!

"Kiki's Delivery Service"


Wake up, you're supposed to be
minding the store!

I am,
but today this place is boring.

- But it always gets busy about this time.
- I know that. That's not what I mean.

I mean my customers.

Jiji, if nobody comes in,
I'm gonna have to eat pancakes forever

and be fat, fat, FAAAAT!

And what am I supposed to do about that?

Well I like pancakes,
provided they're not burnt.

Look, fur ball,
when you get as fat and round as a pancake, you see if I care.

Beautiful, isn't she? They tell me
she's a cloth designer.

Her design may be fabulous,
but her cat is still a snob!

Hello. Good Cooking Pan Bakery.

Pardon? Yes, ma'am.

About time we get a customer, huh?

Uh, yes, Ma'am, 4:30 will be a perfect time
to pick it up, but you'll just...

And the address?

Yes. The blue roof. Right.

Yep! I'm pretty sure I have it all.

And thank you very much, Ma'am.


I'll take this, please.


Thank you very much. Good afternoon.

Oh come on. You're not still mad at me, are you?

Listen, we're gonna have a huge party
at the club tonight.

It's called the aviation club,
and we'd really like it if you'd come.

Here's your invitation.

It's a serious club for kids...we're into flying aircraft and stuff.

And you know everybody would be really excited
if you came.

Yes. May I help you, sir?

They tell me
you have a delivery service.

Oh. I'm sorry.
Yes, of course we can handle it.

It's very urgent this package arrive as soon as possible.

That's no proble...

Are you all right?

- Uh...I do this everyday
- Can I help you?


Well I hope you make up your mind by 6'o clock
cuz that's when I'll be by and pick you up, see you!

How much will that be?

Will that be inside
or outside the city limits, sir?

- I wrote the address on the box.
- The box? Oh, I'm sorry.

Osono! Osono!
I've got a big problem!

I got an invitation to go to a party
at Tombo's flying club.

I'm sure it'll be a great party, Kiki.

No, but my problem is what am I going to wear?

Kiki, you haven't got a problem.
You look fine in that.

Besides, it makes you look beautiful
and mysterious.

- Really?
- How's work?

I almost forgot about that!
It's already 4'o clock!

Oh, no!

Can you watch the store
until I get back, Osono?

Jiji! Jiji!

You were so mad at that boy,
I don't understand why you're going to his party.

Please don't talk!
I'm trying to fly this broom, okay?

Thank you very much! Bye!

Come on, Jiji!

We can't keep our next appointment waiting!

There's the blue roof.

Here we are.

My name's Kiki. Someone telephoned
for a delivery service, so here I am.

Right this way, dear.

- You're right on time.
- Thank you.

Oh, Madam, the delivery girl is here.

My...Delivery time already?

Come in dear.
Please make yourself right at home!

- Please do.
- Thanks.

May I take that for you?

Thank you.

Broom and black cat.

Well it's just as my great-grandmother told me!

My name is Kiki, and I'm a witch.

Oh my, what a pretty witch you are!

I'm so sorry, but that special treat you were
supposed to deliver isn't ready yet.

I think there's something wrong with it.

It's got a mind of its own.

And it doesn't want to heat up.

It's old.
Like me, it'd seen better days.

I was hoping you'll be able to deliver the dish
to my granddaughter's birthday party.

It's my specialty:
herring and pumpkin pot pie.

But I must admit defeat.

I'll have to phone her
and tell her I'm sorry.

I feel just awful
having you come here for nothing.

Bertha! Bertha!

Would you get Kiki's money, please.

Certainly, madam.

All of it.
Pay her what we agreed on.

- Oh, no. I couldn't be...
- Please, accept it.

This was all my fault.

Yes, but...

Ma'am, since I don't have any other jobs,
maybe I can help!

How about we use that old oven over there?

Well, maybe...

It used to bake beatiful bread,
but I haven't baked it lately.

Well, if it burns firewood, I can help you.
I used to help my mom bake all the time.

But it's a big job to build a fire.

A great idea, ma'am.

I never like that electric thing.
I think her plan is perfect!

Ma'am, it'll work. Really!

You think so?
Already then, let's try it!

Don't blame me if you're late for your party!

I can't take her money and not help out!

Let's go!

Madam, here. Look what I found!

You're very clever girl, my dear.
Your mother must be proud.

Oh, well, this is exciting.

Uh-huh. Yes, this is much better!

It should be about time.

Yes, the fire is almost ready.

Now we wait.

- You think 40 minutes should be about right?
- Exactly right.

- So why don't we take a little break?
- May be I can help on the house while the pie is baking?

Oh! Well, nice of you to offer...

What a wonderful witch!

There we go!

- You're nevery gonna make the party on time.
- Stop worrying.

It'll only take me 15 minutes
if I fly there fast.

Would you like some hot tea?
It's no trouble.

Oh dear!
What did you say to me was the time of your party?

It's at 6 o'clock.
But it's only 15 minutes away.

Oh my goodness!

I'm afraid my clock
runs about ten minutes slow!

- I gotta be late!
- Check the pot pie and see if it's ready!

Help! Bertha! Come!

Quickly, we have to hurry.
Kiki's is running very late!

- Is the pie baked? Is it ready?
- It seems fine, now you'd better hurry!
- Uh-huh.

Got ready! Come on!

- Okay.
- Let me pay you for your time.

- But that's much too much!
- Not for what you've helped.

Hurry up. Hurry up!

Have a good time now!
Fly carefully!

We can beat the rain if we just fly a little faster!

Not according to my whiskers!

Could we get out of the rain, please?

- I'm begging you!
- We can't! That'll make us even later!

And, the food will get colder if we stop.

Yes? What do you want?

I have a delivery.

But it's soaking wet.

Oh, well, I'm sorry. It began to rain on the way.
But don't worry, the food came through all right.

Oh no. I told Grandma I didn't want that.

Hey, what do you get?

Oh, Grandma sent me another one of
her crummy herring pies again!

Mmm, yummy herring pie!

Um, would you please sign
this receipt for me?

I hate Grandma's stupid pies.

I cannot believe they're related!

Maybe we still have time.

Kiki, there he is!

Come on! We can catch him!

Kiki, we were all so worried about you.

And that poor boy waited such a long time.

It doesn't matter anyway.
I can't go in these wet clothes.

Kiki, what's wrong?

Are you not feeling well?

May be we should eat something.

Wake up, Kiki!

Not feeling very well, huh?

- You have quite a fever.
- My head's turning so much.

Well, you flew in that weather
and you never really dried off.

Do you think I'm going to die, Osono?

No, you're not.
I'll bring some medicine right up.

And you should have some pot pie.

Not that...

Well then, I'll just make something else for you.

How about some nice hot oatmeal with honey in it?
You want some too?

This oatmeal will pick you right up.

There you go, here.

Now don't burn your tongue.

You should come and eat your meal
while it's still warm. Here it is.

Do I have to eat it?

Only if you want to get well.

Oh. You know that boy stopped by
to see you again today.

That's right. When I told him you were sick,
he asked me how a witch could catch a cold in the first place.

Oh, and he said he wanted
to visit you a little later.

Oh, my god, no!

Well I thought you might feel that way,
so I turned him down politely.

You must be tired. You try to get some sleep.

Now, I'll just open up the window
so you'll have some fresh air.

- Osono.
- Hmm?

Um, never mind.

Breakfast! Jiji!


Where are you?


- Are you feeling better?
- A lot better, thank you.

I'm sorry.
I didn't realize that I overslept.

That's okay. Come down later.
I have a favor to ask you. Alright?


The name is "Koppori"?

Uh-huh. Now, take this money.

Oh no, ma'am.
No money. It's on me.

Impossible. Work is work.

And make sure you deliver it in person.


- What is it?
- We've got a delivery!

Hey, who's your friend there?

Lily's her name. Be right there.

Stay there. I'll be right back.
He's all yours. Bye-bye!

It's so pretty...and warm.

Hey there! Miss Witch!

- Taking a walk?
- I'm looking for someone named Koppori.

Hey, that's my name! That's me!

If you go around that way.
I'll be right with you, okay?


Osono, how could you do this to me...

Gee, thanks a lot.

About the other night...
I'm sorry I didn't show up.

I'm sorry you end up so sick like that.

Hey! Come over to my place.
There's something I wanna show you.

You gotta see it!

That party was to celebrate
the completion of this thing. What do you think?

This is the engine
of a man-propelled plane.

Watch this.

We're assembling the wings and the frame
at somebody else's house.

I'm planning on flying this thing
during most of my summer vacation.

Miss witch, I gotta a great idea!

Why don't we go down to the beach where the dirigible landed yeasterday?


Don't tell you didn't hear about it?

- I was sick.
- Then we gotta see it! Let's do it!

- We're going on this?
- Why not?

I have to practice all the time anyway.
Gotta build up my legs.

Okay. Ready?

This is my first time on a bike.

Oh, boy! Just hold on!

Brace the bike with your foot
until I get her revved up. Let's go!


Kick off!


- Should I get off?
- No!

Go fast! Go!

That's great! Hang in over there!

Lean your body to the inside
when we go around the curve.


Because otherwise we gonna have trouble turning!


Great! You're doing fine!

Now put your weight to it again!

That's it!

We're quite a team!

Alright! We're doing great!

- That's the dirigible, right?
- Right.

We're flying!

Oh my...god!

Oh boy!

What happened? Tombo, are you okay?

- Yeah. Are you?
- I'm okay.

What are you laughing at?

Your face!

Do I really look that funny?

I'm sorry, but when we flew
off, I was so scared!

Yeah. Me too!

Was it your magic that made us stay up?

I'm not sure. Anything is possible.

Your bike is a real mess.

My propeller!

I have to go get it, Kiki!

- Will you keep an eye on my bike for me?
- What went wrong?

I think I pedaled too hard!
That's why I busted it.

You wait here, I'll be right back!

How great would it be to go around
the world in a dirigible like that!

Of course you were flying
since you were very young, huh?

Well, yes.
Since I was a baby.

My mother used to take me with her.
She taught me never to be scared. were so lucky, Kiki.
I wish I could fly.

People like you can just fly away
on a broomstick, but me...

That's all I can do.

Flying used to be fun
until I started doing it for a living.

Hey, wait! You can't not enjoy flying.
You're a witch!

I know. I still feel that way though.

But I'm very glad I came with you today.
I feel much better sitting by the beach.

Why don't I being you here whenever you want
and train myself at the same time?

- You're a very nice person.
- You just found that out?

But at first I thought you're such a clown.

You known my mom says the same thing.

"Don't be such a clown! Quit looking up the sky
and get back to your books!"

- Hey, Tombo!
- Huh?

- Guess what's up, Tombo!
- What?

Something really great!
You gonna love it! Come on over!

I'll be back in a sec, okay?

We're all gonna get to go for a ride in the blimp.

Really? Wow, that's great!

Hey, who's your friend?

That's Kiki. I'll get her to come over.

Hey! Come over me to gang, Kiki!

We're all going for a tour
inside the Spirit of Freedom!

Thanks, but I don't want to.

Ah, why not? It'll be fun!

She made a delivery to my house on my birthday.

- You mean she's working in her age?
- Well I'll be...

Come on.
I'll introduce you to everybody.

No, thanks. See you later.

What's the matter?

What are you so mad about?

I'm not mad at all, Tombo.

I have a lot on my mind,
so please just leave me alone.

Forget her, Tombo. Come on!

#...and don't forget that this summer, the hit music...#

Jiji, I think something's wrong with me.

I meet a lot of people.
And at first everything seems to be going okay...

But then I start feeling like such an outsider.

You should have seen how Tombo's friends looked at me.


Where are you going?

Some friend you are.

Hey! You know you can't be late for every meal

just because you have a new girlfriend!

And you can wash your plate yourself!

Meow! Why your're talking like a cat?

Oh My!

Oh, no! Talk to me! Jiji!

You mean you can't speak anymore?


What's going on with him?

I can't understand anything he's trying to say.

What if it means...Oh my goodness!

I'm losing my witch's powers.

What do you mean?
You have lost your magic, have you?

It's become very weak, so I...
Well I think I've gotta take a break from my delivery work.

But I promise I'll be really good with my work in the bakery,
so please let me stay in the room upstairs.

Well that's no problem.

I'll bet your powers come back after you had some rest.

I really don't know.
Maybe if I make a new broom...

Hey! Look at that!

Hi, Kiki? It's me, Tombo. Did you see me today?
I was waving at you from the dirigible.

Cuz the captain let me come into the control cabin during the test run.

Boy, did have a cool time!

Hello? Kiki, are you there?

Please don't call me anymore.

What do you say? I can barely hear you.
You know what the captain say...

What? Kiki? She hung up...

What's the matter, dear?
Is there any thing I can do for you?

I'm still training to become a witch.

If I lose my magic, that means
I've lost absolutely everything.


Ah-huh, right over there across the street...

Kiki, Kiki!

- Hi!
- Hi!

01:20:40,910 --> 01:20:44,213
Well, since you didn't come visit me,
so I thought I'd come here and visit you!

- I'm sorry.
- Well, that's sort of white lie.
I need to do some shopping too.

Come on in. Cuz I'm done now,
and I can take a break, okay?

You'd better believe I will.

- Nice place you have.
- Help yourself to some of these.

- And I'll go make us some tea.
- No tea, thanks. But some milk if you have any.


Hey there. Unbelievable!

You're the spitting image of
that stuffed cat. I bet your name is Jiji, right?

Coming through!

So. How's the delivery biz?
You making any money?

- That bad, huh?
- I'm not working much now.

I kind of saw you looked unhappy.

I didn't know things like that
happen to witches.

Hey! Why don't you come and stay
at my cabin?

It will make you feel better.
Your boss would let you have a break.

How about it, kitty cat? Wanna come?

Rather be with your girlfriend?

Come on, girl! Why not? We'll leave now!

Come on!

Hurry! Hurry! The bus is leaving!

Okay...Now I'm officially exhausted!

It's beautiful here.

What's the matter with you?
Must've been blind by two beautiful girls in front of him.

Huh? really thought I was a boy?!

Well, it's the way you dress and all.

Tell me what kind of boy
has these legs, mister.

- You get along with the crows.
- Yep, we've become real close friends.


Hello, everybody. We're home again.

Good afternoon.
Um...I wanna say I'm sorry.

Why don't you go inside
and I'll go get some water.


Like it?


I have to say I became inspired
after the first time we met.

But I really haven't got the face right.

I've been waiting for you to come back,
so I can try again.

- You mean, that's me?
- Sure yes.

You know it'll make my life a lot easier if you'd model for me.

But I'm not very beautiful.
What do you want me to do that for?

Come on, Kiki. You have got a great face.
You're very pretty.

Now, don't you be nervous. Sit down over here.

Raise your chin up a little.

Look straight ahead,
and don't move...

Painting and magical powers
seem very much the same.

- Sometimes I'm unable to paint a thing.
- You mean it? Then what? What happens?

Kiki, please don't move.
It's hard to draw a moving target.

Without even thinking about it
I used to be able to fly.

Now I'm trying to look inside myself
to find out how I did it.

But I just can't figure it out.

You know...could be you working at it too hard.

May be you should just take a break.

- Yeah. But still, if I can't fly...
- Then stop trying.

Take long walks,
look at the scenery, doze off at noon.

Don't even think about flying.

And then, pretty soon you'll be flying again.

You think my problem will...

...go away. That's right.
It's gonna be fine. I promise!

When I was your age,
I'd already decided to become an artist.

I loved to paint so much.
I painted all day until I fell asleep right in my easel.

And then one day, for some reason,
I just couldn't paint anymore.

I tried and tried,
but nothing I did seem do any good.

They were copies of paintings I've seen somewhere before.

...and not very good copies either.

I just felt like I lost my ability.

That sounds like me.

It's exactly the same.
But then I found the answer.

You see I hadn't figured out what or why I wanted to paint.
I had to discover my own style.

When you fly, you rely on what's inside of you, don't you?

Uh-huh. We fly with our spirit.

Trusting your spirit! Yes, yes!
That's exactly what I'm talking about.

That same spirit is what makes me paint...

and makes your friend bake.

But we each need to find our own inspiration, Kiki.

Sometimes it's not easy.

I guess I never give much thought
to why I wannted to do this.

I get so caught up in all the training and stuff.

May be I have to find my own inspiration.

But am I ever gonna find it?
And is it worth all the trouble?

Well, for example, there were quite a few times
when I thought of painting something over that painting.

But it ended up being so great.

So I guess it's worth it.

Today when I saw you,
I thought, "I wanna paint!"

- You've got such a great face!
- That's why I came?

Hey well it's better than you cleaning my floor again!

- Let's turn out the lights and go to sleep.
- Okay.

- Sorry about taking your bed from you.
- No problem.

So you really think I'll fly again?

Sure. You just have to wait for the right inspiration to come along.
You understand?

# ...and there it is folks.
The spirit of freedom! #

# Recently downed
in a spectacular forced landing...#

# ... in a torrential rains
just outside the city limits... #

# Well it has been repaired, and it is now in final preparation... #

Yes. Good Cooking Pan Bakery.

Kiki! How are you?

Well, you take plenty of time coming home.
Oh, and by the way...

That older woman you made a delivery for?

She has another delivery for you.
I said I wasn't sure you can do it.

She was really very insistent.
What do you think, Kiki?

Great. Stop on your way back.

Thank you so much for everything...

- Afternoon, ma'am.
- Well, well.

We've been expecting you.


#There are less than five minutes
to takeoff now.#

- It's very nice to see you again, ma'am.
- I'm glad you came.

Please excuse me for not standing, my legs
are bothering me more than usual.

Bertha, bring the package now.


I hope it hasn't taken off.

Not yet.

Bertha's absolutely mad
about lighter-than-air travel.

I'm the adventuresome type.

Could you turn it down, please.

Would you do me a favour and open the box?


I don't get it...

Would you please bring this
to a young delivery girl?

She was kind to me and very big help.

It's my way of saying "thank you".

Ah, yes, and can you find out
when her next birthday is?

Then I can bake her another one.


Of course I will! And may be the young girl would want to know the lady's birthday

Because she'll be able to give her a present to repay her.

You've got a deal.

- What happened?
- Oh, there's been a terrible accident.

Oh! Damn this old thing! And just when it's getting good...

Midsummer is always when these winds coming.

They'll be hitting us any minute.

Goodness! It's a strong one.

It'll pass by quickly.
Don't worry.

Oh, goody, it's back on.

Oh, look at that!
It's completely upside-down!

#The Freedom Adventurer
has been shaken by great winds blowing from the sea...#

-#It has broken loose from its mooring and
drifted into an upside-down position...#
-My...How terrible!

#A desperate, last-ditch effort is
being made to tie the dirigible to the ground...#

#...And keep it from drifting into the air...#

#...But it's extremely doubtful whether or not
this can actually be done...#

#...Oh, no, no! This is useless! #

- # The tremendous lifing power of the helium baloon
lift the police patrol attached to the end of the cable...#
- That's Tombo! That's my friend hanging on that rope!

# though it were a toy!
Oh no, there is still a boy hanging on to the cable! #

# He's being lifted away
together with the police car! #

# I...I don't believe what I'm seeing... #

# The dirigible is being blown towards town ! #

- Are you sure it's your friend, my dear?
- I have to go!

Be careful!

Hold on there, son!
Just hold your grip steady!

Release the helium from the tail, quick!

# All citizens are kindly requested to remain calm #

# Do not panic #

- Sir, is there any word about the boy?

All I know is the radio said that
the police car dropped into a pool!

# The helium inside the dirigible will not explode #

Stay out of the street!
Get on the sidewalk!

You there, young lady!
Don't block the street!

Clear the area!
Do not block the street!

Are you all right, young lady?

Please, sir,
may I use your broom for a minute?

- What?
- Please I promise I'll bring it right back.

- Huh? I'm not gonna give you my broom...
- Thank you very much!


Watch out!

Come on, broom!
Fly for me!

Ladies and gentleman!
It appears that the balloon is heading directly for the clock tower!

And look! The young boy is safe, but he's clutching that rope for dear life!

If the wind doesn't shift, the Spirit of Freedom
will smash into the tower!

We gotta get up higher!
Or else we'll hit the tower, captain!

There's not enough helium!

Jump onto the tower before we hit!

Aye, aye, captain!

Hey there! Over here! Come on!

- Get out of the way!
- The baloon is gonna strike!


Hurry up!

We're listening to the sound of the helium gas leak.

The condition of the boy is unknown,
but from where I'm standing... Oh, no!

It's falling!
Too much gas has escaped, and it's coming down!

It's snagged on the building across the street...

- Hey, look! Over there!
- It's a miracle!

The young boy has somehow managed
to keep his hold on the rope!

But how can anyone rescue him now?

That brave boy is hanging on for dear life.

Something just flew by!

It's...a bird?

No, it's not a bird, it's a young girl!

No! It's a young witch!
soaring through the sky and she's riding on a ...

Wow! Go, Kiki!

She can fly again!

Get 'em! Kiki!

- Tombo!
- Kiki!


Come on! Be a good broom!
Hold on, Tombo!

Hang in there, young fella!

- Kiki!
- Tombo!

And she's trying to reach the boy!

Don't give up now, sonny!

Come on!

Don't give up! Don't give up! ...

She got him! She's saved the youngster!
I've never seen anything so amazing!

Now she's bringing him down to land, safe and sound!

She's actually caught the boy in midair!
You saw it all live...

That broom she uses is mine.
That was my broom you know...

Kiki was so brave!

She really saved the day!

Better call the hospital, honey.
I think it's time now!


Listen! We just got a letter from Kiki!

"Dear Mother and Father, how are you doing? "

"I'm happy to say that Jiji and I are doing fine at the moment."

My delivery service is a big success.

I really started to gain some confidence.

And everything is falling into place.

There are still some times when I feel a little homesick.

But all in all, I sure love this city!

For dearest Rong Rong.
Yours truthfully, Lao Xi.