Kiga kaikyô (1965) - full transcript

Three thieves escape from a heist, one of them killing the other two. He is sheltered by a prostitute and sought after by the police, but only after ten years his true motivation unravels.

TOEI presents

Tsugaru Strait...

A strait as there are
many in Japan.

Love and hate reside
in its deepness.

people with great hearts
tortured by misery.


Executive Producer
OKAWA Hiroshi

Based on the novel by

Scenary SUZUKI Naoyuki
Photography NAKAZAWA Hanjiro

Art director MORI Mikio
Music TOMITA Isao


MIKUNI Rentaro

HIDARI Sachiko

KATO Yoshi


KAMEISHI Junichiro

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BAN Junzaburo

Directed by

Tsugaru Strait
between Honshu and Hokkaido

was threatened by a typhoon.

At the dawn of the 20th September 1947,

the weather forecast announced
that the typhoon N?10

was going to hit the south-west

and that it would pass near the
north of Tokyo.

The Sounmaru,
a ferry of the Seikan line,

left the port of Hakodate
at the scheduled time

with 856 passengers.


but at about 8 PM,

the weather forecast
gave a different warning.

The typhoon was changing its route

and it was heading
towards the south of Hokkaido.

A warning report was addressed
to the fishing ports

from the south cost of Hokkaido
up to Iwanai.

Wind gusts up to 90 km/h inland,

and up to 125 km/h on the sea.

This unexpected typhoon

caused a lot of damage.



At Sasada's home!

They shouldn't see us.
You go.

Hakodate, 3 tickets.

And the tickets?

There is a typhoon!

The fire will spread...

You are bleeding.


For you.

Here, take them.

Give me a lighter.

Don't touch!

Your attention, please!

We are sorry,

but the train has to stop
because of the typhoon.

Thank you for your understanding.

How long?

I don't know.

Hakodate, is it far by foot?

About an hour,
if you walk normally.

But with this weather, it will take more.


Please be patient.

Let's walk.

From Hakodate, we will
go through the strait.

What's this chaos?

A ferry sank.

Inspector, here!

There are some policemen!

Help me!


The beach is full of drowned bodies.

I'm going back there.
You warn the police.

You, the big guy, find a boat.

To do what?

We will cross the strait tonight.

The day after, September 21st.

The typhoon destroyed
the south of Hokkaido.


There are three dead bodies here!

It's the Sasada family!

Three victims died after
a violent collision.

The laboratory says,
their skull is completely smashed.

The murderer took the money
and set the fire.

- Good morning.
- Good morning, boss.

And the corpses?

Only two haven't been reclaimed.


- Let me see them.
- Open the coffin.

They have been beated.

Have they been hit?

I don't think so.

They must have fallen
on some floating broken pieces.

But they all have exactly the
same concussion.

Something fishy is going on.

Let me see it again.



The Sounmaru officially had
856 passengers aboard.

The shipwreck caused 532 victims,
all identified.

But there are two extra bodies,
not on the boarding list.

The 532 official victims

they have all been identified by
their relatives.

As of today, only these two bodies

haven't been reclaimed.

They are still at the morgue.

Simply illegal passengers?
We must be sure.

Inspector Yumisaka!

You recite the sutra
better than I do.

You exaggerate.

You are not going to
cremate these bodies.

Is there a reason?

It's my intuition as a policeman.

These two men didn't die
simply by drowning, I believe.

And if I'm mistaken,

their relatives could still
see their corps.


I have asked the bank.

Sasada didn't make any deposit

With the crisis, he didn't trust the banks
and he kept everything at home.

He must have had about 800,000 yens
in cash.

Something else...

Three days before the disaster,
the Sasadas went to Asahi.

I'm going to investigate there.


Good luck.


Inspector Tajima.

This man would like to see you.

I'm Sumoto, deputy director
of the Abashiri prison.

I have an information for you.

In June, I have released two prisoners
on parole.

Numata Hachiro and Kijima Chukichi.

But they never went back home.

These are their faces.

This is Kijima. And this is Numata.

The circumstances of the Sasadas' murder
in Iwanai are very similar

to those of the crime that caused
Numata's conviction.

The similarity hit me
as soon as I read the paper.

It's at the foot of this hill.


Yes, the Sasadas stayed here
from the 16th to the 18th of September.

Did you have other clients?


Bring the register!

Clients like them, for example?

Yes, it was them.

Actually, they were three.


Are you sure about it?

Yes, they were three.

You can check yourself.

"Sapporo, southern district, N?21..."

"Inugai Takichi and two people."

Who filled this out?

The tallest of the three.

This is the one that wanted to write.

But the other one took the register
and gave it to the tallest.

And then the tallest one wrote.

The tal one, what did he look like?

"A third man
named Inugai Takichi.

"Age: 28 or 29 years old.

"Height: about 1 m80.

"Dusky skin, with a beard.

"Talking with a Kyoto accent."

It's noted.

Numata would then be the assassin,

and Kijima and Inugai his partners
in the crime. Is that right?

I begin the investigation.

Photos of Numata and Kijima?

A reproduction?

I need them urgently.

Are they hiding in Hakodate?

Let's warn all the police
stations of the island.

It's clear they wanted to leave the island
as quickly as possible with such spoil.

Taking a ferry in Hakodate.

Sato, go interrogate
the shipping company.

You, the fishermen at the port.

Even the smallest detail counts.
Find witnesses.

To work.

Investigation section.

Is it you, Sato?

Nothing on the boarding registers?

Investigation section.

For you, boss.

Here Yumisaka.


A fishing boat was stolen?


They say on the 20th.

It was one of the boats requisitioned
to go look for the drowned bodies.

It's weird.

The police gave back all the boats
the day after the shipwreck.

A fireman, you say?

I'm coming.

The 20th, at what time?

At sunset.
Around 5 PM.

5 PM.

- Did he have a beard?
- Yes.

I wanted to help him, but he told me
he had partners.



It's definitely them.

The sea of the Strait was stormy.
They could only arrive up to Shimokita.

It was towards there.

Where exactly, I don't know.

But I saw a fire during
the night of the 23rd.


Thank you.

There are ashes.

Do you normally build fires around here?

Not the fishermen anyway.

Not many people come here.
Not even the forest rangers.


What do you say?

Inugai is strong.

Numata and Kijima became rough
in prison.

In three, they could have done it.


They had to burn the boat here.

Not to leave any trace.

Go back to the top of Oma.

I go down towards Ominato.

They couldn't have been unnoticed.

Find witnesses.

"My sleeve is wet
of my tears...

"I have so many things to tell you.
From what should I begin?

"I'm so touched when
I look at my children!

"And I cry when
I see my husband...

"When I crossed the river
to come to the after-life,

"I understood
that I could never come back.

"There are seven paths for hell,

"but there is no way to come back."




Take this cigarettes.

I don't smoke.

- It's too much.
- Of course not!

That's nice. Thank you so much.

Do you want some?


I'm hungry...

You are nice.


Yes, I can see that.

Do you want some more?

My mother died only three years ago.

Father paid an Itako

that made us hear my mother's voice.

The voice of your dead mother?

The Itako comes from Osorezan
(Mount of Fear).

An Itako from Osorezan?

An Itako, it's an old woman
that calls the spirits.

And did you hear your mother's voice?

She said: "there is no turning back!"

"There is no way to come back!"

I can't believe it.

The Itako talk nonsense!

Are you going to Ominato?

Me too.

Thank you.


- Chizuru!
- It's me.

I'm home!

You were quick.



I have time.


You followed me, is that it?

Come in!

Let me do it.

- There is no point.
- Of course!

Come up!

Come up!

In here.


I'm going to take a bath.

Are you coming?

I'm going to help you.

I can do it on my own.

You are funny.

Shave off your beard.

I don't like hair.

No, that way!

Go down the stairs.

It's on the right,
at the end of the corridor.

Three men, you say?

I haven't noticed anything.

One of them is tall and has a beard.

Let's see...

How many whorehouses are in Ominato?

Until 1945 there were hundreds of them,
because of the naval base.

But since the end of the war,
there are only 80 left.

Why is that?

I have to investigate
in each building.

Hokkaido devastated
after the typhoon


What are you doing?

Tell me.


Sit here.

Sit down with me.

Do you want some?

So, tell me!

Without the beard,
you are quite good looking.

Do you want some sak??

I don't drink.

You are shy.

What's your name?

I'm Chizuru.

It's my geisha name.

My real name is Sugito Yae.

Tell me your name.

Your real name, hein!
Don't lie like the other clients.

Inugai Takichi.

Inugai Takichi. It's my name.

Mister Inugai...

Mister Inugai!

Horrible weather!

You will sleep here.


We could say it is crying.

Is it the mountain that makes
the dead people talk?

Yes, where the Itako live.

You don't say.

Are you scared?

Are you scared?

"There is no way back!"

"There is no way back!"


"I cry looking at my husband's face."

"But it is too late to go back."



"I crossed the river,"

"the river that lead to the after-life..."

Please, stop!

"There is no way back!"

"No way!"

"In front of me seven paths
leading to Hell."



I know.

You despise me.

I feel it well.

But I don't regret it.

Did I talk in my sleep?

No, you didn't say a word.


Tell me.

Give me your hand.

You have long nails.

You no longer have a mother.


She worked, worked.

Poor mother!
She died of it.

- And yours?
- I still have her.


What does your father do?

He is a woodcutter.


He cuts trees for the municipality
and for the rich owners.

He always brings his lunch box with him.

But at the moment,

he can no longer work
because of his rheumatisms.

The other hand.

You are poor, like me.

When mother died,
we had to get into debts.

This is why I can't leave this job.

What's this thumb?

It's completely deformed.

It was smashed by wagon.

You must have suffered.

Poor little thumb!

You are a nice girl.



Tell me...

Will you sleep here tonight?

No, I'm leaving.

- Are you leaving?
- How much is it?

How much do I owe you?

50 yens.

Tell me...

When will you come back?

I didn't count it.

Here, this is for you.

I didn't steal it.
I won it at the black market.

It's for you.

Darling, wait a moment!

He says he didn't steal it.

What should we do?

What should we do?



Three men, you say?
No, not here.

On the other hand, I had a client
who was tall and with a beard.


Last night.

Last night?

He was with the geisha Chizuru.


Can I talk to her?


She brought her father
to hydrotherapeutic cure.

They left this morning.

Where did they go?

She said Yunokawa.

Close to her native village.



I want to quit the whorehouse.

And our debts?

I'm going to pay them.

With which money?

I had many clients.

I will pay everything off

and go to Tokyo.


I don't want to do this job anymore.

People look at me in a bad way.

They know I'm a prostitute.


I want to go far away from here,

and live the life of an honest woman.

Are you listening to me, dad?

I'm listening.

Do you remember Toki
the one that was working with me?

she earns well in Tokyo.

She sends 2,000 yens per month
to her mother.


Go, if you want.

I will stay here until I die.

Miss Sugito Yae?

I'm a policeman.
My name is Yumisaka.

I come from the police station of Hakodate.

I'm looking for a man.

He looks like a client
that you had yesterday.

A tall man.

Describe the men for me.

This client had a uniform
of a repatriated soldier.

He was coming from Kawauchi.

From Kawauchi?

Yes, he works for the sawmill
of Kawauchi.

He said his name was Kudo.


A robust fellow with a squared face.

He didn't say almost anything.
I was bored with him.

Did he have a Kyoto accent?

No, seemed more from the north.

Did he have a bag?

No, just a small package.


I must have made a mistake.

Since he matched the physical description,

I thought he was the one.

Thank you anyways.

You know, I never lie.

To lie, doesn't lead you anywhere,
does it?

Are you going to Tokyo?

Here, in Ominato, life is hard.

In Tokyo, I could earn much more
and I could help my family.

I understand.

Goodbye and good luck.

Tell the truth to a policeman, never!


I'm leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.

Still nothing?
You are wasting the money of the taxpayers.

Not even capable of finding
the stolen boat...

Move, guys!

Do you understand?

The three criminals of Iwanai
escaped to Hokkaido!

Here is Sapporo's report.

To work!


It went bad, didn't it?

Tonami, come see!

It's them.


The other one as well.

It's them.

There is no doubt.

Take, darling.

Thank you!


- A big bowl.
- Thank you!

Is it good?

These two non-reclaimed corpses...

They are not drowned
with the Sounmaru...

But they are ex-detainees
of Abashiri.

What else?

He stole my potatoes.

He lies.

He ate them!

Shut up!

Be quiet!

Don't look at me like that!

Dad, calm down.

Ichiro doesn't do anything bad.

He is just hungry.

You forbid me the black market.

The portions are not enough.

Your bowl.

My poor darling.

Are you going out?

Darling, be careful.

Calm down.


You have to think about everything,
from the beginning.

After having escaped Iwanai,

they came to Hakodate.

It was chaos because of
the Sounmaru disaster.

A great advantage for them

They disguised themselves
as firemen,

and they took a boat.

With all those boats
and all those drowned,

nobody noticed them.

Up to here, it makes sense.

Numata and Kijima's wounds
were strange.

I smell a crime on that.

It's not inconceivable

The tall one must have thrown
the other two in the sea.

This way, everyone would think
that they were victims of the Sounmaru.

This would mean...

that Inugai crossed the Strait on his own.

In this case,

they were not three
to lift the boat.

But could he do it alone?

Why not?

Inugai is strong.

He must have an extraordinary strength.

He could lift the boat.

He could.

Little by little.

And then, where did he go?

In the peninsula of Shimokita,
there is no witness.

It's not possible.

Somebody must have seen him.

But who?

This girl surely told us the truth.

You know, I never lie.

To lie, doesn't lead you anywhere,
does it?

It's her!

Boss, allow me to go to Tokyo.

To Tokyo?

To do what?

A girl from Ominato, Sugito Yae,
is in Tokyo.

I have to interrogate her about Inugai.

I will tell you
why she left.

You will tell me

that my argument can't work.

And by chance,
she left for Tokyo

the day after she met
a man looking like Inugai.

With Tonami, I investigated
in the whole peninsula of Shimokita.

A big guy like Inugai
cannot go unnoticed.

Someone must have lied to help him.

It's Sugito Yae.

Sugito Yae...

I give you ten days.

Will that be enough?

It will be difficult,

but I believe to be on the right track.



Good morning.

Sorry to disturb.

I'm looking for the house
of Katsuragi Tokiko.

The girl from the north
that lives by herself?

Are you Katsuragi Tokiko?

Yes, why?

Did you see Sugito Yae?

Yae? From Ominato?


Is she in Tokyo?

Didn't she pass by?

If she comes, she will pass by here.

She always dreamt of Tokyo.


I'm a policeman.

Let me know when she will come.

Call me here.


Yae must have done something stupid...

Thank you for before.

- Did you find her?
- Yes.

I'm from the police.

- From Hokkaido?
- Yes.

I would like to observe from your place.

One or two days, maximum.

If it is necessary...

Thank you for collaborating.

Come see our girls.

It's near.

Come drink at my house.

- Where is it?
- Very close.

Another time.

The police!



Boss, I have had enough!

Kazu, the girl next door, was arrested.

You have to get used to night duty.

Sit down and serve the clients.

Serve me.

Be careful!


She is quite beautiful, your new one.

She is not someone that sleeps around.

She wants to work honestly.

Tonight, I have stew.
Do you want some?

No, I'm leaving.


I'll see you at the brothel.


- I'm leaving.
- Thank you!

Nice hand.

Thank you very much.

- Keep the change.
- Thanks.

Another tip. Thanks.

Be careful, Yae.

He flirts with all the new ones.

You might get fooled.

Inugai darling...

Thanks to your money,

I reimbursed all the debts I had in Ominato,

and I managed to help my father
and my brothers and sisters.

This is all I have left.

I won't touch it anymore.

Each month I will add

the money that I will honestly earn.

Inugai darling, thank you!
I will never forget your kindness.

Yae, are you here?


Come fill in for me at the bar.


I'll be back.

Wait for me.



Are you alone, tonight?

The boss went to the bathroom.

Some hot sak?.


we don't have money.

Give us a credit.


It's the boss who decides.

We are not going to wait for her!

You can trust my boss.

He is handsome and rich.

I envy him.

You are making a huge thing out it.

Come on, serve us!

Another blackout!

- It's unbelievable!
- Sorry.

I light a candle.

We can't see anything!

Nothing to eat, no electricity...

The girls sleep with the Yankees.

It's the end of the world!

- Shut up.
- My goodness!

- Here is the bill.
- Thank you.


See you soon!

Good evening.

Didn't you bring anyone?

No, sorry.

Boss, the bill.

There is also the one of the other day.

Three hundred yens in total?

Keep the change.

Thanks again.

Here, for the other day.

A small present from my boss.


You are not at home here.

Who is your boss?


I just came to pay my bill.

This is my territory.

Tell your boss.

I'm scared. Give this back to him.

I'm also scared.

I don't want any.

Mr Machida!

Good evening.

It's not much.

Don't be scared, sweetie!

I will take care of these guys.

Give me that jug.

Here, nobody saw or heard anything.

If they come back, I will take
care of them. Is that ok?

Are you going out?

I'm going to see a friend.

Are you leaving me alone at the bar?

I will be back tonight.

There is a lot of work. Come back soon.

These young girls, they only
think about themselves.


Where is Katsuragi Tokiko living?


Over there.

Stop! You will break everything!

I asked you to stop!

Are you the owner?

I'm the one on duty.

- Do you have a waitress?
- She is absent.

We will come back to get her. Let's go.



I wanted to live normally, but...

Is your name Yae?

It's a pretty name.

You know,
certain clients are very brutal.

Do you see what I mean?


Should we hire her?

She will attract more clients.

Do you have your allowances' register?

No? Bring it next time.

I will need it.

Surely, we will buy rice
at the black market.

The register,
it's to reassure the police!

I don't have a register.

No register?

I left it in my hometown.

The portions are not enough
to feed my brothers and sisters.

Thanks to my register,

It would make some more.

That's annoying...

Too bad.

I will sort it out with the police.

It will be ok.

It's ok.

Will you take me then?

Bring your stuff whenever you want.

I leave right now.

I will be here tomorrow morning.

Thank you very much.


Can you pay your train ticket?


I can.

See you tomorrow then.

Let's go!

What do you have?

- I'm happy.
- For what?

I'm really happy.

If you had rejected me
I would have been on the street.

Thank you!

Don't push!

I understand, so...

A prostitute
of the port of Ominato in Shimokita.

Her name is Sugito Yae.

10 days of investigation, it's demanding!

It will be difficult to find her.

Tokyo, today,
it's full of prostitutes.

And if she works under
a different name,

it would be like looking for
a needle in a haystack.

It will be tough.

I will do my best.

Please, I count on you.


A little bit of shoe polish?

It's an american shoe.


Good evening.


This doll has a strange face.

Keep her
until the next New Year.

Replace her each year.

And all the lies told during the year
will disappear.

Like in the song...

But Yae, she collects them.

She never gets rid of them.


I can't say it.

Do you have secrets?

One more.

Inugai darling.

Thank you.

It is already five years that I
economize the best I can.

You are my savior.

I owe you everything.

One day,
I would like to be able to thank you.


I wonder if Inugai
is your real name.

If it is fake,
I will never see you again.


Where are you now?

You are probably alone and sad.

If this is the case, I would like to
thank you my own way.

I will wait.

Five years. Even ten.

Come on, girls!
Mr Motojima wants to talk to you.

What is it?

Water melon!

Take some.

Present from the boss.

Listen, girls.

It is important to stick together.

You must already know.

The law will forbid our profession.

We will no longer be able to work
starting from April.

- Was it true, then?
- Oh, yes!

You still have six months.

But start thinking about your future.

I have reaped the harvest of my work.

Have you already thought about
your reconversion?

The town hall offers
educational training.

We should see.

"A gift of 30 million yens..."

"given for ex-detainees reformation...

"The supporter is Tarumi Kyoichiro...

"...a businessman from Maizuru."

Tarumi Kyoichiro?

That's wrong!

It's Inugai.

It's Inugai, I'm sure of it.

Inugai Takichi,
was it a fake name, then?

No, maybe I'm mistaken.

It's simple.

If I see him, I will know.


I will go see this man!


What is it about?

Are you Mrs Tarumi?

I saw the picture of your husband
in the newspaper.

I came to thank him
for his help,

It was ten years ago.

He helped you?


If you could just give me
ten minutes with him.

I will not bother you.

Wait a moment, please.

I spoke to my husband.

He will see you.

Please, come in.

Please, come in.

Sit down, please.

Sit down, please.

Mr Inugai.

What a pleasure to see you again!

My name is Tarumi.

Tarumi Kyoichiro.

Are you from Ominato?


Sit down, please.

I have been to Ominato.

But I don't remember
to have met you.

Of course we know each other.

You came to see me but
your name was Inugai.

You were wearing an uniform like the
ones of the released from military service

and you had a beard.

You gave me 34,000 yens
wrapped up in a newspaper.

Do you remember?

My name over there was Chizuru.


We met on the train.

Mr Inugai!

I'm sorry.

Mr Inugai!


I still call you Mr Inugai.

Mr Tarumi.

You are surprised to see me.
It's normal.

If I came,

it is only to see you and
to thank you.

Thanks to you, my father could heal

his rheumatisms.

My brothers and sisters could grow up.

Now, they all work.

I managed to pay all my debts

and to go to Tokyo.

All of this, thanks to you.

I wanted to see you again,

see the great man you became.

And I wanted to thank you.

I'm happy that I was able to do it.

Mr Inugai!

I don't know what to tell you.

I don't know what you are talking about.

Why would I lie?

Certainly, I went to Ominato.


I've been there very recently.

You wanted to see this Inugai so much,

that you must have confused him with me.

Mr Tarumi.

I understand your attitude.
You are an important businessman...

And I'm only a prostitute.


with my job,

my body remembers
the men it touched.

And a man that I madly embraced,

I would never forget it.

Mr Tarumi.

I have lived my life dreaming to
be able to thank you.

And you are ignoring me completely.

I have lost the meaning of my life.

Anybody here?

Where is Toshiko?

Madam is out.

Bring us tea.

So, your name is Yae?

You have a pure heart.

So much effort to thank a man
that helped you ten years ago!

I'm touched by your honesty.

An odd fate brought you here.

Now, to me you are not a stranger anymore.

If you ever happen to be around here again,

you can come visit.

Mr Tarumi.

I was overwhelmed. I'm sorry.

I'm leaving.

Have a tea first.


I was sure of it!


- Inugai!
- No!

My name is Tarumi!

Not Inugai!

I am Tarumi...

I am Tarumi Kyoichiro.




Have you seen?

No, no!

Dead bodies!

Dead bodies!

Good morning guys!

- Where did you find them?
- Over there.

- Good morning boss.
- So?

She has a broken neck.

A broken neck?

A normal person cannot
have such a strength.

What is it?

The weight that was attached to her leg.


This was in her pocket.

She must have known
Tarumi, the patron.

Nothing else?

No, nothing.

Nothing apart from a newspaper cutting.
It's weird.

The man also,

he was strangled.
They didn't drown.

- Both of them?
- Yes.

Double suicide of a woman
and of her young lover!

It's weird.

Could they have mutually
strangled each other?

They must have needed
extraordinary strengths.

Someone might have helped them?

It would surprise me.

How are you?

Sorry to disturb you so early.

I was thinking.

Have you read the paper?

Not yet. Why?

A strange thing happened.

They found a dead couple
on the beach.

The man was about 23 years old.
The woman, in her thirties.

On her, she had a piece of paper that
concerned you.


The bodies haven't been identified yet.

But maybe you have an idea.

Yes, this is the article about me.

- The woman had it?
- Yes.

Mr Ajimura...

The man is definitely Takenaka,
the one working at my house.

At your house?

He left the day before yesterday
and didn't come back since.

I was worried about him.


Did Takenaka spoke to you about
the woman that came to see him?

He didn't say anything.

What an idiot!

He committed suicide with his ex.

That's not possible...

Can we see the bodies again?

Let me see it.

I'm sure this is Takenaka.

Thank you, this will help us.

I'll get dressed.

It's definitely Takenaka.

What an idiot, isn't he?

I wonder why he did it.

The other one also.

I don't understand the youngsters.

Do you know this woman?


I have never seen her.


I'll come back.

The woman was identified.

The owner of the hotel where she was staying

recognized her from the paper.

From the register, she is from Tokyo.

Her name is Sugito Yae.

We called Tokyo.

She was a prostitute.


It brought us nowhere.

Nobody saw them together.

It's like they were invisible!

Thank you anyway.

A prostitute coming from so far away...

to come see
a young worker from the countryside...

It's weird.

There must be something fishy going on.

All right!


The father of the girl
is coming from Shimokita.


He is taking a train tonight.

He will arrive at dawn.


Good morning.

Are you the father of Sugito Yae?

Inspector Ajimura.

Mr Motojima?

You look tired.

Rest a bit.

No, I want to see my daughter

I want to see Yae, my daughter!

Are you sure it was Yae
who cut it off?

I'm certain, inspector.

This newspaper was in her room.

At the beginning of this month,

I spoke to the girls about
the closing of the brothel

and I advised them to start
thinking about their future.

This girl then said

that she wanted to see someone

and that she would decide

after having received
the advice from this person.

Maybe the person
she was talking about

was Mr Tarumi from the paper.

It's possible.


I find this strange.

She couldn't have committed suicide!

After her death, we learned,

that she had put aside 130,000 yens.

She has worked without flinching
and without ever spending anything.

No social life, no new clothes.

This money
is the result of hard work.

Why would she die
leaving all of it in her room?

I think someone killed her.

After bringing her to this town.


I suspect Tarumi.


First of all, nobody
saw Takenaka and Yae together.

However, Tarumi says
that Takenaka left with a girl.

We believe his deposition.

But no witness confirmed that.



If she came to see Takenaka,

the piece of paper would
have concerned him.

Mr Motojima is right.

She came here to see Tarumi.

On the other hand Tarumi says
that he doesn't know Yae.

Maybe. But Yae knew him.

Let's go see her father.


I have some questions for you.

Does the name Takenaka ring a bell?


And Tarumi?


Where was Yae
working before going to Tokyo?

In Ominato.

At the brothel "Hanaya".

After primary school,

she went to Ominato
together with other girls from the village.

I thought she could find
an honest job.

That's why her mother and I let her leave.

But she became a prostitute.

And was she writing anything about Tokyo?

In her last letter,

she said she would probably
change job.

Is that all?

That's all.

Yae used to write little and rarely.

I have just remembered something.

It was more than ten years ago,

I met a policeman that
was looking for Yae.

He passed by my house many times.

And then nothing.
It may be useful.

Ten years ago?

He was working at the
police station of Hakodate.

I remember now.

His name was Yumisaka.

He asked if a tall man

came to our home to visit her.

When I told him,
that I didn't know,

he went to Tokyo
to find Yae.

A tall man, you say?

He should have been around 1 m80,
according to the inspector.

This was the only time she was
ever involved with the police.

This Yumisaka,
was he a policeman in Hakodate?

Yes, in Hakodate.

Now that I think about it,

this story,

is ten years old. It definitely doesn't
have anything to do with what happened.


Mister, excuse us for a moment.


What do you think about it?

It must be Tarumi.

Yae came from Tokyo to see him.

You were right.

Yae came to speak to him

about something that happened ten years ago.

- I'm going to see Tarumi.
- No.

First you will go...

to Hakodate.


Find Yumisaka
and ask him why

he worked so hard
to find a man.

Leave Tarumi for the time being!



I'm Yumisaka.


Sit down, please.

I wanted to know

if you knew Sugito Yae.

Sugito Yae?

I know her.

What happened?

She died.

Double suicide.

Double suicide?


It must be a simulated suicide.

Do you know a certain
Tarumi Kyoichiro?


A big man, 1.80m tall.

You have been looking for him.

Wasn't he called Tarumi?

This Tarumi, who is he?

An important businessman in Maizuru

very involved in social life.

The other day,

he offered 30 millions
for the reconversion of ex-detainees.

- Let me see.
- Go on.

Yae had this piece of paper on her.

She had this?


This is Inugai Takichi.

Inugai Takichi?

Ten years ago, I was looking
for a tall man

that killed two ex-detainees
from the Abashiri prison.

His name was Inugai Takichi.

Inugai, is this man.

At the time of the Sounmaru...

- The Sounmaru?
- Yes.

A very strange incident.

It happened

at the same time of the shipwreck.




Ten years have passed,

and I still hate this Inugai.

For ten years, this Inugai
fooled us

under the name of Tarumi Kyoichiro!

This gift worth thirty millions

it was to ease his conscience!

I'm sure of it.

This Tarumi, I want to see him.

I want to rip off his mask!

Bring me to Maizuru.

I will pay my expenses for the trip.

Mr Yumisaka...

Come, and you will assist me.

I'm at your service.

He's talking nonsense, the old man!

For something that happened ten years ago!

Be nice, borrow him some money.

- Understand him.
- Mom!

Did you forget?

This case made him crazy!

He was running around everywhere.

And at the end, he never found anything.

He got fired,

and you had to slave away
to nourish us.

Let him go!

But no way of paying his expenses.

We will not throw our money away for him.


Where is my little napkin?

The one with the ashes inside?

It's there. I never touch your stuff.

Here it is!

I'm ready. Let's go.

- Excuse us.
- It's me.

I'm taking your husband.

My shoes! Here they are.

Sorry, It's a bit of a mess.

Wait, take this...


Be careful.

Was he excited?

Yes, totally.

What a father we have!

Give him this.

Ichiro, it's good.

Come on, go!


Here he is!

Mr Ajimura.

- Is that him?
- Yes.

Boss, he is here.

Good morning.

Please, sit down.

It's hot!

Thank you for coming.

Did you ask me to come
to speak about Takenaka?

Our conclusion, Mr Tarumi,

is that the two victims
were killed.

We need your testimony.

This is why I called you.


I already told everything to Mr Ajimura.

But if there are some details to confirm...

When did you employ Takenaka?

I don't know the exact date.

About four years ago.

- So, it was 1953.
- That's it.

What kind of job?

He was writing letters and notes.

It mainly was a secretary's job.

Do you know anyone by
the name of Sugito Yae?

Not at all.

Takenaka never mentioned her.

I'm not speaking about Takenaka.

I am asking you if you ever met
a woman called Yae.

No, never.

I would tell you, otherwise.

If this is the case,

tell us if you ever met a prostitute
by the name of Yae,

either in Tokyo or in Ominato.

No, never.

Mr Tarumi.

Where were you the day of the crime?

You asked me the same
question the other day.

Yes, but it was in an informal way.

I have to verify the alibi for the
concerned people.

I was home.

The evening as well?

Of course!

Where would I have gone
with such a storm?

I was home.

Mr Ajimura...

You are questioning me a lot.

Do you think I have something to do
with this suicide?

We have just told you
that it was not a suicide.

I wanted to know something else.

Have you ever lived in Hokkaido?

Yes, why?

Where in Hokkaido?

Why so many questions?

For the investigation.

Do you know Hakodate?


Obviously. What a question!

It's the only way to get to Hokkaido.

But I never lived in Hakodate.

I was in Kutchan.


What were you doing there?

I was a farmer.

In Hokkaido, life is very tough.

When was this?

Around 1940.

I was just 20 years old.

It was during the war in China.

What was the name of the farm?

I don't know if it still exists.

It was called Samejima.
A very small farm.

We were growing cabbage and potatoes.

At the time, did you move directly from
your hometown?

We could say, you mistrust people.

You can go check by yourself.

I am telling you the truth.

Go check my public records,
and we will gain time.

When did you leave Hokkaido?

In 1944.

In 1944?

Do you know Iwanai?

Of course!

But I have never been there.

Do you remember the Sounmaru shipwreck?

There was a shipwreck, indeed.

There were loads of victims.

At the time I was in Honshu.

Where exactly?

Do I have to answer this as well?

I don't see any connection
between my past and the suicide.

I'm asking you to answer.

I answer you kindly because
I respect your work.

Whereas you,

question me
as if I was one of your suspects.

What would I be guilty of?
Say it to me eventually!


Don't you say anything?

No way of letting you humiliate me.

Since you don't answer me,
I'm going to leave.

Accusing people without a proof...

In the future,
do not bother me for nothing anymore!


Mr Tarumi...

Do you know Kijima Chukichi
and Numata Hachiro?

Not at all.

Are you sure?

You are not lying, are you?

I don't know them!

To lie, doesn't bring anything back.

By the way, who are you?

A long time ago, I was looking for a man

who killed two ex-detainees during the
Sounmaru's tragedy.

I'm Yumisaka, an old policeman.

Yumisaka? Ex-detainees?

That's it.

He killed some ex-detainees.

Please explain to me.

I certainly made a gift to the state
in order to help the ex-detainees,

but I don't see the relation.

A retired policeman!

If you want to interrogate me,
do it according to the rules.

Next time, come to my house.

But I will not accept
to be treated as an assassin.

He is angry.

But now we know
he lived in Hokkaido.

It's not much.

He has a strong alibi.

He is sure of himself then.

Until we don't have the proof
that Tarumi is Inugai,

we will not move forward.

Mr Yumisaka.

We need you.
Would you accept to cooperate?

Thank you.

Let's form three groups.

The first group will investigate on Tarumi.

The second one will go to his hometown.

The third one, you Ajimura...

Go back to Shimokita and Hokkaido.

Listen carefully.

To make mistakes is human.
And Tarumi is not a god.

Find material proofs.


Let's get to work!

I forgot where,

but I already saw
this inspector from Hakodate.

I must have met him
or crossed him somewhere.

Ah, that's it...

He was at the beach that day.

I went to investigate at his factory

and around the neighbourhood.

The details are in my report.

There are two main points.

The first concerns his wife, the
day of the crime.

She went to town
with the 4 o'clock bus

and she came back home around 6

after having done her shopping.

Tarumi could have sent his wife to shop

in order to be alone and kill them.

The second point concerns a truck

which was purchased for his factory
the day before.

It was delivered at his house.

He could have used it
to carry the bodies.

That's all.


I went and checked his public records.

Tarumi arrived in Maizuru
during March 1949.

At the time, the town was full
of wandering repatriates.

He could have easily blend together
with all the other vagabonds.

It's therefore possible

that he arrived in Maizuru before 1949,

and that his declarations at the
town hall are fake.

He moved in at the same place
where his factory is now situated.

He started in the flour-milling industry
with only one machine.

And thanks to the import of corn and wheat,

he quickly expanded.

In 1951, he built the current factory.

Then he married Toshiko,
a repatriated from the Chinese continent.

The house of the repatriated says
she had a stillborn child from a foreigner.

She doesn't have any relatives in Japan.

Something else.

I have investigated his fortune.

But I didn't find anything suspect
in the accounting books.

His employees respect him a lot.
He doesn't drink, nor he smokes.

People say he succeeded
thanks to his sincerity.

I'm done.

Thank you.

Karaki, your turn.

I went to investigate with Iwata

in Tarumi's home town.

It's Okanbayashi, close to Kyoto.

A long time ago it was a very poor
village at the heart of the mountain.

All the inhabitants said

that Tarumi is a great man

and an example of success.

When we walked around the village,
we understood their admiration for the man.

All the equipment and important

were financed by Tarumi.

For example, the baseball field,

the fire station.

He renewed the temple,

and set up a scholarship system.

The list of donations is impressive.

I hand over to Iwata.

Kyoichiro lost his father
when he was seven years old.

His mother brought him up by herself.

He really loved his mother.

After primary school,
he went to work in Osaka.

After that, he moved to a farm in Hokkaido.

He was regularly sending
money to his mother.

All the money orders that the
post office of the village was receiving,

people still remember them.

His mother died five years ago.

Truth is, during my investigation,
I haven't found anything

that could be held against Tarumi.

When I saw his home,
I have asked myself

what would a man born in such
misery, think about.

He couldn't have a normal sense of
what's good and bad.

Then I started to think.

When he was a child, Kyoichi must have hated
the misfortune of his condition.

He looked for a more human existence.

Driven by a ferocious will
to come out of it,

he did not hesitate to fall back on crimes.

This is what I think.

I'm done.

Here are the information
I found on Sugito Yae.

Mr Yumisaka and myself
started investigating in Kamedo,

the district of Tokyo
where Yae was living in.

But her father already cleaned up the room.

So we went to Shimokita,
to see her hometown.

Luckily, her father didn't burn
her stuff yet.

We found two clues.

This newspaper of ten years ago
announcing the Sounmaru shipwreck

and the fire that destroyed Iwanai.

The question is to know why Yae

kept this old newspaper for ten years.

There are several possibilities.

But the strangest,

is this...

this big piece of nail.

Whose can it be...

I understood.

It's the nail of the killer.

Do you think the same?

We too, boss.

Isn't it?

Don't laugh about me, but...

The day when this newspaper came out,

I was desperately looking for Inugai
between the streets of Ominato.

While he was happily getting a manicure
from Yae.

I was so stupid!

If a woman

keeps the nail of a man as a memory

for ten years,

it means that something happened
between them.

There is no doubt about it.

It's Tarumi.

Inugai Takichi, or
Tarumi Kyoichiro

left this nail in Yae's room.

This is incriminating evidence.

Here is another one,
thanks to Yumisaka.

A register.

The one of the hostel where Inugai
stayed the day before.

It's his writing.

We are progressing.

It's perfect.

Tarumi burnt down Iwanai
and killed people.

After that, he killed his accomplices
in the strait of Tsugaru.

In Ominato, he met Yae
and he gave her some money.

- Is that it?
- yes.

Good. Let's arrest him.


No, Inugai Takichi...

Did you know that on September 20th 1947,

a fire destroyed the town of Iwanai?

Since you are not answering me,

it means that you know it.

I came to know it from the news.


Of course you know it.

It was you, the incendiary.

Do you have proofs?


Here is one.

Do you know what it is?

It's the register on which

you wrote a fake address.

You don't say anything.

It's because you are lying.

The graphology is formal.

Look carefully.

Are you going to keep denying?

It doesn't make any sense.

Even if it resembles my handwriting,

and even if I was the one writing it,

what relation does it have
with the fire in Iwanai?

There is one.

You needed money.

You killed a whole family
to steal their money.

And you burnt down the whole village,
to erase all traces.

Later on, together with Numata and Kijima,

you went to Hakodate.

It was chaos
because of the Sounmaru shipwreck.

You took advantage of it,
and you stole a boat

with Numata and Kijima.

Since everyone was panicking
during the rescuing,

nobody could notice you.

Once in open sea,

You committed a second crime.

You couldn't let them live

because you were afraid they would tell
about the crime you committed in Iwanai.

Numata and Kijima were weak.

For you it was very easy

to throw them overboard.

The perfect crime.

At least for ten years.

You fooled people and the police.

But it's over.

You betrayed yourself!

Stop turning around the subject.
Go straight to the point.


Do you remember this newspaper?

You must be deaf.

I already told you that
I have nothing to do with all of this.

You don't.

All I'm saying is that you held
this paper in your hands.

In Sugito Yae's room in Ominato.

That's enough!
You don't have any proof.

I have one.

In your opinion,
whom does this nail belong to?

It's yours!

Try to remain calm.

And listen carefully.

I'm going to tell you where I
have found this nail.

This nail, was amongst Yae's personal stuff.

For ten years,

she kept it in the bottom of her box.

Together with this nail,

she kept your secret safe.

Don't lie anymore.

You did meet Yae!

At the Hanaya house.

You gave her some money
wrapped in this paper!

Do you still deny?

Mr Tarumi,

you betrayed yourself.

You left traces.

Plus, you killed Yae,
who was your only ally.

You also killed your employee.

That's stupid!

Mr Tarumi.

You can no longer deny.

We want to hear the whole truth.

The whole truth...

Is it right?


You don't know anything.

What do you want to say?

I didn't kill Numata, nor Kijima.
Let-alone the Sasada.

Yes, I have spent the night before
the fire

at the Asahi Spa.

It is also true

that I was with Numata and Kijima.

I met them in Sapporo.

We worked together in a landmine.

We went to Asahi
with our salary.

Only when we got there, I learnt

that they just got freed from Abashiri.

They said thet were pinched,

that they spent all of
their allowances,

and that with their criminal records,
they would never get a job in Honshu.

Kijima met Sasada at the hostel.

Sasada advised him to go to Hakodate.

There was a friend of his
that could find him a job.

The day after, I didn't follow them
when they went to the Sasadas.

I stayed at the Iwanai train station.

I was waiting for them to go
to Hakodate together.

And not much later,

the fire was burning up the town.

It was only after the departure of the train

that I understood that these two men

set the fire and killed the Sasadas.

I didn't know what to do.

and about what happened after,

Ajimura was right about it.

but I never went into Sasada's loan office.

And there is another point

on which you are making a huge mistake.

A mistake?

I didn't kill these two men.

They were fighting.

Kijima won and attacked me.

I defended myself.

I had to throw him in the sea.

Nice story!
Do you have proofs?



But it's the truth.

Listen to me more.

When we arrived into the open sea,

Kijima attacked Numata.

I replace you.


What the hell are you doing?



Help me!


Help me!

I was paddling with all of my strengths
in the dark.

I was too scared
to think about the money.

You are lying.

Dead people can't talk.

You are taking advantage of this
in order to turn the story around.

You asked me to tell the truth.

This is the truth.

Another question.

What did you do about the money?

Don't tell me it went down
together with the two men.

- I took it.
- There you go.

Listen to the rest.

When I arrived in Shimokita,
almost dead of exhaustion,

it was almost dawn.

I hauled up the boat on a rock

and I collapsed into it.

When I woke up,

the sun was beaming above me.

I started to panic.

Because I didn't kill the Sasadas,

neither I burnt down their house.


I had on me
a huge amount of money.

They would have suspected me.

They would have charged me
of all the crimes.

- That's enough!
- I'm telling the truth.

I thought about going to the police,

before they would accuse me of murder.


you ran away with the money.


Because the police
would have never believed me.

I didn't have any evidence in my favor.

At the time, miserable as I was,

if I had told my story,

they would have taken me for a liar

that tries to save his face.

You are making this up.

You see, even you don't believe me.

It would have been the same, ten years ago.

If I had gone to the police,
or not,

They would have accused me,
like now.

I knew how they would have treated me.

This money changed my life.

Despite my efforts,
I collected a failure after the other.

And there I found money that
just fell from the sky.

It wouldn't have happened twice.

In my hometown, my old mother

was waiting for some money from me.

With this fortune, I could have
sent her 2,000 yens per month.

Enough to live happily
for the rest of her life.

And me, I would have been able
to start a new life.

It didn't matter
if that money was stolen.

Working to make this money fructify,

I would give some to charity.

Even if the gods forbid it.

That's what I thought.

A poor man, wouldn't think any different.

Please tell me if you think
I reason

like a thief.

I guess.

But I didn't have a choice.

Don't you agree?

To start a new life,

I needed to erase my past.

My lighter might still be
at the bottom of the sea.

So are you only guilty of
taking the money?


Mr Ajimura.

Isn't my story convincing?

Even too much.

Don't you believe me?

And you, inspector,

do you think I told the truth?

You are the one having the last word.


Tell us about Yae now.

Not so fast!

You didn't answer my question.

Crossing the strait,
I died once.

To leave Hokkaido, was a rebirth.

What did you retain until now?

A lie or the truth?

It's either one or the other.

Answer me, or I'll stop.


Tell me what you understood.

And I will tell you the rest.

What game are you playing?

You are directing,

and you refuse to confess.

Ajimura, stop.
We shall take a break.

Tarumi needs to think by himself.

He will calm down.


Tarumi Kyoichiro killed Sugito Yae,
that's for sure.

What do you think about his declaration?

Tell me.

It's very good.


Please, take this.

I don't believe his story.

His crimes are perfectly calculated.

I agree.

But nothing proves that he is lying.

Are you saying that you
believe this brute?

I am only saying

that we can't prove anything
at the moment.

He knows it.

That's why he ended his story
with the strait.

we have to do something.

We can't let him
lead the game!

It's pure tactics.

He thinks we are blind.

Very well!

I'm going to make him talk.


Violence doesn't help.

Let's not let him fool us.


what do you think?

It's difficult to say.

You might think I'm weird,

I, that always wanted to
condemn him,

but in my opinion,

even without material evidence,

he almost manages to prove
his innocence with his feelings.

With feelings?


Money fell from the sky.

Yae as well.

Money makes him a murderer,
and she a victim.

His desperate behaviors
of poor people when confronted with money,

you have to know misery
to understand them.

That means...


His wife doesn't want to say anything.

She cries all the time.

Tarumi is everything for her.

She will not talk.

They are messing around with us, those two!


Sit down.

Listen to me.

Tarumi may tell the truth.

Or may not.

Nobody knows it at the moment.

The only thing which is clear,

is that if he stops talking

we will be stuck.

But doing what he did,
he betrayed himself.

This shows that he doesn't have
any alibi for the rest.

He just wants to have more time
to find one.

He is the one blocking the game.

And he is the one that will unblock it.

We shall let him speak and listen to him.

The motive is one thing.

Crime is something else.

Never put the cart before the horse.

No point in bolting.



The strategy is set.

Thank you everyone.

Mr Yumisaka,

this investigation must have worn you out.

I wish I would have been more useful.


What if we would go have dinner
all together tonight?

Good idea.

We invite you.

Thank you.

But let me see Tarumi
one last time.


Your obsession lasts since ten years.

Go talk to him face to face.

We never know.

I don't think so.

I only want to give him
something back.

What is it?


Ashes from Shimokita.

Do you want one?

I forgot. You don't smoke.

You have nothing to do here.


Do you know what this is?

They are ashes.

The ones of the boat
you burnt down in Shimokita.

Are you surprised?

You don't believe me?

You think they are ashes from
a chimney around the corner.

No, they really are the ashes
from ten years ago.

I've kept them all this time,

waiting to find you again.

You are not answering.

So, you don't believe me.

You don't manage to believe me.

Me neither,

I don't believe you when you say

that you didn't kill neither the
two men, nor Yae.

How sad!

two people that can't believe one another...

You didn't even believe Yae.

Even if you let her live,
she would have never betrayed you.

Why kill her?

Why so much cruelty?

I hate you.

A deep hatred.


Trees never grew
on the path of your life.

I'll go back to Hokkaido tonight.

I won't need these ashes any longer.

I give them back to you.



What happened?

Are you going back to Hokkaido tonight?

Yes, tonight.

With the night train.

Bring me with you.

But I can't.

Yes, you can.

I will pay my own expenses.

Let's leave immediately.

I saw you in Hokkaido.

You saw me?

I will tell you about it later.

On the beach after the shipwreck.

The beach?

That's it.

I will tell you everything there.

Bring me.


For pity's sake!

Hokkaido knows everything about me.

He will finally talk.

What do you think about it?

Why don't do his route from
Hokkaido to Maizuru?

That's a good idea.

Believe me.

You will know everything
about me over there.

Bring me!

I will pay the costs.

Bring me there, Yumisaka!




You are nice.

I can see it.


There is Yae's hometown.

In the mountains of Shimokita.

Over there, is the Osorezan.

Only you and me have known Yae.

I will throw flowers for her.

You too.

Fra & Mars