Kidnapped (1987) - full transcript

Sisters Bonnie and Debbie visit San Diego on Debbie's sixteenth birthday. After telling a sleazy pickup artist to take a hike, he follows them to the zoo and has Debbie kidnapped on behalf of his sleazy boss in order to shoot her full of dope and make her perform in porno films. Despite admonitions from the abductors, Bonnie teams up with detective Vince McCarthy, and together they try to infiltrate the porno industry in order to rescue Debbie.

City of Angels, here we are!
My best birthday present ever!

My pleasure, little sister.

I wish we didn't have to go back
to Santa Barbara so soon

but I've gotta register for college
psychology classes before they close.

Wonder what it's like
to live in a big city like this.

Well, you'll find out.

- In a weekend?
- Sure.

- Oh, come on, I'll race you.
- Okay.

- What?
- Oh, God, a lizard.

I almost stepped on it.

God, you scared the hell out of me.

You know, I'm thirsty.

Well, you wanna get something
at the hotel here?

Okay, let's go.

Over there.

Hi, ladies, what can I get ya?

We'll have two milkshakes.

I'll have chocolate,
she'll have strawberry.

- Okay.
- Thanks.

Coming right up.

Please, Bonnie, let me see it.
I can't wait until tomorrow.

- Please?
- Okay.

- Come on, hurry up, I'm curious.
- Curiosity killed the cat.

Happy birthday, Debbie.


It's terrific, I love it.

I love it, I love it.

I love it.

So do I. Hi.

I'm Anthony, Anthony Leonard.

The girls call me Tony.
Mind if I join you?

Hey, wait, we didn't say you could.

- Chocolate and strawberry.
- Thank you.

You want me to leave?
Okay, I'm leaving.

You don't want me to leave, do you?

So, I'm not leaving.

I'm a photographer,
I photograph cover girls, models.

- I was gonna ask you- -
- To let you make us famous cover girls?


- If you wanted to go to a party.
- Where?

In a yacht and later, a mansion.

Lots of fun, a bunch of nice people,
dancing, rock band.

Sounds like a lot of fun.
I wanna go.

Well, we gotta get up early.
Tomorrow's her birthday.

How many candles?


Hmm, sweet 16, never been kissed, huh?

How old are you?

I'm 22. Why?


We'll celebrate your birthday in mansion.
Cakes, candles, lots of fun.

Come on, let's go.

No, look, we have a big day
planned tomorrow.

We don't have to get up early tomorrow.

- Come on, let's go.
- I said, no.

Come on, you said you weren't
gonna act like Mom on this trip.

- Like...
- And you said you were gonna act grown up.

What about tomorrow?

Look, we can't.

We're busy.


Come on, let's go.

Get your stuff.

Goodbye, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Maybe some other time.

He seems like a nice guy.

- Too pushy.
- Uh- uh.

It's too early to go to bed. Let's party.

- Come on, come on.
- No!

- Yeah, come on, party please.
- Wait, wait.

No, listen. Tomorrow we party, okay?

But tonight we gotta call Grandma.

Uh- uh, Grandma's sleeping.

She's not sleeping,

she's waiting for us to call her.
We have to call her, okay?

Tsk. Okay, we'll tell her
that we're safe and sound.

Right, come on, let's go.

Hey, I didn't mean to scare you.

You lost your car keys,
I found 'em after you left.


Sure you don't want to go
to that party?


Enjoy your trip to the zoo tomorrow.


How did he get my keys?
I never took them out of my purse.

Tsk. Oh, come on, you're being paranoid.

Well, maybe. Come on.

Come on, you, let's go.

Wait a minute.

Here, hold this.


- Okay, another one.
- Will Grandma will like that one?

- Okay, here.
- Okay.

- Should I take these?
- Can you hold this one?


- Okay, ready?
- Ready.

Do it.

- Okay, let's go see- -
- Yours.

No. Let's see the elephants.
Come on.

Do something funny.

- Should I smile?
- Yeah, that's fine.


Okay, wait, one more.

Want me to take- - let me take one.

All right.

Oh, look, it's coming.

Hi. Hi, Mr. Elephant.


Ooh, look how long
his eyelashes are.

I wonder why he's there all by himself.

'Cause he's so big.


It must be fate- -
we're always meeting like this.


Don't you need an escort
in the jungle?

Look, we don't wanna go anywhere with you.
Just leave us alone, all right?

Maybe some other time, huh?

Yeah, I doubt it.

Come on.

That guy really gives me the creeps.

He's gone.


Look, let's take a few more pictures
and get out of here.

Okay, but I have to go to the bathroom.

- Okay, I'll meet you by the giraffes.
- Okay.

- All right. Hurry up.
- I will.


Oh, my God, Debbie!



- Move and I'll blow your head off!
- Debbie!



Help me!



Debbie! Oh, my God.



Oh, my God! Stop!


Stop! Help! Debbie!

- She can ID us.
- Hit it!

- Stop!
- Go!

Somebody help! Oh, my God, stop!


Oh, my God, Debbie!

My sister, they kidnapped her!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Debbie.

You sure it was a California
license plate?

- Positive.
- But you didn't see the number.

It was too far away, Lieutenant.

And you don't recognize any
of the suspects in these mugshots?

No. But I could identify the man
and the woman if I see them.

What about the third suspect,
driving the van?

I didn't see his face.

Hey, Bonnie, what about this photographer,
this Tony character?

You saw him last night at the coffee shop

and then again today at the zoo.

Yeah, he was following us.

Was he alone when he talked to you
and your sister?

Mm- hm.
He wanted us to go to a party with him.

Did he say where the party was?

No, just that it was on a yacht
and in a mansion somewhere.

Do you think he could've been
driving the van?

I don't know.

But the driver of the van

had on a yellow windbreaker
like Tony was wearing.

- But you didn't see his face.
- But it had to be him, don't you think?

Okay, okay, all right,
we'll handle it from here.

Francine, you and Claudia,
get out on the streets

and see if you can hustle up
some informants.

- Buster.
- Yup?

Try the computers,
see what you come up with.


All right, Bonnie,
here's what we're gonna do.

We'll see if we find some suspects.
We'll have you back, you ID them.

In the meantime, go back
to Santa Barbara. We'll be in touch.

I'm not going anywhere without my sister.


Excuse us.

The kidnappers know she saw them.
We oughta put one of our guys on her.

What the hell's the matter with you?
We don't have manpower for that.

Can't we make an exception?

McCarthy, are you trying to tell me
how to do my job?

No, sir.

Good, take her over to Chang's,

have her make some composite drawings
of the suspects. Okay?

- Yes, sir.
- Good.

Bonnie, maybe you better go home
to Santa Barbara, it's much safer.

No, Detective McCarthy,

I gotta find my sister
and I'm not leaving without her.

Good. I want you to use
some kinda silent emotion.

All right, look real good
by the pool here.

Hand in the water a little bit.
Move around. That's nice, it's nice.

Looking good,
Keep your tops on for the scene.

All right, let's get ready now.
Roll sound.


Come on, get the bimbo outta here.

- Where am I?
- Wonderland, sweetheart, come on.

Let me go!

Bring her up to the master bedroom.

Ahem. Mr. Nardi.

Come in.

- Where's the girl?
- Marsha took her upstairs.

Wait till you see this sweetcake,
fresh and innocent.

How'd it go?

- We had some problems.
- Her sister saw Marsha's face.

Marsha was fucked- up again.
She panicked and took a shot at the broad.

- Oh, we're lucky we didn't get caught.
- Did she see your face, Carl?


I was in the van.
And Marsha's getting careless.

She's doing too much coke,
too much heroin.

- You're sure the sister saw Marsha's face?
- Yeah.

I see.

Take Marsha back to her place.
You know what to do.

And, Carl...

come back after you take care of Marsha.


- Hey.
- Huh?

Come here.

- You lying to me?
- No, come on, why would I lie?

- No, please, I wanna go home.
- Shut up and do what we tell you.



You just might get to like this stuff.

They're gonna make you a star, kid.

Just like they did for me.

How's she doing?

She'll be a junkie before she knows it.

I'm giving you a ride.

I gotta see Victor about my money.

He's busy with Tony.
see him in the morning.

You want a drink?

Look, Victor wants to see me
after he's done with Tony.

- Thanks for the ride.
- My pleasure.

- Sure you don't wanna come in?
- I'll take a rain check.


Good night, Carl.

I think you ought to call your parents.

Our parents are dead.

Sorry, I didn't know that.

They died in a car accident
when Debbie and I were young.

We live with our grandmother on her ranch.

- You gonna call her?
- No.

She can't do anything to get Debbie back.

She couldn't handle it anyway.

Maybe we'll find Debbie
and... then I'll call her.

I don't wanna give you
any false hope.

Maybe you'll find your sister,
but you know something?

These things are on the news all the time.

Kids kidnapped, some are found
and some aren't, but...

I'm sorry.

Yeah, well,
we gotta find my sister, Vince.

We gotta catch those bastards.

We'll do everything we can,
I promise you.


Do you think we would do
anything less than that?

We'll pick your car up in the morning

- but I think you ought to move out.
- No, I've gotta stay here.

Debbie might get to a phone wherever
they're keeping her and try to contact me.

I wouldn't risk it if I were you
but I can't force you to move.

Look, here's my home number,

I want you to call if you need anything.

I will.

So quiet in here.

Gives me the creeps.

I can stay here tonight if you want me to.

No, thanks, I'll be okay.

No, I'm not coming onto you.

I know.

You're welcome to have me
as a free bodyguard anytime.

Thanks. I might take you up on that.

Be sure to double lock the door, okay?

I will.

- Good night.
- Good night.


Bonnie, it's me, Tony.

Sorry about your sister.

But if you wanna see her again alive,
stay away from the police.

Please don't hurt her,
I'll do anything you want.

Hello, are you there?

Yes, Bonnie, I'm here.

Okay, look.

I'll stay away from the police.

- But how do I know I can believe you?
- You have no choice but to believe me.

We just wanna have some fun
then we'll let your sister go.

But if you make trouble...

whatever happens to her
will be your fault.

It's all up to you.

I wanna speak to my sister. Where is she?

She wants to talk to her.

Here's your sister, Bonnie.

Now keep it short.


Bonnie, I'm scared.

Do as they tell you. Help me.

They put me on drugs.

They wanna put me
in a porno clip. Oh!

You better not do anything to her.

I saw you, I can identify you.

You think about what I said, Bonnie.

Or you'll find what's left of your sister

dumped somewhere.


- Been to Hollywood before?
- Once.

- It's getting sleazier every day.
- Why don't you guys clean it up?

Oh, look at it,
you've got pimps, porn shops.

Make an arrest, before you know it
they're back on the street.

- Sounds frustrating.
- Tell me about it.

If the kidnappers are involved
in teenage pornography,

chances are, they may have
some connection here.

Well, you know, this is only
the mainstream pornographers.

The one we're after are underground.

How could people be so depraved?

I don't know. But I'll tell you one thing,

this is an eight billion- dollar
a year business.

Seven billion dollars
goes to the main pornographers,

another billion goes
to the theme pornographers.

You know, I would castrate
those maggots if I could find them.

Wait a minute, Vince.

That's Tony, that's him!


Halt, police!

Hey, freeze!

Freeze! Freeze!

Right there! Hold it!

- Come on. Get down.
- I ain't done nothing, come on.

Hey, come on, man!

Turn around.

- I ain't done nothing, I'm telling you.
- Keep 'em up.

- It's not him.
- What did I tell you? I'm clean.

What are you doing running away?

All right, turn around. Turn around!

Come on, a couple of joints
in the top pocket, that's it, all right?

Do me a favor pal, huh?

- Don't wear the yellow windbreaker.
- What?

Get out of here, go on.

Oh, God, I'm sorry, Vince,
I'm going crazy, I guess.

Send Carl and Tony to see me.


Quick and dirty, understand?
Roll playback.


Carl, Tony, boss wants to see you.

Come in.

How's it going?

A couple more scenes and it's a wrap,
everything's going great, fantastic.

I mean, upstairs.

Oh, um- -

Gave her another shot.
She still isn't eating.

Hey, you know, couple more days,
she's gonna be hooked like a fish.

Did you see this?


"Three suspects still at large.

Victim's sister provides police
with descriptions.

The hunt continues."

You told me the sister
didn't see your face.

I didn't think she did.

- So, what are you gonna do about it?
- Whatever you want me to do.

Get rid of her.

And if the sister upstairs
doesn't shape up, she's next.

Please, I wanna go home.

No, don't hurt me.

I wanna go home.

Stay away from me.

Please, I wanna go home.

Stay away from me, I don't want any more.

Please, don't hurt me.

No one's gonna hurt you.

If you do everything I say,
you'll be fine.

In a few days,
you'll be back with your sister.

No, I wanna go home, please.

You will.

Right now, come on,
I want you to take a hot bath.

- I don't wanna take a bath.
- You need to relax.

No, no.

I don't wanna hear
any of your "juggernaut," darlin'.

I wanna go home.

I wanna go home.

I wanna go home.


I wanna go home.

Please, let me go home.


I wanna go home.

It's like looking
for a fucking needle in a haystack.

- Buster, pull up. Isn't that Bonnie?
- Yeah, looks like her.

What is she doing here?
I left her at the hotel.

Hey, wait, a nice mama like you
shouldn't be alone around here.

You need protection,
you like them skin flicks?

I got 'em all, baby.
You wanna come with me? Mm- hmm.

I got a lot of 'em, baby.
Why don't you come by my house?

- Let me show you the best.
- Okay, pal, police.

Oh, shit, I'm gone.

What are you doing here?

I'm looking for the bastards
who kidnapped my sister.

What you might do
is just get yourself killed.

Look, the vice are patrolling the area.

- They have a description of the suspect.
- I gotta do something.

I can't sit and wait for the cops
to find my sister.

We're doing everything we can.
You've gotta trust us.

At least your sister has a better chance
than most victims.

You can identify the suspects.

Look, I'm sorry, okay?
It's just that I'm very concerned.

I- - I like you.

Listen, you got a lot of cases, you know.

But I only have one sister.

It's all my fault. I shouldn't have
brought her here in the first place.

No, no, look. Don't blame yourself.
This could happen anywhere, to anyone.

I'll tell you what,
I get off duty in a little while.

Why don't you go back to the hotel...

and freshen up, and- -
and I'll come over in a little while.

Then what?

And then we'll go out to dinner
and I'll drive you around

and we'll look for your sister some more.


Okay, come on.

- I'll see you in a little bit.
- All right.

- Thanks.
- Okay.

Man, she is on a guilt trip.

You like her, don't you?

She's nice.

- Come on.
- Yeah, I like her.

All right, I do.

- Of course you do.
- Hey, get in the car.

You say one word
and I'm gonna cut your throat.



Lie down.

Lie down!

I'm gonna fuck you.

Then I'm gonna slit your throat
right here.

Please don't.

We told you not to go near the cops.
You wouldn't listen.

Now, we're gonna put your sister

in a fuck flick.

Then we're gonna kill her.

It's all your fault.

Oh, please, I'll do anything you want.

Please don't hurt my sister.

Oh, God.

Please, don't.

Put your hands down.

Take your hands down.

Take 'em down!

I want you to beg for it.

Please don't.

Say your prayers.


- Bonnie!
- Help! Help!

That's him.
That's the guy who kidnapped Debbie!

Hold it! Police officer!

I said halt! Halt!


Yeah, let me speak to Buster.
Buster! Buster, Vince.

Look, put a make and give me an APB
on a black Chrysler, okay?

California license plate, VNA 5.

VNA 5. Yeah. Yeah.
Check it out, give me the address.

Hey, hey, hey, man, what's going on?

They tried to get to Bonnie.
Yeah, they almost killed her.

Call me at my place in an hour.
I'm gonna check her out of the hotel.

You got it, buddy.

Okay, bye.


Nothing special, but good enough
for a guy that's hardly ever here.

Fuzz? Fuzz!

- Who's Fuzz?
- My roommate.

Your roommate?


There he is.


Oh, he's so cute.

Fuzz, this is Bonnie. She's gonna be
staying with us a couple of days.

Are you sure I'm gonna be safe here?

Come on, now. Just- - Fuzz?

There he is. Come here.

Oh, he's not only my friend,
he's also my shrink.

Hears all my problems,
and he never tells on me.

Hey, now. No, don't tell her that.

Never trust a monkey.


How was your day, little buddy? Huh?

So, what did you do all day,
you lousy freeloader, huh?

Yeah, you bum.
Don't you wanna hear about my day?

Yeah, you're right. It was lousy.

You want a beer?

Do you have any milk?

Oh, milk.

Oh, sorry about that.

I'll take a beer.


Maybe the lady would like a glass.

Oh, no, the can's fine.

Let me show you to your room.

I'll sleep on the couch.

Oh, no. You'll sleep in the bed,
I'll sleep on the couch.

- Come on.
- Okay.

Excuse the mess.
But it's clean. I guarantee it.


- What are you doing? I don't need that.
- Use this side. I'll use this side.

That's just a graduation present
from my dad.

- Is he a police officer, too?
- He's retired.

My mother wanted him to.
He almost got killed on a big shootout.

- Oh. Do you mind?
- Go ahead, it's empty.

No, no, no. Like- -

like this.

And then, pow!

It's a high- powered weapon.

I'll get you some sheets.

It's just an old friend from out of town
passing through.

- So, I'll see you in the morning.
- Okay.



Thanks for everything.

Good night.

Good night.

Detective McCarthy.

- Vince.
- Yeah, hey, Buster.

Car's registered to someone
in the Marina.

Oh, yeah? Where in the Marina?

It's uh...

it's 1242 Coral Reef.

Isn't that the high- tech building
on Coral and Whaler?

Yeah. Yeah, listen, it's a company car
and it's an investment company.

An investment company?

Yeah, but the deal is,
they reported the car stolen.

Stolen, huh?

Thanks. We'll check it out
first thing in the morning.

- Hey, uh, how's Bonnie?
- She's great.

Yeah, right, I bet.

Just business, Buster.

Oh, yeah. "To serve and protect."

Will you give me a break?
I'll talk to you mañana.


- I'm going with you tomorrow.
- Oh, no, you're not.

Yes, I am.

I can't take you with me.
It's a police matter.

- I don't care. She's my sister.
- You almost got killed tonight.

I don't want you taking any more chances.
Please let me do my job.

If you're not gonna take me with you,
then I'm gonna go by myself.

Come on, pal.
Let's get some sleep, huh?

Looks like we're stuck
with a real pain in the ass.

Put it there.

What makes you think we'll find them here?

When we were in Nardi's office,
I spotted photos of the yacht

and recognized the area
where it was docked.

I didn't see that.

- That's why they pay me the big bucks.
- Oh.

It's enough for today.
You heard from Tony?

He'll be here any minute, Mr. Nardi.

Very good, Elizabeth.

Take this to the vault.

I'll see you back at the office.

And remind me to return that call
to Switzerland.

Yes, Mr. Nardi. I'm on my way.

- May I help you?
- We're here to see Mr. Victor Nardi.

Do you have an appointment?

Yes, we went to his office.
They told us he was here.

- He's expecting us.
- Your name, please.

Sean. Sean Langridge and Margo Parker.

- Hi.
- Sorry, but,

I don't recall Mr. Nardi having
an appointment with you, Mr. Langridge.

What company are you with?

We're from Florida.
I have my own business, and, uh- -

It's all right, Elizabeth,
let 'em come aboard.

Go ahead, please.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

I only have a few minutes,
what can I do for you?

I'm a movie producer from Florida.

Margo and I are making a picture
in Los Angeles.


we thought that your company
might want to invest in our film.

We have part of the money,
we are looking for about $100,000.

The budget's about 200.

It's a very classy movie
with a lot of great production value.

What kind of movie?

An adult film
and Margo's gonna be the star.

How old are you?


She can play a lot younger. Fourteen, 15.

Nineteen. That's too young.

She can play a lot older, too,
if we want her to.

Oh, yeah.

How did you find out about us?

A computer list. I bought one.
Your company's name was on it.

I see.
What do you specifically want from me?

Well, as I said, to invest in our movie.

We're not in the porno business,
Mr. Langridge, we run a very...

conservative investment company
with a highly respected reputation.

You could make a lot of money on this.

Look, we're mainly in real estate.

Occasionally, we acquire
other businesses- -

clothing store chains,
fast foods, bars, nightclubs- -

anything that'll show us a legal profit.

Well, it wouldn't hurt you
to diversify your investments.

We might consider investing in
your movie if it was a legitimate movie.

But pornos, no. No way.

I don't like to see these young girls
exploited just to make a buck.

It's against my principles.

You, young lady,
why don't you go back to school?

Get an education.

Find something better to do than...


Mr. Nardi, there's a lot of money in this.
You're making a big mistake.

Goodbye, Mr. Langridge.

Thanks for your time, anyway.

Make sure they leave the dock.

Son of a bitch wouldn't bite.


Halt! Police officer!

Hey, asshole!
Watch where you're going, jerk!

Hey, you little shit!
Come back here!

You make one more move,
I'll blow your fucking head off.

You got no right to do this to me.

Oh, yeah?

How many more counts do I need
to have the right to arrest you?

Kidnapping. Accomplice of attempted rape
and murder. Assaulting a police officer.

Where's my sister?
What have you done to her?

- Get the fuck away, bitch!
- Hey, cut it out!

Get outta here!

You have the right to remain silent.

We heard the shots.

Got a kidnap suspect.
I need a ride downtown.

- Put a make on this Chrysler.
- That's him?

- Yeah. Come on, get in there.
- I know my rights!

Yeah, you'll get your rights.

I'll meet you back at my house, okay?


I'll call you there.

- Anything new?
- Yeah, l got a computer printout

- on the owner of the car Tony was driving.
- Yeah?

It belongs to a Marsha Morgan.
Now, get this.

She's a former porn star, heavy into drugs
with a few arrests for cocaine possession.

I haven't been able to get in touch
with her for questioning.

What the hell was he doing
driving her car?

He says he's her friend. She let him
use the car while she's out of town.

- What?
- Oh, that's bullshit.

There's got to be more to it
than him being friends with her.

Buster, get me a search warrant
for the house.

You got it, Lieutenant.

- Lieutenant, can I talk to you?
- Sure, come on in.

I'll tell you, this son of a bitch
has to be

the busiest photographer in town.
Look at this. Sit down.

Look, a teen porn photographer
and a former porno star.

Put two and two together, Lieutenant.

There's got to be a teen porn ring
they're involved in.

So, you think those two characters, Marsha
and Tony, have something to do with Nardi?

Tony and his pal tried to run me over
in a car that belongs to Nardi.

Well, now Nardi says his car was stolen.
Says he doesn't know any Tony Leonard.

Didn't know him?

That scumbag happened to be
on his way to Nardi's yacht

with a briefcase full of porn pictures
when I arrested him this morning.

Leonard also said that you roughed him up
and the girl got emotional

- and hit him.
- Oh, that's bullshit.

Would you blame her for being emotional?

Vince, I'm gonna tell you something.
You better be careful.

One little breach of the law,
you're gonna blow this case.

These guys have high- priced attorneys,

they got a lot of influence,
a lot of power.

They kidnapped a girl,
tried to kill her sister,

shot at me and tried to run me
off the road,

and you're telling me
I've gotta be careful about the law?

I'm gonna nail these bastards.

You're crazier than your old man,
you know that?

Homicide just called.

They found Marsha Morgan's body dumped
in a ditch near her house in Calabasas.

They think she matches
the description of the female suspect

- that kidnapped the girl.
- Bingo.

They also found the van parked
in her garage.

- Do they know who it belongs to?
- Stolen.

Get the girl in here, right now.

She must have been dead
at least 48 hours.

- Cause of death?
- Bullet in the chest.

Heart and lung damage.

Yeah. It's her.

That's the woman who kidnapped my sister.

Got a ballistics test yet?

No. But it looks like a magnum
at very close range.

Thanks, Doc,
I'll call you in the morning.

- Did they say where?
- I don't know, someplace around here.

Ooh, you wanna have a good time, lover?

Yeah, why not?

Claudia, l didn't recognize you.

- Did Lieutenant give you my message?
- Yeah, that's why we're here.

See that store over there?


A friend of mine from Homicide
gave me a tip.

She said she saw a man going in there
this afternoon,

and he fits the description
of your third kidnap suspect.

Well, great, thanks. I owe you one.

How about a ménage à trois, tiger?

Me, my girlfriend here and you.
For the same price, of course.

Ladies, I think we're in
the wrong business.

How true.

Bonnie, I want you to meet Claudia
and Francine.

- They're undercover.
- Hi.

- It's nice to meet you.
- You, too.

- How are you?
- Hey, hey, come on.

Come on girls, let's pound the pavement.

Hey, hey, bud, come on,
flash some cash or hit the highway.

That's Buster, my partner.

Look, I've got an idea.
Bonnie, come with us.

Meet you guys at the hamburger place.

- Okay.
- Bye.

I wanna check something out, okay?

Just play along.


Flicks and Fun.
Your coming is our pleasure.

Yeah, same to you, pal.

Hey. Frank Nardi.

Come on.

Uh, can I help you guys?

- Yeah, uh, we're looking for jobs.
- We thought maybe you could help us.

See, we're from out of town
and somebody stole our money.

Look, I just sell the films,
I don't make 'em.

But you must know the people
who make them.

She means you might know a producer
who could give us a job.

Yeah, like him.

Frank Nardi? How do you happen
to pick his name out of the hat?

Oh, well,
his name is on all these posters.

Yeah, he must make a lot of films.

Look, pal, who are you,
a pimp, a procurer or what?

No, l wanna be in the film.

You wanna be a movie star, too?

No, no, no, look, we just need the money.

Need the money, huh?
Well, maybe I can be helpful.

It may cost you a little money among,
uh, other things.

Look, l already told you,
we don't have any money.

Come on. Be an angel.

Well, look. You make money, I make money.

Fifty- fifty.

Oh, come on, man, that's too much.

A pimp charges 90 percent.
I'm charging less than that.

You aren't a pimp, are you?

No. Look, I've had enough
of your nonsense for one day, man.

Clear the shop. You guys
are costing me money. Get outta here.

Oh, hey, look, 50- 50 is fine
if you can find us the right job.



All right, why don't you guys
show up tomorrow morning,

I'll make a few calls
and I'll see what I can do.

Couldn't you make the calls now?

- No.
- Okay, fine.

- We'll see you tomorrow.
- First thing.

Yeah, bright and early,
when the rooster crows.

- Must be that one.
- What's going on?

We're getting ready to go inside.

Make sure your mics are on.
You run into trouble, call for backup.

Getting close to the back
of the house.

Check every room.

Soon as you find her, fire a shot.

Bonnie and I will keep 'em busy
as long as we can.

You got it, buddy.

How you doing?

- Chester sent us.
- Tom and Cathy?

Yeah, that's right.

Claudia, you and Francine
check the rooms downstairs.

I'll take the upstairs.

Okay, now you're Adam, see,
and you're Eve.

Now this serpent here is gonna give you
an apple, okay?

Then you give it to Adam
and you eat the apple.

Then you start to seduce him.
It's real easy, see? Okay?

- Some place you've got here.
- Yeah, it's gorgeous.

Yeah, nice place to make movies.

- Put your arms around her.
- You're not kidding.

Put your arms around him.
Go ahead.

Put your arms around him.

- Mr. Nardi.
- Good. Now start kissing.

Come on.
I want you to start kissing him.

You must be Cathy.

- Hi.
- Put some emotion...

I'm Frank Nardi.

And I'm Tom.

You got a good face.

All right, let me see the goods.

Let's see what you've got in there.

Come on, take off your clothes.

Sweetheart, we don't have all day.

Christ, these are nice. They real?

- Mm- hm.
- Beauties.

Let me see the rest.

Take down your pants.

You don't have tattoos, do you?
I hate tattoos.


I don't know why people
do that to themselves.


Che bella.

What was your name again?

- Tom.
- Right, Tommy.

Show me your tool, Tommy.

- What?
- Show me your tool.

Um, I'm okay.
What do you wanna know?

I wanna know if you qualify
or if I need to bring in a stunt cock.


Holy Christ.

What do you feed that monster?

Huh. This is perfect.

Just perfect.

All right, pull off your jeans,
take off your shirt.

Hey, Monkey Do! Monkey Do!

Come here.

Hey, my name is not "Monkey Do."
It is Monti Drew.

Holy shit, who is she?

Hi, I'm Cathy.

Hi, I'm Monti Drew. I'm the director.

Fire these bums over there
and use these two instead.

But, Frank we've been shooting
all morning long.

I said get rid of them.

Okay. You're the boss.

Okay, get rid of those people.
get 'em off the set, right now.

All right.

Now, tell them what to do.

W- we just thought
we came here for an interview.

Well, Trigger, this is your lucky day,
you got the job.

Don't you think
we should read the script first?

So we can be prepared for our roles?

Yeah, yeah. They've gotta know
their character, their motivation.

- You know.
- Their motivation?

Fuck their motivation.
Tell them what to do.

Okay, all right. Okay.
You're Adam, see? And you're Eve.

Okay? This serpent here
is gonna give you an apple.

You give it to Adam. Now you eat it.

Then, Eve, you start to seduce Adam.
It's real simple. Okay?

All right, let's have a rehearsal.
An undress rehearsal.

Um, could I keep my blouse
and underwear on for the rehearsal?

- Yeah, I guess it's all right.
- Are you a schmuck?

I wanna see a complete rehearsal.

And Tommy, stop fucking around,
take your clothes off.

Look, don't you think we- - ?

- Yeah, we're- -
- Don't you think, we should have

- a little dress rehearsal?
- We're too nervous.

Yeah, this is the first time
we've done this kinda thing.

Yeah, you better
let them loosen up, Frank.

Thanks, pal, you're a real artist.

Schmuck. Io sono un schmuck.

This is what I get
for working with amateurs.

All right.
Can we please see a rehearsal now?

All right, come with me, come on,
I'll set you up, it's real easy.

Okay, Adam,
I'd like you on this mark over here.

Eve, you come around over here,
stand on this mark, that's right.

Now I'm gonna put the snake around you
like this. Okay, that's good.

All right, now, it's real easy,
just follow my directions, okay?

You ready? Okay.

Eve, I want you to put your arms
around Adam.

Go ahead, put your arms around him.

That's right, okay, good.
Now start kissing him.

Come on, I wanna see, start kissing him.
Go ahead, kiss.

That's right,
now put some emotion into it.

Keep going, I want you to kiss.
Come on, I wanna see some emotion here.

Come on, get into it,
give me some emotion.

Yeah, that's good, keep going.
I wanna see some passion!

Come on, give me passion! Good, good.

A little more tongue in there.
Good, good, keep going.

Good, good, fantastic!
Don't stop, keep going!

Now give me some tongue,
I wanna see some tongue.

Yeah, that's good. Now start going down,
start going down. That's right.

- T- bird, come here, how you doing?
- I'm okay, I'm okay.

- When did you get out?
- This morning, Victor got me out.

- Good deal.
- Yeah.

- That's right, okay.
- What the fuck?

Now keep going, that's fantastic.

Good, now start going down,
start going down.

- Yeah, that's good. Fantastic!
- What's the matter?

- He's a cop.
- What are you talking about?

That son of a bitch is a cop.
He's the guy who put me in jail.

- Hey, cop!
- That's good.

- That's good, keep going down.
- Hey, cop! Hey, yeah, you!

You threw me in jail,
you don't think I'm gonna get out.

You're such a hotshot.

Who the hell do you think you are, huh?

You're nothing but an asshole
hiding behind a badge, yeah.

Come on, hit me, hit me.

Hit me.

You're scared, aren't you?
You're nothing but a chickenshit.

- And she's a little bitch.
- Where is my sister, Tony?

I don't know nothing about your sister.

Tell me where her sister is.
I'll kill you.

- Fuck off, cop.
- You maggot.

Hey, che cazzo?
What the fuck is going on here?

Hey, what the fuck? What is this here?

Hey, you punk.

Get the fuck- - ? Where's the- - ?

Jeez. Hey, hey, stop it!

No, Rico, no!

No, no!

- No! Rico, hold it!
- Go ahead.

You fire on me, all hell
is gonna break loose. Now, freeze!

- Drop the gun!
- Rico, no, don't!

Put it away, Rico. Put 'em away.

Hey, you got no reason to arrest anybody.
You got a warrant?

You don't have a goddamn warrant,
you got no reason!

Anything we're doing here is not illegal.

And you can't touch Tony here either.
He's out on bail.

The court will decide
if he's innocent or guilty.

Hey, Vince, we checked all the rooms,
she's not inside.

- Who the fuck are you?
- Police officers.

Che cazzo? What are you cops,
born to aggravate people?

What the fuck are you doing in my house?

You're Victor Nardi's brother.

So what?
What's Victor got to do with this?

He's involved in kidnapping
a 16- year- old girl

to be used in teen pornography.

I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about.

There's no kidnapped girls here.

Get the fuck off my property.
Get the fuck out!

Let's go.

I gotta call Victor and let him know.
Come on.

- Is Tony still there?
- You want to speak to him?

Tell him to get a hold of Carl
and have him call me here.

You should dump that girl
as soon as you wrap the film, Victor.

The girl is doing fine.

You gotta do something
about that cop and her sister.

I'll take care of it.
I'm not going to let some two- bit cop

and his girlfriend
jeopardize our business.

- Have Carl call me.
- Right.

You know, if the commissioner
finds out about this,

you all are gonna be suspended.

Now look at you, Jesus Christ!

You just can't go taking the law
into your own hands,

doing whatever the fuck you wanna do
without getting a search warrant, damn it!

We had probable cause.
The guy's Victor's brother.

We thought we might see Debbie.
We had to take the chance.

You're damn lucky Tony showed up, or
you wouldn't have had a leg to stand on.

- Who the hell bailed him out?
- A mystery man!

I bet the mystery man's name
is Victor Nardi.

Well, who in the hell do you think
would put up $500,000 cold cash

to bail a scumbag like that
out of jail, anyway?

A scumbag like that
would talk under pressure.

That's why they bailed him out.

Yeah, well, how do you like
this bullshit, Vince?

He's charging police brutality.

- Oh, no.
- That's right.

I'll nail the son of a bitch.

Hey, wait a minute.
Listen, you better lay off that girl.

Another incident like this,
you're gonna lose your badge!

I've gotta find her sister.

I've gotta catch those bastards before
they get to Bonnie and try to kill her!

McCarthy, you get your ass back in here!


- I'm sorry. I woke you up.
- No. It's okay.

You want some milk?

Yeah, mm.

I was dreaming I was a little kid again
back in Boston playing soccer.


I'm really worried about my sister.

If I only knew where she was
and what's happened to her.

I'm scared.

Everything's gonna be all right.

I really like you, Vince.

You care about me and my sister.

I don't know what I would have done
without you.

I like you, too.

I know what you're going through.
I'll do everything I can. I promise.

- Look, I gotta go. Ahem.
- Oh.

I'll be at the station if you need me.

Fuzz, you take care of our guest, okay?

By the way,

be sure and keep the door locked
and bolted.

Don't leave the house
without calling me, all right?


- Promise?
- Yeah, I promise.


You Peeping Tom.

What is it?

You already had your breakfast.

What do you want, huh?

Huh? You little thing, you...

Wanna go out on the patio?

You want to go out on the porch?

Need some fresh air?

Come on. Let's go out on the balcony.

Come on, let's go. Come on.

Oh, you're such a good boy, Fuzz.
Let's go out on the patio.

There's some bananas out there
and there's a nice swing.

You have a nice swing! Look at that!

A nice swing.

Who is it?

Who's there?

You've reached 911.
All operators are busy at this time.

- Please stay on the line.

Please help me. There's a man after me.
He came through the back door.

Please help me.

Oh, please help me. That's him.

That's him!

- Wow, she's freaked out.
- That's horrible.

Yeah, collect from Carl...

Yeah, Bonnie.

Vince, he's back.
The guy who kidnapped Debbie.

He came to the house,
he tried to get in. I ran out.

- Where are you?
- I'm in a phone booth.

Take down this number,
I think he made a collect call from here.

It's 555- 8435.

- Maybe you can trace it.
- I got it.

Just stay where you are
and I'll be right there.

He took off on his motorcycle, I saw him.
I'm gonna go back to the house and wait.

I'll call you
as soon as we trace the call.

I'll get the guys to patrol the area.

- Okay.
- Bye.

Help! Help! Help me, help me, help me!

- There's a man inside!
- What's happening?

- What's going on?
- He's trying to kill me!

- Is he still in there?
- Call the police.

All right. Just calm down.
I'm going to the cops.

- You wanna come with me?
- Oh.

All right. We'll go together.

Bonnie, calm down, we're after him.

Have you traced
the phone call yet?

They're still working on it.
I'll call as soon as I find out.

Okay. Thanks.

Yeah. No, I need it.
Just get it done.

- Not yet, Lieutenant.
- I haven't got time. Get it done.

- Lieutenant?
- Yeah.

We checked the number again.
The telephone company and the computer.

The 214 Creek Road
in Topanga Canyon is our best shot.

- It's the only shot.
- Marsha Morgan made several calls

to the number at that house
before she was murdered.

It's also the same number
the suspect charged collect calls to

from the phone booth this morning.
Let's get a search warrant.

A warrant- - do you know- -
whose house is it?

The owner is deceased. It belongs
to the estate of a Virginia Bianco.

I'm waiting for a call to find out
who the executor of the estate is.

Come on, Lieutenant,
let's give it a shot and get the warrant.

All right, but this better not be
a wild goose chase

or we're gonna look like a bunch of fools.
I'll see if the judge will buy it.

- Hello?
- Just checking to see how you're doing.

Did they catch him?

Hey, he got away.

Have you traced the phone call yet?

- Looks like we're getting closer.
- What do you mean?

Hey, Vince, Victor Nardi Investments
is the executor of that estate.

- It's 214 Canyon Road, Topanga Canyon.
- Bingo.

- Bonnie. Bonnie?
- I'm going there.

Don't be crazy.
We're waiting on the warrant.

We don't know if Debbie's there or not.

I don't care anymore.
I'm not waiting, she's my sister.

Bonnie. Bonnie?

Oh, Christ, she's crazy.
We gotta get there and stop her.

We gotta get that warrant
I'm going without it.

You're not going anywhere
without a warrant!

Fuck the warrant.

McCarthy, you walk out that door,
you're gonna lose your badge!

Let's go.


All right. All right, everybody now, look,

I wanna get one more rehearsal.

All right? Okay. Great.

Roll playback.


That's good. That's good.

All right, little water there.
Little water for you, too.

Pose 'em again. Right.

Yeah. Attagirl, attagirl.

- What do you need?
- Victor wants to see us.

For what?

You stand right there.

All of you stand
right on those same spots...

Let's bring the scrim in.
Bring the light down in here.

Too damn bright.

Come on, let's go. Good.

Fine, that's it. That's it.
Hold it right there.

There's something so special
about this girl.

Victor, you've got to dump this girl.

- Frank.
- I'm telling you,

this is gonna be a big mess.

Listen to me.

Victor, there were cops all over my house.
They're sniffing around everywhere.

Frank, Carl will take care of it,
tonight after filming.

You've got nothing to worry about.
It's too bad.

I was really starting to like her,
know what I mean?

- Too bad.
- Yeah, yeah. You know my weaknesses.

Come on in here.

She'll be ready in a few minutes.

Tell that asshole director
to start rehearsals without her.

I gotta take some promo pictures
before we make the love scene anyway.

Uh, I don't want any more of that stuff.

Uh, I don't- - I don't
want any more of that stuff, okay?

Carl- - Carl's gonna give me some more
before I shoot.

I'm telling you, Frank,
she's gorgeous.

Why don't you marry her?

Wait till you see her
with makeup on.

- So fresh, innocent.
- No, listen. I'm serious.

If she's your wife, then she might not
testify against you in court.

Give me a break, Frank,
will you?

Bottom line, Victor- -

how much money
are you gonna make off her?

her "career" is to be cut short.

Come on, come on. She's ready.

How do you feel, darling?

I feel good.

Frank, isn't she gorgeous?
I told you she's gorgeous.

I feel good.

They're ready downstairs.

Give her a good whack. But I want her
to able to walk. Just a little sip.

- I- - I don't want any more.
- This won't hurt. You'll love it.

I don't want any more.

- Real nice.
- I feel good.

- Yeah.
- I don't want any more.

That's good.

I- - no, I feel good, Carl.

Please? Please, Carl,
I don't want any more.

Okay, let's get her downstairs.

- Got it.
- Hey, Mr. Nardi, how are you?


All right sweetheart, right this way.

Move back a little bit,
give her some room here.

Stand right over here.

The important thing, honey,
is to make it look real.

Camera's gonna be right over there.

It'll come across
real nice on us today.

So I want the shot to look terrific.

Make it look like in a mirror.
Stand right there, right the same spot

so it's gonna look beautiful.

All right. Just stand right in that spot.


See this nice smoke floating around you?

All right, everybody get ready here.
All right?

I wanna give it one more rehearsal
and it's magic time, all right?

Okay, we'll be great.

Good, looking good. Good.

How come it's taking so long?

Mr. Nardi, it's only gonna be
a few more minutes.

Director's got everything going,
it's gonna be perfect.

Stand over here,
I'll take a picture of you.

Come on, Frankie, get in there.
Stand right over there.

As soon as I say, "roll it,"

I wanna see the nice colored smoke
all over the pool, people.

In this area, all right?

Now stand by, everybody.

Roll playback.


Debbie, run over here!

Debbie, come on, quick, run!

- Come on, Debbie, run!
- Kill 'em!

Debbie, come on, quick, run!

Debbie, run, quick!

Debbie, run over here.
Come on, let's get outta here.

Come here.

You'll be all right. Okay.

All right, everybody, this is the police.

Drop your weapons and come out
with your hands on your heads.

You're surrounded.

Get the girls!

This is the police. Drop your weapons

and come out with your hands
on your heads.

Kill 'em!

Come on!

Frank, let's go!

All right, everybody,
this is your last warning!

Let's go! Move it!


Bonnie, stay there!

Hold it! Drop it, put it down.

Are you all right?

I killed him.

Okay, give me the gun.

You're safe now.

All right.

Okay, punk. Put it down
or you're gonna die, put it- -

- Hold it, buddy!
- Hey, Vince!

Hold it! Drop it!

- Hold it right there!
- Drop it. Drop it.

Easy, easy.

How could you do this to these girls,
you creep?

- If I don't, somebody else will.
- You scarred them for life.

She loved it. Don't kid yourself.

You lying pervert, let's go.

I'll be out before you know it.