Kid Cop (1996) - full transcript

Determined to follow in the footsteps of his late father, eleven-year-old Peter is obsessed with becoming a policeman and he's not willing to allow the fact that he's just a little boy to stand in his way. His usual cases involve petty crimes but things go awry when he and his fellow child partner, Lisa, find themselves on the trail of two thieves after the mayor's office is robbed. With his mother and the town chief determined to put an end to his crime fighting, can he find the robbers before they make off with the loot?

[music playing]

[police dispatch chatter]

Want to stop off for some ice cream before we go home?

-Uh-huh -Okay.

What-- My purse! Stop him!

[siren blares]

This is Frank, pursuing suspect, Huntington Pike.

Send backup. Over.

[man on radio] Hold on, you guys.

[police dispatch chatter]

Stop! Police!



Good job.

Thanks. Can I read him his rights?

No, I think I’ll take care of that, thank you.


[bulb shatters]

Hmm? Hmm.


Oh, no.

[can clatters]

[whistling a tune]

[siren blaring]




[siren blaring]

[tires skid]





[kids yelling]

[Peter] This is my hometown,

quiet, friendly.

I do my part to keep it safe,

but you never know what may happen.

Hey, Carl.


Can I have a Slide-Up, please?

There you go.

Uh, that’s a Chocolate Blast.

I asked for a Slide-Up.

You know, you slide the ice cream up on a stick.

Stan, what’s he talking about?

I don’t know. What does it sound like?

Something to slide up on a stick.

-Oh. -We must be out of those.

Yeah. We must be out of those.

Aw, man. They’re the best kind.

Come on, Stan. Those are the best kind.

Don’t you know how to order?

How do I know? It’s ice cream.

Kid, ice cream is ice cream.

All right, you want ice cream?

You want a stick? Here.

[woman laughs]

Watch your temper.

He’s just in a bad mood.

What’s your name, young man?

Peter, ma’am.

Oh, you are so polite.

Listen, can I get you something else, maybe?

I’ll just take the Chocolate Blast, please.

Okay. Here you go.


Thank you.

You know, we’ve had this ice-cream truck so long

that I think he’s starting to lose it.


I gotta get home.

Don’t forget. Slide-Ups.

Yeah, yeah, Slide-Ups.

See you, Peter.

-[Peter] Bye. -Bye.


Oh, hi, Peter.

Hi, Mrs. Jacobs.

I heard about how brave you were earlier today.

-All in a day’s work. -[chuckles]

Well, just you be careful.

I don’t want to see you get hurt.

Yes, ma’am. Just keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

My mom wanted me to give these to you.

Oh. Oh.

Looks important.

It is.

I’m thinking of selling my coins to a collector

when I get back from my trip.

Your gold coins?


Well, they’re just sitting around.

If someone else can appreciate them, why not?

Oh, but they’re so cool.

Well, I have no use for them, really.

They belonged to Mr. Jacobs,

and since he’s passed on...

I wish I could buy them.

I’d put ’em to good use.

Well, I don’t think your allowance would cover it.

Now listen. It’s getting close to dinnertime.

You better run along.

You’re right. Bye, Mrs. Jacobs.

Bye-bye, Peter.

Hi, sweetie.

How was your day?

Great. Frank says hi.

Oh, Peter, were you down at the police station again?

Yeah. We caught a mugger.

What do you mean, "we"?

Frank and me. We nabbed him.

Well, "Frank and me"?

We’re gonna have a little talk about this.

[man on radio] Anybody know where Frank is?

[man #2] He’s on Bridal Lane checking out a 459. Over.

Copy. I’m bringing it in.

-Time to call it a night. Over. -Roger.

[woman] Frank, possible 459 at 173 Main Street.

Can you respond? Over.

[radio crackles]

[Frank] Yeah, this is, uh, Frank.

Seems to be another popular night for alarms.

Still at the Bridal Lane address,

and I’ll go on over to Main in a little while. Over.


[Peter] The back door was open,

and Frank wasn’t here yet.

I figured I’d better have a look inside

and check things out.

[register dings]

[floor creaks]

-[clatter] -[robber grunts]




What are you doing here?

I heard the alarm went off,

and you were still on Bridal Lane.

Oh, you thought you’d come and do some investigating?

Frank, it wasn’t like that, honest.

Do you have any idea how dangerous

the situation could have been here?


What is the meaning of this?

Mayor Cosgrove.

Yeah, well, Charlie called me about the alarm.

They got into the cash register.

-Peter. -My cash register?

[sighs] Oh, no.

Ah, it’s only about 40 bucks.

What’s the kid doing here?

He’s a curiosity seeker, sir. I’ll take him home.

All right. Well, since it’s no big deal,

let’s not blow this whole thing out of proportion.

We don’t want the constitu--

the, uh, residents to get alarmed, eh?

Yeah, well, say, Frank,

how’s this budget thing going, huh?

Uh, fine.

Good, good. Well, you know, I’d hate to see your father

have to go just because we can’t find the cuts to make in your department.

Ooh, that reminds me. What about this quote

I asked you for for the new squad car?

Back at the police station, Your Honor.

I-I’ll pick ’em up, bring ’em by here

after I’ve taken him home.

Good, good. Okay. Well, uh, good.

You, come on.

Hey, Frank, did he mean Charlie?

Ah, he didn’t get my Bettie Page collection.


Oh, thank you. That’s very nice.

I’m in there risking my neck,

and you call me a klutz?

I practically cut my foot off.

So did you get it?

Yeah, I got it.

[laughs] Good work.

Everything is falling into place, Stan.

You know, I’m hungry.

Are you hungry?


[telephone ringing]

Soon as I finish up this paperwork,

we’ll be heading home.

Hey, Frank, does Charlie know yet?

[dog barking]

Oh. Forgot the file.

[vehicle passes]


[sighs] Charlie.

What have I always told you about being a good cop?

Always be prepared for anything.

-And? -Kick ’em in the shins.

Well, you got it, kiddo.

Hey, why so down?

Aw, Frank’s all mad at me.

Kinda ruined a bust.

Kinda? Now, Peter, you know better

than to get yourself involved in the big stuff.

Now you stick to your neighborhood watch, okay?

I was just doing what Dad would have done.

Hey, Charlie, did you always want to be a cop?

What are you, kiddo, 11?

Let’s see. When I was 11, what did I want?

Oh, yeah. Wanted to be a baseball player.

I used to dream I was Babe Ruth.


Yeah, but just as well.

I mean, who needs the weight problem?

Besides, look at me now.

Now I get all the really rough assignments,

like getting a coffee for him.

Come on, kiddo. Let’s go.

Hi, Mom.



Frank, is he in some kind of trouble?

Only with you.

Cosgrove’s store was broken into--

Peter broke into the Mayor’s store?

No. He was just somewhere he shouldn’t have been. That’s all.

Frank, what happened?

The alarm went off. He went in.

It’s nothing to worry about.

Somebody grabbed a measly 40 bucks

out of the cash register and ran.

Well, next time, it might not be such a small thing.

[sighs] You know, I remember when he used to play ball

and idolize Cal Ripken Jr.

Now it’s cop shows and Angela Lansbury.

[laughs] He’ll be fine.

Thank you for bringing him home.


[woman] Mike, can you respond to an accident

-on the corner of... -That’s it, Peter.

No TV tonight.

But NYPD Blue is coming on--

Especially that.

Peter, what is going on here?

I mean, this is getting to be just too much.

Break-ins, muggers--

-Mom-- -We’ve discussed this.

I just want to do something important,

like Dad. He loved what he did.


Sweetie, but he loved you even more,

and he would not want to see you get hurt.

You know me better than that, Mom.

I hope so.

Now get ready for bed...


[Peter] My dad. When he was alive,

Mom and I cut out everything ever written about him.

I was sure my scrapbook wouldn’t be big enough,

[telephone ringing]

Ah, you’re back.

Got coffee and doughnuts.

Try not to get too excited.

It’s not good for the ticker.

Jelly or glazed?

Ah, jelly’s fine.

Careful. Jelly stains.

Decaf or regular?

What are you-- The regular.

Black or cream?

Black, of course.

-Sugar? -No!

There you go.

Had a problem with the kid tonight?

Ah, yeah.

Was, uh, Sarah very upset?

She was pretty upset.

Well, lucky she has you.

What do you mean?


N-Nothing. She doesn’t have me.

I’m helping her out with a little problem.


Yeah, a little pr--

There’s nothing between us.

Nothing at all.

I don’t know what you’re inferring here,

but Paul was her husband, and he was my partner,

and this man stood for me to the very last.

This is the least that I can do.

Ah, the very least.

That’s right.

Besides, when Sarah’s ready,

she’ll come around.


[announcer] The time is 7:20.

And now the weather, sponsored by the Leesbrook Luncheonette.

Why don’t you stop in today for their luscious...

Aw, man, it’s early.

Well, it’s gonna be sunny and hot, hot, hot today.

Temperatures in the upper 80s.

Low’s tonight, oh, around 75.

Currently 79 at the Leesbrook Community Center.

-Badge. -Back in the news,

there seems to be an epidemic of cats stuck in trees.

[radio continues, indistinct]

Well, we could give this to charity

and take the deduction of it--

Hi, Mayor Cosgrove.

Peter, you’re back.

I dropped something here last night.

Mind if I look around?

Search for yourself.


Well, I didn’t see anything back there before

when I was cleaning up a broken vase.

Thank goodness for cheap imitations.


Large piece of glass with blood on it.

Robber must have cut himself.

Wonder if there’s more.

How you doing back there?


Drop of blood.

And another.

They stopped.

The blood drops stop.


"Downey’s Garage."

[bird squawks]

No! Don’t!

Oh, Beverly, please. I’ve asked you so many times,

don’t shout at me in the morning.

I’m sorry, but don’t drink that!

I-I can’t function without my coffee.

You won’t be functioning at all if you drink that.

That’s the plaster for the key mold.

Give me that.

Yeah, I should have let you drink it.

Maybe it would have shut your mouth for good.

"Thank you."

-[boys laughing] -[girl] Give it back!

Billy, throw it here!

-Ah, yes. -Give my book back!

-Catch. -[laughs]

-Can’t get it. -Give it back!

[Peter] Tom, Billy, leave her alone.

-Oh, "detective." -Thank you.

Are you okay?

Is this what they mean by small-town charm?

-[boy] Yeah. -Bullies!

Ah, come on.

Thanks. It’s nice to see

there’s some gentlemen in this one-horse town.


Never mind.

I’m Lisa.


Is everyone here a one-syllable dolt

like those Neanderthals back there?

You talk awful fast.

People say I’m wise beyond my years.

It’s from moving around too much.

My dad gets transferred a lot.

I’m used to this, new town, new people,

being treated like an outsider.

It’s okay, though.

Builds character.



You still haven’t told me your name yet.

Oh. Peter.

Well, O’Peter, it was nice to meet you.

You want to get a soda or something?

You mean like a date?

Really, O’Peter, get over yourself.

You’re kinda cute, but I just want to be friends.

I got things to do.


Hey, Baretta, what you investigating today?

Robbery, Main Street.

So when you coming back to play ball?

[telephone ringing]

Hey, Charlie.

Hey, kiddo.

What’s going on?

Nothing. It is quieter than a monk’s convention in here.

Anything on the B & E last night?

Peter, leave it alone.

Well, Jim dusted for prints. Nothing.

And they found some blood spots,

but it didn’t lead anywhere.

It’s small potatoes, anyway,

just a few bucks missing.

No crime’s too small.

You tell that to the guys who make the budget.

Yeesh. I hate these things.

Press the F1 key.

[computer beeps]

And they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

-What are these? -Doughnuts.

I think they call it downsizing.

I am a cop. What do I know about budgets?

Hey, Charlie,

could you do me a favor?

Is this gonna get me in trouble with your mother?

Nah. It’s my, uh, science project

for when school starts up.

School. Sounds vaguely familiar.

Come on, Charlie. Quit kidding.

I’ve got this blood sample.

It’s mine.

Anyway, it’s on this slide.

Can you run this up to the boys in the lab, get a blood type?

"The boys in the lab"?

What, have you been watching Homicide again?

Come on, Charlie. Please?

[sighs] All right, I’ll do it, but that’s all.

And if you think I can get you DNA, RFLP, WXYZ,

you’ve been watching Court TV too much.

Thanks, Charlie. You’re the best.

Yes, I am.


Watch where you’re going, kid!

[Peter] I really wanted to check out Downey some more,

but I knew Mom would kill me if I was late for dinner.

[woman] Mike, I have a car blocking the driveway at the back.

[Mike] Uh, roger that.

Hi, sweetie. I’m sorry I’m late.

Why isn’t the table set?


Ohh, Peter.

I ask you one little thing.

Why don’t you forget things

like Law & Order being on tonight?

’Cause it’s my favorite.

Of course.


So I brought you something.

I know your birthday’s not for a couple weeks.

You got me a new scanner.


I know the summer leagues are signing up next week,

and I thought maybe you’d want to sign up for them.

Thanks, Mom.

[sighs] Yes, Mr. Mayor.

I-I know the zoning budgets are due tomorrow.

Uh-huh. Yes, I’m working on them right now.

-[doorbell rings] -[gasps]

Uh-huh. Uh, Mr. Mayor, that’s my door.

Yeah. Uh-huh. Okay.

All right. Yes, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

Peter’s. He left it.

Of course.

Come on in.

I’m just getting ready for dinner.

Well, I can’t really stay or anything.

I gotta get back to the station. I’m doing budgets and stuff.

-Oh, tell me about it. -What’s that?


Budget marinara, my favorite.

Uh, would you like some soda?

Ooh, ye--

Uh, no. Thanks, anyway.

Yeah, it sure smells great in here, though.

You always were a great cook.

Paul used to say...

Stupid, stupid. I’m sorry.

No, no, no. Don’t be sorry.

I know you mean well.


You know if there was anything that I could do

to change that night, I would.

I mean, when he insisted on changing shifts,

-I should have-- -Yes, yes, I know,

and then a drunk driver wouldn’t have hit him.

I know. We’ve been through this. Please.

You gotta remember he loved what he did.

He couldn’t have done-- He wouldn’t have done anything else.


And I’m the one who’s left alone

trying to raise a kid who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps,

but who doesn’t realize what it’s doing to me.

Frank, you have got to stop encouraging Peter with all this cop stuff.

Oh, I’m-- I’m trying.

It’s just he’s so much like Paul.



And, um...

Listen, Sarah...

you ever need anything,

you know you can count on me.

Okay, read what we’ve got back.

[whispering] Evidence:

Bloody piece of mirror--

Not that voice.

Forty dollars stolen, Blood trail.

To do: Tomorrow morning,

question Mr. Downey.

Right, Downey.

Hey! Hey!

-[kid] Downey! -Hey, get out of there,

-you little rug rats! -Get out of here!

-Go on! Move! -Downey! Hurry!

[stereo playing rock music]

What do you want?

-I, uh-- -"I, uh--"

You guys are all the same.

You keep bugging me, you kids.

What happened to your hand?

I cut it yesterday

because of the Man.

What man?

The Man, the system,

-Cosgrove and his cronies. -The Mayor?

Yeah. He’s been trying to run me out of town for years.

They keep accusing me of code violations.

I keep fixing the stuff,

but they keep finding more.

Get out of here. I got work to do.

Charlie, I’ve got it.

Yeah, me, too.

I haven’t been able to sit all morning.

-Huh? -Never mind.

What have you got?

-I know who did it. -Did what?

Robbed the Mayor’s store.

Do you have the blood test results?

Now wait a second.

I thought that blood test was for school.

Would you have done it if I told you what it was really for?

Mm, good point.

You’re gonna make a great cop,

but an even better politician.

Hey, Frank, I know who robbed the Mayor’s store, Downey.

Listen. I thought we agreed

you were gonna let us do the investigating.

Charlie, you got the report on mall vandalism?

But, Frank...

No buts about it. You can’t go around

accusing people of things without proof.

But I have proof. Bet you the blood test matches Downey’s.

What’s he talking about?

Well, he came to me. You were busy with those darn budgets.

And I’ll bet you it matches the blood

I scraped off the broken glass from the Mayor’s store.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute.

You telling me that you removed evidence from a crime scene?

Peter, you know better than that.

Frank, just listen.

There’s blood, his hand’s cut,

and the drops lead to his garage.

Besides, Downey hates the Mayor.

Frank, don’t you think you should at least look into it?

Yeah, well, but I’ll look into it.

-Guy’s got a record. -See?

Ah, granted it was in the sixties.

Hey, it was chic back then.

Don’t you think this lets you off the hook.

Hey, it’s me, Charlie...

And I want you to go right home.

I don’t want you to be late for dinner,

’cause I don’t want to have to explain

to your mom what you been up to.

Please don’t.

Channel 9 has a Dragnet marathon on tomorrow.

Get out of here.

-[Charlie] Thank you. -[hangs up receiver]

Run down his blood by Doc Wentworth.

If there’s any sort of match, I’ll question him.

I already did.

What are you guys looking at, huh?

[Frank] Thanks, Jim.

His alibi checks out.

He was playing harmonica at the Moose Lodge.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Good day to you.

Once again, the Man’s coming down on the little peoples.

And get off my property, Sparky.

Pipe-smoking, beard-wearing, no-good Communist punk.

Hey, Charlie.

Why, if it isn’t Sherlock Holmes.

What happened with Mr. Downey?

Uh, Peter, come on in here.

Downey didn’t do it.

But I thought...

He’s got an alibi.

Listen, kiddo, I been thinking about our arrangement,

and, you know, it’s okay with me

if you ride around in the squad car with us sometimes,

but I really think the time has come

for you to leave the police work to us.

But, Frank...

Ah, no buts.

I’m really counting on you on this one, okay?

Uh, Frank,

Mayor on line one.

I suddenly have the urge to go to the bathroom.


Hello, Mr. Mayor.

Frank, about your budget proposal,

town council shot it down.

Someone has to go, and...

So, what, the oldest goes first? I-- This doe--

Is there anything that I can do?

Well, you could plead his case

before the town council tomorrow evening,

but it’s your last shot.

Uh, thank you, Mayor Cosgrove.

[whispering] Go ahead.

Be careful this time, Stan.

What do you mean, be careful?

I’m always careful. You wanna do this?

Well, I could probably do it better.

No, remember the old lady that I punched out in Churchville?

Oh, that was different.

Oh, how hard is it to break something open

without cutting yourself? Come on.

I told you. I didn’t cut myself breaking in.

I cut myself falling over glass inside.


So what are we waiting for?

Come on. Break it.

Ow! [groans]

Did you cut yourself again?

No. I banged my funny bone.



Do not duplicate, huh?

Watch this.


Jeez. That all they keep in these things?

It’ll all be worth the trouble when we make the big score, baby.

Oh, I just love it when you talk like that. It’s so forceful.

Remember that couple in Lansdale,

-the ones you tied up? -Oh, yeah.

They were quaking in their boots.

Yeah. Oh, you were good.


Once we pull off this job,

they’re gonna have to erect a statue of me.

There it is.

-Oh. -The key to the city.

Oh, it is beauty-ful.

[Frank] out. I mean, can’t you send somebody else?

Jim’s still inside taking down his statement.

[woman] Did they get much?

Ah, just 40 bucks from the cash register.

How’s the kook? Oops. I mean Downey.

[laughs] He’s fine. He’s fine.

Takes a lot to shake that guy up.

Downey’s place was robbed.

[Lisa] So where’s the fire?

There’s been two robberies.

Ooh. Hot time in the old town.

Actually, I’m in the middle of the investigation.

Who are you, Columbo Jr.?

Heh. Very funny.

The cops don’t seem to care too much,

’cause the robberies were so small,

but I know something’s up.

Cool! Some excitement.

I’m on the case with you, Starsky.

No, you’re not. I work alone.

Aw, come on. Two heads are better than one.

Besides, what do you know about detective work?

My dad was a cop.


He died about a year ago.

Wow, that’s tough.

We did everything together.

He used to tell me, "You see something wrong, you gotta make it right."

I think you need a partner.

Come on. Cagney had Lacey.

Nick had Nora Charles.

Batman had Robin.

Wait. Check that last one.

I’m not into green tights.

Okay, I’ll tell you what. You can come along,

and if I need your help, I’ll ask.

If not, stay out of it.


[stereo playing rock music]

See those old clunkers over there?


Downey hates it when kids play in ’em.

Go play in ’em.

What?! I’m a decoy?


[tool whirs]

Hey, what are you doing here?

-Who, me? -Yeah, you.

I told you kids not to come around here.

Well, I’m new in town.

Know where a girl can get a good manicure?

Aw, jeez.

[Peter] Good thing for Lisa,

she had a vocabulary that could confuse a guy for a month.

All I needed was a little time.

[Lisa] Sorry.


Ooh. What kind of car is that?

My brother’s in the market.

I don’t have time for games, kid.

Look, I got work to do, okay,

and I don’t need you to get hurt.

But wait! Mr. Downey...

uh, don’t go in yet!

Hey, wait a minute! I, um--

Are you still here?

[tool clatters]


What are you doing in here?

[Lisa] Yeah, what are you doing in here?

These neighborhood kids. I see what you mean.

They don’t ever leave you alone, do they?


Well? What do you have to say for yourself?

I was, um...

looking to have a key made for my mom.

She wanted to know how much it would cost.

79 cents.

If that darn thing still works.

You mean the machine’s broken?

I don’t know.

I haven’t used it in a year.

Oh. Okay, I’ll tell my mom.

Yeah, you do that.

You kids get out of here.

I got work to do.

Thank you, Mr. Downey.

I’ll come by every now and then just to say hello.

[chuckles] Yeah.


What was all that about?

What was all what about?

All that about "all these neighborhood kids"?

"I’ll stop by every once in a while"? What was that?

[sighs] That was called good detective work.


Number one, if your partner gets caught,

don’t let on that we know each other.

Number two, all that about neighborhood kids and all

was to give you time to come up with a decent excuse for being in there.

Well, what’d you find?

Nothing for sure, anyway.

[sighs] Well, I don’t trust that guy.

He gives me the creeps.

Lisa, why don’t you go to the park?

I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.

Sure. See you there.

[clears throat]

Um, Mr. Downey.

I was wondering if I could talk to you.

You kids are worse than the rats in this place,

never leaving me alone.

Well, I need to tell you something.

What, already?

Remember that time Frank questioned you about the robbery?

What about it?

I kind of told him that I thought you did it.

You snitch.

Please don’t be mad.

It’s just that when I saw your hand and the blood

and the blood trail from the collectibles store

and all the things you said about the Mayor...

I’m sorry I caused you trouble.

Takes a lot of guts to admit that you’re wrong.

Apology accepted, kid.

I promise to make it up to you.

-Hey, Lisa. -Hi.

-Want to get some ice cream? -Sure.

All this detective work has got my appetite going.

I’m gonna get a Slide-Up. What do you want?

Is this on you?


Make it two.


[truck playing soft music]

Hi. Can I have two Slide-Ups, please?


The Slide-Up kid is back.

Slide-Ups? We don’t have any Slide-Ups, kid.

Ice cream is ice cream. What do you want?

How long you guys had this truck?

-Seven years. -Five years.

Uh, what Stan means is that we’ve had the truck for seven years,

but we’ve been using it for five.

I don’t remember seeing you before this year.

Where are you guys from?

-Moreland. -Southampton.

Uh, what Stan means is that we are originally from Southampton...

-Yeah. -but we’ve been living in Moreland...

-Yeah. -for about a year.


-But you told me Moreland. -Why Moreland?

-We never said Moreland. What are you talking... -Shh!

Get what you want, but stall ’em.

I’m gonna have a look around.

Got it.

[Beverly] If you told me Southampton,

where did I get Moreland, huh?

The same place you pull everything else...

Um, what shall I have?

What’s your biggest seller today?



"Biggest seller"? Who is she,

Price Waterhouse Jr.?

You know, this problem with not having Slide-Ups

could be solved with a computerized inventory program.

And this xanthan gum, what exactly is it?

[Stan] How should I know?

I’ve never bought xanthan at the five-and-ten.

Is it sweet?

[Beverly] So-- So now she’s a food inspector.

"Xanthan gum."



I guess... cinnamon family.

Uh, wait!

Look, look, kid, what is it already?

You want to know what kind of gas I put in the truck?

Well, now that you mention it...

Look, uh, we gotta go.

Uh, that’s okay.

Don’t want you to think I’m nosey or anything.

Come on.

Why do I always have to be the decoy?

’Cause you think fast and always have something to say.


When I want to go to Harvard,

I’ll use you as a reference.

"Marvin Richards."

I’ve seen that name before.

That’s not the way to Moreland.

Lisa, I’ll catch you later.

Yeah, I better get going, too.

Yes. It’s got Moreland in it.

Dworkin. Dworkin. Dworkin. Dworkin.

It’s not there.

[telephone ringing]

Hey, Charlie. What’s going on?

Hey, kiddo. Not a thing.

I been watching the mold grow in the refrigerator.

Mind if I hang a while?

Knock yourself out.

-Hey, Charlie. -Hmm?

If you knew something was gonna happen,

but you didn’t know what or when,

how would you go about it?

Call a psychic hot line.

Come on, Charlie.

Now, where’s Frank?

Ah, he’s out at the school

checking out vandalism.

He thinks it’s a couple of bullies

bored, with nothing to do.

Hey, what’d Dad and Frank do

if they had a hunch about something?

Get proof.

Uh, I can see you’re busy, Charlie,

so I’ll just check you later.

Yeah. See ya, kiddo.

I’m in.

Stan Dworkin.

Let’s try Beverly Dworkin.

[sighs] One more try.

Marvin Richards.

Let’s try the DMV.

Stan Dworkin.

All right, it’s 7:00,

two hours before it gets dark.

Now I figured out where to put the truck.

Right here.

Oh, yeah.

That way, it’ll be out of sight.

Yeah, good call, Stan.

Once we get into City Hall, it’s a piece of cake.

We’ll be in and out of there in two seconds.

Then all we gotta do is wait for Mrs. Rich Lady to leave town,

-and we’re home free. -Yeah.

We’ve got the Mayor’s store.

40 bucks stolen.

Then Downey’s.

$40 again.

But the key machine.

Why would someone break in to use the key machine?

We’re obviously dealing with someone very clever.

-Give me the key. -I don’t have the key.

What do you mean, you don’t have the key?

-I don’t have the key. -I just gave it to you to hold.

No, you didn’t. You didn’t give me the key.

Are you telling me you don’t have the key?

I don’t have the key. Did you look in your pockets?

I don’t have it!

Oh. Wait a minute.


I got it.

-This was in your shoe? -Yeah.

Hate to think what else you might have in there.

What does it have to do with the Mayor’s store?

And are Stan and Beverly involved?

Key machine.


That’s it.

The Mayor checked his keys when his store was robbed.

Could be a key to City Hall.

There’s nothing worth stealing in there.

[Stan] This is it.

Soon we’re gonna have it all.


I could settle for a place like this.

-Place like this? -Yeah.

What about our dream?

The motor home?

A motor home?

That is your idea of a-- of a dream?


We gotta think bigger.

Bigger? Why?

If we had a place like this,

we’d be doing nothing but cleaning all the time.

And a motor home? It would be plenty of cleaning

every time a tornado whipped through.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Am I to understand now

that a motor home is no longer good enough for you?

Only one way to find out.

Get proof.

Testing. One, two, testing.

[radio static]

[Jacobs] So I’ll be leaving

this afternoon until next Wednesday

visiting my daughter.

Of course, Mrs. Jacobs.

Oh, Charlie.

How many times have I told you to call me Edna?

You make me feel so old when you call me Mrs. Jacobs.

You? You’re just a kid.

[laughs] You are a sweetheart.

Now, about my house...

I’ll see to it personally.

Believe it or not, I’m not chained to my desk.

When I’m good, my son let’s me go all the way

across town to Moreland’s Bakery for doughnuts.

[laughs] Charlie, you’re too much.

That’s what all the women say.

-Charlie. -[chuckles]

Bye, Mrs. Jacobs.

Mom, I’m going out!

Peter, wait!

Hon, will you do me a huge favor?

Will you give Mrs. Jacobs these maps?

She needs them for her trip. Thanks.

-Hey, Mom... -Hmm?

do they keep anything valuable at City Hall?

No, except for the people who work there,

files, lots of files,

blueprints, deeds, things like that.

How come?

-Just curious. -Mm.

You are never just curious.

Bye, Mom!

And no police station!

Stop wiggling your leg.

Thank you.

Now, here’s where we are.

Here’s where the front door is.

Here is where I think the secret room

with the safe ought to be.

"Ought to be" or is? I mean, we gotta be sure.

Is! Is! Is!

Now, the lady told me that she’s leaving tonight--

You know, I love it when you act like Marvin Richards.

I mean, it just-- it just gives me goose bumps.

She’s leaving tonight,

and she won’t be back ’til Wednesday.

Are you sure?

Why are you doubting me?

I’m just double-checking.

What’s the matter with that?

Nothing, as long as you don’t contradict me.

I hate being contradicted.

Who’s contradicting? I’m just double-checking.

Long as it’s not double-checking via contradiction.

It’s double-checking via checking.

-Hi, guys! -[Beverly screams] You little--


Oh, it’s you.

Stan, i-it’s the Slide-Up kid.

-Yeah. -Hi.

What are you guys doing?

Shouldn’t you be at the park selling ice cream?

-We’re taking a break. -We’re restocking.

Uh, what Stan means is that we’re,

uh, taking a break from restocking.

Does this mean you have Slide-Ups?

Yeah. We just got a whole new shipload of ’em.

-Yeah, I’ll get you one. -Have one on the house.

I’ll take that.


What’s wrong?

It’s not a Slide-Up.

It’s a Blue Thunder.


Well, um, you know,

I think-- I think a Blue Thunder is much more cool.

Yeah. Look, kid, we’re sort of busy around here,

so could you make like an egg and beat it?

That’s okay.

You’ve been a great help.

Oh. Goodbye.

[Stan] That kid asks a lot of questions.

Should we be worried?

He’s just a kid.

That’s exactly what worries me.

I was just a kid once, too.

Feel like a darn Pied Piper.

Kids follow me around wherever I go.

Yeah, but you look so cute in your-- in your ice cream outfit.

Cute? We haven’t looked this ridiculous

since we posed as Bible salesmen

for that heist in Tuscaloosa.

[Beverly] Personally, I think that was a very enlightening experience.

Enlightening? Heh.

Give me a break, will you?

I mean it.

[Peter] I was sure those two were up to no good.

Unless I got the goods on ’em,

no one would believe me.

I can’t wait to ditch this stupid truck.

It won’t be long now.

-[static crackles] -[Stan chuckles]

You’re getting those goose bumps again.

Yeah, I know. I always do

when we’re getting ready to do a big job.

[multiple channels overlapping]

...robbing a bank.

They’re gonna rob the bank tonight.

[both laughing]


[vehicle approaching]

Frank, you’re not gonna believe this.

They’re gonna rob the bank.

[sighs] Now pull the O’Leary file, will you?

I thought we agreed that we weren’t

gonna keep doing this, Peter.

But I heard them with my own ears.

[sighs] Check priors. Who?

Stan and Beverly.

Who are Stan and Beverly?

They own the ice-cream truck.

No, Peter, no.

No, no, no. First you tell me it’s Mr. Downey.

Now you’re telling me it’s the ice cream man. Who’s next?

I hear the Queen of England’s got money troubles.

But, Frank, I heard them.

They’re gonna rob the bank tonight.

I tried to get proof, but...

You expect me to believe

a cockamamie story about ice cream thieves?

I saw them looking at these drawings.

They said, "Property of City Hall."

-Drawings? -Yeah.

Looked like a building, like maybe the bank.

I saw them looking at them in their truck.

I know they stole ’em from City Hall.

Eh, there were no reported break-ins at City Hall.

Because they had a key.

Okay, how’d they get a key?


Key shavings.

Stan and Beverly got a copy of the Mayor’s City Hall key

from his store and copied it at Mr. Downey’s.

They made a mold. Oldest trick in the book,

almost as old as my career.

Stan broke in to the Mayor’s store

to make a mold of the key.

I saw his sneaker, and there was blood on it.

They broke in to Downey’s to get a copy of the key

and got into City Hall to steal the plans. It’s all there.

Uh, as much as I hate to admit it,

I think you may be onto something,

but listen. This has got to stay between you and I.

I don’t want you saying anything to your mother.

She’s got enough to worry about right now.

Sure. Hey, Frank...

isn’t this just like you and Dad used to do?


Yeah, it’s just like we used to do.

Oh, I-- Town council meeting.

-I gotta make the proposal tonight. -I’ll go to the meeting.

-No, no, no. It’s gotta be me this time. stop the robbery.

No discussion, Frank.

You go and catch those guys, okay?

[stereo playing rock music]

[Edna clearing throat]

Well, Arnold?


Relax, mamacita.

Here’s your problem.

Radiator hose, it’s broken.

Well, that doesn’t smell--

sound too bad, does it?

Nah, not once I get the part,

probably tomorrow.


Uh, but I wanted to leave today.

Hey, relax. You can hang out with me.

We can listen to The Doors.

[laughing] Hang?

Well, reminisce about high school.

High school?

Well, that was a long time ago.

Well, I don’t remember too much between then and now.

I-I do remember you being pretty fine, though.

I mean, not that you’re not fine now. I mean...

[blows nose]


[woman] Yeah, Adam, we just got a report.

Those two kids just smashed some car windows on Main.

[man] Roger. I’ll check it out. Over.

Do you have an E.T.A. on that?

Uh, about ten min--

She’s still here.

I thought you said she was gonna be away, Stan.

Don’t blame me. Something must have happened.

Yeah, you’re losing it.

This is what I get to look forward to in my old age?

I hate to say it, babe, but you’re not that far from it already.

That’s a horrible thing to say.

So I have wrinkles?

You got ’em, too.

Yeah, but on me, they’re character lines.

Now you’re saying I don’t have character.

-Ah, Beverly-- -After all these years,

this is the truth. This is what you really think of me.

What I think is that you’re a noodge, a nag, and a thorn in my side.

Yeah, well, I’ll stick something else

in your side if you don’t watch out.

Will you listen to how we’re talking to each other?

We gotta keep our focus on the job at hand.

Yeah, you’re right, sweetheart.

What next?

We’ll check it out and come back tomorrow.

-[radio] Slow night tonight. -[slurping]

Not much going on over here either. When’s your shift over?

Looks like everything’s quiet at the bank tonight.

...a double, so I can take all the action.

[telephone rings]


Hi, Sarah. It’s Frank.

Hello, Frank.

Uh, listen, I was just calling to check on Peter.

Is he there with you?

Uh, yeah. He’s in his room.

Wh-Why? Do you need to talk to him?

No, no, not really. Just something might be coming down tonight.

I wanted to make sure he was safe at home.


Well, I appreciate you calling.

Bye, Sarah.


[Charlie] Frank, you there?

Hey, Charlie, how’d the meeting go?

The committee chairman said he’d rather have

a new squad car than an extra cop,

and I told him where he could put the squad car.

Dad, you didn’t.

Hey, don’t worry.

Retirement won’t be so bad.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play shuffleboard.

Over and out.

Over and out.


[chamber music playing]

Well, no, Mr. Richards.

My plans haven’t changed. I’m leaving this morning.

But I still want to meet with you next week.

Mrs. Jacobs, let me just tell you

it’s a pleasure doing business with you.

No, no, thank you.

-[squeals, laughs] -[laughing]

[telephone rings]


Oh, Arnold.

What? What do you mean my car’s still not ready?

Well, here I’m telling everyone I’m leaving.

Oh, my daughter’s gonna be so disappointed.


[telephone ringing]

Hey, Charlie.

Is Frank here?

Kiddo, I don’t think you wanna know.

Are Stan and Beverly being sent up the river?

No, but you might want to grab a paddle.

[Frank] Peter?

Peter, I’m sorry. I want you out of here now.

Frank, go easy.

Frank, what’s going on?

I’ll tell you what’s going on.

Nothing is going on.

There’s no bank robbery.

There’s no Stan. There’s no Beverly.

There’s no more meddling in police work for you.

I don’t understand.

You are not to set foot in this police station.

That’s no longer a request, Peter.

But, Frank--

There’s no buts about it.

You were wrong. You--

Why can’t you be like other kids

and just go play ball or something?

’Cause I don’t want to be like other kids.

I wanna be like my dad.

I know you miss your father.

I do, too.

I know how you feel.

You don’t know how I feel.

[Lisa] Hey, there you are.

I’ve-- Whoa, why so down?

Hi, Lisa.

Hey, what’s the matter with you?

Is this any way for a detective to be acting

on the verge of breaking a case wide open?

There’s no case.

I’m done.

Back up.

This is not the old Peter I know.

Come on. Who should I be a decoy for?

No one.

You are not giving up.

We are not giving up.

Look, I just cost Charlie his job.

Frank hates me, and he’s not letting me back at the station.

When my mom finds out, she’s gonna kill me.

Come on, Peter.

When you see there’s something wrong,

you’ve got to make it right.

You’re the one who told me that.

Or is that only when there’s no challenge?

[truck playing music]

What time is it?

Ten to 11:00.

Stan and Beverly take their break at 11:00 and come back at 2:00.

I’m gonna go home and get my bike and follow ’em.

Meet me back here at 2:00.

You get ’em, O’Peter.

Thanks, Lisa.

Okay, Crunchy.

Tonight’s the night.

We get in, locate the room,

take what we came for, and get out fast.

Did you get in touch with that contact?

Yeah. He’s gonna sell the coins for us, no problem.

Oh, honey, we’re gonna be rich, rich, rich.

Oh, we’ve never had it this easy.

This is gonna be like taking ice cream from a baby.

Yeah, and you would, too, wouldn’t you, Stan?

Absolutely. [laughs]

[Peter] Just as I had suspected,

they were on their way right out of town.

I knew I had to follow them

to whatever hole they crawled into.


[leaves crunch]

Looking for this?

I was wondering how it got there.




[camera whirs]

So did you check him for a wire?

Good idea.


Looky here.

A policeman’s badge?

Whose is this?

My dad’s.

Well, too bad for you

your dad ain’t around to help you out, huh?

Stan, come on. Don’t be mean.

It’s his dad.

Come here.

Come on.

This messes everything up.

Now there are gonna be people looking for him, cops all over the place.

Yeah, yeah. What do we do?

I know what to do. I think we just gotta pull off the job

and get out of town. I hate this place.

I don’t know what to do about the Slide-Up kid.

I told you we shouldn’t do anything that involves children,

but you wouldn’t listen to me. You never listen!

It’s Mrs. Jacobs’ house.

-[Beverly] Shh! -Don’t shush me.

I’ll shush you whenever I want.

Stan must be Marvin Richards.

They’re after the gold coins.

Of course not. Wait a minute.

You think I would put a gun to your head?

-He just said it. -It was a logical...

You know, a-a metaphor.

-A metaphor? -A metaphor.

[continues, indistinct]

[doorbell rings]



You must be O’Peter’s mom.

I’m Lisa, a friend of his.

Oh. Uh, yeah.

Uh, but if you’re looking for Peter,

I’m afraid he’s not here.

He’s not?

Is something wrong?

Don’t worry, kid. We’ll be back to get you.

Yeah. We’ll deal with you then.

Come on.

[telephone rings]


Frank, it’s Sarah.

I-I’m worried about Peter. I don’t know where he is.

When was the last time you saw him?

This morning.

His friend Lisa came by

and said something about an ice cream truck.

We’ll find him.


Honey, I know I said I’d be there today,

but my car still isn’t ready.

[sighs] Okay. I’ll extend my visit by one more day.


[police radio chatter]



Beverly, what are you--

Will you cut that out?

We’ve got work to do.

I’m telling you, Stan, this is the life.

I want to be queen of a castle.

Yeah, well, you’re gonna end up being a court jester

if we don’t finish up and get out of here.

Well, if you or Josh see him, please call.

Okay. Thanks, Cathy.

Hi, Trudy. It’s me.

Listen, uh, has Carl seen Peter around lately?

This is the stairway through right here.

This means we’re going that way.

Got it. Here.

[door closes]

All right, all right.

Told you so.

I know. I know.

What happened?

Never mind. Take this walkie-talkie.

What’s going on?

This is no time for chitchat.

Something big’s going down.

Josh, you find Frank, and tell him to come to Mrs. Jacobs’.

Carl, you go get Mr. Downey.

You, before the whole world knows, I need you to--

[whispers] Beverly.

[both scream]

Hey, Downey! Mr. Downey!

[grunts] By the way, lady,

you’re not gonna be getting a visit from any Marvin Richards either.

[muffled grunts]

Beverly, do you happen to remember

which wire goes in the middle, the red one or the yellow one?

Um, wires are wires. Jeez.

Why do you have to be so messy?

Why don’t you just ask her for the combination? Jeez.

Good idea.

Lady, tell me the combination,

or the next rope you feel is gonna be around your neck.


[Charlie] Frank, come in.

You got Frank. Come on.

Josh Randall just ran in here,

said Peter’s headed over to Edna Jacobs’ place.


You have no idea what I had to promise my brother for this.

I got the maple syrup.

They’re gonna be in the room up there I saw circled in the plans.

Why don’t you use that statue over there?

Hey, Peter...


your mom told me about your dad,

how he was killed in a chase.

You must miss him a lot.

More than anything.

He was the greatest.

I think you take after him.


Oh, my God. Oh, look at that.

Oh, Beverly, look at this.

We’ve hit the big time now.

-Stan. Stan. -What?

-[humming] -What’s that?


This is the police.

We got the place surrounded.

[gasps] We’re trapped.

You got five minutes, and we’re coming in.

Never was crazy about the Renaissance period.

We’ve got the lady up here!

One move out of you, and she buys the farm!

They’ve got Mrs. Jacobs in there.

Try it, and I’ll make Swiss cheese out of ya.

Oh, yeah?! You’ll never take us alive!

That’s it. I’m going in. Cover me.

Got it, partner.


-All right, we gotta think of something. -Yeah.

[sighs] I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

We can’t go out the front door,

but we gotta get to our truck.

Yeah, but how? We’re surrounded.

I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

Yeah, yeah. You know, if you wasted so much time

with that silly wire on that stupid bomb,

we could have been out of here by now.

-[Stan] Oh, I wasted time? -Yeah.

[Stan] What about you dressing yourself up like Cleopatra?!

Cleopatra? Yeah, I wish.

Her man gave her a kingdom.

My man wants to give me a trailer park.

Well, if it weren’t for your man,

-you wouldn’t even be here. -Exactly my point.

-What about you-- -Yeah, yeah.

You know, if you wasted--

-Shh. Listen. -[fuse fizzing]


[whispering] Is the east side secure?

-Yes, sir. -Oh, no.

So is the north side. Men, maintain positions.

[stapler clatters]


Oh, no. They’re inside. We gotta switch to plan B.

What’s plan B?

Don’t ask me. I didn’t know

we were gonna need a plan B.

[whispering] Everybody ready?

[multiple voices] Ready. Ready. Ready. Ready.

On the count of three, throw in the tear gas,

and then we’ll get ’em.

One, two, three.

[muffled squealing]

-Plan B. -Plan B.

Gonna get through this. Watch out.

Right with you, Stan.

[muffled gasping]

[can clatters]

Don’t worry about the smoke, Mrs. Jacobs.

It’ll be gone in a second.

It’s okay! Someone’s coming!

Hurry, Stan.



But, Stan, I think we can get out.


Wh-What’d she spray us with, ant poison?

Come on, Lisa. Let’s follow ’em.

Forget the bikes. Hop in the car.

Do you know how to drive this thing?

-No. Get down there. -Where?!

There, with your hand.

When I say, "Gas," give it the gas.

When I say, "Brake," hit it.

[car engine starts]


[both scream]

[telephone rings]

Hello. Charlie.

Frank thinks he’s at Mrs. Jacobs’ house?

What would he be doing there?

[siren blaring]

Can’t you go any faster?

This is an ice cream truck!

It ain’t designed for the Indianapolis 500!

Yeah, but they’re gaining on us, Stan!

[Lisa grunting]


Said you like ice cream?

Well, I’ll show you ice cream.


Sherbet! Yes! Whoa.

Hey! Those are Slide-Ups!

That’s gonna stop us?

I swear I’m never doing this again.


We’re getting creamed.

Stan, they’re still coming!

Try the ice squeezers!


[Beverly] Take that!

There’s a cop on a bike, Stan.

Stan, quicker!

So that’s what the kid meant by trouble.

Stan, I’m running out of ice cream!


Ah! [screams]


Hey, kid...

good going.

You gotta get to Mrs. Jacobs’ house.

She needs your help.

Come on, Lisa.



You all right, baby?

[crying] No.

-Ohh. -[crying]

This is a Slide-Up.

-[bicycle clicking] -Oh.

20 years of a clean life of crime,

only to be foiled by a kid!

I don’t wanna go to jail. I look terrible in stripes.

Honey, you look good in anything.

Book ’em, Frank-o.

[muffled yelling]

Mamacita, I’m here to save you.

Oh, Arnold.

[sighs] Arnold.

[gasps] I’m so glad you’re here.

Yeah, it’s a jungle out there, baby.

[sighs] All right.


You know, Mrs. Jacobs, I’ve always wanted to tell you something,

but-- Oh, I’ll just tell you in the truck.

Good job, partner.

I love you, my sweet potato.

I love you, my little tangerine.

[kids laughing]



And now, to the citizen of Leesbrook

who’s demonstrated leadership, bravery

in the name of our good town.

The newly dedicated Paul Hansen award

goes to Peter Hansen.




Congratulations, sweetheart.

Show me. Show me.

So, Peter, you know, I am so proud of you,

and your father would be, too. Can I see that?

You did great, kiddo.

I can’t believe you cracked the case for a measly 40 bucks.

I could learn a few things off you.

Thanks, Frank.

Now, listen, Peter. I got a proposal.

You know we can’t hire any more manpower back at the station,

but would you consider...

heading up the Leesbrook Junior Detectives?


Congratulations, Peter.

-Thanks, Frank. -You bet.

Of course, I can hire whoever I want for my squad.

Of course.

I expect all the perks that come

with the position of senior officer.

Uh, Peter, Mrs. Jacobs has a surprise for you.

Here you are, Peter.

You deserve them for your heroics.

I know you’ll put them to good use.

Hey, don’t spend that all in one place, kid, huh?


These are for you, Charlie.

Whoa. That’s a--

That’s a lot of shekels, kiddo.

I want them to go to the police department

for a new car and to save your job.

Oh, Peter, that is such a wonderful gesture.

You did good, kiddo.

You sure did do good.

Dad, when you come back,

would you like to walk the street beat again?


Well, I’m going to go check on the food.

Come on, Arnold.

You made him very happy.

Oh, well, he’s becoming quite a man.

Well, you know, he’s his father’s son also.

Yeah. I guess I’m beginning to learn that.

See you later.

Never seen so many people so happy

since my brother passed the tenth grade.

It’s all because of you.

You really made it right, Peter.


Hey, Peter, Lisa,

we’re starting up a game of baseball.

Do you guys wanna join?


You got it.

I’ll meet you guys there.

I have to get my glove first.

Hey, see you guys later. Come on, Lisa.

Bye, sweetie. [laughs]

Thank you, Frank.

Would you like to go out for a coffee?

Thought you’d never ask. Come on.




[Peter] With my new scanner,

I’m stylin’.

Yep, things are back to normal in old Leesbrook.

Guess they’ll save the tough assignments for me.

[woman] Mike, the sprinkler’s

out of control again in the square.

Take your galoshes.

-[music playing] -[no audible dialogue]

♪ It’s fair to say that life ♪

♪ Has its ups and down ♪

♪ And I know it’s hard for you ♪

♪ To take a look around ♪

♪ Inside your tears ♪

♪ Your tears ♪

♪ It’s only fear ♪

♪ So reach for the laughter ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ To find the life that you’re after ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ Let go, and reach for the stars ♪

♪ Put away your lonely heart ♪

♪ You’ve got to look inside ♪

♪ Depend upon yourself ♪

♪ Upon yourself ♪

♪ ’Cause who knows who’s right or wrong? ♪

♪ No one else can help ♪

♪ It’s all inside ♪

♪ Inside ♪

♪ Forget your pride ♪

♪ You can’t pretend, no ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ To find the life that you’re after ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ Get up, and make a stand ♪

♪ Show the world it’s in your hands ♪

♪ Who cares what you leave behind? ♪

♪ Leave behind ♪

♪ It’s time to be strong ♪

♪ To be strong ♪

♪ ’Cause changes are meant for those ♪

♪ Who have the strength to move on ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ To find the life that you’re after ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ Let go, and reach for the stars ♪

♪ Put away your lonely heart ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ To find the life that you’re after ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ It’s up to you ♪

♪ Let go, and reach for the stars ♪

♪ Ohh ♪

♪ Reach for the stars ♪

♪ Put away your lonely heart ♪

[instrumental playing]