Khuda Haafiz (2020) - full transcript

A newly married couple's life falls in jeopardy when the wife goes missing under mysterious circumstances.



IK Mishra.
Deputy Council of Indian Embassy.

Go on.

Thank you.

- Hello.
- Hello.




Please, have a seat, Mr. Mishra.

Mr. Mishra, as you know.
Things are more complex now.

It's all over in the local newspaper also.

You know we live in
a conservative society here.

This can make a few people uncomfortable.

I understand.

You have half an hour to decide if
you want to give him any legal assistance.

We're framing charges against him soon.

Mr. Sameer.

I am from the Indian Embassy.

Deputy Council of Affairs, IK Mishra.

You asked for our help...

...and that's exactly why I am here.

Look Sameer, the Indian Embassy
cannot interfere greatly... local matters regarding civilians.

And obviously, you don't
have diplomatic immunity.

Yet if you're looking for any kind of help
from the embassy...

...then I need every detail.

And the entire truth.

Start from the beginning.

'You'll be joining
me in a couple of days.'

I want my Nargis back. That's it.

By the way Sameer, I've a hint about
mechanical and electronic engineering...

...but is software engineer
also related to computers?

Institutes of business
that run on computers...'s my job to see
that they function properly.

Solving problems related to
computers, running diagnostics...

Meaning a doctor for computers.

Although he's an engineer.

- I'll be right back.
- Okay.

Even we bought one for Nargis.

Saves an awful lot of time.

Paying bills, tracking expenses...

All takes a matter of minutes.

There she is.

Hello, aunty.

Hello, uncle.

God bless you.

So glad to see you again.

Sit down.

That's Sameer.



Sit, son.

Take a seat.

We old folks already had a word.

But you guys must be wondering...

...even though ours was a love marriage...

...we're instrumenting this meeting.

It's all about finding an
amazing life-partner like mine.

One way or another.

Instead of these awkward moments...

...let's have a proper conversation.

Take him to the courtyard, dear.

Go on, son.

Take a seat.

You first.

Can I ask you a question directly?


Are you opting for this marriage
under family pressure?

I mean maybe you love someone else.

As in an affair.

And you're marrying me
because your family wants you to.

Who said I want to marry you?

No one said so...

I mean you don't have to
marry me if you don't want to.

Are you saying this because
you're having an affair?

Why would I see your
resume if I had an affair?


As in...

What's it called?

Something like a profile
used for finding a match...

I understood.


Bio-Data, yes.

Even though I've a job, I feel
like I'm applying over and over again.

Me too.

Thank God.
At least we've something in common.

I only said this because
I had a friend who experienced this.

A year after their marriage his wife
realised that she loved her ex-boyfriend.

And she went back to him.

The families together
spent 2 million on the wedding.

So it's a bit scary.

Because the girls these
days are much faster than boys.

We have to be fast.

There's nothing wrong with that.

I see...

I mean we've to handle
our job and our home.

So fast cooking, catch a bus...

I didn't mean in that way...

Come back home, cook again,
clean the plates.

Girls have to be fast in today's age.

Look, housewives are still okay.

But what choice does a working woman have?
This shouldn't be a problem.

I feel boys can't balance
work and home as girls do.

"As you became the
embodiment of my feelings."

"As you became the
embodiment of my feelings."

"A permanent member in my heart."

"Words alone can't praise you."

"You became my life."

"You became my life."

"You became my God, my faith."

"You became my life."

"Destiny has made you my companion."

"Like my dreams have come true."

"I've attained what I never imagined."

"There's nothing else
I want from God now."

"You're like a blessing from God."

"My dream that's come true."

"Words alone can't praise you."

"You became my life."

"You became my life."

"You became my God, my faith."

"You became my life."

"You're my God..."

"You're my faith."

"I bow before you."

"I only wish for love..."

"...that is my duty."

"I am in love."

"You're my God..."

"You're my faith."

"I bow before you."

"I only wish for love..."

"...that is my duty."

"I am in love."

"You became my life."

'Prime Minister Manmohan Singh...'

' in India to speak
out on the financial crises...'

'...and he warns that India
must brace for slowdown impact.'

'The recession began last
December maybe far from over.'

'Financials took a big beating,
Sensex down almost 20%'

'This is the biggest
economic crises of this era.'

'The Economic crises that began in
America has taken over the entire world.'

'There isn't a single sector
that's facing this problem.'

'Can the Manmohan Singh government...'

' the country's economy
from this financial crises.'

'The economy was formerly and
officially declared in recession.'

'The Indian economy
is not in a good condition.'

'Inspite all the efforts
to contain this crises...'

'...the GDP numbers have
revealed the condition.'

'Shop-owners claim there is no demand...'


Sameer, this is Parag
from Agarwal and Sons.

Yes, sir, how may I help you?

Sameer, I am speaking
from the HR Department.

We won't need your
services from next month.

Whatever your pending dues
are please come and collect them.

Why, sir?
Did I or my team...make a mistake?

I don't know about that, Sameer.
It's the management's decision.

We were only supposed to inform you.

Sorry. Bye.

What happened, Sameer sir?

Hey... what happened?

What happened?

Did someone misbehave?

Hey...what are you looking at?

What did you say to her?

- Sameer!
- What did you say?

- Sameer!
- Leave him.

- Leave him.
- Come outside.

Are you mad?

No Sameer, no one said anything.

Then why are you crying?

I am sorry, Sameer.

Why are you apologising, sweetheart?

I got fired.

They fired 16 people
from different departments.

I didn't think I'll lose my job, but...

But this is not your fault.

The world over is facing this crisis.

Don't worry, I am there.

Are you okay?

Come on.

Come on, let's go home.

You've filled out
the job application form.

Indian... Lucknow... I've both your forms.

Photographs attached too. Great.

Sameer, that will be 5000 rupees each.


Don't worry, we'll get the job.


I think you'll get a job
here in a couple of months...

...and you can stay with mom and dad.

I've no clue about
accommodation out there.

Noman is a foreign country
about which we know nothing.

With you around,
I'll have no problems at all.

I can't imagine staying here without you.

Yes, but only if I could go first
and check the accommodations...


I've started the paperwork.

In the next couple of days you two
will start on a new life.

Looking at the current situation...

...only Arab countries can offer
a fat salary in such situations.

The world's screaming recession.

But those screams will
drown out in Noman's oil wells.



Is it absolutely necessary to go to Noman?

There are no jobs here, papa.

It's been 3-months.

Anywhere is okay with me now.

What about my savings...

Please, papa.

I know you and mom
will do anything for us.

But I put aside that
money for your security.

God forbid in the case of an emergency...

And anyway, it's not only about the money.

If we sit idle anymore
we'll start fighting.

It's only a matter of time.

I'll come back when I've saved enough.

Come in. Come in.



Take a seat.

- Nadeem sir.
- Sameer.

- Come.
- Hello.

Congratulations, Nargis,
your confirmation letter has arrived.

Thank God.

You must leave tomorrow.

What about Sameer?

Yours will arrive in
a couple of days as well.

A couple of days more?


You mean Nargis and I can't go together.

You see, Nargis never
set foot out of Lucknow alone.

So if we could go together,
I could help her settle down.

How will she manage on her own?

You see Sameer, you both
have applied in separate companies.

Whoever gets the confirmation
first will have to go.

If she doesn't go now we'll
have to find another job for her.

Another month gone by.

I'll do it if you say so.

It's alright.

You'll join me in a couple of days.

Don't worry. Nargis isn't going alone.

She'll be travelling with other girls.

Now, do I send her confirmation?

It's okay.

Sign here.

- Bye dear.
- Bye mom.

Look after yourself.


Call as soon as you land.

Can I go?


But we'll meet soon.

Call as soon as you land.

Nargis...come on.

- Sameer.
- Yes, mom.

Did Nargis call?

No, mom. Her Indian
number is switched off.

She will call as soon
as she gets a new sim.




I want to come back home, Sameer.

Nargis, where are you?

This is not the place
where I applied for the job.

Can I talk to someone, Nargis?

I am being treated very badly, Sameer.

- Please come and take me home.
- Yes, Nargis...

Listen to me...
Is there anyone around you?


- Nargis.
- Leave me.

- Hello...?
- Leave me.




What's the matter, son? Who was it?



What happened to Nargis?

What's the matter?

Where are you going?

Tell me something.

Where is my wife?

Nargis called and she sounded very scared.

She said they took her
someplace else instead of...

...the company you
claimed getting her a job.

Where did you send my wife?

Why will I send her anywhere, Sameer?
I am worried about her myself.

I was going to call you...

...but then I thought about
assessing the situation myself.

My agent called in the morning...

He said that the woman...

Meaning, Nargis, she never
arrived at the pickup point

outside the airport
as she was supposed to.

He didn't see anyone there.

What do you mean she didn't show up?

Who picked her up?

I don't know.

Nadeem, we want answers.

You mean some strangers
will pick her up...

...and she will go with them.

Who are these people?

If we know about Nargis' whereabouts
we can go looking for her.

When we don't know where she is,
where are we going to look for her?

What do you mean go look for her?

We'll get all the details from her,
Chaudhary sir.

But your daughter-in-law's
gone missing in a foreign country.

You must go over to Noman
and take the help of...

...the Indian Embassy and the local Police
and get to the bottom of this.

If I am not on the next flight to Noman

then I'll reduce you
and your shop to ashes.

Tell your Nomani agent to get me business,
tourist or any other visa.

I want his name, address,
and telephone address.

Send me to Noman right now.

I'll do something.

Give me his details now.

Here, write it down.

Tourist visa.


Move on.

Left hand.


Go, go.


Greetings, young man.

Pakistani? Hindi?



And I am Usman Hamid Ali Murad.

Welcome to Noman.
Come, come.

I urgently need a calling
card or find me a PCO.

It'll take only 10 minutes.
I'll get you one.


Indian currency exchange for 26,000


350 Riyad for 260,000 rupees.

Are you Indian?


And a calling card too.


'The number you have
dialled is not reachable.'

'The number you have
dialled is not reachable.'

Take me to this address.

This address.

But this address isn't right.

The area code is wrong.

What do you mean wrong area code?

The address in Noman
is according to the area code.

I've been driving a taxi for 21 years...

...but never seen this code before.

Please, can you ask someone?

Of course, of course.

Bilal, telephone directory.

Thank you.

There are 26 areas of our city Noor Saba.

With 26 codes.

Yours is 27th.

There is no such code.

See. Take a look.

So whoever gave you this address...

...ask him why he gave
you the wrong address and code.


- Junaid.
- Yes Sameer.

I am speaking from Noman Police Station.

Get that agent Nadeem on the phone.

Because the number he gave
me of the agent is switched off...

...and the address
he gave us doesn't exist.

Get him on the phone now.
Tell him I am at the Police Station.

Sameer, Nadeem's disappeared
since last night.

The Police interrogated
him last night and let him go.

He's been missing ever since.
We've been trying to find him.

I think he escaped.

Tell them to file a
Missing Person report now.

Of course, of course.

That's the rule here.


No trouble making.

- Sir...if you know, then...
- Stop.

Sit down.

'I want to come back home, Sameer.'

Indian Embassy.

How much?


Thank you.

May God alleviate all your problems.

I am going for Namaz
and will pray for you.

Call immediately if you need me.

May I help you.

Ms. Sonia, my name is Sameer Chaudhary.

I just arrived today from India.

My wife Nargis Chaudhary
who arrived here on 9th March...

...and has gone missing.

But she called on the same
night and sounded very scared.

And she said they are mistreating her.

She didn't know where she is.

I am very scared, Ms. Sonia.

I even went to the local
Police Station but they...

Wait a minute.
Please hold on.

This is a very serious
issue and I cannot help you.

Someone senior like the Deputy Council
General handles matters like these.

Unfortunately, he's out of town right now.

I'll make a formal
complaint from you now...

...and as soon as he arrives
the day after tomorrow...

But the day after tomorrow
will be too late, Ms. Sonia.

My wife sounded very scared...

...and the company's address was fake.

The Police want you to verify
that my complaint is genuine.


I don't know where my wife is.

What am I going to do here for two days

You know the system better.

Please help me.


Mr. Sameer, I understand.

Okay, I'll send an email to
his personal assistant marked urgent...

...and request him
to help you immediately.

That's the all I can do for you right now.

Please have some patience.

Can I get your number?



What was the name if
your Deputy Commissioner?

- His name is IK Mishra.
- IK Mishra.

Any luck.

Are they going to help you?

Don't know...

The guy who can help me isn't in town.

But I can't wait for him.



Which cellular provider's number is this?


Same as mine.

Do they have a local showroom?

They do.

And it's not too far either.

But it will open tomorrow morning.

What are you thinking, brother?

I am not sure.

Look Sameer...

I can understand pain.

But I don't know how to help you.

And coincidentally I've
to go to Baitusaif tomorrow.

My wife and kid live there.

And I've to go urgently.

Don't hesitate if you need my help.

Call immediately.

Have faith in God.

Thank you.



Bangla. Tell me.

My boss' phone isn't working.
I guess the line's disconnected.

He's asked me to check
what the problem is.

If the bill's unpaid then I'll pay it.



Pervez Al Shirazi.

- Your boss?
- Yes.

- The number's registered to him.
- Yes, sir.

Billing address is for Baitusaif district.

Why come this far to pay the bill?

Just a minute.

Sorry sir, I just want
to confirm the billing address.

Because, if the billing
address is for home...

...and the bill's been
delivered to the office...

...then the bill must be unpaid.

Pervez Al Shirazi.

Colony 6, Flat 24, Jibiriya Town.


There's only one address registered here.

It's the home address, isn't it?

The bill's paid.

The technical line is busy.

Wait here. I'll be right back.

Ms. Sonia. This is Sameer Chaudhary.

I've the man's name and address
whose number my wife used to call me.

The address is for Baitusaif.
I am heading there now.

Any reply from the Deputy Council General?

Not yet, Sameer.

But I'll tell you as soon as he does.

Ma'am, please help me as soon as you can.

I understand, Sameer. We'll do our best.

Parvez Al Shirazi.

What is your name?

Yasir Mehendi. Where are you from?

Is this flat no. 24, lane no. 6?


According to the address this
house belongs to Pervez Al Shirazi...

...and I have the
telephone bill to prove it.

Please call Pervez.

You've come to the wrong address.

I moved in here this week.

That's the owner's house.

But his name is Sayeed sir. Not Pervez.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Is that your house?

I want to meet Pervez Al Shirazi.

Where are you from, son?

I am from Nomantel.
He hasn't paid his bill.

Actually he vacated the
place 6 days ago and left.

Do you have his new
address and phone number?

His number is switched off.

I've his old number.

And I've no clue where he lives now.

Do you have a picture of him?


Why would I have a picture of him?

Did you...

...ever see him with this female?

As far as I know, he lived here all alone.

I've never seen him with any female.

And...are you from Nomantel
or is this something else?

Eat some more, son.

Bravo. Bravo.

Greet, uncle.

Go and play outside.

Drink your tea.

I've a good friend.

Until the Embassy doesn't lend any help
and the Police don't register your case...

...I've told my friend to
find information about Shirazi.

Whatever help he can give us
is all we can get.

Thank you, Usman.

I mean it.

Forgive me for dragging you into all this.

I didn't know where to go. What to do?

Whom to ask for help.

Don't embarrass me, brother.

God made me a medium to help you.

Meaning God is pleased with me.

You did the right thing by calling me.

This issue was pricking me.

- Hello. Hello.
- Hello.


What's wrong, Usman sir?
Why are you quiet?

What's he saying?

Tell me. I understand.

I suggest we wait.

We should let the Embassy
take care of this problem.

Does he know him?

Because Usman, I cannot
wait for any kind of help.


he's into flesh trade.

So what?

I don't get it.

He's a pimp.

How is all this connected to Nargis?

As I told you she came here to work...

What do you want to say?

Agents like Shirazi
use taxi to transport girls.

Even I had to allow
them a couple of times.

They are dangerous people.

This is their business.

I was praying to Allah that your
wife isn't with these dangerous people.

This is Nargis.

Have you seen her?



I beg you.

Help me find my wife.


This is Baithusaif.

And these are the two places.

Bayat Ragba aur Dar Jamal.

...where there's fair chance
of finding Nargis, brother.

If she hasn't been sold to some Arab yet.

Ya Ali, help!

Let's maintain the story
that I am a businessman...

...and came here to have some fun.

And whenever I come here I hire your taxi.

- Hello.
- Hello.




Come, come.


Sit, sit.

If you're looking for
an angel then try heaven.



Sit, Pathan.

Thank you.

Tell the tourist to see what he wants.

And you too.

He'll take a look.


Calm down.

She is busy with another client.

It will take 10 minutes.

Pick someone else.

I'll wait.

I've a question.

You're an Indian.

And you want an Indian girl.


Not satisfied at home?


Indians are not always based in India.

Sometimes they venture
far from home, like us.

That's why locals seem
even better in a foreign land.

That's her.

My name is Sameer.

Will you come with me?

Pathan, if he likes her...

...then tell him to take her inside.

Ask them I want to take her out.

The girls don't go out.

If you like her,
you can be with her all day.

But right here.



Wake up. Wake up.

These two know each other.


Listen to me.


Let's get out of here.

Come, come.

Go. go.
You two go.




Brother, get in.

Get in. We must get out of here.

I won't leave without Nargis.

We must get out of here immediately.

If we escape out of this alive we can

take the help of the
Police and save your wife...

...otherwise they will kill us.

Get in.


I can't drive.

Let me drive.


Watch out!

I want my Nargis. That's it.

Then I'll go back.

I know where she is.

Please assure them that
I am telling the truth.

We'll definitely do something, Sameer.


Just give me sometime.

Please, sir.



Mr. IK Mishra, Indian Embassy.

Mr. Foiz Abu Malik.

International Security Agency.

My Commander has told
me about the case in detail.

Now I want to talk to
the Indian Prisoner alone.

I've recorded the Indian
Citizen Sameer's statement.

For the Embassy.

And also verified his details from India.

Would you like to hear it?

With due respect, sir.

It does not matter what you record.

What matters... the law of my country.

Let me find out the truth... we can help you.


So you claim that you...

came to Noman to save your wife.

It's not a claim, it's the truth.

You can check the evidence
I gave to the Police

or the number where my wife called from.

Or you can get a statement from the local
taxi driver Usman.

Or the raid the place
where I found my wife.

Why isn't anyone doing their
job instead of questioning me?

Everyone's asking me questions
and wasting their time.

Because the man from whose
number your wife called...

...we found Pervez Al Shirazi's dead body.

Two days ago someone murdered him.

On the same day, you arrived in Noman.

Am I right?

Because the taxi driver
is unconscious in the hospital.

And we don't know who did this to him.

That's why we're forced to question you.

Because the building in which
you claim you saw your wife...

That place is a sewing room for women.

I want to help you.

But you...

This is your last chance
to tell us the truth.

Where are we going?

'Allah is Supreme.'



No, Sameer!


Wait there.

You're an escaped convict
in the eyes of the Law.

We want to do our job in
secrecy away from prying eyes.

My Department has found
evidence in your favour.

My name is Faiz Abu Malik.

And before we lose all
clues to find your wife, get in.


I want you and Tamina
you both in this case.

Yes, Commander.

Don't worry, they will find your wife.

I knew we had hope with you, Commander.

Don't embarrass me, Mishra.

India is a good friend
of the Sultanate of Noman.

She was right in front of me.

I couldn't save her.

There's no point in
getting emotional, Sameer.

It can make things worse.

Usman is still unconscious.

Only you can give us details.

You're the sole witness of this case.

So please cooperate, okay.

Okay, Sameer, think
of the entire incident.

From the beginning and in detail.

The recruitment agent said
that his guy will pick up my wife...

...and take her to company accommodations.

She never showed up at the pickup point...

...outside the airport
as she was supposed to.

They didn't meet.

So he was definitely lying
that my wife didn't meet him.

Because they did.

That's how they abducted her.

- Let's go.
- Come on.

Sameer, check every frame.


Let's check from the point
where she arrived at the immigration.

That's Nargis. In the middle.

Zoom in. Zoom in.

Someone's picking her up.

Zoom in. Zoom in.

He's standing like he
knows all the camera positions.

The hell with these security cameras.

I cannot see anything. Everything is hazy.

Nothing is visible.


Sameer, let's step out.

"The moonlit nights shall return."

"We'll meet again, sweetheart."

"The sunlight shall
enter through the window."

"Counting our blessings,
making our dreams come true..."

"Counting our blessings,
making our dreams come true..."

"...we'll abide by this bond."

"The rain shall drench us again..."

"...and the courtyard will light up."

"Love shall once again be in the air."

"Waking up the morning..."

"...and decking yourself..."

" can watch me."

"Wait for me."

"Wait for me."

Nargis has seen you.

She is eagerly waiting for you.

Don't lose hope.

God is your protector.

"Wait for me."

"Wait for me."

"Don't lose faith."

"Wait for me."

9th March, the night on
which Nargis arrived in Noman.

That black van was rented
from some Al Habb Travels.

Four black vans were rented
by four different people.

But according to this car rental's GPS... black van arrived
at the airport that night.

Which one?

Look at the screen.

Client name Filly Modelling Agency.

Modelling agency?

How is that possible?

Because that advertisement was
for job placement of some company's HR.

Hang on.

Itzak Regini.

Hails from Algeria...

...and is a successful foreign
chief modelling coordinator.

And is known to work with
all the international models.

But this looks very legal.

Every illegal business is
done through legal channels, Sameer.

If we raid the modelling agency now
and don't find this man...

...then the entire gang will get alerted
and escape.

And even the footage isn't clear.

His face isn't visible at all.

We cannot prove any charges
in the court against him right now.

What do you mean?

Are you going to sit idle? And do nothing.


We'll keep an eye on Itzak Regini
until he doesn't lead os to Nargis.



[wireless crackle sound]

We discovered this body two hours ago.

Got an anonymous call.

We also found burnt Indian passport...

...for you to verify.

Sorry for this to happen.


Sameer, please don't go ahead.

Please don't go there.

She is not Nargis.

She is not Nargis.

"From the eyes to the blessings."

"From faith to karma."

"From the eyes to the blessings."

"From faith to karma."

"From reality to illusion."

"From prayers to realization."

"The entire journey..."

" the illuminated
city of the angels."

"From tears to celebrations."

"From one lifetime to next."

"From the holy bond to the grave."

"I am with you till your last step."

"I am with you till your last step."

"I am with you till your last step."

"The dark night shall pass..."

" shall rise again with the dawn."

"A place with no tears, no pain..."

"...I promise we shall meet there again."

"From the pain to relief."

"From separation to union."

"From walking down
the aisle to the grave."

"I am with you till your last step."

"I am with you till your last step."

"I am with you till your last step."

She is in heaven.

Let her go, friend.

"I am with you till... your last step."

This is the compensation
amount from my government.

Passport and boarding pass.

I can't feel your pain,
Sameer, but believe me...

...the Sultanate of Noman will make sure
you get justice.

Take care.


Oh, God. How is this possible?


Zaid, connect me to International Airport.


Hello, this is Tamina Hamid.
Senior officer ISA.

Please stop the passengers and make sure

they don't board the flight to India.

Stop the boarding right now.

The boarding is already complete, madam.

But the passenger Sameer
Choudhary is not on the list.

- He's a no show officer.
- What?

But that's possible.

Please check again.
And stop the flight.

I am afraid that's
not possible, officer...

Please listen to me, you have to
do whatever possible to stop the flight.

The craft is already taxing on the runway.

But we're sure the passenger
you mentioned has not boarded.

He's a no show passenger.


Tamina Hadi, ISA.

I spoke to you on the phone.
Please give me the passenger list.

Sameer Chaudhary. Indian.

Commander, the truth is Nargis is alive.

The dead body which we found
and the details we have of Nargis... height etcetera, don't match.

We feared that they will kill Nargis.

And they proved our
fear right and mislead us.

The body was so severely burnt
that facial identification was impossible.

But if according to
you if Sameer doesn't know

...that his wife is alive...

...then why is he still in Noman.

Commander is Sameer
the man he's telling us.

Is Nargis even his wife?

And why did Sameer
pretend to return to India?

Commander, we're facing many
questions to which we don't know answers.

Revenge, Commander.

Sameer wants revenge from Itzak Regini.

And he will try to find him at any cost.

'I am a 20-year-old model arriving
in Noman tomorrow from a small holiday.'

'Don't know anyone
here and saw your website.'

'So I am hoping Itzak if we could meet...'

'...and you could help me
get an assignment while I am here."

"With Love, Roxanne from Jordan."

Usman, I've found him.

I must get to Sharmal
Al-Shaikh tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

Thank you.


When will he return? Any clue?


But he must be on his way.

Wait, Usman. Wait.
Back. Go back.

ISA. What are they doing here?

I guess they know you didn't leave.

The Immigrations are
very clever and strict too.

But Sameer, only the ISA can help you.

I want revenge not help.

We were meant to part ways here.


Pathan never leaves his friend in midway.

I will take you to Sharmal Shaikh.

Bury me next to Nargis.

Promise me.




Have faith in God.

Listen to me.

For God's sake stop.

"We'll meet again someday..."

"...until then it's goodbye."

"We'll meet again someday..."

"...until then it's goodbye."

"The separation is only short-lived..."

"...until then it's goodbye."

"This moment shall pass..."

"...and love shall blossom again."

"And time shall bring
us to the shores again."

"Remember me on that day..."

"...until then it's goodbye."

"The separation is only short-lived..."

"...until then it's goodbye."




I need a hotel car.

My wife needs to go
to town for a few hours.

Please make sure he's
an English speaking driver.

Okay, sir. The car will be
waiting for you at the reception.

Thank you.



Hands up.


Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Do you want to kill me?

Now, do you understand who I am?

Do you understand who I am?


Your wife... alive.

Scared to see your death, you f**** liar.

Cover up.

What cover up? alive.


No, no, no...

Nargis is here.

You were a big problem.

That was just a coverup
so you go back to India.

That is why we killed that girl.

You have to believe me.

Where is Nargis?

Nargis is in the parking lot.

She is going to be transported to my boss.

If you don't go there fast
the ship is going to leave.

If you don't believe, then go find her.

Then you can come back and kill me.


- Sameer, stop.
- Brother.

Sameer, Nargis is alive.

She is telling the truth.

We were looking for you to tell you this.

Yes, they want to help you.


Put the gun down.

Sameer, please.

He says Nargis is alive.

Okay, fine. We'll get her back.

We're very close to solving the case.

Come on, give me the gun.

Yes give it.


Sameer please, trust us.

Give him the gun.

Give me the gun.

Run, Sameer.

Run, Sameer.




Sameer, I'm here.



Don't make any noise. I'll be right back.

Don't make any noise, sweetheart.


Usman, I found Nargis.



- Usman.
- Brother.


Come in.

This is Officer Faiz Abu Malik.

It's sad to inform that
officer Tamina is dead.

She's been shot and she's dead.

She's been killed by
the Indian assailant Sameer.

Give the news to the
Commander immediately.

High Priority.

The assailant escaped
in a large black trailer.

I need backup immediately.
Shoot at sight.

I had to kill one of my own officers.

Or she would've turned a witness.

Itzak fu**** blew my cover.

But that other guy,
the husband is still out there.

The problem still continues.

You should've got the Indian girl killed.

It's a big fu**** mess now.


...don't go back on their word, officer.

We have discussed this before, officer.

She is sold.

We give you burned and dead girl.

All you needed to do
was close the bloody case.

Secure the problem, brother.

That's why we're partners in crime.



I am going to see Commander Ghazi,
I've been called.

Sameer, this matter is very complex.

You're making allegations
against officer Faiz Abu Malik...

...and he's blamed you
for officer Tamina's death.

It's all a lie, sir.

They've ordered shoot at sight for you.

Do you hear me?

Shoot at sight.

I'm bringing other girls along
with my wife in a black trailer, sir.

The gangsters involved are chasing me.

Sir, please help me get
to the ISA so I can expose them.


- Sameer.
- Please...


Usman, open your eyes.

Vice Commander,
he's coming in to surrender.

Please, give him a chance.


Don't shoot. Don't shoot.

Don't shoot. Don't shoot. Don't shoot.

My wife's in the trailer
and a man who is injured.

Call Commander Ghazi.

Take me to the Indian Embassy.

Faiz Abu Malik has killed officer Tamina.

Call the Indian Embassy.

Call Commander Ghazi!

You're dead.

All officer stand down.
I repeat all officer stand down

This is for Nargis!

I will recover soon.

Brother, I've a wish to see India.

If God wills we will meet again.

I shall wait for that day.

I can never repay your favour.

No, brother.

What you call favour
Pathan believes it's his duty.

What you feel is a courtesy,
Pathan feels it's his faith.

God is your protector, brother.


Travel safe.

Be safe.

Remember me in your prayers.



"Since I found you..."

"...I feel blessed."

"Seems like I've found my refuge."

"You were missing in my life..."

"...but now that gap is filled."

"With God's grace,
I've found what I had lost."

"You became my blessing from God."

"You're my dream come true."

"You became my life."

"We'll meet again someday..."

"...until then it's goodbye."

"We'll meet again someday..."

"...until then it's goodbye."

"The separation is only short-lived..."

"...until then it's goodbye."

"This moment shall pass..."

"...and love shall blossom again."

"And time shall bring
us to the shores again."

"Remember me on that day..."

"...until then it's goodbye."

"The separation is only short-lived..."

"...until then it's goodbye."






"You dwell in my memories all the time."

"You dwell in my memories all the time."

"All those moments spent with you..."

"...still dwell somewhere in me."

"This moment shall pass..."

"...but you shall always
dwell in my heart."

"Time can try as much as it wants..."

"...but even time will lose."

"We'll meet again someday..."

"...until then it's goodbye."

"The separation is only short-lived..."

"...until then it's goodbye."